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hi mom! can you please do the apartment!au for shinee?

me back at it again with the shinee aus when will i stop


  • when someone asks him if he has kids onew is always like ,,,,,,, do i really look that old,,,,,,, and the person is like oh no!! i was just asking?? and onew has to excuse himself and sit in his apartment quietly for the next four hours lamenting over how he’s become a Dad without having any actual kids
  • calls over jonghyun to help him see if he’s got any grey hairs growing
  • tried to keep plants for a while but they all died and sat on his windowsill for a month before he remembered to throw them out
  • is pretty indifferent to how his apartment actually looks and he gets scolded by key because “hyung,,,,,your bed sheets are hot pink and your rug is mustard yellow and your pillows are zebra stripes this place is a Hot Mess”
  • onew’s most well known for being really really good at saving up money. like ,,,,,, he knows all the grocery stores that are having sales on eggs like a month in advance. the old ladies love him
  • he’s always got coupons in his wallet and coupons pinned to his fridge like you won’t catch onew paying those extra 75 cents for milk no sirie
  • and you’ve been wondering for the past couple of weeks,,,,,,where the hell your sunday coupons have been going. someone always delivers a flyer of a bunch of them over the weekend but you haven’t gotten any???? and it’s so weird
  • but one day as you’re leaving early to get some laundry done you open your door and there’s your neighbor onew,,,,,,in his hands,,,,,,,,your coupon flyer
  • and you’re like “THIEF”
  • and onew is like “wAIT ,,,,, I CAN EXPLAIN”
  • and you’re like “four weeks of coupons. you owe me FOUR. WEEKS. OF. COUPONS.”
  • and onew is like,,,,,,,,,fine ill give you all the coupons i have right now to make up for it and you’re like pfft how much is that like five??
  • but he legitamtely pulls out a wad of coupons that looks like a wad of cash and you’re like holy shit there’s like fifty in here and onew is like “im the King of getting thos Good Deals”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god but also you’re interested,,,,,like how does one become the king of good deals
  • and onew is like “it all begins with a zen body and a zen soul,,,,,and then you think about how money rules everything and if you can get bread ten cents cheaper today that ten cents can save you tomorrow”
  • and you’re looking at him like woah,,,,,,,,,,,,,why am i so attracted to you right now
  • and onew is like “oh it’s because im also handsome” and you’re like good point
  • and he’s like “ill take you out sometime when i get enough coupons to get us two free dinners at the kfc down the street”


  • you know those neighbors who decorate their door for every holiday even if they don’t celebrate that holiday. that’s jonghyun. 
  • like jonghyun you’re not irish why is your door covered in green banners and glitter and pots of gold and a life size cutout of a leprechaun,,,,,,,st.patricks day isn’t even that popular in korea
  • but also like jonghyun is really hard not to like because he’s got a glowing personality that’s so upbeat and open minded ,,,,,,,well then there’s probably some Sad Salty people who wouldn’t like it
  • but you know,,,,,, he’s cute if he sees the grandma’s outside practicing their morning yoga he’s like “doing great ladies~” and he like ruffles kids hair or gives them snacks that he’s bring back home
  • like he’s a cheerful guy and his apartment is obviously that of a laidback person because he’s got blankets like everywhere and half-eaten bowls of cereal on the floor next to magazines thrown haphazardly here and there
  • but like if anyone has any complaints he’s like “hey, my kitchen has a vase with a flower in it that isn’t dead. that’s all the aesthetic i need”
  • mostly he uses his bedroom as a practice studio and sometimes he gets too loud but if anything people like his voice too much to tell him to stop
  • and you know jonghyun because of a tiny little,,,,,,,,,,,ok very big,,,,,feud you’ve both had going on when it comes to new years decorations
  • like every year you see jonghyun go all out and finally you were like, you know what, i wanna do that too
  • and so you ended up buying a wreath slightly bigger than his and getting lights on your door and jonghyun,,,,,,,,,,,well jonghyun decided this was a battle now
  • and so every time new year comes around everyone is like whoose door is gonna be prettier yours or jonghyuns???? 
  • and this year jonghyun even paid onew fifty bucks to stand infront of his door dressed as a snowman for added Effect
  • but you know onew so all it took was some food and onew betrayed jonghyun in a heartbeat and jonghyun,,,,,well jonghyun ends up pounding on your door and he’s like “that’s against the rules you can’t BRIBE my decorations,,,,”
  • and you’re like “there are no rules jonghyun also did you just call onew a ‘decoration’??” and jonghyun is like NOT THE POINT why are you trying so hard to beat me
  • and you’re like im not,,,,,,i jsut want a pretty door and he’s like HEY don’t play innocent and you’re like hmm,,,,idk what you’re talking about,,,,,,
  • and jonghyun is like “you took away my snowman, now i can take something of yours away!” and he reaches out to take off your wreath but then he’s like “wait. is this made of mistletoe?”
  • and you’re like “yeah wh- oh wait” and jonghyun’s hand is already lifting and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,we’re under the mistletoe wreath,,,,,,” and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we’re enemies”
  • and jonghyun is like “in the end you’re the cutest neighbor ive ever head and we can keep being enemies but like why not kiss and see where that takes us?”
  • and you’re like oh my god how did he transition from being pissed at me to flirting with me so naturally
  • but you’re like you know,,,,whatever jonghyun IS pretty cute himself so you lean up and jonghyun uses his free hand to cup your cheek
  • and when you pull back you’re like “so? we’re still enemies?”
  • and jonghyun is like “well,,,,,,,,,how about this you give me another kiss and i take this wreath and we’ll call it even. maybe we’ll even call it,,,,, are you free this weekend for a date?” 


