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The Only Exception


Requested: no but a little angst never hurt anyone. also shoutout to Emily for being awesome. 

Word count: 3,001

Shawn was the kind of guy that on the outside seemed like such an innocent boy, but those who actually knew him, knew that was the biggest fake facade you could ever come across. 

I couldn’t count how many girls he had slept with only using my ten fingers. I couldn’t keep up on the names of the girls that had walked out of our front door after a night out and I surely couldn’t keep track on how many girls, he snuck in late at night when he thought I was sleeping. 

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She finds out about their occupation, but doesn’t run away.

Anon asked: “ Can you do a reaction to where y/n discovers he is the leader of a mafia group. Y/n is shocked and afraid at first but slowly comes to accept it. Y/n doesn’t run away. But just shocked”

Thank you for your request, here you go :)

This started as a short reaction, but somewhere along the way I got lost in my train of thought and this is what happened. I hope that’s okay. #sorrynotsorry

Trigger warning. 

Prologue: You weren’t supposed to find out.He tried to be as careful as he could. But one day you were heading home, a patrol cruiser pulled up and two officers approached you and asked you to come with them for some questioning.
What followed was an hour of grueling interrogation. The detective seemed to be convinced that he was a part of the mafia. A leader actually. So he wanted every bit of information that he could get. After he realised that you truly had no idea what he was talking about, he let you go. But by that time you were already shaking and questioning everything you knew about your boyfriend.

  Jin/ Kim Seokjin
As soon as you entered your apartment, Jin was right in front of you.
“Are you ok, Y/n? What happened? Were you crying?”
“Did someone hurt you
?” His eyes darkened. He was always the protective type.And just thinking about someone hurting you made his blood boil.
“No.. Jin.. I want to ask you something.. But please answer truthfully”
His back straightened as he beheld you. He let out a shaky breath before he asked"
“What is it Y/n? ”
“What is your real occupation?”
“Why are you asking me this right now?”
“Well.. this detective… he said.. you are a mafia leader… Is it true Jin? Why did you never mention this?”

He tensed. You could see in his eyes that he was debating wether or not he should tell you the truth.
“Me being in the mafia.. would it change the way you see me?”
“I don’t know.. I mean, you do kill people, don’t you?”
“Yes, know that I love you,Y/n. My occupation will never change that. And I wanted to keep you in the dark because I didn’t want you to get involved. To know this side of me. To possibly be on my enemy’s radar. I wanted to protect you”
“I understand that, but.. You lied to me. How can I trust you?”
“Please, give me another chance. I will regain your trust. Just, don’t leave me. You are my only happiness .”
He said while coming closer, opening his arms hesitantly. You sighed. But went over to him, letting him pull you into a hug, while nuzzling his nose in the crook of your neck.
“It’s alright. I love you too. And I promise I’ll try. I’ll try to understand and support you”
“Thank you.

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Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster
You arrived home to a worried Namjoon. “Baby, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.. Don’t worry.”  Namjoon frowned, but he didn’t ask anything else. After all, he had his ways of finding out. And he was not happy. So that night, when he thought you were asleep, he went ahead and made a call “I want him dead. I want his body to never be found, understand?” and then lied next to you again before he fell asleep. But you were wide awake. And you had heard everything. You spent the following hours contemplating what you should do. After a few hours, you have decided. He might be a mafia member, but.. His usual self.. was it just a mask? You had to find out. So you got up and went to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee while you waited for him to get up. About an hour later he  stormed into the room, visibly panicked. “Y/n. I thought… ”
“What? That I ran away?”

“Why did you never tell me about this? If it wasn’t for that detective, would you have ever told me? ”
“I don’t know.. I was afraid.. I am afraid. That you are going to run away and leave me. Forgetting everything we had toghether just because of my occupation

“I love you, Namjoon. But, I don’t know if I can do this” You saw his eyes darken from the quiet rage now burning under his skin.
“What will hapen if you get caught? What if something happens to you? What if.. What if you get killed? What will I do?”
His gaze imeediatly softened. He came beside you and caressed you face. “None of that will happen. I won’t ever be taken from your side. I promise you that. Just. Stay with me. I need you.” He pulled you into a hug. “I love you. I know this world of mine is fucked up. Please, don’t leave me” He felt your tears on his shirt and pulled away to see you nodding. He released a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “I love you, Y/n”
“I love you too, Namjoon..”

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Min Yoongi/ Suga

When you have finally arrived home you found Yoongi sleeping on the sofa. Not something out of the ordinary. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful. Angelic even. How could someone like him ever be involved in such a dark occupation?

As if he had heard you,he cracked open an eyelid and stared sleepily at you.
You;re back… where were you?”
“Well.. nowhere important. I… ”
“What is it?
” He looked questioningly at you.
“Is it true that you are a mafia leader?” Better to rip the bandaid right off than to drag things along.
He stiffened. “Why are you asking me this?”
“I just want to know, Yoongi. Was it all a lie? This side of you? Was it all an act?”

He sat up slowly and patted the seat next to him. A silent command. You complied, if only because you wanted to get it over with.
“I would never lie to you. Not about my true self. But I had to hide this part of my life from you because I did not want you to get scared. I wanted you to love me for who I am. ”
“I do love you Yoongi, but-”
“But what?
” He turned to you. Pain and determination to make you stay visible in his eyes.

“I don’t know what the future holds. What will happen if you turn on me? What if I fell out of love with you? Will you let me go? Or will you just hunt me down?” Hurt flashed in his eyes.

“ I would never do that. And if one day you decide that you don’t love me anymore I will understand. I will let you go. But not because you are afraid of my job. That doesn’t influence who I am. And it shouldn’t change your opinion on me either…”

“ Yoongi. .. I promise I will try. I’ll try to understand.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear…Thank you. Thank you Y/n. You don’t know how much it means to me” You pulled him into a soft kiss.

“ We’ll get trough this. Now let’s just get some sleep.”

He flashed his gummy smile, the one you knew he had only when he was truly happy, and pulled you in his arms.

“ I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

You simply could not believe that your ball of sunshine could ever do such thing. It was just impossible. You had to ask him. So you went over to his apartment. He opened the door, beaming but you could see concern in his eyes.

“Jagi! How are you? Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to come over? I would have prepared something special.”

“It’s alright Hoseok. I just wanted to talk to you.”

He frowned, but opened the door to let you pass.

“Actually… I wanted to tell you something too. But you go first" he said while you went to the couch.

“No, no. You first. I’m curious” you replied as you plopped down.

“Well…” He sat next to you,turned so he could see you. “ I wanted to tell you this for a while. ..but I lied to you… You see … I’m not who you think I am..” “What do you mean?” Realisation started sinking in.

“I am a mafia member Y/n. I fought my way to the top. And now I’m fighting to maintain my place. ” He must’ve seen the lack of surprise on your face because he asked “ But something tells me that you already knew”

“ Actually. I’ve just found out, but I wanted to come here and ask you”

“So… now that you know. .. what are you planning to do?” He asked warily. You looked into his eyes

“I want you to know that even though this is a huge shock for me, you are still my Hoseok. And your job won’t change that. Even though I don’t like being lied to” Relief washed over his features and his brighter-than-the-sun smile broke free. Then grabbed you into a bone-crushing hug.

“Aah, I love you so much Jagi! Thank you for believing in me. ”

You let out a laugh and hugged him back. “After all, what would I do without my sunshine?”

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Park Jimin

As soon as you stepped outside of the building, you saw a familiar car pulling in front of you. And sure enough, Jimin got off and ran to you.

“Y/n! Are you ok? Did those idiots hurt you?

” “Yeah, I’m fine.. How did you know I was here?”

“ It doesn’t matter. Now, let’s go home” You weren’t too thrilled about it, considering what you had just found out, but nodded nonetheless. You needed answers. And you were determined to get them. So as soon as you arrived, you asked: “Jimin.. what is your real occupation ?“ He gripped the steering wheel tighter, but stared right ahead as he said “What’s up with all these questions today? ” You said nothing.

He sighed and turned to you. “I am a mafia leader, Y/n. I am not the good guy in the story. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about. That doesn’t mean that the me you have met is not my real self. ..I’m sorry you had to go trough this today. This is why I tried my best to keep you away from this. But I failed. I’m sorry”

“Listen. . I don’t really care about this.. does it terrify me? Maybe. Does it change the way I see at you? No. I just wish you would have told me sooner. ” Surprise laced his features. “Really? You’re not going to run away, screaming and turn me in? ” “No. I would never do that. I love you, you know?

He gripped your hands in his. “You don’t know how happy that makes me. Thank you. For believing in me” He looked down, overwhelmed .

“I love you”

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Kim Taehyung

You couldn’t believe this. Tae was your friend since middle school. How come you’ve never seen anything suspicious? You had to dig some information. So you went home. Thankfully he wasn’t there (or so you thought) and you started searching trough his desk for any information.

Y/n.” You froze. And slowly looked up at a stone-faced Tae. “ What are you doing? You know you can always come to me for help. Not rummage trough my things. You know.. that’s not very nice.”


“What were you looking for? ”

“I… Is it true? Are you a part of you mafia? ” You hadn’t thought it possible, but his gaze became even harder. “What made you ask such crazy things? ” “Please Tae, just tell me the truth. ”

“You want the truth, huh?” He inched closer to you, bracing his hands on the other side of the desk, staring at you. “I am a mafia leader, Y/n. I do despicable things. But I didn’t want you to know that. Because I can’t let you go. And I promise you. If you try to run away, I will find you. Because I can’t leave without you.”

“Who said anything about running? I’m just shocked that you could hide this from me all this time. But, I care about you. And I would never leave can you think such things?

He straightened up, looking utterly confused, but relieved. “I don’t know, most people wouldn’t have such a calm reaction, you know? You’re so weird sometimes…” You laughed. “ I wonder who I got it from. Now, stop looking so confused and let’s go eat something”.

“What? Aren’t you mad at me?”

“A little. But, I understand why you feared telling me this. I really do. However, I love you and I’m not going to let this ruin our relationship.

He ran up to you and started twirling you around, laughing in delight. “I don’t know how I ever got so lucky. I don’t deserve you, Y/n”

“Oh, shut up.”

“I love you too ”

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Jeon Jungkook

You looked at your phone and saw a bunch of missed calls from him. Great.  Just great. You had to call him. He answered at the first ring.

“Where are you? Did something happen? Why didn’t you answer my calls?” “It’s.. a long story. Are you home? I’ll tell you then.” “Yeah, just hurry”

As soon as you got in, he shot up from the sofa “Now will you tell me what happened? I’m dying of concern right here”

“Are you part of the mafia?”

“What? Are you crazy? What makes you ask such things?”

“Well, today a very lovely detective decides to ask me some questions. And I had found out some interesting things, might I add” His eyes started burning with anger.

Y/n. You don’t to have this discussion”

“Yes, I do. Why hadn’t you told me? Why did you lie to me? How could you?” He came right in front of you, his face inches away from yours.

“I wanted to protect you. And I wanted you to look at me like you would at a normal person. I knew that if I would tell you, you would overreact and I wanted you to not see me as a criminal ”

But I don’t, Jungkook. I just want you to be honest. A relationship is built on mutual trust.”

“ I know that and I apologize. But I don’t want to lose you”

“You won’t. Just promise me that you’re going to be honest from now on, ok? ” You said as you cupped his face in your hands and stared into his eyes. His stare softened and he started beaming

“I swear I’m never going to let you down”

“You’d better keep that promise. ” You smiled as he kissed you sweetly.

