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What we really need is an adaptation of the original 1740 The Beauty and the Beast

So were you aware that the The Beauty and the Beast story we all know is a heavily abridged and rewritten version of a much longer novella by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve?  And that a lot of the plot holes existing in the current versions exist because the 1756 rewrite cut out the second half of the novella, which consisted entirely of the elaborate backstory that explains all the weird shit that happened before?  And that the elaborate backstory is presented in a way that’s kind of boring because the novel had only just been invented in 1740 and no one knew how they worked yet, but contains a bazillion awesome ideas that beg for a modern retelling?  And that you are probably not aware that the modern world needs this story like air but the modern world absolutely needs this story like air?  Allow me to explain:

The totally awesome elaborate backstory that explains Beauty and the Beast

  • Once upon a time there was a king, a queen, and their only son
  • But while the prince was still in his infancy, in a neat reversal of how these fairy tales usually go, the king tragically died, leaving his wife to act as Regent until their son reaches maturity
  • Unfortunately, the rulers of all the lands surrounding them go, “Hmm, the kingdom is ruled by a woman now, it must be weak, time for an invasion!”
  • And the Queen goes, “Well, if I let some general fight all these battles for me, he’ll totally amass enough fame and power to make a bid for the throne; if I want to protect my son’s crown, I have no choice but to take up arms and lead the troops myself!
  • (Btw, I want to stress that this woman is not Eowyn or Boudica and nothing in the way her story is presented suggests that she had any interest martial exploits before or in any way came to enjoy them during these battles.  This is a perfectly ordinary court lady who would much rather be embroidering altar covers for the royal chapel and playing with her child until necessity made her go, “Oh no, this sucks, I guess I have to become a Warrior Queen now” and she just happened to kick ass at it anyway.)
  • And the Queen totally kicked ass, but the whole “twice as good for half the credit” thing meant that no matter how many battles she won, potential enemies refused to take her and her army seriously until she had defeated them so no sooner would she fend off one invasion than another one would pop up on a different border.
  • So she spent the majority of her young son’s life away from the castle leading armies, but it was OK because she left him in the care of her two best friends, who just happen to be fairies!  This was an awesome idea because a) fairies have magic, and therefore are like the best people to protect the prince from any threats and b) fairies consider themselves to be so above humanity that the lowest fairy outranks the highest mortal, so they’d have no interest in taking a human throne.  Good thing they were both good fairies instead of one good and one evil one!
  • (Spoiler:  they were not both good fairies.)
  • So the two fairies basically take turns raising the prince until he’s old enough to rule.  And on the eve of his twenty-first birthday, the evil older one comes into the prince’s bedroom.
  • “So listen, kid.  You’re about to become king, your mother’s on her way home from the war to see you crowned, and I have a third piece of good news for you!  You see, I’ve actually been spending so much time here lately because Fairyland’s become a bit too hot to hold me for reasons totally not related to me being secretly evil.  And if I have to hang in the human world, I might as well reside in the upper echelons of it, so even though as a powerful fairy I completely eclipse your puny human status in a staggeringly unimaginable way, since you’re about to be king and since my premonition that I should stick this whole guardianship thing out because you would be hot one day has totally proved accurate (go me), I will graciously lower myself to allowing you to marry me.  Please feel free to grovel at my feet in gratitude.  (Btw, we can totally start the wedding night now, we’ll tell your mother about it when she arrives tomorrow.)”

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Don't vote for the DAF Bama Music Awards!

I have seen fans gathering to vote for BTS at DAF Bama Music Awards by tweeting #DafBama2017_BTS, but let me tell you this: it’s a total waste of time.

1) This award show is shady af. It’s literally created by an entertainment company. Neither the company nor the award show has a Wikipedia page.

2) The official site of the DAF Bama uses .org domain. Find me a legitimate award show that uses .org instead of .com.

3) The photos of nominees they posted on the show’s official Instagram are watermarked with the designer/studio’s name “Shoja Design”. Assuming they hired a freelancer or studio to design these, then they must be hell of an unprofessional client to let the designer put watermark on the final work like that.

4) Also about their Instagram, they tag fan accounts in the post thinking it’s the artist’s account. How unprofessional can they be?

5) They literally nominate every single artist in Europe, Asia and Africa. I’m 99% sure the nomination for BTS is nothing but a way to gain attention for their award show. Look at the other Korean artists nominated along with BTS, they’re all famous groups. Talking about free ride on exposure.

6) No fans in Germany have even heard of this “Germany-based” award show. Enough said.

There’s no need to vote for such illegitimate award like DAF Bama. Focus on voting for Billboard Music Awards!

okay so, PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong but I finally get dude’s site/tag to load in another browser bc I was like for all this rage there has to be some wild shit here like…the nsfw tag on t-sands blog is just where he puts ANYTHING vaguely nsfw including any of his shirtless selfies (which are all incredibly tame) and a post where he talks about having body posi issues, but there’s a thing where people were drawing him with an open hoodie from a ref pic and tagging it NSFW in a lolz tongue in cheek way, and anaother pic where someone’s like ‘since we’re drawing NSFW of you’ and he’s riding in an office chair..


…??? Someone who seems to be an adult drew him as slave leia in a completely tame pose laying on his side..and the ‘shirtless’ art on his main blog is, aside from one very lame and tame ‘standing there like this is on deviant art’ picture of him with no shirt to show some like…arm tattoos someone drew (which was the focus) the ‘shirtless’ pics are from the shoulders- not the chest- up.

And again if he DID something I’m not defending that but this is really seeming like this thing where this guy is not straight and between that and how ‘nice’ he is everyone’s assuming he’s up to something

like are people saying that because he has young people in his follower/viewership he should never be shirtless? Like is that the argument?

did he delete the incriminating stuff? I’m legitimately asking.

Imagine Woozi feeling thankful for all the Carats who always show love and support for Seventeen music.

Alla Prima- Chapter 1


Find my master list here.

It was unseasonably warm and bright for an early March morning. Jamie relished these days; the days when the light was at its peak and the world was basked in the brightness of new life.

           He sat on the old wooden stool, looking out of the large windows that dominated his back wall. This was his favorite place on days like today. Brush in hand and guarding his easel, he stared out into the wooded yard. He enjoyed nature; its lively greens, its cracked browns. He was inspired by it; alive even when winter stole its breath.