  • put his dogs names up next to his on his nameplate outside his apartment 
  • more pet furniture than people furniture,,,,,,closet bigger than my hopes and dreams,,,,,,a stock of different wines in the refrigerator as well as an assortment of cheeses and grapes
  • is the only member of his group to have actually purchased wine glasses to drink wine. onew drinks it out of a mug, jonghyun broke all his glasses, minho drinks from the bottle and taemin is banned from wine. and anything that isn’t really lite beer
  • everyone who owns a dog in the building admires key because holy moly,,,,,he keeps them so well cleaned and they’re so well mannered and key is like “Yes, these are my Children”
  • a really good neighbor because for the most part he just locks himself in his room and watches dramas while shit talking them over the phone with friends
  • and when he does have people over it’s like,,,,,it’s never loud or crazy they all just sit in a circle and discuss the Drama while looking at fashion magazines or doing face masks like how,,,,,,ideal
  • speaking of Drama key lives for the building drama like omg what did miss kim do with the other miss kim’s husband last weekend WOAH do tell
  • you know key because out of everyone on your floor you,,,,,literally have never gotten into a fight with anyone or started anything and key is just like ,,,,,,,whenever he sees you he’s like how can a person be so lowkey 
  • and key is sure you’re hiding something so one afternoon you hear a knock on your door and there’s key,,,,,,,,holding a bottle of what you presume is like champagne and he’s like “we haven’t properly got to know each other so i came over to offer you a drink ^^” and you’re like o,,,oh sure come in
  • and key is like looking around and you’re like oh no is he judging me??? but in reality he’s just trying to see if there’s anything weird about you or like,,,,,,,,if there’s anything that gives away a secret
  • but you moved in only a couple of months ago so you haven’t done much with decorating
  • and you like take the bottle of champagne but you can’t open it no matter how hard you try and key chuckles because,,,,how cute and opens it with like a flick of his wrist
  • and you two sit,,,,,,at first in awkward silence as key swivels the glass around in his hand and you’re taking nervous sips trying to think of small talk
  • and key finally is like “tell me the truth: you’re actually a royal in hiding?” and you’re like fhljsasfd what???? and key sits back and is like “there has to be something about you,,,,,,,,something about you that you want no one to know since you have become close to anyone else out of your neighbors”
  • and you’re like????? i mean not really im just a busy ,,,,,,person???/
  • and key is like hmmmmm and you’re like “i,,,,,uh,,,,,,really hated this recent drama” and key perks up and is like “oh - why?” and i guess you just get super heated about this drama
  • because you end up talking for a while about how bad the plot is and how the actors could have been put in another better work and key is like “fINALLY, someone unDERSTANDS ME”
  • and you two both just go off about how you hated the main antagonist and for all the wrong reasons and how the main girl was such a mary sue and blah blah blah
  • you guys end up talking for like four freakin hours until key is like “i need to go and feed the kids!!” and you’re like kids?? wait oh dogs
  • and key is like “i thought you were gonna turn out to be some kind of freaky bug collector or something,,,,,,but you’re really cool and we should totally meet up and watch that other drama coming out so we can talk about how it’s definitely going to be a horrible nightmare”
  • and you’re like ok????/ at the bug collector thing but ok!!!!! and meeting up
  • and key smiles and he’s like “also, you look cuter with your hair down like this. really casual and nice. keep it like that more often” and then he’s gone and you’re left with a pounding heart a bit and half a bottle of champagne 


  • more gym equipment then necessary in his apartment,,,,,used those display cabinets that usually house like silverware to display all his signed soccer balls
  • has a ps4 but only to play one game: fifa
  • to put it bluntly his place looks like a ‘bachelors pad’ but at least it isn’t as messy as jonghyuns (or as hoarded up as taemins)
  • and for the most part minho is really liked by the neighbors because he actually takes the time to recycle and he’s nice enough to volunteer his time to help with morning exercise for the elderly if he can
  • but also minho please stop wearing a headband to bed,,,,,,no one does that,,,,,,,,, please
  • has the habit of putting the tv volume all the way up during a game and sometimes also yelling even louder than that tv and he’s had some noise complaints made about him,,,,,,im not going to lie
  • but he’s just a passionate boy who really loves sports and has a good heart like he calls his mom every chance he gets and gives some of his money to charities to help fund more afterschool sports clubs for kids like,,,,,,,a sweetheart
  • and you’ve been friends for a good while. sometimes you’ll come over and watch the games with minho and his friends and yes there are times when you’re there for the actual game. other times it’s because he orders an insane amount of pizza and you’re all about that
  • but also like,,,,,,,,,,for as long as you’ve known him,,,,you’ve always found minho like really super cute,,,,,,,
  • so seeing his concentrated face on the game, handsome features like a strong jaw and soft brown eyes like,,,,,,,you don’t mind coming over for the View
  • but as always,,,,,you somehow end up embarrassing yourself in front of the people you like
  • and it’s the most embarrassing when you lock yourself out of your apartment and knock on minho’s and he’s like “what’s up?? why do you look so down??” and you’re like “minho,,,,,,,we have a problem”
  • and when you purpose the idea of opening his window so you can climb out of it and try and stretch your leg out to the ledge of your own apartments balcony
  • minho is like,,,,,,,, “we’re five floors up though,,,,,,” and you’re like pfft that’s nothing ILL BE FINE
  • but then you two open the window and you look down and you’re like ok frick no i wont be fine
  • and minho is like “hey, you can spend the night here and in the morning get the landlord to unlock your door” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,spend,,,,,the night,,,,,,,
  • and minho grins and is like “ill take the couch, you can have my bed!” and you’re like oh my god,,,,and he’s like “here you can borrow a shirt of mine to sleep in since you don’t want to sleep in what you wore outside” 
  • and you’re like,,,,,this feels very,,,,,,intimate
  • and when you change into the oversized jersey you’re like,,shyly coming out and minho is on the couch and when he looks up like not even he can hide his obvious stare
  • and you’re like WELL ILL JUST ,,,,,,,,, go to sleep and he’s like “it’s 8pm though” and you’re like Right,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you sit down beside him on the couch and it’s a little (a lot) awkward but then minho is like “how about i teach you to play FIFA?” 
  • and you agree and before you know it you’ve got your hands on the controller and minho is cheering you on and you’re like i SUCK but he’s like you’re doing great!!!!
  • and once you get your first goal minho like pulls you into a hug and you snuggle your face into his chest
  • bUT THEN YOU’RE BOTH LIKE OH SHIT IM SORRY!!! And let go and it’s like you’re both blushy and like ok someone cut the tension with a knife just tell each other you like each other and makeout let’s gooooo 