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Aah.. I hope you enjoyed it. It was my first time writing a reaction (so pls don’t kill me). - Admin Light

ACOMAF Part 1: The House of Beasts Chapters 1-13 (Rhys POV)

Chapters 1-4: Return from UtM to Feyre’s Wedding Panic Attack
Chapter 5: Feyre’s Wedding & Arrival in the Night Court
Chapter 6: Learning to Read
Chapter 7: Returning Feyre to the Spring Court
Chapters 8-10: The Next Three Weeks & Retrieving Feyre for Her Second Trip
Chapter 11: Feyre’s Second Night Court Visit
Chapters 12-13: Rescuing Feyre from the Spring Court

I did a thing. We’ll see if I can do more before ACOWAR comes out. Below is Chapters 1-4 of ACOMAF in Rhys’s POV and above are the links to those same chapters plus the rest on AO3. Hope ya like!

Summary: Roughly Chapters 1-4 of ACOMAF from Rhys’s POV. It’s mostly a focus on the last two weeks before Feyre gets married with summation thrown in on how his time has been since leaving UtM. Includes her nightmare that opens the book and some lovely chatting with Morrigan the day of Feyre’s wedding.

Hello Feyre Darling

The mountains of the Illyrian Steppes wrought a chill through my bones I hadn’t felt in years.

We flew for most of the day, listening to wherever the shadows at my brother’s back directed us, until at last the sun began to set and we landed in a small clearing between the trees.

They were close. Near enough to sent them on the tendrils of wind that carried their blood and sweat through the heavy pine of the woods. Since my return, I’d lost count of the number of rogue Illyrian war bands I’d had to hunt down and confront. And that wasn’t counting the number Cassian and Azriel had taken care of in my absence.

Today’s hunt felt restless. The outcome had been decided the moment we left the Steppes. These primal encounters never changed even if I spent the hours flying faster towards them hoping they would.

A confrontation. An offering of second chances. Bow down and obey - or pay the debt they owed for the blood they’d spilt, the debt for using fifty years of freedom to push the boundaries however they pleased.

The Night Court would need every drop in the coming weeks that it could spare. Petty disagreements over territory, among other things, wasn’t something I could deal with in the middle of a shift that sought to overthrow the entirety of Prythian.

And once Illyrian alliances shifted, they rarely shifted back.

So in blood, they usually ended.

We threaded through the trees, Cassian and Azriel silently stalking several paces out on either side of me until we hit the gap where the band made camp. It was a small legion, perhaps a dozen or so with their chosen lord in the center. An exquisite gash ran down the center of his cheek. No doubt he had been forced to earn his rank, had likely volunteered for the blood bath.

I wondered what they had done with the bodies, if they’d bothered to bury them properly in Illyrian fashion or had left them to rot in the snow.

Their heads turned in our direction as we neared close enough for them to catch our scent, but by then it was already too late. I held their minds steady from the grip of my power long before the three of us cleared the trees lining the perimeter of their camp.

My brothers strode quietly out from the trees, the swords they’d been gifted at the Blood Rite brandished in their hands in an offensive gesture, ready to strike at a moment’s signal from me.

Slowly, I narrowed my eyes on the newly elected lord and approached, tendrils of darkness trailing in my wake, my wings stretched out wide enough at my back to send a jolt of fear down even the toughest Illyrian’s back.

“Do I need to bother asking?”

My voice was flat, hardly even a question as the lord looked me over once and spat directly at my feet. “Whore,” he cursed and internally, I savored the feel of my mental claws dragging through his mind, undoing every last piece of who he was and would ever become before I let his body fall limp and ragged to the snow. I didn’t even wait. Little impulses of pain trembled along his skin and muscles in those last seconds before he gave up and was no more.

All round me, the forest rang silent save for the bitter, cold wind howling my sins in my ears.

Red splattered in harsh contrast against the snow at my feet, large sloppy drops dripping from Truth-Teller’s blade.

Azriel looked stoically at me as if he hadn’t just shed the blood of a half-dozen men he’d once shared camp with. I often wondered how he managed to lock that darkness away so well.

Slowly, he lifted a brow as snow crunched between Cassian’s heavy boots on my other side.

“Rhys?” Cassian said, dragging my attention down to my hands. They were shaking in a near violent manner.


“Let’s go.”


I grabbed both their hands and winnowed on the spot before they could say another word.

I did not join them at the House of Wind that night for dinner.

There was blood everywhere.

All over the three young fae hooded and kneeling on the unforgiving marble floor, the dagger I watched fall clattering to that same ground, and most especially all over her.

Feyre stood reaching with a trembling hand for the second dagger covered in blood. Her clothes were soaked from merely one kill that shouldn’t have garnered that much evidence of her deeds. It carried onto her hands - her poor, stuttering hands that plunged themselves upon the fae woman singing herself into death’s waiting arms.

Amarantha sat poised on the throne calling Feyre on with praise. It felt disgustingly wrong.

Feyre pulled the third dagger and I knew what to expect as the veil was to be lifted on the final victim. Tamlin would be waiting and then our fate would be in the hands of this small human girl none of us knew. I felt like I was going to be sick even as Feyre questioned whether or not she could go through with one more murder - just one more murder, and we would all be free. Such a steep price to pay for her.

The hood lifted. Silence fell.

The blood stood out in stark relief against the resounding quiet of the room.

Feyre knelt before the third victim - before herself, her ears turned up into two stiff points, her skin smooth and blended into a soft perfection only my own breed possessed. And her body, which had become so long and elegant with its new fae gifted powers, sat strongly before her, beseeching her move forward.

And that’s when I knew where I was.

I saw Amarantha up on her throne because I saw her from Feyre’s eyes and not my own place on the dias where I should have been. This was nothing new. We’d been inside this prison countless times before and always we failed to get out alive.


The words chanted inside Feyre’s mind as a flurry of self-loathing and hopelessness I only ever felt inside myself welled up beneath her skin.


She angled the dagger at herself and my lungs screamed inside of me to stop her as I felt her anticipate the relief that blade could give her. No, no, never -


A relief she welcomed, craved even. It was horrifying to watch, to feel.


And it killed me to think she could see herself that way, in any way other than the determined, resourceful woman I’d met Under the Mountain who had saved us all and lost herself in the process.

“Feyre!” I screamed inside her mind, as violently and brutally as I once had to stop Amarantha from attacking her.


But it was too late.

Feyre thrusted the knife into her own chest and I watched as my mate willingly committed suicide before my own eyes. Somehow, it was a thousand times worse than hearing her neck snap against her will.

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Can you write another fanfiction with Souphead. Like when nobody knows Jughead has an identical cousin and they keep mistaking him for Jughead like in the comics. Thank you and your fanfiction are fantastic!

Let me give it a go! This is gonna be pre relationship bughead so kinda au.

“Hey!” Betty giggled, snatching her apple from Jugheads hands “I do have to eat something from my own lunch tray.”

Jughead shrugged carelessly, his fingers tugging on the end of her blonde ponytail
“I’m a growing boy, and it’s your job to keep me fed.” His boyish smirk never failed to make Betty weak in the knees and this moment was no exception.

Raising a perfectly plucked brow, Betty grinned
“And why would that be my job?”

Jughead blushed deep scarlet, the color so satisfying to Betty she couldn’t help but reach her hand to his face and let her fingers brush over his cheeks,the color only darkening.

“Well.. ya know.. it’s just.. we umm.” The poor dark haired boy beside her stuttered, his fingers tapping nervously as his eyes fluttered slightly due to her touch.

Their relationship was new, it had no labels and neither of the flustered teens knew quite what it was that they had. They were close, that was for sure and the physical and emotional attraction was the strongest either of them had ever experienced. They may not have labels but they did have stolen moments.

Betty’s body pressed against his in the blue and gold, Frank Sinatra crooning in the background as they slowdanced in the empty classroom. The way Jugheads lips felt on her cheeks when he dropped her off at home, holding her a little longer when she didn’t want to face her mother. Betty’s homemade blueberry pie, that seemed to almost replace his fathers scotch when she would make Sunday dinner for the two Jones men.

Pulling herself back into the moment Betty decided to put her “not quite Boyfriend/Boyfriend” out of his misery. Ruffling his dark waves lazily she turned back to her lunch.

“So when does your cousin get here? I can’t wait to meet him.”

With a very audible groan Jughead dropped his head to the table.
“Tonight. He’s nothing like me. He may look like me but don’t be fooled, he’s nothing like me.”

Betty smiled at the distressed boy in front of her
“Two Jugheads doesn’t sound so bad to me.”

Popping his chin in his hand Jughead stared lovingly at the beautiful blonde before him.

“Yeah well. Let’s just stick with one okay?”

Betty rolled her eyes as the warning bell rang
“Whatever you say Juggie. I still can’t wait to meet him. I have this weird feeling we’re gonna be good friends”

Something in Jugheads eyes flickered, something Betty had never seen before, before she had a chance to ask him what was wrong Veronica was by her side dragging her to last period.

“Listen to me. No messing around, these are my friends. Well kind of, Betty and Archie are my friends and.. well I guess Veronica and Kevin are too.. thats not the point.. just… try not to mess anything up.” Jughead sighed as he addressed the boy beside him.

The resemblance was uncanny, Jugheads cousin had the same dark almost purple waves and sky blue eyes, his tan skin was just as smooth as Jugheads except he was missing the spattering of freckles and beauty marks that were so uniquely Jughead.

Souphead rolled his eyes
“When have I ever let you down cuz? This is gonna be awesome. I’m sure the babes here are much more fun then all of the stuck up barbies out in California .”

Jughead shook his head and started moving quicker than he had ever walked in his entire life, his cousin scrambled to catch up.

“I’m thinking a blonde. Ya know how I like the dark haired girls but new school new me, ya know what I mean?”

Jughead turned to him, a bored expression on his face as they made it to his locker
“Whatever soup, just try not to get in any fights. It’s your first day and you know F.P will kill us both if you get suspended.”

Suddenly souphead was nudged forward into the locker quickly turning around and coming face to face with Cheryl Blossom.

“Watch where you’re going Jughead. I don’t need to catch whatever germs you’re carrying under that disgusting beanie of yours, I mean really..” Cheryl’s words were cut off when she caught sight of the two twins in front of her
“There’s two of you?! Oh Jason save us all.”

Souphead gripped Cheryl’s hand in his, dropping a kiss to her knuckles
“I promise there’s only one of me, maybe I’ll introduce you sometime.” He lifted his eyebrows, Cheryl flinched in surprise before she seemed to melt in front of Jugheads eyes

“Per..perhaps you can.” She gulped

Souphead smiled that ever charming grin and turned back to his locker right beside Jughead, Cheryl stumbled backwards at his dismissal nearly tripping over her heels as she scurried away.

Jughead stared at his cousin for a moment before the boy slung his backpack over his shoulder
“Redheads. Not my thing.”

“Hey man, you’ll never guess what game i copped from Dilton!” Archie clapped souphead on the shoulder, completely disregarding his best friend standing right next to him.

Souphead stared up at Archie for a moment before turning to Jughead
“Once again, redheads. Not my thing.”

Archie moved away from souphead like he’d been burned staring wide eyed between the two cousins.
“You got cloned.” He questioned seriously.

Jughead couldn’t help the snort that came out
“Arch, meet my cousin. Souphead this is Archie.”

Archie nodded, grinning
“Totally weird man.”

It all happened before Jughead could stop it, he could see her but she couldn’t see him, he was hidden behind his locker door while Souphead was out in the open. Betty came up to Jugheads rowdy cousin, running her fingers through his hair.

“No hat today? It looks nice.” She whispered, fingers tangling at the ends as she pressed a little closer to the boy in front of her. Soupheads arms came around her waist, tugging her closer as Betty yelped her smile widening. Souphead grinned
“Now this is what I’m talking about.”

Jughead growled, stepping out of his place behind his locker.

