they dont fit me very well

I don’t trust nobody: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Virgo

And nobody trusts me: Leo, Scorpio, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams: Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini

*check venus, mars & lilith too if you want*

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CAN WE PLEASE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HATEFUCKING HARRY!??? Like you maybe working in his team or whatever and you dont get along that very well but find eachother pleasant in other ways... and him murmuring under his breath whilst going down on you or pushing you up against the wall how much you annoy him at times but at the same time how good your cunt is and how well you two fit causeEEE HELP ME

YEET I LOVE THIS CONCEPT!!!!!!!! also im gonna just dedicate this to @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy real quick bc that bitch is the QUEEN of dirty talk and i hope i did her justice w this piece x [part two here]

“Fuckin’ insufferable, yeh know tha’?” Harry’s hot breath is ghosting along the shell of your ear, biting down on the skin harshly when you tip your head back. His fingers are wedged beneath the elastic of your panties, thumb rubbing your clit in tight, frantic circles. A low moan slips from your lips, and you let your eyes flutter shut.

“Not my fault that y-you get so whiny for no reason,” you eke out. You gasp and your eyes snap open, hand flying down to clamp around his wrist when he slides one finger into you. He’s merciless, hooking the digit right away and immediately petting against that rough spot that has you seeing stars.

“Oh fuck,” you say, turning your head to the side.

“Fuckin’ look at me,” Harry says, his voice low yet fierce. You shake your head, wanting to see how far you can push him.

Not very far, apparently, because he growls deep in his throat before his hand is fitting against the curve of your neck, thumb pushing against your jawline and forcing you to face him. Your lips part in surprise, and a squeak escapes your lips as you become accustomed to the sudden restriction of your breathing. Harry doesn’t hesitate, his thumb slipping into your mouth.

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First Kiss: Jaemin


Anon: first kiss with jaemin please👏🏼👏🏼💕💕

Anon: Idk if can even request this but could you do Jaemin for the first kiss series soon? Sorry you can’t it’s cool!


Thank you for requesting! I really hope you like this because I think it’s the best one I’ve written in the series :’-) good writing is very rare for me so I’m just uysaibhdisbidhsa - anyway enjoy! Also this was written for @jaeminnana and @jaeminniemouse because well, it’s obvious lmao 💕 💕 💕

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this gif literally fits in so perfectly with this scenario like ???? you will see what I mean when you read it my heART