  • described as “interesting” by most of the people in the building 
  • has no sense of like,,,,,,throwing things out like he’s very much a hoarder and likes to collect trinkets and things he finds amusing but then forgets about in like 10 minutes but like now it’s here,,,,taking up shelf space
  • you know when people are like “i just picked this up off the floor and wore it” like taemin does that but he literally does that like ,,,, it’s not like he pulls things out of his closet it’s like “oh! there’s a shirt on the kitchen counter and some pants hanging off the bathroom wall,,,,,,,ok good outfit”
  • but he also has some kind of cute, nostalgic things in his apartment like pressed flowers he’s hung in frames and pictures of him and his friends when he was really young
  • and he never bothers anyone, sure he can come off a little,,,,,,eccentric with mostly black and white wardrobe, multiple piercings, and like,,,,,long skinny body
  • but like,,,,,he’s sweet also the neighborhood stray animals are attracted to him like a magnet. they’ll follow him home and he always has to carry them back out onto the sidewalk with a really sad face
  • and your window is right across from taemins,,,,,like you’re neighbors but in different buildings but you also see him around the neighborhood a lot
  • and you’re like well one day you notice that when you look out of your window at like 3 am because you’re up doing work you see the lights on in taemin’s living room and then you see him?????????
  • dancing????????
  • to like???? a song from the 70s???? and then straight up like trot music and you don’t mean to be Weird and stare but there he is sliding around his living room dancing
  • and you think it’s endearing because tbh you have your own Weird quirks about you that you’ll do when no ones watching like everyone does it
  • but it’s cute and nice to know that there are other people out there who dance to old music at 3 am
  • and maybe it’s because of taemin or maybe because you always wanted to do it you turn on this popular idol groups song at like 3 am one day and decide you’re gonna teach yourself some moves
  • and you’re trying to get into it, really just giving up on actual dance steps and just like dancing around your house being weird and like serenading your pillow
  • and when you do a twirl you look over and you swear you see taemin’s lights on as well
  • and you’re like dhkgjf i need to stop before he,,,,,,sees me like i saw him
  • but the next morning as you’re at the bus stop you notice taemin is there too and he’s ???? walking over to you???//
  • and you don’t talk much but he’s like hey!! and you’re like hi?? and he’s like “so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you dance at random times at night too?”
  • and you turn cherry red because oH GOD HE,,,,saw you
  • but taemin is just grinning and he’s like “it’s fun right? i bet a lot of people do it but it’s cool that we’re neighbors that both do it - that way we probably don’t bother each other!!”
  • and you swallow but you’re embarrassed and you’re like,,,,,,,,,, “i can’t believe you saw that,,,,,,” and taemin just gives you a shocked expression and he’s like 
  • “don’t be so flustered, it’s cool!!!!!! we should have a dance-over one day”
  • and you’re like a dance-over?? and taemin’s grinning again and he’s like yeah! it’s a sleep-over but instead of sleep we dance!!!!1
  • and you’re like huh omg that sounds fun and he’s like it is here, take my number
  • and he pulls a pen from his bag and flips your hand over to scribble down numbers on your palm and you’re like hehe because it tickles
  • but the bus is coming and taemin is like i gtg, but text me!!!!! and he gives you another smile
  • this one that makes you realize that up close,,,,,,taemin is so damn cute and now you have his number like,,,,,,,,,,,,way to GO and it’s all thanks to you two being big dorks who love to get jiggy with it at night LOL 

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*squeals* Hello! IDW Rodimus, Drift, Brainstorm, and Swerve being jealous over bot s/o headcanons please :)

Sorry this is so late, darling U3U

Rodimus immediately makes himself known to whomever is chatting you up. He slings an arm around your shoulders and bumps his hips against yours, kissing your cheek and saying “hey babe.” He makes sure to act as un-impressed as possible toward the other person- sighing, rolling his eyes, talking over him. Don’t be surprised when he acts childish; if the other person is being obnoxious he won’t hesitate to “blah blah blah” them. It ends up with them storming off and Rodimus laughing about it. He is Immature.

Drift respects your space, but… he wants to intervene. You’re just talking to someone; it should be no big deal, but… he often mixes up protectiveness and jealousy (he’s working on it!) He stands to the side a bit behind you, partly to not interrupt and partly because he’s subtly trying to intimidate the person you’re with. The moment they get flirty he’s got a hold of your servo, puffing his chest out with his best “bitch, try me” look at the other person. Even after they leave he’s clingy and keeps wanting to kiss you.

Brainstorm is a whiny lil shit when he’s jealous. He hangs all over you, “baaabe… baaaaaabe… babe.” Huh, is someone talking? He can’t hear it over how much he loooooves you. You’ll have to take him aside and talk to him about it; he’s self-conscious, but he’ll tone it down if you reassure him there’s no need to be jealous. No, you’re not going to leave him.

Swerve get SEVERLY jealous, but he doesn’t show it. So you’re hanging out with someone. So what? Of course you do, it’s not like you only hang out with him. During the rest of the day you notice he’s slow and even a little grumpy. When you convince him to talk to you about it he admits he’s afraid you’ll find someone better. Please cuddle him and reassure him. Now, if he notices someone is flirting with you he tells them to leave you alone. They’re taken, bub.  

I was reading a lot of “Bakugou with a quirkless kid” headcanons and what-not with him knowing they can’t be a hero blah blah blah.

But hear me out:

What if Deku ended up choosing them to inherit One For All? Did u ever think of that, huh?

Originally posted by veteranchild

Also, I’ve been pretty blah about Dany and Jon. If they end up together, whatevs. If they don’t, I don’t really care. But I’m honestly seeing zero chemistry between them. And it’s not because I ship Jonsa (I know it’s pretty unlikely they’ll end up together) but MAN, Dany had waaay more chemistry with Jorah in those five minutes than with Jon in three episodes. I don’t get it. I see zero attraction to each other. *shrug*

Heart - VK Fic (Zeki)

Although Yuuki was always told that life would be full of twists, some cruel and some splendid, she had never pictured things to come to this. Maybe if she hadn’t let herself get so attached to the point where her heart ached with love every time she saw those soft eyes, ones that caressed her tenderly with each gaze, she wouldn’t be in the slightest bit upset. 

