they dont get much more attractive

the solution to people not being able to express their sexuality in one or two words is not creating 1,000 micro-labels; it’s an understanding that you don’t NEED to communicate the intricacies of the attraction you feel toward other people in one or two words.

human sexuality is complex! human relationships are complex! the way that i, as a lesbian, view and am attracted to women is not the same as how every other lesbian views and is attracted to women - and that’s okay! it doesn’t matter! i don’t NEED strangers to know how well i have to know someone personally to want to have sex with them at a certain time of day and how much of that attraction i want reciprocated in what lighting. i don’t NEED to give strangers a detailed list of micro-labels that define every specific aspect of my attraction to women; i like girls! that’s all anyone needs to know unless a relationship is going to develop, and in that case, i would much rather have an actual discussion about what i want or need in a partner than say “i’m demi-homo-cupio-romantic, homo-placio-asexual”

moreover, most people dont even have a concrete understanding of their own attraction/desires/etc, and to assign fixed microlabels to oneself and then experience an attraction/desire/etc that contradicts that… more often than not makes one feel as though they’ve lied about their identity (or gives one an otherwise bad feeling that’s difficult to articulate). i get that it’s nice to feel like other people relate to your sexuality and all, but other lesbians exist. other bi people exist. other pan people exist. you can relate to them without sharing with each other the intimate details of where and when you feel attracted to what and who.

if having hundreds of sexuality definitions out there to choose from has somehow helped you, that’s fine, to each their own i guess. but i wanna emphasize that it’s not necessary - and often very uncomfortable - to like, divulge the particular way you experience sexuality to strangers in the form of a few prefixes.

TL;DR - just say you’re gay, janice.

ok lmao im officially done with a significant portion of the overwatch fandom tbh??

i am tired of reading torbjorn hate.  i just am.  im tired of hearing he’s ugly, im tired of people saying he creeps women out, im tired of hearing he doesnt deserve happiness/his wife/his family/his house.

there is something really fucking evil about how many fucking people on tumblr demand “representation” and make fun of the physically disabled combat veteran and say that he should be homeless and doesnt deserve a wife or family or friends.  like, i get that we probably should have accurate representation for physically disabled combat veterans- 8% of the total us homeless population are veterans, though that number has dropped substantially (by 33% since 2010) but half of all homeless veterans are disabled.  but somehow i doubt, that this is asking for that representation and more about saying he doesnt deserve his things because he’s ugly and unliked in fandom.

its malicious.  its despicable.  

Torbjorn has dwarfism and the chronic headaches that go along with it.  im 99% certain that makes him the very first video game character to be a little person. 

tumblr has this massive problem of saying “I want representation!” but when they want it, they want it in their fucking pairings that they can “ship” and remember, from all of those shipping charts that put the little yellow circle around Torbjorn the same way they put it around winston- (Are you comparing shipping the physically disabled man with another person to bestiality or are you just upset because he’s not conventionally attractive?)

He’s close friends with mercy, with reinhardt, with ana, and from the halloween comic, probably jack and gabe too.  but in 99% of posts that talk about them he’s just left out?  like?? 

and the “creepy to women” thing, like where did that come from?  I know the voice lines you’re probably basing it off of too but i didnt ever read them as him being “creepy?”  (unless you’re saying he’s creepy because of that + his “gross” physical appearance thats attributed to his disability :) )

i always interpreted them as teasing, and several of the female characters tease back- (Mei, Ana, and satya sounds like she’s heard it before and knows he’s teasing her).  the only voice line that could be interpreted as strange would be the one with looking at’s mech- but i dont think thats because its creepy, i think its because of the futuristic age they live in and how torbjorn is a world class engineer.  there’s a line between Pharah and Torbjorn where she’s showing off her raptora suit, and he has to be begrudgingly impressed by it.  its far more likely they dont want torbjorn getting his hands on the specs of’s mech and she’s guarding them rather than her getting creeped out by him.