           But perhaps it wasn’t just nature that caused his brush to sway. He thought back to the pretty stranger in the park. The books she carried: intelligent. The wrinkle in her brow: determined. Her long fingers: the conductor of his passions.

           His hands moved of their own accord, mixing. The gold that haloed her head. The brown that curled under her chin. The black that hid under her ears. He was creating her hair, the wild locks that swirled, mesmerizing him. Born of trees and grass and all things untamed, she was a mythical creature, and he was under her spell.

The demands of life interrupted fantasies, as they so often do. Jamie stood, bones creaking, and shuffled towards the sink. The process of cleaning brushes could be hypnotizing, the way the colors danced and swirled before disappearing. Usually it was satisfying, watching the day’s work washed away ready to begin anew. But, now, it vexed him to see this new chocolate color diluted by water. He didn’t want it to vanish. He wanted to be engulfed by it.

Jamie was late, and he was not particularly looking forward to the verbal beating he would receive from his brother. Willie was five years older than Jamie, and his complete opposite, despite their appearances. They both carried the red hair, the imposing height. Willie had a softer face, though. A kinder face, with rounded cheeks and a curious brow shadowing his wide gray eyes.

           But the biggest difference was their minds. Willie had a scientific mind, all logic and numbers and straight lines. Black and white. Jamie’s mind was filled with images and colors and ‘what ifs.’ They worked well this way, playing to the other’s strengths.

           Jamie pulled up in front of Fraser Designs, the bright red ‘FD’ of the sign echoing the flaming hair of the man standing underneath it.

           “Yer late.” Willie’s narrowed eyes caught Jamie’s. A storm meeting the sea.

           “Aye, good to see ye too, brother.”

           “Ye’ll get no pleasantries from me. Perhaps if ye were on time… Jesus Jamie!” Willie half whispered, exasperation pouring out of those soft-spoken words. “Ye’ve got paint all over ye! Do ye no have a mirror?”

           Then, like the practiced father he was, Willie licked his thumb and began to wipe Jamie’s cheek.

           “Uck!” Jamie swatted his hand away. “Stop! I’ll go to the toilet and clean up. Get off!”

           “Be in the conference room in 5 minutes. And wash yer hands while yer in there! They’re spotted!”

The conference room was bright and industrial, florescent lights lining the ceiling. Jamie didn’t understand why they didn’t put in any windows.

           The enormous table in the center swallowed its two occupants; Willie and their client, Robert MacLeod.

           Rob was a small, older gentleman, with big ambitions. Ever since he was a lad, Rob had dreams to open a brewery. ‘Beer makes everyone happy,’ he told them once. And these dreams were finally coming to fruition in his late 60s. He had amassed money, time, and employees into the venture that was Anchored Sea Brewery. Now, he just needed customers, which was when the Frasers decided to step in, creating a logo and website for the man. This was their fifth meeting.

           “Jamie, lad! What have ye got fer me, son?” Rob was a jovial man, spritely even though he carried 67 years.

           “I’ve got a logo for ye, Rob, and I think ye’ll like it. Care to see?” Jamie stepped over to the table, and plopped down beside him.

           “Weel, I’m not here fer my health,” Rob teased.  Jamie chuckled, and started rummaging through his portfolio briefcase. He could hear the quiet, annoyed sigh of Willie coming from across the table.

           “Here we are!” Jamie waved his victory flag, and placed it in front of Rob.

           The design was fairly simple, but with the practiced precision that only Jamie could accomplish: A black anchor just under the surface of the sea. Above it, the dark turquoise waves thrashed, spelling out ‘Anchored Sea’, in cursive.

           Rob was calculating it, looking it over with shrewd eyes. It was his business, after all. Jamie’s proudly puffed chest was slowly deflating with each passing second. This was always the hard part: the anticipation of approval. Would the client like it? Would Jamie have to start over? Each minute felt like days, the ticking clock deafening.

           Finally, the smallest of sounds, a hum of appreciation.

           “Clever, lad. I’m impressed. Ye took all my ideas, and made them better!” Jamie slid his eyes to Willie, who nodded infinitesimally. “All right, Willie, now. What have ye got fer me?”

           All attention was focused on the elder Fraser now, and his presentation screen.  

           “Okay, this is the outline I want fer yer site, Rob. O’ course, we’ll be using the colors from the logo. We’ll have to put information, pictures…” Jamie could only take so much of his brother drone on about ‘WordPress’ and ‘CPUs.’ Now that the spotlight was of him, he let himself daydream, gold clouding his eyes.

“Excellent work, Jamie. Truly. I was afraid I’d have to whip ye after yer lateness, but since Rob loved it, I suppose that can wait. Fer all yer unreliability, yer a talented bastard.” Willie winked. “Shall we celebrate tonight?”

           “Aye, sounds good. At 8? The usual place?”

           “Dinna be late this time!” Willie bellowed after Jamie as he started for the door. Jamie responded by flashing a particularly unkind finger and heading to his car. It was 3:30; right on schedule for his daily park visit.

She was late. She was a constant, appearing at 4 every day. Except today. At 5, her bench was still empty, save for a small white dove perched on the edge. Her presence was something he could rely on, and he found the lack of her brought on an odd emptiness within him.

Happy Birthday Yoosung!

Characters: Yoosung/MC

Word Count:3077

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Contains very light petplay

Looking around your boyfriend’s house, a slow smile slipped onto your face. You spruced it up for a bit, left a cute, store made cake on the kitchen table, and left a few wrapped gifts on his bed. He had been feeling a bit down because the other RFA members were having to push their celebration for him by a few days (thanks to them all having a hectic schedule), but he had been trying to act like it didn’t bother him as much as it did.

You walked over to the computer, shaking the mouse a bit to look at the little clock on his desktop. Okay, he would be home soon… You slipped off your apron, folding it in half and letting it rest on the back of a spare chair for the table.

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Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1: Ch9
(Non-idol!AU) Jungkook loves you, you love Jin, and Jin loves his baby brother. And Jungkook finds unrequited love a difficult thing to accept.

Prol. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | Epi.

Jungkook splatters face-first on the table after his fifth soju bomb.

“I wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t mix water in his soju.” Taehyung clucks his tongue. “For such a hulk, he’s sure weak to alcohol.”

“Stop making fun of him and get him out of this place!” Jimin hits the other boy’s shoulder, motioning him to get into position.

“Why me?”

