they even give you robes too!

  • Draco: Nice robe, Granger
  • Hermione: Even if I got it at 50% off? Isn't that too cheap for you?
  • Draco: Well, I'd like them better if they were 100% off
  • Hermione: Stores can't just give away clothes for free, Draco
  • Draco: ... That's not what I meant
  • Hermione: *not listening* That would be an awful way to run a business
  • Draco: ... *gives up*
No Sooner Met

Summary: Royal AU. Princess Elizabeth of France is forced to marry the future King of England, Forsythe Jones the Third to stop a war between their between their two countries but their first meeting does not go as planned. Based on this post.

Words: 2,668

Warnings: A brief sexual situation. 

A/N: I was heavily inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. I know some people, @jandjsalmon , have been asking for this fic and I thought I’d take a shot at it. I hope some of you like it. I’ve never written anything like this so if might suck. 

This isn’t even remotely accurate historically and a few of these lines are Shakespeare’s not mine. 

I also edited myself so there are probably mistakes.

“I do not wish to marry him mother!” Princess Elizabeth of France wailed as her plump lady in waiting, Jonet, laced her into her dress. “I do not love him!”

She was the eldest daughter of Henry Cooper, the ruling King of France. To quiet rising tensions between the French and the English she was set to marry the next King of England, Forsythe Phillip George Edward Jones the Third. Elizabeth knew little of him but what she did know she didn’t like. Promiscuous, entitled, egotistical.

“That is not what this is about, Elizabeth.” Queen Alice of France, scolded as she helped pin up her daughters flowing blonde hair. “Our kingdoms are on the verge of war, children of French and English blood will stop that war.”

“I want to marry Duke Archibald! He is of noble birth, he would make a fine husband!” Tears ran down her face and Jonet blotted them with a handkerchief.

“For a Countess possibly, but not for a Princess and future Queen!” Alice roared, pulling on her daughters hair. “You will meet Prince Forsythe, you will be pleasant, you will be ladylike, you will be of the nobility you were born into. You will entertain him at the masquerade tonight, you will be married and you will provide him with heirs.”

Elizabeth stood looking at herself in the mirror. The light lavender dress fashioned for this night was beautiful and different from any dress she had ever worn. The type of ball they were having required costumes so something a little less formal would not be frowned upon. The material was lighter and allowed her to move more freely than the heavier satin dresses she was used to wearing. White lace outlined the bust, sleeves and hem. She looked beautiful, glowing even, as her mother came up behind her.

“Don’t you want me to be happy?” Elizabeth asked.

Alice sighed. “My beautiful girl, happiness is something that people like us cannot afford. We live in this luxury and our penance is to make sure we keep our people alive. This marriage will do that.” Alice accepted an ornate gold tiara from Jonet and placed it on her daughters head. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” She planted a kiss on Elizabeth’s cheek and when her mother had left the room, the Princess began to sob.

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BTS Reactions

Requested by:

J Hope:
The 2-mile run he completed that morning got him panting as he trudges into his apartment, barely realising the extra pair of shoes that sat nicely by the door. He danced around the kitchen to the beat in his earpiece, taking a gulp of water before walking to his room. The sight that lay waiting for him when he opened his bathroom door got him stunned. There she was, taking a shower, soaping herself up.

“Damn,” he mutters to himself as he plucks out his earpiece. His tongue licks his lips in anticipation as he watches her hands roaming her own curves.

She gasps when she turns around to see him blatantly staring at her, “Hoseok! What are you doing! Get out!”

He chuckles at her attempts to cover herself up. “Mmm I think I need I a shower too,” he smirks as he locks the door.

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A Very Good Reason To Be Jealous

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Words: 1228
Plot: Gryffindor reader and Draco really have a sexy rivalry that you just know is about to turn into passionate makeouts. And so it does.
The fandom you didn’t ask for but I *really* felt like writing. As a resident Gryffindor and lover of Draco Malfoy, I essentially did myself a huge solid here. Also, Half-Blood Prince was on+ and I wanted to write angst. Draco is *always* angst. Featuring sexy banter.

Originally posted by harley-quinn

Draco marched through the courtyard on that warm summer day in September. Students sat perched against the stone brickwork; a group of Ravenclaws sat fanning themselves with their new textbooks as they tried to beat off the heatwave. Draco had just finished Potions - an easy task by any standard - as he made his way through the mass of students with his usual confident walk. He’d earned his reputation by now; he’d heard the rumours. They feared him, and he liked it that way.
He smirked as Dean Thomas passed; Ginny Weasley practically hooked to his arm as they both glared at him, jaws taught. 
Did every Gryffindor hate him?
And then he saw her.
Maybe not every Gryffindor, he thought.

Her back was turned to him; robes flowing as she gestured to a boy who leaned back against the wall in Hufflepuff robes. Draco knew this particular Hufflepuff: some beater on the Quiddich team that the girls batted their eyes at.
He gritted his teeth, considering avoiding both of them and turning on heel back to the common room.

But then she turned around, and it was game over.
“Piss off, Malfoy” she hissed, wrinkling her nose as she faced him.
They’d known each other since first year; (y/n) had been a dab hand at Potions, and so he’d added monkshood to her brew and managed to make her cauldron catch fire. Since then, the rivalry had always followed them; even when Draco had hoped it wouldn’t.
Even when - and he still fought to admit this to himself - he started to notice the way she’d tuck her hair behind her ear, and the smell of violet soap she used in her morning showers. Even when he started to notice he’d find himself staring at her in Charms class; and worse when she’d be staring back.
He had it bad.
“What’s got your wand in a twist?” he snickered to her as she rolled her eyes, the red collar of her robes bright in the sunlight. He could see the annoyance on her face; and something else, too. Something that made his palms sweaty and his head spin.
“Last time I checked” she added, swinging her brown knapsack over her shoulder “you didn’t consider my feelings to be your problem”.
He felt the corner of his mouth twitch; shuffling to lean up against one of the pillars that ran along the wall of the castle. He noticed the Hufflepuff boy had already disappeared back to whatever hole he came from, and he felt a pang of smugness.
“Also” she breathed, pushing a heavy book onto his chest “this is yours”.
He looked down at the book in his arms; an Arithmancy textbook he’d lent her over the summer. He’d added cartoons in the margins; various weird doodles of Hogwarts and Professor Mcgonagall.
She turned on her heel, hair whipping across her cheek as she strode towards the large, old doors of the school. Despite her brisk step; Draco’s long legs won out as he followed her.

“What did I do?” he sighed, genuine annoyance and hurt creeping into his voice. The sound made him wince; it wasn’t a tone he was used to using, and not one his father would have encouraged.
She scoffed, taking the stairs two at a time as her robe skirted around her.
“Like you don’t know, Malfoy”.
He huffed, pausing for a moment to wonder whether this was actually worth his time.
But stupid feelings in his chest told him to press on; and so he raced up the stairs after her. Rushing up the flight, he ran in front of her, pausing on the stair just above her.
“I’m serious. What?” he asked, his eyes darting up to a group of students who were watching them with giggles and curious expressions.
(y/n) made a frustrated sound, clenching her hand into a fist.
“Draco,” she began, the use of his first name on her lips making his face grow hot “you are free to go to the ball with whoever or whatever you like-”.
Draco swallowed.
“-but getting Pansy Parkinson to charm notes that vulgar about me as a way to boast about your newfound relationship is crass and stupid. And just makes me think you’re as pathetic as she is”.

Draco’s brow furrowed; knitting his forehead together in confusion as he bit his lower lip.
“Don’t be ridiculous. As if I’d go to the ball with Pansy Parkinson. She’s as dull as a troll” he retorted with a slight snort.
(y/n) narrowed her eyes.
“That isn’t what she said” she replied, folding her arms together in defiance.
Draco suddenly felt an incredible sense of vulnerability. Here he was - in the middle of a staircase - discussing non-trivial matters with a Gryffindor he felt something for. 
If Potter ever caught wind of this, Draco was sure he’d get a broken nose.
It must have shown in his face, because (y/n) suddenly flushed a strange shade.

“Can we-” Draco began, before dropping to a mutter “-I want to talk about this. Not here”.
(y/n) bit her lip and rolled her eyes. She looked frustrated, but he knew she couldn’t resist. She nodded, and throwing a look over his shoulder, he hooked his palm under her arm, shoving his book into his other arm. Despite the demanding nature of the gesture, she didn’t pull away as he lead her down the corridor; he could swear she was even leaning into him slightly.

They reached an empty broom cupboard; dusty cauldrons and discarded robes lay scattered around as Draco dropped his textbook to the floor with a thud. (y/n) nudged the door closed with her foot before giving him a steely gaze.

“Alright, what-”
“-I didn’t ask Parkinson to send you anything. And I certainly didn’t ask her to the ball” Draco breathed, his voice too low and all wrong. He noticed he was tapping his foot; he willfully steadied it, leaving him with all of this nervous energy sizzling in his chest.
“Then why in Merlin’s name would she come out with that?” (y/n) said in exasperation, brushing back her hair with one hand.
And this was crunch time.
Draco leaned back against the cool stone of the broom cupboard, his back resting against the ledge of a window that looked out over the courtyard. He felt the sharp breath he took in deep in his lungs; the oxygen making his head spin.

“Jealousy? Isn’t that obvious?” he asked.
“Pfft. As though you’d ever fancy me” she laughed nervously “that’d be the day”.
Draco sighed, scratching his silver-blonde hair.
“Would that be so wrong?” he chuckled.

(y/n) stopped, her face flooding with emotion as the tension in her body suddenly seemed to dissipate.
“I mean…” she stuttered “it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. You might be the most irritating person I’ve ever met - but you have fantastic hair” she jested, taking several steps towards him as she bit her lip slightly.
Draco felt a weight suddenly lift from his chest; for the first time in as long as he could remember, he felt giddy with excitement and anticipation for what came next.