“Let go. Now.” He demanded.

Betty’s eyes widened when she saw Jughead standing in front of her, she pried herself out of the look alikes arms and blushed rose petal pink.

“Oh my god. You must be souphead. I’m so sorry! Wow what an introduction right? I’m Betty Cooper it’s so nice to meet you!”

The grinning teen took her hands in his and squeezed
“Pleasures all mine Betty Cooper.”
Betty raised a confused eyebrow as she pulled her hands from his, smiling slightly.

Jughead cleared his throat and took Betty’s arm in his
“We have to get to class, I’ll see you at lunch. Try not to cause too much trouble again.”

Veronica had joined them at this point and was currently listening as Archie explained how Jugheads cousin was cloned to look just like him.

“Quit telling me that .. dad.. I got this” souphead smiled wickedly before throwing a wink in Betty’s direction

“See you at lunch sunshine.” Then he was off.

Jugheads grip on Betty’s arm was tighter than usual and she looked down at it pointedly

“I like him. He’s funny.” She smiled, shifting into Jugheads side a bit more.

The boy beside her sighed as his fingers played with the end of Betty’s cheerleading skirt

“That’s what I was afraid of.” He whispered.

Betty pulled away for a moment, realization dawning in her eyes. Oh. He was jealous.


Moving to stand in front of him, Betty took her favorite boys face in her hands

“He’s funny juggie. And I like him. But you’re more than funny.. you don’t have to worry about losing me to him.. you’re…you’re everything.” She whispered, dropping her own kiss to his cheek.

Jughead let out a sigh of relief before dealing his arm over her shoulder

“Okay Betts. You’ve convinced me. And by the way?”

Betty looked up at him, green eyes sparkling

“You’re more than everything”

Bit o’ Fun

Harry X Reader X Zayn: Smut

In which Harry adds a surprise guest into the equation (Zayn).

Request? Yes:

Well,,,,,,,,, the Harry imagine just about killed me, so truly from the bottom of my heart thanks for that. Hahah, can you do one with Harry AND Zayn? A threesome where the reader has a daddy kink?

Author’s note: I actually hate this. Be gentle!

“Hey, babe,” you greet as you stumble through the doorway. Your feet have been aching in a new pair of heels. Undoing the buckles quickly and whipping the shoes into a corner, you glance up into the depths of a dark hotel room, eyes straining to adjust.


The curtains are drawn over the window, only a crack of L.A. streetlight seeping into the center of the room. You can faintly make out Harry’s silhouette on the edge of the mattress.

“Hey, love.”

You take a firm step forward before another two wobbly ones back. There’s a second form on the bed, seated right beside Harry. Your fingers fumble along the wall for the light switch.

“Zayn?” You’re surprised as dim light filters through the space from a far lamp. Both of the boys squint, eyebrows drawn low on their foreheads.

“’S right.” Zayn smiles, flashing his teeth for a brief moment. “Hi, Y/N.”

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The Wetter the Better

this is a short blurb based off of this ask and also this ask :) 

Waking up next to my boyfriend of more than a year was something that never got tiring. Hearing him stretch and yawn out of his sleep, watching him twist and turn his half naked body in noisy grumbles as he fought off the need to actually get up out of the bed….it was one of the best parts of my day. But waking up next to my boyfriend, who was more than eager for his first day visit to the Masters, and seeing him doing a silly shirtless snapchat that he would send out to all his fans, now that was something that would never get old.

Rolling over in the bed to face him, I watched him pull a funny face into the snapchat camera, my hand cupping over my lips as I struggled to contain my giggles. He was the biggest goofball, mostly saving it for me, but every once in awhile he’d share his silliness with the world and that made me love him even more. But also I couldn’t help but want to poke fun at him for it. When he finally finished his early morning gift to his fans, he tossed his phone down to the end of the bed. “Mornin’, love,” he mumbled out to me, eventually slinging his arm around the dip in my waist over the covers and nudging my sleepy frame towards his.

I breathed out a smile. “Giving your fans a little treat, huh?”

“Shit, I’m excited, baby,” he mentioned as he shrugged his shoulder and turned the one corner of his mouth down, “and I do what I gotta do to keep ‘em on their toes, you know that.”

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Touch (M)

Song Mino + toy play + mutual masturbation

drabble;  827 words

Requested by Anons from my drabble game

Dedicated to my baby girl @sm-gd!! I hope you’re doing well and not stressing too much >.<

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**can I just say he looks so damn fine in that GIF ADLKGH ok the drabble should be below**

“Come on, baby girl; play with that clit for me.”

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anonymous asked:

How about a cute/smutty blurb for memorial day weekend with niall?? Please? :D xo

“Do you actually hate your fans?”

 Niall dropped his phone haphazardly onto the desk and whipped around to stare at you.  

 “Course not!  What the hell ya talkin’ about?”  He pushed his fists onto his slim hips defiantly.  His chest was still damp from his workout and you couldn’t help but press your thighs together at the sight of him.  A very familiar ache was starting to throb between your legs.  You pulled your reading glasses off and tucked them into the book you were reading.

 “You know exactly what I’m talking about, Niall.  You can’t just assault them out of nowhere by posting shirtless videos.  I actually feel bad for them.”

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I’ll Make You Love Me

The final chapter in the “Everyone Needs Some Love” series. This has been a pleasure writing and I’m so happy so many of you enjoyed it!
Hopefully you all won’t hate me after the ending. I’m sorry

Part 1- Everyone needs some love
Part 2- I need your love
Part 3- I Want your Love
Part 4- You Want To Love Me 

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Two months. 
It has been two agonizingly long months. Your were beyond terrified. Questions were like hornets in your mind, guilt and sorrow twisted in your chest. 
Was Mark ok? Where had Dark gone? What was he doing? Would he ever return? 
So when a thump in the other room shocked you out of your current activity, you practically ran towards the sound. 
You cried out in both relief and misery as Mark’s crippled body lay on the floor of the lounge-room. 
“Mark!” You screamed, running forward and turning him onto his back. 
He was pale, almost deathly, and cold to touch. But his chest rose and fell with labored breaths, his pulse beating under your fingertips as you pressed them against his neck.
“Oh thank God,” You murmured. You touched his cheek, gently shaking his shoulders in an attempt to wake him. “Mark. Mark, wake up!” 
“He won’t wake for some time,” A deep voice told you. 
You looked up to find another figure standing in the room. A man wearing a black suit, the material smooth and almost luxurious to the eye. 
But his face, it was Mark’s face, but sharper along the jaw and with eyes sullen, lined with black. He was different and all too familiar at the same time.
You glared up at Dark. “What did you do?” 
Dark gestured with his hands along his body. Smoothing down his jacket and shifting his shoulders to better fit the clothing. 
“I believed that you’d enjoy a body separate from Mark’s.” Dark replied. A smug grin stretching his lips. “Am I wrong for believing this?” 
“You’re wrong for believing I’d want you,” You snapped. Standing and positioning yourself between him and Mark. “Separate body or not, I stand by what I said. I don’t love you. I can’t love you.” 
Dark chuckled, “You say that, my dear. But you haven’t given me a chance to properly try to win you over.” 
“I’m not some prize, Dark. I’m-”
“Human, yes.” Dark cut you off, impatiently fixing the cuffs of his suit. “You’ve made that quite clear. And that’s why I’m so persistent. Humans have a small amount of willpower. Their affections can only stretch so far before it latches onto another, more appropriate, suitor. The more I push, the more you’ll find me…appropriate.” 

Your mouth opened to argue, but a hand on your leg turned your attention down to Mark.
“Get…away from…him,” He coughed. His voice was weak, just above a whisper.
Dark sighed, shaking his head as you knelt beside Mark. “I honestly thought you’d die after our separation, pest. But you’re strong, I’ll give you that.” 
Mark gripped you, holding you as he dragged himself into a sitting position. You kept him steady, half cradling him against your side as Mark glowered up at the entity. 
“Why didn’t you do this sooner?” Mark demanded. “All that pain, that misery you put me through, and you could have had your own body all this time?” 
Dark rolled his eyes, “Strong but not very smart. You see, Mark, I didn’t know I could do this. But when I had a reason to have my own body, I had to try.” Dark winked at you. “And all that suffering you went through, I couldn’t care less. Now, let (Y/N) go and we’ll be on our way.” 
Mark’s hand held you tighter, pushing you behind him as he stood. Mark was unsteady on his legs, but he kept his eyes fixed on Dark. Staring him down and shielding you from Dark’s gaze. 
“She’s not going anywhere,” Mark said. “And I’ll kill you if you touch her.” 
Dark laughed. A rumbling chuckle that bounced off the walls and echoed through your mind. Goosebumps rose on your arms and you clung to Mark as Dark took a step forward. 
“Kill me? Little Mark, you could barely lift a feather in your state. And don’t worry. (Y/N) and I have already become acquainted. Very closely acquainted.”
Mark glanced at you and your gaze dropped to the ground. The guilt and shame rose in your chest like bile and you went to speak, but Mark whirled on Dark, a fist crashing into the entity’s cheek. 
“You vile, manipulating freak! What did you do?” Mark bellowed. Without thinking, you positioned yourself between them. Facing Dark, but keeping hands on Mark, pushing him back as the entity slowly came out of his stupor.
Dark’s head had snapped to the side under the impact. He chuckled, a humorless sound and turned to Mark. Ignoring you completely as he took the remaining step that separated them. 
“I’m going to make you suffer for that, little Mark.” Dark growled. The blackness of his eyes completely taking over. “And what (Y/N) and I did was wondrous. She’s so soft, so warm. I understand your attraction.”
Dark caught Mark’s fist in his palm. His fingers crushing Mark’s knuckles, smiling as Mark fell to his knees with a cry. 
You slammed into Dark, shoving him back. He seemed to find your attempt amusing. His arms wrapped around you, holding you against his chest as he grinned down at you. 
“Oh? Here for more” He purred in your ear. 
Mark launched himself off the ground. His other fist catching Dark in the chin, barely missing your head. 
Dark released you, stumbling back and whirling on Mark with a feral snarl. 
“I’ve had enough of you!” He roared. Something opened up beside Dark. A gaping black hole where the light bent into it, twisting the world around it. The wind seemed to be sucked into it and you could feel a slight pull on your body as it opened wider.
It hurt your eyes to look at it, but you watched with horror as Dark’s knuckles cracked against Mark’s face. The man cried out, his head snapping back and Dark latched onto the front of his shirt. 
“The Void will be a good place for you.” Dark hissed, yanking Mark close. “You won’t be able to interfere anymore. And soon, it’s emptiness will consume you and you will be forgotten.” 
Mark groaned, his daze ending as Dark twisted his body, readying to throw Mark into the black-hole. 
Your body rushed forward. Your shoulder colliding into Dark and your hands hooked under Mark’s arms. 
You yanked the man out of the entity’s grip as he became unbalanced and tilted into the hole. 
Dark yelled your name as the blackness swallowed him, and the gaping girth closed shut. 

Mark moaned, his hand rising up to feel his jaw. “That hurt.” 
You chuckled, “I think you can get pass a hit to the head. Your skull is thick enough for that.” 
Mark smiled, shaking his head. But then he looked at you, eyes worried. “Are you ok?” 
You nodded, taking a quick shaky breath to calm your racing heart. “Yeah,  I’m ok. You?” 
Mark looked to where the hole had closed. It looked as if nothing had happened. 
“Yeah, I’m better now.” 
You smiled and poked his side. “By the way. I totally just saved your ass. You owe me big time!” 
Mark grinned, chuckling sheepishly. “Yeah you did. How about a date?” 
Your eyes widened, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” 
Mark rolled his eyes. His hand gripped yours and he pulled you into a kiss. It was quick, too quick you for your liking. But left you breathless none-the-less. 
“I just asked you out on a date,” Mark said. “So, is that a yes or no to dinner?” 
You pretended to think about it. “You have yourself a deal, Mark.” 
His smile broadened and he pecked your lips. “Excellent. Tonight, 8 o’clock.” 