THEN THERE WAS THE MESS ABOUT PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM BEING SANTA.  like.  that was so good, so pure.  why were you complaining? because reinhardt wasn’t santa?  because 76 wasn’t santa?  bc neither of your conventionally attractive characters were santa? 

i s2g if i see one more post complaining about how only skinny, conventionally attractive white girls have gotten confirmed relationships in overwatch im going to scream because as long as there is so much rampant hatred and active dislike of the physically disabled man and his wife, that makes fun of him for being physically disabled and so often it’s by the same people who make those posts and i really just wanna reiterate this:

you’re making fun of the physically disabled man for his appearance and then going back and saying you dont want conventionally attractive people.  but you still want attractive people, but attractive in “unconventional ways”.

like, god fucking, i’m so tired.  im so tired. tea is spilt, rant has been made, if you want your stupid otp to be confirmed canon to get the “representation” you want just say it upfront.  

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Gorl i dont even like goku but ur so talented that u made him attractive to me asdfgkdlslls ily what kinda wizardry

LMAOOO the only reason why I drew Goku attractive is because he IS good looking!!! I have such a huge crush on him TT v TT Because Sushi and I have been trying to get Poo to get into DBZ, I wanted to draw more fanart of it again ahhh <333

Kinda rusty with traditional, but I love him. I love Goku so much, he’s the reason why I love drawing muscular men!!! looool

Lets talk a little bit about her.

She’s insecure and overeacting all the time, because she was a housewife her entire life and knew little about the world. But when everything falls apart, she pulled herself together immediately because she still has this sorry ass of mine to take care of. She took over my father’s company, worked through its crisis, became a manager at the age of 46 without any knowledge about construction and architecture. It means she had to learn everything from the scatch, with plenty of help from others but still, her will to raise me decently was the only motivation she has.

She’s also very beautiful and charming, which I inherited none (lol) Sometimes I think if I resemble her more perhaps I will be more attractive? She totally agree because she thinks Im so stubborn but she said Im the most beautiful creature she has ever known. She never once thought of me anything close to ugliness, ever. I’m her pride and joy.

She doesn’t believe in drawing can earn a living and pressure me to get a decent job all the time, which I did. But thats also the reason why I’m not so close to her, I dont really share much with her though I know she is there 100% for me. In her time it was so different as she was raised in war, when everyone has to struggle to survive with everything and living a dream is something unrealistic. It’s not her fault to think that way, and I understand that well.

She likes to spoil her children rotten and wants me to rely on her more. Honestly, with my tendency to be fiercely independent and lonewolf, I hate cring to others and vice versa. I am a totally ass if I feel that my freedom was restricted in any way. We fought a lot when I was younger, she wants me to stay close to her, I want to leave. I made her cry a lot. I think if its not because of her great love, anyone would have left me already. Theres no point in reasoning with people like me, but she tried her best. Now I had already left, she just learnt to accept the fact that Im all grown up and take care of my own life. She would sigh sometimes “Why do you have to be so stubborn you can have a easier life you know? I’m so worry”

She’s a super being that I can’t never compare myself to, and will always respect with all my heart.

She’s increadible, kind, strong, loving mom of mine.

The elephant in the fandom

I spent most of my life denying who i was. I never gave myself the chance to experiment with feelings i was having because in my world i couldnt accept that i could like men and women at the same time. I, like so many others, lived their life in a religious right family whose go to reaction to most upsetting news was shouting.

Its only recently that i have started talking about it in my real life. I told my wife after we were married and had a kid. I told my best friend for years after being the one to tease his older brother of his sexuality in my teen years. I openly mocked a gay kid in high school, never to his face but to the same friends we all had.

I hated bisexuality and called it one foot out of the closet. More importantly i suffered from depression, anxiety, rage and antisocial tendencies becausr i could not admit to myself that i was attracted to men.

And let me get this out of the way, i love the way my life turned out. I dont regret anything. My family turned out much more accepting then i anticipated, my wife is very supportive and i have a beautiful baby girl.

