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pokemon fandom events of the past

- nintendo wifi termination on may 20th 2014, sealing all pre-3ds pokemon games that used wfc to their lonely doom
- lumiose city save glitch
- obscene nicknames on the gts usually with jirachis
- “WANTED: Reshiram — Lv. 9 and under”
- ferriswheelshipping
- mega mewtwo y’s debut and everybody jumping to MEWTHREE
- dont fucking make another fire/fighting starter you bastards
- no es fake, es hada
- flying vs fairy type sylveon discourse
- the entire fucking sun/moon games leaked a week early and the banwave that ensued
- pokemon mystery dungeon in 3d: Put It Back
- “is this digimon now” @ mega evolution reveal
- ranking generations
- those three mythical pokemon that everybody knows about because theyre in the games files but dont get officially released until a year or two later
- rip wondertomb/wondereye
- darkrai nerfed as dark void accuracy went from 80% to 50%
- the ghost girl in x and y
- the split opinions on pokemon black and white 2
- friend safari
- charmanders scream in pokemon origins
- danny devito as detective pikachu meme
- dennis/ghetsis
- smugleaf & wotter & pignite
- 7.8/10 too much water

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I was thinking about creating a private Jonsa forum that way we could all discuss our lovely ship, theories, disappointments about certain leaks, etc. in an environment without antis bombarding us. I already made one but won’t proceed with tweaking it unless people are interested! 

I figured this way we could all converse and not have to worry about harassment from anyone when that time comes. I won’t freely give out the url and a username and password would be required to see any content.

It wouldn’t be a complete shift to a new website, just an area we could go when we feel particularly uncomfortable blogging about certain topics.

If you’re interested please let me know or like this post. If you don’t like the idea, that’s perfectly fine too!!  The alternative of course is @lathwell55 ‘s amazing idea just DMing certain bloggers and discussing privately about certain leaks.

What it means to be a slytherin

Being a slytherin is about power. Power is everything. If you do not have power, then what do you have ? Although of course, power does not mean that you have to run the world (although this is always good)

Keep those who are useful to you close, and trust only those who deserve to be trusted. If someone is likely to tell someone a secret, then never tell them anything that you dont want leaked to the public. That said, if you do want to distribute information, then use these people as much as possible. Connections are power, and power is key.

Knowledge is power. Before opening your mouth, make sure that you know exactly what youre talking about. Know everything there is to know about the things that matter, and at least a basic understanding of things that don’t. If someone tells you something personal, remember it. Personal knowledge is a very important weapon, and should be used with discretion. That said, it should most definitely be used to ones advantage no matter what happens. Never use something for the sake of using something. Have purpose to your actions and you will go far. Act on impulse and you will most likely flounder.

Plan ahead. Planning is power. If you expect every outcome then you will always be the one with the power. If nothing can surprise you, then nothing can defeat you if you play your cards right. Look ahead, and learn to read people. If you know someone’s reactions and motives, then you can always be ahead of them.

Discretion is power. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, yet let neither know what youre doing. If you’re really going to use your ambition and cunning then you better be good at what you do, or there is no point in doing it. Trust nobody but yourself, and even then trust critically.

Trust is power. If people trust you, then they will never be let down by you. Build up your connections and relationships. Always be polite and civil to people unless you are sure that nobody will know if youre not. Outright lie if you have to, but never lie if its not believable. If you cant even convince people you can be nice, then what kind of trust do they have for you ? Always have impeccable manners and always value other people’s opinions, even if only to humour them. You can always learn from their mistakes and laugh later when theres nobody to hear but yourself.

Learn to disregard remorse. Learn from your actions, but do not dwell on past failures or pipe dreams. Calculate your actions and if you make a mistake either fix it quick or shift the blame and escape trouble. Never make a mistake that cant be fixed, and never offend someone who is likely to take revenge so great that it will mess you up.

Picking your battles is power. Know when to quit and when to admit defeat and start sucking up to people. If you can quit whilst you’re ahead and avoid being ruined then do it. Self preservation is key.

However, do the thing that will help you most in the long run. If something risky with a bit to lose out on will in the long run gain you a lot more then do it. Ambition relies on cunning and resourcefulness to succeed. A slytherin never fails in public. Or indeed at all whenever possible.

Slytherin is about getting what you want and where you want to be. The reason why so many slytherins get positions of power and are so organised is because we will use any means necessary to achieve our goals. Manipulation is a favourite among many, and words aimed in just the right place can go a lot further than any physical action.

