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jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!



Love the coat and the guy wearing it


“Oh, shit on a shingle!” You had stepped right into some unidentified, sticky, and repulsive substance with your new shoes. “Fucking fuck!” You groaned and put a hand on Sam’s forearm to steady yourself while you tried to wipe it off on the asphalt.

Sam’s heart began to pound harder in his chest as you made contact with him, even through his thick suit coat. When you looked up at him you caught a little smile, turning up the corners of his mouth and reaching his warm hazel eyes. 

“What the hell is that smirk for? I stepped in some–some fucking rotten bird shit! It’s not funny!” you scolded him.

He only laughed and shook his head, ignoring the tingles left behind when you removed your hand from his arm. “I don’t think that was rotten bird shit…”

“Then what the fuck was it?!” you pressed him, still staring down at your shoes.

He laughed again and slipped his hands into his pockets, rocking a little on his feet. “I don’t know.”

“Then what are you smirking about?” you demanded again.

His smile widened and he sighed and looked up at the overcast sky for a moment, searching for the right words. “Ahhh… I don’t know. I guess it just makes me laugh that you swear like a sailor. You’re worse than Dean is,” he said.

“Damn right, motherfucker,” you said with a broad grin at him. 

Sam laughed again and shook his head at you. “You’re ridiculous.”

You chewed your bottom lip, your heart leaping happily. “You like it,” you said. You turned and rushed toward the building, leaving Sam a few strides behind you.

“Yeah. I do…” he muttered to himself, watching you bounce away and smiling helplessly.

Knight In Shining Armor


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Can you do am Isaac imagine where the reader is being harassed (catcalling etc) and Isaac protects her and it’s really cute !!! Thank you !!!

Hand in hand, you and Isaac were taking a stroll around Beacon Hills. It was a chilly evening but rugged up in coats, scarfs and boots made the cold air seem not so bad. A lot had happened in this small town, some you couldn’t even predict and others came as no surprise. Among the madness Isaac and you had developed a very close bond, now one year later and not even the supernatural could tear the relationship apart.

“Want to grab a hot chocolate?” he asked when he noticed you shiver.

"You read my mind Lahey”.

Walking into the cafe Isaac took the lead and went to order, while you stepped to the side waiting for him to come back.

“Here you go love” he handed you the hot chocolate and the two of you sat down at the nearest table.

Looking out the window, this right here was a rare occurrence at best. Nothing to worry about, no interruptions as of yet and just quality time with your tall, well built, werewolf of a boyfriend.

“Penny for you thoughts?” Isaac cheeky asked.

It got you to smile and you stared at you boyfriend who couldn’t stop grinning.

“Well right now I’m thinking that my boyfriend is a giant dork”.

He pouted and said, “Well your giant dork of a boyfriend is highly offended”

Leaning across the table you kissed him, “Is he offended now?” you asked once you pulled away.

“No, but he is slightly turned on”. You lightly smacked his shoulder and shook your head.

One of the cafe members announced that they would be closing early, so seeing no point in staying Issac took your hand once again and walked on out.

“Where to now?” you asked, stepping outside into the cold air that Beacon Hills offered.

“Your place? I don’t think Derek would be all that thrilled if we went to his loft, who knows what he gets up too once his alone” Isaac mumbled the last part, but you heard it all to well.

The thought of Derek doing many things in his loft alone made you giggle, Isaac looked down and gave you a confused expression. “I’m just thinking about all the things Derek probably gets up to when his by himself” you told him.

“I really hope my girlfriend isn’t thinking of my alpha in a non-appropriate way?”.

“I wasn’t, but since you mentioned it Derek does have really nice hands. Imagine what they capable of…” there was teasing evident in your voice, and Isaac picked up on it straight away. He grabbed your waist and tickled your sides, laughing immensely “Isaac stop” you begged.

“I will once you say Isaac Lahey is a sexy beast”, looking up at him you tried very hard to contain your laughter once again.

“You see I would but I was taught to never lie”.

Isaac’s face was priceless, he tickled you further and you said. “Okay, okay Isaac is a sexy beast”. He stopped and let go of you waist, people passing by gave each of you weird glances but neither you nor Isaac minded.

“See wasn’t so hard babe” he added while making sure his hand was interlocked with yours. When it came to you Isaac was very protective and a simple hand holding gesture, meant that he’ll protect you no matter what.

A couple meters ahead the new club that just had opened up was coming into sight, there were plenty people outside waiting to enter while there were plenty of people stumbling out of the club. Walking past you noticed a guy leaning against the club wall, he looked like he was either tipsy or about to be drunk if he took another sip.

Shuffling closer to Isaac and holding onto his hand that much tighter, you kept your head down and continued walking. You hated whether it was by yourself or with someone else walking past clubs, people were always unpredictable and the idea of a stranger drunkenly doing anything was beyond unappealing and scary.

The guy kept his eyes on you and the minute Isaac and you walked by he whistled, ignoring it he whistled again when you didn’t respond he shouted.

