they dont say anything much tho

umm i just wanna say i love vixx so much. like they work so hard and dont ask for anything from starlight,,, its amazing and i love them,, n loves and cares for vixx so much, he still wears and shows off his vixx friendship ring, leo takes care of the members and is so considerate of everyone, ken works so hard on musicals and comebacks he gets brusies, ravi makes songs for other members to showcase their talents and literally is such a good guy, hongbin loves ghe members, even tho he dont show it, he got mad when ravi said he didnt have friends and wasnt happy until he said they were soulmates, hyuk literally has grown up in front of us, becomeing his own person making his own songs, vixx is amazing and all of them deserve the world

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Hello, Tia! I really like your art, it's very pretty to look at! I especially love your braces!Chara headcanon as an Undertale fan myself. But, what if Frisk had braces too? And have you seen Madoka Magica? What are your thoughts on it if you have? It's okay if you don't want to answer this ask if you're too anxious or anything, I understand. Keep on being creative kiddo! Hope you're doing well! :D

ahhh thanks a lot!!! i havent seen pmmm yet, tho a lot of my friends say that it’s pretty good so it’s on my “to watch” list! that list’s pretty long tho, and i dont have much free time at the moment, so idk when i’ll do it :0

as for your first question– tbh i’ve been thinking about that p much since the day i drew my first braces!chara,, they’d deffo look cute w/ them, that’s for sure!! 

as for the reactions and ect., i think frisk would be very exited about getting braces at first

but then, not w/out charas help (who’d definitely be jealous of frisk since their braces arent, y’know, permanent ghostly braces) they’d quickly realise that having braces isn’t exactly very exiting

…but then chara’d probably apologise for scaring frisk & would. idk. reassure them that braces are still not, like, the worst thing that could possibly happen to them and help ‘em out and stuff??

its me ya girl moira aka sungwhoon! I didn’t hit any milestones or anything i just wanted to make a big ass appreciation or ff (whatever u call it) post for my mutuals and fave blogs because being here makes me rly happy. I resurrected this blog a month ago after taking a break for six months (and finally unstanning a problematic band lmao if u wanna know who send me an ask)

As someone who’s absolute shite at talking to people or making friends, I was quite surprised by the amount of people I always talk to AND also the amount of people who replies to my ignorant questions HONESTLY THANK YOU lmao i know i already did a recommend blogs thing a few days ago but im gonna do it again bc why not? ANYWAY I lov u all v much and even tho we dont talk (or we do but i ghosted on you) just know that i appreciate you. and soz for the typos its currently 2:30am as im typing this.


special mention:

Yan aka @sung-woons i already talked about u the other day so i dont really know what to say anymore lmaooooo you already know it but you’re honestly one of my fave ppl here and i lov how we can talk about anything and everything! also i lov how we can understand each other just by sending “BDHFGREHJBFR” ps we’ll meet wanna one this year DW I LOV U V MUCH

Susie aka @fairy-butt we started talking yesterday but can u believ we’re each other’s soulmates ???? n you’re so funny ???? we rly should start our ha sungwoon protection/appreciation squad soon and we must defeat the antis (if any1 wants to join us pls let us know) ALSO! BRING BACK BLACK HAIRED SUNGWOON anyway i lov u

Jana aka @bfguanlin MY PRECIOUS HYPE MAN????? u deserve all the love n happiness this world has to offer??? i blov u

fave mutuals/blogs:

@yoonwang @yongs @king-jaehwan @j7sung @ricepot-jisung @purelypristin @wooseob @jong-hyvn @hahasunqwoons @kiminguy @seonnho @yjjisung @yoonjsung @l-guanlin @parkji-hoons @danielscult @peachyniel @kangpeach @guanlliver @memelordjisung @rosybaejin @whitefall @panwlnk @wannabl @woo-jin-young @ongsecngwoo @lovebugi @dearestguanlin

i probs forgot some ppl im soz!!!!!

