they even have the same hair

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Can I get uuuuuh polyamorous Richie/Eddie/stan headcanon or uuuuuuyuuuh short fic thx (or even just recognition for this ship because cAn YoU iMAgiNe??)

- richie holding both his boyfriends hands at the same time walking down the street and not giving a damn

- during a movie eddie would lean his head on stan’s shoulder and richie would lie in stan’s lap

- both richie and stan love having their hair played with so eddie is also messing with their curls

- eddie loves cuddles and richie is always attacking him with hugs

- stan gives gentle, affectionate hugs instead

- stan is the most skittish and nervous out of the three and richie always cracks a stupid joke if he gets embarrased in public so people focus on him instead, whilst he’s doing that eddie takes stan’s hand in his own to stop it from shaking

- with richie’s home situation he’ll often not want to stay in the house for too long, and always go to stan’s house because his parents love him

- they’d invite eddie over whenever his mother actually let him out the house and would always fall asleep on stan’s bed or watch movies together

- richie has night terrors and none of the losers know except stan and eddie

- they both know how to calm him down, keeping him close and either kissing the back of his neck or stroking his hair

- the three of them can only fall asleep with eddie in the middle, spooning stan in front of him as richie spoons eddie

- when eddie broke his arm stan held his good hand on the way to the hospital as richie carried him through to the emergency room, trying not to panic and freak out in the reception area because on of his boys was hurt

- stan would be so scared for eddie and felt so bad and richie would have to hug him tight against his chest for the hour or two they couldn’t see him

- stan brought eddie flowers when he was stuck at home due to his mother and drew pictures of birds for him

- richie would leave little presents on his door step every day like chocolate bars or mixtapes for him to listen too

- apparently richie has a certain tape that he made for stan and eddie but neither of them have ever heard it because it’s really raw and close to richie’s heart and he’s embarrased by it

- the three boys are so content and happy and loving towards each other and its the purest love i love my three gay sons

she’s got you. [part three]

Here it is! This is the final part of this little series. I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed it. Let me know what you think, and if you’d like to request anything, my requests are open. Enjoy!

part one - part two

Word count: 2,402

“What do you mean he’s gone?” your hands started to shake from worry. The intensified nervousness that’s been building up in you for the past week was finally taking over you. You couldn’t believe he was doing this, on today of all days. Harry wasn’t the type to do this, especially with a life-altering situation such as this. Even though part of this situation was mostly your fault, you’d be damned if he left his fiance at the altar.

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Can you do stozier with pastel!Richie and punk!Stan I have no idea why I only know that it would be cute

—stozier + punk/pastel au ♡
-stanley would wear the same denim jacket nearly everyday (he’d switch it out sometimes for his faux leather jacket)
-he’d have multiple patches on it. a few of them were logos of his favorite bands, a marlboro logo (even though he didn’t smoke), and other miscellaneous patches.
-his trademark would be his black skinny jeans with holes just above and right on the knees
-he would’ve grown his hair out just about shoulder length
-richie would always put flowers in his hair.
-he would be in love with the clash
-he saw them live once and cried right after
-he saved up for months to buy a bass guitar
-he bought a dark purple fender & named it “simonon” after the bass player for the clash.
-he joined a band his sophomore year of high school
-richie would go to nearly all of their shows
-stanley wrote a song for richie titled “baby blue”
-richie cried for an hour after he heard it.
-ah, pastel richie let’s GO
-he’d be the literal definition of an “art hoe” sue me
-he’d always be drawing something in his sketch book, painting, or taking photos
-most of the photos he took were of stanley
-he would practically live in his light-wash, high rise jeans (mom jeans pretty much)
-yellow would be his favorite color
-him wearing a soft yellow sweater paired with stanley’s denim jacket? *yells* yes
-he would love david bowie with every fiber of his being
-he once drew the cover of “aladdin sane” and entered it into an art contest and got first place
-his hands would always be stained with paint and stanley would find it pretty
-one time when stanley was over at richie’s, he let him paint the starry night on his back
-richie took several photos of it because he was so proud of it
-beverly once begged him to let her paint his nails and he gave in
-she painted them a pastel pink and he actually adored it
-she would paint his nails for him every week until he picked up the habit himself
-he would always paint on his walls even though his parents would yell at him
-for stanley’s birthday, he painted the logos of all of his favorite bands on the wall of his bedroom and stanley loved it
-punk!stan & pastel!richie? an unlikely yet adorable couple.

