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Mr & Mrs Dolan (Ethan x Reader Smut)

Summary: I was watching Modern Family S01E15 and got inspired with the whole roleplaying going on between Claire and Phil. 
Word Count: 2,424
Warnings: Roleplaying, unprotected sex, dirty talk.
A/N: No one is ever gonna look at me the same again, HAH. First time writing smut, so be gentle please! Also, leave feedback pretty please so I know you guys don’t hate me for this hahaha. Probably gonna delete this. xxx

You swirled your pick around in your Martini glass, teeth tucked into your lower lip as you rocked your leg back and forth where it was crossed over your other one as you sat on the high barstool. The hotel restaurant was prestigious, swanky, way out of your comfort zone but tonight it was the perfect setting.

It didn’t take you long before a tall, toned man approached you. You raised your eyes to meet his hazel ones, lips pulling into a soft smile.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked, voice low enough for only you to hear.

You glanced at the barstool beside you, quickly bringing your eyes back to his. His eyes were averted downward and you quickly realized that he was sweeping his eyes over your long legs that were exposed, stopping on the black Louboutin heels that you’d gotten gifted to you on last year’s Valentine’s Day. They fit you perfectly and they went well with the black dress that you were wearing.

“It is now,” you drawled, watching his eyes light up a tad bit as he moved to pull back the barstool so he could squeeze in, rough large hands smoothing over his suit, sitting down with a huff. “So what brings you here?”

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Part two of my BSD Kindergarten AU inspired by @atsooshis​ fanart here. Here’s the Port Mafia addition - Part one for the ADA here. PS I didn’t include Gin because I hc her as like a two year old since Akutagawa is five and I already made Hirotsu a lunch man in the first post.


• On his first day he hid behind Kouyou’s dress and mumbled about how all the other kids looked sticky and gross.  It took her a good fifteen minutes to get Chuuya over to his locker and another twenty to get him to put his hat on the rack with his coat. Even though he made friends in Class B he hates drastic changes and pouted the entire first week, but eventually warmed up to some of the other kids. He sticks close to Akutagawa, Tachihara, and sometimes Kaiji.

• Everyone knows he was adopted by Kouyou and if anyone tries to tease him for being the teacher’s kid he punches them right in the jaw. Second to Kunikida, Chuuya is often found facing the corner in the time out chair. Mori had to buy a second one because both kids kept getting in trouble around the same time during the day. Chuuya has a bit of a bully reputation but he sticks up for the scrawnier kids—like Akutagawa—and isn’t afraid of confrontation if he sees weaker kids getting picked on. In fact, Chuuya was the one who taught Akutagawa how to punch (unfortunately Atsushi got the bad end of that stick).

• Despite his temper Chuuya is liked throughout the class except for Dazai whom has developed a playful rivalry with him. Chuuya goes around playing with everyone who lets him and he’s really good at building with blocks and loves making intricate tracks for his race cars. He proudly totes around a plastic case with a few cars that Kouyou bought for his birthday and will share if the other kids are careful with them.

• Chuuya helps Kouyou cook a lot and sometimes his bento boxes are a bit messy because he helped prepare them himself, but he and Junichirou often compare lunches and tastes. Chuuya is pretty competitive and will always find a reason why he cooked the best but if he accidently hurts Junichirou’s feelings he’s quick to mutter an apology and slide him some home-made tiayaki.


• Chuuya taught Akutagawa how to fight and how to dress properly (because what five year old shouldn’t wear fancy 1800s clothes) so when Atsushi asked him about his ‘napkin’ he put Chuuya’s fighting lessons to the test. Even though he wound up missing recess for two days he still holds onto that grudge because his best friend from pre-school, Dazai, seems to be hanging out with Atsushi more than him.

• Akutagawa doesn’t like playing sports much even when Chuuya picks him. During kickball he usually ends up getting in trouble for straight picking the ball up and nailing the other team in the face. He’s not one to throw tantrums but he shoots Mori an evil glare and pouts as he’s escorted to the little corner of the playground to serve out his sentence.

• For some reason a girl from his class follows him everywhere, but he doesn’t exactly mind the attention. Usually if he needs something like a juice box or an extra snack his little protégé is on top of it. Sometimes when she’s not looking he’ll slip a thank you note in her bag without signing it and purposely uses his left hand so she won’t recognize his handwriting.

• Akutagawa was very fond of Class B’s pet, a black little bunny, and he’s always spending most of his free play time petting him and holding him in his lap. He’s weary about other people touching him and usually only kids from his table (and Dazai) can pet him. Sometimes he lets him chew on Atsushi’s tiger.


• Has a massive crush on Akutagawa and loves doing things for him because she just became a big sister in her own home so she feels like her and Akutagawa have a connection since he just became a big brother. She’s always making sure his clothes are clean after recess and during her free play she’s making him playdough sculptures.

• Higuchi often helps Akutagawa with his math homework even though she’s not too great herself. She spends a good half an hour going over his neatly written answers and acting as if she sees the problem when really she has no idea if it’s right or not. Most of the time she does this without Akutagawa’s knowledge and if caught by Mori huddling in the corner of the room with her back to the rest of the class.

• Sometimes she wants to ask to play with Naomi and Yosano but she’s incredibly shy and usually ends up watching from afar while Akutagawa is off with his bunny Rashomon or with Chuuya. Usually the first to notice her is Tachihara and ends up asking if she wants to play soldiers with him in the sandbox.

