they even finish each other's sentences

little mix ships summed up (bc theres more than just jerrie, tell ur friends)

Jerrie: childhood bffs; finish each others sentences; went to broadway sleep away camp together; cute n innocent; wouldn’t even hurt each other as a joke

Jadesy: typa friends that met in the bathroom when both of them were goin through some shit; protect each other from boys; share healthy sex tips

Leighade: literal sisters; go to concerts and clubs and vacations together; eat dinner together; hold hands; are each others’ plus one; bicker

Pesy: omg kinky af; go to sex shops together; old lesbian couple; the loudest when together; always laughing and talking about penises

Jeleigh: college roomates; always pullin pranks and hosting parties; steal each others clothes; Jesys always roasting leigh, but leigh lets her; moms

Lerrie: !!! Underrated; always fighting and constantly jealous of each others gorgeousness; ride or die; would buy 100 dogs together; have made out in real life on camera TWICE; constantly feeling each other up and look like they want to devour eachother

It’s a dangerous game and no matter how long you play it it will always be able to find a way to make you lose

It’s the best game in the world. It will have you analyzing more than connect 4, it will have you feeling more murderous than the card in the Clue envelope. If you win it feels even better than monopoly

Love is not a game to play lightly. If you gamble it’s a loose all or gain a million kind of deal. No one leaves it alive. But sometimes you can die together.

It’s everything the hallmark cards will tell you. It’s a million butterflies in your stomach. It’s a finish each others sentences kind of thing. It’s a I don’t write poetry but I here you go kind of thing.
It’s a this reminded me of you and you alone kind of thing.

Love is two am phone calls no matter the topic of discussion. It’s the tears and the laughter, the insomnia and the sleeping side by side. You will never be more happy to be awake. You will never sleep so easy.

Love is different for every player. It’s purple emoji hearts. It’s a tiny house in Alabama. It’s everything you want and nothing like you thought it would be.

It’s what you think of when you think of freedom. You will only be able to imagine all your apartments with them inside. It’s look at how beautiful the stars are. It’s look how much more beautiful they are. They outshine Orion.

Love is a dangerous game and you will always learn the hard way. But you will always, always be waiting for the next round.

—  8 Things About The Game of Love
Want to Improve your Communication Skills?

1. Listen carefully when others are speaking. Keep your mouth shut – and focus totally on them.

2. Never, ever talk over other people. This is disrespectful – and a real turn off.

3. Even if the person leaves an hour between each word, resist the temptation to complete their sentence for them.

4. Don’t interrupt - let the other person finish. Then, acknowledge what they’ve shared before adding your own thoughts.

5. Paraphrase or summarise what’s just been shared. It shows that you have listened – and are keen to understand.

6. Maintain good eye contact as this says you’re interested, and the speaker and their story are important to you.

Reasons I will never get over the diner scene in the last episode of DGHDA

1. Todd and Dirk sitting extremely close together because they are so comfortable with each other now

2. Farah having faith in Dirk and investing in his agency

3. Dirk being completely bowled over by this even though he’s been loudly insisting everyone would join his detective agency for the whole season

4. Dirk then trying to recover from his surprise at having two new friends/colleagues who like him and believe in him, trying to play it cool even though he’s tragically bad at it

5. Todd and Dirk finishing each other’s freaking sentences oh my god

6. “So sane we’re boring”

7. Todd and Farah, the neurotic, affection-starved worrywarts of the show LAUGHING and having a good time with Dirk

8. Dirk wearing the Mexican Funeral t-shirt under his fucking yellow jacket because Todd PICKED OUT THAT FUCKING OUTFIT FOR HIM

9. Farah taking a chance on life and her weird new friends, embracing the weird, you go Farah

10. Dirk being a ball of sunshine and finally having Todd join in his laughter instead of just staring at him with the wide, angry eyes of emotional constipation

11. Did I mention they literally finish each other’s sentences

I mean man, what a great final ending wrap-up scene after which literally nothing happened

I know that it’s cute to think of Fitzsimmons giving ridiculously romantic speeches for their vows, and trying to out romance each other, but consider:

Finishing each other’s sentences in the vows. And like, not planning it. Just knowing what their partner is going to say, so finishing the crazy romantic line for each other. And then the entire team being reduced to tears because these are not the same dorky, naive scientists they first adopted, but after all they’ve been through, they’re even closer, and still “psychically linked”.

Dramione AU #15
  • Draco: It's Like Hermione and I were meant to be together. We even finish each others s-
  • Hermione: SENTENCES!
  • Draco: Don't interrupt me, darling
Jared Leto Daughter Headcanons: Opposite

ψ  She has no interest in how music is made just likes to listen
ψ  She prefers to listen to R&B instead of rock
ψ  Instead of being an artistic soul she gravitates towards the sciences 
ψ  Can’t stand fanny packs 
ψ  He buys her VIP tickets at coachella but she prefers to pay for her own general admission. Steals his jean jacket to sew a patch on that says “fuck VIP” 
ψ  Wears Dior to his Gucci
ψ  Hates being on camera 
ψ  Loves to party and experience LA’s nightlife 
ψ  Makes waffles not pancakes
ψ  Impulsive adventurous to his organized chaos 
ψ  Goes cave diving instead of rock climbing 
ψ  Even though they’re night and day with most stuff they always finish each others sentences, have each others backs, are on he same page, and are sarcastic to a fault. It’s a capricorn thing.
ψ Always giving each other that look because they can’t get enough of each other

For anon

Imagine Sam and Dean introducing you to Castiel for the first time.