“Then I suppose we’ll give her a very good reason to be jealous” Draco chuckled, pulling (y/n) into his arms tenderly as she pressed her lips to his.

Hogwarts! Joshua

Requested by anon: “can you write seventeen hogwarts au? Joshua is possible?”

  • everyone knew about Joshua Hong 
  • the perfect perfect
  • he was a fifth year Hufflepuff 
  • same house and year as you 
  • so you saw him often as you both shared classes 
  • it came as no surprise when he was chosen as a prefect 
  • but he was surprisingly cool, letting minor things go if it didn’t endanger anyone or if it was for special occasions 
  • especially if they were his friends, he just couldn’t say no to them 
  • everyone’s favorite prefect because he was so nice and liked giving warnings rather than punishments 
  • caught out past curfew by a few minutes, 
  • he’d show you a secret passage to getting back to the dorms without running into teachers 
  • if you passed him on the train, he’d stop to compliment you after asking you how your summer went 
  • and no surprise he knew the lady pushing the trolley around on a first name basis 
  • and asking her how her family was and everything 
  • and complimenting her uniform
  • she always slipped him chocolate frog cards he didn’t have for his collection 
  • and he’d thank her and buy out half the trolley before sharing it with all the kids in the next few carriages 
  • Joshua was good at everything, smart and friendly too 
  • not a single person could find something wrong with the guy or criticize him in any way 
  • no matter what house someone was in, they new Joshua Hong
  • because the guy did everything 
  • perfect exam scores in charms, potions, DATDA, transfiguration, herbology 
  • you name it, Hong Jisoo did well in it 
  • and he was so nice to everyone and a gentleman wherever he went  
  • holding open doors to classrooms for people or picking up fallen quills or books that people dropped and returning it to them with a small smile 
  • one time a girl accidentally set the quill she was writing with on fire from a wayward charm 
  • Joshua had quickly extinguished it with aguamenti and gave her a new quill 
  • suffice to say, plenty of witches had crushes on him 
  • and no one could hate the guy for anything 
  • literally, if you tried hating him, Joshua somehow managed to make you like him 
  • disliked him for being too smart? 
  • he’d say he wasn’t really smart, he just tries hard to study his best and he has smart friends who show him how to do stuff 
  • and then talk about some random episode of spongebob bc it’s Joshua
  • which plenty of people wouldn’t understand except the other muggle borns 
  • he’d be a huge dork quoting random episodes and just being a meme 
  • everyone was always asking him for advice or to look over their homework for them 
  • and although he never lets anyone copy his 
  • goody two shoes you know
  • he somehow had the time to always give advice to everyone and save their grade 
  • he played as a chaser for Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team too 
  • it wasn’t enough to be intelligent, he was athletic and dedicated too
  • spending even stormy days out in the field practicing long after some of his teammates had called it quits 
  • looked damn fine in quidditch robes too yes 
  • in his third year, he had led the Hufflepuff team to victory 
  • scored 30 points in the last minutes before their seeker finally caught the snitch, bringing the score to 270-300 
  • he was every teacher’s favorite too 
  • they couldn’t help it 
  • he was always offering to help out teachers with anything they may need 
  • although he didn’t sit in the front of any of his classes 
  • and he was too quiet to raise his hand to answer any questions sometimes 
  • if a teacher ever made the mistake of assuming Joshua wasn’t listening to the question 
  • they got roasted as Joshua Hong not only got the question right, but probably corrected some error they made in their lecture earlier 
  • which he would only point out in the most respectful and polite way
  • “Professor, did you mean to say aconite or monkshood instead of mandragora?“ 
  • and if no one knew the answer to a question 
  • all Joshua needed was a glance from the teacher and he’d have the correct answer ready to go 
  • the boy sang in chorus too 
  • his voice was heavenly 
  • some magical entity had to have graced Joshua with every goddamn talent in the universe 
  • he supposedly played guitar amazingly well 
  • only his dorm mates knew though, he always packed his guitar in his trunk somehow 
  • and brought it out to play sometimes 
  • it always surprised everyone when they found out he was muggle born
  • like he was too good at everything wtf how have you only been doing magic for a few years 
  • but no one dared say anything about it 
  • bc he had so many friends from all the houses 
  • say something mean about Joshua or just something even remotely critical 
  • and like five different people will interject saying how he’s basically a human unicorn 
  • and how dare you call Shua anything but the perfect prefect 
  • and he could easily beat anyone in a duel if his friends dragged him into one 
  • and probably profusely apologize while bowing at ninety degrees and helping bandage and heal any injuries he may have caused 
  • it was theorized he might have a time-turner 
  • how else could he get all his papers done and still manage quidditch practice and chorus? 
  • and also reorganizing textbooks in the library with his wand while the librarian recommended him books he hadn’t read before since he had read many of them 
  • and helping the kitchen elves by explaining the concept of lactose intolerance and gluten free and other things that helped people with dietary restrictions and food allergies feel comfortable eating all food 
  • he also helped an elf who once tripped over the recently mopped floor
  • Madam Pomfrey was always glowing about Shua bc he always brought students who were sick flowers and books to read and always gave her chocolates 
  • he also was often seen consoling random paintings and ghosts in Hogwarts and he knew all of them by their first names 
  • and while some people wanted to hate Joshua 
  • he could say a few words and any negative feelings you had toward him were gone 
  • “You really deserved that win, you guys have been practicing so hard lately on the quidditch field, good job!“ 
  • "How did you you come up with a way to start your potions paper so well? I should be asking you to edit mine." 
  • "you have to show me that spell you did the other day with the lights and confetti, I want to use it for a friend’s birthday.”
  • “My owl? Oh his name is Flufferson, I have a picture do you want to see? He’s probably somewhere flying around, enjoying the fresh air, the cutie.”
  • “I have a puppy at home, it’s a Maltese and I named it Sebongie, I think it’s a cute name." 
  • on weekends, you could probably see Joshua buying sugar quills for some third years who had forgotten their silver sickles or bronze knuts
  • or in the common room teaching kids how to use his iPhone to watch YouTube and anime 
  • always with his group of friends from all the houses 
  • his group of friends was big, 13 of them in all 
  • his best friends were Jeonghan from slytherin and Seungcheol from Gryffindor since they were all the same age 
  • one time, Jeonghan had tried to prank some Hufflepuff students by hexing their book bags into releasing a bunch of little rubber snakes 
  • but he was caught by Joshua 
  • and Joshua made him apologize 
  • you don’t mess with Joshua’s kids 
  • the next day Jeonghan’s clothes kept dropping rubber snakes everywhere
  • Joshua would hide his laughter behind his hand and then compose himself 
  • “That should actually keep you awake in potions then." 
  • and everyone around them would be dying from laughter and patting Joshua on the back 
  • for a gentleman the guy knew how to be savage sometimes 
  • ofc as a fifth year in Hufflepuff you knew Joshua 
  • you even sat pretty close to him in charms 
  • and although you couldn’t hate the guy 
  • it gets low key annoying when your friends always act like his biggest fan
  • "Shua’s practicing down at the quidditch field, GET THE SIGNS GIRLS!" 
  • "We have a transfiguration exam y'all what are you doing?" 
  • "Supporting our Hong Jisoo, y/n. The quidditch match is next weekend and we want to beat the slimy smiles off of those Slytherins’ faces." 
  • one day in charms the professor had to assign a partner project 
  • naturally everyone paired up 
  • and you’re like chill I’ll just ask
  • you look around and all your friends are already paired up 
  • and of course you’re like great forever alone that’s me I need to get me an even number of friends… 
  • "Y/n do you need a partner?” Joshua asks you from the seat two students down from you 
  • and everyone goes quiet
  • because Joshua usually always partners up with one of his friends 
  • and you look to his normal friend group 
  • and see sure enough all of them have partners too 
  • “Sure, Joshua.” You say scrunching your nose
  • at least you’ll actually have a partner who tries and doesn’t make you do all the work by yourself (LIKE LAST TIME COUGH COUGH YOUR FRIEND) 
  • you both decide to meet at the library the next weekend to work on it 
  • “OMG y/n Joshua never asks anyone outside his friend group. What if he likes you?!?!? You guys would be such a power couple ACK." 
  • "Shut up.” you laugh and playfully hit your friend’s arm while packing your book bag 
  • “I’m not pretty enough for everyone’s golden gentleman Joshua, he was just being nice because you all ditched me." 
  • "I’m glad we did, make me the maid of honor at your wedding and thank me later." 
  • when you reach the library, Joshua is already there talking to Jeonghan 
  • "The girl in your charms class? Well whatever we can hang out next weekend. But Shua that assignment isn’t due in weeks… makes sense the both of you are smart aleks." 
  • you clear your throat 
  • "welp bye Joshua, oh and we’re all getting butter beer later at hogsmeade don’t forget." 
  • Joshua laughs and waves Jeonghan goodbye 
  • "it’s a nice day, should we sit out by the lake and say hi to the giant squid?" 
  • "sure I guess" 
  • you didn’t want to have a crush on Joshua 
  • bc then you’d be one of those girls, the ones always trailing behind him and trying to get his attention 
  • and walking by fluttering their eyelashes and saying "Hey Joshua." 
  • but as you were both crossing the grounds to the lake 
  • you kept giving him sideways glances 
  • the way his light brown hair became lightly tousled in the breeze - or his small smile 
  • or the gentle humming of a song you weren’t familiar with 
  • Focus you’re working on an assignment geez 
  • you both sat down at the edge of the lake and brainstormed ideas for your project 
  • and somewhere along the way the convo shifted to just talking about summer and your home 
  • "You’re muggle born too? Then have you ever watched Naruto?" 
  • Joshua was a dork you realized, a cute one 
  • "Sebongie? Yea I miss her like crazy, I was tempted to bring her in my trunk but I have Flufferson already." 
  • ah shit 
  • you were starting to like like Joshua 
  • he was too nice and cute especially when talking about his pets and how they brightened his day 
  • or the many hilarious adventures he had with his friends 
  • or how he missed his family 
  • he was a good listener too 
  • you talked about your hamster at home 
  • it loved eating carrots and you had originally wanted to name it mochi 
  • but you had settled for Carrot after it’s favorite food 
  • and you told Joshua about how you had always loved playing quidditch with your family but you never tried out for the Hufflepuff team 
  • his friends must have caught on to your feelings before Joshua did, Joshua was kind of clueless about all the crushes people had on him
  • Jeonghan ended up putting his arm on your shoulder while walking to the library to meet up with Joshua 
  • "You should just tell him you like him." 
  • "and get a pity rejection, lmao in what world would I do that Jeonghan.”
  • “Suit yourself.” He said giving you a sly smile 
  • right before shoving you into a broom closet 
  • and locking the damn door behind you 
  • "You should thank your friend later, she told me about your little crush on our Shua, luckily for you I approve." 
  • you tried unlocking the door with your wand but to no avail 
  • you even tried picking the lock with a hairpin 
  • "Hey y/n listen to this." 
  • "Jeonghan I’m telling the head of slytherin later get ready for your ass whooping." 
  • but you hear someone running down the hallway outside the door 
  • "Jeonghan what do you mean y/n got in an accident? Where is she?" 
  • you go dead silent, it’s Joshua 
  • "Yah, look you came running and everything if you like her just tell her geez." 
  • you hold your breath as you hear what Joshua says next 
  • "She probably doesn’t like me back ok? I’m not good at these things, she’s cute and interesting and I’m boring and I don’t know ok Jeonghan, just tell me where she is no time for jokes we have to work on the project.”
  • “alright, I’d like to just say that you brought this upon yourself and you can thank me later." 
  • "what are you talking about Jeonghan-" 
  • and the closet door clicks open and Jeonghan pushes Joshua, where he bumps into you sending the both of you sprawling on the floor and the door slams shut yet again
  • Joshua picks himself up and helps you up 
  • and even in the dim closet you can see him blushing like crazy 
  • you’re probably no better you feel like you have a fever that won’t. go. away. Goddamnit. 
  • "Jeonghan underestimates me.” He said giving a nervous chuckle and reaching for his wand 
  • he easily unlocks the door 
  • and Jeonghan is out there bending over dying of laughter 
  • and both you and Joshua are just blushing like crazy and awkwardly standing next to each other 
  • “Did you hear everything?” Joshua says so quietly it’s almost a whisper - “yes?” You say 
  • Joshua’s eyes widen and he gives Jeonghan (who’s still laughing even harder now at the sight of the two of you) a glare 
  • Joshua points his wand at Jeonghan LIKE boi I’ll be seeing you later - Jeonghan runs away cackling down the hallway 
  • “You can just pretend it didn’t happen.” Joshua says flustered looking everywhere but your face 
  • “I’ll understand if you don’t like me ba-" 
  • "It was driving me crazy did you really not know I like you too Joshua?” Wow did I just say that, stupid stupid stupid whyyyyy you think to yourself
  • he looks up at you in surprise 
  • “Wait really? Jeonghan isn’t paying you to say that right?" 
  • "lmao no I’m going to murder Jeonghan after this." 
  • "I’d help you but he’s my best friend so…" 
  • "Do you want to maybe just get a butter beer at Hogsmeade instead?" 
  • "I’d love to." 
  • and from then on you two were known as darling couple 
  • Hogwarts’ gentleman Joshua and you 
  • basically everyone’s relationship goals 
  • and your friend groups both took responsibility for getting you two together
  • Joshua would send you little notes that were folded into cranes and bewitched to float over to your desk 
  • and everyone would sigh and think how sickeningly adorable seeing you read his message 
  • and looking at all the little hearts he had doodled during class 
  • "Joshua Hong, let me repeat the question.” The professor would say 
  • “I never usually have to ask you twice what’s wrong?" 
  • "Joshua got a girlfriend, professor." 
  • and the whole class would burst out laughing with you and Joshua blushing like crazy and his friends wolf whistling 
  • you’d walk with each other to your next class with your hand in his 
  • "Get a room Shua, no one needs to see this.” Jeonghan smirked as he walked towards the potions classroom in the dungeons - you and Joshua both just ignore him 
  • “Let’s hex his clothes again with those snakes." 
  • "Better yet, can we lock him in a broom closet?" 
  • "Deal." 
  • and you both walk into your next class, plotting Jeonghan’s imminent doom together