• During nap time she uses her black stuffed animal bunny to snuggle with and pretends its Rashomoni, Rashomon’s girlfriend. She makes little dates in her head with them and sometimes tries to convince Akutagawa Rashomon needs a friend. Most days Akutagawa is mildly receptive to Higuchi’s invitation but he will kick anyone who teases him about his bunny.


• He’s from the poorer area of the city and sometimes his clothes have holes or patches in them so either Kouyou or Fukuzawa end up sewing his jacket while he’s out at recess or slipping in extra food in his lunch bag.

• For the amount of sass he gives he’s rarely ever in trouble and actually concentrates on his homework. Most of the time it’s late and Chuuya is the one hounding him for homework because it’ll make the table look bad, but he’s a smart kid. The only time he’s ever completely silent is during story time and he’s always the first one on the floor.

• Tachihara is always one to play some sort of battle-oriented game with the other kids. He climbs all over the playground and usually ends up getting Chuuya to climb as well. Tachihara isn’t as nimble as Chuuya and ends up at the nurse’s office just as much as Dazai. He’s always got a band aid somewhere on his face from falling out of trees or off the top of the slide.

• He’s an overly aggressive artist and usually ends up snapping the crayons in half on accident. Sometimes when he borrows too many from Higuchi she cries and ends up kicking him off the chair before running off to Kouyou.


• Is so overly obsessed with fruit it makes Mori and Fukuzawa question this kid’s future. His shirts always have something lemon-related on it and he never has lunch without drinking a glass of lemonade no matter what he’s eating. It could be the middle of winter and he’s still sipping lemonade in the snow.

• Always tries to one up Yosano in science but he’s too scatterbrained to really accomplish one full project. Even when Chuuya tries to help him concentrate he’s off on the next tangent and ends up turning in four half-finished projects.

• Another one that ends up at the nurse’s office a lot because he’s trying to see how much glue he can eat before his mouth gets glued shut or how much glitter he can fit in his ear before it reaches his brain. He’s a curious kid without limits and ends up getting the table in trouble more than Akutagawa or Chuuya do.

• The only one brave enough to hug Akutagawa every day before he skips off to his house. Akutagawa never knows what to do other than stand there awkwardly and blink rapidly. Even though Kaiji is a trouble maker he’s really caring and loves his friends because he’s never really had any before he got put at Chuuya’s table. 

Journalistic Integrity Pt.3

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Notes: 1,175 words; Lance Tucker x Reader; Blowjobs, unprotected sex, risk of getting caught, manipulation. (Sorry this is so short). STRICTLY NO UNDER 18′S.

Your optimism about being embedded with the gymnastics team, and being Lance’s personal source of entertainment, is short lived after an incident on the team’s bus. 

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guess who finally found their stylus :D

jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Starters, Pt 1
  • “So, aging lesbian nuns run the future.”
  • “Uh, that’s poison oak on your naughty bits, ma'am.”
  • “Boy, I hope they end up together … at the bottom of a well, torn apart by animals!”
  • “I have a severe injury to my sleeve.”
  • “If I light your head on fire, would that jog your memory?”
  • “You are so full of crap beyond your years, kid.”
  • “Well, huzzah, I suppose.”
  • “Years of expensive nun training, just wasted.”
  • “Well, according to the bells, it’s 97 o'clock.”
  • “You know, if we pretend we know what’s going on, it’s actually kind of exciting.”
  • “Uh, can I borrow a cup of sex?”
  • “I call it Antiseptic Manor.”
  • “Okay, now watch how hard I hit the wall!”
  • “They both look so furtive and uncomfortable; it must be love!”
  • “You’re a lizard-loving freak and I’ve got to go.”
  • “We’ve got dolphins in the basement.”
  • “Ah, the heavily sexed world of appliance repair.”
  • “Every time I meet a guy, he’s either married, gay, or getting killed by a giant octopus.”
  • “He’s never faced a mediocre woman with a small handaxe before.”
  • “The sheriff’s office report simply read, ‘Ick.’”
  • “Pretend you’re a koala bear and eat these eucalyptus leaves.”
  • “Why is the coat rack on fire?”
  • “And I even made him Lunchables …”
  • “I think he’s missed the point of juggling.”
  • “Why is she putting Bisquick on her face?”
  • “It’s nice to see they’ve gotten past the oven incident.”
  • “He calls me Sister Woman, I call him Big Daddy.”
  • “Harpsichord is really a stupid instrument! … I’m sorry, I’m in a bad mood.”
  • “Oh, and go Packers! But mostly burn the witch!”
  • “Now they have him handcuffed to the meatloaf.”
  • “Could you not make out with my daughter during breakfast?”
  • 'Oh great, now we’re both in the clutches of the Devil because you wanted 'seconds’.”
  • “I wonder if there’s beer on the sun.”
  • “You know it’s spring when the executioners start getting into the house.”
  • “Next I have to fall, break my ankle, be attacked by coyotes and buried by a bear.”
  • “I need to find the warranty on this sweater!”
  • “Are you dead? 'Cause if you are I’m gonna take off.”
  • “Oh! Ow! You shot my butt! What the hell, you shot me in the butt!”
  • “I don’t know how, but I just became sterile.”
  • “Are you as turned off as I am?”
  • “Come on, moo! Moo, dammit!”
  • “I wanna go pet the wounded goat!”
  • “I am Death, Destroyer of Lawns.”
  • “Huh, now this guy’s got renaissance festival written all over him.”
  • “Hmm, what pretentious crap!”
  • “Young Republicans; they’re so hip!”
  • “What is it about the gates of hell that compels people to walk into them?”
  • “My horoscope said you’d be stalked by a leather mug maker from a renaissance festival!”
  • “He doesn’t speak your language, dickweed.”
  • “Hey, she’s got her L.L. Bean disco survival boots on.”