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ok but imagine going down on ceo!tom under his desk while he's on a conference call. he'd be struggling to keep from groaning, cursing, and, most difficultly, moaning your name, all while talking about a potential absorption of another company, even though he's not listening, just repeating the same responses "uh-huh, yeah" "just email me about that" he'd have the phone tucked between his shoulder and ear while one hand tugs on your hair and the other guiding your head up and down him. bYE

ok cORA EXCUSE ME BECAUSE THIS IS FUcking GOLDEN WHAT THE FUCK i don’t even have a coherent response like………i’ll gladly live this out any day
CEO!Tom Night

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Can I make a request about Murdoc or 2D (or everyone if it suits you) having an s/o in the beauty/body industry? Makeup artist, tattooing, piercing, hair stylist, whichever you want.

2D: He could always appreciate people who do stuff in said industry. He wouldn’t get a tattoo or piercing if it’s what you do, but makeup and hair styling is different. He would want you to help him look less tired or part his hair differently every so often. He’d love no matter what you do and enjoy having you do his hair so much. He’s always loved to sit and have it done.

Murdoc: He personally got bored with himself after a long while of having the same style for so long, practically as long as the band was around. So with you there, he opted to get something changed about himself. Maybe it be to get a tattoo or piercing. Or even his hair changed slightly. No matter what, he would appreciate what you do for him.

Hair rant! (warning language)

My curls were on fucking point today, they didn’t look clumpy or frizzy and we’re actually evenly separated… I loved ‘em! But then is crazy drugged out bitch had to go and rake her hands through my hair! LIKE WHAT THE GOD DAMNED RAINBOWY FUCK??!

Like even if you do have the audacity to grab someone else’s hair without asking… you don’t ever run fingers through curls! It’s not the damn same as straight hair! And she had to just rake her fingers through my top layer of curls too, so now I look like a yeti till I can get to a bathroom and throw some damn water on my hair so thanks for that you skeezy twat waffle!

It was so pretty too… 😢

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Do you think Harry would have the same reaction to someone else (like Mal) running their fingers through his hair than if uma did?

I think he likes having people play with his hair in general, but how much depends on how much he likes the person. A stranger or someone he hated doing it would probably get snapped at, even if it feels nice. Meanwhile, he loves Uma a lot (whether platonically or romantically depending on your preferences) so that’s just heaven on earth. 


Suga’s hair alone can turn people insane. I am not exaggerating, just look at Yoongi’s fans state after they found out he was going blue for Love Yourself HER’ comeback. YES! it has such a great impact so this post is here to show you this legend’s hair journey. Let’s get started, shall we?!

Virgin Black

Pre-debut: He had this cute “I am a trainee” haircut but still looked so cute. At the time whoever saw Suga thought he was the one who acts fragile and all cute in the group (little did they know)

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Bandana & Smokey eye

2Cool 4Skool - 2013: All we could enjoy was his dark eyebrows as for his hair it was all hidden under a bandana (That’s the thing with Suga, you can’t get both)

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Turn it into a bow

O! R U L8, 2? - 2013: The hair was finally revealed, but the bandana was still there as for the eyebrows … let’s not talk about it or yoongi stans will start sobbing  

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Brown Sugar

Skool Luv Affair - 2014: White skin Suga went brown hair Suga and it was such a harmonious and sweet look

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Dark and Wild - 2014: Suga was literally DARK & WILD no better description than that. He was spitting fire, breathing fire and being FIRE. He was like a volcano in eruption!

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Fruit Smoothie

The Most Beautiful Moments in Life pt.1 - 2015: Ok! this was when Suga started having the same hair color as their albums (even if they denied it) And this color was so cute he looked like a Rap fairy

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Blonde hottie


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The Most Beautiful Moments in Life pt. 2 - 2015: He didn’t look real with that color. He was so magical!

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Grey Cloud

Young Forever - 2016: The members jokingly called him grandpa. Meanwhile, his stans turned into ashes because he was just so irresistible. 

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Blondie Killer

AGUST D - 2016: Yes he was blonde before. No, it is not the same thing. It’s like he became MORE dangerously attractive. His aura was no joke.