It wasnt until i joined tumblr and found a community that celebrated people like me. And more importantly online content like critical role that featured strongly characterized characters of varying sexualities and gender identity. All these characters were unashamed of themselves and more importantly were definded beyond just that they were gay.

Gilmore as a successful merchant and powerful mage.

Kima as a short zelot warrior to the platinum dragon god

Allura as a nation leader and accomplished sage.

Not only that but main characters that are influential and powerful warriors in their own right.

This all enabled me, amoung other things, to be honest about myself.

And then comes Tary, problematically played by a straight actor. When he came out i was reserved? Ive alluded to it before so if you want the full thing find that post. I dont really want to get into that right now. What i am saying now is that even though it is problematic i like tary’s characterzation.

He isnt as over flamboyant as lets be honest gilmore can be sometimes and no one complains about. Sam filled a role that so many people wanted, an openly gay pc. Because no matter the jokes and enduendo representation matters to those people.

And you know who wasnt represented in that show until tary was revealed? People whose lifes have been affected negatively by homophobia. People that have lived their whole life believing the way they feel is wrong.

This fandom can get so toxic out of no where sometimes. Ive seen people shout for female represention and nit pick at everything keyleth does.

Tary’s coming out probably seems trite and over used because guess what, coming out isnt easy for most people. Family gets disowned and people get pressured by the ones they love to be who they arent and sometimes people need to be reassured that life gets better and not everyone is going to hate who you are.

Instead of hating matt and sam for the negatives look at the positives. Tary is smart and capable and every bit as indespencable as anyone else in the core group and that includes scanlan shorthalt.

Tl:dr i will defend my genius little science gay with every fiber of my being.

ideal girl | jongin

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  • i know he said looks don’t really matter but
  • anyone he finds pretty at first sight
  • or just anyone he is physically attracted to but he wouldn’t put too much focus on looks
  • but he did date krystal so…idk
  • probably prefers taller girls 
  • someone a lot of people are attracted to tbh


  • its okay if u dont get his jokes but as long as u dont make him feel stupid everything is fine!
  • a very touchy, openly affectionate person
  • like lean on his shoulder and squish his cheeks 
  • OH about the jokes thing i wanna add that if ur humour is similar he’d definitely like you
  • a sweetie cutie patootie that everyone loves being around
  • his hearts like the sea right so he’d love someone who, as you get to know them more, has a lot to their personality rather than being just funny or just kind
  • someone he has to work to get to know a lot about so she’s got to be reserved 
  • encouraging, reassuring all the traits of someone who truly wants others to do well
  • a bit of a complainer but not in a rude way
  • like complain that he works too hard or that he needs to eat more all that motherly nagging because that way he’ll see you really care about him
  • i dont even need to say this but an animal lover our boy aint got 3 dogs for no reason
  • he really seems like a long term typa boy so he’d like a girl who is serious about the relationship and actually puts work into staying together
  • maybe a lil clingy? dependent on him kinda
  • if she isn’t a lover of physical contact then GIRL BYE! 

minseok/xiumin | junmyeon/suho | yixing/lay | baekhyun | jongdae/chen| chanyeol | kyungsoo/d.o | sehun 

Ubomb is a passionate love, the kind of relationship that feels like an affair. They dont live together, but they like to meet up like its a secret. Physically attracted to the point were they undress the other just to look at them. They cant kiss without making out, so they avoid kissing in public altogether.  Lots of whispered dirty talking, they dont need words to understand each other, so they dont talk much, a more physical relationship, things get so intense they can go by without seing each other for weeks at a time. Lots of sexting and sudden love confessions.

Zikyung is a casual, teenaged boy kind of relationship with sudden spurts of cheesy romantic moments. They see each other everyday and have been friends for ages before getting together, so its hard to draw the line between best friend and boyfriend, which results in lots of video game dates, late texting, pranks and inner jokes only they understand and make them look weird in public. There´s no definite “top” and “bottom”, a role that changes as they feel like. The kind that fuck like teenagers but then stare each other when they sleep. Lots of teasing, joking and making out in public bathrooms and friends couches.

