they even have the same accent

what is going on lol…. i spoke with a crow who had been lingering around n came back even after i (thought i) banished it. aftr some things, i manage to get rid of it for real this time. thats when i found out it’s a part of a creature that had been watching me from outside my barriers (huge dark blob? kind of gooey looking with a lot of red eyes all over it) + the crow wasnt the same one but it was remade after i destroyed the old ones :/ it even tried to impersonate ma guanyin to gain my trust which almost worked

blob went away, but i still feel another pair of eyes on me. not in the mood 2 deal with this

on a better note i finally contacted a javanese-chinese dragon that have been trying to talk w me for quite some time now. it speaks with a javanese accent…. cute….. g seems to like it

concept: adam calling ronan pretty a lot??

ok but like hear me out– 

it starts as a teasing thing, maybe, because honestly, ronan is six-foot-and-counting of well-built, well-muscled boy, deadly-looking ink all over his back and shoulders, shaved head and poisonous glares. but at the same time, it’s kind of true, because ronan is also deep-blue eyes and a lovely smile (when he does smile), hands that look graceful when they’re poised over an instrument or holding a pencil and a sketchbook, and honestly, lynch, have you seen your eyelashes lately?

so adam calls him pretty, and he does it in his sweetest, thickest henrietta accent, not even thinking about it because the words roll out so naturally; you sure are pretty, he says, and he says it low and smooth, with a little bit of humour and a whole lot of earnest.

(the fact that ronan tends to get flustered as all-get-out is just a bonus, really, because guess what– the vivid pink blush high on his cheekbones makes him look even prettier)

so, in midst of all the pink-dressed violet distaste (which e and i, quite frankly, think is a silly complaint), i noticed something.

the kids have assigned colors (violet and klaus switch, but its the same set of three colors). 

and not just any colors.

the primary colors.

take a look at this picture, presumably from the bad beginning, for instance: 

you might first think: violet is in pink. but actually, she very clearly has on the blue sweater and a dress with blue accents on it. sunny has on a yellow jacket. klaus a red sweater. primary colors. even violet’s pink dress is an off-primary color (pink=lighter red), but she’s the child dressed in blue in this instance.

here again–a shot from the reptile room. violet’s dress is again an off-primary color (purplish-pink), but she has a red coat on. klaus is dressed head to toe (if we take the behind-the-scenes photos as fact) in blue. and we can’t see sunny, but i bet you she’s in something yellow or pink. 

and here’s the most obnoxious example of the primary colors pattern:

yep. raincoats. need i say more?

mind you, this probably will not be completely consistent, but i think it is pretty interesting that we have these very base colors represented over and over in the three baudelaire children, especially when we compare that with the very dark aesthetic of olaf. i love that contrast, and i love the thought that the costume department put into these kids’s clothes.

and i love violet’s dresses. all of them.

okay, carry on. 

And like there isn’t even a singular experience of racism for Asian Americans. Different ethnic groups are going to face racism in different ways. Someone who is East Asian isn’t going to have the same experience as say someone who is South Asian. Someone who is East Asian with lighter skin is going to have different experiences from an East Asian person with darker skin. Mongolian Americans will have a different experience from a Taiwanese American. People with an accent will face different problems than people without an accent. Gender and sexual orientation also play a role. It can be very erasing to talk as though there is only one type of racism faced by all Asians.

a cp! play where parse is exactly the same as draco malfoy from a very potter musical. he speaks with a totally inexplicable british accent even though he’s from new york. he rolls into epikegster on the floor saying: “i wouldn’t believe it if i weren’t seeing it for myself. jack zimmermann. at a party. taking a selfie” and then he poses dramatically and says “hey, zimms. didja miss me?” 

this is such a good mys. heroes victory screenshot

  1. a beautiful team comp of 3 zen, 2 symm, 1 mei
  2. mei standing the fuck out bc she’s the only mei and also red
  3. all the zens have the same skin
  4. both symms have the same skin
  5. all the poses are different
  6. yet the lineup is nice and even
  7. some rgb + gold accent aesthetic
  8. the fact that this was a mystery heroes roll
  9. and a victory
Only Question for Today’s RWBY Episode

… where the fuck is Nora from? It’s obvious Ren is from Anima cause he not only knows the continent and language pronounciations well but (spoilers) we get to see adorable little Ren in his home town. Which undoubtedly is on the continent of Anima. Intriguingly Ren kind of has a bit of an accent, possibly the accent of people from Anima which sounds similar to an East Asian one.

And then we get Nora. Kid who looks very different from much of the villagers, has less of a knowledge on Anima / places there, and for some odd reason was in Ren’s village. Even in the episode the stereotypical bullies mention that she’s “dressed weird” implying that in Anima, Nora is in fact a foreigner.