However, she’d made the choice against the will of her family to be with the kindhearted officer who acted as security to her family since his early teen years. He was her light in a sea of darkness, he pulled her to shore before she could drown. 

Thanks to Zero, this brave knight, she was able to live her life in the sunlight. It was always dangerous to go alone, and her brother Kaname was busy with other obligations. Zero acted as her personal bodyguard, her extra-hours tutor and, eventually, her lover. She didn’t have much else in the way of people in her life. Her parents were murdered by her jealous uncle in a fit of blind rage when she was small, and until recently he was on the loose.

That’s a lot of why Zero was there. To protect her from Rido. To protect her from the people her older brother had to deal with on a daily basis. To show her she could live for herself. Neither of them anticipated love, and neither of them anticipated this moment either. 

His words were static noise in her ears as he spoke them. The splendid twists and turns of blossoming love were grinding to a halt and reworking in an anti-clockwise motion as he told her. Ichiru was dying and only a transplant of the heart would save him. Zero’s heart alone was the ‘cure’. 

The heart, without a physical heart of his own Zero wouldn’t live on. Even if she pledged to give her own heart a thousand times over, her love and devotion inside her own heart alone wouldn’t create a new organ in its place for him. He loved his brother so much that he was going to die for him, and there was nothing Yuuki could say to change his mind. 

She remembered then that Kaname had also been a twin. However, his twin died suspiciously during a visit from her uncle Rido, and though her parents never pressed charges in fear of scandal or backlash, Rido was ordered to stay as far away as possible from the Kuran family. Perhaps that’s why he came back after those years with little money, no respect and a sullied name to murder both parents and, without success, Yuuki by extension. 

Kaname had never been the same since their parents had died, though. The two siblings had never been incredibly close because of their circumstances, but she longed to have some sort of relationship with her brother that wasn’t built on a foundation of this obsessive need to protect her. Secretly, she’d blame herself for being born and living on where her parents and his twin had to die. It was irrational, but it was the only way she knew how to deal with it. 

There was only one person who could get through to Kaname, perhaps the same way that only Zero could get through to her. This person was called Chiyo. She was a heroine amongst officers like Zero, and a mysterious figure to their peers. It was thanks to her lineage that there was such a strong force protecting the town, that Zero’s family was apart of that force. In that respect, Yuuki had a lot of admiration for this woman. 

Bitterly, though, she wondered in that moment if this was divine vengeance for the crime of happiness given to her when it should only belong to her long-suffering brother. Zero seemed to read her thoughts from studying her expression alone, and he reached out with a thumb to brush away gathering tears - a sign of comfort, a plea for calmness. 

He always seemed to know what he was doing, he was always so calm in the face of the storm. Yuuki didn’t know if she loved that or resented that about him in that moment of anguish and panic. Like her, Zero had also lost both of his parents in dire circumstances. Like her, all Zero had left was his sibling. 

Still, Yuuki cried herself to sleep that night. She was sure that the servants could hear her, she was sure Kaname could hear her, but she didn’t care. She felt her tears were selfish and yet she still let them flow from her eyes and stain her cheeks. That night she decided she couldn’t let Zero die, she’d give her physical heart to him instead. 

It was expected, though, that her plans would be foiled as soon as they were drawn up in her head. Zero seemed to know just as well as Kaname of Yuuki’s reckless behaviour, and the manor was scheduled to be put under lockdown. Chiyo was in charge of watching Yuuki as Zero and Ichiru were both prepared for the operation. 

Chiyo was exactly as Yuuki would have expected for her brother’s tastes. She was tall, slender and attractive. Her light hair was quite long and had a simple braid in the front. Kaname loved long hair, it was likely he himself who braided that small piece for her. From the way he spoke of her and the way she did him, it was clear that the two had deep feelings for one another. 

However, Kaname was duty bound in ways that he would not let Yuuki be. He was supposed to marry into a family of his own class, certainly not a woman who once led a rebellious group and now was a figurehead in the community of justice. That was too practical. 

Yuuki realised that Zero’s imminent death was supposed to be a sacrifice for her. She’d had her time bathing in the sunlight, something her older brother never had much of a chance to do himself. In that moment as she gazed over at Chiyo, who appeared to be in a quiet but deep discussion with Kaname in the corner of the room, she decided that she’d marry in Kaname’s place - because she wanted him to be with the woman he loved as gratitude for giving her a chance to live a happy life. 

On the day of the operation, Yuuki was undeniably stricken with grief and despair, but she remained in the manor obediently. She was left with a few guards and servants, Chiyo and Kaname both were not home - presumably preparing for the funeral arrangements amongst other things. The thought made her sick to her stomach. 

When Kaname came home, she was practically crawling up the walls. He approached his sister and carefully placed his hands on her shoulders. 

“It’s done.” 

Her heart felt akin to a heavy stone being thrust from the fingers of careless children down into a bottomless well. Her throat was dry, her eyes were red-rimmed and sore, her body was shaking and her stomach was turning. 

Then there was the pounding in her head like a drum echoing through a great hall. At the end of that hall by a door left ajar was her beloved Zero, cloaked in a brilliant light of pearl. Even from that distance, she saw those loving eyes boring into her own, keeping her safe from the shadows between them. But he was turning away from her so slowly she had not even noticed for a few seconds. 

She bolted towards the figure, her fantasy blending into her reality as she literally ran as fast as she could from the manor to the hospital. The more she ran the further the door seemed to become, so she ran faster and faster. In her head she swore she could hear a voice calling after her, but the voice only became fainter as her heart rate accelerated and her breathing became heavier. 

Yuuki slammed her hands onto the reception desk, her hair unruly after taking a battering from the wind, and demanded to know where Zero was. She was not going to let him go, not without at least telling him she loved him, not at least without telling him goodbye. 