Slytherin is about bonds. Never make a threat you cant carry through. This makes you seem untrustworthy, weak, and overall powerless. Stay within your limits, and know the boundaries. Again, never make a promise you cant keep. Stay true to your word, and never build unrealistic expectations because people stop taking you seriously.

To be a slytherin is to live by a code. This doesnt always mean the rules and the laws. But ever slytherin should have their own personal code and never ever break it no matter what the cost. The dark lord himself never broke his own code, and this is the testament of someone who keeps their word. They know where the line is and they know how to go far enough to get what they want but not too far that it undos the hard work put in.

Traditions are also important. If something is proven to work, use it. Traditions keep bonds firm and cultures together. A slytherin never disregards valued customs, which is why we are the best as having manners and civility. Politeness is power, and power is everything.

And most of all, slytherins are the best at knowing how to fake being superior, and act like it. I’m not saying we are better than you, I am just saying that we act like it until eveyone else believes it. If you arent good enough, then fake it and try as hard as you can until you are good enough. Play to your strengths, and if something will never benefit you again, dont be afraid to change your course of action until youre on the sttaught and narrow road to success and superiority. Never let them see the real you, and alwaya change once they get to know you. To know someone is valuable knowledge. To have someone truly know you is dangerous.

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I dont think I really can enjoy the season if the leaks are true, and it seems they are. Like another season of Jon getting rescued, this time by a dany who gets hyped up by D&D as the special snowflake. And she even gets Jon at the end as her new "consort" or whatever. Well it seems like she likes him but if he pledges himself to her (I hope at least not openly on the dragonpit, its horrible), I am going to be pissed. And jon is legimate, dont want him to kneel.

You know, if the leaks are true I’m not going to enjoy the season either. Except for the WF plot probably, because I’m so excited to see my babies together again and I can’t wait for LF to finally die. 

But just because tha leeks™ seem to be true, doesn’t mean that they are. Can we please stop acting like the season already aired? D&D know about them and they are obviously playing with us. They keep releasing footage related to the leaks and the only reason I see for them shoving Arya with LF’s dagger right into our faces is to fuck with us. They literally had no reason to include it in her costume for the EW photoshoots or have Maisie lift her arm to make sure we get a good look at it except for “Ha, you idiots 100% believed in those stupid leaks. You even thought we “confirmed” them! Bloody idiots! Got ya!” If you don’t think that’s at least super suspicious, you really are a bloody idiot. 

I’ll put the rest under a cut since you named the one who shall not be named, people still don’t get how tumblr works (guys, look for or follow #dae* and nothing tagged anti-dae* or containing her name will show up. Only things that are actually tagged #dae*. Hashtag(#) is your friend, show it some love by using it) and I don’t want to offend some peoples sensibilities. This isn’t going to be D-friendly, don’t like don’t read.

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Ok so. Things about marriage being mentioned in Brazil interview and harry getting it TATTOOED and pulling his bloody trousers down to showcase (tad out of character, we still dont know what his thigh blob is) the Larriness at Christ the Redeemer (in Brazil obvi), and the fact that they at first only leaked “Home” to Brazil…its fishy. And where it gets tin hatty. On OCTOBER 25TH 2013 This Is Us was released in Brazil. I mean….it just…if youve been paying attention to Rbbs twitter youd know about the countdown. The 5 fingered hand, and the calculator date equalling four. That means when it reaches zero, it will be October 25th 2015. Two things, that somehow tie together involving Brazil. Idk. Im reaching BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED IN BRAZIL, STAY WOKE FAM, THE 25TH MIGHT BE WILD. (Not another 25th :‘0)

@universefan93 has been posting fake steven universe leaks again, claiming that the leaks are real.

they also plan on posting the ‘credits’, so please try not to fall for any of these types of posts you see floating around if universefan93 was the original poster. a lot of people easily fall for these things, so id appreciate it if you could reblog this post to get the word out.

this person has done this before, and since they dont seem to be planning on stopping any time soon, itd be best to blacklist or block their url entirely to avoid this in the future. please spread the word about this!

EDIT: here are the two other fake leaks they have posted so far. i know for a fact that the second one uses stolen fanart but i can only assume that the first and the one shown above follow suit. dont take my word for it, though.

and, more famously,

theyve also posted what they claim to be a leaked clip from the episode ‘gem drill’ and an ‘exclusive leaked intro’. like i said, if you see any posts about leaks you should check to see if they posted it because if they did, chances are its a fake.