“Hey! It’s not nice to ignore someone”

“Just keep your head down, don’t let go of my hand and keep walking” Isaac whispered to you.

Obviously this guy wasn’t going to give up, he shouted yet again. “Yo bro, your lady friend is hot. How about you bring her over and I can get to know her better?”.

You cringed at that prospect and you could tell Isaac was doing everything to not punch the guy. Instead he let go of your hand and walked on up to the guy.

“How about you go back into the club and hit on a girl that isn’t taken”.

The guy put up his hand in defense, “Sorry man, I see a pretty women and I just got to compliment her”.

“There is a difference between giving a compliment and shouting inappropriate things man. Learn the difference yeah?”.

Isaac strolled back to you and grabbed your hand. The guy still wasn’t getting the hint and yelled, “How about I get your number, pretty lady?”.

He clearly didn’t hear Isaac when he told him you were taken, Isaac sighed and instead of wasting his breath he smirked and leaned down to give you a gentle, but very satisfying kiss.

Biting your lip to keep yourself from smiling, the guy immediately became quiet and walked back in to the club.

“That shouldn’t have been as entertaining as it was” you told him.

“He got the message that’s all I care about, now come on let’s get back to your place”.

The two of you made it back to your place, stepping in and taking off all the layers you turned on the heater. Issac came up behind you and pulled you close.

“Sexy beast protects his girl” he whispered in your ear his warm breath strangely sending shivers down your back.

“And his girl very much appreciates it” you played with his hands and felt Isaac smile. Not liking the fact you couldn’t see him you swapped positions, so you could.

“I don’t care who it is, I’m not going to let anyone hurt you okay” His voice was full of love and hearing him say that, even though his actions already showed that he meant ever world, still made you smile.

Grabbing the back of his neck, he leaned on down and for the third time that night your lips connected. “Isaac Lahey you are my hero”.

“Always and forever love” he replied.

Standing there in his embrace it was a comforting thought, knowing you had someone who would do anything it took to make sure you were safe and happy.

Isaac Lahey was someone you didn’t think you would be this close too, when you guys first meet. But now he was the only one you couldn’t imagine living without.

Hammering out a concept idea. 

Space Privateer ship with a letter of marque that is betrayed by a crew member who is part of a coup to overthrow one of the factions of a Coalition space government that is locked in a long war with an alien empire. They are all marked with a bounty on their head so after they repair the ship then turn Pirate and really get into it with sabers and pistols. Captain even has a coat made with a pistol rig over his chest. 

The Grand Opening || Rachel & George

Making sure the coat was covering her dress fully, Rachel stepped out of the room, after waving goodbye at Ginny who was still getting ready. She turned on her heel and quickly appeared inside the joke shop. Quickly walking to the counter, the brunette took out the recorder and the cassette with the song already recorded and ready to play. Smiling almost giddily and suppressing her giggles she quickly put in the device, setting it up and leaning over the counter to hide it from view.

With an almost longing and loving glance at the piano that sat in the middle of the shop, and not even bothering to shed her coat, Rachel quickly made her way up the stairs, and for once instead of the loud stomps of her boots the shop echoed with the sound of her heels clicking against the wood, sounding rather elegant, she mused to herself with a small smile. Reaching the small living quarters, Rachel opened the door, peeking inside and finding no one, simply stepped in, closing the door behind her.

“George?” She called out, finally shedding the coat Ginny had lent her, finding the heat from the fireplace somewhat stifling. Though it was summer, it had rained last night and the air had gotten slightly chilly. Smoothing the front of her dress nervously, Rachel tried her best not to bite down on her lip, Ginny would kill her if she ruined her lipstick, as she started to run everything through her mind, mentally ticking off everything as she did. “Foods done. Ordered another crate of firewhiskey. Make sure George doesn’t get that drunk. Don’t screw up your first big performance. Don’t throw up in front of everyone. Try not to be overwhelmed by so many people. Oh Merlin! There are going to be so many people.” She continued to mumble to herself, the scar on her right leg, shining against her otherwise pale skin because of the firelight.

A First Time For Everything (Destiel smut)

Here’s the Destiel smut that didn’t make it into my fic (Job & Family).  You don’t have to be familiar with my fic to read this:

“Seriously, you need to wear fewer layers next time.”  Dean complained between breaths.  He was on top of Cas, pinning the angel to the motel room bed.  Their legs were intertwined, which had made it even harder to get the trench coat out from under Cas.  Dean leaned in for another penetrating kiss, then Cas gripped Dean’s shirt, pulling him closer.  

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i think tbh i can accept the cece is -A storyline (though there are soooo many plotholes) but it’s the sara is black widow AND red coat plotlines that i can’t accept. at least cece was someone we’ve known a few seasons. and we distrusted her but she wasn’t pointless. sara is just so new and completely annoying and we all found her shady AF from day one. i’d have maybe even accepted her being red coat if they’d made the explanation much better but not both of them. :( these were characters which were meant to be massive not passed off to some basically new character.