they even look like them omg

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Have you watched Attack on Titan?

Yup! It’s one of my top favourite animes I think ^_^

I actually once gave a copy of this piece to Dan and Phil, with them drawn as soldiers! Here’s a photo of me giving it to them (just cuz it was one of my proudest moments - Phil even recognized it bc 10 days previously he’d liked it on Twitter aaaah) 

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hello there.. me.. handsome as always~ yep! also love the puns i cry every time because of them! oh, i gotta question for you, ok so do any of the boys like you?? like in a romantic way?? just curious ((omg u my friend are so adorable i cant even-- i really like your art!))

Jin: *blushes a bit* I’ve never really thought about anything like that. Kekekeke

Yoongi: *dies from how handsome Jin looks*

 //Q/////A////Q Ah! TYSM- I can die happy because you’ve told me that omg- My art is so messy like- ?!?!?! I get the head proportions all wrong and shtuff- Q////Q I hope this was ok TT I’m running on no sleep due to show choir stuff I do at my church. I would’ve added more but I had to choose either Yoonjin or Namjin. Tbh I’m a fan of both so it was hard. >< Again thank you! You make sure to get rest and eat well!~ <3 -Kit


It aint officially award season until sekai show up looking like if they expect to take home ‘Best Couple’. 

Does eating gold make me look a like a golden boy?
Let me try out!

So besides flipping over the proposal (which I am!!!!!!!!!AAaaAAaAaHHAhHHh) Can we talk about these cuties and how much I’m shipping them?????? ps click for caption because I think I’m funny (spoiler alert: I’m not)

Norwegians: “Hey, check it out, I met Tarjei on the street today!”

 “Look, Henrik made my coffee!” 

“David’s so nice! Great meeting him!”

“Omg, Ulrikke is just as pretty in perseon!”

Literally anyone who watches Skam but does not live in Norway: 


Olicity Holiday Project

Dec. 12 - A scene you would show to someone outside the fandom to describe Olicity
➸ 3x01 “The Calm” - Oliver asks Felicity out on a date (◕‿◕✿)

Hiruzen had to get the bell test from somewhere right? So I’m willing to bet Tobirama came up with it and can you imagine Tobirama doing this bell test shit with his students. No mercy. He had these kids out here on the brink of death. Shit must have lasted a week. Hashirama probably came out to the field one day like “Tobirama, the parents are wondering where their children are—” 




“Tobirama-sensei, can we take a break? We’re starving.”

And he just looks at them. “Are there still two bells in my hand?”


“Then no. Don’t ask again.”

HE PROBABLY HAD THEM CHASING A CLONE THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE HE WAS AT HOME RELAXING. THESE KIDS ALMOST DIED FROM EXHAUSTION. fucking Tobirama this is why Hiruzen was such a lenient sensei Tobirama put him through hell 

First of all, I want to say that them, as everybody should do, WOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THEM because, come on, we all have stretch marks and not having a normative body is just Great™ we’re all humans and beautiful on our own way<3


  • If he ever found you watching them with disgust he would Back Hug™ you
  • And like, tell you loads of pretty things
  • And how much he loves you and your curves
  • Seriously, would not matter
  • Why should him?
  • He loves you from who are you and not your looks
  • Curvy is just great
  • There’s more he can hug


  • He’s the first one who knows that looks aren’t important
  • In case you don’t like your curves
  • He will compliment you 25/8
  • “omg babe you look so nice in that shirt”
  • Even if you’re wearing a chicken costume or a cat one


  • Being a woman herself she understands the pressure society puts on woman
  • And about stretch marks?
  • She knows what is like to have them 
  • bc boobs
  • She would just don’t care about them
  • in case someone says something bad remember she has a black belt in judo


  • “Ok, and what about that?
  • Gives 0% fucks
  • secretly he’s worried over if you don’t like your body
  • I can see him being a fan of curves 
  • 1# Body Worshiper
  • will buy you tight dresses because he loves they way you look in them
  • or without them


  • This boy likes curves and that’s a fact
  • he honestly likes every bodyshape
  • Always gives you his jacket bc you look Cute™
  • You have stretch marks?
  • It 
  • just
  • doesn’t
  • matter
  • He loves every inch of you just as it is



  • and loves cuddling  so why being curvy is a problem

  • Just like Zen

  • Compliments all day every day 

  • ‘Cause he doesn’t want you to don’t like your body

  • Because he finds you just perfect

  • Curvy or not he loves you

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so there's a picture of Alec and Magnus in that scene where Alec gives him strength and Alec's leg is behind Magnus. So when he collapses back into Alec he's completely and utterly cradled in his body. Arm around him, hand holding, leg balancing them.