Legends of Tomorrow | 2.06

I don’t recognize you three.

billywig stings // newt scamander

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description: reader is way too reckless when first dealing with the billywig, which results in newt having to play nurse


Having never left America, even after your time in Ilvermorny, you couldn’t help but be extremely interested in Newt’s suitcase. And by ‘extremely interested’, I mean extremely interested.

You had always been interested in magical beasts since you had been introduced to them during standard Ilvermorny lessons, so when Tina confided in you one day about the odd man with the suitcase full of magical beasts in it, you couldn’t let the amazing opportunity slip away.


“There is no way an Extension Charm can hold, u-uh, this!” (y/n) said incredulously, gesturing wildly with her arms, eyes wide with pure excitement.

Newt couldn’t help a laugh at how absolutely adorable (y/n) looked - it reminded him of his very first Care of Magical Creatures lesson during his years at Hogwarts. He hadn’t known (y/n) (y/l/n) for very long - two days were not very long indeed - but he and (y/n) had clicked so easily that it seemed that they had known each other forever.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice that (y/n) had already wandered off to the next area of beasts. Newt furrowed his brow - this was the Australian territory, which meant that - 

“Woah, hey, Newt! What’s this blue one? With the wings on top of its head? It looks kind of cute - ow!” Newt Apparated over to where (y/n) was now clutching her arm tightly, his heart pounding. Billywigs weren’t lethal, but the look of pain on (y/n)’s face made fear course through his veins.

The effects of the Billywig sting hadn’t kicked in yet, thank Merlin for that, so Newt hurriedly gathered (y/n) up in his arms, racing back to his little shed. Gently placing (y/n) down on his makeshift bed, he ran his fingers through his shaggy hair (a/n: his hair makes him even cuter but is that even possible tbh), plopping himself down on a stool. If (y/n) started getting all woozy and began floating, at least they would be safe with him. (y/n) was half-conscious, muttering incomprehensible words under her breath, nose scunched up slightly.

Newt couldn’t help but think that (y/n) looked absolutely adorable - not that she wasn’t usually adorable already - she was a beautiful woman, and even when unconscious, she still made him blush like the good old Hufflepuff he was.

Focus, Newt! Make her comfortable, for Merlin’s sake!

“R-right,” Newt stuttered to himself quietly, blushing even harder when he moved to remove (y/n)’s thick everyday coat. It was an innocent move, but he had never exactly been intimate with anyone before, so even removing her coat made Newt feel like he had done something very inappropriate.

Suddenly, (y/n)’s eyes snapped open as she began to leave the bed. Oh, no, not the normal ‘leaving-the-bed’. She began to float. Newt whirled around at the sound of (y/n)’s loud, delirious, laughs as she was suspended in mid-air.

“Hey, Newt! I’m flying! Look, look, look! Your invisible broomstick is great!” (y/n) said happily, looking like an excited first year ready for the first day of school. A smile overtook Newt’s face as he laughed alongside (y/n).

After about four hours, the effects of the Billywig sting were beginning to fade away as (y/n) stopped levitating and grew drowsy. Newt remained by her side the entire time, brushing silky strands of hair away from (y/n)’s face or trying to get her to eat something.

“Newt?” Newt gazed at (y/n), who was struggling to keep her eyes open. “Yes?”

(y/n) smiled slightly as she whispered, “I think I really like you.”

Newt’s heart seemed to freeze, his breath hitching in his throat. “W-what?”

But (y/n) had already drifted off to sleep as he forced himself to calm down, although the raging blush had returned to his cheeks, his feelings in a complete whirlwind.

“I think I really like you too, (y/n).”


Grindelwald had been defeated, and all was well in New York as Newt readied himself to return to his home in England. Tina and Queenie had said their goodbye’s, and had left (y/n) and Newt to be alone.

(y/n) and Newt were quiet as they interlaced their fingers, (y/n) resting her head on Newt’s chest. “I don’t want you to leave,” she muttered, Newt’s shirt muffling her voice and hiding her face. “Hey,” Newt cupped (y/n)’s face in his hands, looking her in the eye. “This is not the end. I can come back to New York, or you could visit Britain one day. It’s not the end. It’ll never be the end, all right?” He gently kissed (y/n), their lips moulding together as they grabbed each other’s hands tightly.

(y/n) pulled away, reaching into the pocket of her coat for something as Newt stared down at their hands.

“You didn’t think I was just going to let you ditch me here, did you?”

Newt stared at (y/n) in awe - not that he already always did that on an everyday basis - or rather, the cruise ticket in her fingers. “H-how… but you-u, u-uh…” Newt began stammering unintelligibly, his brain not registering what the bloody hell was happening.