After barging past a flurry of staff, patients and even security, Yuuki found herself standing before a pale blue curtain. She reached out and hesitated for a moment, trying to cool herself down before she would collapse. Then, she flung the curtain back. 

Zero was lying in the bed, his eyes closed and his chest bandaged. There were all sorts of medical things attached to him that Yuuki had no idea of, but she recognised the monitor beside the bed that showed a steady pulse. She frowned, was she going completely mad? 

Once again, she felt a hand on her shoulder, she recognised it as her brother’s.

“Chiyo said that he was an officer like no other. He was supposed to be a successor for her in the force when she retired someday. She couldn’t afford to lose someone like him when there was simply no one else who could fill his shoes.” 

Yuuki’s world was spinning around her, though she felt her feet on the ground she was sure she was floating in the air someplace. 

“What…?” Yuuki couldn’t even manage to string out a question.

The hand tightened in a way that was almost painful.

“She gave her life to bring that man there back, knowing he would use his heart to save his twin because only his would work due to the disease his twin has.”

She hadn’t realised that she was crying again.

“She said all this about Zero…but it was because you touched her for many years with your love for him. You made her feel the need to sacrifice…” 

The shock was too heavy for Yuuki to feel guilt in that moment, though she heard quite clearly the bitter pain in each syllable coming from Kaname’s mouth. 

“One day I’ll find a cure for that disease…so people like her wont have to die for such things again.” 

With that, he left the room. Yuuki rushed instinctively to Zero’s side and grasped his hand. She knew from then on that whenever Kaname looked at Zero he’d see the person who took the heart from the woman he loved the most, for the person who was always made to live happily while he suffered in silence. 

It scared her to think like that, but she knew a good few things about her brother. It was not in his nature to move on, and they’d both surely learn that the hard way…

My idea for an alternate ending

Before watching the finale, I thought of a scenario that would be a satisfying ending for me. I want to share what I came up with.

(Note that I’m not a writer and this would probably cause many plot holes as I don’t perfectly remember everything that happened on the show *cough* neither does Marlene *cough*. I just thought this would be a memorable finale and the story could be tweaked to suit this ending.)

The first scene would be the main group sitting together and chatting, like in the Lost Woods Resorts scene except without the unnecessary time jump (I would put the time jump after the reveal of A.D.). They could all end up having sex like in the show because fans love that blah blah.  I also wouldn’t include any “mystery” (lmao) in this scene like Mona spying on them with a Melissa mask on for no reason.

The next scene, the preparations for Ezra and Aria’s wedding begins. Now that the board game is over they want to move on with their lives. During the preparations, the liars receive a simple text message like in the old days. “I will always be with you, til death do us part. -A” the text reads (a reference to the episode title). The liars are surprised it is signed as A and they become a bit unsettled, but they come to the conclusion that it is either sent by Mona or just as a prank. They continue with the preparations, other characters interact blah blah blah.

Then the wedding day comes and the ceremony is held at the church (like it was in the show). All the girls are on the front row, where they sat in the first episode. Most other characters including Lucas, Jason, Melissa, Wren (assume they are still dating and that’s why Wren was invited), Jenna (the girls are surprised to see she is invited considering she worked for A.D. before, a parallel to how they were surprised to see her in the first episode) are there. Mona is absent.

There is a screen behind the stage, where a slide show of Aria and Ezra’s photos is playing. When all guests arrive, the ceremony begins. Aria and Ezra read their vows (written by them unlike in the show, since they are both writers…). Aria reads her vows first. Then Ezra reads his own and ends with “I will always be with you, til death do us part”, the exact same line from A’s text message. Everyone gets emotional except Alison, Hanna, Emily and Spencer who stare at each other in shock. Then the minister pronounces them husband and wife, Aria and Ezra kiss passionately blah blah everyone claps and Aria and Ezra walk the aisle together. As soon as they walk out the church the enterance doors close behind them and only a minute pass before everyone else realize they are locked inside.

After a few panicked moments,  the screen lights up again. It’s Aria and Ezra on the screen, in their wedding attires. Ezra is the first one to talk, saying something along the lines of “you must be wondering what’s happening” blah blah blah and he says he will explain everything. He starts his speech in a romantic manner, about how he met Aria and how much he loves her. He says their relationship is beyond love, that it’s something much more than that. Then he starts talking about A, as he/she has been a prominent  part of their lives. He talks about how A tortured the girls and it turned out to be Charlotte and how she was born as Charles Dilaurentis blah blah.

Then he reveals the real Charles Dilaurentis is not Cece a.k.a Charlotte, but himself. He says that there is only one A, the “uber” A and that it’s him. He reveals he was the A who took the game from Mona and he is also A.D. His motive for becoming A was 1) his obsession with Aria 2) to find Alison, his sister 3) that Mona being A inspired him for becoming A himself and writing a book about it. Over the time, his book became his main priority.

He reveals Cece was not the “real” A but only his minion, the Red Coat. They were really close because they are cousins and they grew up together in Radley (Ezra would later get adopted by a rich family and wouldn’t meet the liars until he becomes a teacher.). Ezra sent Cece to take the game over from Mona and Cece agreed to help because she hated the girls for causing her to get kicked out of Upenn and wanted to get revenge. They started torturing the girls together: the mastermind was Ezra while Cece did the dirty work. After a while, Cece got a little out of control and acted without Ezra’s orders because she was enjoying getting her revenge and having control over the girls’ lives. She thought Ezra was being too soft (I imagine Ezra would only play with the girls’ minds while Cece would be more violent and enjoyed causing them physical harm). Later Ezra found out and got really angry not only because she disobeyed her but also because she hurt Aria (everything terrible A did to Aria would be done by Cece and not Ezra). He threatened Cece and they came up with a deal: Cece would confess to being A and make up this story about how she is Charles. Ezra promised he would arrange that she gets released after a while. At this point, Ezra would be dating Aria, he would have found his sister Alison and most importantly he would have enough material to write his book so there was no reason left for being A and if they followed the plan, both Ezra and Cece would get away with it and noone would learn Ezra is the real Charles. (Ezra decides to publish his book post-mortem because otherwise it would basically be a confession)

Then Aria starts speaking and she says Ezra confessed to her about being A during the 5 year period before they all came back to Rosewood. She forgave Ezra over the time because he never hurt her as A (assume Aria is actually as shady as she was shown to be and not a total angel) but never told the girls about it to protect Ezra. 5 years later, Ezra arranged to have Cece released and Aria saying she doesn’t want Cece released at the hearing was just an act to prevent any suspicions. With Cece out, they thought everything had finally ended.