A little Epilogue ;) 

The light was almost blinding. His eyes weren’t use to it, but they adapted quick enough.
Dark gazed out through the scar in the dimension. A fracture his black-hole had left when he tried to pull Mark into the Void. From his side, he could make out a room. Your living room.
He glimpsed a flickering screen, two forms on a couch in a dark room. You and Mark were having a movie night. 
But their wasn’t much attention on the screen. Dark spied Mark’s hand crawl up your thigh, your bodies tangled together, lips locked in a hungry battle of lust. 
His mouth curled down in confusion. 
Wait….no….he was here. 
Mark…he was…he was Mark. 
Confusion raked through him. The coldness of the Void suddenly filling his chest, seeping through his bones and consuming his body. His suit turned into a shirt, the tie disappearing and his trousers becoming regular pants.
No..No. He was meant to be out there! Dark was..Mark?…But how was Mark here? 
Dark, no, Mark peered through the fracture again. Your phone had started to ring, and you grabbed for it, trying to tear yourself away from the man that had you under him. 
“Dark! It’s Mum, I need to take this!” You giggled as a pair of lips latched onto your neck. 
“I’m sure she can leave a message.” A familiar voice replied. 
“But then she’ll get angry at me.” You pouted and the man sighed. Pulling away. 
“Alright, but tell her she interrupted a very important conversation!” 
You rolled your eyes, answering the phone and hurrying out of the room to talk. 
How doesn’t she see what’s happened? 
(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N), you have to hear me! 
“She won’t hear you,” Dark said form his place on the couch. “The Void is already doing it’s work. You’re being consumed. She’s already forgetting you. Already accepting me in your place.” 
Dark stood, crossing the room to stand before the fracture. “You’re fading, Mark. And soon even I won’t remember you. You’ll be but a whisper in an abyss of emptiness.” 
Mark cried out. But no sound came. Not even the sensation of a breath leaving his lungs could be felt. 
“Goodbye, Mark.” Dark said, his eyes flashing. “And don’t fret. I’ll look after, (Y/N). In the last remnants of your existence, I hope you find comfort in knowing she’ll be happy with me.” 
The scar closed, darkness taking Mark as he reached for you as you entered the room. 

You looked up from your phone, crossing to Dark as he stood in the center of the room. 
“Babe? What’s up?” You asked, your arms circling his waist. 
Dark hummed, his eyebrows furrowing. “Nothing. Got lost in my own thoughts.” He turned to face you. His hands taking your face in his palms and a wide smile stretching his lips. 
“Now, what were we discussing?” 

Joker Imagine - Haunted House

Your P.O.V.

I couldn’t believe that this was real. Joker was on my left side, driving his car. The fucking Joker. I was in his car with my hands and legs tied together, scared to death as I sat here. My entire body was trembling from fear, once as he was laughing. I stared at the man who I was terrified of. He wore a white jacket and it had blood splatters on it. I just kept crying, my sobs muffled by the cloth in my mouth.

 I had been outside, walking home from work as a purple Lamborghini stopped right in front of me.I had stopped walking. The door opened and I saw someone I wished I never would have. The Joker looked at me with a  gruesome grin on his face. He had told me that he had to be quick. A second later he yanked me into his car. I was so scared that I couldn’t defend myself properly. Next thing I knew, he was driving out of the city really fast.

‘‘I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself’‘ He spoke after a long silence that was only broken by his eerie laugh. He gazed at me although his eyes should have been on the road. ‘‘I’m the Joker. Who might you be, my dear hostage?’‘ He asked me. I was dead silent. On the other hand, I couldn’t answer either because my mouth was stuffed. 

‘‘Oops’‘ He chuckled and then took the cloth out and threw it out of the window. I still didn’t bug. He was a nightmare. I felt like a little spider that he could squish so easily. ‘‘Answer me!’‘ He yelled, making me flinch. I sobbed and felt hot tears rolling down my face. ‘‘I-I’m Y/N’‘ I whimpered, speaking for him for the first time. It made him smile again like his anger just faded.

‘‘That’s better. Do you know why I took you along?’‘ Joker asked me like this was funny. I shook my head no and he saw that. ‘‘Let me tell you. I was on a mission with my henchmen today. Then Batsy tagged along and we had to leave early. I figured he’d follow me so I needed a hostage, which is you, by the way’‘ He laughed again. I squinted my eyes and tried to stay as calm as possible.

‘‘If they try anything, I’d shoot you. So, they can’t’‘ He continued telling me his little story. I watched as he opened his mouth, but he saw something behind us. ‘‘Oh’‘ His red lips rounded. ‘‘You just came in handy, Y/N’‘ Joker let me know darkly. I looked at the little window and saw a black car racing towards us. It was the Batmobile! Jesus Christ.

‘‘Let’s confuse him’‘ Joker declared and hit the gas pedal. I was almost sure we’d crash with this crazy driving. I closed my eyes and hoped that Batman could save me. 

After a lot of rough swings, Joker started laughing. That’s when I dared to open my eyes. ‘’He lost us!’’ He yelled happily. I looked around and saw a lot of houses. Most of them looked really old and rotten. This wasn’t the heart of the city anymore. Joker slowed down and drove to a yellow house. He drove right into the garage and I noticed it was empty. This house was abandoned.

‘‘Let’s go play hide and seek’‘ Joker said and turned to look at me. Now that the car engine wasn’t roaring, I heard my own heartbeat clearly. Being at such a place with the Joker sounded like a horror movie.It wasn’t.

He got out of the car and walked over to my side. I bit my lips together because I was so scared. The door opened and he pulled me out of the car by the ropes around my hands. It was hard to stand with rope around my knees. ‘’Now that’s an issue’’ Joker mumbled, looking down at me. Luckily, he untied the rope around my legs. I was still afraid.

He started dragging me into the house. The first thing I noticed was the smell of mould and plants. It was dark, but I saw thanks to the windows. The house had very old furniture and books scattered across the floor. 

‘‘Okay. You’re gonna go to the basement and I’ll..walk around’‘ Joker broke the silence. Looking at him in the dark was still scary. His eyes almost shone now which was creepy.The light highlighted the edges of his green hair and his milky white skin.

‘‘Pl-please don’t’‘ I begged as I thought about being locked up in a basement. Joker didn’t answer me. He opened a door and I barely saw the stony stairs. That’s when I got a strange feeling. I felt eyes on me. It was a disgusting feeling. It’s almost like someone was in the basement. ‘‘You either walk down yourself or I’ll push you down. You pick’‘ Joker growled, making me anxious.

I glanced at the clown and saw that he was dead serious. I had to go. So I walked down against my own will. One step down and he shut the door. He even locked it! Everything was dark. It was so dark that I couldn’t tell if I shut my eyes or if they were open. Somehow I managed to get down the stairs.

It was cold.

Once I came down, I saw better because there were tiny windows high up. I coughed a couple times because of the dust. Then I saw how creepy this basement was. It was full of porcelain dolls. I screamed because I thought someone was there. It caused me to fall on my bum which hurt.

I’d die here.

What if Joker would leave?

No one knew where I was..

I was all alone in this silent basement.Reality sunk into my head and I was pretty sure this day would fuck my head up. Just as I sat there, accepting my crappy life, I heard music. A music box on a dusty table was playing by itself. My eyes widened and I held my breath as I stared at the box. I could almost hear a little child singing, ‘’..Ring around the rosy’’

At first, I was convinced it was a real person. Then I tried to assure myself it was only in my head. ‘’You’re not real, you’re not real’’ I repeated myself again and again. I was hugging my knees now, too scared to move. I was alone, right? No one else could be here.

‘‘Don’t ignore me!’‘ A little child’s scream echoed. I flinched and hid my face in my hands, now crying out loud. ‘‘You’re not real!’‘ I muttered, then sobbing loudly, nearly choking on my tears. This Joker thing must have really gotten into me. I was safe. It was just a basement..

‘‘Look at me’‘ Someone whispered. I felt someone’s breath on my arms and a shiver ran down my spine. I wouldn’t look. No. I had to keep breathing, stay calm-

My hands were ripped away from my face and I screamed. I tried to hit whatever was in my way. I kicked and screamed and tried to get up. I was still too scared to look. ‘’Leave me alone!’’ I shrieked at the top of my lungs. As I got up on my feet, I tried to run up the stairs. Panic took over me and I struggled to breathe. I punched the door in hopes Joker would come. The fear made my stomach feel rotten.

‘‘Help! Help me!’‘ I cried and kept banging my fists against the door until it hurt. I thought I’d get out, but then I felt an ice cold hand around my ankle, grabbing me harshly. That feeling broke my hope. My eyes widened and then I was pulled back down. I hit the stairs, chest first and then I hit my jaw. Something was fucking dragging me down the stairs!

I tried to hold onto the stairs with my hands, but it was useless. ‘’No! Help, help’’ I sobbed, scared half way to death.I was in pain but I was so terrified that I ignored it. Just then the door opened and I saw lights. Joker had heard me and he had found a torch as well.

He blinded me with the light and at the same time, the cold hand vanished. Joker walked down to me and saw me on the floor. I was crying. I wasn’t sure what to do but one thing was clear, I didn’t want to be alone. My body was trembling wildly and I felt blood trickling down my face. 

‘‘What the hell happened?’‘ Joker asked me roughly.He even kneeled down in front of me. Our eyes met and as crazy as it sounds, I felt safer. Then I leapt at him and hugged Joker. I didn’t care that it was the man who kidnapped me. I just needed it.

‘‘Y/N what on earth happened?’‘ Joker wanted to know. Luckily, he didn’t push me away. I wanted to answer him, but I was breathing strangely which made it impossible to speak. My chest rose quickly and my breath hitched in my throat. My ankle felt cold and I could see a red ring around it. Now that Joker came, the people or ghosts, whatever they were, they disappeared.

‘‘They w-were..going to..kill me’‘ I managed to croak out weakly. Joker seemed confused now. ‘‘We’re the only people in this house’‘ He pointed out. I shook my head no and swallowed my tears. God knows why but being in his lap was comforting. 

‘‘Ghosts’‘ I whispered and then felt a shiver running down my spine. I rested my head against his chest and stared deeper into the basement. Joker huffed, probably not believing me. On the other hand, he didn’t laugh either. We sat there in silence for a while. He didn’t seem to mind that I sat in his lap. My head had a million questions flying around. Were they ghosts? Or my imagination? Or something else? What were they?!

Just as I started to calm down a bit, something dark moved. My eyes widened in horror as I stared at the dark figure. Ghost-likely it stood up and leant against the wall. It looked like the silhouette of a child. Step by step, it walked closer to us.

‘‘Go away!’‘ I screamed which caught Joker’s attention. He tilted his head and saw the same girl. ‘‘We’ve got company’‘ He growled and stood up, bringing me to my feet at the same time. The rope around my hands had loosened by my attempts to hit the ghosts earlier.

My heart almost stopped now. I could see the figure so clearly. All this was too much for my head and it was a miracle I hadn’t died yet. Joker flashed the light towards the girl and she vanished. I stared, mouth and eyes open wide at the now empty spot in front of us. Joker kept his arm around me, which helped a little bit. If I was alone, I’d probably wet myself and weep to death.

‘’I-Is she gone?’‘ I stuttered, trying to get even closer next to the Joker. ‘‘I don’t know but we’re getting the fuck out of here’‘ He growled surely. Just as we were going to leave, something else happened. My chest was tight as I held my breath in agony.