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Back To Black

Wings - 2016: Black is one of the colors that suits him the best and he looks anything but basic with it. He can turn from a handsome nerdy genius

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To a “you will dream of me with eyes both closed and open”

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Blue ocean

Love Yourself HER: We still don’t know what kind of history this color on yoongi will write but we are sure it will be one that no one will forget

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Suga had some crazy hair dye work done too

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Some bright colors

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And went back to brown for a good part of 2017 until recently where he was blonde as a transaction color before turning blue

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It’s surprising how Suga can pull off these colors so easily. What’s even more remarkable is how with each shade comes a new persona to light that we can’t help but fall in love with. Yoongi is a man full of appeal and surprises so we end up anticipating more every time. Let’s also hope his scalp is ok or we will sue BigHit anytime!

If you enjoyed this post, you can check Jimin’s hair timeline HERE ^^
By @mimibtsghost 

Another fun observation I had between s3e7 and the flashbacks we see:

Out of Allura’s family, Alfor is never crowned. But the so-far unnamed queen does wear a circlet…

As does Allura, from an incredibly young age. It even looks like the same circlet, which would suggest that quite possibly that the queen of Altea passed away, and when she did, the physical crown passed directly from mother to daughter, without Alfor ever wearing it even though he was the one on the throne.

Alfor also dresses much more humbly than either his wife or his daughter; the fanciest thing we see him done up in is his armor, and he wears his hair in a simple ponytail while both Allura and her mother have more elaborate styles.

Altea’s queen is the only non-paladin present at the initial banquet before the comet descends. We do not see Trigel, Blaytz, or Gyrgan with partners. 

It also occurred to me that virtually all of our high-ranking Alteans, both in the main reality and the HitSverse… are female.

Honerva was the greatest alchemist on Altea and when she arrived on Daibazaal assumed, seemingly, complete and undivided control of the rift observatory.

In s3e4 Hira is the leader of the Altean forces and in that universe, Alfor is basically a footnote to Allura’s memory and the use of “empress” implies that in HitS-verse, Allura is viewed much the way Zarkon is by his people in the main universe: as a godlike figure.

With all this: I really wonder if Alteans lean matriarchal or at bare minimum, that Altean royalty is matrilineal. 


tbh these are still 2 of my fave homestuck doodles ive ever done
these are like probably 2 years old by now i think

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Today I witnessed men mocking a woman for having hairy legs and underarms. I have something to say about this.

Firstly, the shaving of legs is a new fashion trend. It was done a bit in the 20′s, but honestly, it wasn’t until the forties that anyone gave a damn. Before that, no one saw your legs, because they wee covered in skirts. Men didn’t even know women HAD legs.

Slight exaggeration, but still quite meaningful.

In the last 70 years, men have gone from not knowing and not caring one bit about female body hair, to completely transforming their ideal feminine counterpart into a hairless model. Men like to tout masculinity as being impervious, but I’ll warrant you, you can watch them evolve with the feedback of marketing scams run on their little mammalian brains.

Did Queen Victoria have shaved legs…well, let’s first establish that yes, she did actually have legs. But were they hairless? During her 60-odd year reign, did she employ some servant to come pluck out her hairs?

Did Queen Elizabeth have hairless legs? 44 years of reign, at the time the longest reigning monarch of British history, but no, you’re right. She probably had the Lady of the Royal Chamber rake on a good lather before she went out in her Spanish farthingale.

Did Cleopatra have a straight razor? Did Helen of Troy? These are two women who literally destroyed nations with their beauty and the lust men had for them. Do you think they had shaved legs? What about their underarms?

Now, yes, there were traditions of removing hair. The Roman women, for example, plucked their hair out of their underarms, but I promise you…no one sat about for hours having their legs plucked with tweezers. And if they did, they had a lot of time and money to spare.

Do you know who Boudicca is? She was an Icenian queen during the first century. She led a rebellion against Roman factions at Londinium. 

Famously, she said, “This is done with the resolve of a woman. Men may live as slaves if they wish.”

She leveled three Roman outposts, well-established settlements. And came to Londinium with an army decked out in stolen Roman arms. They razed the city to the ground with fires so thick that an ash layer still exists in the stria of the City of London to this very day. As she rode through the old city on her chariot, with her Roman spear in hand, poised to launch it through the throat of a fleeing patrician, did she pause her assault to wonder…

Did I shave my legs for this?

As the man fell to the ground, choking on his own blood and the ash from the searing fires, do you think he looked up at this queen, this woman defiant and majestic, and thought, “Ye gods, what hirsuit underarms!”