Originally posted by junsbug


~ admin jess

  • Lux: Nice robe, Tano.
  • Ahsoka: Even if I got it at 50% off? Isn't that too cheap for you?
  • Lux: Well, I'd like them better if they were 100% off
  • Ahsoka: Stores can't just give away clothes for free, Lux
  • Lux: ... That's not what I meant
  • Ahsoka: *not listening* That would be an awful way to run a business
  • Lux: ... *gives up*
the teenage sister

Sherlock x reader; john x reader

Sherlock x reader; John x reader

warnings: none

request: hey could you do one where the reader is john’s teenage sister and had to stay with him in 221 B but john doesn’t tell Sherlock before hand - @onceitoowasinnocent

summary: you are john’s teenage sister and have to stay with him in 221B because  you had a fight with you parents. the only problem is, he forgot to tell Sherlock.

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Love me like you do (Part 7)-Balem series

A/N: Okayyyyyyy! Here we go. This is more of a filler chapter, an unfortunate casualty when making multipart fics. Lol But, I hope it’s still satisfying enough.


An orange glow slid along your face, making you scrunch your eyes and groan in annoyance. You were still half asleep, and as far as you were concerned, you were back on earth, lying in your modest bed and snuggled into your blankets. A warmth was next to you, a very comforting heat that you wanted to be apart of, and as you drifted softly into sleep again, your hands touched a smooth surface.


You blinked in confusion, running your fingers along it until you focused your vision. As soon as your eyes adjusted, they widened, and you squeaked, scrambling back into the bedsheets. It seems you hadn’t fallen asleep in your bed. This was a large, more than king size mattress, where no matter how far you shifted away, you were just falling into more pillows.


You whispered out, trying not to wake Balem, as he slept next to you. You felt as if your entire body was going to give out, as if fainting was the next logical step because the last thing you wanted was to have him wake up and find you there with him. You hardly remember last night, but as sleep slowly drifted from your mind things were becoming more clear.

You remember him trying to seduce you into his bath, and you certainly didn’t forget how well it was working. It was almost too easy to give in and dive in, but you thanked whatever gods allowed you to say no. He, oddly enough, didn’t seemed phased by your denial, like he was already expecting you to run off in a fit of embarrassment. That’s when you must’ve slept, you thought. Because, you don’t remember even coming into bed. Thankfully, you were still clothed in your robe, so nothing had transpired between the two of you.

As a soft groan came from next to you, you glanced back up, watching the man as he turned on his back, eyes still closed as the sheets slipped down to his waist.

“Holy shit…”

It was odd being this close to him, and as much as you wanted to stare at his well built body, you felt wrong. With a turn of your head you focused on the wall, gnawing at your lip and tying to figure out what to do. It was painful to be cooped up in this room, but somehow being near him felt safer than out there. Last thing you needed was to run into another one of those lizard beings just waiting to bite your head off.

The sound of rustling made you panic, and you quickly sank back into the sheets, covering yourself as much as you could as you felt the bed begin to dip. From the shadow along the wall you noticed Balem has gotten up, sitting against his pillows as he ran a hand through his hair. Every nerve in your body was set to react, and you only hoped he assumed you were sleeping.

A deep guttural sigh came from him, and he began to lean over, his arm coming into your view, and for a second you truly believed he was about to cuddle you. Instead, he hovered over you, tapping the tablet on the nightstand as he spoke.

“Mr. Night.”

The tablet beeped, a screen appearing above it as Mr. Night’s face came into view. You shut your eyes again, not wanting him to alert his lord that you were actually awake. But, what a sight this must be, you thought. Balem hovering over you, half naked and you tangled in his sheets like nothing but sin took place in this room. The universe was certainly against you as of late.

“Lord Balem, I bid you a good-”

“I did not ask for your pleasantries, Mr. Night. Have my ship prepared for Departure immediately. I’ve business to attend to.”

“Yes, my lord. Where shall I have them set course to?”


“As you wish, my lord.”

The conversation between the two was brief, and you let out a breath of relief when he moved away from you.

“Do you believe me to be foolish?”

His words caused a chill to run up your spine, and you slowly looked over your shoulder to see him already staring at you. His gaze was annoyed, lips set into a deep scowl as he considered you with interest. You supposed now, that it was probably the worse idea to pretend to be asleep. It never worked on your parents, so why would it with some extraterrestrial being.


He scoffed at you, resting his arm on his knee as he rubbed at his tired eyes. He was propped up against the pillows, clearly trying to prepare his mind for whatever business he had today. But, all you could do was lay there, staring at him as if he still wasn’t real and this was some crazy dream of yours.


Balem turned his gaze towards you once more, furrowing his brows in confusion at your apology. He clearly had no clue what you were referring to, and every second that ticked by only made him more frustrated.

“You are wearing my patience, little-”

“I meant for sleeping on your bed, I don’t even remember falling asleep to begin with.”

Your memory was still fuzzy, and you only guessed the entire whirlwind of a day you experienced yesterday was the cause of it. Your dreams were no better, nightmares plagued your thoughts, and you were more than tired from a lack of good rest.

Balem, at least as much as he could be, appeared amused at your words. And as you slowly began to sit up, he just shrugged his shoulder, clearly not as concerned about last night’s events as you were.

“I brought you to bed with me, little bird.”

His confession made you flustered, and you stared a bit taken back, as he said it so nonchalantly. He seemed to catch on to your confused look, and he rolled his eyes as he looked you over.