Wrapping her arm around Newt’s neck, (y/n) whispered, “I want to be with you, Newt. I always felt that New York was never right for me. I mean, maybe I was meant to be with you, and go to England, and start afresh. A new life, you know?” Newt gazed into (y/n)’s beautiful (y/e/c) eyes, saying, “Are you sure you really want this? Being with you - you in Britain - it would be absolutely amazing. But I would never want to pressure you into moving to a whole new country and-” “I want this, Newt. I do, I really do. I’ll get Tina to send my suitcases over and we can do whatever we want, okay?”

“Last call for The River, bound for Britain!”

Exchanging a knowing, sure glance, Newt Scamander and (y/n) (y/l/n) boarded the ship, fingers interlaced, knowing that whatever the future held, they would face it with one another. Together.



Knight In Shining Armor


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Can you do am Isaac imagine where the reader is being harassed (catcalling etc) and Isaac protects her and it’s really cute !!! Thank you !!!

Hand in hand, you and Isaac were taking a stroll around Beacon Hills. It was a chilly evening but rugged up in coats, scarfs and boots made the cold air seem not so bad. A lot had happened in this small town, some you couldn’t even predict and others came as no surprise. Among the madness Isaac and you had developed a very close bond, now one year later and not even the supernatural could tear the relationship apart.

“Want to grab a hot chocolate?” he asked when he noticed you shiver.

"You read my mind Lahey”.

Walking into the cafe Isaac took the lead and went to order, while you stepped to the side waiting for him to come back.

“Here you go love” he handed you the hot chocolate and the two of you sat down at the nearest table.

Looking out the window, this right here was a rare occurrence at best. Nothing to worry about, no interruptions as of yet and just quality time with your tall, well built, werewolf of a boyfriend.

“Penny for you thoughts?” Isaac cheeky asked.

It got you to smile and you stared at you boyfriend who couldn’t stop grinning.

“Well right now I’m thinking that my boyfriend is a giant dork”.

He pouted and said, “Well your giant dork of a boyfriend is highly offended”

Leaning across the table you kissed him, “Is he offended now?” you asked once you pulled away.

“No, but he is slightly turned on”. You lightly smacked his shoulder and shook your head.

One of the cafe members announced that they would be closing early, so seeing no point in staying Issac took your hand once again and walked on out.

“Where to now?” you asked, stepping outside into the cold air that Beacon Hills offered.

“Your place? I don’t think Derek would be all that thrilled if we went to his loft, who knows what he gets up too once his alone” Isaac mumbled the last part, but you heard it all to well.

The thought of Derek doing many things in his loft alone made you giggle, Isaac looked down and gave you a confused expression. “I’m just thinking about all the things Derek probably gets up to when his by himself” you told him.

“I really hope my girlfriend isn’t thinking of my alpha in a non-appropriate way?”.

“I wasn’t, but since you mentioned it Derek does have really nice hands. Imagine what they capable of…” there was teasing evident in your voice, and Isaac picked up on it straight away. He grabbed your waist and tickled your sides, laughing immensely “Isaac stop” you begged.

“I will once you say Isaac Lahey is a sexy beast”, looking up at him you tried very hard to contain your laughter once again.

“You see I would but I was taught to never lie”.

Isaac’s face was priceless, he tickled you further and you said. “Okay, okay Isaac is a sexy beast”. He stopped and let go of you waist, people passing by gave each of you weird glances but neither you nor Isaac minded.

“See wasn’t so hard babe” he added while making sure his hand was interlocked with yours. When it came to you Isaac was very protective and a simple hand holding gesture, meant that he’ll protect you no matter what.

A couple meters ahead the new club that just had opened up was coming into sight, there were plenty people outside waiting to enter while there were plenty of people stumbling out of the club. Walking past you noticed a guy leaning against the club wall, he looked like he was either tipsy or about to be drunk if he took another sip.

Shuffling closer to Isaac and holding onto his hand that much tighter, you kept your head down and continued walking. You hated whether it was by yourself or with someone else walking past clubs, people were always unpredictable and the idea of a stranger drunkenly doing anything was beyond unappealing and scary.

The guy kept his eyes on you and the minute Isaac and you walked by he whistled, ignoring it he whistled again when you didn’t respond he shouted.

“Hey! It’s not nice to ignore someone”

“Just keep your head down, don’t let go of my hand and keep walking” Isaac whispered to you.

Obviously this guy wasn’t going to give up, he shouted yet again. “Yo bro, your lady friend is hot. How about you bring her over and I can get to know her better?”.

You cringed at that prospect and you could tell Isaac was doing everything to not punch the guy. Instead he let go of your hand and walked on up to the guy.

“How about you go back into the club and hit on a girl that isn’t taken”.

The guy put up his hand in defense, “Sorry man, I see a pretty women and I just got to compliment her”.

“There is a difference between giving a compliment and shouting inappropriate things man. Learn the difference yeah?”.

Isaac strolled back to you and grabbed your hand. The guy still wasn’t getting the hint and yelled, “How about I get your number, pretty lady?”.

He clearly didn’t hear Isaac when he told him you were taken, Isaac sighed and instead of wasting his breath he smirked and leaned down to give you a gentle, but very satisfying kiss.

Biting your lip to keep yourself from smiling, the guy immediately became quiet and walked back in to the club.

“That shouldn’t have been as entertaining as it was” you told him.

“He got the message that’s all I care about, now come on let’s get back to your place”.

The two of you made it back to your place, stepping in and taking off all the layers you turned on the heater. Issac came up behind you and pulled you close.

“Sexy beast protects his girl” he whispered in your ear his warm breath strangely sending shivers down your back.