“You’re taller. If I carry him, his knees will bang on the ground. Now hurry. If he wakes up, he’s going to start fighting with everyone.” Jimin helps drag Jungkook on Taehyung’s back.

“Too heavy!” Taehyung groans, but continues carrying him anyway. “Seriously, what does Jin-hyung feed him? I know we call him golden, but he weighs like he’s actually made of gold.”

Swaying to-and-fro on Taehyung’s unstable piggyback ride, a memory from many years ago flashes in his mind.

Jungkook woke up to a gentle bobbing. Was he at the sea? Or being rocked to sleep? He blinked his eyes and found himself on the back of his skinny older brother, puffing from the effort of supporting his weight.

“Finally awake?” Jin looked over his shoulder to fix Jungkook a stern look. “A grave site isn’t the same as a bed, you punk. Do you think Mom and Dad liked seeing you sleep there like a hobo? They raised you better than that. Now you got your uniform all dirty.”

Suddenly embarrassed, Jungkook trashed in an attempt to get Jin to release him. “Put me down! Hyung!”

“No.” Jin heaved, shifting his younger brother’s weight on his back, securing him again.

“Whyyyy are you doing this?” Jungkook whined.

“Because you’re our maknae,” Jin said simply. “Our baby. This is the way of the world.”

“Didn’t you hear what our uncles said?” Jungkook muttered. “No more of that. Mom and Dad are gone. Time to grow up.”

“No, not for you.” Jin shook his head, chuckling. “You’re still a baby, Jungkookie. My baby. And you’re going to stay that way for a while if I have my way.”

“You’re embarrassing, hyung,” Jungkook complained, but his words lacked any real bite and he allowed his older brother to carry him all the way to the car.

“Put me down!” Jungkook growls, punching Taehyung’s shoulder.

“Ow!” Taehyung collapses under the blow, and both of them sprawl on the pavement. “Goddammit, Jungkook!”

The youngest boy glares at his two companions, his hands clenching into solid fists. Taehyung and Jimin brace themselves, preparing for Jungkook to switch into angry drunk mode. But what happens next was much worse.

To their horror, Jungkook crouches on the street and breaks into sobs. “Stupid Seokjin! Who asked you to, anyway?”

I can help (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:Damian Wayne has gotten feelings for an employee at WE, turns out the employee is in a relationship with someone that abuses them and covers themselves in make up to hide it. Employee is like “no we shouldn’t I have a s/o and you’re my boss”
Summary: Boss Damian has fallen for an employee but find out they’re being abused.  
Word count: 619
Warning(s): Domestic abuse.

You had caught Damian’s attention long ago, your lovely personality when ever you would bring him paperwork. The way you would apologize when you noticed that he had a whole stack on his table already.

Sometimes you even brought him coffee in the morning or late in the evening. It was late in the evening and you were delivering the last batch of documents for Damian to sign, it had been a long day and you decided that he probably needed a cup of coffee, so you got one on the way to his office. “Hello, mr. Wayne, last paper work for today, and a coffee to make it easier,” You say, a bright smile on your face  “For the last time, call me Damian,please, “ He smiles back, taking the paperwork and paper cup. 

I was actually meaning to ask you,” Damian says, standing up from his desk, “would you like to attend the gala with me next week ?” He asks, giving her his brightest smile, that women usually swoon for. You drop your head shyly, you would have loved to go with him, but you knew that your partner at home wouldn’t like that the least bit. “I’m sorry, Damian, but I can’t, I would really love to go with you, but I honestly can’t,” You regretfully say, turning around,  getting ready to leave. That’s when he saw them.

The bruises covering the back of your neck. Your collar had slid down just that small bit that revealed the none makeup covered dark purple bruises underneath your shirt. Damian wanted to ignore it, but he just couldn’t. “Does he beat you,” He asks, grabbing your arm and turning you around softly, you wince at his actions nonetheless, causing him to quickly let go.

Show me,” He says bluntly, pointing at your arm. “Please don’t tell anyone, I don’t need any more trouble then I’m already in,” You plead, undoing the buttons of your sleeve, revealing the badly bruised skin. It’s a mix of older, already healing injuries, and never, at most a few days old bruising. You drop your head in shame of your weakness, at your inability to leave your partner behind in the hopes that they will change one day.

Look, If you want me to, I can help you, but only if you want my help,” Damian says with a sad sigh, causing you to look up at him to gauge his honesty. His jade green eyes were filled with sadness, not particularly for you, but for the fact that he never noticed the obvious signs. Your overly apologetic attitude, the fear of not doing things perfectly, the way you always wore clothes that covered everything, it had always been obvious.

How can you help me?” You timidly ask, unsure of how he would be of any assistance. “If you break up with them, and give a police report, I can have them put away for a very long time,”  He says. “When he gets out he’ll find me,” You say, eyes wide at his proposal.

He won’t be getting out, and I can protect you, just please, let me help you,” Damian pleads, after a moment of consideration you finally nod ‘yes’.

What can I do for you in return?” You ask, not wanting to be a charity case. “Come to the gala with me next week,” He smiles, siting back down at his desk and starting to type away on his computer. “Okay,” You smile, for the first time in years feeling free, a huge burden falling off of your shoulders.

 In the next week before the gala, your abuser was apprehended and put in jail to await their court date. 


With love,

I’m never going on a pump vacation ever again

The above statement might be a little extreme but I now know what to do, and most importantly, what NOT to do the next time I decide to take a break from my pump. I’ve learned multiple lessons on this day and a half reprieve. This one’s a long one so buckle up boys and girls, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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In Good Hands (5/5)

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader (Steve Rogers Wife)

Warning: Swearing, and things get violent here.

A/N: This has been great ya’ll hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Feed back is always welcome. Hope you enjoy the ending, this is the longest part but that’s cause I couldn’t leave out a lot. You know how I like my detail.

When Sam’s left to stay with you, a little light shopping can’t be wrong, till everything blissful goes completely sideways in the absolute worst ways, but your husband left you in good hands right?

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Sam moves quick, slamming his elbow into the throat of the man closest to him stealing his gun he shots him in the leg before he turns picking off others.

“Left!” Sam shouts taking cover behind a pillar, as you take a few shots popping up from behind the table. The doctor and the hooded man heading for the door, dodging and taking cover on their way.

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Don’t Speak

Title: Don’t Speak

Word Count: 1140

Summary: An AU songfic wherein the reader is given the cold shoulder by Spencer because she allowed him to believe Emily was dead. Song: Don’t Speak by No Doubt.