  • So your first kiss with Jaemin would literally be your first kiss ever
  • And you weren’t even dating at the time
  • He was just your childhood friend, who had grown from the awkward and shy child he was to this confident and handsome teenager
  • Although you were complete polar opposites, you remained close friends throughout those changing years
  • And although, Jaemin had become a guy who was easily irritable and a little bit too cocky for his own good, you couldn’t help but fall for him
  • Of course you’d never tell him this though, god no
  • He already had a line of girls falling at his feet and swooning at the fact he was an idol and a student, and you weren’t intending on joining that queue any time soon
  • Little did you know that Jaemin felt the same way
  • Unable to resist your awkwardness and easily flustered self, he only just  managed to keep his feelings in check and only admire you from afar
  • You never realised how he stared at you whenever you spoke, or always slid his arm around your waist whilst you were walking, nor did you notice how he always spoke to you in a sweet and calm voice (even when he was teasing you) unlike how he usually spoke to everyone else
  • It definitely came as a shock to him when he suddenly blurted out one day: “Jaemin, how are you supposed to kiss someone? Can you show me?”
  • The question was innocent and laced with the obliviousness of affection for you, but to Jaemin, who literally choked when you said this, it came as a huge shock to him
  • You were both both studying at his house, sitting quietly next to one another as you tried to revise for your upcoming test
  • For a while now, your mind had been occupied with thoughts of only Jaemin
  • Maybe it was just teenage hormones or maybe it was just you realising how much you really really like Jaemin, 
  • But your heart couldn’t help but flutter every time he said your name or smiled at you
  • Having little experience in love or relationships would be something Jaemin always teased you about and would jokingly use it against you too
  • But his heart would melt at your question
  • He’d internally coo and sigh, cursing the universe for making you so adorable and innocent and yet still having the ability to make him feel all kinds of things in just a few words
  • Gulping, he leaned back of his chair looking at you seriously with an eyebrow raised
  • “Uhmmm, Y/N, shouldn’t you be asking someone else that? Like, I dunno, one of your girlfriends?”
  • “What? No! I’m not kissing them!”
  • Your eyes widened slightly, and you gasped at what you had just said
  • You had basically just asked him to help you by showing you - in literal terms too
  • Jaemin would chuckle at you, grabbing your hands and giving them a shake as if he was trying to get you back to normal
  • “Oh, c'mon Y/N. Not having your first kiss yet, it’s not that big of a deal. Let’s-let’s just carry on with this work yeah?”
  • He’d smiled at you sympathetically
  • It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help you, to be honest he had always wanted to kiss you
  • But that was exactly the problem - because he wanted to kiss you anyway, he didn’t want to change things between you or make things awkward
  • You eyes dropped and you forced a smile, blushing with embarrassment for being turned down
  • Even if he wasn’t going to show you, you really wanted to be told how to do it
  • “Please Jaemin? I don’t want to embarrass myself when I actually kiss someone I like, I just need some tips….”
  • Your voice started to get quieter and you cursed yourself for thinking that he’d agree and saying something as bold and weird as that
  • Watching as your shoulders slouched and your mouth twitched, a sign of yours he had noticed that you’d do whenever you were uncomfortable, Jaemin frowned, feeling a little awkward and guilty at your state
  • Quietly you’d hear a sigh and “fine then” and see him jokingly roll his eyes
  • Almost immediately you sat up straight a smile on your face, thankful that he had changed him mind
  • “So the first thing you need to know about kissing, is that you only do it when you’re married and in love okay?” - Jaemin & a slap from you
  • “Jaemin!” “Sorry, sorry okay!”
  • He’d turn his chair to face you onwards, gesturing that you do the same, and then moving closer to yours and pulling your chair between his legs slightly, so you were closer to him that you were expecting
  • In his head, he’s literally yodelling screaming with joy and his heart is racing, but on the outside, he looks chill af
  • You on the other hand, are doing a cRAP job at hiding your nervousness - you’re sweating and panting and red as hell
  • “I don’t really know how to explain this but…look I’ll just show you and you, you can see, yeah?”
  • His voice is low and deep, as he laces one of his hands with yours rubbing your fingers with his thumb warmly
  • Not trusting your voice to speak for you, you nod cutely, smiling at him fondly
  • His hand still laced with your fingers, he strokes your cheek with a finger
  • His fingers trailing fire over your too-sensitive skin, tracing the line of your jaw and the hypersensitive place by your ear
  • He bent closer to you, now close enough that you could feel him shaking a little bit as if he wasn’t sure if you would change your mind or push him away
  • But he didn’t realise how caught up you were in the moment
  • Giving you a shy smile, he untangles his hand from yours and slides his arm down to the small of your back and pulling you closer to him
  • When you made no sign to discourage him, he chuckled whispering “just enjoy this, yeah?”
  • You could feel his breath on your cheek and your eyelids fluttered closed at their own accord, as he closed the gap
  • His lips began a gentle exploration of your mouth, peppering soft kisses at each corner
  • “Relax - I don’t bite, Y/N”, he caresses the side of your face to get you to soften your jaw
  • Uncertain of what to do, but fully aware of how amazing it felt to have him kiss you, you unclenched your teeth and began kissing him back
  • You didn’t really know what to do or how to kiss him back well, but you could feel the sparkles in the pit of your stomach and firecrackers exploded behind your closed eyes
  • A hand cradled your head in just the right position to deepen the kiss, the kiss now turning from a short peck to show you how to kiss to a deeper, more meaningful kiss
  • His lips briefly left from yours to start their own sweet explore, touching the curve of your jaw and the Collins of your neck 
  • Jaemin’s lips were warm and soft but he soon broke the kiss, pecking you once more before leaning back at grinning widely at you
  • Both of his hands grab your hands and he plays with your fingers shyly, avoiding your gaze and smiling to himself
  • Your cheeks are burning, eyes wide in shock and you bite your lip trying to hold back from saying something stupid and potentially ruining things 
  • “I-I really liked that Y/N”
  • “Me too…”
  • A silence feel between you two, both your minds occupied with thoughts of one another
  • Eventually he looks up at you and smiles again, a hopeful glint in his eyes
  • “I’ve waited a long time to do that to you, Y/N. I hope you realised that”
  • “Wait, really? You have?”
  • “Mhmm…do you uhmmm- feel the same way perhaps" 
  • He laughs awkwardly, his gaze avoiding yours again but then immediately returns when you simply say "yes”, a bold side coming from you
  • A smile stretches across is face and he claps his hands in joy before reaching out to squeeze your cheeks and coo at you
  • “Oh yes! You’re so cute Y/N! Ooo wait, here have another kiss!”
  • Jaemin leans back in again, kissing you on your cheek to which you flushed deeply at and giggled 
  • And that was basically how Jaemin had grown from the awkward and shy child he was, to this confident and handsome teenager, and now to your idol and utterly charming boyfriend 
  • This was so cute to write omg I think I may have just swerved myself into Jaemin’s lane lmao join me in hell guys

First Kiss Series:

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I've had a really bad couple of days can u post pictures of noodle

Sure thing buddy! I hope your week gets better! Noodle does too!

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

Noodle wants you to take deep breaths. Preferably slower than hers but she’s just excited to try and help you feel better

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

Try to shake it off if you can! bad times always pass!

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

it’s also ok to curl up in bed for a bit and just rest. You deserve it!

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

Noodle says you are welcome to come to her house to chill anytime! you dont even have to put on real pants. noodle cant even wear pants she doesn’t judge! This is her biggest house she’s sure you can fit. (she does not understand human vs eel size very well)

she also wants to offer you some nice eats (trust me: you should politely decline, it’s salty, raw seafood)

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

lastly: a mighty roar! It will keep the bad times away! Probably! 