“And his girl very much appreciates it” you played with his hands and felt Isaac smile. Not liking the fact you couldn’t see him you swapped positions, so you could.

“I don’t care who it is, I’m not going to let anyone hurt you okay” His voice was full of love and hearing him say that, even though his actions already showed that he meant ever world, still made you smile.

Grabbing the back of his neck, he leaned on down and for the third time that night your lips connected. “Isaac Lahey you are my hero”.

“Always and forever love” he replied.

Standing there in his embrace it was a comforting thought, knowing you had someone who would do anything it took to make sure you were safe and happy.

Isaac Lahey was someone you didn’t think you would be this close too, when you guys first meet. But now he was the only one you couldn’t imagine living without.

the scientist and the swordsman

johnny gill & kanda yuu, searching for allen walker (with a tracking device)

in which johnny is brilliant and kanda doesn’t get it, but it works somehow.

original scanlations from mangastream



Love the coat and the guy wearing it

"Immortality, my darlings." AD

You know how the writers and the cast say, after the reveal you can rewatch the series and think how obvious it has been from the start???

WELL, remembering the trailers and the first episode- most people’s plus my initial guess was Ali being the anonymous stalker cos it’s the most obvious!

And i think the show really just went rounds, but it really comes back to Alison Dilaurentis. And i will tell you why:

• the first few seasons, -A was centered on making the girls remember Alison. It’s like every single day they were made to think about her.

Wasn’t that what Ali wanted in the flashbacks? To be remembered, to be famous in life and death?

“Immortality, my darlings.” You know what they say, you’re only dead until someone says your name for the last time.

• We’ve been told Alison saw Mona last before truly escaping that night… And we know how Mona liked to suck up to Ali and become her. I’m not surprised if Mona was “A” because Ali asked her to be… To take the fall, to become more like her.

Also remember: “I did everything you asked me to” we were told she was talking to Cece, but she was heavily drugged and thought it was Alison. But i read a great theory ( @peter-sluttin-it-up-hastings ), that cece’s visitor’s pass might have been really for Ali as she was presumed dead and it would be problematic for a dead girl to visit an alleged stalker - which is why she used Cece’s name as they always switch personalities anyway.

• Alison planned to escape that night beforehand. Blackmailed Mr. Montgomery, left her diaries, her shady quotes, etc.

• We know how Jenna always says something like “i’m not the one you should be afraid of, i’m not Alison”

• Alison picked out the girls, knows all their secrets, knows how they are and how foolishly they commit to her. Example: The first secret. Alison wanted to test their loyalty, to see how much the girls would do for her and if her game will work.

• “the bolder the move, the less anyone questions it.” THE INITIALS OF UBER A ARE FREAKING AD

• Can we not forget the time Mona fake died and got kidnapped, Alison looked extremely pleased ??? And conveniently that Mona was taken since she just called Aria how she can prove Alison is A.

• Alison was accused by the girls of being possibly -A and/or killing Mona, BUT redeemed herself after finding them in the dollhouse, making her look like a good friend after everything she’s put them through. (Don’t come at me i love Alison but i also love the idea of her being evil)

• remember when she just got back and supposedly she’s turned good but she stringed the girls back into her web of lies AKA her kidnapping story and even made Cyrus take the fall

• she was the original Red Coat. And emily did say she knew RC was in charge

• that whole Cyrus thing was ??? In her story, he used her and stole her things and even stabbed her. Then suddenly we see her in Vivian costume paying him off and shit.

No matter you turn that around, she lied.

• She escaped Rosewood allegedly to get away from -A, but when she fake died she followed the girls around knowing that they are being targetted by -A???? Which defeats the whole purpose of being “dead” if she just puts herself out there again, of course she’d be seen by -A.

You can argue she couldn’t help it, they were her friends but that brings me to the next point:

She said she knew -A, but never told the girls who it was after LOTS of opportunities of communicating with them. Why? If she really wanted to help them

• up til now the show claims the Liars being completely innocent during “that night” - which makes 0 sense as to why they were being targeted. Unless they really did something that has yet tocbe revealed OR it’s their dear friend Ali playing games on them like she did before that night.

• that quote of Aria about Everything being Ali’s show.

Well, to sum up what they did in the series:

  • solve Ali’s death
  • bring Ali safe back home
  • figure out who Ali’s brother Charles is
  • come back to hellsWood to free Ali’s sister Charlotte
  • figure who Ali’s cousin is

• and also remember how everything started again when Ali called them back to Rosewood. Like they were happy with their lives already, or at least out of that traumatic mess – and suddenly she calls them back and now they’re suffering again

• Cece was never big A. She was blackmailed by Alison to be A helper or take the blame for everything.

As Ali is in the possession of the NAT videos and was basically running around the whole night that labor day she found out Spencer was the one to hit Bethany (spencer’s flashbacks!!!). And Ian claiming the videos had something that could ruin the Dilaurentis, i assume Alison found out Cece and Spencer being siblings, thus blackmailing Cece into taking the fall or else spilling the beans about Spencer. Also, another hint is the blood on Spencer during the Dollhouse.

Taking this further, i think the NAT video’d Melissa and Cece talking “that night” – them planning how to protect Spencer. Cece talking Melissa into burying Bethany for S.

• Alison stayed with Charlotte over the 5 years to make sure she won’t talk.