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Send a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: shizuo! zaya says it’s annoying but secretly likes the affection.
  • Gets jealous the most: both of them gets jealous. shizuo gets jealous due to zaya’s teasing nature. he’d sometimes flirt w his clients, claiming that it’s an easier way to coax information out of them, but really, half of the time it was just to rile shizuo up. and when girls w strength kink flock around shizuo, zaya gets v jealous and goes ahead to tell the girls if shizuo shakes their hands, they’d break immediately.
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: zaya, he’d never drink until he’s drunk, so he has to take care of shizuo bcs tht boi never limits himself. (though i’d like to think shizuo is nv drunk either bcs he hates those pathetic drunks he sees on the sidewalks… i had to choose one tho)
  • Takes care of on sick days: both of them do!! shizuo is more chill, though, he’d be like just sleep it off (tho he still cares for zaya). zaya buys meds, brings wet cloth, etc.
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: SHIZUO bcs izaya cares too much abt his skin.
  • Gives unprompted massages: mostly shizuo, and he uses only a tiny bit of strength. zaya says he cant feel anything but tbh he kinda want there to be pain a bit bcs lets b honest even if theyre together i dont think zaya ever wanna forget shizuo’s a monster idk. if zaya massages shizuo, u ask? zaya gives up bcs shizuo cant feel a thing even if izaya was to hit shizuo’s shoulders w a hammer.
  • Drives/rides shotgun: izaya drives. who’d trust shizuo on the road w his anger issues…..
  • Brings the other lunch at work: well considering izaya’s work is everywhere…. shizuo cant do that. so izaya!! he brings healthy things both as a joke and for shizuo’s health. sometimes shizuo gives half to tom and then goes ahead to buy desserts to soothe his sweet tooth cravings.
  • Has the better parental relationship: does this mean them as parents or their rel w their parents… if the rel w their parents, ofc shizuo. we all know this. if as parents, both of them try their best at it. i… idk guys……….im too dumb to understand this
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: ORIHARA IZAYA 
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: izaya (this is why we never see him drunk). if it was shizuo, it wouldn’t be embarrassing since the only one getting embarrassed would be izaya watching him. 
  • Still cries watching Titanic: zaya holds back his tears bcs of jack’s n rose’s love but both of them trash talk rose for not saving jack.
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: shizuo, no explanation needed. he just comes home w couple shirt.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: izaya bc he b makin dat money boii
  • Makes the other eat breakfast: izaya ofc because shizuo would sleep in. on times where zaya oversleeps, shizuo does (rarely). he’s a good cook, though! since he lives alone ;) bet ya expected shizuo to burn something.
  • Remembers anniversaries: izaya, because shizuo is forgetful. and izaya doesn’t say it, but sometimes he gets upset by this. he knows he shouldn’t expect shizuo to, since he claimed shizuo’s brain could never memorize dates, yet in the end it still gets to him.
  • Brings up having kids: shizuo! izaya is busy enough, and having a kid, especially in his line of work might turn out to be a big risk to take. he always tries to reason with shizuo about this, telling him that all of their enemies (incl shizuo’s) will take advantage of the kid’s existence– and shizuo agrees solemnly. but at times, he’d still catch shizuo glancing at the kids at the park, or the toys in the baby section when they went to the supermarket.

i was just watching some old interview clips with tvxq and something that occurred to me is how much they truly love each other and being together?? I mean i knew already but shipping aside, even when theyre asked what they dont like about the other, they literally never say anything bad? Like at worst changmin will say yunho is messy, and forgetful, and eats his food or drinks straight from the bottle (even tho we’ve seen them share bottles but okaaaay shimu). Yunhos worst complaints about changmin is just that he likes to spend time alone so yunho doesnt get to see him all the time even tho theyve literally spent years together, lived together, worked for days on end together. Most people qould go crazy frm cabin fever but yunho “complains” that he still doesnt get to see changmin enough.

it would be so easy for them to drop in a complaint on tv when theyre asked these questions and pass it off as a joke. “Ahhh yunho did XYZ yesterday” “CM can be soooo blah blah blah” but they just…never do? Im sure they find each other annoying at times (and we all know theyve admitted to fighting like crazy before) but they still keep professional and respectful of each other not to get catty and mean in front of cameras. Because they love and respect each other so much. This is why i love their relationship so much.