Omeg-awd (Derek)

this title has like .5% of anything to do with this fic but i don’t know if i’ll ever have another omega-centric fic and i’m not one to let titles pass me by so here you go bby

Warning: PTSD behaviours, panic attack and 

Request:  what if you were an omega that has come to beacon hills and Derek oddly has a sweet spot for you. Only problem is you’ve been through hell and is very flinchy and scared all the time. (Can be whatever you think fits best) I dont know if this is good, but if I’m not gonna write it might as well ask someone who can

ily requester

“You obviously like her.” Scott sighs, watching as Lydia holds a purple dress up to you.

“I- What? I’ve never liked- I’ve never liked anyone in my life!” Derek scoffs, gaping comically and Peter huffs a soft chuckle.

“I can attest to that.”

You peek over your shoulder at the three of them, a small smile on your lips and Derek feigns a blank mask.

Holding your ground, you pressed your lips together hard and watched the alpha circle you. You couldn’t help quaking just the minutest bit with every step he took.

Bowing your head, you stared hard at his feet, trying to pretend that there weren’t four others in the clearing with you.

“What’s your name?” The alpha demands and you take a slow, steadying breath.

“Y/N.” Your voice doesn’t waver and it fills you with a flimsy confidence. You might by as jumpy as a doe in hunting season, but you’ve always had a steady voice in the worst of circumstances.

“What’re you doing in our territory, Y/N?” The alpha stops circling and instead stands above you like a god. Your skin crawls.

The others around him step up beside him, nearly even with him and while it’s unusual, you’re not about to question this hierarchy.

“I’m an omega, I only do one thing.” You snip, clenching your teeth once the words are past your lips. Bracing for a blow, you try not to quiver as the moment drags.

“That’s fair.” The alpha seems to chuckle and it makes your insides curdle. Exhaling a breath through your teeth, you let your eyes flicker to the men and women around him, but it doesn’t help. “Are you looking for sanctuary or passage?”

One of his people grunts, or snorts, and you shiver at the sound. The brush behind you shakes and you nearly trip in your tiny jump forward.

“Check it out.” The alpha orders and one of them peels away, the girl, and he exhales a sigh. “You’re welcome to remain in our territory for as long as you need, I don’t expect you’ll hang around long.”

“I won’t, I promise.” You gasp, letting your gaze flicker to where his heart rests.

“None of my pack will harm you while you’re here. What’s the word…” He’s telling the truth and you don’t even notice the soft answer from his side and the short jokes between him and whoever answered him.

“Look! A squirrel.” The woman calls, throwing a bloody little mass of fur between you and the alpha and your fingers twitch. You want it. So badly, you’re so bad at catching anything to eat.

“What the f- Dammit, Malia.” The Alpha snaps, taking a few steps back and your hand snatches forward and you hold the squirrel in a tight grip.

“Is this for real?”


“Why is she…? Wait, what?”

“Tell her she can’t have it.”

“Why, she wants it?”

“It’s probably diseased, tell her she can’t have it.” The insistence of the voice worries you. Maybe he wants the squirrel, and you’d have to give it up.

“Drop it.” The Alpha orders and your fingers release the bloody morsel automatically and you hear one of the three relax. Your gaze doesn’t move from the wasted meal. In the dirt, discarded. “We’ll feed you.”

The red-haired girl gazes at you curiously. Malia sits across the room, watching you pityingly. The Alpha consults with the Insistent Voice from earlier and the human.

“What was your name again?” The red-haired girl asks and you stare at her for a second, stock still before you chew fast and swallow hard.

“Y/N.” You answer, ducking your chin and filling your mouth with another forkful of the fried rice.

“Has anyone told you who we are?” She asks and you shake your head once, not looking up. She’s high ranked, with how disregards the Alphas presence. Even Malia, who was in the field at his side, gravitates around him.

“I’m Lydia.” She says, ducking some and forcing you to meet her eyes. “The other girl over there is Malia, and the human over there’s name is Stiles.”

You track the people as she says their names, watching as they individually look up at the sound of their name before avoiding your gaze.

“Beside Malia sits Isaac, and on the couches are Liam, a Beta and Mason, the human.” She continues and you inhale a long breath, your head tilting as you take in the boy beside the human. His cheeks flush and his body tilts toward Mason as if for a shield. “Beside Mason is Cory, a Chameleon.”

A chameleon.

You blink at the rarity owlishly. You’d never met one but your mom had told you legends of them and where they sat on the fence. They might not have danced along it like Banshees, but they sat on it, their legs swinging over the side of the living. The subtle opposite of the Wild Hunt.

You’d loved her legends of the realm of the living dead. Banshees who were queens of an entire hidden world. Hell hounds who ran into a battle like an avenging knight and walked out of a pile of corpses and back to their waiting Banshee.

When she’d spoken of the dead realm, it’d always put chills down your spine but you couldn’t deny the curiosities.

But in all the legends, nothing was clearer than that the Banshees were rulers, above Alphas, the Wild Hunt, the Hellhounds and any other creature that faced against them. Chameleons included.