So… where the fuck is Nora from? And if she is a foreigner of a kind, how did she end up on the continent of Anima? She notedly in the flashbacks doesn’t have the same accent as Ren so we might be able to rule it out. Intriguingly it seems like Ren as a young man has lost the accent he once had. If I had to make my guess Nora could be from Sanus - continent where both Vale and Vacuo are located since she doesn’t sound that disimilar from characters from there (like Ruby and Yang) however this still doesn’t explain how a little foreign girl winded up on a continent an ocean away.

Hell it’s kind of like Drake and Josh all over again. “What would a dying British orphan be doing at a Padres (San Diego) baseball game?”

But… even if more questions are raised… it still makes me excited to know that Nora also has something of a unique backstory that can be learned. Still episode was fucking awesome and I loved Nora and Ren’s shared history / all their moments together.

Describing Fictional Accents

rjgames asked:

Hello, I see you already have a post on writing accents, my question though: Is there any other way to write accents without saying from where it comes from (i.e. french)? My story takes place in a fictional setting where Earth does not exist and I’m having a difficult time with this. Also, I would not like to rely on misspelling a lot, or is that the only way? Thank you!

When you can’t say where an accent comes from, your best bet is to give the reader a basic idea of how it sounds. Obviously, there is no way to write a description that everyone will interpret the same way, and that’s true even if you’re describing the sound of a real world accent.

A really great formula for describing fictional accents is this:

sound or flow descriptor + dialect descriptor + origin location + regional reference + pronunciation description

Example: He spoke with the lyrical brogue of the Tonterosi highlands–trilled Rs, clipped consonants, and a lilt at the end of every sentence.

- He spoke with the lyrical (sound or flow descriptor) brogue (dialect descriptor) of the Tonerosi (origin location) highlands (regional reference)–trilled Rs, clipped consonants, and a lilt at the end of every sentence (pronunciation description.)

You don’t have to do it in that order, and you can do a little mixing and matching. Whatever sounds best. And, even though no two readers will interpret that the same way, you’re still giving them something to imagine when they imagine this character’s accent. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if they imagine your character with an accent that sounds English, or French, or Spanish, or none of the above. What matters is that they imagine an accent.

Here are some words you can use in your descriptions:

Sound Descriptors


Flow Descriptors


Dialect Descriptors


Regional References

High Country
Low Country
Back Country
North Country
South Country
East Country
West Country

Pronunciation Description

Drawn out
Glottal stop

Other Sound Words


Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

  • the type of friends who are always fighting about something or the other
  • always
  • no break for these two
  • they love each other though
  • think of it as siblings fighting
  • they can insult each other all they want, but the moment someone else does,
  • err
  • more of glare and a threatening look of like “wanna say that again m8?”
  • though you can be assured that as soon as that person has been set straight,
  • they’re making fun of them for the exact same thing:
  • random person: The8′s Korean is so weird. He’s trying too hard to be cute
  • mingyu:You try learning another language and having a native accent and giving up your native home for a dream of yours then say that again
  • touched minghao
  • person stands down 
  • the two are alone again
  • minghao: says something
  • mingyu: your korean is so funny
  • minghao: IS NOT
  • fight commences
  • the other members of seventeen don’t even bat an eye anymore
  • bc they do it so much
  • mingyu: I vote chicken!
  • minghao: we had chicken yesterday!
  • mingyu: so?
  • another petty fight commences
  • other members just smh and do their own things bc this is a daily occurrence
  • except the hyung line bc they just have those parently smiles like “thes kids…”
  • despite this they actually really like each other
  • and are p clingy too tbh
  • lots of hugs and resting chins on shoulders
  • if mingyu comes and gives minghao a hug, minghao will whack mingyu’s arm away
  • but then mingyu would come right back and minghao would let him hug him
  • bc honestly
  • they love each other, but if they didn’t at least do that, it wouldn’t be gyuhao
  • honestly gyuhao are pretty much siblings- they’re super comfortable with each other and mess with each other, but no one else is allowed to mess with them and it’s the cutest bromance 
  • brotp material right here

Written by Admin Sea

The accent - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: The accent

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Could you do a comic con one where its jensen x british reader please and where its nerd hq and when they do an impression of mark they do the reader as well please thanks or do the same only on a panel didnt see the need hq thing thanks x

Originally posted by itsjustsubtext

“But- but the ‘Hello boys’ had a whole different vibe to it because- because his accent was so much more obvious thenand he was like-” Jared took on a concentrated look on his face “Hello boys.” and the crowd erupted into laughter, you and Mark laughing as well.