LET ME LIVE i remember this picture omg. Actually, I saved it because it was just that beautiful.

It kills me tbh that Alec was holding up Magnus the entire time in that scene like ???? i don’t know i’m full of emotions about how gentle Alec is with Magnus in this scene and how, in this moment, even with everyone all around them watching including Jace, Alec has ceased to give a shit about how gay he might look because Magnus is hurt. JUST PUNCH ME IN THE FACE T B H

I wonder if Skam’s actors ever rewatch their acting and just feel impressed? Like how could Tarjei or Henrik rewatch a scene and not think they are so good when they act, so real, so impressive, so in it? And I also mean… does Tarjei ever watch a scene and thinks “omg look how cute I am in here and the snapback tho really fits me!! I get when ppl say how can you not fall in love with this lil bean …and wow I’m so small around Henrik? How fucking tall he is ….that lil shit… yes yes I also get when people do screenshots while watching the clips I’m such a cutie” I mean DOESN’T HE THINK HE IS SO CUTE?????? Because he’s so fucking cute and adorable with those lil curls that leak from his snapback and that fluffy wisp when he’s not wearing any hat though… how can they not fall in love with themselves I love them

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hi do u have favorite vixx gif-makers here?

of course i do~! we have so many talented gif makers in our fandom~!

@chyogi Vola~! she makes beautiful high quality gifs and her colouring is gorgeous, sooo warm and very unique ♥ [x]

@saltykong Riri ♥ always makes gifs smooth and pretty. once even told me how she’s making them, but i’m pretty sure she uses some kind of magic anyway~~ [x]

@jongtaekwoon Selena ;;w;; i’m totally in love with her gifs, i’d like to my gifs look just like her ♥ AAAA+++ pretty hq gifs~! [x]

@hong-buns omg i’m pretty sure that you’ve seen and reblogged Anna’s gifs on tumblr even if you don’t know vixx lol. her gifsets always make me laugh like crazy! (thanks a lot ;/////) her sense of humor is gold and you can see it in her gifs (the captions and subtitles thoo~!!) i love it~~~♥♥ [x]

@royalbins a place filled with beautiful and clear gifs!! do you know how it is possible??? i don’t know too but i like it so much~~~♥ [x]

@kongsook​ hi, hello and welcome to the world of vivid hongbin gifs~!!! ♥ the colouring is original and beautiful ;;U;; [x]

@chahakyeo these gifs are nice&sharp~! almost like hongbin’s jawline XD so many details visible ♥♥ warm couloring [x]

@fan-girl-zone every time i see these gifs, i want to thank the author for making them but i don’t want to look like a scary stalker so…..ekhhmm! truly amazing and beautiful gifs ♥♥♥ [x]

@ravbin very unique, pastel/grayish gifs~! i like the aesthetic of these gifs [x]

@chained-up-taekwoon your daily dose of new vixx gifs~! i’m not even joking!! it really seems to me that she makes her gifs everyday ;;A;; [x

@vixxmyheart i know it may sound silly but the colours of subtitles added to Nina’s gifs are so pretty ;;A;; I LIKE THEM OKAY??? and the gifs itself are so beautiful~~~♥♥ [x

@wontaec can you smell it? the scent of wontaek gifs in the air??? i love these AA++ (very often dark) ideas~! the aesthetic tho ♥ [x]

@hugbin veeeeery smooth and pretty hongbin/leobin gifs~! ♥♥ [x]

@vixx-syndrome the most beautiful hakyeon gifs in the whole galaxy. that’s true, trust me! hakyeon’s gold skin looks so good in these gifs~~~♥ glowing skin~~ ♥ [x]

@at-taekwoons-mercy JUNG TAEKWOON IS EVERYWHERE! such a nice place to live lol jkjk you can find a lot of pretty leo gifs on Angeline’s blog~~ [x]

@hakyunie please teach me how to make gifs…….. THE QUALITY OF THESE GIFS IS AMAZING!!! ;;A;; i love everything about these gifs tbh, just look at them!! ahhhh~~ ♥ [x]

and also these gif makers make beautiful vixx gifs: @wonsiks-hamster-taek, @ravsik, @smilange, @shit-vixx-say, @sangthyug, @sprouthyuk, @hakyeons i hope i haven’t forgotten anyone ;;A;;

((pls full view bc tumblr is the worst hecc. i really wanted to do an animatronic fusion, so bam!! two of my faves 8> even if rwq technically isnt an animatronic //sweats

idk if these two have been done before, i really hope u guys like them aa it took me way too long to finish, they look s h i n y. it was hella fun!! also i know echo is such a lame name oml but idk it just kinda felt right to me :0c))

Valentine’s Day Special II: BTS when you didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at first, but then regret it afterwards

First of all: I managed to write 2 reactions, one for tonight (Friday) and one for tomorrow (Saturday), so please look forward to them my lovelies :* I made the first one Valentine’s Day themed because I didn’t manage to cover it last week~

Secondly: For this reaction, I just ignored that in Korea, girls give gifts to boys on Valentine’s day, and then boys give gifts to girls on White Day so it’s even. 

