they fought and won their friendship back

You are his Best friend and get in a fight with his Girlfriend and he takes her side (Louis) P.2

**Few weeks later**

Louis P.o.v.

I walked into Miranda house as I was about to walk into the living room I heard her talking to someone ‘So I heard you got in a fight with Y/n” some chick said “Oh yeah I told her stay away from Louis and she said no so I punched her and she fought back I told her all the things we used to say to her in High school I won””Damn Now she wants to defended her self””She feels bad ass all because of Louis but now I have him wrapped around my finger””Really””yeah he even ended his friendship with her””Wow you doing good”'I know i’m glad he spoils me””NOT ANYMORE” I yelled as I walked in “Louis babe”she ran up to me about to kiss me but I pushed her off “Don’t babe me were DONE””What!! Why””Don’t acts so damn innocent I heard your conversation how could you””Louis I wa-””No We’re done have fun with this life” I walked away.”I Don’t need you anyways””Alright give me back the stuff I bought you” I said and slammed the door on my way out. Now I have to go find Y/n..

Your P.o.v.

It’s been weeks since the last time I talk to Louis. I can’t believe he picked her side & ended our friendship for her. Ugh. I’m just here at the beach watching the waves. The boys have tried to talk to me but I just here at my parents beach house it’s my only get away. A couple of kids walk by having fun. As I was watching the waves someone tapped my shoulder “Y/n” it was Louis. I got up from my bench “What are you doing here?””i came to talk to you””Why? Shouldn’t yo be with your Girlfriend””Y/n I ended it with her””oh well if that’s it you can go”i was about to go inside when he grabbed my arm “Y/n I messed up bad what I did that day was wrong I should have let you explain but I was stupid””You don’t say””Look I came here to get you back I missed you the days that past by I thought of you what are you doing? Who are you with? How much you hate me? I realized I need you in my life more than anything Y/n I love you” I was surprise to hear him say I love you. I just looked at him,Then he surprised me even more when he kissed me.I kissed back “I love you” he said as his forhead leaned on mine.”I love you too”   


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