“You fell asleep.”

He pointed towards the lounging chairs near his dresser, and you started to remember vague details about curling into the corner of the large black lounger. It must’ve been sometime after he got in the bath, but you were sure of it now. The feeing of a stranger’s arms wrapping around you, your body snug against a strong chest that smelled like vanilla and spice. It was comforting in a way, and now that it was all coming back to you, your face flushed.

“You carried me?”

He didn’t seem the type, in fact, in your mind you thought if you had given in to his seduction he would’ve thrown you out of his room in a heartbeat after. Yet, here he was making sure your personal comfort was tended to.

Balem’s eyes traveled the entirety of your body, fixating on the exposed skin of your shoulder where your collarbone dipped perfectly. He wondered what you tasted like, wondered what sounds you’d make if he just got the chance to kiss along that smooth flesh and make you his. And as you distracted yourself with the thought of him catering to you, he leaned over, crawling on top of you and making you sink back into the sheets of his bed.

“Would you prefer I leave you to sleep like some commoner?”

You were too busy trying to control your labored breathing you didn’t answer him, you just closed your eyes and hoped he’d stop his current assault on your every sense. But, Balem only furthered his seduction, smirking as he brushed his lips across your cheek, making you let out a long sigh that pleased him to no end.

“Would you care to know what you said in your sleep?”

There was no doubt you had said something completely unwarranted last night. Something that had managed to keep him endlessly amused until he could mention it to you the next morning. You were already a complete mess under him, and you didn’t feel knowing was necessary, so you simply shook your head.

His chuckle made you shiver, and you could feel his breath ghost along your flesh, making goosebumps rise. He placed his lips next to your ear, whispering out his knowledge.

“My name, little bird.”

His fingertips slid along your cheek, eyes darkening as they had the night before. You already knew what he was thinking, and it made you hold your breath in anticipation. The sad part was, you wanted him to do it, to lean down and kiss you. Your lips tingled, as if they too were ready and willing for this man to just have you in every way. And as he slowly dipped forward, you felt your heart race, blood pounding in your ears, and mind screaming for you to stop him, yet…you weren’t sure you could.

Your lips parted, body reacting on its own accord, and you were just waiting for him to slip his tongue in and make you admit how badly you needed this despite what your moral compass said. But, all that came was a soft brush of his lips on yours, making you whimper pathetically.

“My Lord.”

The doors to his chambers opened, and Balem turned to look back at the two serving girls entering his room completely unannounced. You noticed the way his eyebrow twitched, his anger levels rising at having been disturbed in the most intimate of times. But, you didn’t care to ease his rage right now. You realized how compromising this position appeared, and as the two girls looked at you both you shrugged the edge of your robe back up, blushing madly as you sank further into the sheets in shame.

Balem was settled between your spread legs, one hand upon your thigh, and his other resting next to your tousled hair. The sheets covering both of your most intimate areas didn’t leave much to the imagination, and you could only guess what these two women were thinking.

“My Lord we-”

The First Primary was seething by now, his rage directed at these two poor souls who would dare interrupt him now of all times. And you couldn’t stop yourself from flinching as his tone rose, scaring the two as they fell to their knees and bowed before him.

“I should have your heads for this!”

“We’re sorry, Lord Balem…we just brought the-”

If there was one thing that managed to unnerve you it was his loud, booming, voice that threatened to kill anyone who got in his way. Even for the smallest of things, and in attempt to ease the suffering on your ears and the girls, you ran your fingers along his forearm, trying to distract him from their monumental screw up.

At the feeling of your soft fingertips against his muscles he turned back to you, squinting down at your face as he tried to figure out what you were doing. Either way, he seemed to lose complete interest in decapitating the two women, and he whispered back in contempt.

“Enter my chambers unannounced again, and I will hold you both accountable.”

“Y-Yes, my Lord.”

At their shaky apologies, he scoffed, looking down at you and making a promise before he got off the bed to get dressed.

“We’ll continue this later.”

Both serving girls dressed him quickly, and you could tell the younger one was visibly trembling before him. She seemed much like you in that moment, both entranced and scared of this enigma of a man.

“As requested, Lord Balem. We’ve brought the dresses you ordered.”

The older one from the night before held them out to him, the entire wardrobe of dresses cascading in numerous colors down her arms as she awaited his approval. Balem seemed decently pleased with them, and he shuffled through the pile as he nodded.

“They’ll do. Dress her, and make sure she’s acquainted with her duties.”

He didn’t bother looking back at you, he grabbed his rings from the glass bowl on his dresser, and placed them back on his fingers as the doors to his chambers opened. He walked out, cape flowing behind, and all you heard was him somewhat greeting Mr. Night.

As soon as the doors shut, the older woman turned to the younger, smiling and rubbing her shoulder in comfort. “Go, I will take care of this.” The young serving girl hugged her in thanks, and immediately left to perform other duties.

“It’s nice to see you again.”

She smiled at you, walking over to the bed and giggling when she found you hiding underneath the covers in embarrassment.

“Come now. Did I not tell you yesterday that he always gets his way? Lord Balem is a man who’s very good at getting what he wants.”

“We didn’t do anything!”

You slid from underneath the blankets, blushing softly as you moved some strands of your hair away. She didn’t seem convinced by your statement, and she only smiled smugly as she laid the dresses down on the bed.

“Don’t be so modest. You’re not the first to share his bed, miss.”

“Yeah yeah, you told me that already.”

You really just wanted this conversation to end, but as she sifted through the dresses you knew she’d be here for a while.

“So nothing happened?”

She raised her well done eyebrow at you, picking out a gold satin dress from the pile and holding it up as she eyed you carefully.


“That mark on your neck would say otherwise.”

Her cheeky comment made you slap your hand over it, and you scowled in annoyance at yourself and at Balem. He no doubt did that on purpose, and you had completely forgotten it even existed. Trying to weasel your way out of this wasn’t going to be easy.

“He…tried to…”

“Did you spurn his advances?!”

She failed at stifling her laugh, putting the dress down and cupping your chin as she observed your features. She pushed some hair behind your ear, angling your face as she nodded to herself.

“Well, yes but-”

“No wonder he’s in such a mood today. More than usual. Though I suppose our interruption didn’t help much.”

“No, no…” You tried to swat her hand away, but she kept at it anyway. “Your interruption was welcomed.”

“Mmm.” She smiled, pulling you up off the bed and towards the bath. It didn’t take much for her to undress you and start scrubbing at your skin. It was far too awkward and even more degrading than you anticipated, but she hardly seemed phased by it. “Afraid you might like it?”

You looked up at her, grateful when she finished washing your hair and helped you from the bath. You slipped back into the robe, scowling when she started waving that quick changer technology around you. Only this time it aided in curling your hair and instantly drying it.

“No, of course not…”

But, there was maybe some truth to her statement, not that you’d admit it out loud to her. “What’s your name anyway? I’m sorry I didn’t catch it before.”

She waved the pole around you, the gold dress now clinging beautifully to your curves and sleeves dipping off your shoulders. If possible, this dress was even prettier than the one before. But, you still felt far too overdressed.

“It’s Nevaeh, yours?”


“Then it’s a pleasure to officially meet you, Y/N.”

Nevaeh gave a slight bow, taking your hand and curling her arm around yours as she led you out the doors, eager to show you your new role here.


A/N: As always, if y'all can provide feedback HMU 👏🏻

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Sealed With A Kiss

The School For Good and Evil

Word Count: 3264

Read on FFN or AO3

Tedros understood that the battle between Sophie and Agatha was significant. He understood that this wasn’t his story and that it was theirs instead. He could accept that Agatha had struggled between what was Good and what felt right. He had felt a similar struggle, and at the end had been able to choose something that felt both right and Good: Agatha.

He hadn’t been joking with her when he said that physical cues were helpful. They had certainly had a history of miscommunication and he admitted that most of it was his fault. Still, though, she chose to stay with him and care for him. She chose to love him, and Tedros had never felt so thankful to have another human being’s affection in his whole life. The new struggle was articulation, non-verbal or otherwise, and this struggle was one that Tedros felt particularly in the weeks leading up to his princess’ birthday. 

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  • Connor: *enters the hall dramatically with their robe giving that badass Darth Vader effect*
  • Connor: *points at Evan* With the exception of you I dislike everyone in this room
  • Evan: And I like you too.
Reckless - Part 7

Part 7/?

Characters: AJ Styles, OFC, Baron Corbin

Summary: The newest woman on the roster finds herself making waves she never intended to, with men that are both off-limits to her.

Warnings: Sexual content

Previously: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Check out the Master List

Tag Squad:  @llowkeys | @the-geekgoddes | @horcruxhunter5972 | @zombiexbody | @imtoldimbabe | @vebner37 |  @nickysmum1909 | @taryndibiase | @justtrey19 | @alexahood21 | @lunaticqueen7 | @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues | @styl3sl0v3r | @kingslayers-angel | @womderland-fandom | @blondekel77 | @florenceivy | @lonewolfgirl17 | @florenceivy | @meghanannexx | @skrillexslays13

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korcky07  asked:

I saw ur prompt thing and can I get some Plance fluff? It's hard looking for a good fanfic for rare pairs. Thank you!

I’m so sorry this took so long, but hopefully you like it!


“Ok, that’s it!” Lance proclaims, shitting Pidge’s computer before she could stop him.

“Lance! I was working on that! I was almost done!”

“You’ve been on this computer for the last three days, and you’ve been saying that for the last two. You’re going to take a break.” Lance says, taking Pidge’s hand and practically dragging her out of the Green Lion’s hangar.

He continues to lead her through the hallways until they get to Lance’s room. The door opens with a ‘swish’ and he pulls her inside. The door closing just as silently as it had opened.