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No no but what about being really stubborn but secretly you're starting to crush on Peter a little bit and you do a really good job of hiding it until Wanda reads your mind and figures it out and then you never hear the end of it from Wanda and Nat and meanwhile your crush on him only grows much to your dismay~Tessa


  • it would be so great like man
  • like you would be hanging out in the avenger tower 
  • maybe it’s avenger movie night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • & peter’s there ofc 
  • and you just zoned out staring at him because he’s so pretty 
  • you are so entranced by him, daydreaming about making out with him or like cuddling & all the sweet stuff
  • and out out of nowhere wanda just gasps
  • everyone like snaps their head towards her like what is it what is the danger????
  • but she’s just like y/n!? 
  • you’re like what the fuck the fuck the fuck 
  • peter’s a cutie, all concerned, “what!? is she in trouble? what is it?”
  • and wanda’s just looking at you with wide eyes because your mind was definitely wandering to the gutter if you know what i mean
  • y/n! a word? 
  • confused, you leave very with wanda who pulls you out, gesturing to nat to join you 
  • you like peter?” 
  • and you goddamn just blush as you realize she must’ve been reading your mind and ohmygod
  • nat just smirks straightaway you like spidey? that’s adorable
  • you’re just DYING of your red cheeks and blurt out you can’t tell anyone!!
  • and lord they made your life hell 
  • nat just constantly dropped comments that made so many awkward situation
  • hey peter, doesn’t y/n look nice today? 
  • what? uh- i mean, she is! looking great! you look great! i mean, you always looks great so– um. 
  • nat’s just smirking at you  
  • is so much worse
  • because she can see every little thing that goes through your head
  • which means you can’t let ur mind wander because you wilL GET THE MOST JUDGING STARE
  • it’s totally used at blackmail against you 
  • but it has it small perks
  • just by the way– peter’s thought about making out with you too.” 
  • wait, what? 
  • i didn’t say anything!” 
Dating would be like... | Jungkook Edition