“Those two girls are Kira and Allison. Allison is another human, from a Hunter family-” You flinch violently before you can brace and Lydias words die on her lips. You want her to continue, but you’ve made it weird and your throat is getting tight.

Setting down your fork, your eyes go to the closest exit.

“And by our Alpha over there is Derek Hale.” She continues hurriedly and your racing heartbeat slows. That’s a name.

A huge name.

Your eyes slide over the dark-haired man, the insistent voice, and he stares right back at you. You remember your mother making jokes about betrothing you to “the little Hale prince”. She made the joke so often, for a while you thought it was a fact, that he was a prince and you’d become a princess.

Instead, your world had come crashing down with a rogue alpha and a pack of hunters that’d been tracking him.

“Scott is our Alpha. A true alpha.” Lydia continues, though your gaze hasn’t broken from Dereks until the words work themselves into your brain. Suffused with amazement, your gaze clashes with the Alphas and the kindness in his eyes drains the blood from your face.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” Scott smiles and you drop your gaze. Shovelling in another mouthful of food, you chew fast.

“She needs new clothes, any unperishable food she can carry, new shoes and either a haircut or a hairbrush.” Derek says, drawing Scotts attention, and yours right along with it.

“Sure, sure. What else?”

“I can’t remember, we just need it fast. I remember Mom didn’t meet many omegas, the territory had too much status, but mostly, they were gone before she could help them.” Derek continues, the stench of grief wafting from his pores. You feel your own rise up to meet it and his gaze flickers to you curiously.

“You’ll look so pretty, you just have to wear this.” Lydia fusses about you, throwing the dress in her hands onto the couch and picking the brush back up. Your new haircut had your hair much shorter and there were no knots anymore.

You squeak softly as she roughly tears the brush through a knot. Maybe a few domestic knots, the kind of knots of a pack wolf.

Across the room Derek is scowling at Scott and Peter. His ears are a soft pink and you feel a surge of affection for him.

“Derek.” You say, glad when the three of them look up. Beckoning the wolf to your side, the other two share a look and smile that doesn’t make much sense. “I’m confused about what is happening tonight?”

Lydia pauses in brushing your hair and she shares a look with Derek. They think something wrong, obviously. You’re rescuing him from his family.

“We’re all just going to a club because Malia bullied everyone else into a night of dancing.”

A growl sounds across the room and you feel yourself go still, your gaze boring into Dereks eyes.

The quick movement of his hand has you flinching, even though you don’t feel threatened by him. His eyes cloud over, and you let your gaze drop to the hand that had just flipped over. You stare at the palm before you, watching him slide it toward you.

Lifting your own hand, you hesitantly set it in his and he exhales a relief filled breath.

“You’ll be safe, we’ll all be right there and if you want to leave at any time, I hope you’ll come to me before any of the others. Any reason to cut tonight short.” He grumbles playfully and you nod, letting a smile twitch at your lips.

“I’ll find you.”


“Let’s get you dressed.” Lydia says, pulling your hand from Dereks and snatching up the dress. You don’t look back as you follow her, the muscles in your shoulder tight and ready if someone tries to jump you from behind.

The music is twenty shades of too much, to say the least.

You’d been groped, in turn nearly revealed your supernatural secret, whisked from the dancefloor, plied with bitter alcohol that did nothing for you and all night you’d been ducking left and right from imaginary foes.

You’re safe, you’ve been told, assured and promised that you’re safe but your body just can’t compute and every time someone throws their arms in the air you’re filled with raw fear.

Dereks arm rests over your shoulders and you’re tucked tight into his side.

You feel bad, you’re cramping his style and ruining his fun night but every time you try to move, he gives you half a glare and you sigh and lean back into him.

“We can leave in half an hour.” Derek whispers to you, the words flimsy compared to the thumping beat and you’re glad of your werewolf ears.

Scott shoots him a look from across the table and Derek smirks at the young alpha.

“We don’t have to go, I don’t want to ruin your night.” You whisper back and he laughs, sighing lazily as he presses his forehead to yours. His breath runs over your lips and you force yourself not to tilt your face and bridge the tiny gap that separates your lips.

You’re torn up inside and you can’t let anyone love you until you’re better, it’s just better that way.

“C’mere.” Derek rumbles, his expression lazy and sleepy. He looks warm, rumpled and comfy and you ache to do just as he says.

“I- I can’t, I need to get the- thing.” You say, instead darting around the back of the couch, only to scream as he captures you and pulls you over the back and into his arms. Your heart races a mile a second and you feel your muscles lock up.

It’s Derek, you know it’s Derek, but you can’t physically see him and your brain feels like it’s going to explode.

“Y/N, inhale.” Derek orders softly, adjusting your paired positions so his eyes fill your gaze and you feel yourself hiccup on nothing, panic filling you the more you try to inhale. His warm palm settles over your mouth, stilling you and you blink at him. “I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

His palm leaves your lips and you inhale a short breath, the panic leeching from your skin.

“I shouldn’t have done that, I didn’t think, I’m so sorry.” He says, his worry stark in his expression and you nod. You’re not going to say it was okay, it wasn’t.