Lance pushes her into the bathroom.
“First off, go take a shower. You know I love you, but if you don’t wash off that reek soon, I’m going to gag.” Pidge give him an irritated huff, but now that she’s not focusing on her screen, even she wants to gag at how she smells.

So she begrudgingly goes into Lance’s shower and makes sure to throughly wash her hair and body to get rid of the grime.


Pidge exits the bathroom feeling clean and refreshed, wearing Lance’s silk robe. Although it’s about too big and drags on the floor behind her.
“Feel better?” Lance asks from his bed, holding a bowl of what Pidge assumes is food goo.
“Very. Thanks for making me take a break, you always seem to know what i need.” Pidge sits down next to Lance, glad to see his warm smile.
“I’m not done yet. Here. Close your eyes.”
He scopes up some of what was in the bowl and as soon as Pidge closed her eyes, he smears it onto her face.

So it wasn’t good goo. It was one of Lance’s face masks. It felt cool on her face, but with Lance’s skilled hands, it warmed quickly and helped her relax even further.

Once Lance was satisfied with the face mask, he lightly leads Pidge to lay down on his lap. She lays down and can feel the exhaustion that she’s been avoiding for days finally seep in. She can feel Lance running his hands through her hair, lightly scratching at her scalp.

She tries to stay awake, but it’s so hard to keep her eyes open.

“It’s ok. I’ll be right here. Get some rest.” Lance calmly says, placing a sweet kiss to her head as she follows her exhaustion into slumber.

Once lance was sure that she was out, he rearranged them so that he’s spooning her. He pulls up the sheets and with one last kiss to head, he too falls asleep, glad to be able to fall asleep with his girlfriend.

I know it’s super short, and kinda fast paced, but I really hoped you like this, and that this was what you were looking for.
I’m going to try and hit some of the other prompts that’s been sitting in my ask box for far too long.

A Night of Wine

Imagine telling Dwalin that he’s adorable and he kisses you to show you that he’s not adorable.

[The main idea for this fic came from @everyjourneylove and I hope I did it justice.]

It was rare that the company of dwarves were ever idle. Yet, under the stone and crystal domes of Rivendell, a dozen sat in a circle sharing a skin of wine smuggled from the earlier feast. Among them were missing two of their number; their king, Thorin, and the eccentric hobbit, Bilbo. And there was one who seemed a stranger among the group and yet as intrinsic a member as any.

The only female among their corps and the only human, a head taller than even the tallest of the dwarves, she was a novel sight alongside the company. Hara had ingratiated herself with the bull-like halflings through her physical prowess and unexpected brashness. Even so, as she was passed the wineskin, she sipped less than her cohorts and handed it along, still feeling within that she was superfluous to their cause.

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#37-Kylo Ren

“Hold me” 

Words: 1 K +

Warning: Miscarriage

A/N: Have some tears 

You sat in bed, the sheets tangled around your legs. Your stomach still sore, and so were your hips. Tear-stained cheeks flushed a deep pink, your eyes rimmed with blue and red. But you made no movements and no efforts to clean yourself up, staring at the wall. Just allowing yourself to drown in your thoughts. A part of you hoping that if you let yourself sink deeper into your own hatred, the thoughts running through your head would move to your lungs and choke you. 

You were a disaster. 

The both of you were. 

Torn pillow cases from Kylo’s nightmares, or, reoccurring dreams. Of that night, where you woke up to what at first felt like labor pains. Then the blood came, and then the medical bots tore your baby from your body, and you never got to even hold her. That night, Kylo destroyed what sounded like half of the Destroyer, his screams echoing down the halls and up the floors. Scaring you even more. Because of that night, it was the first night in seven years that you had slept alone, without the warmth of your husband to comfort you, or the sound of his heartbeat to soothe you to sleep. 

After countless years of trying, over three years of him being gone, you were tired. You were tired of the waiting, of the cursing at each other–of the blaming, of the tears. Of the sadness, of the disappointment. But what could you do? Nothing. You could do nothing, but blame yourself. For everything. Even though Kylo did the same, trying to sometimes reassure you that it was going to be alright, that you would be a family sooner or later, you hated your body for what you had to put him through.

Him. Your stars, your moon. Your knight, your love. For now ten years and what felt like an eternity, Kylo had been your whole galaxy. However, in this moment of weakness and infertility, the both of you were being torn away from each other with each second. Even harsher than the last, the truth even worse with each second and life dragged on. 

You couldn’t even get out of bed when Kylo trudged in. His helmet was on at first, his robes swinging with purposeful steps and his breathing sporadic; muffled with the cover of his helmet, he seemed truly like a monster. One that used to haunt the shadows for you when you first saw him. But now, one that only made you sad. Because he had sad eyes and so did you. You could see these eyes once he set the heavy metal down, taking his time to strip from his heavy robes. 

It pained you to see him like this and for a cause that was you, you-someone who promised him love and happiness. Now, all you could give him was despair, as it would seem. He didn’t even glance at you or run his eyes over the surface of your silhouette in the darkness of the room. He was too preoccupied with his thoughts, his mind chasing itself and trying to come to a conclusion of what after five consecutive years, he couldn’t create a family. Surely it wasn’t you-you were perfect. Perfect to the bone, his queen. 

Kylo began to move across the room when you spoke out in a hoarse voice, even your words full of emotion, and even after you tried so hard to clear it with a harsh swallow. “Kylo-” You choked out. He looked back, relaxing his shoulders slightly as he scrunched his eyebrows. You waited for an answer, but with the deep silence stretching on, you took that chance to say what you really, truly, deeply wanted. “Hold me.” You whispered, beginning to feel the warmth of your tears cloud your vision once again. 

By the time that Kylo began to walk towards you, you were sobbing. The tight motions hurting the muscles that had been stretched and strains during the four hours in which you laid on a cold metal table, knees spread and blood staining your thighs. 

You felt your husband’s weight dip on the bed, his knees digging into the comforter before his arms wrapped around you and he scooped you into your lap, gently setting you against his chest and pulling the sheets over your body. In an effort to comfort you, his black hair tickling your cheek while he leaned over, his lips pressing against your shoulder and trailing up your neck until he was littering your face with small kisses, you could feel his tears staining your skin. Dripping from his chin, he breathed out a hoarse I love you. 

He was breaking down, layer by layer coming closer and closer to just screaming through his sobs. Hoarse and incoherant words lingering in the air, the heavy breaths that you two shared making the space around you hot and suffocatingly tense, you shut your eyes, your shoulders shaking while Kylo rocked you back and forth. Sobs raking through his whole entire body, his soul destroyed and his face red as he tried to stop crying. But he couldn’t, and that’s the the only thing you two could share in that raw moment. That was the only thing that connected the two of you in that moment. Was your heartbreak, your defeat and plain anger. 

The anger that made you want to make everyone feel the same way–the one that made you hate happiness itself. Because ever since you met Kylo, it seemed as if your life was complete. 

Now, it was only falling apart.

You didn’t respond, but dug your nails into his forearm, begging him to hold you. To love you and to stay with you, because in reality, you were scared. You were terrified that without this, without success at creating a family, you’d lose the only family you had. And that was him. 


Elesh Norn Sprite!

anonymous asked:

Can i just say: I love this blog, you're writing is so good. also can i request a cha cha malone smut where you guys haven't seen each other for weeks because he's been travelling for works. ILY ❤️❤️

Welcome Home:

Dating an idol was hard. It was like having cake but not being able to eat it. But you stayed in this relationship, you stayed with him for one reason. And one reason only. Because you were in love. Yes, you were in love with Cha Cha Malone. He was the sweetest man you had ever met, he had captivated you with only corny jokes and romantic outings. It was something about how he looked at you, or made you feel so safe and secure. How he would hold you close as you slept on his chest and play in your hair because he loved to spoil you and treasure you. But when he was gone, it was like there was a hole in your chest. You were empty lonely, and you needed him here. You needed him with you.

Word had gotten to you that he would be coming home today and you were not supposed to have words of it. Probably because he wanted to surprise you with little gifts but for once in the lifetime it was your turn to do it for him. That’s why you were decorating the room with rose pedals everywhere. Scented candles placed on holders on the dresser, two on each side lit up and ready to be smelt as soon as he walked in. You made sure to decorate the bed with more rose pedals, moving towards the bathroom to touch up your makeup. Your wings on top of your eyes and light pink eyeshadow glimmered in the dim lit up space. Your lips were painted dark ruby red and you had on a black lace outfit that covered your arms, torso and legs. The fabric revealed your perky nipples that were already hard from the piercings you had decided to get and the anxious feeling. The outfit also had your bare pussy and ass on display not covering that up and it was the main reason you brought this little one piece because you wanted to be sexy for your man. Your hair was in big curls falling over your shoulders. You grabbed at a robe and placed it on your body, tying it together to close off your outfit. You moved to sit on the bed, your nerves getting the best of you because what if he didn’t like what you did? Or he was too tired to give you what you wanted? You had also spent time making him dinner, but you knew if you were to eat together you would simply attack him and convince him to fuck you right then and there.

You didn’t even know what time he was coming home but glancing over at you clock it read 10:30PM meaning he shouldn’t take too much longer to get home. But as the time ticked you slowly started to pout and sink down against the bed not wanting to move. It seems your silent prays were answered because soon your door was being pushed open revealing a very handsome Chase who looked so shocked to see what was going on. His black duffle bag in hand, he had on a black beanie with a red button up shirt and black jeans on. He had a bouquet of flowers in his hand, white roses like you liked. Dropping his bag down he took off his beanie biting on his bottom lip.

“Damn mama. You didn’t have to do all of this for me. How did you even know I was coming home?” He asked softly looking around the place. He was going to walk towards you but he saw you lift your hand and stopped in his tracks so that he would wait for what you wanted to say or do.