“And now- now there are the British Men of Letters and whenever whenever we like, have a scene, we always compare them to Mark or- or even (Y/n)! And like try saying this the way Mark would and-”

“As you understand it takes us double the time to finish one episode!” you cut off Jared, saying matter of factly and Jared and Jensen laughed.

“It’s a Supernatural thing anymore!” Jensen exclaimed and you all laughed.

“First the height thing and now the accent.” Mark shook his head “Being part of the supernatural cast- fun for the wholefamily!” he laughed and you nodded your head.

“But you- you saw the bloopers? Right?” Jensen spoke up as the crowd nodded their heads, laughing slightly.

“Ok so that- that part where Mark was speaking in that weird way? Well more weird that usual-” he chuckled as Mark glared at him.

“Excuse me?!”

“Anyway- he got us thinking- how fun would it be to have him play Shakespeare and incorporate that in Supernatural!”

“And- and (Y/n) too!” Jared exclaimed and your eyes widened.

“Oh no, no don’t you dare go there!” you pointed a finger at them but your best friend and boyfriend only laughed at you.

“Imagine- Imagine (Y/n) like in that deep British accent of hers going all Juliet and- of course we all know who would be her Romeo!”

“Heck yeah!” Jensen exclaimed with a grin, squeezing your hand in his “Wouldn’t dream of leaving her to any other Romeo.” he winked at you and kissed your cheek.

“It certainly would be fun! With her accent I mean!”

Jensen chuckled “I still remember the first time I met her. She looked so cute, although I didn’t dare say that out loud, and then we shook hands and I told her who I was and she told me her name and it sounded normal. But once I got her to talk to me I was literally blown away!” he grinned and you giggled, feeling the heat rush to your cheeks.

“Oh yeah, I still remember that. I was literally staring at her and blinking and thinking-” Jared spoke with a fond smile “What the hell? Did someone body swap her with Mark or something?”

“It’s a British take over man!” Jensen exclaimed and the crowd laughed.

“She was like-” Jared cleared his throat and took on a look, trying to focus “Hey, my name is (Y/n) it is honestly such a pleasure to be here and get to work with you! It has always been a dream of mine!” he said in a deep British accent that made everybody laugh and you as well for a moment.

“But my voice is not that deep!” you exclaimed with a small whine and they all laughed.

“Details.” Jared rolled his eyes.

“Well, truth is we’ve tried this numerous times and although he’s not here- you should definitely hear Misha try andimpersonate (Y/n)! He definitely has it!” Jensen grinned and you rolled your eyes.

“Oh gosh Misha! When he first got a hold of my voice he won’t stop saying things the way I would! I mean it’s not exactly the same but dang it!”

“He- he hasn’t used it against you has he?” someone shouted from the crowd and you giggled, shrugging softly.

“Well, to be honest-” you bit your lower lip to glance at Jensen who laughed, his eyes casting down.

“He may- or may have not used it to get to me about, well, relationship issues.”

“And by relationship issues he means their sex life!” Jared exclaimed as everybody laughed.

“How come I don’t know that? Am I that left behind.” Mark huffed and you laughed.

“Oh no Mark you don’t wanna know. Because let me tell my accent is not the only one he has perfected!”

“Oh wow I really don’t wanna know!”

Lunarpunk I: Fashion

I’ve been thinking a lot more about Solarpunk and Lunarpunk lately, and figured I’d put together my own impressions of what it is and how it could exist within a Solarpunk world.

Lunarpunk is to Solarpunk as Gothic Victorian is to Victorian. It takes a lot of the same designs and aesthetics and ideas, but puts a slightly different twist to them, generally in the form of its color palette. If Solarpunk is the colors of sunrise and of day, then Lunarpunk is the colors of sunset and of night. Deep blues and purples and darker greens, with silver accents rather than gold. 

The clothing choices would be the same,  but going for darker colors, nocturnal imagery, or even pale colors, to stand out in the night.

Lunarpunk would focus on the play of light within darkness. Reflective or bio-luminescent designs would be incredibly popular.

The jewelry would more often be in silver, with celestial imagery, although it could easily still have the same functional qualities as other solarpunk wearables.



This intense smoky eye is suitable for a night out with girls, date night, Prom or any other evening event.

I’ve used Peach as my accent colour, but you can change it up to suit the colour of your outfit.
Just use the same principle whereby you blend a lighter transition shade (in your chosen colour scheme) through the socket, and build it up using deeper versions of that colour until you’re ready add in Charcoal / Black at the very outer edge for dimension.