“I accept your apology.” You say, the words even and devoid of emotion and a smile twitches his lips.

“Thank you. I’m still sorry.” He agrees, raising his hand slowly enough for you to stop him, before he tucks a lock of your hair behind your ear. When he doesn’t make a move to remove his hand, you sigh and he presses his forehead to yours.

Love, want and affection fill the air, spiced with touches of need and regret.

You’re dizzy on the scent and your eyes fall closed to breath in the sweet smell.

“I’m sick.” You say before he can make a move and he nods a little, your head moving with the movement. “I want to get better.”

“You will.”


“I know.” He answers, a smile in his voice and it makes you pause.

“You’re- You know and you’re-”

“I’ve been there and I get it, I’ll be whatever you need when you need it. We all will.” He promises and you feel the wound up feeling in your chest unravel, your body melting against his and the couch back. “You have a home here, you have a home with me.”

excuse my awkward randomized capitalization of the wolf terms (idk, honestly)

also excuse any mistakes and ugly bits that’re in there- soz

Voltron Paladins as Sander's Sides

Cause @thatsthat24 made a Voltron joke in his video yesterday and this came from it. Based purely on how I interpret the characters.

Keith: Anxiety. Conspiracies and sleepy and ready to Fight™ but could probably use a nice cup of coffee and quiet praise.

Hunk: Roman (Princey). Adorable and loves Disney far too much and everyone wants to hug him. Can be….startlingly dark at times.

Lance: Patton (Morality). Usually very perky, and understands deeply the difference between right and wrong; is much smarter than people take him for.

Pidge: Logan (Logic). This one seems very self explanatory. But smart child, smartest person out there. Seems to doubt people’s intelligence at times but is never mean about it.

Shiro: Thomas himself. Plain adorable and deserving of hugs and praise. A good leader and person, even if he doubts it at times. Sometimes vanishes and you worry about him until he returns.

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I would like some advice (its okay if you don't know what to say or do), but I wanted to ask- since I do identify somewhat as Butch (is wondering if that label truthly fits me) but I'm short- and most women (femme or not) seem to "only" be interested in wanting tall girlfriends- not that it's a bad thing, Because I do agree that tall butches/femmes are very attractive, i just dont know if I'm ever gonna someone to be attracted to me because of my height as well...

oh there are definitely girls who prefer short girls, or don’t have a height preference at all! even though i love tall girls, i love short girls too and someone’s height isn’t going to be a deciding factor if i date them or not

also @followers like this post if you love short girls!

The Sound of Music Pennywise x Violinist!Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Can you make a Pennywise x Teen!Reader where the reader plays the violin and what not and everyday she plays near the wellhouse which catches Pennywise’s interest

Warning: None

Note: Enjoy =3!

Originally posted by fiona-dourif

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The beautiful sound of the violin echoed from your room. Unlike what the violin originally was intended for, you like to play it like Lindsey Sterling. Fast and upbeat in a way but still equally beautiful.

You loved to play the violin ever since your mother taught you when you were little. She used to be in an orchestra and was known as the Lady of the Violins. You knew you could never get to her level but you’d at least try to make her proud.

She was the most sweetest and kindest woman but, sadly she lost a battle to blood cancer when you were 8. After that you promised you’d play the violin everyday for her to hear.

You heard a knock on your door and stopped staring at the door. You sighed and walked over to your door, sure enough your father was behind it.

“(Name)? Do you mind not playing your violin here?” He requested before taking a swig of beer.

“Sorry dad.” You apologized.

“It’s fine just…play somewhere else please.”

And with that he walked off. It had been over 5 years since your mother’s death but he never gotten over it. He couldn’t find another woman like her or keep a stable relationship.

It had caused him to have a bit of a drinking disorder so…you didn’t really play the violin at home. You thought he wasn’t going to be back home so soon but apparently you had lost track of time.

You put your violin and bow into your case before slipping on some shoes and heading out to the wellhouse. Despite the scary auera surrounding the place you loved to just sit here and play to your hearts content.

You had no where else to go since most store owners here didn’t appreciate a girl playing violin music on their property. So you came here instead to practice and play.

You Sat down criss cross on the sidewalk in front of the fence before pulling out your violin and now. You played a slow song at first but then aftrewards you were playing it almost as a fiddle but more modern and like Lindsey Sterling.

You finally noticed something out of the corner of your eye and looked to see it was a clown standing in the yard staring at you. This was the first time you had seen a clown, especially one at the abandoned wellhouse, and you were a little shaken by it.

“Contiue to play. Please.” The clown said his voice soft and almost child-like in a way.

You nodded and despite feeling a little scared contiued to play a song fluently. One of the first songs your mother had taught you to perform. Your agile and graceful fingers danced across the strings well your bow created the sweet sound.

The clown got closer until they had stepped over the gate with their long legs and sat down beside you staring at you. Their eyes were a beautiful blue color and one eye was a little lopsided but you thought he was kinda cute. Even though he was drooling like a waterfall.

Finally the song was over and he clapped excitedly making you blush and pretend to bow despite you sitting down.