But shortly after Cece got released, she was murdered and Ezra became devastated and angry. Aria explains that Ezra thought one of the girls did it and he decided to become A again to torture them until someone confesses and Aria decided to help him out of love (She could say something like “I love you girls, I just love Ezra more” or sth? Sound cheesy I know haha). That’s how they became A.D. Aria explains A.D. stands for After Death (I saw this idea on Tumblr and it makes sense to me because of Cece’s death). They kept being A.D. until they learnt Mona killed Cece and that’s when they stopped the game (both in the literal and metaphorical sense). 

Then Ezra reveals that his book is finally finished and will be published soon, and that Aria is the co-author. The book is named “After Death” and he explains it’s a fitting name for the story in more ways than one: everything began with Alison’s “death” and they started working together as A.D. after Cece’s death. Then he admits they killed Mona just before the wedding as their final A act and they got revenge for Cece. After that, the screen goes black for a moment and then Ezra and Aria appears again, this time wearing black hoodies. They are both holding a gun in their hand and they explain they wanted to “leave a mark on the world” by writing the perfect book and all the characters (the guests who are watching them) including themselves are now immortal. Then they kiss before shooting each other. And it all ends where it began: The church, where the liars got their first simultaneous A text.

In the next scene, we see the rest of the liars in shock. They receive a text message saying “You wouldn’t want to miss the reception, would you? -A” (obviously this would be a scheduled message) and they reluctantly go to where the reception would take place (The Brew, I think?). They see that Ezra and Aria turned the Brew into A’s lair, with every single piece of material that they have used as A and A.D. throughout the years: All the things we saw in A’s endings are present. The liars look around and see some evidence for the things Ezra and Aria didn’t have time to explain. For example, Spencer sees that there is a photo of Melissa in the Black Widow costume and around it is evidence that she was trying to protect Spencer from A all along. Things like that (if I wrote everything I had in mind this would be thrice as long lmao). I think this would be a neat way to resolve some of the smaller mysteries to the viewers.

The next scene happens after a one year time jump. Emison has their twins, Hanna is pregnant, Spoby has gotten back together bla bla bla. Everyone is happy period. 

And the final scene we are shown is the infamous barn scene, the first scene of the entire series. The actual version of the scene ends with a close-up of Aria (you can watch it here to refresh your memory). This time, it would end with the same close-up of Aria, but instead, she would turn to the camera and make the “ssh” sign. 

BTS reacting to....

S\o giving them the silent treatment.

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At first he’ll be worried because he didn’t know you came back from a bad day of work and when you didn’t cuddle him like you always do. He’d think for a while….What did he do to you for you to act like this….   He’d end up going out to buy flowers and sweets to get you on the bright side and at least talk to him. He’ll even resort to his lame Dad jokes just because you always crack up at the most serious times. When he sees the smile bubbling to the surface with some giggles here and there, so Jin would end up smothering you with hugs and kisses.

“i knew you you wouldn’t stay mad at me for long!!!”

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This boy would be so conflicted. He wouldn’t know whether to confront you about it or just leave you let you be because he knows it was his fault you were giving him this treatment. At first he’d sigh and play along with your game, which of course he got sick of quickly…. He’ll end up sighing continuously throughout the day while he invades your personal space, just to get some kinda reaction out of you. He would get fed up really soon but he wouldn’t tell you this so he’d just send a text saying he’s sorry and you should stop ignoring him.  When he sees that doesn’t work he’ll just come down for you and scoop you up, really annoyed.

“You’re really a pain you know but you do know i Love you right…”

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This sunshine would be an emotional wreck. He wouldn’t understand what he did to you but he will confront you about it. When he doesn’t get a reply or even a glance he’d shimmer away, depressed. Not knowing that you were on your period and just wanted some time to yourself so he’ll just hide out in his dorm room or eat out by himself just to give you some space. When he comes back and was indulged in a hug by you saying that you were sorry and just didn’t want to disturb him with your worries, he’ll just cry out before laughing it off.

“Your worries are mine as well so never do that again jagi!!!”

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I think he would be a little rough with you when you didn’t give him your attention. Not rough as in abusive but rough as in the dominant and submissive type of stuff whereas he’ll be making some kinda dirty jokes with you to make you flustered and for you to lash out at him just to get a response. Of course when your silence continued he would get annoyed to the brim and end up just kissing your neck or touching you some place others can’t touch to get you hot and bothered. When you do end up answering him though, to either weakly tell him stop or moan or something he’d just smirk your way and mumble…

“If you’re doing this because of how busy I’ve been recently….i’ll make it up too you.”

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This one would of course be annoyed like the rest. He will not know why you’re being so but he’ll try his best to get you back to normal. HE WILL CLING.. HE WILL KISS……HE WILL climb his way back into your heart, breaking down its walls and warming it back up by singing to you and giving you surprise kisses. He will not give until he got what he wanted.

“Jagi…..Jagiyaaa…..Notice meee…..”

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He’d be like a sad puppy trying to find his owner. He’ll follow you everywhere with this droopy pout on his face. Whenever you turn towards him an expected look seems to take over his face only to fall because you either wanted to get access to your phone or you wanted to head to the kitchen for something to eat. At the end of everything you’ll fail at trying to give Taehyung the silent treatment because you would end up feeling guilty and you’ll just pull him into a hug.

“Come here boy….Stop making that kind of face.”

“How could i when my girlfriend is ignoring me..”