It sounded like someone let out a deep breath behind us. Once again, I felt it on my neck. It was worse than getting punched. The feeling of someone’s breath on your neck was disgusting and it made me want to puke. Joker was tougher than me. He turned around to shine the light against whatever was behind us. I faced the dark again where the girl was. She was right in front of me, making me scream.

‘‘Let’s go!’‘ I cried and tugged Joker’s jacket with both my hands. ‘’‘Good idea’‘ He growled and held me. We walked backwards up the stairs and he kept the light directed in front of us. I counted our steps, trying to distract myself somehow from the terror.

We reached the top of the stairs and Joker kicked the door open. Once we got out of the basement, he shut the door and locked it as well. I thought we were safe. With my luck, my thoughts were wrong. The strong smell of smoke entered my lungs, making me cough immediately. My eyes watered as I looked through the grey clouds that seemed to get thicker. 

Joker was the first one to move. The house was on fire and he would not burn to death.Together we ran through the hot smoke towards the garage door. I heard the rattling of flames somewhere. The damn house was on fire!

I felt lightheaded once we reached his car. He jumped in and so did I, feeling safer with the Joker than in this house. He started the engine and then drove out of the garage quickly. I looked at the house that was getting orange by the roof. The thought of staying in there a minute longer made me sick in my stomach. We would have died..

Joker drove back to the highway and back towards Gotham City. Silence took over us, both shocked from what had just happened. I knew for sure that even he was a bit scared. As it came to me, I was utterly terrified. The fear had completely overwhelmed me and now I sat in a villain’s car, frozen from fear.

I could never be normal again.

After ten minutes of dead silence and driving, the silence was broken. I thought Joker was talking, but I was wrong once again.

‘‘ Ring around the rosy. Pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes. We all fall d o w n’‘

Tyler Scheid x Reader (GenderNeutral) - Sweet Summer

Summer is always hot, especially in L.A. It’s like Satan’s armpit there in the summer, and nearly all year round, as well. How can anyone be blamed for going swimming in such terrible weather conditions? What’s even worse are watching the people who enjoy the heat sit out in the sun or under the shade and blister, for who knows what reason. Maybe they’re sadistic.

Maybe that life guard was sadistic, the one with the curls and the stone-face look every time a kid screamed. And then there was you, possibly also less sadistic and crazy as you sat on the edge of the pool, your feet dipped into the cold and chlorine-saturated water. You watched some of the kids push each other into the pool, the lifeguard glare at them. He was… interested to look at. But he was at the other side of the pool, so you couldn’t make out much of his features.

“GERONIMO!” your best friend screamed as she ran to the edge, jumping and landing in the water with a massive cannonball-made splash. Splashing you, you laughed and wiped the water from your face, pushing your hair back.

“Hey!” you shouted. She surfaced and waded in the water, looking at you with a stupid grin.

“What?” she asked.

“Alex you had to warn me. I don’t really want to get too wet.” You glanced at the lifeguard who was busy with looking up at the clouds. Oh, a jawline…
“I did warn you. It’s called a warrior cry, and mine is Geronimo.” Alex seemed very sure of herself, laughing as she dipped down and underneath the surface to swim towards the shallow-end. It was her idea to come to the pool, dragging you away from your YouTube videos and Pringles. You looked nice, though, in your black swimwear. It was nicely fitting and dark, just like your soul. There, that is the sadistic side.

But Alex has that side, too, because she appeared suddenly while you were drooling subconsciously at the lifeguard and pulled you by your arms into the pool. You screamed loudly, stopped short by the cold and salty water. Your body hit the water and you were gone under, the last thing you saw before the water stung your eyes was the lifeguard jolting in his seat.

Fighting with Alex, your arms battled the waves and you struggled to stay afloat, not that well of a swimmer by any means. Your face reached the surface and your gasped for air, kicking your legs furiously. You could hear Alex cackling beside you as you doggy-paddled to stay breathing. Every other second your head dipped underwater and you were fighting to yell at Alex, making everything a struggle in the end.

And then you heard it.

Alex stopped laughing as the splash of a very large and muscular man hit the water. You turned and saw the man right next to you, right as you dipped back under. He grabbed you by the waist, wrapping his arm eventually under your arms before lighting you out of the water and onto the concrete in a matter of seconds. You coughed and blinked, looking up and seeing the beautiful silhouette of the most handsome man you’d ever seen above you.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice lovely.


“Are you okay?” he asked again. You nodded, his hand grabbing yours as he helped you to sit up. You coughed again and wiped your eyes, Alex losing her mind with laughter.

“You looked like you were drowning, so I saved you.”

You looked at him and blushed. “No, I just swim really weird,” you replied, laughter in your voice. He looked you over, slightly blushing himself, and then let out a sigh. He looked at Alex and smiled, then to you. He sat back on his bottom, possibly feeling like an idiot. He laughed, running his hand through his curls. You just stared, looking at the water drip down his muscular body. The way the sun glistened over his pecs and arms made your jaw drop a little. He looked back at you with the most amazing smile and you found yourself speechless, just in awe.

“Hey hot-stuff!” Alex yelled at you, making you snap back to reality. You shut your jaw and looked at her, glaring. “He’s drooling over you, too,” she said quietly, hoping he wouldn’t hear. You looked back and saw he was. He was staring at the all of you. Your face, chest, legs, everything.

“Tyler!” someone from afar yelled. “Get back to your post.” Tyler stood, helping you up.

“Gotta… go.. Um, I get off at 5. Mabe come back and we can get some ice cream?”

“Yeah, yeah I’d love that.”


He winked and walked away, leaving you standing there. His hands were so soft, you thought. And that was apparently aloud, because he turned around and smiled.

“Thanks!” he called. “Yours are, too!”

You covered your face and screamed, Alex laughing once more.


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What You Want

baby i got it

Words: 1616

Prompt: “You keep trying to set him up, and somewhere along the way, you realize you’re in love with him.”


“Come on, it’s just one date!”

“I said I don’t want to.”

You sighed, crossing your arms as you put on your “Best Friend Voice.”

“Come on, Lin, please? For me?”

His expression wavered then, softening around the edges, and for a moment it almost seemed sad, eyes soft and pleading.

“She’s a really great girl, I promise,” you said quietly, stepping forward to wrap your arms around him, fingers digging into the fabric of that damn gray sweater.


The response was soft, woven into something you might have called bittersweet, and you barely caught what came next.

“But only for you.”


“That bad, huh?”

He slinked in the doorway, shoulders slumped and posture heavy, as if his body could barely hold itself up.

“Its three a.m.”

“Then it can’t have been that bad.”

He looked at you then, sharply, but you could see his mouth begin to twitch at the corners, threatening to pull itself into a smile.

“She wouldn’t let me leave.”

“You’re a grown man, Lin.”

He threw himself on the couch at that, body seeming to melt into it, exhaustion melding his body to the faux leather.

“She just kept talking. I didn’t want to be rude.”

“Her boobs were great though.”

You heard a small huff at that, and his laughter seemed to seep into you, lessening the tension in your shoulders.

“Not as great as yours.”

And, all right, he really had that slap coming.


“Come on, Lin, I swear, they wont all be that bad.”

“She kept rubbing my legs with her feet underneath the table!”

“She seemed so nice at work!”

You threw your arms in the air at that, and he couldn’t take it any longer, dissolving into giggles as you huffed, trying to maintain your composure, but one look at him and you lost it, shoulders shaking alongside his in the dim light of your shared apartment.

You wiped your eyes with the pad of your thumb, laughter fading as you watched him, braced against the kitchen counter, cheeks pink and eyes bright.

When you finally spoke, it was soft, so quiet you were hardly convinced you had spoken at all.

“I just want you to be happy.”

His response wasn’t immediate. You felt the silence between you, thick, one beat, then two. He never spoke. Just turned, slowly, and grabbed his jacket, unfolding it from the back of the chair and shrugging it on.

“Don’t wait up for me, honey,” he joked, but you heard the exhaustion in his words, quiet resignation, and you don’t know what you wanted, but this sure isn’t it.

You wonder when it started to feel like this. Sending him off, almost, instead of letting him go. He’d stay if you asked him too. Part of you wonders why you’re so afraid to ask him to. Another part of you, the part that knows heartbreak all too well, the part of you that could tell someone, by perfect memory, the exact brand of toothpaste he uses, the smell of his shampoo, whispers back, “he’s the only person who’d break you if he left.”


“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” he muttered as he slipped his tie on, nimble fingers working quickly as he spoke.

“Lin, come on. The last one wasn’t so awful!”

He shook his head, mouth quirking downward slightly, arranging itself carefully into a pout.

“It wasn’t great either.”


He looked up at you then, and you stepped forward, grabbing his suit jacket and holding it out for him. You saw it then, the moment it appeared, the quiet resignation in his eyes, and you hated it. It burned, slipping down your throat to nestle in your chest, hot and bright and blinding, and you shifted.


You cleared your throat.

“Maybe we could stay in tonight. Dust off those old West Wing dvd’s, huh?”

You were floating, drifting, a million miles away, and then he smiled, and you felt it, the shift in your chest, like everything had aligned, right here and now, in this perfect moment. He smiled at you, and you wondered when it started to feel like coming home.


From: Lin


Your phone dinged from across the room, chirping softly in the darkness. You sat up blearily rubbing your eyes.

To: Lin

Seriously? What’s wrong with this one?? I went to BED.

It took a moment for him to reply, and your eyes fluttered close, relishing the silence, before-

Two chirps, the sound echoing in the quiet of your bedroom. You groaned.

From: Lin

It’s like ten o'clock, why are you asleep.

From: Lin

Whatever, I need you to get me out of here.

You let out a low moan, cursing life, before you stumbled out of bed, hands fumbling in the darkness for a sweater.

To: Lin

I’m on my way.

To: Lin

You owe me. Big time.


You pulled up to the restaurant, rubbing your eyes tiredly, before you stepped out of the car, shuffling into the darkness. The wind bit at you, sharp and cool, and you tugged your sweater around you tightly, wrapping your arms around your waist before you stepped inside.

Moaning at the sudden warmth, you scanned the room, arms dropping back to your sides, before you spotted him.

Oh, god, poor Lin. He looks miserable.

Your eyes catch on his frame, tracing his silhouette, before you shake your head, feet dragging you towards their table.

“What the fuck, Lin?”

The words roll off your tongue, sharp and angry, and you hardly have to dredge up any heat before you’re tense, shoulders pulled tight and back ramrod straight. Something about the sight of him, body curled around her like that, tucked close in the same side of the booth, sets your blood boiling.

“Hey, what are you-”

You turn to the girl then, gaze sharp as she watches you, wide eyed and beautiful, and if that doesn’t just make what you’re about to do so much easier.

“That’s my husband, you bitch.”

The words seem to fall from your lips before you can think, and you grab Lin’s arm.

“Oh my god, I had no idea, I-”

“Of course you didn’t. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

You caught sight of him then, face red, lip between his teeth as he tried desperately to hold in his laughter, and you feel your lips twitch.

Laughing time later, you remind yourself. Lin needs you.

“Get the fuck out of here,” you say, voice cold, arm shooting out to gesture at the door as the other curled loosely around Lin’s wrist.

She scurried from the booth faster than you had thought humanly possible, eyes to the floor, and then she’s gone, slipping into the night without a glance behind her.

You plop into the seat beside Lin, grabbing a french fry off his plate.

“So. Whatcha wanna do now?”


Good things don’t last forever.

“I’m sorry, what?”

Lin swallowed, voice thick with confusion.

“This one… wasn’t so bad?”

Your heart stuttered in your chest, and you took a deep breath, inhaling shakily through your nose.

“She, uh. She was nice,” he continued, “Funny. I had a good time.”

