they even know me

so the other day at work, this old lady said to me ‘is there a strong man that can help me?’ and i asked her what she needed and she said she wanted one of those 36 pack of water bottles (it was too heavy for her to carry) and i said i would get it for her and she said 'oh i don’t think you could do it’

and in my mind i was like fucking WATCH me and lifted it straight in her cart and she said 'ooh you’ve got muscles!’ and i’m just

Avengers Preferences: Pregnancy

*Please bear with me I’ve never done this before!*

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this and then go get pregnant! (lol as if). Wait until you’ve married someone and settled down! Be prepared! You know how to stay safe kids! And these are NOT my images!


He would treat you like a queen and would not let you go anywhere. He’d be frantically reading books on parenting. You’d have to assure him that he would be a good parent constantly because he thinks that he’s not good enough. He wants a new start with the baby and wants to make sure it doesn’t turn out like him. He’ll be the best father who is constantly around because he doesn’t want his child to experience the same pain as him. 


Oh gosh Steve would be so stressed out. He’d run around making sure you had all your cravings satisfied and the everything was perfect. He’d read every book about how to help the baby and do the craziest things. He played all kinds of music to see if the baby would kick. If the baby didn’t kick for a long time he’d freak and try to take you to the doctor to make sure it’s ok. “Steve I’m Fine.” “No we have to check! Who knows!” “STEVE!” It’d be super cute to see flustered Steve running around.


He’d be so proud and would take you out everywhere and yell in his booming voice, “LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE! SEH’S CARRYING A MINI ME WOW ISN’T THAT AMAZING!” And you’d just be there, red as a tomato, trying to hide. He’d take you up to Asgard so that you would get the best of care. He never left your side. He loved watching the progress of your stomach size. He was also 100% that annoying couple who took photos every week to show progress! 


He’d be used to the process and wasn’t fazed at all when you had told him that you were pregnant with your 2nd child. He already had everything for you and was super chill. He loved to explain everything to your younger child. “Look mummy’s gonna have a sibling for you!” It would be so cute…


He would best gentle around you and it’d be so sweet. He’d have had help from the doctors (there is a way) and he’d be ecstatic! He’d constant;y be worrying if the baby would be normal or like him and you’d constantly reassure him that it didn’t matter, it would be loved just as much either way. He’d never get any sleep because he was ready all the books about it! (I ran out of ideas for Bruce ok)

Bucky: He would be so worried about his child and hurting it or you with his arm but you were always there to reassure him. He’d make lists for all the things he needs to buy for the baby and would be overjoyed at the new family member!

Sam: He’d never leave your side. EVER. He’d even lay with you in the hospital bed, there for moral support as you birthed your beautiful baby. He whispered sweet things to your belly all the time and he was so prepared for the baby. You’d never seen Sam so giddy and jumpy.


you. would. not. have. children. at. that. age.

Peter P:

No. ^^


He would treat you like his QUEEN. He’d make sure you get the best possible care and he’d draw cute little designs on your stomach. He traced the designs methodically throughout the day which you loved, and so did the baby as sometimes it would kick when he did that. He’d be so gentle and calm around you. He’d buy and decorate a room for the baby with you. He’d be so excited, especially during the gender reveal!


don’t you know

that this

 was not

 for real

Me: *logs into FB for the first time in a week or so* What’s going on in the Ignis Appreciation Group today
FB: welcome back, just thought you’d like to be reminded of the time you were blonde and wore things outside of your work uniform!
Me: … k see, now you’re depressing me again FB *logs out* geezus I want my life back NAO

Why would a hunter with long hair not put it up?? I’m watching Jo and Dean hunting a serial killer ghost and I just want to shout at my screen, “Someone give Jo a hair tie!” It’s in her face and she’s trying to do her damn job and it’s just, whyyyyy???? 

Yes, your majestic floof needs a hair tie too, Sam.

after watching jacks video with dr. schneeplestein, it got me thinking…

wouldn’t doctors be the best murders out there?

1. They’ve got years of experience and schooling with medicine, the human body, surgeries, and etc. This allows them to know what to do when trying to save a patient from a certain injury or problem in one of their systems. However; what if doctors took that to their advantage? This also allows them to know the quickest ways of trying to make you die. They probably know the exact amount of times they need to dose you with anesthetic before you go into a coma that you’ll probably never recover from…

2. Since they’re also trained to help people, their image can also be useful into manipulating the patient. They can make believe you’re going to get better, and then, the next day, you’re dead on your hospital bed and the person watching over you is wondering how you died so quick.

“It couldn’t have been the doctor, they prescribed the right medicine and everything!”

Little do they know…

3. The cops wouldn’t suspect them as easily. Again, the image and reputation of the doctor also comes into play.

They are not here to kill people, they are here to save people.

Although the police might have to investigate them, i suppose the police won’t be to harsh unless they had a reason to. The doctor could easily say they “prescribed the right medicine”, they “tried the best that they could”, they wanted the patient to survive by using these tactics, and try to bring in their knowledge on how the patient would’ve survived, and how they tried to save them, but couldn’t.

however; this is just a thought. i normally think doctors want the best for people, but just a thought…

i told my dad i was bi yesterday at the car dealership because he literally asked me straight up if i was

he took it “better” than i thought he would (ie: not straight up disowning me or telling me to stay out of his life)

but he also told me its just a “phase” and that im “feeling obligated” to identify as such because of how much im being “exposed” to the community and that because im catholic its demanded that i dont act on these impulses and that i “just havent met the right boy”

and then he said he only wants to see me in heaven and that he’s gonna schedule an appointment with a priest to talk to the two of us




I literally unblocked him just to show him I blocked him, THEN blocked him again lmao BUT BE PROUD OF MY MEMES YA’LL BETTER BE PROUD!!

Just to add, dudes been in love with me for about a year now, I got stories lol was about time *NOTE: I did block him from everywhere, fb, my contacts, and snapchat

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we’ve established that julian is 110% slytherin so what about the other blackthorns?

This is the most lag I have ever experienced in Overwatch.

It goes without saying that we lost.

{{ hey… ive been thinkin abt this lately because i feel REALLY AWFUL ABOUT GETTING STUCK IN EVERY THREAD I TOUCH but like. if we’re writing, and i drop off the map, i think the biggest issue is that…
i dont know what im writing for.

its not such a big deal with people i talk to more frequently; we just end up talking about what happened in a more lax manner and everythings pretty chill from there…

but im getting the hint that, like… plotting helps.
and maybe not even plotting! communication in general. if you want something specific out of an rp, its 100% okay to tell me! and maybe i’ll get braver and more thoughtful about what i want out of a thread, too. }}


bc i have no self control, really. 

  • Rearranged muse page shit. 
  • going to add a muse page for upcoming/selective/request muses to sort it out more. (later bc its like lmao 8am. )
  • added two new characters!!! bc I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL

Noah Czerny from The Raven Cycle (fc pending, defo takin suggestions )
& my boy Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond.


make me choose: asked by @jungkooky  fire era jimin or i need u era jimin? >:)