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This lil shrimp would be extremely pissed because you two were in a heated argument not to long ago about him being too friendly with his fans, and the silent treatment just made it worse. He’d end up ignoring you as well, this would go on for weeks because both of you were quite competitive and ya’ll hate admitting defeat. So rather than one of you coming out to say sorry, the past weeks would have been something like, no cuddling, no tickle fights, pack ramen for dinner and no movie nights. Untillllllllll…… Jungkook’s hyungs would end up driving him up a wall with how he should go apologize because his personal life is affecting his idol life and blah blah blah he should be a man blah blah… 

He’ll end up storming into the room and diving on you, covering you with kisses and apologies…

“I’m sorry I’m sorry! I cant keep living like this..”

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Jk: My heart wants to go to you
YG: Stay away Ill only make you miserable.

YG: I told you I was no good, look at you now…
JK: I was happy just being close.

Just, what bighit is doing to me 😂 got me analyzing everything! But it does kinda seem like kook wants to be with Yoongs, but Yoongi knows it could be toxic. Kookie, being the untamed soul he is follows his heart and in turn Yoongi. Things go bad and kook ends up hurt. Yoongi feels bad and pushes Jk away blah blah you know what Im tryna say. Toss in INU and Run era stuff, a lil ‘fuck yo emotions’ from bighit and you got yourself a grade A crackpot Army theory. 😂

Here’s another Tomarry/Harrymort AU no one asked for:

Okay, imagine… Genie AU.

Harry no-surname is a Street Rat; a poor boy whose parents he never knew, having died when he was young. He makes do by stealing and lives in abandoned buildings, because anything is better than staying at his horrible aunt and uncle’s home, like he did when he was too little to fend for himself.

At seventeen, he’s pretty damn good at fending for himself.  Possible with his furry friend and companion Wheezy. Or Hedwig. Or Hermy. However you want to spin that.

Harry lives in the great city of Hogsmeade in a kingdom under the rule of the old but generally loved Sultan, Albus Dumbledore. The Sultan has never married or produced an heir, however, and the kingdom is increasingly concerned as they wonder who will be next to take the throne. The heir must have royal blood, after all. The most likely candidate is his nephew, Severus Snape - half a prince, by blood, but he’s the closest they can get, and next in line in the royal succession. 

What they don’t know is that the Half Blood prince has been a part of an underground collective, one that has been plotting on secretly killing the sultan for years… one run by the sultan’s own adviser, Tom Riddle.

Tom Riddle, who climbed the social ladder from starving orphan to the Sultan’s small council, who grew up in an orphanage in the worst part of the city. A man who has much higher goals than simply stealing the throne from Albus Dumbledore. 

Tom Riddle, practitioner of black magic… who wishes to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world. 

He knows that jinn exist, and he knows that there is a lamp. It took him years to locate the legendary Chamber of Secrets in the desert where the lamp is hidden - where a massive, enchanted serpent’s head came to life before him in the sand… and recited for him a prophecy.

One that says only a boy born as the seventh month dies will be able enter the Chamber of Secrets and retrieve the lamp; one with a golden heart and pure mind. A Chosen One. A diamond in the rough.

One contemplative gaze into a crystal ball later reveals to Tom that this ‘diamond in the rough’ is no other than street rat and thief, recently arrested Harry no-surname.

Blah blah blah, Tom uses Harry, Harry ends up getting stuck in the Chamber and keeping the lamp, becomes friends with a sweet genie named Sirius (because he was a prisoner… get it), and gets a sweet flying carpet that he calls firebolt, promises he’ll free Sirius after he gets revenge on Riddle (because Riddle would monologue at some point, revealing that he was gonna have Snape kill Dumbledore), adventuring ensues, I’ve cut out the Jasmine role but you could put Ginevra in there if you wanted, I just didn’t, and why do I keep thinking of ridiculous AU ideas and conforming them to harrymort/tomarry? 

Theory for what’s going on with Shiro

Okay, so a big thing that happened this season was obviously Shiro being found. He somehow ended up on a galra ship and blah blah blah.

But the weird thing about this was his sudden gain of those luscious locks and facial hair. I mean, it couldn’t have been more than a month after his initial disappearance, right? So why would his hair have grown so much?

There’s also the strange scene in which Shiro peers into a room and sees himself being experimented on, only this version of him has the haircut we’re used to, and also looks… well… weirdly dead.

We know there was some experiment going on with Shiro, and it was something that included phases. As far as we know, there are 3 phases.

This is what i think the experiment was:

  • Phase 1: DNA from Shiro’s lost arm is used to create a second Shiro. This would account for the abnormally long hair, as it likely would have never been cut. However, I have no explanation for the white tuft, scar, or missing arm.
  • Phase 2: Shiro’s consciousness is transferred from Shiro 1 to Shiro 2. This would probably be similar to the creation of the Robeasts, except the individual remains.
  • Phase 3: Transfer of consciousness complete. Shiro 2 (Long-haired Edition) wakes up and has all the memories of Shiro 1. Shiro 1 is left an empty husk (thus explaining the dead look he had about him.) while Shiro 2 escapes holding and works to get back to Voltron.

This could also explain why the Black Lion could pick up on Shiro being stranded in space, but also not accept him as a paladin anymore. While Shiro and the Black Lion’s consciousnesses are connected, the Black Lion may have recognized Shiro’s body not being the same, and so did not accept him.


I really enjoy all the fun things SuperCorp shippers make and I understand why so many people ship them, but to be fair Katie McGrath has great chemistry with everybody and I personally would like to see them becoming best friends.

But quoting Katie: (she’s talking about characters of Merlin but I think this can also apply to Supergirl) “There is no, like, romance between the two of them… but whatever makes (fans)them happy, whatever they see from it, how can you deny them that, they’re fans, it’s what they want. Go for it!”

So if fans want to ship Lena and Kara then GO FOR IT!!
But… like it or not, all of this also applies to Winn+Lena, Kara+Mon-El, Winn+Mon-EL, etc. shippers.

So please be respectful, continue creating amazing fan-fiction, great memes but be respectful of others, don’t send hateful messages to the writers/producers/actors of the show. It must be awful getting tweets all the time saying “I swear to god if A+B end up together then you’re this and that” “if B+C don’t end up together then blah blah blah”.