“Words get out especially when you have a large fan base. You are always doing things for me, so tonight I wanted to do something special for my better half. Show him why it’s nice coming home to me. Forever.” You teased winking as you slowly stood up. “I made us dinner but..” You started to speak as you took off your robe. “I knew if I sat across from you, I wouldn’t be able to just eat my food. Not after the thoughts of you that’s ran through my mind.” You bit your bottom lip as your robe dropped onto the ground revealing your outfit. His mouth seemed to drop open a bit as well and you felt a tad bit flustered over how his body greedily drank up the sight of you. You moved to bend over the bed spreading your legs wide you looked back at him frowning. “Princess missed you Chase. Won’t you let me give you a good welcome home gift?” You asked softly and in no time he was sitting everything down and shrugging out of his shirt to walk towards you. He pushed you down on the bed moving you to lay on your back letting his lips connect with yours. The kiss was hungry but sweet, filled with passion and slow.

Your lips pressed against his molding against one another as your hands glided up his defined chest slowly, He moved to slip between your legs and you allowed him, wrapping your legs around his waist so that you could push him against you as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. He bit your bottom lip causing you to part your lips and release a soft moan giving him easy access to slide his tongue into your mouth. You welcomed the pink muscles flicking your own tongue against it, you sucked on his tongue letting yours dance against his. He dominated the kiss after sometime trying to keep it from getting to rough, but you couldn’t stop kissing him and he couldn’t break away from you not yet. His plump lips pressing against yours over and over again, your skin starting to prickle with light beads of sweat as your fingers wrapped around his biceps. In no time, he was grinding his hips down against yours, his hands pressed against the soft mattress on either side of your body. You welcomed it rocking your hips back against his, the feeling of his rough jean fabric pressing against your bare pussy had your back arching from the pleasure.

“Fuck Chase.” You moaned out lightly, once he broke the kiss leaning up to bite on his bottom lip as he ground his hips a little faster against yours.

“Have you missed me that much baby?” He asked in a deep voice that sounded close to a hushed whisper as his lips pressed against your ear and downwards towards your neck.

“Oh god, I have.” You grabbed at his shoulder blades as his lips glided across your neck. He sucked on your spots, marking you with hickeys letting all the people know that he was back home with you. His teeth lightly grazing your skin to give deeper marks as he kissed down to your collarbone. Licking across the flesh he looked up at you his hands feeling over the lace outfit you had on. His fingers moved to stroke your damped folds, your hips pressed up against his hands as you let out a soft groan.

“I love those little sexy noises you make. God I’ve missed you so much.” Crashing his lips back against yours Chase roughly gripped onto the tops of your outfit and you grabbed his hands stopping him because you knew what he was going to do.

“Don’t rip it. I want to wear it more for you.” You pleaded watching him biting on your bruised lips. He nodded his head, pulling back so that he could slowly get the outfit off your body with your helps.

Once you were completely naked, you moved to press him down against the pillows kissing down his body marking his neck with just as many hickeys. Your lips scanned his adam’s apple and you sucked there earning low hums and groans of approval from your lover’s lips. Chase played in your curls lightly pulling on your hair not wanting to mess it up too much for now at least. Your hands moved down to work on his pants as your lips traveled down his chest against his faint abs to lick across his skin. Once you had his pants undid you slipped them down his legs and off his body. Looking at the tent in his boxers you felt happy with yourself that you were able to make him so needy. You gripped at his boxers with your hands in the bands pressed against his waist and you pulled them down leaving you both completely naked. Spreading his legs wide you kissed up his thighs slowly until your hand was gripping at the base of his dick. You started to jerk him off at a slow tempo watching as he threw his head back and parted his lips to moan for you. Your hand kept up the same pace for a bit longer, slowly speeding up. You watched as the tip of his dick started to ooze precum causing your mouth to water because it had been such a long time since you tasted him. You leaned down swiping your tongue across his head digging it into the slit earning praises from Chases lips. He grabbed at the back of your hair, gently pushing your head down so that you would get the hint. Smiling up at him you swirled your tongue around his head, sucking on it harshly and dipping your tongue into his slit to cause him to feel overstimulation. Only then when you were satisfied did you bob your head up and down onto his shaft, letting him stretch out your mouth in what felt like years though it had only been a few months. You were breathing through your nose trying to remember how to take all of him in your mouth. He was so thick, your tongue dragging against his hot flesh as you moved your head up and down. Chase couldn’t stop himself from bucking his hips up to thrust into your mouth, one hand gripping harshly at your hair the other gripped at the sheets, his eyes were watching you like a hawk not wanting to miss a moment. You moved on your knees to throw your ass in the air wiggling it you saw him chuckle breathlessly as you took him even deeper into your mouth. He started to thrust his tip all the way until it hit the back of your throat and you took it moaning around his shaft to let him know how good it felt. Moving your hand to just use your mouth, you placed it on his balls playing with them a bit. He was a moaning mess for you, moving his hips faster giving into the pleasure that was sweeping over his sex deprived body. He had never looked so much hotter in your eyesight then coming undone for you.
With hushed warning of how close he was you fucked on pressing your tongue against the vein on the underside of his dick. Your eyes brimmed from the stinging of him pressing his dick against your throat but you made no objection, lightly choking so that you could taste his cum. The spit started to overflow causing you to slurp to clean him up a bit, as it fell down your chin. With a few more head bobs and hollowed cheeks, you were greeted with Chases cum as he held your head at the base of his dick and you greedily drank up his cum. The bitter sweet tasting liquid on your tongue. You lifted your head slowly to clean him off pulling back from his half-erected member to lick your lips you wiped your mouth crawling on top of him.

“Mm my turn.” He smiled up at you, his hands on your hips pushing you down on the bed on your back. He spread your legs wide pressing them down against the bed licking up and down your folds slowly. He kept his eyes on your, his large hands keeping your legs spread as he bit gentle on your lips pulling them with his own lips. He pecked them a few times, dipping his tongue inside to flick up and down your slit. Your hands flew back up to his shoulders, digging your nails into the flesh of his blades you watched him with your dilated eyes taking in everything he was doing. He moved up his tongue to circle around your clit slowly, playing with it for a bit he flicked it back and forward pressing his tongue flat against it. His lips soon wrapped around your clit and he hungrily sucked on it, letting the juices from your wet slit get onto his chin as he focused on making you feel better from all those months he was gone. His mouth pulled back, he flicked his tongue up and down your slit until he was circling it around your entrance slowly. Your lips parted and a soft cry left your lips, your stomach tightening and toes curling from the sheer teasing he was doing. Chase dipped his tongue inside of your warmth moaning against your pussy. Covering your pussy with his mouth he thrust his tongue in and out of your dripping hole that was squeezing around his tongue. His fingers lightly dancing on the inside of your thigs causing you to tremble under his touch. Your hands moved to his head pushing him closer to your pussy. He moaned against you shaking his head side to side he let his tongue press against your walls and everything in between that he could reach. He curved his tongue, moving it to flick and land against your spot earning a sharp cry of pleasure from you. Chase gave you a wink holding your eye contact as he let his tongue satisfy you moving it at every inch thrusting it in and out faster and faster against your spot, your hips started to move against his face as you tried to ride it and he granted you that loving how you were so eager to fuck yourself on his tongue. The faint words of ‘Chase close’ were the only words that formed as you gave him moans and cries of pleasure until you were painting his tongue with your essence that he drank up greedily. He pulled back after he thrust a few more times to let you ride out your orgasm, his chin and mouth wet and glistening from your juices. Leaning over you he kissed you deeply, his tongue pressing against yours as you both tasted yourselves on each other’s tongue. He rubbed his now back hardened shaft against your pussy, reaching one hand down he parted your lips to rub himself against your slit getting himself slicked up though he was sure you were wet enough.

He rocked his hips forward until you were bucking up against him again turned on and needy for him. Aligning himself with your entrance he slowly pushed inside of you causing you both to groan in pleasure. You winced because it had been a while but he understood, placing his hands on either side of your head he laid you back pressing his forehead against yours kissing your lips. “Tell me when I can move Y/N.” He moaned your name softly, the way it rolled off his tongue sent chills up your spine. Your legs moving to wrap around his waist, the heels of your feet pressing against his lower back close to his ass.

You waited for a second, getting use to the feeling of him inside of you. Clenching your walls around his dick to make sure you were ready you looked up at him giving him a nod of approval. He gave you a gentle smile, starting to rock his hips slowly against yours. Dragging his length in and out of your walls making sure to fill you up to the hilt every time he pressed inside of you. Your hands moved to brace on his chest as he slowly made love to you against the crumpled rose pedals on the sheets of your bed. Not knowing where one ended and began you let yourself get lost into feeling him after such a long time. His forehead staying against yours as he held his weight up, your hips circled and you continued to move up against him. He was thick but the length was your favorite part to him. How he stretched you out, his hips pressing down against yours the feeling of his balls lightly hitting your ass. Your lips found his once against, your hands dragging down your nails against his chest because you needed to feel more of him. Chase responded to your kiss, pausing only to move and grab your hands with his pressing them down above your head against the pillows with his own. He broke the kiss pulling back some letting his hips pick up the pace. Slamming himself into you with loud grunts and groans Chase was losing himself quickly and so were you. He angled his hips to find your G-spot and once he did it was all over for you. He was continuing to abuse that spot watching you writhe under him and call out his name from pleasure. He didn’t even go for dirty talking tonight he just basked in your sweet sounds of needing and having him. Your voice raising higher the closer you got to your orgasm.

“Chase please don’t stop.” You whimpered out looking at him with lust blown eyes, the sweat falling from your forehead as your hands locked with his.

“Do you want me to make you cum baby girl? You want Chase to make you scream?” He asked nodding his head as you nodded yours agreeing to give you what you wanted.