“That’s. That’s great!”

You smile, but it doesn’t quite reach your eyes. Jesus, you wanted this. You thought you wanted this, why don’t you want this?

“Are you… gonna go out with her again?”

Your voice shook then, just slightly, wavering for half a second, and you wanted to slap yourself. God, get it together. You wanted this.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Just peachy!”

You wanted this, you wanted this you wanted thi-

“Tell me not to.”

When he speaks, his voice shakes too, low and desperate, and it’s the same face that begged you not to make him leave, that holds you when you cry, that shows up at three a.m. when you can’t sleep with a Kanye CD, declares an “emergency dance party”, makes you dance till you cant anymore, till your limbs go shaky and your breath turns ragged.

You squinted, eyebrows pulling together as you peered at him, standing in the kitchen with bare feet and tousled hair, and you can’t help but think you’ve never been more in love with him.


“Tell me not to.”

You stared on, his voice tinny in your ears, eyes trained on the way his throat bobbed when he swallowed. Has he always been this beautiful?

“Give me a reason to stay.”

It’s soft when he says it, voice cracking in the middle, both hands fisted in his pockets, but you hear all the things he isn’t saying, things he’s never said, and then you’re crossing the kitchen in two long strides before he can blink, hands reaching forward to fist in his hair, and your mouth is on his, and he isn’t kissing you, he isn’t kissing you back, oh god, why isn’t he-

He’s crying.


Maybe you were wrong. Maybe he has said it before. Maybe you just never heard.

“I love you,” you say, softly, and you reach forward to brush your lips against his cheek.

“I love you.”

You don’t leave an inch untouched, the freckle on his nose, the hollow of his throat, the crinkle of his eye.

“I love you.”

His ear, his collarbones, the corner of his lips catch on yours, and you’re breathless, dizzy, drunk on exhilaration and too many kisses.

“I love you.”

It’s not you who speaks this time. He’s still crying, but it’s quiet, beautiful, and his mouth is stretched wide, teeth showing through, and you want to kiss him again.

God, do you want to kiss him again.

So you do.

Then one more time. For good measure.

… Maybe you were wrong

Maybe, all along, this is what you really wanted.

Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 22)

(This one is long. I apologize.)

Wilford sits slowly with the help of the Doctor and Bim. “Thanks, guys,” he mutters, wincing at the pain in his broken ribs. Host sneaks over quietly and places a care package on the table beside Wilford which consists of: pink fuzzy socks, a giant bag of cotton candy, bubblegum, bubble bath, and actual bubbles. Wilford smiles and digs into the cotton candy, offering Host a piece. Amy watches them from the couch and breathes a sigh of relief.

That’s when her phone rings.


Mark wakes up to the sound of glass shattering. He gets up slowly, checks the clock, and grabs his phone from the nightstand. In the hallway, Dark’s smoky aura slithers along the floor between crap Mark has neglected to clean up since the last time Kat yelled at him about it. The ringing in his ears makes his vision go blurry, but something draws Mark towards the spare room where Dark has disappeared for the last couple days.

The door is still closed, and the light inside flickers on and off. Mark reaches forward slowly, hand turning the doorknob that feels icy to the touch, and opens the door. Dark hangs in mid-air like he’s suspended from a wire, head slumped forward against his chest.

His aura whips through the room in gray tentacles, blood seeping freely from his side and staining the white t-shirt he wears. Mark feels a chill pass through his entire body as Dark’s limp form turns towards him and the Ego’s head rises to stare at him with glowing white eyes, empty eyes like staring into the heart of a star.

Mark has played enough horror games to know that he should start running.  Now.


“Mark? What’s wrong?” Amy ducks out of the living room before anyone notices she’s on the phone with Wilford and the others laughing about something in the background. “Where are you?”

Mark gasps for breath. “I’m hiding in the apartment. Dark has lost it. I don’t think he’s in control anymore.” Something else breaks outside the closet door that Mark is hiding behind, crouched between piles of clothes.

Amy runs her hand through her hair nervously and whirls around to glance at the others. Should she tell them? Wilford just woke up… They don’t need another problem on their hands just yet. “Can’t you just get in the car and go? Maybe he’ll get tired after a while or something.”

“Amy, I can’t leave him to terrorize the neighborhood. He’s evil, and he’s got my face!” Mark whispers as the ringing grows louder. “Can’t you get Wilford to come down here and help me?”

“He just woke up from nearly dying!” Amy winces when the Egos’ heads swivel in her direction. “Mark, please leave before he catches you. I can’t handle someone else getting hurt at this point.”

Mark bites his lip. “If he’s occupied with me, he won’t harm anyone else.” There’s another loud noise outside the door, and Mark is certain that Dark is right on the other side. “Amy, send help, okay? I don’t care who it is…”

The call cuts off suddenly, and Amy feels her heart clench in her chest. She has no choice. “Wilford?”

The pink Ego looks up, eyes still tired and worn. “Yeah?”

“We have to help Mark. Now.”

The full force of Dark’s aura drags Mark from the closet and slams him against an adjacent wall. Dark looms inches away, still hovering off the floor with his glowing white eyes illuminating the hallway ever so slightly. Mark flinches away from Dark. “Come on, Dark. You don’t want to do this. You know you need me, otherwise you would’ve killed me long before now.”

Dark blinks slowly, but he doesn’t speak as Mark is washed with wave after wave of burning anger and hatred, the taste of iron and ashes that comes with Dark’s aura. “If you kill me, you’ll lose the others forever. They’ll never forgive you, and you’ll never be able to touch them again. They’ve already escaped from your stupid castle you built for yourself.” Mark grits his teeth. “Look at you. Alone and broken, and no one is worried about you. They’re all with Wilford.”

Speak of the devil, the pink Ego appears in the hallway, already gasping from the trip to Mark’s apartment. “Hm, you two look like you’re having a moment. Should I come back later?”

Dark’s shell cracks with a roar of anger, and his aura lashes out at Warfstache, who raises an arm like a shield and lets the black tendrils wrap around his forearm with a sigh. “Come on, Darkipoo. I’m really not in the mood for this right now…”

The ghoulish Ego doesn’t even react. He only throws another barrage of his aura towards Warfstache, which the Ego attempts to deflect as best he can, but it wraps around his other arm, holding him in place. “Bim, now!”

Bim Trimmer appears on Dark’s other side, draining the gray Ego’s energy until the aura flickers and fades. Bim trips a bit, full of this new power and rage, but he takes deep, calming breaths until the energy dissipates. Dark tries to rise from the floor with a groan of effort but fails, so Wilford gives him a hand. “You know what it is, don’t you?” Wilford asks, gesturing to Dark’s wound. “I realized it when Yan set the fire.”

Dark won’t look at him, won’t acknowledge him, so Wilford presses on, saying, “You’re afraid of Yandere, and that’s why you aren’t letting yourself heal. It’s why you couldn’t stop him from striking the match.”

Bim’s eyes go wide with shock. “That can happen?”

Dark winces and gives Warfstache a sideways glare. “Yes, just like Host’s weakness is being unable to speak. Mine is fear. When I fear something…”

“You can’t control it,” Mark finishes. Silence descends on the four of them for a few moments before Wilford sighs.

“I feel like crap.” Dark, Mark, and Bim all nod in agreement with Wilford’s statement. The pink Ego grins. “So, who wants takeout?”

Just smth i wrote because i was bored

Rain spluttered against the windows, creating a relaxing and comforting sound in the background. My stomach was comfortably toasty with the chocolate curls nestled upon it cutely as I read my book.

Harry and I had decided that we were going to spend this Sunday in bed, since the weather limited us with things to do. However, Harry had been a little restless, getting bored easier than me, who thoroughly enjoyed being curled up all day.

It was when I removed my hand from gently running my hands through his fluffy locks to turn the page of my book and didn’t return it when he spoke.

“Babeee.” He drawled. Immediately I retuned my hand to its previous activity, and he sighed in content as I lightly scratched at his scalp. From here I could smell his shampoo, vanilla softly tickling my nostrils everytime I ran a hand through.

It wasn’t long before a soft, warm, hand started stroking my side gently. At first I ignored it, just appreciating the closeness of our bodies.

But, that hand soon moved down to the outside of my thigh under the covers and when I ignored that it made its way to the inside of my thigh, which was bare due to my limited clothing.

In response to the soft touch upon my exposed thigh, I lightly scratched his head. This earned my a light hum of satisfaction before he placed a light, feather touch of his lips against where his head lay on my tummy.

However, this didn’t stop there as more of these ghost kisses were scattered around my navel, Harry’s touch on my thigh less light and more laden, having my leg twitching in response.


“Yeah babe?” He uttered innocently against my bare skin, nose also lightly skimming against it.

“What are you doing?” My attention was dragged away from my book as I watched him place sweet kisses upon me.

“Nothing.” He hummed against me, to which I placed my book to the side of me. This caused him to finally look up at me, frosty green eyes meeting my own.

“Is it because I’m not paying attention to you?”

A smirk tilted up the left side of his mouth as he lent up on his elbows, large hands resting on my stomach, almost covering it completely.


Using my other hand to play with his hair, those eyes closed in appreciation. Dark lashes fanned against his cheeks, one’s that forever made me envious.

“Do you always have to be such a baby?” I joke, smiling softly as his eyes snap open. Frown lines appear as he speaks.

“I’m not a baby.” But his lovely, pouty lips say otherwise.

“Sure you’re not.” I hum, watching intently as he moves up my body, closer to my face.

“Come ‘ere.” He sighs before I’m closing the distance between our mouths, engaging in a sweet, soft, kiss.

Games We Play (Frank Castle x Reader)

A/N: I’m alive! I know it’s been a while but every time holiday season rolls around (currently spring break/Easter) I usually get occupied with family coming to town, so sitting up on my computer isn’t really an option. I was feeling like writing some jealousy stuff so here’s my fix for that. Enjoy~ ♥

Word Count: 3574

“Frank, c’mon, this shit weighs like eighty pounds!” I was on my way over to Frank’s side of town when he asked me to bring some dog food for Max. I decided on the biggest bag I could find since I knew the man barely fed himself; who knew how long Max had gone without a decent bowl of food. He was probably getting tossed pizza crusts or whatever was left of Frank’s canned beef stew. Hell, maybe he was running on black coffee, too. I got lucky enough to visit the day his elevator was being repaired, so I had the pleasure of hauling the industrial size bag of food up four flights of stairs. I was prepared to yell and bang on his door again when it swung open, but Frank wasn’t on the other side. “U-uhh…”

“Hi! Come in,” the woman greeted, inviting me like the place was hers.

“… Thanks?” I entered skeptically, dragging the bag behind me wondering where the hell Frank was when he appeared leaving his kitchen with a glass of water and his famous chipped dark green mug; I knew what that was full of… “You’re alive after all.” At the sound of the commotion Max came from behind the couch and made his way over to me, sniffing at my feet and pawing at my legs, tail wagging at full speed.

“Hands were a bit tied,” he responded, suggestively raising his two hands.

“Well whenever you’re ready you can help me with this, barista.” I kicked his door closed as he set the drinks on the crate he used for a coffee table to grab the bag. I finally bent down and gave Max the attention he was clearly craving with a good behind the ear rub, trying to keep him from slobbering all over me. “Yes, hello to you too, handsome. Someone missed me, hm?” I patted him before returning to Frank. “Didn’t know you had company,” I spoke loud enough for only him to hear, looking at the woman now sitting at his couch drinking the glass of water.

He tossed the giant bag over his shoulder, motioning between me and her. “Y/N, this is Adrienne. Adrienne, Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said with a smile and a pleasant wave.

I returned the warmth. “Likewise. Good to see Frank’s making friends.”

