they fixed something worth fixing

“What happened with you two?’

“It wasn’t like I left her; we just drifted from each other. We both had new jobs and worked so hard and one day we sat down and I looked up and I realized that we had nothing to talk about. We had drifted so far apart and we hadn’t even realized it. Neither of us even thought it was worth fixing because there wasn’t even something there to fix.”

He looked at her from across the table, “I did love her. One day it just…wasn’t there anymore. No laughs, no touching, no stories, we were two strangers living together.”

“Do you think it would have worked if you had tried?”

“I think…if I had run into her years later, after we had time to get our shit together, perhaps in a coffee shop, or a book store, or even walking in central park, I would have asked her out, and there is no doubt she wouldn’t have me falling for her by the end of the night.”

—  AO– Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #21
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