  • He be so awkward while asking you out
  • legit would ask one of his hyungs for help
  • and would stumble and stammer over everything
  • until you take pity on the poor kid and just are like,
  • “Kookie. Yes.”
  • Taking selcas that range from super cute
  • to super derpy
  • being unsure about everything but will act like he knows what he’s doing
  • will shyly ask if you can help him in his workout
  • which means he uses you to bench press XD
  • sometimes u get a little jealous bc jikook lmao talk about a bromance am i right
  • when u hang out w him the first few times u have the rest of BTS hanging out as well bc they want to make sure ur safe and won’t hurt their baby maknae bc while he is Tough and Large he is also Soft and Sweet and must be protected
  • when they decide ur cool and they accept u  as Jungkook’s S/O they would basically adopt u 
  • Jin would mother over both of u no matter what ur age
  • y’all would double date w Vmin bc they would somehow end up tagging along? even tho u drove separately?
  • he would make u get up on ur tippy toes to kiss him lmao and then make fun of u for not being able to reach
  • if u got mad at him for not bending down for u he would panic for a second and then be like “hey loser”
  • “what do u waNT NOW-”
  • and he gently cups your cheek and gives u the sweetest kiss ever.
  • u forgive him instantly of course
  • and he has to run away bc he’s still our smol bunny and omg did he actually do that omg omg
  • you walk over n give him a back hug like
  • “aww jungkookie are u blushing??”
  • but u can tell bc the tips of his ears are red lmao
  • u ask him to do ageyo once and he shuts that shit down real fast
  • unless u bribe him w food then prepare for death bc he a QT
  • he’ll always be asking u to play video games w him
  • the 2 of u will sit on the floor, him leaning against the sofa and you sitting between his legs, with his chin resting on your head
  • (he’s low key smelling ur hair once and a while dont say anything okay)
  • he’ll flex his  muscles all the damn time like if ur hugging him he’ll low key flex and ur like…damn…u fit
  • u go with him to work out once and then never again bc neither of u did much working out ;)
  • his back muscles tho omg i need a moment
  • u 2 would be the innocent couple that people r like?? are they really dating?
  • the only reason i say that is bc y’all would roast each other so much 
  • “why are you doing so many hip thrusts??? do u think ur hot shit or something”
  • “Hell yeah i’m hot shit it’s better then being actual shit like someone else i know”
  • “u have 2 seconds to run before i fight you”
  • “please u have the arms of a 2 y/o meanwhile i have the arms of a god i fear nothing”
  • “No kisses for a week.” 
  • sin time ;)
  •  y'all i keep going back n forth between Dom!Jungkook or Sub!Jungkook like oh my
  • he really could be either I’m p sure he’s a switch
  • he’s probably a sub the first few times y'all have sex like he’s so shy
  • your first time together is so sweet and low-key awkward but lbr who’s first time ISNT awkward??? 
  • maybe he becomes more of a dom the longer u 2 are together
  • i’m a firm believer in the idea that he is a f a n of wall sex like u all could be having a fight and then suddenly ur making out against the wall one of his hands holding u up(bc muscles) and the other one going up your shirt lord help me 
  • not really super kinky but would be willing to try out some MINOR kinks you might have? 
  • call him Oppa doesn’t matter if ur older or younger he will go crazy for it and then u won’t be able to walk for a lil bit and he’s such a smug asshole about it.
  • not really loud?? more of a grunter and a soft moaner when he’s on top but when he’s on the bottom he’s a lil louder w soft gasps and groans
  • TOTALLY AN ASS MAN like u know he’s all about that booty
  • i can’t do this anymore that’s it bye i’m retiring from this job ur killing me u guys
  • y'all would be really sweet n cute together and it would be kind of awkward at first
  • just bc it’s out maknae’s first real relationship but it’s okay we all are awkward at times
  • and even tho sometimes he’s not the best at expressing his emotions he’s more of an actions speak louder then words kind of person and he’s not super good at big romantic gestures but
  • u never have any doubt that he loves u and he loves u in such a pure and wholesome way 
  • tries to get u to dance w him at 1 am when he’s making food for some reason nd u refuse but then he gently grabs your waist and swings around and somehow u end up slow dancing and he rests his forehead on yours 
  • and u 2 just sway there in your own lil world staring into each others eyes
  • (until u smell something burning and it turns out he forgot to set a timer for his food and suddenly ur apartment smells like burnt noodles for a few days)

my heart hurts let me hug this child can he slow his roll and stop tryin to wreck my bias list bye boy

<3 you! ~Admin Hedgehog (and Admin KT who started this for me lololol thanks bae)

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hi! do you have any harrie-recommendations that doesnt post that much (or anything) of the other guys? i dont hate them lol but i just dont care that much about them 😬

that’s ok I get it! haha, I would say some very Harry only blogs that I love would be: 

@herefortheharry @ohstylesno @harryfeatharry @debutsingle @hsroyalty @hampsteadharry @worldstyles @stairwaytostyles @stylesinthewild @styleswhatever @helladonut @fullstopstyles @harrysimpact @sweetxdreamz @modelharry @styleshugz @sstyles @harcld @golfharry @imaharrie @vinoharry @harryisart @toasttostyles @nod1ggity @extravirgo @thereignofsoloharry @frontiercity (EVEN THO SHE BLOGS ABOUT OTHER THINGS BUT SHE LOVES HARRY AND DOESN”T BLOG ABOUT THE OTHER BOYS)

so this is def not all the people I follow and if I left you out it’s cause you post the other boys or w/e but this anon wanted Harry-Only! I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, the thought gives me hives 