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aesthetic: taylor opening the flower gate to karlie's apartment

Aesthetic: Karlie wiped her cheek after bae smothered her with kisses
Aesthetic: Taylor confirmed that her hand was indeed on Karlie’s ass by liking the pic with the caption on it.
Aesthetic: Taylor following kaylor blogs
Aesthetic: kaylor in plaids

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Do you think Harry and Louis are still together? I've never seen Louis touching a girl like this... It seems like he's actually enjoying it idk... I hope Harry and Louis are okay

okayyyy…. im only gonna say this once today. because i say this once every.single.time.something.happens. but apparently i need to spell it out again…

YES harry and louis are still together… yes this baby stunt is infact a stunt… yes im still a larrie… a few pics getting leaked by brianas family from a night that happened months ago which was set up for fans to be there, and we got HEAPS of anons about it telling us what happened, with larries at the club as well confirming it was SET UP , will not change the truth… which is that harry and louis are together and planning a life together.

PLEASE do NOT as me again if i think harry and louis are still together. of course i do… i’ll let ya’ll know when i dont. okay….

also i just wanna ask you something…. in the movie Friends with Benefits when Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were kissing and ‘having sex’ did you believe them? did you believe that they were into it and enjoying it? also… do you think JT was cheating on Jessica Biel when he was kissing and being almost naked with Mila? because i guarantee you that JT and Jessica understand the circumstances of their job and know that when they’re on set and they’re acting and they’re playing a part to sell a story, this would not classify as ‘enjoying’ or ‘cheating’ or whatever you think it is… they play a part to sell a story to make you, the viewer, believe what you’re watching and looking at. think about that please.

Star Wars Fans after apparent script leaks:

SW fans: Tell us about the VIII Script.

JJ: It's a Star Wars script that will be turned into a movie and eventually thousands of fan fiction-

SW fans: It s carrying a section of Rey'S family history- We need the last piece.... And somehow, you convinced Rian to show it to you. You, a  previous director. 

SW fans: You know we can take whatever we want.

JJ: *awkwardly strains*

SW fans: We know you've seen the script. It's in there...and now you'll give it to us. DONT BE AFRAID...

*moments later to snoke*

SW fans: He's very strong in the force as a source. Untrained in the art of leaking spoilers, but stronger than he knows.

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Ooh god I hope that rm article is true. Syco be gone. But do you think it's true that Harry will go solo? Honest opinion? Or do you think the whole "looking for US representation" is for the whole band? I dont even care i just want them to be free

yeah… im just reading it again.. and it’s in the ‘rumour’ section and it’s a lot of speculation. and ‘chatter’ here and ‘uk pundits’ there..

but the thing about the last album with SYCO/Sony is interesting though… we have never got confirmation that they were breaking their contract or not bringing out a 6th album. so i dont know if this is just speculation and rumours based off what Simon said in The Sun article or if something has happened bts that would suggest their original contract signed for another 3 albums after MM has changed… but our friend mr wiki-leaks also reminds us that Sony wasn’t interested in purchasing Syco because after Dec 2015 Syco would be worth less… and 1D is Syco’s highest profit maker, sooooooooooo 2+2

not sure about harry… i think thats the obvious choice seeing hes been groomed as the front man the whole time and he would actually be really good imo as a solo artist … he has a completely different taste in music and i could 100% see him sitting on a stage with a guitar and singing indie songs to thousands… but who knows whats going to happen after 1d. he might not even want to do that… just because he might be good at it and it might fit him, doesnt mean he wants to do it

maybe they will stay together but all go off and do their own things… and harry will be an actor and louis will be a talent agent and liam a producer/writer and niall a pub owner… and then they write an album and tour every few years and they’ll stay together for another 30 years… thats my dream

Work Partners... closed rp with Dorianslover

Tom couldnt believe that the mission had turned so bad, so quickly… He held on to the handle in the jet and tried to study the happenings of the day. His hand covers the wound on his side. 

When the jet touches down, he jumps to the ground and is met by the director. “ Agent Hiddleston, what happened out there?” he asked. Tom shook his head. “They knew we were coming… I think we have a leak Director.” he said, moving towards the building and cussing under his breath. Fury walks at his side. “ We need some help, we are looking into a few options that understand this stuff. We will pull in some resources and see where this goes.” he said. 

Tom shook his head and turned toward the medical wing. “ Ill be up to debrief shortly. “ he said and left the hall still holding the wound. Fury turned to Agent Hill. “ Get us some experts… he is using tactics we dont know enough about.” he said. In his hand he holds a message from the enemy… it reads, “ A tale is but half told when only one person tells it.” 


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No offense, but could u plz stop commenting on US politics when u arent even from here? Normally I wouldnt care, but it is insulting to see someone make fun of or belittle Bernie/Stein voters and parrot elite talking points about how scary Trump is, esp. when u dont even live here. If u lived here, maybe u would realize why lots of us know Hillary is worse than trump. If u are actually interested, then look up how the Clintons helped screw over Haiti, how they support TPP, the DNC leaks, etc.