“You play that good. In all my years of living I had never heard something like that.” The clown said.

“Thanks. My mother wrote it so only I know the song. She never wrote it down or anything.” You explained placing your instrument on your lap.

“Oooo.” He awed.

“So, um, what’s your name?” You asked shyly.

“Excuse me?”

“What’s your name?”

He grinned pointing his bottom lip well replying, “I’m Pennywise the DANCING Clown.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle when he shook his hesd making the bells on his suit jingle.

“Well Pennywise I’m (Name).” You said smiling.

“(Name)? Very fitting name.”

“Why thank you.” You giggled.

“Do you mind playing more of your music?” Penny asked.

“I dont mind at all.” You replied before bringing the violin back to your neck and playing a different song.

Everyday you came over to the wellhouse and played for Pennywise. You both had started a deep friendship as you grew up to become a proffesional violinist working for the “Greatest Orchestra Ever”.

Yet everyday you came back to Derry to play for Pennywise.

Ending Notes: Another request done! Hope you enjoyed it! The songs I listened to well writing this was Mirror Mirror by Jeff Williams, Shatter Me and other songs from Lindsey Sterling, and I Don’t Care by Apocolyptica. I suggest you look them up cuz I LOVE those songs. THANX FOR READING!!! X3!

for some reason th design of a lot of th new gems felt very. like

pajama sam-y??? god i dont know how to describe it


esp zircon and th rutile twins they were givin me so many vibes

like not bad vibes!!! just like. ‘wow they would fit in very well with late 90s/early 2000s childrens PC games’ vibes

idk if its just their faces or expressions or????????

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Hey Queen of Les Mis Headcanons! I'm having a really truly awful day. Can I have some nice Jehan and Montparnasse hc's? Just about nice elements of their relationship? Thank you

If blabbling about Jehanparnasse and helping someone doing it ain’t my favorite thing in the world I don’t know what is tbh!

  • They have a thing for champagne. Jehan says it tastes like drinking the stars and Montparnasse eagerly agrees. The bottom shelf of Montparnasse’s fridge is ladden with champagne bottles. They’ll go on the roof at night and drink the stars under the night sky and the Parisian lights. It’s all very aesthetically pleasing, really
  • Sometimes Montparnasse comes very early in the morning from with Patron-Minette hijinx and finds Jehan asleep in his bed, sometimes still with reading glasses on, so he’ll take them off and tuck them back in
  • Jehan likes to treat Montparnasse a bit. They know Montparnasse didn’t grow up with the priviledge of wealth and didn’t experience some things, so they do buy stuff from time to time. Mostly pretencious expensive pastries from big name bakeries
  • “Not that I mind, absolutely not, but what’s the gender neutral term for sugar daddy? Cause that’s what you’re being right now”
  • *Cue Jehan choking on their own pastry*
  • Once, they were slow dancing to “Wildest Dreams”, feeling all warm and fuzzy until they realised the song was about a break-up and fitted Montparnasse all too well. So Montparnasse pulled Jehan closer: “You know I’m not going anywhere, right?” “Promise?” “Cross my heart and hope to die” except he drew a cross on Jehan’s shoulder because jeHAN IS HIS HEART DONT TOUCH ME OH MY GOD

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Just a compliment to say your doing well with your art. It is sketches but the sketches are proportionate. They convey the emotion the character is feeling. The pictures fit ( if you get what that means )they show rough volume ( such as a a crowded theater and where each person sits ) and the person viewing it can get an immediate sense of the tone. For a 17 year old, that is effing amazing. I hope you are having fun with it and continue well.

I’m very flattered. Very very. Tbh dont know what to say, my english too bad for big speech, so i just dies inside from all these words which makes me happy. Thank tou. Thank you  thank you  thank you thank you

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the most funny thing that i more love to draw serious and grumpy faces 

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I'm kinda having a midlife crisis at the moment. Im asexual, which I've know for a long time ,but I'm coming to realise that I think I might be aromatic cause I don't really feel romantic attraction. I like romantic things but I don't really feel the attraction.. It's more Platonic? I'm confused if I'm aro or not and it's kinda messing with my head.

I feel you! I´m struggling with the same thoughts that I might be aro too? And I know it´s silly to get these doom scenerios of living in bitter lonliness … but my parents already told me that I´ll probably end up alone for being ace, that I need to look for a stable job that can support me comfortably without the help from another. I think I was in love before? But it was a long distance relationship and when I had a relationship where I actually got to be with the person I felt repulsed by most of the things they did romantically and I didnt love them besides being very good friends and I confused my platonic love for romantic love but I like romantic things in theory a lot and my OTPs give me the fluttering and happiness in my heart … personally I dont want to label myself romantically yet until I am sure the label aro fits me 

And I know it´s silly crying about it but being reminded I might possibly be aro is a little painful to stomach since well I don´t live in the US and in Germany I doubt many people know about QPRs which sound like such a great concept for me cause I never had a problem being affectionate with friends just if the intension of those affections became romantic then I got tense and they felt forced and fake. I have so much love to give just more in a platonic way

