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Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

  • Dan: well played Arin
  • Arin: what
  • Dan: as, as that last episode ended, i was like, "oh, can i..." hehehe... "do you mind if i respond to this text message?" and Arin was like "sure go ahead." and as i;m - as i'm texting, i get a text FROM ARIN that says,.. wehehehe, it says -
  • Arin: no, i said, i said ill take the time to respond to a text of my own
  • Dan: oh yeheheh thats right! and then i get a text from arin that says, "yeah hes responding to text messages, wasting my fucking time" followed by "sorry wrong person"

joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 243 - Ender City @ 30:04
  • Jeremy, excitedly: What, you can make a Purpur Pillar?!
  • Geoff: ExcUse me?
  • Michael: Fuck -
  • Jeremy: That's what it's called!
  • Michael: - man -
  • Ryan: Alright.
  • Gavin: With an End Rod?
  • Michael: - alright.
  • Jeremy: Uh, I dunno, you can make something called a Purpur Pillar.
  • Gavin: Are you havin' my arse?
  • Ryan: And how do we do that?
  • Gavin: Is that like pickled paw-paws (???)
  • Jeremy: It's a Purpur!
  • Michael: "Are you...havin my ass?"
  • Everyone: [collective laughter]
  • Geoff: Are you... Are you IN MY ASSHOLE right now?
  • Michael: Give it back!
  • Jeremy: Or you could make a -
  • Geoff: IS your penis in me?!
  • Jeremy: You could make a Purpur slab.
  • Gavin: What are you talking about?
  • Ryan: Well what do you make em out of?
  • Gavin: You're just saying words, and I, I don't believe you!
  • Ryan: Tell us how to make it! Stop cockteasin' and -
  • Geoff: Are you in the process of Fucking me Right This Moment?
  • Ryan: - tell me how to make a Purpur thing!
  • Michael: He's in the proceess of having a stroke.
  • Gavin: Oh, you know wot - ?
  • Jeremy, or Jack, or everyone: WOT! ?!?!!
  • Gavin: [bird laugh]
  • Jeremy: Oh, Purpur stairs.

idk which version is better so here you go have both of them

a mix of all the shits on my mind atm 

anonymous asked:

i like your blog but you post to many black goths. imho they just dont look right.

They look just as beautiful as any white goths and they have the right to express themselves and exist in this space as much as anyone else.

I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat since it needs to be said:

There is no right skin colour to be goth. Period. Goth is a composite of multiple things and appearance is just one fraction of all that. Skin colour, hair colour, make-up style, gender, and whatnot do not define whether you can be goth or not, and no way is the “right” way to have them.

The pale red-lipped and black-haired girl dressed in all black might be the stereotype of a goth but that is a very shallow and one-sided representation of the people in the community. How many of us actually fit into that stereotype? How many of us strive to look like that because if we don’t, we will get told we don’t look right? Goth has since its beginning featured many ethnicities, and there is nothing weird about non-white goths in the subculture. Research information and photos of the English goth scene in the 80s. There are loads of non-white goths absolutely rocking the original look (not to mention creating other forms of gothy art like alternative music). The main reason it “doesn’t look right” to you is because the stereotype is so strong and over-represented in gothic imagery. But we all know stereotypes can be terribly, terribly wrong, which leads to this kind of racism (yes, that’s what this is).

There are many gothic styles I personally don’t like, but it is not my place to tell those people that I don’t think they look good. I wouldn’t want them telling me that, so why would I do that to others? And I’m talking about styles that someone chooses to wear, so can you even imagine hearing it about something you cannot choose like skin colour? I understand that it is your personal preference and your opinion but is it necessary to bring it up when all it will do is discourage people from being a part of a community they feel they belong to? There’s a ton of people outside the subculture whose ignorance can make being a goth difficult, we shouldn’t be doing that to each other within the subculture too.

Some goths are black, some goths are Asian, some goths wear hijabs, some goths keep their natural hair, the list goes on. And they all look gorgeous and have as much right to express themselves in the subculture as white goths. In reality the subculture is extremely diverse but there is so much gate-keeping from goths who think that you need to look like X and listen to Y that we end up only seeing a glimpse of it all. That shouldn’t be, and as corny as it sounds, we should try to create a comfortable, safe community instead of one that shuns people out because they do not fit a stereotype.

The non-white goths aren’t going anywhere from my blog, they belong there as much as any white goth, classic horror heroine or Addams Family member.

Interesting times

1. 5:55 each day, because you can put a snake next to your digital clock and pretend that the clock is a speech bubble.
2. That period of time between the opening and the closing of a good book that you are reading for the first time.
3. 1:01 each day, because this is the only time that the clock will laugh at your jokes.
4. 88:88, because it means that you have travelled in time and space to the dimension of broken clocks.
5. That period of time made up by stitching together every time in your life that you have said the word ‘interesting’.
6. The time between the birth of twins.
7. 6:06 each day, if your name is Bob and you like to believe that your clock is thinking of you. Do check: it is possible that your secret name in Clockland is Bob. Clocks are thoughtful like that.