“This is Castiel.” Said Dean.


“Yeah, he’s an…” began Sam.

“Angel. He’s an angel.” You finished Sam’s sentence.

“Yeah… how did you know?” Asked Dean, confused.

You turned towards Castiel before replying softly, “I can see your wings.”

Both Sam and Dean just stare at each other in shock. “What!?” They both shout.

“How is that even possible,” begins Dean. “Humans can’t see an angels’ wings.”

“That is correct,” says Castiel. “But there is an exception to that statement.”

“An exception? Really?” Asks Dean.

“Yes, humans cannot see an angels’ wings unless…”

“Of course,” shouts Sam, interrupting Castiel. “The myth about guardian angels!”

You and Dean turn to stare at Sam.

“Yes,” continues Castiel. "Humans can’t see a typical angels’ wings but they can see their guardian angels’ wings. Think of it as a… like a “bonding thing” between the human and their angel.“

“So, you’re my guardian angel?” You ask as Castiel nods. “I have my very own angel!” You shout excitedly with a smile.

Meet in the Middle - Holtzmann x Reader

Summary: The reader and Holtzmann are best friends. Reader’s boyfriend cheats on her and Holtzmann takes the opportunity to confess.

Words: 1756

Warnings: none

A/N: Requested by an anon

Reader is bisexual

Enjoy! x

You and Holtzmann had been best friends for as long as you can remember. You’d worked closely with her and Abby for a while now. You did everything with Holtzmann; you two were totally inseparable and Abby could swear that you were psychically linked somehow; you even finished each other’s sentences sometimes. Whether it was throwing M&Ms into each others mouths, playing on the PS4 at your place, singing show tunes together or even just having dance offs to 80s music, it was always something entertaining to watch. You had serious moments as well, but hanging out with you two was always a barrel of laughs and flirty jokes.

However, as well as the banter and general madness there was an undeniable chemistry between the pair of you. Neither of you would admit it, but you’d definitely be lying if you said you hadn’t considered the prospect of being together.

Erin had noticed it once when the gang was out and you and Holtzmann were dancing. You two had always been close but this was a whole new level of “close”. She’d mentioned it to Abby who brushed it off saying, that’s just the way they were; but Patty gave Erin a knowing look telling the physicist she saw it too. Erin’s theory gained further evidence later that same evening when a guy was outrageously flirting with you but you were clearly not interested. For a start you had a boyfriend and second, he so wasn’t your type. Holtzmann, Patty, Erin and Abby were sat at a table. You’d gone up to get drinks and when you’d been accosted by the sleaze-ball. He definitely couldn’t take a hint because every time you tried to leave, he made to carry on talking to you. Holtzmann was watching closely – she’d deny it if you asked but she was definitely jealous.

‘I’m going up there,’ she stated.

‘Holtz, don’t,’ Erin tried to grab her friend.

‘That guy looks like a jerk, also I want my drink now,’ she retorted before heading towards you. 

‘Hey J,’ you gave her a look of relief. Before you knew what was happening, she kissed you. Finally taking it as his cue to leave, the guy mumbled something you didn’t quite catch as he left. Holtzmann pulled away when he was gone. You looked at her for a second before the pair of you cracked up laughing.

‘I should get into awkward situations like that more often.’ You teased, nudging her before picking up her drink and handing it to her, ‘you’re the best wing-woman ever.’

‘And don’t you forget it.’ She grinned as you two headed back to your table.

Nothing was awkward after that, much to your relief but you’d be lying if you didn’t suddenly find yourself developing a small crush on her. In turn, Holtzmann’s affection for you certain grew more and more. And would continue to do so. Erin kept quiet, but she’d be damned if you two didn’t end up together somehow.

Presently, you were all eating dinner, still at the firehouse, laughing and joking about something or other. Far too soon, it was time for you to go. You pulled your phone out to text your boyfriend, telling him your were coming home and waved to your friends as you left.

When you got home, you quickly realised that your boyfriend clearly hadn’t received your text. You found clothes, women’s clothes discarded all around the apartment only to find your boyfriend in your room with another girl. In utter shock, which these days you only remember as a blur, you had yelled at Andrew, kicked the girl out and gathered the few items he’d kept at your place and kicked him out as well. It was messy and there were tears and the image is engrained into your mind but you try your hardest to get it out of your head. You take a few moments to try and calm down before pulling your phone out and texting Holtzmann.

Jill, I need you.

Holtzmann was the only one still at work; she called you the second she read your text.  

