they gave me diabetes

  • Friend (not YOI fan) : so episode 10 was like the calm before the storm that is the Grand Prix final--
  • Friend: *walks away slowly*
Surprise Dinner [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Hello beautiful!! You’re so Pretty, your Video gave me so much hope as, when i was 6 I got diabetes and it was diagnosed to late and I lost a big ability to walk and slowly got it back and your Video makes me to cry Also maybe you can do a Evil!Barry where you guys are in a fight (superhero kind) tell him youre pregnant and he stops everything and leaves you alone and one day he asks you to dinner and find out the babys his from somthing thst happen a while back Well goodbye Baby!!

a/n: first of all, thank you!!! SECOND IM SO PROUD!!

“Come on, where’s the fun, doll?” Barry smirks, crossing his arms over his tight fitting maroon t-shirt, leaning against a post of a street light. The toe of his shiny black Supra’s hits the ground, legs making a abstract triangle. “The least you can do is fight back!” he says, exasperated, bending over.

Fire sparks from your fingers on and off and you groan, throwing your head back. Okay, first of all, you didn’t even want to get in your suit in the first place! Second, Barry Allen just wants to push your buttons. No. Not today. “Look, I’m not in the mood to play right now, got me?” you snap, slowly walking towards the speedster.

Huh. Your voice is…different. Barry didn’t catch any hint of the usual flirting. The two of you always flirt! “What’s got your panties in a twist?” the brunette scoffs, pushing himself up straight. He shoves his hands in the back pockets of his ripped blue skinny jeans.

Oh. Oh, that is it! “I’m pregnant, you fucking asshole!” you scream, catching Barry by surprise. His bright lime green eyes an inch and unexpectedly, he flashes off, leaving you standing alone. Does he…no, he can’t possibly know. It was only a one, okay tw- three… a three time thing…


Leave it to The Flash to lead you to a fucking safe house…again. Rubbing your growing stomach through your flowy orange blouse, you cautiously step into the small building. “Barry?” you whisper, craning your neck to gaze around his ‘house’. Swallowing, you continue to waddle in, hoping to find a couch…or a chair.

“It’s mine, isn’t it? Comes his dark voice from the corner of the room. His back is towards you and you can make out his muscles through his silky black dress shirt. “Wasn’t hard to figure out.” he sighs, hands tinkering with something in front of him.

You huff a breath out, biting your lip. “Yes, she’s yours, Barry.” you confirm, shifting on your feet. “Why am I here? Obviously we can’t fuck, so what do you want? My back is killing me.” A hiss escapes you and you grab your lower back. “Barry, please, I want to sit…”

The brunette spins around, smirking. “Well, sit.” he rolls his mossy green eyes, retying the red apron above his waistband. It flares out against his skinny black jeans, stopping mid thigh. “I even made dinner. Yes, made. Didn’t steal…well, this time. “ he mocks, smirking while he pulls out a chair.

Hesitantly, you sit down, sending him a little half smile. “What’s your angle here?” you tease, placing the napkin on your lap.

Laughing, Barry takes a seat across from you, shaking his head. “No angle. Just Barry and Y/N. No good, no evil.” he purrs, unwrapping the meal, “I just…want to be there. For both of you.” His green eyes sparkle at you, lips in a faint grin. Maybe Barry will be a good dad.


These two dorks are so sweet they gave me diabetes. I really like this conversation because it actually reveals more about their relationship than their support dialogue does. Chrom holds Robin very close to his heart and he wants to be “selfish” in this case and hold her close forever. This is also pretty telling of Chrom’s personality; he’s lost so many people that he loved at a young age, and Emmeryn has just died. Chrom is really not willing to let the people he still has go, and him wanting to stay with Robin is him also being able to accept someone he hasn’t known for a long time into his heart, and into his life. Which is really sweet considering how he’s waxing on about how great Robin is while not knowing each other too long, only goes to show how alike the two of them are, and how big her impact on him was. I love that Robin is trying to be professional and just gives up when Chrom confesses. These dorks.