I wonder how many plucked Roman women were trampled by that carriage.

I wonder if Anne Bonny, the notorious pirate ever was mocked by her male crew for having a fluffy undercarriage.

I wonder if when Annie Oakley, at 15, beat her crackshot future husband at a shooting contest, he looked at her little knees and thought, “Not this one. She’s too furry.”

I wonder if Anne Boleyn was beheaded for wearing a pair of furry britches beneath her skirts.

I wonder, if while He suckled as an infant, resplendent in holy fire and divinity, the newborn Jesus Christ, tucked His wee face to the crook of His Virgin Mother’s arm and let out a squeal at the ghastly sight of her unshaven underarms. Or if when He was installing himself in her abdomen, He gave a moment’s pause to think, “Dear Me, what am I doing, shoving myself into this horribly hairy wench?”

The answer to all of these is…No. Of course not, you fucking idiot.

Body hair exists for a reason, you stupid semi-hairless apes. Don’t you ever wonder why you still have it? I will tell you why. It provides necessary warmth, not just with insulation, but with the way your anatomy functions. Air catches the hairs and lifts them, causing a tickle that forces the follicle to swell into goose flesh, warming the skin through motion. It provides protection from the sun. And in the regions where it is thickest, it guards against the elements, keeps out parasites, and keeps your sensitive areas like your eyes, from being drowned in sweat. It even cushions and reduces the likelihood of heat rashes and chafing in the parts of you that touch. Hair is important. It wasn’t just Sampson who gained strength from it.

And I wonder, if while Sampson was laid low, his power sapped, if he looked up at the gorgeous Delilah with her treacherous shears and thought… “Why didn’t she pluck her eyebrows!”

Power is walking into a room with nothing in hand, and doing just fine.

Beauty is standing as you are, but embodying all that is graceful and powerful about the female condition.

And judging a woman on a trend that is younger then my oldest knee-length hemline is an act of such supreme stupidity and transient masculinity that I cannot even describe how ridiculous I find it. But men are the ones who are rational, yes? Men and all their manly manliness are immune to fads and trends and “girly fashion shit”, right, “bruh”?

Women have hair on their bodies same as you. You seem to do just fine wearing yours. Why do you begrudge her hers?

I say we start a new trend, where females begin to harass the worst offenders for having hairy legs. I shan’t be pleased if in 70 years, I am not seeing all men in shorts looking like the backside of a baby from the knee down. I want to see hordes of women tracking down these men who label a type of deception as beauty, and demanding they carve off their top layer of skin and fur. I want to hear these men who cannot see valor, fortitude, strength, and hair as beautiful, squeak when they walk.

And then I want all humans to embrace that which makes them soft and healthy, and stop rewriting history by turning it into one inglorious quest for vanity.

And now I’m gonna make you all feel bad for not trusting Shiro

And explain why new ugly hair Shiro is the Shiro we know and love.

First of all:

If this Shiro is a clone, operation “Kuron” would be fucking dumb.

Like real dumb.

And here’s why.

So like lets say they captured Shiro after the Zarkon fight and made a Shiro “clone” or whatever who’s goal is to infiltrate Voltron or something.

Atleast that’s what it seems like the goal is because this dude says 

when Shiro escapes and they shoot his ship. So like it seems like they let him escape on purpose.

Thing is…

Shiro nearly dies like 50 fucking times before he reaches Voltron (BY FUCKING MIRACLE)!!

I mean just think of ALL the coincidences that had to happen for Shiro to get to Voltron.

I dunno if he’s like the least lucky person in the universe or the most lucky, because of how he’s ALWAYS almost dying in some way and ALWAYS escapes death against all odds.

But that was one heck of an incredible journey there!

But seriously, if Keith wasn’t looking for Shiro non stop and Shiro didn’t connect to black in that very second, the Galra’s “clone” would have died. Their project “Kuron” would fucking FAIL. 

I think if that really was the Galra’s goal to make a clone that would reach Voltron they would have made it a tiiiiny bit easier for him to survive somehow.

Just a tiiny bit. 

They dun have to go THAT FAR to convince him he actually escaped and they didn’t just let him go. Just you kno, give him a bit of a push there when he’s starving in space or something (assuming they somehow keep track of him). 

They dun have to go that far also for the viewers to fool em that Shiro escaped so him being a Clone would be a surprise later. I mean they just changed his hair a bit and no one in the fandom trusts him anymore haha.