• also, i already put this in a previous theory buttt i’m gonna mention it here again. When Wilden interviewed the Liars about that night, he observed it to be rehearsed as everything was exactly the same from their previous statement. Reminds me of that christmas episode, where we were shown how Jessica taught Alison to lie by making her repeat the lie over and over. Alison could have done that with the Liars, even easier as they were drugged.

Which is why they were all so shady in the Pilot.

•  This seasons many og characters have insinuated on Ali’s past, which makes me think it’s still relevant. example: Paige telling Emily, Ali is manipulating her again even lying about being pregnant.

• It started with Alison’s funeral and it’s gonna end with AD’s funeral.

But she achieved her wish, she will never be forgotten. She will always live in the trauma of many people she’s ruined.


Fire and Ice (Part One)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, Violence

Summary: You have been recruited by Fury to help Tony with some work in the compound. At first you’re closed of from the group, especially with your secret powers. But as time goes by you feel yourself being attracted to the mysterious man called Bucky Barnes. Will you let Bucky in and show him your true self or will you push everything away you come to love?

Word Count: 1.010 

A/N: This is my first Bucky fanfic. I hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t be afraid to message me when you have questions and requests.

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You have lived in New York all your life and really liked the city life. The constant buzz of people, made you energetic and kept you going. Even after that horrible evening you stayed in the city, even if it was smarter to just leave. That was another thing you liked about the city, the people didn’t judge you.

You sighed as the cab you were in took you father away from the city you loved so much. It had been a hard decision to leave, but you couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste.

You had spend your life on studying genes and at a young age you knew how to manipulate them. You won a Nobel Prize with your research when you were only 20. Even the accident couldn’t stop you from doing the thing you loved. That’s why you couldn’t refuse Fury when he offered you a job at the compound.

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Guzzled Down by Guzma

I’m prolly gonna facepalm myself in the future for this, but feck it I made this vore blog for a reason :P

Once Guzma’s Ariados collapsed on the paint-splattered ground, the team leader grimaced to himself, and called his final pokemon back.

“Alright, you can get the kid’s Yungoos back.”Guzma answered, and then turned back to his small band of grunts in the room. “Grunts, get outta here will ya?”

“Got it Guzma!” They all answered in a panicked voice, running right out of the room as the Yungoos followed suite, running freely out of the house.

As the female trainer had a smug look of confidence on her face, she then turned around on her heel, ready to leave.

Before she took her step though, she felt a sudden puncture hit her at the back of the neck.

“Hey now,” Guzma said with a dark grin. “I didn’t say you could leave.”

As Guzma’s chuckle filled the room, the trainer kneeled down on the floor, gripping onto the ripped carpet as she gripped onto her head. Her whole body felt like it was burning, and her vision was getting blurry. She began to scream in the pain of it, closing her eyes shut as she let out a scream.

When the pain finally ended, she opened her eyes, only to see what she though was a different room. What she soon discovered though was that it wasn’t; it was the same room, but far bigger.

“How’s that for being cut down to size?” Guzma asked in his demeaning tone, only now his voice was practically booming.

It was then that the realization hit her; the room wasn’t bigger, she had somehow shrunken down. To about only one foot specifically. When she looked to her right, she saw that the belt she wore containing her team of pokemon was ripped off, and tossed to the right. And standing in front of the belt was the obvious culprit: Guzma’s Golisopod, still standing even after the fight.

Golisopod immediately grabbed the trainer up by the arms, and hovered her right above Guzma’s face, who looked up at her with a sinister grin.

“You thought I’d leave ya to run off after ya messed with our plans again?” He said with a sneer. “As if! I don’t take it easy until I’ve won after all!”

“What are you-” The trainer stopped herself as Guzma opened his mouth wide, right below her feet. A scream came out of her mouth as Golisopod lowered her in, with Guzma’s tongue pushing her legs up to the roof of his mouth, limiting her movement. With that, Guzma took his first gulp, her feet and calves going right down.

The trainer tried to wriggle her way out, but Golisopod’s grip only grew tighter with each attempt, nearly puncturing her hands as it held her in place, and pushed her down into the Team Leader’s hungry mouth. Golisopod only let go once Guzma had swallowed down her waist, leaving the rest of her to fit right into his mouth.

“No! Stop it please!” She screamed out, gripping onto the tongue with all her might. “Please don’t eat me!”

Guzma only grinned darkly, and slammed his tongue down to the bottom of his mouth, breaking the trainer’s grip as the saliva caused her hands to slip away.

By now, only the trainer’s head and her arms were still visible, with the uvula dangling right above her head. She could she Guzma’s teeth slowly closing around her, and her sight of the outside world. The light chill of Po Town was replaced by the humid heat of spit and breath, and the dim light of the outside slowly vanished as Guzma’s tongue pushed her further back. She kept reaching her hands out, trying to grab whatever she could, but once she was pushed to the very back, beyond even the uvula…

Guzma gulped down hard. Lowering his tongue, the entrance to his esophagus was empty, and a wriggling bulge could be seen on his throat. The Team Leader grinned darkly at the trainer’s struggling, placing a finger above the bulge before gulping again, tracing it as it disappeared into him, and licking his lips as he felt the trainer wriggle as she descended further down…

Inside, the trainer continued to cry and scream as she went down Guzma’s gullet. When she tried to stop her descent by stretching her arms out against the gullet, the constant coating of saliva made her slide down even further. All the while, Guzma’s frantic heartbeat practically boomed against her ears, all while she was constantly squeezed down into the hottest and slimiest of innards.