so uh all this stuff w harry and the trans flags happened while i was at work and i thought i had like Processed™ it but jokes on Me im home and scrolling thru my dash and just got HIT w a picture of him w the flag and UHHH im gonna fuckng .. cry …. what the whole entire fuck he really did that ………. ive always been terrified of the idea of meeting him bc i was so worried that if i did he might like. think i was weird or gross or SOMETHING for being trans and even tho i didn’t want it to be true that creeping fear was always in the back of my mind and now like. today, i Know that that’s not true. i have PROOF, and no one can fuckng take that away from me and i just want everyone to know that even if harry hasn’t said the word “transgender” or anything, sometimes actions speak louder than words and harry is SCREAMING how much he loves and supports us..  so if ur looking at all this and being like “what did he say i dont have ears” then u can truly choke bc this shit means more to me than i have the words to express !!!!!!!! 

((Honestly tho. Mad props to both Geoff and Gus for steller voice acting this episode. Grif had some A+ distressed noises, and the way that Gus said “No. We dont know why we’re here.” just had so much weight and emotion. Kudos guys, you guys have grown so much in at least these specific roles.

14. “Please just come home” (Swazz)

Request: #14 with John please! I love your writing btw (Thank you^!! I really appreciate the feedback:)xx)

(Y/N pov)
It’s 3:00am and he’s still not home. I mean I know he’s just celebrating due to the release of new music with Skate but I’m so worried. He’s been out FOREVER! And he always at least texts me to let me know he’s ok, he knows I get worried. “I’ll just call him, *sigh* again” I think aloud “*Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring- you have reached the phone of “John Swift” please leave a message after the beep. *Beeeepp*“ I decide to leave a message ”*sigh* John I miss you and- I’m just worried about you it’s so late and- please just come home” I hang up. Just then I hear the door unlocking and I run from the living room to towards it I’m then just disappointed by who walks in. “Sammy? Why are you here? Wait how’d you get in?” I ask in an aggravated tone with my hands on my hips. “No time for that ma I need your help” he says in a rushed tone “You gotta come help me get Swazz he’s drunk as fuck and just keeps yelling “Y/NNNNNNN I want Y/NNNNNN” he says. “Ok um let me go get dressed” I say but before I run upstairs Sammy grabs my arm and says “no time” “Sammy I’m wearing leggings and a tank top” “umm here put on my sweatshirt” he says taking it off while passing me my vans. I run out the door as I’m sliding my shoes on. We rush to the car and start driving. “God I hope he’s ok..” Sammy says “What the fuck do you mean “I hope he’s ok”?!“ I yell “well I kinda left him there alone and… yea he’s not completely alone it’s just that no one else he’s with is sober…” he says scratching the back of his neck “Oh my god Sam drive” I say tapping my foot up and down. He then speeds up and we make it to this club in downtown LA. I hop out the car and rush inside looking all around for John. I then spot him in the VIP section across the room. I run across the floor in what it seems slow motion. People taking shots over at the bar, the aroma of weed alcohol and just plain sweat zoomed into my nostrils. It feels like I’ve been running for a mile. I finally make it and jump the velvet rope while the body guard isn’t looking and run to John who’s slumped on a couch next to Skate who has a bunch of hoes on him. Johns just laying alone, no girls on him, looks to be in a different world. But then he starts yelling “Y/NNN BBBBHAAAAAYYYBBEEE” then Skate says as I approach “damn finally you’re here come get your boy Swazz because goddamn he’s been callin’ your name all night! Killin’ my vibe man.” I then sit next to John and feel his forehead letting my hand slide down his face “baby I’m here what’s wrong” I say. He looks up at me and his eyes light up “BABEHY I MISSEDEDDD YOU!” He yells pulling me into a hug. Just from that sentence I smell the alcohol in his breath and his clothes reek of weed. “Ook baby come on let’s go home” I pull him up and start walking outside of the VIP section holding his hand until Sammy stops us “hey you need any help? You know taking him home” he asks “Nono I got it thank you tho” I look down and see I’m still wearing Sammy’s sweatshirt but before I could say anything John does. “Wait what the fuck why does my girl have your sweatshirt on?! FUCKING bitch” he pushes Sammy into the wall behind him “woah woah Swazz chill she just needed it-” “I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHY” John then looks at me and says “take it FUCKING off” I then protest “but Swazz, John, babe I like have to-” “TAKE THE FUCKING THING OFF” I roll my eyes and take it off revealing my pretty much open chest to everyone in the club. I grab Johns hand and drag him out the door, the whole process consisted of me hearing whistles about my boobs and Johns yelling at guys to “stop lookin’ at his girl before he gets angry”. Once we get to the car I push him in the front seat and go to the drivers seat. John was talking the whole car ride about random things he saw until he looked at me while at a red light. “Hey” he said. I then look at him “yes?” I ask “why are you pretty much half naked? Like you could’ve thrown on a sweatshirt when coming to get me” he says. I roll my eyes and see the light has turned green and I go “I hate you, you know that right?” I say looking at the road “I love you too” he says. I can just sense he has the goofy smile on his face right now.