So unless that ice planet and the universe is like filled with dead Shiro clones bodies who were eaten by monsters or froze to death or died of hunger or whatever, because of all times the clones didn’t make it, and the Galra were just waiting for that one special one that finally would, then I’m guessing that maybe something else is going on.

Because there’s no way that they’d just let him go like that and trust what? FATE to bring him to Voltron unharmed SOMEHOW???

Like that’s a dumb fucking plan.

So I dunno, unless the Galra know that no matter what happens Shiro and Keith always find eachother again and again like a pair of destined lovers.

I’m gonna say…

Complete bullshit. I dun buy it.

OK, Now how long has it actually been? Like how much time passed from their battle with Zarkon till they meet with Lotor? How much time passes until Haggar even summons Lotor?

What if it’s actually been longer than you thought? 

What if it’s been like… I dunno, a year?

Thing is that when we go back to Team Voltron in season 3, they seems to think Shiro is gone, dead, like they act like they all moved on and Keith is the only one who’s still stuck there.

I doubt you get to that point after a day or two, or a week, or months even… (They love Shiro, I dun think they’d give up on looking for him after such a short time or get over his death this easily..)

It’s at a point where they all like “Ok Keith, that’s enough time to mourn, we all accepted it and you have to move on too”

I know they all look the same, and there’s not alot of indication of how much time exactly it’s been.

But it does seem like they’ve been doing what they were doing (freeing planets, Pidge looking for her brother) for AWHILE.

This would explain Shiro’s long hair. It simply been long enough for it to grow that long since he disappeared.

(btw there’s a genetic thing that makes your hair grow really fast that also makes a flock of your hair white in the front, Shiro could totally have that

Also the fact he can’t walk at first can be explained with him just not doing that for awhile.

Now when Shiro is finally free he SOMEHOW makes it to that Gas planet they were fighting Lotor at the first time.

Voltron is leaving the scene and Shiro appears and chases it here

I actually looked to see if we can see him but we don’t.

(I also didn’t realize it my first watch, and now every time I’ll see the 3rd episode I’ll be like “NoooOOOOOOOOOOOO you fools wait for hiiim!!!!”)

Shiro sees Voltron leaving him behind.

Besides the fact that he knows this is probably the end for him now, it also shows him two things:

They moved on.

And they are doing well without him.

Anyway, 7 days later, Shiro is dying, thinks of his Voltron days and connects to the Black lion in the last minute.

And Keith (who hasn’t stopped searching for him, now with black lion)

finally finds him.

Now besides the headache, I actually dun particularly see anything really strange about Shiro’s behavior when he goes back.

Watching it again I just got the feeling he just has a really hard time accepting what happened with Black.

I dun see a reason to not believe what Keith suggests there, that Zarkon teleported him to captivity using the Black lion.

Shiro seems upset about it because 

What does it tells Shiro? 

That his bond with black was still not strong enough.

Like, he had so much fighting spirit when he escaped before, and suddenly when he finally reaches Voltron he’s depressed in bed and seems like he doesn’t want to see anyone?

What happened???

Like yeah he wanted Keith to lead Voltron, but I think maybe then seeing the team actually function without him and forming Voltron and fighting the Galra, and considering how much Voltron means to him and his struggle with his PTSD and how Voltron literally been the only thing on his mind when he was dying. 

I think it’s a bit hard for him to accept what he sees when he comes back..

He sounds fake here

Because he’s not being honest. 

Deep inside it hurts him to see they did fine without him.

When Keith goes “They need you”, he lies.

He’s the only one that needs him. The team has moved on. Maybe he says it because he can’t say “I” or feels like he’s not enough, maybe he’s trying to encourage Shiro, because he understands how Shiro feels, without Shiro needing to say anything. He always did. From the very beginning.

So maybe it’s like “Hey Shiro, I know how much this means to you and you’re still a valuable part of this team

Shiro obviously doesn’t want to go back on his word and be all “Ok Keith, so give me back my lion now!”

But Keith does it for him, and I think you can see Shiro is very happy about it.

Only the lion won’t accept him anymore.

And before this you also have that scene with Lance doing math that I think connects the two

Shiro feels like Lance, he feels like he has no place on the team anymore.