After a good minute or so, she slid right into the stomach, landing right into the half-digested sludge at the pit of Guzma’s gut. Most of it appeared to be made from an eaten malasada, but there was also a pink slime surrounding it, while what seemed to be the top of a Bounsweet’s stem floated atop all of the muck.

The trainer felt her heart sink as she realized all of that, and began to frantically push against the slimy stomach walls. “Let me out right now!!” She yelled at the top of her lungs. 

“Oh? What’s this?” Guzma muttered from the outside. Lifting his shirt a bit to reveal his abdomen, she saw his slightly swollen gut move around as the trainer inside form a variety of bulges. Each one only made Guzma laugh as he stroked his belly with a hand. “Looks like someone’s still itchin’ for a fight, but now I’m the one who’s winnin’!” He said all too happily. “How does it feel to be on the losin’ side? To be totally helpless as ya can’t even make a dent in me?” “I’ll let ya know, I’m delighted in it~” He answered, giving his lips another lick, and gave his gut one big pat.

“A-aahh!” The trainer inside let out as the pat from outside made the stomach wall slam against her, with Guzma’s maniacal laughter filling her ears alongside the racing heartbeat and the constant gurgling. Falling to the floor of the stomach, all of the other juices began to stick to her like the saliva did, and Guzma’s eager belly got right to work squishing and sloshing her around with it. She couldn’t even keep a sense of balance anymore, as the gut was so busy and uneven for her to stand on. Her breaths grew faster and shorter, as the only air around her was hot and smelly. Even her sight was almost gone as it was almost complete darkness inside this gut.

As she tried to fight off her weariness, her head began to feel lightheaded, and her eyes filled with tears. As Guzma’s belly continued to squish her up and slosh her around like another piece of food, she buried her face into her hands, and cried.

On the outside, Guzma gave his belly another satisfied pat, hearing the muffled cries, as his Golisopod picked up the belt of the trainer’s team, and tossed it to his trainer.

“Atta boy Golisopod!” Guzma said as he grabbed the belt in the air and put it around his waist, tucking his shirt back down to do so. “This more than makes up for losin’ that Yungoos.” He answered with the biggest and darkest grin yet, standing back up to walk out of the room, while his trusty Golisopod followed him.

From one window however, a feline pokemon could be seen sitting on the windowsill, peering into the very room that Guzma was in…

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Lucifer imagine - Baby, it’s cold outside

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A/N: You know me, I listen to one song and a million ideas spring into my head and because it’s December I put on my christmas playlist and ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ came on and I just couldn’t help myself. Enjoy. Disclaimer: I wasnt entirely sure where in America it snowed a lot so I googled it and decided to go for Colorado so sorry if I’m wrong or anything…

Summary: While looking for Lucifer a snow storm hits and you find yourself stuck in a room with the devil himself.

Pairing: Lucifer x reader

Word count: 1,228

Warnings: None really

You had spent the past few weeks trying to track down the pain in the ass of an archangel after he broke out of the cage. Cas had managed to track him to Colorado. This also happened to be the time of year where snow settled on the ground and you froze your skin off so that joyed you entirely.

You were sat in the back of the impala, wearing about four layers of clothing and trying to remain calm. You weren’t exactly a fan of the cold when you were tying to do your job.

“Couldn’t he have picked somewhere slightly warmer like, I don’t know, LA? City of angels would be a good place for the devil to hide wouldn’t you think?” You grumbled as Sam got back into the car with coffee for all of you.

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Anon’s submission

Previous post 

Sorry for the confusion, anonymous again please :-)

What I meant by my statement “I’m not against living an organic lifestyle or deciding to go vegan and or vegetarian, but you can’t just pick and choose which sides of that lifestyle you’ll actually do” if you’re going to be a vegan or a vegetarian you can’t wear anything made with animal. No leather jackets, no purses made from leather, no fur trimmed coats, even the products you use on your body/hair have to be vegan friendly. I personally love leather jackets and my godmother even owned a mink coat that I used to love to play dress up with but then again I’m not showing off promoting my vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. She’s choosing to eat like a vegan/vegetarian but is still wearing clothing or accessories of a person that is not vegan or vegetarian. She’ll still wear a handbag made from calf skin but won’t eat the eat the animal the bag is coming from. Very hypocritical on her part.The again maybe she’s just choosing to live organic but not eat meat. She’s never actually come out right and say that she is now a vegan or vegetarian. But the things she’s posted have pointed that she’s giving that lifestyle a chance. Her instagram causes more confusion than anything.

Sorry again about the confusion and sorry for adding more questions into this mess that is her life lol.

Hehe nonnie, I think most of the vegetarian choose to be a vegetarian is because they want to eat healthier for their own good, not for being friendlier to the environment or other species. I don’t think G aims to be a vegan, I bet she isn’t even a vegetarian. I doubt if she knows what “organic” means. Like a lot people who just like to follow trends, they’re simply following all the steps these trends told them to, without understanding the meanings behind. So does G imo. Don’t be sorry for anything & thanks for your follow-up! :3 OXOX


“Oh, shit on a shingle!” You had stepped right into some unidentified, sticky, and repulsive substance with your new shoes. “Fucking fuck!” You groaned and put a hand on Sam’s forearm to steady yourself while you tried to wipe it off on the asphalt.