Spread love/creativity not hate and be your own hero ;)

@g33kych33ky inspired by x

Music wafts through the bar, a Britney Spears song playing just loud enough to drown out the clinking of glasses as she works, but not stifle conversation. These are the nights Riley prefers. Sure, weeknights are slower, and sure, she takes home less pay, but she can have the music low and actually talk with her patrons without losing her mind being called by three people at once, and that makes it worth it. A familiar face sits to her right, and easy conversation flows between them, until a few men walk into the bar and her attention is split. She gives her an apologetic smile and tosses her a ‘be right back’ as she walks over to take care of them, only to return and find some fucker all over Cosima. She’s obviously uncomfortable and he’s trying to pull her onto the dance floor, despite her saying no. Riley is around the counter in an instant, tapping on his shoulder, wishing she was tapping on his face with her fist. She’s never been a fighter, but hey, what better time to start?

“Hey, uh, asshole? You mind letting her go before I dropkick you and punt your ass outta my bar? Get the fuck off her!”

Imagine Juice getting jealous & insecure *requested*

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The party was in full swing around you, the laughter in the room almost drowning out the loud music. Club members and croweaters were milling around, everyone having a good time. You were leaning against one of the pool tables, Kozik standing next to you making stupid remarks about different people in the room. 

Kozik tilted the head of his beer towards one of the blonde sweet butts. “I fucked her the other night,” he commented casually, as if you had asked him. 

You scrunched up your nose. “I didn’t need to know that,” you laughed, bumping your hip against his. 

You looked around the room for Juice, wondering where he had wandered off to. About ten minutes earlier he told you he was going to grab you another drink, but you hadn’t seen him since then. You assumed that he was probably just caught up in a conversation with one of his brothers, so you weren’t too worried. 

Kozik began talking again, brining your attention back to him. “I remember when I first met you,” he brought up, making you raise an eyebrow. 

“Oh yeah?” You hummed, still looking around the clubhouse. 

He nodded, taking a swig of his beer. “Yeah. You walked right into the garage complaining about your shitty little car, and I thought that you and I would hook up,” he shrugged. 

You furrowed your eyebrows, giving him a look. “That’s… kind of gross, Koz,” you snorted a laugh, making him chuckle. 

“But then you saw Juicy, and I knew. Knew you guys would end up fucking, then get involved in some relationship type shit, blah blah blah,” he trailed off, making you smirk. 

“That’s my guy,” you mused, still searching for him. 

Juice was standing in a far off corner, conversing with Chibs as he watched you out of the corner of his eye. You were standing with Kozik, laughing and smiling as he spoke to you. Juice couldn’t help the jealousy that rose up within him, wishing that he could be the only one on the receiving end of that smile. He knew that ever since you had shown up almost a year earlier that Kozik had a thing for you, and although it wasn’t obvious to you, it irked Juice. 

You continued to laugh and grin at the blonde man by your side, and Juice felt his jaw clench when Kozik put his hand on your arm. It seemed to only be in a friendly matter, but it bothered him nonetheless. 

Dismissing his conversation with Chibs, Juice stalked over to you, his jealousy and insecurity nearly disappearing at the sight of the wide smile you gave him. He stood in front of you but made no attempt to touch you the way he usually did when he was near you. 

“Hey you,” you greeted, reaching out to brush his hand with yours. He pulled away slightly, making your smile falter. The move wasn’t obvious enough for anyone to notice but you definitely took note of it. 

“Wanna get out of here?” You asked, nodding towards the front door. There was a moment of silence, as though he was thinking about his answer. Juice finally nodded, rolling his lips together. 

You gave Kozik a small smile as you stood up straight, straightening your shirt. The blonde biker grinned, ruffling your hair before he strolled in another direction. When you turned to look at Juice, you noticed the slight scowl on his face. The corners of your lips turned down at the sight. Juice wasn’t the type of person to easily be put in a bad mood, so you knew that something had to be bothering him. 

You tried for a smile, following Juice out to his bike in the lot. He mounted his Harley, handing you the extra helmet. You slowly took the helmet from him, assessing his attitude. “Everything okay, Juice?” You asked softly, not bothering to put the helmet on yet. Luckily, there was no one else outside, so your conversation could be somewhat private. 

Juice shrugged a shoulder in response. “Everything’s good.” 

You gave him a look, making it obvious that you weren’t convinced. “Juice…”

He shook his head quickly, standing up to face you. “Are you - are you interested in Kozik?” He blurted. 

Your eyebrows shot up at his question. “Kozik? Juice, tell me you’re not serious,” you let out an incredulous laugh. He scowled, looking down at his feet. Your face softened at his obvious insecurity. Juice wasn’t always the most confident guy, you knew that, but you never thought that he would doubt your loyalty to him. 

You reached a hand out towards him, sliding your fingers through his and giving them a reassuring squeeze. “I don’t want Kozik. He’s a perverted old man,” you joked, letting out a breathy laugh when Juice bit back a smile. 

“I love you,” you whispered. “So much.” 

Juice glanced at you through his eyelashes, biting down on his lip as if he were contemplating your words. With a heavy breath, he pulled you forward until your body was pressed up against his. He wrapped his arms around your waist, nuzzling his nose into your hair. 

“One of these days you’re going to realize that you’re too good for me,” he mumbled. 

You looked up at him, gently taking his face between your hands. He rested his forehead against yours, his big brown eyes locked with yours. 

“Shut up. You’re the only one I want. You know that,” you stated, your eyes flicking to his mouth as his tongue peeked out over his lip. 

A grin made its way across his face, causing your stomach to flip the way it always did when he smiled at you like that. 

“I know, baby,” he murmured, running a thumb along your lower lip. “I love you.” 

You scrunched your nose up at him jokingly. “Actually, I think I’m gonna go back inside and find Koz,” you teased. 

He let out a playful growl, pulling you further into him so he could cover your lips with his in a passionate kiss. You laughed into the kiss, your hands still on either side of his face. He pulled away after a moment, leaving a few more tender kisses to your lips. 

“No. You’re coming home with me.”