Taepyo is a romantic, very innocent love. They still get flustered and nervous around the other. Both have insecure personalities that sticks them like glue, they need to constantly hear that the other loves them too, but are too shy to say it themselves, which ends up in many awkward “you say it first” phone conversations. The type to blush while holding hands in public and constantly plan dates that mostly consist in watching tv. Lots of innocent pecks on the lips, sleeping on each other´s arms, cute conversations and awkward giggling


Okay so

BUGHEAD IS CANON. WHAT THE FUCK. H O W E V E R. okay. I am not a bughead shipper and here is why. So i get the whole “opposites attract and she brings out the good in him” trope. What i dont understand is why it is those two. Yes. Jughead is ace. And Asexuals can and do still have healthy relationships. But i am wondering, why them? Why is it that the two characters in the show with the l e a s t amount of romantic attraction to eachother suddenly love eachother? Betty had a crush on archie since they were s i x. Jughead has shown no interest in anyone, much less b e t t y, the entire show. Hw showed more interest in archie for gods sakes. So why now. Why are they together. The most screentime they have had together before this last episode was the blue and gold, which was friendly, if not a little standoffish, and the diner scene in the next episode, when jug rants about the drive in and he calls her “betts” or whatever. Thank you for your time.

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junkrat with a s/o whos like. his polar opposite? very calm and collected, a lot like zenyatta in temperament? ty!


  • Tbh, he needs someone like that??
  • Like, he can often get into fights and such, and someone who is calm and collected is needed if you dont want someone to end up loosing their fucking life
  • At first, he might be like “Ugh… boring” But he might just become more and more intrigued at your reactions to everything.
  • Honestly, he can get kind of frustrated because of how much you act like a mom to him..
  • But Opposites do attract so, no matter how big your fights are, you two always end up somehow making up
  • Jamison is really hot headed so having someone like you around makes him cool down quicker
  • But he has an positive effect on you too. You get outside a lot more, you let live a lil more, you`re not as prim and propper.
  • You two balanse each other out

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have u ever done drugs? I feel like everyone my age has already experienced everything and I've just been left behind.

left behind? because you havent done drugs? honestly not at all. I haven’t done any drugs, i havent even smoked a single cigarette or been drunk in my life, altogether i have had about 2 alcoholic beverages in my life. and I dont care, I have no desire to do so the more time i have spent with people who use drugs/ have done pretty much every drug there is… etc i realise the more i don’t want to do it anyway. even as a very sober person I am very into clubbing/the music which attracts alot of ppl who do take drugs ,  which therefore has given me access to hang out with people who do use drugs a lot more than they should and i have spoken in depth to these people, who all basically say not to get into drugs. Its not glamorous, its not celebrating your youth. it fucks you up. people dont talk about it often, but it can really fuck you up. trust me.  i go out clubbing and everyone thinks im gurned but im literally just having the best time because of the music. i respect people have their own choices. but i am not going to sit here and say its SAFE! because its not.however,  if you are going to experiment with drugs make sure you do it around people who you TRUST and take all the precautions. its unpredictable. its a lie that everyone has experienced everything. the more i live the more i realised we are all at different but also similar stages in our life. its not a fucking race, for anything. we are all growing. instead of drug taking there are other things to immerse yourself in. i really mean that. stay safe. 

Unpopular opinion: I honestly never saw the “chemistry” or attraction between s.terek… Like at all….

reasons you should vote for bob morley in the alpha male madness:

  • He called himself an alfalfa male and that is adorable
  • He is a man of color and this kind of recognition would be awesome
  • He gets so much hate from racist fucks and he is so pure i dont understand it (im making myself emotional tbh)
  • If he wins he’d get an exclusive interview by E!
  • this would get his name out there and possibly attract more fans and recognition for him
  • this is by no means an emmy or something but this is something we can do for him to show we care
  • Bob puts SO MUCH in to bellamy. Like way more than anyone realizes or gives him credit for. link to this post
  • The man is an incredibly gifted and talented actor and he consistently sells himself short, remember when it was revealed he never even submits his name for emmy consideration bc he feels like he could do better?? i cant find the post but thinking about that breaks my heart
  • He is so good to fans, remember when someone asked to recreate the bellarke hug and he was like which one and did it ur fave could never (fuck links  cuz i suck)
  • also remember when he created a bellamy blake shirt to raise money for a mental health charity, (what are links)
  • Bob is so good and pure he is always trying his best and being an overall cinnamon roll can we just fucking do this for him?????
  • lastly, (bc lets not kid ourselves about what this poll is really about) i present you my most persuasive argument:

i find it hard to be out as a lesbian and be out as an LGBT supporter when there are people in my age group advocating for the same homophobia that’s always been around. just because it’s hidden with progressive terms and ideals (namely trans rights), it doesn’t make it not homophobia.

like  for real i dont know how much longer i can use social media when  all i ever see is that  people who consider themselves part of the LGBT community think that homosexuals are bad. and it’s always aimed at lesbians, too, and it makes me feel sick.

homosexuality is natural! it isn’t predatory to be gay! i know this! but i keep seeing it. i can’t go into lesbian tags without people telling me I’m a freak and a creep for not being capable of attraction to people with dicks.

i dont get it? like  i know they just wanna support the trans community but it’s possible to do that without suggesting that lesbians all undergo conversion therapy. you can do that without spreading the message that homosexuality is bad. we dont need that again? the gay rights movement did so much and now we’re going back and it makes me want to die 

Reply to Anti Naruhina

I would like to thank the sane naruhina fans for replying to my blog in a proper manner..
The points you guys made were fair, and I would just like to reply to those points in another anti nh blog, because every time I try to reply back in my original “anti naruhina blog” It would only allow me a certain amount of reply space. 

The top replies I got

((A))Naruto knows who Hinata is

((B))Naruto cheering for Hinata against Neji

(©)Naruto saying “I like you” to Hinata

((D))Hinata did watch Naruto from afar in the manga

((A)) I would like to start off by saying, I could of typed out my blog more thoroughly with better details. Yes Naruto did know who Hinata was.. It wasn’t like he walked passed her thinking “Who’s that girl?” ((that was Shino))..
In my blog, what I meant by “Trying to get Naruto’s attention” was attraction wise, and getting Naruto to understand her more.
Naruto just knew Hinata as the ((Quote)) Weirdo, shy and dark girl…Naruto didn’t know much about Hinata, he only knew her from academy and afterwards….  

((B)) Naruto cheering for Hinata..
I dont count this as a moment. I am sorry naruhina fans..
The reason why I do not count this as a moment is because you might as well say Naruto had the hots for almost everyone there..
Kakashi even told him to “shut up” because he was cheering too loud.
Yes you can reply back with “But he got the most angry with the neji and hinata match, and defended her!”
I would like to point out two facts with this one..

1… If you say that with Hinata, you might as well say that about lee. Remember how devastated naruto was when gaara beat the shit out lee…. Was it because of love? Well no… ((naruto doesnt have a thing for lee)) It was because naruto thought that Neji/Gaara were jerks, and went too far..

2.. Of course he would of defended hinata in that match… Naruto is the main protagonist ..
And when you have another character who is acting like a bully, and bullying other characters who cannot stand up for themselves, what do you think the main character would do?  
Naruto is a character that believes in never giving up, Neji was just bullying Hinata and telling her to give up, Naruto would of felt like it was a personal attack on him as well..