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Your blog gives me life. <3 can we have some headcanons on the pretty setter squad now, pretty please?

aw thank you!! and of course!! 

  • despite popular belief, oikawa and kenma get along really well 
  • although initially, kenma did find oikawa frightening but kenma quickly realizes that oikawa was oddly similar to himself in a way (cares too much about what others think, analytical, etc) 
  • bc oikawa is as perceptive as he is, he easily notices when kenma is feeling uncomfortable in a situation or feels nervous doing something so he does his best to pull the attention away from kenma 
  • *whispers* bc oikawa is a nice person and i refuse to believe that oikawa who indulges his fans even tho he 100% has no obligation to and who willingly teaches lil brats to play volleyball in his spare time wouldn’t do such a thing 
  • and kenma doesn’t have to worry abt voicing his opinion abt something around oikawa bc there’s a 100% chance that oikawa would have the same salty opinion as him 
  • also kenma rarely finds anyone that has the same affinity for weird, old-timey scifi movies (although oikawa would argue that they were masterpieces) 
  • but also most of the pretty setter squad’s movie nights are all like horror films.. . suga has a tendency to pick out the worst of the bunch 
  • kageyama hates horror films but doesn’t want to lose to oikawa-san so he sticks through them (“honestly we don’t have to watch horror films if you’re scared, kageyama” “i’m not scared!” kageyama proclaims as he refuses to remove his hands from his face) 
  • they once tried to host a dinner party together but quickly found out of all of them, only one of them could cook and that was akaashi 
  • yahaba and akaashi are super competitive with each other ?? like they’ll try to one up each other at any chance they get and they won’t even say anything about it. their eyes will meet and it’ll be Time to Fight 
  • kageyama absolutely loves being apart of the pretty setter squad bc so many cool setters!! in one place !! he’s going to learn so much !! 
  • oikawa still scares him tho 

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somebody in my acting class thinks im loud?? like apparently not in a good way? my brother, who works with said boy, told me he said that. idk the person i dont think likes me very much even tho ive never done anything to him. idk how to feel i just wanted to put that out there

ignore him, honestly if people are just saying shit about you it doesn’t matter, just be yourself!


AHHHHH WHAT THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 400 i can’t believe you all actually like my writing lmao. I always feel like it’s rushed and terrible and they’re all complete flops. ALSO i have like 396 notes on a favour & a kiss it’s like basically 400 and LIKE TF THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU DONT NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO ME I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL. i also want to say PLEASE PLEASE send me anything whether it’s a message, feedback, advice and YES REQUESTS. REQUESTS ARE OPEN AGAIN cause even tho i have three more to write IM SO THANKFUL AND LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS THIS BLOG SO SEND ME REQUESTS. also special love and thanks to all my mutuals and friends I’ve made on here like i love you all so much you’re all amazing and sweet (even tho sometimes i say otherwise) AND ANY OF MY OTHER MUTUALS PLEASE MESSAGE ME i swear I’m friendly and any of my followers or just anyone just hit me up and I’m totally open to be friends. anyways for my 500 follower goal, i’ll make a moodboard including pics of me and a hella lot of info about myself and for 777 (my goal number) i’ll be posting a freestyle dance to one of wanna one’s songs. AND IF I EVER TO GET A THOUSAND i have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do cause lol don’t think i’ll get there anytime soon. IF YOU’VE READ ALL THIS i love you so much you’re a sweetheart and you deserve an absolute endless amount of love. 