He pushed himself into you as hard and fast as he could go. The once quiet bed now rocking and making noise, the headboard lightly hitting against the wall as you both moved your bodies. Both seeking release, you were the first to come undone. The white fire seeping through you and causing your vision to blotch and blur as you felt your orgasm slam into you. Your back arched and loud cries of his name left your lips in a repeated mantra. Your legs locked in position and toes curled up. Your hands gripped as tight as they could onto his and Chase gave a few quick snaps of his hips before he was painting your insides white with his cum causing you to release more cries of pleasure. Feeling all of him after so long you clenched like a vice around his dick breathing heavily you slowly let his hands go, letting your legs untighten from his waist. Chase slowly laid himself down on top of you not wanting to move after the feeling of a high. He placed kisses along your jaw and your lips smiling tiredly in your eyes.

“Round two or food?” He teased wiggling his eyebrows as he rolled you both over only for you to be straddling him giving into his every desire.

To be honest, I adore the idea of modern Arkham so while I’ve been working I’ve come up with a bunch of headcanons for the general population of 21st century Arkham:

·         No one just runs in Arkham anymore. It’s a survival instinct at this point; if someone’s running, they are definitely running away from something, and you better run too. If you’re running, you better have a damn good reason because once people start noticing, they’re all gonna follow you. Half the city ran halfway to Dunwich one time because a newbie went out on a jog.

·         There’s an ENORMUS bunker under city hall that everyone goes to whenever shit really hits the fan. It’s generally referred to as “The Whoopsie Pit” because if they have to use it, it’s probably because some stupid Miskatonic student got a bit too nosy for their own good and made The Biggest Mistake Ever. Whenever the Whoopsie Pit is in use the whole town shows up with food and games and they have a giant party because even though they’re in a bunker, they’re probably gonna die and the world’s probably going to end, so it might as well end in the party of the century.

·         No one gives a damn about appearance anymore. As long as your unmentionables are covered, you could parade around in pantyhose, a neon-colored bath robe, and a boot on your head and no one will bat an eye (which is probably because quite a few citizens are either hybrids or mutated, so at this point, calling out someone’s outfit or tendrils or extra eyes is redundant).

·         Inter-species marriage is a thing now. Basically the rules are that you both have to be fully sentient and consenting. That’s it. The hybrid population has skyrocketed lately (to the terror and general confusion of outsiders).

·         There’s a thing called “cosmic cleansing” and it’s basically where one person starts screaming at the sky because they’re stressed/furious/upset and everyone who can hear them joins in. It’s surprisingly therapeutic.

·         It’s an unspoken law that whenever someone gets a neighbor who isn’t native, everyone nearby needs to throw a big welcoming party and explain the ground rules of Arkham to them. Whether or not the newcomer believes everything is irrelevant. The important part is that they were warned.

·         Tourists are generally viewed as quaint and delicate, and everyone subconsciously hides the more shocking parts of the city from them out of pity.

Joffrey: Sweetness in the Bath (silly name I know..not good with titles)

Imagine Joffrey dismissing the servants so you and he can have a quiet bath together.

(Hope you like it! i am in love with sweet Joff i swear…if only he hadn’t killed Ned….)

(Word Count: 2,135)

“Your bath is ready My Lady,” one of the many servants who had been hired to tend to you day in and day out said as the metal tub was finally full enough with water and scented liquids. Turning to her, you smiled and nodded toward your handmaiden to help you undress. Just as your dress and underclothes landed in a pile on the floor at your feet there was a hard, knock on the door that made you stiffen.

“My Lady, are you expecting company?” your handmaiden asked softly as she grabbed your robe and helped you into it.

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Requiem for Assassins

A/N: A little something I started writing… I’m up to five chapters hand written and two typed but I’m putting out the first chapter… see if the fandom likes it? I get nervous posting my stories since I’m more of an illustrator rather than a writer. Would love feedback for sure!! ~MagickDream

CHAPTER ONE: The Black Lotus

New York, a city full of hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even a year after the defeat of Shredder and Krang, a year after Bebop and Rocksteady were put behind bars; life was back to normal for the citizens of the Big Apple. All thought that with Shredder gone there would be some semblance of peace. That did not seem to be the case what so ever. Karai had managed to slither her way from being apprehended by the police and eagerly kept up with the mantle of leader to the Foot Clan. She was doing everything she could to prepare for the return of their master back to this side of the galaxy with the help of Baxter Stockman. The Foot Clan continued their reign of terror and with that, there came no rest for the unsung heroes of New York. Four brothers, mutant turtles, that stay within the shadows to protect their city. Their home. The events with Krang helped ease the burdens of being detected by the normal people. They now had the complete support of the New York Police Department, a new friend in the former Corrections Officer turned Hockey-masked vigilante and as always they had the continued support of their savior, friend, sister; April O'Neil. Activity still going with the Foot Clan and the rise of a new gang calling themselves Purple Dragons, there was definitely no rest for anyone.

The nightly patrols were a consistency in their lives now, some of those nights yielded complete boredom for them due to lack of anything going on. This night was feeling like one of those nights as the four vigilantes kept watch from atop of one of the many buildings in the city that offered a good view of the streets. Their eyes watching as they waited for something, anything to happen. What they were unaware of at that very moment; they themselves were being watched.

“We’ve got them where we want them, Tanuki. If we don’t do this now they’ll be even harder to find tomorrow night.” A female voice whispered sharply from behind a maroon and white fox mask. She got closer to the edge of the building clad in her maroon and black samurai lookinggear. She looked down seeing the brothers from the advantage point just slightly above them thanks to a higher connected building. A male clad in black and navy blue gear similar to hers gripped her shoulder, his mask that of a raccoon but in the navy and white theme as his clothing.

“Your impatience is starting to wear me thin, Kitsune.“ His whispered words he knew were harsh yet very stern. His light gray eyes beneath his mask locking on to her bright violet ones. He could almost hear her rolling them. "Just wait a few seconds more and we will strike.” “You two keep fighting like that and our marks will bring that fight to us.” Another woman leaning against the door that leads to the stairwell for the building was looking at them. Her dark violet eyes seemed pure black in the shadows she kept to, the white and amber wolf mask hiding her facial features. Uncrossing her arms and walking over to the ledge she took a peek at their marks, her amber and black clothing similar to Kitsune but a bit more elegant. “Go easy on them, Ookami. After all the months of surveillance hasn’t been kind on any of our nerves.” The third female of the group spoke up, her voice came out in a whisper though the tone was more cheery than any of the others had been. That voice came from a figure that stood on top of the ventilation cage to the left of all of them, the plum and black colors of her cutesy outfit made it almost impossible to see her without light. She had her dark gray eyes trained on the four turtles below, her plum and white rabbit mask keeping her face just as hidden as her partners’ masks did.

“Cheerful as always, Usagi.“ Tanuki released Kitsune’s shoulder as he got even closer to the edge. For the fifth time since they came to the rooftop, the turtles gathered to the farthest right corner. The only difference this time was the way their body language translated. They were planning to go to another location and within the next few seconds, Tanuki was sure of it.

“Your call, wonder boy.” Kitsune spat out in a harsh whisper using her favorite nickname for their little groups’ leader. She reached behind her to grab a hold of her weapons she had hidden beneath her cloak. Her twin tessen.

“Usagi, get their attention would you?” Tanuki ordered gently as he grabbed up his naginata from its resting place on the ledge.

“As always, I get to start the fun.“ Usagi reached into the pouch that sat against her right hip, pulling from it four throwing knives. Ookami poised herself as she pulled out her kusarigama she had tucked at the small of her back. With a soft chuckle, Usagi let loose the throwing knives, her aim set at the back of the turtles’ feet.


“I’m tellin’ ya, Leo! Somethin’ ain’t right!” The biggest of the four brothers had been complaining most of the night. There had been something off in his mind every time it was a quiet night. Like they were missing something or were not seeing the whole picture.

“Everything is fine, Raph. It’s another quiet night, so let’s get moving.” The eldest turtle in the blue mask was not about to get into another pointless argument with his red-clad brother. He himself was convinced that tonight was going to be just one more added to the countless nights of peace. Oh, how wrong he was. The sound of metal being buried into the asphalt covered roof made all of them pause.

“You were sayin’?” Raphael sneered at his older brother as they all turned around. The knives that stuck from the pebbles were not at all comforting to the notion of peace. Neither were the four shadows on the rooftop just above their own.

“Get ready. I don’t think they’re on our side.“ Leonardo carefully withdrew his two katana before putting himself in a familiar defensive stance.

“Man! Our dinner is going to get cold!” The youngest clad in the orange mask pulled out his set of nunchaku with a teasing whine in his tone.

“Shut up, Mikey!” The three brothers spoke out in unison.

“Why are they just standin’ there?!” Raph had been itching for some action all night and with this new challenge, he was becoming even more impatient. He gripped both sai tight in his hands, his teeth clenched.

“Chill, Raph. They’re just trying to get our attention.” The fearless leader glared up at the four shadows; prepared for either a fight or a very interesting exchange of words.

“If that was their only motive why do I get the feeling we’re being played?” The tallest out of the brothers adjusted his grip on his bo staff, making sure to keep his golden green eyes on the ones that were sizing them up.

“What if they’re ninjas like us, brah?“ Mikey grinned sparing a quick glance to the purple masked brother; that proved to be an almost painful mistake. He quickly deflected the next dagger that was aimed at him with his nunchaku. His baby blue eyes looked to where the four shadows were just in time to watch them leap down, joining him and his brothers on the same roof.

“Insults like that can get you killed, Michelangelo.” One of them spoke as the group moved toward the light. The way their gear looked slightly confused the youngest of the turtles. They had the whole Ninja vibe going with the weapon choices, the masks and the outfits they were wearing. Ookami had been the one who spoken first while Usagi had taken full advantage of Mikey’s lapse in judgment. “Granted, none of you will be leaving this rooftop alive.”