No, I will not stop commenting. World politics is of interest to us all, or at least it should be. 

I am a bit concerned that you would ask me not to state my opinion on this when I have been asked. Just as there are many in the US who have a valid interest in the politics of the UK and what’s happened recently with BREXIT and what that will mean for us all, many of us here in the UK are following the political journey of the US. 

This decision will impact many places and not just America!

Of course I know I have no more right to speak than any American out there, as it is for you guys from the USA to vote. And definitely you lot have a better picture of what is happening over there. 

But I am a human being who is concerned about what will happen to other human beings if Trump wins. Let’s not pretend, whoever gets elected will be making decisions that will shape the future of our world.

I do not support Hillary. I am fairly critical of her. My favourite candidate was Bernie Sanders. But my opinion as someone looking in from the outside, is that a Trump presidency would be really quite terrifying. 

I would never dream of asking someone who wasn’t from the UK to stop commenting about UK politics. As long as they were only stating their opinion I would have no problem with that. 

I was extremely interested to read the thoughts of my YouTube viewers from outside of the UK on our decision to BREXIT. 

Your ask worries me. If I had entered a debate and spoken over people then I would be in the wrong. But to be asked my opinion on my own blog and to answer, and then be criticised for the mere STATING of an opinion?

Dear lord, criticise a person’s opinion all you like, but to come to someone’s personal space and ask them not to speak their mind? (Unless of course that mind-speaking is offensive or harmful in some way). Ludicrous. Utterly ludicrous. 

(And to conclude, some words from Bernie Sanders himself: "Our job is to do two things – to defeat Donald Trump and to elect Hillary Clinton. It is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face if we are living under a Trump presidency.“)

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 102 Spoilers

Nico: Nfu.. ♡
Banjou: Nico….bastard….how did you get in..
Nishiki: Your outfit is like that from a dream…
Nico: You cant do that, clowns are ghouls that create surprises…if you are gonna get detained you need to hide those properly
Roma: Ha..hiik…eek…..
Roma who is being detained in the other room, there are some small kagunes coming out from her body. Nico picks up those small kagunes.
Nico: I can feel Roma’s SOS through these kagunes
When Nico is about to step in further, Seidou goes in front and stop Nico
Seidou: …dont come nearer
Nico: Ohmy, so scary. This is bad for my important part (heart)…
Banjou: …are you here for Roma?
Nico: Roma huh..she was really stupid when she got caught in Cochlea…but thats not it..even if Roma chan is being tortured or abused, I have no interest
Roma is still letting out those small kagunes
Roma: (Im counting on you, okama-)
Nico: I am just here to flatter your King and help out a bit
Banjou: Flatter…?
Nishiki: I dont think anyone stupid would want the flattery from some unknown person
Nico: Oh my dear Glasses kun, I wonder if I should flatter your girlfriend too…  ♡
Nico looks at Akira
Nico: Fu-n….this girl, is going to die
Seidou: !
Nico: Banjouu kun, you have never treated human before right
Nico: You can see it right
Nico: There is a knack to everything. If you do it blindly, no one would feel good right? Nfu  ♡
Nico thinks back of the past
Nico: I am one too. Like Yamori who played~with humans before, I went through a lot too you know…?
Banjou: … (Its true that Nico is more experienced than I am…)
Banjou: Can you heal her
Nico: No cant do, but there is a way
Banjou: A way…?
Nico: Yes, really simple…  ♡  Just get a doctor to treat her
Nishiki: Wha-?
Banjou: …are you kidding…
Nico: I am serious
Nico laughs
Nico: Even though Banjou kun’s method is abit harsh, but he can heal her properly, but the problems lie after  ♡  If we remove the RC cells inside, and treat her normally will do  ♪
Banjou: Normally…
Seidou: …We cant go do the hospital…She shielded me, and broke the law. If we go to the hospital….
Nico: Who says we are going to the hospital? We need a doctor, but…we need one that understands the body of a ghoul. I have two suggestions,  ① Akihiro Kanou
Banjou them: !!…
Nico: Human, ghoul, he knows them all, saving this girl would be easy
Nishiki: Kanou…
Banjou: ….
Nico: Let me introduce a friend of clowns
Seidou: Hey kama bastard, will he help us
Nico: Oh why? I think it depends on the condition no-? Well, the safety is x
Nishiki: We all know that is impossible… how about  ②
Nico: Nfu  ♡ ② ♡
Nico takes out a name card