What I´m trying to say is, I relate to you and understand your struggle, it was a lot easier to accept that I´m ace than it is to accept that I might be aro (not to shit on aro people, you´re all lovely and awesome it´s just personally a struggle for me probably also because I want to prove my parents wrong that I can be loved @ mom >:T)

Sorry this got a little personal here

- Mod Paula

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How to put this without sounding too awkward... you know how they say how people fall in love with people who resemble their parents? That's how I see Shin Ah. I look at his "type of woman being like Yona" more as Yona being more of a role model-ish thing, or like, an ideal woman but not in a romantic way. So he would fall in love with someone like Yona. I hope I could explain this well because I dont know how to explain it better

Nope, I totally understand what you’re saying! Which is why the scene hit me so hard when I first read it… there is no further hint of any sort that he might feel anything remotely romantic for her (the scene focuses mostly on Kija’s, Jae-ha’s, and Hak’s feelings), but what he says fits Yona’s profile so well it sounds like there could be some implied meaning to it… and the idea of Shin-ah romantically liking Yona is just… very jarring to me.

The way I’m reading the scene now, however, is that Shin-ah means to say that this is the sort of woman he likes in an affectionate/motherly/familiar way. To be honest I’m not even sure someone with Shin-ah’s upbringing would understand the concept of romantic love, so it’s highly likely that he misunderstood the question and was answering in general terms. Kija also misunderstands the implied meaning Jae-ha puts into the topic of choice, so it wouldn’t be strange to assume Shin-ah wasn’t fully aware of it either.

I think his thought process went something like this: “Women I like –> the only woman I know that I like is Yona –> I like women like Yona —> Yona is kind and strong –> I like kind and strong women.” ((”like” here being the like/dislike sort of “like”))

i feel like i havent told you guys this yet but i Love Knives. I Really Love Knives. my dad and i collect antique knives. check some of them out!!

up in the first pic, the knife on the leftmost side is the first knife i got. birthday gift from my dad to the happiest twelve year old!! dont ask me what to get for somebodys birthday because i will answer “balisong/butterfly knife.” it sure made me happy. this knife is one i hold really close to my heart so i bring it with me as much as possible. like a good luck charm. that can cut. 

one of my favorites is the gold colored one in the back of the 2nd pic. the one with the wavy blade. not only is it a balisong/butterfly knife, but it’s also double sided!! sharp on both sides!! i love that. theres one in the bottom of the 2nd pic that has the handle of a pistol but it’s still a Knife. bring a gun-looking knife to a knife fight. some of the knives in the second pic look real big, yeah? those are called itak. usually used for opening coconuts and harvesting crops, but they are like Very Sharp, obviously. can injure if youre not careful :\

aside from these antiques, we’re also really into sleeker modern stuff. i dont have any pictures but another knife i try to always have on me is this beautiful buck switchblade. multipurpose with a locking system. also its shape just fits really well in the hand. our Baby is probably this automatic switchblade where the blade just pops out with a press of a button. im kinda scared of it, tbh, but i still love it. 

ive never like. stabbed anybody before. but i took a lot of arnis classes and we learned basic knife attacks while wielding pencils. my teacher told me my biggest strength was my size (small) and my speed (i have anxiety so im very fast). so like. while im in No Rush to stab someone, i think itd certainly be a learning experience if i did. yknow. if anybody out there was due for a stabbing. like if you are even a slight inconvenience to my friends, thats something that definitely puts you due for a Stabbing. just an example!!! 

Since we were four

right, this was a dream i had, i dont know why. i’m clearly not over 3b yet… it might be awful but i’m not a pro, im just trying to recreate my dream. i’ve changed some bits to fit in the timeline of the show, sort of? 

Warnings:smut, very long
words: 3226


Stiles had been acting really strange since he, Allison and Scott well died… we soon came to the conclusion that the nogitsune was trying to possess him he decided to put himself into Eichen for 3 days. His decision really hurt me because although I’m Scott’s little, twin sister, I’ve been in love with Stiles since we were four! I made the courageous decision unbeknownst to the pack to get a job in Eichen as a nurse for a week, Stiles’ nurse. My mother’s a nurse and I intend to be, I’ve grown up learning first aid and stuff so I got the job straight away. 

After being here two days I go to Stiles’ room to give him his medicine but he is not there. I brush it off and search the building- the bathroom, games room, council room. I start panicking but a sudden urge leads me to the basement. Nobody ever goes in the basement apparently but I find it unlocked. As I descend the stairs slowly careful not to trip I hear a crashing noise, so I hurry my footsteps.  There I find stiles reaching into a hole. 

