they dont see white people in downtown

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I've seen some left-wing individuals looking into how class affected the election result and how working-class white Americans in the flyover states feel forgotten and marginalized, but from the identity politics left I've only been seeing doubling and tripling down on their sentiments so far, and how "rural and exurban people need to see more of America" (while people on the coasts "could stand to meet more rural people"). Also watching guys like Arthur Chu just go wildly off the deep end.

you go inland 50 miles from the pacific and you begin to find alot of isolated former industry towns, wracked by alcoholism and opiate addiction. Many of them already on welfare, others not, but most of them desire work and an economy that boosts resources and industry, but lack the resources or education to seek it elsewhere, so they are as trapped as those growing up in southside chicago or northwestern st. louis.

the democrats are the flyover states best hope, but the democrats currently are dominated by wealthy interests in the coasts and major cities, where the bulk of liberal support comes from. the closest cases of poverty and despair the liberal elite can grasp are local to them, in the multicultural cities themselves, 20 minutes away from the white suburban communities and concierge staffed apartment towers downtown, where these wealthy liberals can quite easily make the trip and see for themselves. This is partly why progressives are so blind, not because they willingly choose to ignore the heartland of the country, but that they simply dont see them. This is why Bernie sanders says white people dont know what it’s like to be poor, because bernie and other white liberals on the coast dont see white misery. Their concept of white lifestyle is their own neighbours in the suburbs and glass towers downtown, along with the other top 30% of the white income bracket. so they fall for the broad Privileged meme.

This is partly why progressives easily fall into the trap of lording over the white working class, sneer at them for being so racist and stupid, because they project their own lifestyles onto republicans and imagine them to be jsut like them, as well off as them, but more religious and alot more hateful. But the white working class isn’t so stupid or as much of a classist caricature, they see a class of politicians that hate them and their faith, through and through and know better than to vindicate that attitude.

earlier this week, dedicated working class whites who supported union and social values in the rustbelt joined them in voting trump, them too, fatigued of democrats who care for their plight only at election time. the democrats forgot the rust belt, assumed it to be a shoe-in, and doubled down on appealing to urban sensibilities and showcasing trumps temperament. So being forgottenwas more than apparent among working class white democrats in places like wisconsin where hillary didnt visit for a rally at all.

also fuckin arthur chu i get mad just thinking of him.