Naki is going somewhere with an angry face
Miza, Hooguro, Shousei are following behind
Miza: Naki!
Hooguro: Big bro…!
Naki kicks the door open, and inside the room are a huge load of white suits and Tsukiyama
Tsukiyama: Oui
Naki: Tsuchiyama!
Tsukiyama: Tsukiyama
Naki: What are you planning to do with all these white suits?
Tsukiyama: …you did not join in our alliance? Thats a secret!
Naki: Those white suits are our pride, I dont know what you are planning to do, but if you simply do this, I cant keep my silence!
Tsukiyama: I am just doing the preparation, if you wish to know why, just go and ask him?
Naki: …!
Kaneki is standing behind
Kaneki: …we will use these suits in our strategy, I would like to have your cooperation… I wanted to let Miza san to brief it to you all…have you learn of the strategy?
Miza: No..he ran out while we were talking about it…sorry
Kaneki: I will explain
Naki: No need, I wont help you bastard. Working with the bastard that killed big bro, its not our stile!
Kaneki: ….style…is it. “Maybe us ghouls were meant to kill each other”…this is what Yamori said…Its true that I killed Yamori….but, I only wish to survived then I overpower “Yamori’s style”. Naki san, I need the power of white suits. With your style, what could I do to let you all follow me?
Naki changes expression
Naki: …the way of 13rd ward is easy, the strong says it all
Kaneki: ….is that so, then come at me….you wanted to kil lme right?
Kaneki cracks his fingers
Naki: Thats—right!! Raaaahhhhh!!!
Miza: Na…
Shousei stops Miza who was going to stop Naki
Miza: !
Shousei: Doing so is an insult to big bro, Miza
Miza: ….sorry… (but the opponent is….that Kaneki Ken…)

Naki rushes towards Kaneki
Naki: Orah!!
Kaneki dodges and kicks Naki in the stomach
Naki: Uwah…! Gahh!!
Kaneki blocks his attack
Kaneki: Is the leader of white suits only has such power, this is not even the level of Yamori’s feet
Naki: …tch
Shousei & Hooguro:
Tsukiyama: (good)
Naki: I know that!!!
Kaneki dodges Naki’s attack, but Naki rushes forward
Naki caught Kaneki’s ankle
Naki: Caught youuuu!!!
Kaneki turns his body *just like the time when he fought with Yamori*
Naki: !! Gehh!! Doesnt it hurt!!
Kaneki: Yes
Kaneki, smiling, and kicks Naki to the wall
Naki: Uwah!!
Kaneki releases his kagune
Naki: (….aah, its aniki’s kagune….)
Naki cries
Kaneki: …do you want to continue
Naki loses the will to fight
Naki: ….just as promised, from today onwards, you are the leader of white suits…
Kaneki: No…I did not intent for that…. *sweat*
Naki: Is Aniki living….inside you…?
Kaneki: …I ate his kagune before, I think its an image… To me, Yamori is a symbol of “power” after all
Kaneki: Naki san, rather than letting the white suits to die scattered-ly, please die by my side, and I will fight for you all
Kaneki extends his hand
Naki: ….fulfilling promises is one of 13rd ward’s stile….suits, teach me how to use them
Naki takes Kaneki’s hand

Nishiki: Its good, Naki them are all in this fight with us
Kaneki: …it saves us, white suits has a lot of members, it will be a powerful addition to our strategy
Nishiki: …this, I told you about it, Oukan Act
Nishiki takes out the namecard, Yamamoto Jiiro
Kaneki: Ghoul Support Organisation…is it
Nishiki: Aa, seems like that organisation is being controlled, to hold an activity to oppose, I heard that there are medical teams over there, it seems like some rubbish religion, but it is one of whats left from Takatsuki’s influencial
Nishiki: And dont know if that Okama bastard will leak this place out
Kaneki: …if they want to ambush us, it would have happened already. We will need to leave eventually, but it is alright now. I think Nico probably is taking action separately from Fura…
Nishiki: Is that so…what are we going to do? with that
Kaneki: ….try to contact
Kaneki goes and see Akira… and Akira who seems to be in pain
Kaneki: (Please wait a little more…Akira san…)

Kaneki moving to the meeting spot
Nishiki: Its good that we started moving, but what if we fell into their trap
Kaneki: Isnt that good, gathering the ones who set up the traps is useful
Tsukiyama: Fu, nice imaginationI. Kaneki kun
Nishiki: How did you cover for the expenses of white suits
Tsukiyama: Teeko gathered the money
Man: …good evening
Kaneki: !
Man: I am Oukan Act’s Ogura
—-its the ghoul researcher, Hisasi Ogura