“I should warn you, she thinks she’s a comedian,” Frank shouted from the kitchen. I could hear dog food pouring into a metal bowl like cereal.

Adrienne chuckled. “Actually I’ve known Frank for some time, we just never really spoke; nothing more than casual hi and byes passing through the building.”

“Oh you live here?”

“Adrienne lives two floors up.”

“Frank’s kind enough to help me out in a pinch; carrying groceries when the damn elevator’s busted like it is now, when there’s a leaky pipe that needs fixing… In fact, I was just dropping by to bring him some dinner since that’s the very least I could do.”

“So is that how you two met? Groceries and pipes?” I looked over at Frank leaving the kitchen. He leaned up against the wall and was giving me an eye I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but there was a tone of seriousness to it. I couldn’t break the stare.

Adrienne cleared her throat. “Um… A-Actually I was in some trouble on the street. Some asshole snatched my purse, ran off with it. I was lucky Frank was nearby to stop him.” I could tell she was uncomfortable, the way she was distracting herself by petting Max, redirecting all her attention to him.

I nodded slowly, eyes bouncing from her to the man still staring at me. “I see…”

“Ever since then, I’ve just been… super grateful. Honestly, he’s a gift.”

“Don’t I know it.” Frank was still staring as he scratched his head, not adding a word to the convo. I sighed. “So I just stopped by to drop this off while I run some errands; gotta get going before the bank closes.” I took my car keys from my pocket and made my way to the door.

“It was nice meeting you,” Adrienne said with a smile.

“Let me walk you out,” he finally spoke up, pushing off the wall and heading in my direction.

“Okay. You take care of yourself, Adrienne.”

He said nothing as we walked down the stairs of his building, and was still silent as he opened the car door for me to climb inside. When I started the car I rolled the window down and we stared at each other. “How much was the food?” he asked, pulling a wallet from his back pocket.

“No- Stop, c’mon. It’s nothing.” I knew no matter what I said he’d give me the money, sneak it somewhere when I wasn’t looking. He pulled a twenty from the leather wallet and tucked it in my sun visor. “Fine. I’ll take that as payment for you not telling me your elevator was being repaired.”

He nodded to himself. “I accept that. Maybe even payment for the surprise guest?”

I shrugged. “Your apartment. You’re allowed to have whoever you want over.”

“She’s a friend.”

“I must say, you’ve got a weak spot for a damsel in distress. You helped her with some guy snatching her purse. Remember how you helped me?” He stared at me, a small smile playing at his lips. I was working when Frank was sitting at the bar. There was this other guy, Mick, who was oozing booze from his pores and was starting trouble with other customers. When I tried to cut him off he started yelling at me too, even getting in my face about it and calling me outta my name once or twice. That’s when the knight in shining armor, or a dark green utility jacket, came to my rescue. “Anyway, you don’t have to explain anything to me. Enjoy your romantic dinner with your friend…”

At that he chuckled before leaning inside the window, putting a hand behind my head and kissing me. His kiss tasted like coffee but sweeter than the poison he actually drank. “You gonna call me later?”

I stared at his mouth as I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. “Maybe. I’ll make sure it’s real late, after your crush leaves.”

He shook his head and kissed me once more. “Bye, Y/N. Put your seatbelt on.”

“Unless she plans on staying for dessert!” I called after him as he made his walk back to his apartment building.

And that wasn’t the last time I saw Adrienne. I ran into her maybe two more times while visiting Frank, but more importantly she came to my job. We were throwing a birthday party for the bar owner and I invited Frank to come keep me company while I worked the night. I didn’t expect him to show, him not being one for a large crowd, but I was surprised when he did. And I was even more surprised when he showed up with Adrienne.

“Wow, you came,” I spoke with as much enthusiasm I could muster before addressing his date. “Nice to see you again, Adrienne. How you been?”

“Busy with work. Someone thought I needed to unwind a little bit,” she said as she grinned at Frank, “so here I am.”

“Well, glad you could make it. If there’s anything you need gimme a holler.”

“Can we start with you point me to the ladies?”

I directed her to the restroom and she parted, rubbing Frank’s shoulder beforehand. I handled a few customers all while exchanging glances with Frank until I could take a minute from the chaos to talk to him. “Looks like the family’s all here. Only one missin’ is Max.”

“He had a previous engagement.”

“… Seriously, Frank? I invited you because you know this place like the back of your hand- These people! And you brought your little girlfriend here??”

“She needed a break, I offered a suggestion.”

“Not your place.” I slid a pitcher of beer across the bar and picked up the cash, looking at Frank in between counting. “Bringing her here to unwind? Let loose a little? That your plan?”

He nodded. “Yes, actually, it was.”

“Yeah? And then what?” I crossed my arms to try to calm what I felt was a flaring temper and to brace myself for whatever his response may be, but Adrienne returned and took a seat next to him. I sighed, rolling my eyes at him and looking at her. “So what’ll it be? A round of relaxation on me.”

“In that case, I’ll take a rum and coke.”

“Comin’ up. And for you, I won’t even water down the rum. Beer, Frank?”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“Nonsense. No empty hands or healthy livers on my watch.”  I noticed his jaw flex as he watched me behind the bar, as I tested him over this Adrienne thing. He brought her here, and I wasn’t going to deal with this sober or alone. I served their drinks and raised my shot of vodka for a toast. “To friends.”

“To friends,” Adrienne repeated with a smile. Frank raised his beer bottle but said nothing, eyes not leaving mine as we toasted and drank together.

The more we drank and the further the night moved along, the more comfortable Adrienne got with Frank. I couldn’t stay with them all night, as I was still technically on the clock, but as I worked I noticed how she threw herself all over him. Frank mingled with a few of the regulars that he was more familiar with and she clung to him, arm wrapped around his waist or linked in his. Even one of the other bartenders, Vanessa, asked who Frank came with, wondering if she was his girl or something.

And as much as it shouldn’t have pissed me off, the fact she managed to get him on a dancefloor just burned me up. Granted he wasn’t dancing at all; it looked more like a bodyguard standing next to a celebrity having a really good time. The fact remained I couldn’t get him to even snap a finger to a tune with me in the two years I’ve known him, let alone step anywhere near a dancefloor. I took a shot every time I felt a pang of jealousy strike me and focused on work until Adrienne came and sat at the bar alone. “Bartender! Let me get a mojito and two shots of Honey Jack.”

I grit my teeth and made her order, deciding it best not to express my annoyance at being called bartender when she knew my name. “Hey, you ever seen Frank get drunk?”

“He doesn’t drink much; a beer here and there.”

“I mean, I know he says I’m wound up but geez. Has he met himself?” I gave her a weak half smile. I didn’t want to talk about Frank, didn’t wanna be reminded of all the things I knew about him that she had no idea of. “So tell me this: what’s really goin’ on between you two? Frank tells me you two are just friends; that true?”

I shrugged, biting the inside of my cheek. “If that’s what he says then that’s what we are.”

“Then you don’t have a problem if I… ya know.” She grinned and looked over her shoulder at Frank, who was talking to one of our bouncers and looking at us. She waved before turning back at me, biting her lip. “You guys never even… Not once?”

“… Are you asking if we had sex?”

“Curious minds wanna know.”

“Curiosity gets people in trouble.” I slid the drinks at her, ready for her to leave my immediate space. “That’ll be $15.”

“$15? But I thought…”

“Oh I’m not charging for the drinks, just the sugar, lime and mint it took to make yours. The liquor’s still free; friendship discount.” I smiled and held my hand out as she stared at me before rolling her eyes and reaching into her clutch.

“Expensive limes,” she muttered under her breath.

“Only the best.”

“You can keep the change. Save it for the next time Frank needs you for a dog food run.”

“What was that?” My face fell cold as steel before she tossed me a fake smile and left. I needed something to lighten my mood before I snatched that smile from her face. I’m guessing Frank could see me gritting my teeth from across the room because soon after she left he was taking her place. “Check your girl, Frank.”

“My girl…”

“I’m two seconds from scratching her face off, I want you to know that.”

“How much have you had to drink tonight?”

“Are you listening to me? She’s disrespecting me.”

“Yeah? You haven’t been all that warm and friendly yourself.”

“Are you shitting me? I’m giving her free drinks, smiling and making nice since I met her!”

“You think any o’ that shit matters when you’re pretending?”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Of course you’re defending her. She’s still that weak girl that got her purse stolen and needed you to come to her rescue.”

“What does that make you?”

“I didn’t ask you to intervene, I was handling myself just fine! And I’m asking you to intervene now for her sake- This is the last warning I’m giving either of you. Next time I’m knocking her goddamn head off-”

“-Alright,” he said as he nodded to himself and rose from the barstool. “C’mon, come take your break-”

“-Gladly.” I told Vanessa I’d be back when I followed Frank off to a corner of the bar a little further away from the party. “I tried, Frank, I did- I tried not to be bothered by her, but I am. And I’m even more bothered you actually brought her here.”

He chuckled to himself as he leaned against the wall opposite me. “What, you think I didn’t know that?”

“Then why did you do it?”

“I didn’t know I needed your permission to bring her to a public bar-”

“-Oh, fuck you. Public bar my ass- I didn’t ask you to come to the goddamn library, I asked you to come to a birthday party for friends, people we know, a place where you’re a regular.”

“So what, this is our place? S’at what you’re sayin’?”

“Can’t believe you’re being such an asshole about this-”

“-C’mon, tell me what the real problem is you have with her. What did she do that was so offensive you instantly decided not to like her from the start-”

“-Oh, stop it! This isn’t me just picking on the new girl, this is you not setting boundaries with her from the beginning. Then again we’re all friends, right? I mean, that’s what you told her, that I’m your friend? So that’s my mistake, thinking you needed to draw a line somewhere with her-”

“-Was there a conversation you and me were supposed to have somewhere along the line that I’m forgettin’?”

“I mean, I’m not expecting you to confess your love for me to the girl or anything, but shit. Friends? Really? So since we’re both your friends, that means you fuck her like you fuck me then too, right?”

“What would you like me to call you?”

“Damn, even an it’s complicated is more than just calling me a friend! At least then she’d know there was somethin’ else here instead of having to ask me if we fucked!”

“She asked you that?”

“You sound surprised.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I’m sure you guys can talk about it on the way home.”

“She shouldna asked you-”

“-Well no fucking shit, Frank! It’s none of her business!”

“It’s none of her business unless it puts her in her place right? You wouldn’t mind telling her about what we do if it made her back off me, right?”

I scoffed. “What is it, Frank? You need the both of us to kiss your ass? I didn’t peg you to be so greedy-”

“-I didn’t peg you to be so jealous.”

“Of what? Some sheep that clings onto you for dear life? I’ve never been that girl, never will be. If you wanted a leech then congrats, you got it.”

“That’s right, you’re a tough girl. Don’t need anyone, can handle everything by yourself, hm?”

“She asked if we had sex, talked to me like I was the fucking help, and you’re standing here defending her to me! You’re talkin’ to me as if I brought it on myself, like I’m the mean girl finally getting what’s due to me or some shit!”

“I can’t talk to you when you’re like this. All this liquor in you, all fired up; you won’t hear any reason at all.”

“You’re gonna try to reason with me on this? What would you like me to do, bend over and take it while she comes for my neck at my own job?”

“You know what we are, you know what we do; why does it matter what she says?”

“Clearly I don’t know if all you told her was that you and I are friends! She thinks what she does because you never told her otherwise!”

He nodded. “You’re right. I’ll tell her right now that you are the person I, what? Think of as more than a friend, fuck somewhat often, but wouldn’t call my girlfriend because that’s not a step I’m ready to take just yet. That sum it up?”