Rating: T (Swearing and angst)

Requested by: @UnburnableTrash


You hold the door open for Emily as the two of you walk into the bullpen. You smile, loving that she’s finally back to the BAU. You (and Hotch) had known all along that she was alive, but you’d missed her while she was so far away. All is right in the world.

Well, almost everything, you think, watching Spencer stalk across the room, not even sparing you a glance. Since he’d found out about the way Emily’s case had been handled, he’d been giving you the cold shoulder. On cases, he’d speak to you as little as possible to get the main idea across. On the jet, he sat as far away from you as possible. Outside of work, he refused to see you. Even when you knocked on his apartment door. You’d spent the night out there once, knocking on his door every few minutes. No answer.

You sigh. “Do you think he’ll ever forgive me?”

“Don’t worry. He just needs time to cool off, that’s all.” Emily says, her dark eyes following the young genius’s progress.

“I don’t know, Emily… it’s been nearly two weeks.” You say, sighing again.

You and me
We used to be together
Everyday together always
I really feel
That I’m losing my best friend
I can’t believe
This could be the end
It looks as though you’re letting go
And if it’s real
Well I don’t want to know

    “Y/N and Reid, you go to the abduction site.” Hotch says on the jet later that day. You glance over at your best friend, offering a tentative smile. He looks away.

    As Hotch continues to pair the team up, you look out the window, tears forming in your eyes. You blink them away, hoping that no one sees. Nevertheless, Rossi spots it in your expression. He looks at you with concern, mouthing, “Are you okay?”

    You nod, then lower your eyes to your lap so that no one else can tell. It doesn’t work. As you get off the plane, you get multiple pats on the shoulder from your concerned friends. Hotch even gives you a sympathetic look.

Don’t speak
I know just what you’re saying
So please stop explaining
Don’t tell me cause it hurts
Don’t speak
I know what you’re thinking
I don’t need your reasons
Don’t tell me cause it hurts

    Spencer is waiting for you inside the black SUV. He looks away when you try to catch his eye. Sighing again, you turned the key and started the engine, pulling out onto the road. The drive is entirely silent, no matter how hard you try to engage him in conversation. He ignores you, looking out the window with a blank expression on his face.

    You park the car in a parking lot near the abduction site. You get out, not looking back for Spencer as you start walking. You know why he’s mad, but how are you supposed to fix it? What’s done is done. And for Emily’s sake, you couldn’t have told him. Yes, he had come to your apartment crying, but what were you supposed to say? ‘Oh, you can stop crying, Spence, because Emily’s actually alive! Surprise!’

    Too late, you realize that you’re muttering to yourself. Spencer is next to you, and from the expression on his face, he heard every word.

    “The fact that you hid it in the first place-” He begins heatedly.

    “I was under orders! What was I supposed to do?” You say, turning to face him on the sidewalk.

    “I came to your apartment crying for weeks, Y/N! You could have said something!” Spencer answers, his eyes blazing.

    “What? What could I have said?” You ask, near tears now.

    He sees your tear-filled eyes, and for a moment his face softens. Only for a moment, though. “How about, 'Hey, Spencer, Emily’s actually not dead?’”

    “And you think you’d have taken that well? I couldn’t tell you, Spencer. It was for Emily’s safety!” You say, your tears spilling over into your cheeks.

    He turns away from you, leaving you crying there on the sidewalk. Your back slides down the building behind you and you sit there, trying to slow your tears.

Our memories
Well, they can be inviting
But some are altogether
Mighty frightening
As we die, both you and I
With my head in my hands
I sit and cry

    When you’ve finally pulled it together, Spencer has finished checking out the site. You do a little looking around yourself, but not much. You’re too upset.

    Back at the station, the team begins to put together a working profile. You sit it out in a chair, your chin in your hands. No one bothers you.

    By the end of the day, you’re miserable. You head back to your hotel room quietly, wanting to sleep and never wake up.

Don’t speak
I know just what you’re saying
So please stop explaining
Don’t tell me cause it hurts (no, no, no)
Don’t speak
I know what you’re thinking
I don’t need your reasons
Don’t tell me cause it hurts

    The next morning, your mood hadn’t improved. Spencer’s has, but just slightly. He actually acknowledges your presence today. With slightly more to go on, the rest of the team is in a good mood, too.

    You can hear Pen’s cheery voice on the line. She gives a name: Howard Anderson, along with his address. The next thing you know, you’ve got a Kevlar vest on and are on your way with the rest of the team to arrest the guy.

    When you get out of the car, you notice a shape in the window of Anderson’s dilapidated old house. It doesn’t register until you see it raise an arm.

    And bullets begin to fly through the air.

    “Get down!” You scream, drawing your gun. You fire a few shots into the glass, but Howard continues to shoot. A sudden, searing pain in your chest makes you drop your gun. You clutch at your wound, then feel another bullet whiz by, so close to your head that you can feel it knock some of your hair back.

    “Y/N!” Spencer yells.

It’s all ending
I gotta stop pretending who we are…
You and me I can see us dying…are we?

    Spencer jumps forward, shielding you from bullets as he pulls you back behind the car. Your head is spinning from the blood loss, but you can see him clearly enough to note the tears in his eyes.

    Just before you black out, you hear him say, “Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

nosferatu4ever  asked:

So, what did Anne Rice actually did, that you all hate her? I don't want to miss the drama!

Off the top of my head:

1) Forbade fanfiction/fanart - destroying the fandom

2) Publicly insulted people (and sulked over) bad reviews

3) Ruined a woman’s career for disliking her books

Link to Book Rice Got Cancelled 

Link to Anne Rice Throwing Hissy Fit

Link to Her Banning Fanfiction

* * * 

Long Rant:

Anne Rice is her own worst enemy.

If you look at say “Voltron”, as a random example, you’ll hear about notorious incidents and a lot of drama and some events that even made it to press, but - guess what - it gets it publicity and keeps it relevant. If I type in “Voltron” right now, I can go through pages and pages and pages of content, until I’d have to choose to stop, as I’d be there for hours upon hours.

Anne Rice refuses to have an editor (so the quality drastically declined, which is why I always say there’s only a trilogy of “The Vampire Chronicles”), and she also refuses to let the fandom exist … if you can’t exchange fan theories, or fanfiction, or fanart -? You’ll probably end up forgetting about the series. I can literally go through tags like “Lestat” or “Anne Rice” in less than twenty minutes per tag, as so little is said or known about them in this modern climate.

