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Paluuuuu!! You should do some YOI doodle tutorials! For us not as skilled as you! (*^ω^*)

okie before i start, skill comes from practice and every artist has their own interpretation of characters ;O; meaning my way of drawing them is not the “correct” way of drawing them,,, just how I draw them ;7; if you really want to get better at drawing YOI characters, I suggest spending hours looking at official art and rewatching the anime (pausing and taking notes at the angles) because that’s what I did lmao and because I draw them so much, I can now draw them without a reference, add my own touch and memorize what they look like from all angles ;7;;;; so anon, practice and observe <333

1) how to viktor nikiforov

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Hi I was wondering if you are still taking ideas for something to draw and if you want maybe you can draw some of Sonic being sad and Amy comforting him. Also I just wanna say is that your art is amazing!!!!!

How could I say no to such a kind message?! Hope you like it!

Happy Birthday, @gangleadiing/Shell! You are wonderful, beautiful and I love you. ❤︎

meant to post this a while ago

time to get back to finishing those asks up

I haven’t drawn anything in a looooong while, so have a quickie of my Godwoken Bucket. I find it very curious to play as a god’s chosen one and being undead, since the popular narrative have saints and chosen ones as martyrs, and he has already died once. Of course his existence might be considered a miracle, part of that god’s will, but Bucket isn’t buying into any of that.

Hey! Thanks! You followed me, and then a bunch of other people did! Thanks buddy! 

To celebrate reaching the 400 mark, I’m going to be opening a Twitter account! I’ll let you all know when it’s up and running.

But more importantly, I am going to be starting a web comic very soon! I’ll let you know when stuff starts takin’ off for that, and give you a release/start date. Look forward to it! It’s gonna have mysterious houses, magic glass bottles in medicine cabinets, extraordinary buses, really impressive cities, questionable fashion choices, omniscient narrators and forgetful lost boys making questionable fashion choices! I’m super excited to show it to you all! 

Thanks bunches,


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I would love it if you could show me how you do your effects! Or the lineart, or everything, 'cause your art is just perfect!!! X3

XD Friend, this isn’t more specific! Well lineart is, though I don’t know how interesting of a tutorial that would be! What is effects? My textures? Or how I use overlays? ??????