All the products used have been linked in the description bar - please note that the Sweet Peach Palette is currently sold out online but should be back soon.

If you have any tutorial requests please leave a comment below.

anonymous asked:

I really like this new joke trend of Clark speaking with like really bad southern/midwestern slang saying things like ain't and y'all'd've it's hilarious!

I wouldn’t say it’s new but yeah I totally agree!

What makes it so funny to me is that I myself actually have a similar accent and use those same words that people are teasing Clark for probably using. I live in North Carolina and let me tell you, EVERYONE (INCLUDING MYSELF) SAYS THINGS LIKE THAT. I say y’all, ain’t, and even y’all’d’ve UNIRONICALLY. I SAY THOSE THINGS IN NORMAL CONVERSATION AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. It’s even funnier because my major in college is English, like I would never put those words in a formal essay but I say them out loud on a daily basis. 

(and yes I have a thick southern accent and I hate it I sound like a gross redneck)

Fuck internalized racism.

It turns us into monsters.

Today in class the professor had us partner up with someone else and discuss an issue with each other. One person would write and the other would read it out loud to the class.

A very quiet Iraqi lady came up to me and asked to be my partner. I am normally a very talkative student so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to lay low and let someone else take the stage. I asked her if she would like to be the presenter and she said, “I can’t. I have an accent and no one can understand what I am saying.” So I said, “I can understand you.” She said, “Thanks but my children make fun of me. They say ‘mom be quiet, no one can even understand what you’re saying’.”

This made me realize what a shitty human being I am because I used to say the exact same thing to my parents back when I tried to hard to please my racist classmates and before I realized how amazing it was that my parents were fluent in more languages than most of them would learn in their entire lifetime.

The fact is, people with thick non-anglo accents are perfectly aware of how the world sees them. That’s why my classmate, a brilliant woman, hasn’t said a single word out loud in class. That’s why my aunt, tired of being mocked for her accent, asks my sister to make all her important phone calls for her. That’s why sometimes even I use smaller words when I am talking because I can’t pronounce all the words I can write.

McGill University recently fired a professor because he had an accent. One of my other classmates, who is fluent in English, is fighting for his right to not be forced to write the TOEFL, which is usually waived for students with his educational background. And finally, last but not least, I know my accent is the biggest reason why I walked out of the American embassy in Saudi Arabia with a visa stamped on my passport moments after I arrived while all the other applicants were thoroughly questioned and, in some cases, rejected.

Dear POCs, fucking stop making fun of other people’s accents. They already have a hard enough time dealing with a system that marginalizes them. Fight for them, not with them. Always remember, you are not superior to other people just because you speak the language of your colonizers fluently.

Saying you don’t have a culture is literally the same thing as saying you don’t have an accent or that you’re apolitical. You do, it’s just so much the default for where you live that you don’t even think about it.

anonymous asked:

do you know of any fave ballet youtube vids for home practice? adult beginer/intermediate level?

The thing I do most at home is the NYCB workout which is like…kinda ballet but more about working out your muscles that you’d use in ballet to strengthen and tone. Last time I checked they were on YT! I really like Lazy Dancer’s workouts even though I spend most of them being like what on earth is your accent, and if I just want to go through a no-nonsense 30-45 min classical barre I usually do one of Kathryn Morgan’s, choosing one of the no-intros videos and just going along with her. Both of these have varying levels of difficulty but really you could pick any of Kathryn’s with intros and just pause and go back if you miss something…and then just basically follow along with her? And do the same video multiple times because then you’ll just pick up on it easily and eventually you’ll feel like it’s nbd. Like when I take a new class with a really hard barre, when I keep going back and doing that barre like 3-4 times, I get really good at it, and then it’s not so hard anymore. The same works with YT vids!

anonymous asked:

It's not about Kashy itself it's about some fans saying she can't say her own name properly. It has to do with hundreds of years of bad blood between the Irish and the English . Basically when it comes to such heavy ethnic conflicts even small things can trigger people so have fun but be careful and listen when people tell you that something is wrong

you do realise it’s an exaggeration and a joke, right? the same way you say “i hate you” @ your fave character and you obviously don’t actually hate them. most of us think her accent is cute as far as i know. and i’m so confused by your history argument like,,,, polish was banned under the german occupation for years, we weren’t allowed to use it, publishing polish literature or scientific articles was banned, polish schools were closed, as were polish theaters, etc, that doesn’t mean it’s now offensive and horrible to make a joke about a polish word or my terrible accent when i try to speak english lmao, everyone actually finds it pretty funny when foreigners “make fun” of it in a lighthearted way the same way a bunch of irish people did literally yesterday or two days ago on elly’s blog