It’s probably why she’s needed to sell out and make a film.

Anne Rice has a huge core base of fans, but times move on … hardcore fans may buy new books, because of the cult-like status, but if you talk to someone under twenty then how likely are they to even know who ‘Lestat’ is or that ‘Louis’ isn’t just a French chef from a Disney film or a One Direction member? How many of us pick up the new books or even notice when they get released? How many good reviews does she get as of late by critics?

This new film will bring a whole new base of viewers, which will also bring a whole new base of readers, and this naive woman thinks she can still control those people and keep her works “hers” … it won’t happen. A work stops being “yours” the minute you put it in the public domain. 

Oh, and this generation -? I barely recognise it.

They won’t be afraid like we are … they’ll post works to AO3, which has a legal team to back them up, and others will follow suit, then people like me will join in because we’ll finally feel the numbers are too large for her to hit, and then others will follow … they’ll be fanart sites, fanfiction sites, and Tumblr will be flooded with “are Louis/Lestate an item?” and “is Gabrielle a bitch or a hero?” and “which books do you consider canon?” 

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. The second this movie gets made, and a whole new generation grabs a hold of it, it will no longer be her work and she won’t be able to do jack-shit about it … changes in laws, like “fair use”, and changes in how social media operates, and a press very much against censorship with recent political changes, too … 

She’s her own worst enemy. 

She’s making her own worst fears come true.

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I used to shit levixeren cause I wasn't that deep into the fandom and I'd only watched the first season nd I didn't really know anything abt the character like ages, so I let the fandom influence me, but you kind of spurred me onto reading the manga and I'm like horrified that I ever shipped it? I didn't learn Levi's age till recently… but why doesn't that put off people who do know? It's just wrong. Eremin is a really wholesome thing and I just wish armin gets the recognition he deserves.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.



I got to someone?



oh my GOD.

My presence on this site is finally justified.

Bad Relationship Ending Guide (Mystic Messenger)

tHere it is!! Finally!!! The completed, guaranteed BRE guide for all routes! Hurraaay! If there is anything missing or you have corrections, please let me know!

Also, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT REPOST THIS ON TUMBLR (reblogs are okay!). If you want to share this on another site, that’s fine, but PLEASE provide credit and a link back to my blog. I worked hard to put this together, and spent countless hours gathering and compiling this information. Please respect that. Thank you! <3

I’m going to leave it under the cut to save a dash and for people who want to figure it out on their own :)

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When Ron Weasley calls Neville Longbottom one Saturday night to ask him, to hack into because his monthly access ran out, the first thing Longbottom says is “No.”
Then he adds, “Do you even know how they script their site? It’s virtually impossible to hack them - they’re like the Bratva of the internet.”

“Come on dude,” Ron urges and clacks his tongue against his teeth, takes another drag of his cigarette, “You still owe me from that one time with Lovegood.”

There’s a faint snarl of careful chosen insults over the static line of the phone, before Longbottom finally relents.

“Okay, what do you want me to download?”

Ron’s face splits into a grin.

Lord Voldemort’s epic series is one of their best sells. Noir-esque, cheap settings with hardcore sessions. The main character, Lord Voldemort, is an immortal casanova wizard who tries to get special agent Harriett Propper to his site - Ron likes to imagine, that Voldemort is a redhead under the usual mask he wears. The series is a must-know. A classic, as Ron calls it, from the early days when was merely a simple porn site and put the movies online for 20 bucks each. Nowadays, depending on what kink you are into, even streams could cost you a fortune.

Lord Voldemort’s movies however, are legend.
There are seven in total.

  • Lord Voldemort and the Philosopher’s Moan
  • Lord Voldemort and the Chamber Of Semen
  • Lord Voldemort and the Prisoner Of Ass-To-Bang
  • Lord Voldemort and the Goblet Of Cum
  • Lord Voldemort and the Order Of The Penis
  • Lord Voldemort and the Half-Blood Whore
  • Lord Voldemort and the Deathly Swallows

Ron Weasley wants them all.

Alternate Sleep Patterns

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Lake house

Sam x Reader

Warnings: none

Summary: Sam, Dean, and Y/N are at a lake house. (Do not ask me why or who’s lake house it is. I was just daydreaming and got the idea for this fic.) 

AN: I realized half way through that I used 3rd person for this and i should not have. So most of it is 3rd person your pov and the rest is 3rd person Sam’s pov. if it is Sam’s pov then it will just be describing what Sam is experiencing. Sorry if this is confusing. It should make sense as you read. Also this my first SPN fan fiction so I really hope you guys like it.