But he doesn’t deal with it in the open, honest and good way Lance does. (which is the reason Black won’t accept him anymore, he’s not thinking of the team)

That’s why he butts heads with Keith over leadership in this episode, and we can see even in the season 4 trailer that it goes on.

I think his position as a paladin and leader of Voltron gave him control over his life back after what he’s been through. In a way that was how he coped with his captivity and his PTSD.

He’s obviously proud of Keith, but I think he’s also jealous and hurt. 

I dun think he’s ready to accept he’s no longer leader or a part of Voltron.

(Like he’s proud of Keith, but he still puts him down saying “You’ll get there someday”)

And I think Keith understand where it’s coming from and he doesn’t buy it.

He puts himself down and says he can’t do this because he wants Shiro to feel needed and important.

And Shiro is doing what ya’ll Shiro stans have been doing for months haha, crying about him not being the black paladin anymore and how all his work on his bond with black was meaningless now that Keith is in it.

Shiro’s bond with his lion meant the most, he was the one who had to put the most effort into it. And suddenly, it gives him up. I think Shiro feels betrayed even.

And he’s not ready to do what Lance did with his lion yet and give it up for the sake of the team (maybe some Lance and Shiro bonding in the future??)

That’s why it seems like they are heading for a leadership conflict there. That Shiro would try to make Keith feel like he’s not ready for this. Unintentionally. 

And Keith would continue to play along with it, (though being the more fitting person for the position of leader) because maybe that’s what he’s been doing all along from episode one. Trying to gently give Shiro the power and the control he lost when he was captured by the Galra, back. (Without directly confronting Shiro about his PTSD.) (would explain their odd dynamics)

Thing is Shiro is just not as good as Keith with leading Voltron. And I think he’s gonna mess up AGAIN.

It’s like we are back in square one, where Keith is the one that has the right idea in mind and no one listens and they all listen to Shiro who makes BAD decisions.

( Shiro WTF 1 Shiro WTF 2 Shiro WTF 3 Shiro WTF 4,)

This is leading to them finding their balance as leaders and co leaders.

Now Shiro’s leadership is centered around teamwork and protecting his team. 

Keith is the better decision maker (and I have a long rant about Keith coming, because I dun think people understand why Keith is the perfect person for black still.)

I’m just gonna say Keith is definitely the leader they need in they ever want to beat Lotor. 

This all seems like buildup to Shiro finally opening up about his PTSD, and him piloting blue (the team work lion) which I talked about before also. I’m guessing he and Allura will be sharing it, Because someone needs to pilot the castle once in awhile.

This is a very natural arc for Shiro, so I doubt they’ll let a clone go though it.

And back to the clone thing:

The flashbacks Shiro sees when he escapes, seem to me like his regular PTSD flashbacks. There’s something in his memories Shiro is terrified of.

Obviously the clone IS a thing, because we see two Shiro’s. And obviously the Galra has some sort of plan for it.

But the clone is the one we saw in the bed, this is Kuron:

The Shiro that they got back is the real Shiro, or atleast the same Shiro from season 1-2. (who is the Shiro that arrived on Earth, but maybe not the Shiro that went to Kerberos btw)

And the Galra didn’t let him go, they just assumed they shot him down and he died. So they could start doing whatever they had planned to do with his clone.

They just have no idea real Shiro survived and is gonna fuck up their plans.

I’m guessing the headaches are connected to that somehow.

And this part

I’m gonna have to say maybe this isn’t just connected to Keith actually physically saving Shiro all the time. 

But also to Shiro’s ongoing probably life long battle with his PTSD, Keith is always there to kinda always remind him like “Your’e still valuable, your life is valuable, don’t give up.”

Now go embrace your even uglier hair Shiro and tell him you’re sorry for not trusting him.

i keep seeing posts on here about how uma and harry aren’t relevant because harry flirts with everyone and while i’ve seen a couple posts defending them as a ship…. i just wanna tell you why you’re wrong… with gif evidence. sit back, y’all.

as i said before, the first “evidence” is that harry flirts with everyone but the problem is that y’all are confusing his tantalizing tactics with “flirting” because of thomas’ natural sex appeal. don’t believe me? here’s some examples of harry looking at various characters that aren’t uma.

let’s start with mal because people mainly use this one from what i’ve seen. and while the chemistry is there between them, i think that’s fair to say that its because DOVE AND THOMAS ARE A COUPLE and very obviously had something there during filming.