Sam’s heart began to pound harder in his chest as you made contact with him, even through his thick suit coat. When you looked up at him you caught a little smile, turning up the corners of his mouth and reaching his warm hazel eyes. 

“What the hell is that smirk for? I stepped in some–some fucking rotten bird shit! It’s not funny!” you scolded him.

He only laughed and shook his head, ignoring the tingles left behind when you removed your hand from his arm. “I don’t think that was rotten bird shit…”

“Then what the fuck was it?!” you pressed him, still staring down at your shoes.

He laughed again and slipped his hands into his pockets, rocking a little on his feet. “I don’t know.”

“Then what are you smirking about?” you demanded again.

His smile widened and he sighed and looked up at the overcast sky for a moment, searching for the right words. “Ahhh… I don’t know. I guess it just makes me laugh that you swear like a sailor. You’re worse than Dean is,” he said.

“Damn right, motherfucker,” you said with a broad grin at him. 

Sam laughed again and shook his head at you. “You’re ridiculous.”

You chewed your bottom lip, your heart leaping happily. “You like it,” you said. You turned and rushed toward the building, leaving Sam a few strides behind you.

“Yeah. I do…” he muttered to himself, watching you bounce away and smiling helplessly.

Imagine Negan comforting you after you lose your older brother.

(Hope I go this request right and you all like it :3 It’s a super sad imagine guys…but at least Negan is there with you…gif not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owner.)

When the men came back from the run, you noticed them walk in with more than just supplies. They had a body with them.

As you walked over to them, they all turned to look at you and you felt your stomach turn.

You got closer and closer and immediately recognized it. It was your older brother’s. Your body froze and your eyes couldn’t turn away from the sight of your dead brother.

Negan walked towards you and grabbed your shoulders, looking at you with concern and slightly watery eyes.

He cupped your face and was talking but you didn’t seem to understand or hear him. Your eyes were stuck on your brother’s lifeless body and you just didn’t know how to feel.


Your brother had passed, he was lifeless and he wasn’t coming back. Everyone started to get closer to comfort you and some rubbed your back but you just didn’t knew how to feel.

Tears weren’t coming out, you couldn’t form any words and it seemed the world had just stopped.

You saw the men starting to get shovels and picking your brother’s body. They made their way outside and instinctively you followed, leaving the people comforting you behind.

They tried to hold you back but you pushed them away and walked outside.


It was a cold day and snow was falling but you didn’t felt any of it. You didn’t care and could only look upon your friends as they dig a place for your brother to rest.

You walked closer and kneel near your older brother. You looked at him closely, trying to remember his features when he was alive but just couldn’t seem to get it right. 

As you stared at him for a while, the men had later finished digging the hole and asked you the permission to pick up the body in order to lay it to rest.

You could only give them a nod and as they laid the body you could’t turn away from them shoveling the snow on him and realized it was a true goodbye.


The dirt and snow was covering him completely and the men were heading back inside for the evening. They past by you and suggested you to go back inside but you simply shook your head and got closer to your brother’s grave.

They tried to convince to get back inside to get warm but as you looked at them they understood your grief and had no choice but to leave you.

You stayed alone for quite a while, sitting on your knees looking at the snow falling down over your brother’s grave.

Staring at it, made you remember all the good memories you had together.

From your childhood to your adulthood, your older brother was always there for you. He had made fun of you, scared you, played mean pranks, put the blame on you for his troubles, made you laugh and most importantly loved and protected you just as any older brother.

You remembered when the outbreak had started and how fast it had took your family members, one by one. Leaving you only with your older brother to care for and him to care for you. 

No matter what he always had your back and made sure you were safe and well fed. He always cheered you up and tried to make everything he could better for you. 

But here you were and you couldn’t say you had kept him safe just as he had. He was now gone and you were left alone.

Thinking of all of it started to truly get to you and tears started to form.


Negan had watched you from the window and noticed how sad and desperate you were.

Since he had met you, he knew how much your brother meant to you and how much you meant to him. He remembered when he took you for his wife and how your brother wasn’t shy about objecting to it and defying him. He admire him for that and couldn’t deny he liked him because of that.


Seeing you sitting near his grave without a coat and covered in snow made it even more unbearable for him to just keep watching.

He walked to your room to get a thick blanket and made his way outside towards you.

Despite your silence, he knew you were crying and it only tore him apart even more. He wanted you to be happy and couldn’t help but blame himself for your brother’s death.

As he got closer, he kneel close to you and delicately brushed away the snow from your shoulders. He wrapped you in the blanket to keep you warm and could only pull you closely to him and hold you.

Stroking your hair, he whispered to you. “Y/N…i’m sorry…this is all my fault…I shouldn’t have sent them out …i’m sorry…I really am…”

You heard the strain in his voice and felt his chest suddenly raising and going down fast, you knew what it was, he was choking on his tears.

You felt his arms around you holding you tighter and he started to kiss your hair and forehead for comfort.

“I’m really sorry…I know how much he meant to you…How much you cared for each other…and I…and I just took him away from you for a stupid run! This is my fault…i’m sorry…I-I promise…from now on i’ll make it up to you no matter what…i’ll protect you from anyone trying to harm you and keep you safe by my side…never again will I let something like this happen…I promise…”

Hearing the tone of his voice and feeling his warmth, you started to feel your tears form even more and blurring your vision. 

You buried your face into his chest and closed your eyes. Clinging to him tightly, you it all out with him and for the first time he heard you sobbing.