‘You only call me Jill when things are serious. What happened, (Y/N/N)?’

‘He… can you just come over?’ her stomach dropped when you spoke. She’d never heard you sound so betrayed, ‘please.’ It came out as a whisper. Holtzmann put down the screwdriver she had in her hand.

‘Give me seven minutes and twenty six seconds.’ She said before hanging up. She ripped her coat off the back of her seat, grabbed her keys – glad you’d given her one to your door – and headed straight for the door.

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Teen Wolf Preference: Your Best Friends

Scott: Stiles

You and Stiles have been friends ever since you guys were in diapers and you guys know each other so well, you guys practically finish each other’s sentences.


You and Lydia are opposites but you know what they say “Opposites attract” and that’s how your guy’s friendship pretty much was. Lydia was the popular one and you weren’t so much but that never stop you guys from becoming amazing friends/sisters.

Stiles: Scott

Stiles introduce Scott to you freshmen year of high school and after that you and Scott became inseparable. You guys would even go places without Stiles which caused he to become jealous. 


You met Allison through Scott and you became Allison’s first true friend. You and Allison were always together and refused to go anywhere without each other.

Liam: Mason

You and Mason were the same person, you guys both liked to watch the boys lacrosse, play video games, and stay up all night talking about random things. Whenever Liam couldn’t hang out with Mason, you were always there by Mason’s side.


You and Hayden always competed against each other, you guys always loved to go head to head with each other to see who could do things faster but it was always friendly competition. 

Brett: Liam

When Liam moved to Beacon Hills, you were really bummed out because you guys always hung out everyday but ever since you went to Brett’s lacrosse game against Beacon Hills, you and Liam started to talk again and soon enough you guys went back hanging out more after and before school whenever you could make the trip.


You and Malia became close friends when you decided to stay after school and watch the Beacon Hills lacrosse game and during the game when the ref pulled a penalty flag on the team, you and Malia rose in angry towards the ref and you guys started complaining about the ref the whole game and you guys instantly became besties.  

Parrish: Derek

You and Derek were long time friends since your guy’s moms were childhood friends. When you figured out that you were a werewolf, Derek was the first person you went to and ever since then Derek was always by your side ready to help you get through any situations.

Deputy Clark

You met Deputy Clark when you decided to have lunch with Parrish at the station and Parrish got called in for an emergency. Clark came by your side and started to make conversation with you while you waited for Parrish to come back. You guys were so into the conversation you guys were having that you didn’t notice Parrish had come back to the station and was sitting next to you guys.

Derek: Aiden and Ethan

You and the twins met in school and even though it bothered Derek, to you the twins were these sweet, caring, and supportive guys that were always by your side. Eventually Derek accepted the friendship and sometimes he would even join you and the twins while you guys were watching movies together.


Cora helped you get through a lot of emotional stress and even helped train you in controlling your angry and shifts. At first it was like you guys were forced to be together thanks to Derek but after awhile you guys slowing got used to each other and you guys actually enjoyed being together and became good friends.

Isaac: Jackson

You and Jackson both hated each other at first but when you were forced to work with him in a science project, you started to see he wasn’t that bad of a guy. When the project was done Jackson asked you if you wanted to hang out with him after school and you said yes and that was the start of your guy’s amazing friendship.


You were Erica’s only friend and you helped her through the troubling times she went through. You were always there for her especially when she was going through her werewolf phase. You guys were super close and nothing could ever tear you guys apart.

Jackson: Isaac

You and Isaac’s  friendship started out awkward due to the fact that Isaac never really opened up to you but once you broke through his thick shell, you guys became closer then ever and you were able to help Isaac through the pain and hard times and Isaac was the same way for you as well.


You joined the gang when they traveled to Mexico because you really wanted to help. When you first met Braeden you didn’t really know what to think of her, but as the trip furthered on you and Braeden became really close and you guys even saved each other’s lives from the Berserkers.

Theo: Parrish

You and Parrish met when you accompanied Stiles and Scott during your guy’s free period. You waited outside the Sheriff’s office while Scott and Stiles talk to the Sheriff in his room. While you were waiting, Parrish decided to make conversation with you because of how bored you looked. You guys ended up playing 20 questions and you learned so much about each other, when the guys were done talking to the Sheriff you and Parrish exchanged numbers and became best friends after that day.


Kira was always so supportive and kind towards you even though in the beginning you guys didn’t know each other, she was still always nice to you. You guys never really became friends until junior year of high school when you guys had 4 periods together and thanks to having a lot of classes together you guys were able to become closer then ever.


Amycus Carrow & Alecto Carrow + Aesthetics

Amycus and Alecto had always been eerily close. They are side by side in everything, a dangerous combination of legendary skill and inner madness. Even from a young age, the twins had the tendency to finish the other’s sentences, to say just the same thing at just the same time as the other. They rarely fought, and seldom seemed to even find the need to use words to communicate. Many were put off by them, but neither cared. The only person in the world that mattered to either was each other.