here we have harry right before telling mal that he could hurt her… a tantalizing tactic because he wants to KILL her:

and here we have his reaction after it didn’t quite go as planned where he genuinely looks annoyed as hell:

and since i know someone will bring up him blowing a kiss to mal… that’s after successfully pissing her and the rest of the vks off… like come ON. he had a successful reaction to his tantalizing yet AGAIN.

and after mal, you’ve got jay and ben.. which, okay. in theory they could be nice ships, but i also need you to think about the fact that he’s literally tantalizing them in every scene he shares with them. when harry is seen with ben he either is torturing him on the plank, fighting him on the ship, or ‘goochie goochie goo’ing him before uma steps in to intervene.. plus the whole “how’s it feel to be a king now” bit where he’s trying to get a reaction from him. and as for jay… again, you only see them fighting on the ship and then the scene in the alley where he’s LITERALLY trying to piss jay off. that’s what he wants. here’s some gif evidence of both:


and after having a satisfying reaction:


and after successfully pissing jay off:

now… *inhales deeply* his reactions with uma. let’s get to the good shit.

when we first see uma and harry, they’re in the chip shop and the first thing that happens is her bringing the plate of food and slamming it down… and that’s where he goes to eat and she pushes his arm up and allows her to do as she pleases without becoming angry. whereas when mal touched him in the hair salon, he had a fit of rage and knocked everything off the counter. carrying on from that same scene, he watches as uma becomes angry and yells at the tv and decides to join in right after her even though no one else does until they’re instructed to.

and then again we have the moment a few moments later when uma is talking about how mal betrayed them and… i’m sorry…. his lip biting, y’all.

then we have some scenes that weren’t in the movie, but were in the music video in which harry…. who is insanely protective of his hook, allows uma to use it. check this out.

now there’s about a million other scenes, so i’m not gonna describe every single one of them, but i’m gonna say this and then leave you with the rest of the evidence i’ve got at hand.

uma tells him to do something and he does it without hesitation. he doesn’t second guess her, he doesn’t ask why.. he just acts. apart from the times he made the comment about “never being allowed to have any fun” and then the “you said i could hook him” but i don’t see that as an argument. she puts him in his place and he ALLOWS her to. uma was also the only character in the movie who could calm harry down or stop him from his crazy ass outbursts. the scene in the chip shop where gil called uma shrimpy and uma put her hand on harry’s arm as if to tell him that it’s fine? iconic. AS SEEN HERE:

“harry. we get it. chill.” iconic. “give it a rest, harry! give it rest!” ICONIC.

carrying on.

(peep that grin after she shoves him)

this post has become incredibly long and if you’ve made it this far… congratulations, but HARRY AND UMA ARE IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT AND I WON’T HEAR ANYMORE ABOUT IT.

oh, and also. don’t even get me started on how he takes his hat off, kneels to be eye to eye, and then says her name with the utmost respect and adoration. if you didn’t ship them after this then… who even are you?

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Last night I kissed you I swear to God I’m not obsessed but I keep having these dreams where I see you and the ache of wanting you swells up in me like I’m on a raft that’s sinking and when my fingers undid your hair your sigh undid me it’s not that I’m in love it’s just that i can’t even escape thinking about you when I sleep

A Cinderella Story | 01

Min Yoongi | Fluff | Comedy | Smut | ACS!au | Fratboy!Yoongi | 

word count: 10k+

warnings: cumplay, mutual masturbation, phone sex, tribute, explicit language

❝ Your infatuation with Min Yoongi has to be what is the most exhausting part of your life, and in an attempt to help you get over him your friends convince you to join an online adult chat room. Unbeknownst to you the online freak you’ve been sexting for the better half of a year is your childhood crush. Just how much worst could this situation get? One fated night, a confession gone wrong and a lost phone with an almost laughable amount of nudes on it will tell all.  ❞

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Non-black comic book artists are lazy when it comes to black faces or hair. Especially hair. For almost 50 years comic book writers have preferred to write INTO CANON that Storm has naturally bone-straight hair instead of asking their artists to attempt curly/kinky texture. Other black comic book women have inconsistent, outdated, or even nonsensical hairstyles (when Misty had a huge afro AND relaxed bangs? Wtf was that?!). Hair textures get looser as time goes on (Riri Williams, Helena Bertinelli). Skin tones vary dramatically too. It’s like some of these artist have never even seen a black woman in person.

