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Naruto Next Generation Headcanons (add yours if you want)
  • Inojin calls Sarada ‘Sara-chan’ as a term of endearment
  • Himawari likes visiting the Hyuga Compound to visit Hanabi and Hiashi
  • Boruto inherited Naruto’s fear of ghost’s
  • Mitsuki tells ghost stories way too well which both pisses Boruto off, and makes him want to shit his pants
  • Himawari developed a crush on Shikadai and often confides Hinata in it
  • Inojin has a total crush on Sarada and Chouchou likes rubbing in the fact she knows so he pays her via consomme flavor chips to keep her mouth shut
  • Naruto and Ino argue over who will marry Sarada and who deserves to be Sakura’s in-law
  • Shikadai is a ruthless opponent in shogi but he always throws the matches for Himawari
  • Mirai has Asuma’s kunai now as a present from Shikamaru
  • Lee Jr. has a thing for Chouchou and pursues her in a way similar to his father
  • The next gen boys like to meet up together and eat fastfood
  • Sasuke is the biggest anti-shipper when it comes to Sarada
  • It’s a tie between Mitsuki and Inojin over who’s the most attractive in their year
  • Sarada isn’t that fond of tomatoes which shocked the hell out of Sasuke when he found out
  • Sarada and Chouchou are like big sisters to Himawari
  • Only Himawari has seen what Kakashi’s face is like
  • Inojin’s a gentlemen (not that Ino would stand for anything less)
  • As babies Sarada, Inojin, and Boruto spent a lot of time together because their mom’s get along well
  • Himawari will also wear her headband like Naruto

Ordered food in case i wanted some later since service stops at 8 and my nurse was here as it arrived and now theyre waiting on me to eat it even though they misunderstood my order and gave me more food than i wanted, and the food i /meant/ to order isnt even what i thought, and i tried to eat some of it and now i feel like ill puke, but hah it’s all good ill be fine

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Olivia knocked on the door softly before walking in, resting her hands behind her back as she stepped towards where the girl was laying "Charlie? Sweetheart, are you alright?" she had been up late working when she'd heard crying coming from the room, concerned she decided to investigate despite her action probably being an invasion of privacy.

Being a teenager sucked. Being a teenager that was also a human-dino hybrid? That sucked more than anyone could ever possibly imagine. Because not only were there the normal teenage issues – hormones and high school – but there was also the problem of their raptor DNA beginning to show through; to influence their thoughts and behaviours.

It made for some trying situations. Like the one that currently had Charlie laying on her bed, sobbing. Or rather, she had been sobbing until she had started to drift off to sleep. But Olivia was there and the blonde slowly began to sit up, sniffling. “Blue ate him…”

Open RP

Peter was backed up to the window with
both of his hands in the air. In one hand,
he held a cloth sack full of units, unknown
how much value was inside. He looked over
his shoulder while getting a good view
outside of the glass window. He was up
about 50,000 stories high and he could
see the busy traffic of space cruisers.
A group of rogue Ravagers had him
cornered; the leader spoke up as he
shouted commands.

            “—Get ‘em boys! Let’s fry him
            up and eat ‘em. Yondu doesn’t
            have the final say anymore.”

The rogue Ravagers started to argue
among themselves who would take
the first bite when they eat Peter.
He took his open hand and pulled
out an anti-gravity grenade from his
pocket and threw it in the middle
of the Ravagers. The grenade
sucked them all into one big
group. Peter ran towards them
but turned around and jumped
through the glass with his hands
in front of his face.

Star-Lord burst through the window
as he glided through the air, dodging
different space vehicles that flew by
within the traffic. Peter spotted what
looked like the designated getaway
vehicle. He soared down and landed
on top of it. Quill climbed down the
side of it and leaped through the
window that was open. He pressed
the button on his ear piece causing 
his helmet to retract. He looked
at the driver, but he was confused.

            “—This is awkward.. you’re not the
            getaway driver..”

I eat boys like you for breakfast || a kamishiro rize playlist


cannibal – ke$ha || i want to kill you – darling violetta || evil food eater conchita – mothy || killer queen – queen || froot – marina & the diamonds || i eat boys like you for breakfast – ida maria || bird song – florence + the machine || torn apart – bastille || dead is the new alive – emillie autumn || the killing jar – siouxie and the banshees

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I have such a fear that not boy will ever love me and it eats me up inside and it makes me feel so dumb and ugly and worthless because I have terrible luck with relationships