You, Sam, and Dean were sitting in the living room of the Lake house. Dean was in sitting on the couch with a beer in one hand and a the television remote in the other. Sam was sitting in a corner reading a huge book. From where you were sitting you could not tell what book it was. But you did notice the way his eyebrows were knitted together. You could see his hazel eyes scanning the dusty pages at the speed of light. Every once in awhile his ear would twitch. You knew it was weird of you, noticing all the small details about Sam. You did not know why but you had just been noticing the smallest things about him lately. Sometimes when it was just the two of you, you could feel this knot in your stomach. You didn’t know what it was. Maybe you were coming down with something. Your train of thought was derailed by a loud grunt coming from Dean. “UGH I’m so bored cooped up in this lake house. Come on guys we came here to have fun. Why are we all just sitting here?” he said while standing up. Sam looked up and put his book down. “what do you suggest we do?” Dean paced back and forth “ I’ve got it. How about we actually go to the lake seeing as we are at a lake house.” You and Sam both groaned but you were cut off by Dean speaking again. “Don’t groan. It’s settled we are going down to the lake. Everyone go change and be at the lake in half an hour.” “Dean, I don’t have a bathing suit. So no lake.” you said hoping you all could just watch a movie instead. For some reason you started feeling really self conscious. You didn’t want the guys to see you in a swimsuit. You didn’t want Sam to you in a swimsuit. What if he didn’t like what he would see. “It’s a lake house. Go upstairs and I’m sure you should will find one.” Dean said, not giving up. You gave up and went upstairs. You walked into a room with a huge closet. There were piles of women’s clothes in. You looked through them and pulled out colorful heels, tight strapless dresses, and god knows how many thongs. This must have been dean’s “friend’s” room seeing as this was her lake house. From the clothes you were looking through you wouldn’t be surprised if she was a stripper. You finally found a swimsuit that your bust fit into and would actually cover your private areas. It was red, a sharp contrast to your (skin tone) skin. The bottoms were a little small on you but you did not mind. The top was strapless and made your cleavage look great. You looked through your bag and found one of Sam’s old flannels to wear while you walked down to the lake. You could remember the night that Sam gave it to you. You guys had all been in a motel in Boston and you were freezing. Sam could see you shivering so he gave you the shirt and went back to his place on the couch. As you stood in the middle of the room you found yourself smelling the sleeve of the shirt. It still smelled like him. Like pine with a hint of musk. (I’m not good at describing smells¯\_(ツ)_/¯) You snapped out of your thoughts and started walking towards the lake. When you got there Sam and Dean were already swimming around. You put your towel and sunglasses down and took off your shoes. A wave of insecurities washed over you as Sam and Dean waved you over to get into the water. You turned to face away from Sam and dean and started to unbutton the shirt. You let out a shaky breath and let the shirt drop down to your feet. You turned around to see both Sam and Dean staring at you. “Looking good (Y/N)” Dean smiled and whistled at you. You could feel your face heat up and you looked down at your feet. Dean always flirted with you like that. That’s just the way he was. You knew he was just joking around but it always made you smile with embarrassment “ Hey (Y/N) try the rope swing he yelled. Sam hadn’t said anything to you. It kind of worried you . What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if he only saw you as a friend or a little sister? SAM’S POV When you walked over Sam could not help but stare at you. He thought you looked breathtaking in his flannel. He could remember the night he gave it to you. He had been laying on the motel couch in Boston pretending to read a book. He was really staring at you. He could see your small frame shaking so he pulled off his flannel and gave it to you. His thoughts were interrupted by Dean whistling at you. “Dude stop it” Sam glared at Dean for hitting on you. Dean knew that Sam had feelings for you. It always annoyed Sam when Dean hit on you, even if he knew Dean was just joking around. “Man if you don’t make your move I will. I mean look at her.” Dean said taunting his kid brother. Dean would never make a move on you. It would hurt Sam. He just wanted his brother to man up and finally confess his feelings for you. so he had come up with a plan. Sam had waited long enough. Dean was going to get him to confess one way or another. YOUR POV You walked over to the rope swing apprehensively. You looked over at Sam and Dean. Dean was smiling and giving you a thumbs up. Sam was looking down with a slight scowl. When he looked up he his features softened and he gave you a thumbs up and a small smile. Confidence washed over you and you grabbed the rope and ran of the hill. As you looked down over the lake you let go and started to fall. You shut your eyes and curled yourself into a ball until you felt the water surround you. When you came up you bumped into Dean. Your face was burning hotter than you ever thought possibly. Of course you had touched dean before, you hunted together. But you had never had your bust press up against his bare toned chest. He gave you a sly smile and disappeared under the water. “What was that all about?” you said looking at Sam. Before Sam could answer you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your legs. You were hoisted out of the water and Dean threw you over his shoulder. It all happened so fast the only thing you could think to do was let out a squeal. Dean started to walk towards the land. “Dean put me down. Where are you taking me? Let me go! What are you doing?” You were yelling at Dean and lightly hitting him on his back. As he passed by Sam, Dean playfully punched him in the shoulder. As you two got closer to land you realized that Dean and one hand on your lower back and one hand on your upper back and very close to your butt. You did not know what had gotten into him. He had never gone this far in his playful flirting. As you reached the top of a small hill you were still yelling at Dean to put you down. In one swift motion Dean took you off his shoulder and was holding you in his arms, almost as if you were a baby. “ Dean, put me down!” you commanded. “Fine” he said and with that he threw you off the hill and into the water. Then he jumped in after you. You both came up for water laughing. You looked around and Sam was nowhere in site. You wanted to worry about him but before you could you felt a splash of water on your back. You slowly turned around and Dean splashed you again. You splashed him back and he splashed you even more until you finally gave up. You guys spent a few hours out in the lake talking and messing around. You did not remember the last time you had gotten to just let loose and have fun, but you couldn’t have help but feel like it would have been more fun if Sam was there. As you and Dean walked into the house together covered in you saw Sam sitting on the couch drinking a beer. “Hey Sammy. Is this where you have been the whole time?” you asked genuinely concerned. He didn’t even bother to look at you when he just mumbled a “mmhmm”. If you were being honest that hurt a little, but your thoughts were cut off by Dean clapping his hands together. “Alright we are going to go shower and then we are all going to come back downstairs for movie night, and I’m choosing the movie.” Dean said and ran off upstairs. “Is everything alright Sammy” you asked hoping he would tell you what was bothering him. Of course he didn’t though. He once again mumbled a “mmhmm” without looking at you. Defeated you walked up the stairs hoping that Sammy would be alright. This wasn’t the first time that Sam had acted this way. He usually acted like that after Dean had dragged you two out to some bar. He would spend the whole night avoiding you and then ignore you for a day or two. It always hurt you whenever he did that. You were in the middle of changing when you heard banging in the room next to you. SAM’S POV Sam got off the couch and walked up to the room Dean was changing.He walked in and shoved his brother into the closest wall. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” Sam hissed. “I was just being friendly Sammy. I gave you your chance. You had your time to confess your feelings and you didn’t. Your window has closed little brother. Now it’s Dean’s time to shine.” Dean brushed past his little brother with a smirk on his face. His plan was coming full circle. Dean was so tired of seeing the longing looks Sam gave (Y/N) when she wasn’t looking. Dean’s feelings for (Y/N) were completely platonic. He was only flirting with her to make Sam jealous so that he would confess his true feelings to her. So far his plan was working. YOUR POV You went downstairs and saw Sam sitting on blankets and pillows that had been placed on the floor. There were piles of snacks on the in front of him and it looked like Dean had chosen some scary movie to watch. With all the monsters you had seen scary movies didn’t scare you. You liked to poke holes in the plot. Sam was wearing a pair of loose fitting sweatpants and a tight white shirts that showed off his broad shoulders. Usually you would have to force yourself to stop looking at him when he wore tight shirts but what Dean was wearing distracted you more than Sam. Dean was laying out on the couch to the left of you. He was wearing sweatpants and an unbuttoned flannel showing off his abs. He sat with a bottle of beer in his hand and his feet up on the coffee table. You would usually cuddle up next to Sam when you guys watched movies but when Dean saw you he waved you over and winked at you. Sam looked up at you with a glare and sprawled out over the blankets. He didn’t want you to sit with him. You didn’t know what you had done. You just sat next to Dean and grabbed a beer. By the end of the movie Dean had his arm around you and you were snuggled into his side. You had drank a few too many beers and were a little tipsy. Sam gave you and Dean one last glare and headed up to his room. Dean nudged you in the side and you looked up at him. “Whats up with him” dean asked you. You furrowed your eyebrows and jumped up. “You’re right Deany. He has been acting like a big butt. You know I’m going to go ask him.” you said and stomped up the stairs. You burst into Sammy’s room. What you didn’t expect was for him to be taking his shirt off. He turned around slowly and sighed with an annoyed face. You stepped closer to him with a frown on your face. “Sammy why are you mad at me? What did I do?” you asked while racking your eyes over his body. “(Y/N) just go away. You have been avoiding me all day anyway.” he said and turned away from you. With the help of all the beer coursing through your veins you grabbed Sam’s shoulder and spun him around. “ You are the one who has been ignoring me mister. I haven’t done anything wrong.” you said louder than you intended. “Why don’t you just go back to Dean. You seemed to be having a great time being all over him today.” Sam yelled. “ I was only hanging out with Dean because you have been acting like I shot your dog all day. Every time I looked at you today you looked like you wanted me to leave and never com back.” You could feel your cheeks turning red. “Well how do you think it feelt for me to watch you flirting it up with Dean all day?” He yelled stepping closer to you. “He was flirting with me and why do you care any way?” “Maybe I don’t like seeing you with other guys!” he said. As soon as the words left his mouth his face turned a bright red. “What?” you asked thinking your ears were playing tricks on you. “ What if I told you I really like you and I hate seeing you with other men?” He said looking down at his feet. You lifted his chin and looked into his eyes and said “Then I would tell you to kiss me.” He leaned down slowly and you stood up onto your tippy toes. His soft lips pressed against yours and your heart lept into your throat. He rested his giant hands on your hips and pulled you closer so that your bodies were pressed together. You wrapped one arm around his neck and ran your fingers through his hair with your other hand. Out of breath, you pulled away from each other. “Finally. My plan worked!” Dean said from behind you. “ What are you talking about Dean?” you asked genuinely confused. “Well it was obvious that you two liked each other, but you two were to blind to see that. So I took it upon myself to push you two in the right direction. I made Sammy here jealous and I got (Y/N/N) a little tipsy so she would have the courage to confront you about it.” Dean explained with pride plastered on his face “Wait so you mean all that your window has closed and it’s Dean’s time to shine talk was all just crap and part of your plan?” Sam asked while snaking his arms around your waist. “Pretty much yeah” Dean said with a chuckle. “Dude you are lucky I didn’t beat you to a pulp for that.” Sam said and you all shared a laugh