Black male comic book characters don’t fare that well either (though they are treated better than black women in comics). Hair is either bald or ceaser, with the occasional poorly rendered afro or locs. Faces are usually just same-face white characters with brown skin. Lazy.

If writers want to do justice to black characters they have to make sure the artists do the same. Or, better yet, hire black artists. There are tons of talented black artists right here on Tumblr who can draw, paint, and render circles around “professionals” in the industry. I’m tired, TIRED of seeing varied depictions of white people while black characters all get the same five features.

🌻 a few small + big things

  • have a glass of water it has so much benefits just do it!
  • eat something god damn it esp if you haven’t eaten yet!
  • get up and walk around a lil bit, it’s a little bit of exercise but it’s healthy!
  • take your medication that shit is important!
  • take a few deep breaths, just bc! it’s hella relaxing!
  • sit your ass down and do/watch/read/eat/fucking whatever something that makes you happy and makes you feel good!
  • call someone!
  • take a shower or a bath or at least clean yourself in some way!
  • someone cares about you!
  • rest for a lil bit your body needs sleep whether or not you feel tired!
  • don’t forget to feed your pet!
  • you are valid!
  • and if you have a pet go play with them!
  • go do what you’ve been putting off, i know it’s so easy to just not but you’ll actually feel great afterwards!
  • brush your hair i don’t know about you but i find that super calming!
  • if you need to cry that’s okay!
  • water your plants!
  • you are enough!
  • go hug someone!
  • if you’re religious go pray or do something else involving your religion!
  • listen to some soft music, even if you don’t usually listen to it!
  • go outside, you don’t have to even do anything just walk around for a bit!
  • brush your teeth!
  • cut that person out of your life! you know who!
  • stretch esp if you’ve been in the same position for a while and I know you you probably have stop lying to yourself and stretch!
  • compliment someone!
  • you are important!

Some quick sketches for @galrabigbang’s Galra Fantasy AU prompt!
This is kind of a Sleeping Beauty AU where Prince Lotor is the beauty and his general ladies play the part of the prince who rescues the beauty. 
Lotor’s fancy armor, Sendak, Haxus, Prorok, and Throk are all ideas/characters I eventually scrapped (hence why they’re all sketched in shitty pen instead of pencil and fine-liners) but I thought I’d include them anyway cos they’re still fantasy. ✨

The Signs As Girls I Know

(because they’re awesome and I’ve seen many other people do this)

I know this isn’t accurate for everyone, but I’m curious to see how many people feel that this is similar for them or not. Definitely comment!


-doesn’t think they’re cool but they’re cool
-loves chugging energy drinks
-gets really hyper from said energy drinks
-will play an app to the finish, beating all the levels. Only person I know who does this


-really quiet but definitely has opinions
-is a really good Baker, bakes the coolest (and most picturesque) things
-an Amazon addict, constantly ordering new things
-is just pretty? Like SO pretty. Idk how she does it


-thinks they’re so tough but is actually a teddy bear
-really talkative, but not in a bad way. Just has opinions on things!
-really good at hair and makeup
-never listens to the same song twice


-very extroverted– I don’t know where the stereotype that cancers were introverted came from?
-hella good music taste
-loves aesthetics
-tries very hard to look good


-gets offended when people say they get offended easily
-so ambitious, will probably be running the world in 10 years
-loves being around people
-puts SO much work into everything they do, which is a good thing


-eats really healthy, not because they want a healthy diet but because they think junk food is gross
-actually has a to-do list
-needs to compliment themselves more :)
-really good runner though they won’t admit it


-ALWAYS reading
-loves aesthetics
-actually a child at heart
-gives the best compliments


-drinks gallons of coffee a day
-loves being organized, hates chaos
-very obsessive over crushes
-has NO TIME in their schedule
-dressed up even if they don’t have to


-does the boldest things– not afraid to experiment with their hair and piercings
-hella good music taste
-constantly making jokes and laughing
-bi and proud


-very talkative
-always surrounded by people
-comes off as someone who’s going to be successful- intelligent AND sociable
-very ambitious, if they want something they will get it


-loves challenging the dress code
-the original hipster: doing things before things were cool
-no qualms about rubbing people the wrong way, will definitely get their point across
-very sociable but also private at the same time? Nobody knows much about them


-always starting things and never finishing
-has so many plans but never goes through with them
-has an air of likeability about them
-loves just sitting and talking
-also very obsessive over crushes