they fought and won their friendship back

If someday you come knocking on my door asking for the reasons why, here are thirteen:

1. You don’t respect women.
2. You are so black and white on opinions that you don’t listen. You don’t listen.
3. You couldn’t pick which “you” you were going to be. Troy or Big Dick? The way you fought for acceptance sickened me.
4. Sometimes friendships have an expiration date. Ours was in 2010. We are way past expired, it’s time to throw it out.
5. I ran a deeply personal blog the year I wanted to be dead. I had nothing nice to say about you then. Going back, reading it all. Nothing nice. I won’t even bother quoting, it’s rather harsh.
6. I never did get a reason why this friendship mattered to you.
7. I can survive without your Harry Potter jokes in my life.
8. I get sad when I see the pictures I have of you pinned to my wall. Not the “I miss you” kind of sad. The “why did things turn out like this” kind of sad. Now I can take them down without feeling guilty about it.
9. Please, take care of yourself.
10. I’m sure you have other friends, so losing one will not be a problem for you.
11. A man is a reflection of the woman he dates. So, while these girls might be right for you, the person you have become by acquisition is not someone I want to associate with. I don’t need blatant racists in my life. When I met you, you weren’t high and white-y. I hope you grow out of it.
12. I attempted to be there for you through it all– surgery, car crash, potential homelessness, sports, college interviews, panic attacks– and ultimately you treated me like garbage. I don’t need you anymore, just like you’ve shown that you don’t need me.
13. I love you. But the truth is, I really don’t like you anymore.