You & I (For Boner’s 1K Writing Challenge!)

Characters: Simon X Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff, Light Smut

Summary: You want out of the Sanctuary but accidentally fall in love with Simon.

Notes: Thank you so much for letting me participate in this challenge! I had a great time not only coming up with this story but also listening to some really great songs. Also, when I listened to this song for the first time all I could picture was running through the woods so I just kinda went with it. Asterisks denote song lyrics. Italics are flashbacks and tbh this story is mostly flashbacks.

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Having finally come out, I feel a bit more comfortable with my sexuality, and would like to explore it, issue being that nobody in my home school would want to approach me like that... what's a good app/site/way to try to meet other people nearby that may be interested in trying things out?

Lee says:

It depends on how old you are. If you’re 18 or over, you could try a dating app like Her or make an online dating profile of some sort. Also, putting yourself out there and being forward (but not inappropriate) is important. You can’t hook up with anyone if nobody knows you’re looking for a hookup!

If you’re younger than 18, try attending anything that’s for LGBT youth in your area, and be patient. Meeting new people is the best way to find someone if the people you know aren’t up for a relationship, so attend school clubs, teen events at the library, do programs and camps and that sort of thing. If you’re looking to have sex, make sure you’re above the age of consent in your state, your partner is above the age of consent in your state (but not too much older than you- I’d stick in a 3 year range, at tops) and you are using protection (you can get free condoms and sometimes free STD testing from Planned Parenthood!) and of course, everyone is consenting to said activities.

This post has to do with dysphoria and sex, which may or may not be relevant. 

Lonely Boat, by TheNarratographer

For today, it was just the seagulls and I. Not another person put in an appearance in the entirety of my quiet time at Kimmeridge. I had initially intended to go to Durdle Door, but the plethora of cars that littered the make-shift car park at the foot of the camping site, implored me to seek my fortune elsewhere. And so I did, arriving at a deserted Kimmeridge a little after 7am. There was a little less colour in the sky than there was hope in my heart and having taken a handful of throwaway images, I almost decided to pack up and head home. The sun seemed to be late for work and even by 8.30am, still it hadn’t put in an appearance. But just as my camera and I got drenched for the final time, by angry and unpredictable waves, the light slowly began to lift itself above the hills to my left. And what a sight it was, with orange and blue hues washing themselves across the sky as if making a hurried break for Portland. The sea was rendered innate by this show of lights and where the waves had once crashed into the shore, they now tiptoed in as if worried for the safety of the rocks. I cannot remember how many seconds this exposure took, but it felt like enough time to capture both sunrise and sunset in a single frame. It was certainly enough time for me to take far too many puffs on my new electronic cigarette. That’s right, I have given up smoking. It has been a nearly a month now and apart from dropping the aforementioned device in the sea a few days ago, all has been good. Smoking, like a good friend, has accompanied me on every photography trip I have ever been on. As invaluable as my camera, it was there for the seemingly infinite moments between shots, the quiet reflection that we photographers spend between clicks of button. Those are the longest moments, moments full of hope and wonder; and all too often, despair.

Traded part 2

Pairing- Tyler Seguin x Fem!Reader (really soon I promise)

Warnings- small amount of yelling. Grown men playing with a puppy lol.