“Just how do you know his name?!” Leo shifted closer to Mikey taking note that both Raph and Donnie did the same. His eyes caught the movement of the four in front of them mirroring the movements like they were stalking prey.

"It isn’t just his name that we know, Leonardo.” The man in the raccoon mask had spoken up this time, which by the tone and the way he was carrying himself, Leo, figured that he was the leader.

“For fuck’s sake can we drop the small talk?!” Fox girl seemed like a short fuse as she brought her hands from behind her back. With a pop of her wrists the bladed fans opened, the metallic riveting sound they made emphasized her intent. “We got their attention what more do you want, Tanuki?!”

“Ain’t you a piece of work.” Raphael had his eyes set on the girl in the fox mask. Her attitude was something similar to his own. Actually, damn near the exact same as his.

“Rude much, Kitsune?” The one that looked like a bunny had more knives in her hands. “What fun would it be to kill them off quickly? We could at least play with them for a little while first.”

“Or you could tell us why you’re trying to kill us in the first place. Are you working for the Foot Clan?” Donatello had not seen any of the usual tattoos denoting the Purple Dragons or even a Foot Emblem either anywhere on their clothing. He quickly spun his bo, knocking a throwing dagger off course.

“Didn’t Ookami just say insults could get you killed, Donatello?” Usagi’s voice was seeming a bit too sweet to be a cold-blooded killer. That’s when Donnie really looked them over. The shape of their hoods, the emblems that were a connecting point for their sashes; should have all been a dead give away but only if someone were a huge fan of that particular franchise.

“Code name. Hooded robes. I’m going to make an assumption you all have wrist blades hidden in those kimono sleeves.” The purple clad turtle was trying to give his brothers a helpful hint or two about who they were dealing with.

“Woah! No way!” Of course, the game nut would be the first to catch on. “You guys are Assassins! Sweet!” Mikey was proud that he was able to get something right on the first guess and he may have played the games on too many times.

“Give that turtle a cookie!” Ookami laughed which only made the other three Assassins groan out. She looked at them and shrugged, feigning complete innocence. “What?”

“I’m done with the warm and fuzzy crap! We end this now one way or another!” Kitsune growled out and hastily ran towards the four brothers.

“Finally, some action!” Raphael was all too eager to greet the Assassin’s hotheadedness with some of his own.

“Kitsune, stop!” Tanuki knew that his orders weren’t going to work on her now, she was too angry with all of the waiting around. He rushed in after her as he saw not only Raphael advancing on her but Leonardo was joining in with his brother. He managed to swing his naginata in time to catch the twin katana that were about to slice into Kitsune’s side. Kitsune had been able to block out both of Raph’s sai but was taken by complete surprise as he kept rushing her, giving her no choice but to back peddle. The battle officially kicked off as each of the Assassins squared off with one of the brothers. Usagi kept the distance in her favor staying as far from Donatello’s bo staff as she could while still keeping him on his toes with her throwing knives.

“It really is too bad we have to kill you and your brothers. You’re pretty damn cute, Donatello.” Usagi was toying with him, trying to get him to not focus as much which she had a feeling it would not work on him.

“Exactly why do you have to kill us?” He was not at all surprised at how quick and agile she was. The rabbit mask definitely fit her. With each step he took to get closer she was leaping away.

“Don’t you say a word, Usagi!” Kitsune groaned out as her back slammed against the side of the building they had jumped from. Her tessen were closed and hooked in Raph’s sai as he kept her against the wall.

“Aw, is the little fox having trouble with her mouse?” Usagi giggled out as she jumped to the ledge above the both of them. She had been a little too careless teasing Kitsune which bought Donnie enough time to get up to the ledge and behind her. He put his bo over her head and pulled her back against him, cutting off her oxygen as he pressed the weapon to her throat.

“Damn it, Usagi!” Kitsune growled softly and brought her head back down so she could keep an eye on Raph. “Tanuki! Ookami! A little help here?!”

“A little busy, Kitsune!” Ookami was keeping Michelangelo at bay with the use of her kusarigama cursing every time he would bat away the chain with one of his nunchakus.

“Come on.” Mikey teased her in a sing-song voice knowing she was getting frustrated fighting him. “Just tell us why you’re wanting to kill us and Donnie will let the little bunny go.” He was actually having fun with this. Well, it beat having to be bored on another event-less patrol any day.

“Excuse me? Little!” Usagi yelled out before she grabbed a hold of the bo. She did not give the poor turtle behind her a second before she launched him down to his red masked brother below. Kitsune rolled out of the way the second she felt Raph’s focus falter and she had to bite back the laugh seeing both Donatello and Raphael now trying to untangle themselves. Usagi jumped down and stood next to the fox masked woman, leaning against her. A second later laughter rang out from the two women as Michelangelo joined the pile having been kicked there by Ookami.

“Man, we did not just get our asses kicked by girls!” Raphael sat up pushing his brothers off of him but his eyes widened seeing Leonardo now flying right at them. Tanuki had been able to use the dull end of his naginata to send the fearless leader off his feet. The four Assassins surrounded the brothers ready to carry out their mission.

“This is a simple act of revenge for the family you destroyed!” Tanuki pointed the blade of his naginata right at Leo’s face, the anger in his voice heard loud and clear. “Murderers don’t get the luxury of long lives.”

“Dude! We’ve been called a lot of things but, murderers hasn’t been one!” Mikey rubbed the back of his head but he stiffened as the blade of the kusarigama Ookami wielded as right at his jaw, the tip pressing uncomfortably against the skin.

“Do not lie!” She spat out the words like venom. Her patience was beginning to wear thin which was a rare thing for her. “Thirteen years ago you four killed our parents and set our home on fire!”

“For cryin’ out loud lady, it ain’t us!” Raph growled and was not too happy that fox girl had her bladed fan open and at his throat.

“What proof do you have that it wasn’t you, Raphael?” She growled softly wanting so much to slice his neck wide open.

“How ‘bout the fact we’re eighteen!” He grabbed a hold of her wrist since she had got so carelessly close and he pulled her down easily getting her into a headlock. He and his brothers managed to move away from the other three Assassins as Raph kept a tight grip on Kitsune. When he felt her shift her weight he grabbed a hold of the wrist that was trying to connect to his temple and that’s when he saw the hidden wrist blade. “You don’t know when to give up do ya?”

“Part of my charm.” She winced feeling his grip around her neck tighten.

“Let her go.” Tanuki put himself in a stance and bit back a curse seeing the turtles were not backing down on this.

“Tanuki, was it? Can you honestly tell me you saw four six-foot talking turtles come in the middle of the night just to kill your parents and torch your home? We’d be kind of hard to miss.” Leo did not falter from his stance but he sighed out wanting to at least get some kind of headway in all of this. “Raph, ease up. Let the poor woman breathe at least.”

“Ch’ fine.” He loosened his arm hold on Kitsune’s neck and smirked hearing her gasping for air. He had not really noticed how tight he had gripped her. Taking the wrist he had a hold of he placed it behind her back toward the middle of her shoulder blades. Feeling her wince he knew he got the point across for her not to try anything.

“Alright, you’ve made your point.” Tanuki eased his stance placing his naginata at his side in a completely rested position. “Stand down girls.”

“Aw, so we’re done toying with them?” Usagi chuckled as she put the knives she had in her hands back in the pouches on her hips. “Looks like it’s your lucky night, boys.”

“Usagi, don’t be an airhead.” Ookami, let out a chuckle as she put her kusarigama in the holder at the small of her back. “Look we had to give you some kind of reason to attack you. We had to see for ourselves how good you guys are, so we could see if you would be able to help us. Soon as we got the marks for you and were told you guys were responsible for what happened to our parents, we did the math ourselves.”

“Wait a minute. You want our help? Help with what?” Mikey was completely confused. “Can you guys take off the masks? Your faces are hard to read and they’re creepin’ me out a little.”

“This sounds like it’s going to take a while to sort out. Maybe we should take this off of the rooftops?” Donnie was pretty certain that they were not in the safer parts of town.

“Donnie’s got a point.” Leo was trying to think of another place they could all go, somewhere they would not be interrupted.

"Put me down.” Kitsune had her head tilted slightly upward toward the red-clad turtle’s face. She had figured when the weapons were being put away he would have let her go but seeing that not being the case she was starting to get pissed off again.

“You gonna try an’ hit me again?” He raised a brow ridge at the woman he held on to and he smirked seeing the look in her eyes. He knew that look because he’s given it all too often. “Yeah, you’re gonna try an’ hit me again. We’re good right 'ere.”

“Raphael, I would put her down befo-” Tanuki did not even finish the sentence having heard a soft whistle sound. He saw the dart come from the right and was heading straight for Raphael.

“Look out!” Kitsune growled as she kicked up blocking the dart with the side of her knee, taking it from the intended target of Raph’s neck. She groaned plucking the thing off with her free hand when she put it in range. A wince came next when she realized the arm that had been forced behind her back had dislocated from her trick. She glared up at Raphael. “Put. Me. Down.”

“Alright.” Raph was grateful to her for blocking the dart so he sat her back on her feet. He could see the arm he had a hold of was now dislocated which made him feel a little bad but he was caught off guard when she stumbled a little. “Hey, woah. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. We’ve got bigger problems now. Looks like you guys have a Foot Clan infestation too.” Kitsune grabbed up both of her tessen from the ground making sure to put one away for now as they became completely surrounded. “Yo, Ookami!”

“What now?!” She caught the dart Kitsune tossed at her and her eyes widened. “You’ve got about ten minutes before you’re completely knocked out, Kitsune.”

“Thanks. I just need five.”

“Or you could sit this one out and let us deal with these jackasses.” Raphael had his sai out again and moved in front of Kitsune all but ready to fight again.

“You four are coming with us.” One of the Foot Clan members leveled their tranquilizer gun toward Tanuki who was none too happy with being surrounded. “Either willingly or unconscious your choice; Black Lotus Assassins.”