I shrugged. “Works fine for me.” I stared at him to let him know I was serious when he shook his head and a smile started to break on his face, and when Frank smiled it was incredibly contagious. “I’m serious!”

“I know, which is what makes this even more ridiculous. You’re unbelievable.”

“Wait ‘til you see me when my claws come out…”

“Nah nah, no need for any o’ that. I’ll talk to her.”

“You’ll talk to her?”

“Yes, yes yes. I’d hate to have to protect her from you.”

“Yeah, I bet. You thought a mugger and a drunk were trouble; you haven’t seen two women going at it over Frank Castle.”

“Wasn’t aware I was so much of a prize.”

“Ugh, geez. Don’t flatter yourself.” I rolled my eyes and made my way back to the bar but he took my arm in his hand, pulling me in front of him. “Don’t worry that shaved head of yours.”

“You calmed down?”

“Yeah yeah, I calmed down, I’m good.”

“Good. And no more drinkin’ tonight.”

“You cuttin’ me off?”

“Someone has to.”

“Lookin’ out for me again… You just can’t help yourself, can you?” I asked as I moved closer to him, hooking my index fingers through the belt loops of his jeans.

“I can’t let you do anything too damaging to that perfect image you’ve made for yourself. What kinda man would that make me?”

“A very bad one.”

“How bad?” His voice dropped low enough for only me to hear, and as I caught a glimpse over his shoulder I noticed a certain someone staring holes into us. My eyes connected with his; I wonder if he could sense the more sinister side of me behind them.

“Just awful. Kinda bad you have nightmares about.”

“Can’t have that now, can we?”

“No we can not,” I whispered before taking his bottom lip between my teeth. “Come over my place tonight,” I spoke after standing on my tiptoes to talk directly in his ear over the music.

“Thought you didn’t like leaving Max alone?”

“Well I feel a lot better knowing he has more than enough food to last a lifetime, thanks to me. I think I need taking care of myself tonight…”

“Tell you what: you stop drinkin’ now, I’ll come over later.”

“You’re gonna come over regardless. You can’t pass an opportunity to take care of me.”

“You takin’ advantage?”

“Oh, absolutely,” I said devilishly before grabbing the sides of his face and pulling him down for a kiss, not caring who saw and knowing one person in particular was eyeing the show. His hands found my waist and gripped firmly, which was unusual behavior for Frank; he wasn’t one for much PDA. If I decided to be a little frisky with him in public he gave me his usual stern look as he shook his head, neither encouraging or stopping me. Funny, maybe this was Frank with a few beers in him.

I had no complaints. And when I pulled away from him and caught Adrienne enjoying the view I gave her a wink. “Maybe you won’t have to talk to her after all…”

He looked over his shoulder and caught her quickly looking away, suddenly chatting it up with one of the bartenders. “I’m sure that wasn’t calculated at all.”

“If I learned anything about calculated moves it’d be from you.” I kissed his jaw once more before walking away, feeling recharged and ready to finish working so I could get home and cap off the night with Frank. On my way back to the party I passed Adrienne as she clearly avoided looking at me. “You enjoy the rest of your night, sweetheart,” I whispered in her ear, my cattier nature getting the best of me for the night.

Check and mate.

Meeting Time

Hey everyone, here is a quick little AU oneshot that I did for the Bughead AU project.

It is based on the following prompt:

person A who sits in the back of every staff meeting and makes snarky comments under their breath about everyone the whole time and person B who arrived late and sat next to them and can barely hold in their laughter.

Betty and Jughead are social workers who are stuck in the dreaded weekly team meeting, Jughead can’t help himself but snark and Betty tries to contain her laughter. Also a little flirting.

I will preface this one shot by saying that my day job is as a social worker and I have been in many a team meeting wish you just wish would end so you can get out there and work with your clients, so this fiction is based a little on this. I hope you enjoy.

Where was she. Here he was stuck in yet another snoozefest, about cases, and numbers, and assessments and she was out traipsing around the town, getting to do some actual work. He considered for a moment that maybe she had overslept or called in sick but that wasn’t the Betty Cooper he knew. She was so dedicated to the job it made him worry for her.

He looked at the sheet of paper in front of him, he took the same one to every meeting. It had two columns, ‘Archie Says Something Stupid’ was at the top of one of them and the other had ‘Departmental Bullshit’. Under the first column were 15 little marks. He had attended three team meetings so far this year. This year was turning out to be Archie’s best year yet, he was almost proud of him. Or he would be if it didn’t mean that every stupid question that came out of his mouth resulted in additional time being added to what was already an overlong, unnecessary waste of time in his mind.

“Forsythe.” He looked up immediately at the sound of his name, well not the name he preferred to be called, but he had given up trying to tell Weatherby this. He was pretty sure Weatherby was just using it now because he knew he hated it. “Where’s Cooper?”

“Do I look like her babysitter?” He snarked back.

“She sits next to you.” He had been a little hesitant at first having the new graduate sat next to his desk. A personal experience of the foster system and the constant disappointment of his career had made him somewhat cynical, okay a lot cynical. But that was how you survived in this job. The desk next to him had become almost a tunstile of rotating social workers. Burn out levels were high with the increased pressure to achieve results and if you didn’t learn to get a sense of humour quick you were done for.  When she had bounced in all bright eyes and blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail that made her look younger than her years he had commented that she wouldn’t last the week. But she had, then she lasted the month and soon the year. Sure the job had taken its toll, it always did but she refused to let it drag her down. And she laughed at his jokes that always went a long way with him. She knew how to handle herself and the stress that came along inevitably with the job.

“Don’t remind me.” He said in mock frustration. He was sure that Weatherby had put the eager young graduate next to him on purpose, hoping that she would be the thing that finally drove him to the edge and handing in his resignation. Weatherby’s plan soon backfired as he liked to think that he had converted Betty to the dark side.

“This is the third time, tell her there will be consequences the next time I see her.”

“Will do boss.” Jughead gave a mock salute, before returning to his doodles in the corner of his piece of paper. He knew Weatherby was full of empty threats, Betty was too good at her job for him to fire. She would probably get another warning, or she would batt those pretty eyelashes at him and get a reprieve. Either way he wasn’t worried for her.

At that moment Betty entered the small meeting room, she tried to sneak past unnoticed before she knocked into one of the chairs, swearing under her breath on her way to the seat that was empty next to Jughead.

“Cooper, nice of you to join us.” Weatherby addressed her and she turned to face him while continuing to navigate the narrow space between the chairs and the wall.

“Sorry, I got caught up with the Smiths.” Boom,  there was the eyelash batting, and he had to stifle a laugh at her predictability.

“I’ll see you after.” Weatherby gave a loud cough as she smiled that thousand watt smile at him and he looked like he was about to choke. He wished he could give a smile to get what he wanted from Weatherby. He was never going to be in his good books. “Right, well now that everyone is finally here. Let’s talk numbers.”

“Did I miss much?” She whispered to Jughead as Weatherby droned on in the background pointing to a series of numbers on the large presentation screen in front of them.

“Just the usual, behind on paperwork, spending too much time in the home, and numbers are down.” He replied quietly while maintaining his best impersonation of Weatherby, which Betty couldn’t help but giggle at.

“What numbers exactly?” She raised her eyebrow in question highly doubting that Jughead had actually taken on much of what had been discussed.

“All the numbers, Betts, every single one of them,” he said as he leaned in closer his face serious and without humour as he lowered his tone. She rolled her eyes at him as she got her notebook out of her bag, placing it open with her pen at the ready to take notes she knew she would never actually look at again.

“So we need to start looking at ways we can maximise efficiencies.” Weatherby continued, with most of the team, beginning to scan the room for anything else of interest.

“We could just stop seeing people all together, you know that would make my job way more efficient.” Jughead chimed in, an eager smile on his face his hands clasped in front of him like an attentive student.

Weatherby gave a loud sigh that echoed through the small room.

“I’m looking for serious suggestions Mr Jones.”

“I am serious. Betty, does this face look serious to you.” He turned to Betty and narrowed his eyes slightly and pursed his lips in his attempt to look serious. Betty tried to hide her smile but could feel it breaking through when he gave a waggle of his eyebrows. For all his joking around Jughead Jones was good at his job. Betty knew that he cared for each one of the families that he was looking after, not that he would ever admit it. Although he would hide it with a joke or sarcastic comment Betty knew it hurt him just as much as any of his colleagues when things didn’t quite work out.

The first time she had put her hand on his shoulder when he slammed his phone down on the receiver after a call, he had looked at her stunned for a moment, before he relented and allowed her to rub shoulder gently through his jacket, sympathy written all over her face. Just as much as he was helping her survive in this job with his humour, she helped him survive with her kindness.

“Anyone else?” Jughead noticed Archie raise his hand, instead of just speaking like they were still at elementary school or something battling each other for approval from the teacher.

Betty turned to Jughead again who already had his pen poised in the Archie column ready to make another mark.

“He’s not doing too bad this year,” she whispered to him as she counted up the marks within the column. It had been Jughead’s way of coping with these meetings, instead of letting out the loud obnoxious groan whenever the redhead raised his arm above his head.

Jughead was half paying attention to her but also to Archie as he made another mark in the column as Archie finished his long winded but unhelpful suggestion. “Well he wasn’t doing too bad.” Betty corrected herself.

The meeting continued in much the same way for the next 20 minutes, Weatherby droning, Jughead making a snarky comment, Betty trying not to snort as she listened and Archie looking over at them confused while mouthing ‘What?’ as he seemed to be missing out on their little private moment within the crowded space.

“Right, that’s all for this week.” Weatherby finished as a collective sigh filled the room and he seemed a little put out at the team’s reaction. Jughead neatly folded his piece of paper and placed it in his jacket pocket ready for when it would be needed next meeting. He got up and waited for Betty to pack up her notebook, with it’s neatly written prose, before giving her space to move past him towards the exit.

“Ladies first,” he said with a flourish of his arm and Betty shook her head as she passed him.

“Betty we need to have a chat.” Betty gave a heavy sigh, closing her eyes, before straightening her posture and moving back towards the centre of the room as Jughead made his way to the exit. He gave a wave as Weatherby closed the door behind him.

“So Ms Cooper, will I be seeing you in the storage cupboard in say 10 mins.” He finished with a slow wink, which Betty responded to by biting her bottom lip as if she was tempted before she gave him a playful slap on the arm. They had fallen into this pattern of flirtation, she played it off as light fun. It was a way to sometimes distract from the work, to earn a little reprieve.

“I told you already Jughead I don’t date co-workers.” He had begging her for a coffee for a months now. When their playful flirting had developed into something more for him and he wanted desperately for her to feel the same way.

“I’m not talking about dating. I’m talking maybe about reliving a certain moment that we had at our staff Christmas party.” Hooking up with Jughead Jones at her first work Christmas party had not been a proud moment for Betty, but she had had maybe a little bit too much to drink and he was there with his dress shirt, the top buttons undone and his ties loose around his neck. She had been wondering what it would feel like to run her hands through his hair, and as he sauntered up to her it had been waving back and forth in front of his eyes. He said something to her in that low tone of his, before roughly pushing his hair back from his face and she was grabbing a hold of his tie and practically dragging him to the first cupboard away from prying eyes that she could find. He had given her a knowing smile the next Monday at work and she had blushed furiously.

“Sorry Juggie,” She had sworn that it was going to be strictly professional from that moment and she had told him so. But soon enough she found herself falling back into old patterns and throwing coy looks his way in response to his gentle flirting. “I have a client visit, guess you are going to have to relive that moment all on your own.” She said before turning on her heel and heading towards the lift.

“A raincheck then?” he shouted across the room as she continued towards the exit. She threw up her hand waving to him, as he made his way back to his desk. Yes, he was definitely falling for one Betty Cooper.