Words- 1416 (I’m so sorry)

Note- If you would liked to be tagged in the next parts just message me with the username and i’ll tag you! Also below is a gif of what Bear looks like

Part one 

Originally posted by seguinsharp

Originally posted by alxbngala

It had only taken me about 15 minutes to get home thankfully. I walked up the stairs to the third floor where my apartment was. I unlocked the door and was greeted by my husky, Bear. “Hi, baby!” I exclaimed, excited to see him after not for the whole morning. I quickly put some food and water in his bowls and started walking towards my room. I tossed my bag in the corner, and plopped myself on my bed so I could grab my laptop.

I logged in tried to find an apartment that was close to the arena but not very expensive. Finally I found one and put an offer on it. I then emailed my landlord and told him I was moving to Dallas and I would give him the key when I left on Saturday.

I pulled up a site for a company that could take my Jeep to Dallas for me, while I flew back with the team on their jet.

I quickly set up a time and figured I could get one of the Stars guys give me a ride to the airport. I had gotten Coach Ruff’s number before I left and I decided to ask him how I would be able to get my small amount of belonging to Dallas, and my puppy.

“Lindy Ruff speaking,” Coach stated into the phone when he answered.

“Hi, this is (Y/N) Williams and I just had a couple questions if you have time,” I answered, being polite of his time.

“Yeah, what’s up, wait hold on a minute,” he sighed and barely covered the phone speaker before yelling, “Tyler! Leave it alone and you are supposed to be practicing! Sorry about that go ahead (Y/N).”

“Well, I was just wondering how I could get my stuff to Dallas, I already have a loft picked out and my Jeep is taken care of, and I don’t have much, it would just be about 3 suitcases of what I would take with me,” I said into the phone, ever since I was little I never had much because I was my parents least favorite child.

When I was 14, I had found out I was adopted and for the past 6 years I had been trying to find my real family but it’s been harder than expected especially since I was born in Canada somewhere and I am now in America.

“Well, since you have such little you could bring it on the plane with you. The guys won’t have much stuff so it’ll fit in the overhead bins, do you have anything else for me?”

“Well, I also have a dog, his name is Bear and he’s really well behaved. I can keep him in a kennel on the plane and he’d be fine, if that would be okay, and then I just have a question about away games and that’ll be all,” I answered.

“I’m sure your dog will be fine in the plane with us and the boys might take him but he’ll be fine, and what about the away games?”

“Here in Colorado, Jared had me just wear a nice shirt and a pair of slacks, and I was wondering if you wanted me to wear that or I could wear a dress or something,” I bit my nail when I finished. I heard Bear start whining and I knew he was outside my room and was upset because the door was closed. I kept the phone to my ear as I opened the door and he padded into the room and I closed the door again.

“Uh, well, I think a dress would work if you’re comfortable with that, anything else?”

“No, thanks coach,”  I answered and hung up, I threw my phone on the bed and I went over to my closet and started folding tee-shirts to put in the first suitcase.

I finally got done about a few hours later, I went to go let Bear outside and set my stuff by the door. I just got Bear outside when someone knocked on my door.

I walk over and open it. “Hi, I’m Tyler and this is Jamie and Jordie,”

I know who you guys are, I’m (Y/N), wanna come in?” I opened the door wider,” Not to be rude but how did you find out where I lived?”

“McKinnon told us,” Tyler answered.

Of course he did, I thought, “You can put your coats in the closet, so whats up?” I asked.

“Well we thought we could do a little bonding with our new goalie,” Jamie answered. I nodded and led them to the couch and went over to get Bear from outside.

I came back with Bear right on my heels and 4 blue gatorades. I set them on the coffee table and sat down on the couch. “Well what do you want to know?”

“Well where are you from and can I pet your dog?” Jordie asked as Bear tried getting on the couch to see the new people.

“Yeah his name is Bear, and I really don’t know where I’m from. I mean I grew up here in Denver but I found out I was adopted when I was 14 and that I’m from somewhere in Canada,” I answered taking a sip of gatorade.

“Oh, so do you want to find out where you’re from?” Jamie asked when Jordie got distracted with Bear.

“Well yeah, and then it might make it easier to find out who my family is and if I have siblings that are actually blood related.”

“Let me guess, your siblings didn’t mind you and might’ve liked you but your parents wanted nothing to do with you?” Tyler asked looking straight at me.

I looked down,” Basically, and when I got to be in the NHL they disowned me and want nothing to with me now, and I can’t get into the records without their consent and that will never happen.”

“Well that sucks, on a lighter note, what’s your favorite color?” Jordie asked while petting Bear behind his ears.

I laughed glad to be changing the subject, “Probably black because it goes with everything or a light purple.”

“Favorite food?” Jamie questioned while stealing Bear from Jordie.

“That’s a hard one but I’d have to say ice cream,” I laughed as Bear padded over to Tyler ignoring the brothers.

“Favorite show on Netflix?” Tyler asked.

“I’ve watched a lot of shows on Netflix,” I laughed, “But probably Arrow or The Flash.”

“Oh how are you getting to the airport Saturday?” Jordie asked, I rubbed the back my neck.

“I was kinda hoping that maybe one of you guys or someone on the team could? I’m getting my Jeep taken down Friday so it will be there when we land on Saturday. If not that’s fine I can get Joe to take me.”

“I can take you, it’s fine,” Tyler stated while holding Bear.

“Thanks-” I got cut off by my phone blaring my brother ringtone, which might have been the last part of Non-Stop from Hamilton, where all of their voices come together. I blush,” Sorry, it’s my brother,” I answer the call.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were getting traded!” James yelled through the phone.

“I just found out this morning I was going to tell you tomorrow,” I sighed and ran a hand through my jet black hair.

“Oh, sorry, when are you leaving?” James and I had always been the closest out of all 4 siblings along with me.

“Saturday, we could watch movies tomorrow night if you want before I leave,” We used to always have movie nights but it’s been harder with my job.

“Yeah, that’ll work, my place at 7?”

“I’ll be there bye” I hung up and mumbled in french,”

J'aurais dû lui dire plus tôt,” I should have told him earlier.

“Did you just speak French?” Jordie asked as I set my phone down.

“Oh sorry, I do that sometimes when I get stressed,” I looked down blushing, when I was little I always got in trouble for speaking French instead of English.

“Well, we have a curfew so we’ll see you tomorrow?” Tyler asked standing up and giving Bear a pat on the head.

I nodded and walked with them to the door so Bear wouldn’t go out with them. “See you tomorrow,” I waved and closed the door.  Now time to find some movies and food for tonight.