What i love about the moon signs

Im just gonna say that except for one moon sign i believe i know two or more people who have one of each moon sign so

Aries; i only know one aries moon person and they are soooo fun imo. theyre always up to try crazy new things and they overall make things more interesting. bc they also have some earth to ground them, their behaviour doesn’t get obnoxious. They have energy that rubs off on u which is good too. A fave

Taurus; this moon sign… Only knew one. And not even personally. I believe he was the more tolerable one out of his group of friends

Gemini; i know several gem moons and i can say with certainty!! I cannot share a home with one lol…. Theyre either too messy for me or toooo into the randomest of details when noticing something its… Too much. Incredibly funny ppl, very charming but may speak out of turn too often foe my liking. I can talk about anything with them usually. Too moody for me but they lighten up quickly. Also kind of a fave

Cancer; cancer moons are nice but if they have a scorp mars run… Lol but just based on moon here, theyd do anything for u or at least theyd try and if they dont get due recognition theyll get pissy but youll probably get second chances. Let them know u appreciate them time to time and theyll be satisfied tho

Leo; i know one leo moon… Uh very energetical like aries but not as fun imo sorry…. Might get offended easily, and will remeber a compliment u give forever

Virgo; oooho aaaah my moon sign. I know two others with it irl. I think they are hard workers, not really made for the spotlight. Uuhhh not much to say tbh, bt sometimes i finish the sentences of this one fellow virgo moon

Libra; this moon sign is cute i think, i know two people with it insofar as i am aware. Tendency to pout (yes both of them), romantics. I get a long well enough. As an earth moon tho, i feel they are a bit too spacey to share deep down stuff with at times, same with gem moons unless we’re rlly close

Scorpio; i only know one and shes quiet very quiet

Sagittarius; uhh i admit a bit obnoxious, but sag moons have pluto conjunct so yea my condolences. I know three. They are like gem moons, funny, but they know when to be quiet.

Capricorn; i know one. Stubborn and private

Aquarius; i know several. They always talk about how they dont care about something. Lots of complaining

Pisces; a cute moon sign. Quiet like scorpio, but ultimately nicer like cancer. They are probably into weird stuff too. They can be frustrating at times. Immense creative potenial. I know two with this moon sign… They also have all the other same astro signs lmao

lol my poetry prof said my current participation grade is a C even tho i do participate??? like for every single poem i make one or two comments? vs some folks who dont say anything. i just feel like my prof has higher expectations for me since im a brown woman, saying shit like how my voice matters and that im smart and just need to talk more but im just like… why is that my responsibility to take as much space up in conversation as possible? fuck just judge me on the same scale as you do with the white male writers. 

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kyleraysner  asked:

hey im emily! friend of hiras. i just wanted to drop by and say how much you made me laugh and smile earlier ok. hira showed me the messages you said about us heh and i just siudjhf dont let her fool you. she actually hates me half as much as i hate her and shes a total dickhead :D dont ever let her convince you she is anything short of a dumbass. ((but no really siudj bless you ok it was so sweet reading that 😊😊😊 anyway HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY(? night?) AND SMILE CAUSE YOU'RE WONDERFUL

hey emily! omg, so glad to hear I made you smile :) she loves you tho and you love her and honestly seeing your shenanigans on this hellsite always makes me giggle. did you read the bit where hira said that you’re a really lovely person and her best bro friend? because she did say that too. :D (but I will be nice and not screenshot that lol.)

and thank you! today is actually my birthday but I have to go to work for like an hour lmao so once I’m done there I will come home and write fanfic. yknow. because I can. and because I’m exhausted from applying to one job today because I seem to have a really low stamina for some reason.