Thirdly: This reaction is my life omg I would totally be like “Hey boyfriend, we don’t really need to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s just a commercial holiday blah blah” and then be super salty afterwards because other girls got flowers and chocolate and I lowkey also like flowers and chocolate :D

And most importantly: All gifs belong to their rightful creators = owners (see urls right under the gifs as always :*). Please support each other and BTS well! Al eonni loves you and AL EONNI ALSO LOVES HOSEOK SO PLEASE SPAM HIM WITH BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY MESSAGES SO MY BABY FEELS LOVED AND APPRECIATED ON HIS SPECIAL DAY <333

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Jin: [Sees you all sulky because you kind of wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day after all but now it’s too late]

Jin: [Sneaks out to the arcade to win a plushie for you and surprise you with this “belated Valentine’s Day gift”~]

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You: [Pouty because you’re angry at yourself that you didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but now you wish you had]

Yoongi: [Disappears for ten minutes, then returns with a heart-shaped balloon] 

You: “Yoongi what? How did you get this?”

Yoongi: “[Insert gif] I bought this long before you sad you didn’t want to celebrate~ Oppa knows what you like, alright? So don’t fret anymore~”

You: [Go “awwww” for the next hundred years]

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J-Hope: feat. Yoongi as you

You: [Sitting around grumpily because you would’ve liked to celebrate Valentine’s Day after all]

Hoseok: [Insert gif: Spontaneously takes you out for a romantic walk to lighten your mood~~]

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Rap Monster:

You: [Hugging him because you’re sad that you didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day after all]

Namjoon: “[Insert gif] C’mon~ [strokes your back] We can have Valentine’s Day every day, whenever you want, baby~ What do you want to do? We’ll have a belated Valentine’s Day this afternoon~”

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Jimin: feat. Hobi as you

You: “Jimin … I thought about it and … can we celebrate Valentine’s Day next year? Looking back at it now, I’m kind of sad we didn’t this year …”

Jimin: “Of course~ Should we celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day as well? It hasn’t even been a week?”

You: “Is that … would that be okay?”

Jimin: [Insert gif: super excited and happy] Of course that’s okay! Awww, _______, I’ll give you a perfect belated Valentine’s Day, just wait! I’ll make you feel like a princess~”

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You: [Sad because you saw Hoseok’s grilfriend’s posts about how nicely they celebrated Valentine’s Day]

Taehyung: “Don’t be sad~ [insert gif] The best always comes last, okay? I’ll take you out for dinner tonight~ And I’ll feed you from my chopsticks~ And kiss you more~ And bring you flowers~”

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Jungkook: [searches the whole flat for candy as soon as he notices that you’re sad about not having celebrated Valentine’s Day and feeds you cookies as soon as he has found some]

Jungkook: “Open your mouth, nuna~ [insert gif: “good girl~”] Just imagine it’s Valentine’s Day today, okay?~ What should we do afterwards, huh? Just tell me and we’ll do it~” 

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things to consider
  • dylan and eric being the cliche couple youtubers that everyone loves to hate. “hey eric, people in the comments say they ship us”  “tell them i wish i could ship them straight to hell”
  • eric hating smartphones because ‘it doesn’t make any fucking sense, dylan!!!!’ and dylan having to teach him how to use one.
  • dylan being a fuckin nerd and listening to owl city and being super defensive about it. “this is shit music, dude.” “fuck off reb you don’t even really know german”
  • speaking of music, eric would secretly fucking worship eminem
  • “omg eric look!! it’s snowing!!!” -d  “i fucking hate winter” - e
  • eric being completely wrong about something and when dylan corrects him he’s just like “that’s what i meant. it’s basically exactly what i just said”

So. I’m listening to Bliss as I blog these gifsets of them today and… HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD THIS SONG????  JFC EVEN ISN’T HIDING HIS FEELINGS ONE BIT. LOOK AT THE CHORUS:

Pure bliss, Like you’ve got the key to my heart, Simple as a touch and a kiss, Never knew a feeling like this, Pure bliss, pure bliss, Nobody can tear us apart, Baby it’s as good as it gets, (Kiss kiss kiss kiss), Loving you will never be hard, This is pure bliss

He can’t lose him. It would shatter him.