So really the whole Hinata vs Neji, you could of replaced with any other characters, make them act the way neji and hinata did in that scenario, and Naruto would of done the same thing ((Proof: the Lee and Gaara match))

(©) Before Naruto left to train with Jiraiya, he ran into Hinata and said, “Your still weird, but I like you”
Yeah, I guess that’s sort of a moment ((And I like to remind you guys that I was a fan of naruhina at that stage)) but also it wasn’t Naruto confessing his loving feelings. It was just a kid being like “Hey, your weird. But that’s ok, I like you.” 
And if that’s not enough to convince you… Didn’t Kankuro go up to Naruto and say “Hey, your funny. I like you” ???
Well oh my god, Kankuro must have romantic feelings for Naruto as well… 

((D)) Yes, in like one or two parts of the manga, Hinata did watch him from a far ((Again should of word it better)) but I am angry with this because alot of naruhina fans state ((she was always there for him)) 
No she wasn’t!!!
The fillers make it out to be like she was always there for him, but it wouldn’t even make fucking sense if she was there!
Naruto had an upsetting childhood because he was so lonely and Isolated, he had no one ((until iruka)) IF HINATA WAS ALWAYS THERE! HE WOULDNT FEEL THE NEED TO BE SO SAD, BECAUSE HE WOULD HAVE ATLEAST ONE FRIEND!!! 
((calm down))
And if she was such a good childhood friend, and was always there for Naruto, why would Naruto call her a weirdo as the intro to Hinata? Wouldnt it be something like “This is my best friend. She is like the only girl who hangs out with me”….
And again my main point.. Why would it take a whole manga series, and half a movie for Naruto to realise Hinata’s love, if again ((sorry to quote this so much)) but…IF SHE WAS ALWAYS THERE!!?! 

. *sighs* This couple frustrates me… Ugh next I am going to be doing the worse…Sasusaku..ughhh..  

when will people stop with the “you dont have to touch your partners genitals or her dick!!!” like. im dating a stone butch. i know i dont have to but a woman is not just a walking vagina, female does not just mean having a vagina, it is much more and no im not saying that yall getting bottom surgery will make u female bc that artificially created hole with an inverted dick in it that is at risk of fecal bacteria.. is not a vagina. it just means that even if i dont interact with my partners genitals, a male could never turn me on. he could finger me, eat me out or whatever and i’d still be dry as hell and disgusted because there is nothing about a male that turns me on and knowing there is a guy touching me would turn me off real quick. i love women, i love females, i love their bodies, their scent, how they feel, how they think etc. a woman is not just a “non-dick haver” or something, women are much more and you all would know this if you started seeing lesbianism as an attraction to women, rather than a lack of attraction to men. it is not a sexual preference, i dont get to choose who i prefer. a preference would be if i was more into butches or femmes but they all share a significant aspect which is… being female.

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As much as I agree with your NV post, every single romanceable companion in FO4 is bi.

yeah, i dont think youre wrong! i dont see them as not being bi. but when i mean explicitly bi its as in, ACTUALLY STATING that they are attracted to more than one gender. they never talk about it! not a single companions ever talks about either being in a past relationship with someone whos the same gender, or just loving someone who is the same gender, and yet we get three male companions talk about their wives/girlfriends! its playersexual, you would never know these characters were bi if the player character didnt exist!!!! its like… Schrödinger’s bisexual. is a bi character really representation of bi people if they never talk about being bi? i always tell someone im dating, if they they dont already know! i tell my friends. i actually talk about it, so i just dont see how any of the companions in the canon game can be praised as good bi representation when they never talk about it.


The data for this study came from an impromptu post I made asking for people’s Seventeen bias, myers briggs type, astrological sign and hogwarts house. This post deals with Myers Briggs type. With these graphics I chose the 5 most popular (the ones with the most data) personality types to analyze data from. If you don’t see your personality type listed here, then feel free to message me for the data and I’ll send it to you. Oh and thank you all for participating if you did! It really made for a cool experiment. 

Random rambling and theorizing under the cut

(edit: for some reason my blog theme is not showing any text for my bias study posts. So please check this post for the full text.)

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do u ever find someone u like/attractive , but then u find out that their sign is one that u know u dont get along with? what2do.. i know ofc that past experiences shudnt always direct future decisions but that doesnt mean nothing.

One important thing to know about astrology is that everyone is SO MUCH MORE than their sun sign. If you’re attracted to that person, i’m sure there’s a reason why. Look at their mars, moon sign, etc. Check aspects. 

But please don’t judge someone completely by their sun sign!