“Stiles what are you doing?” I demand. He just chuckles and grabs my hand pulling me down on the floor next to him. 
“Calm down, I’m just researching I guess” he shrugs. 
“How did you get down here without a key? How did you even know this was here?” I throw questions at him curiously. 
“honestly I don’t know, it’s all about the nogitsune so I guess he wanted me to be here” he spaces out for a while until I place my hand on his knee, he looks at my hand then up to my face with tears in his eyes. I sigh and grasp the back of his head resting it on my chest. he lets a few tears soak my dress before he pulls away hesitantly, he lets his eyes wonder up and down before his lips crash into mine, I kiss back immediately afraid this would be our only kiss. We pull away slowly and I look down blushing not wanting to face the disgust on his face, he places his hand on my cheek stroking it. 
“Was that your first kiss?” he asks softly to which I nod ashamed. 
“Can I do it again?”He whispers timidly. I look up shocked and he smirks slightly. Then the next thing I know we’re making out, slowly and passionately at first then things escalate and get heated. We both move onto the old, dusty, grey couch. He starts unbuttoning my dress, when he reaches to just above my breasts; I grab his hands stopping him. He looks up at me questioningly, I exhale a shaky breath. I’m extremely nervous until he whispers

“it’s my first time too… we don’t have to do this, we can stop” and pecks my cheek. I shake my head violently, jumping onto his lap straddling him. his hands fly to my hips instantly. I fist his hair in my hands and whisper (hopefully) seductively in his ear “I want you to be my first” and nibble slightly at his ear. He gulps but nods continuing to unbutton my dress but gets impatient and tugs it open, the buttons flying everywhere but that’s a worry for another time. I proceed to remove his t-shirt and I’m extremely shocked and turned on at his washboard abs; who knew? pale, skinny Stiles Stilinski has abs! I run my hands along them devouring the sight. he blushes covering himself. I attempt to push his hands away but he sighs pushing me off his lap and tugging his shirt back on. 
“that’s exactly why I don’t take my shirt off! I don’t even know what I was thinking, your my best friends sister and why would you even like me anyway, I’m so stupid!” he yelled thrusting his hand into the wall, not even phasing him. 
“do you not want this?”I stutter offended. he turns to me. 
“of course I want this, you, us. I always have! but Scott-” I jumped to my tiptoes kissing him so he’ll shut up. I pull away standing back straight. he silently watches me. 
“I don’t care I want you, and you want me, don’t think about Scott. and I know you’re feeling self conscious, but seriously I only stared because I didn’t expect you to be so toned… I mean you’ve got the reputation of ‘pale, skinny, defenceless stiles’ but your nothing like that, probably why I’ve liked you since we were 4″ I chuckle but realise what I’ve revealed. I gasp but he just picks me up and drops me on the couch getting on top of me taking his t shirt off again along with both of our remaining clothes. he proceeds to kiss me while intertwining our hands above our heads. he lines himself up and pushes into me slowly. I whimper letting a few tears drip. h notices and goes to pull out but I stop him. he goes slowly and it starts to feel really good. he keeps it slow even though he and I both know we would like it faster, were savouring this moment. after a while we’re hitting our orgasms and he’s dropping onto my chest wrapping his arms around my waist, his face resting on my breasts. I stroke his damp hair while he rubs circles into my hip. Eventually he lifts himself up pulling out of me but stays hovering over me. I blush under his stare. 
“You look beautiful, even all sweaty and tired” and pecks my nose. He travels further down leaving marks on my neck but continues down to my stomach sucking and licking in a strip. I don’t even care that there will be bruises tomorrow. He comes back up pecking my swollen lips, collapsing next to me, pulling me flush against him and we both fall asleep. 

*a few days later* 

Yeah stiles isn’t stiles anymore. Which leads to right now were the nogitsune, Scott, Deaton, Lydia, peter, my mum and I are in our living room trying to find a way to help stiles. Everyone leaves to the kitchen to conjure up a plan while I stay with a Kanima venom paralyzed stiles with duct tape over his mouth. I can hear the conversation in the kitchen so I vaguely listen in. I start wrapping stiles’ stomach, moving to sit on his lap to get a good look at it, dabbing it with alcohol making him jump and wrapping it in gauze. I’m nearly finished when I catch the end of Deaton’s sentence. 
“I know it’s not a good idea, but if he doesn’t get even a little bit of pain, chaos or strife to feed on soon, stiles’ body will die and void will move onto a new host…” I sigh and look at the nogitsune. I start to slowly pull the tape off of his mouth. I place my finger over his mouth telling him to stay quiet. He smirks. 
“mmm, rebel huh?” I roll my eyes. 
“is what he said true?” he nods and chuckles and my expression. my mind is rolling with solutions but I do the first thing that comes to mind. I kiss him cupping his face, just when he’s about to slip his tongue in I pull away biting his lip. he looks up at me shocked but I shush him staring at his neck where I can see the ugly black running through his veins. 
“why did you do that?” he whispers, his hot breath fanning across my face. 
“because I love stiles, and if this keeps him alive a little bit longer, I’ll do anything i’ve lived so much pain i could write a book series about it” he raises his eyebrows and I nod leaving another peck on his lips, quickly putting the tape over his mouth again. I jump off of his lap pretending to put away the few utensils I used when I hear everyone coming back into the living room. 

I don’t remember much else that happened. until I wake up in a damp, cold alleyway. I look around and see Lydia pacing. I run over to her and she jumps only noticing I was here. a shadow comes over us and we look to the end of the tunnel seeing the nogitsune standing there, he starts walking closer but we move away. I feel my side burning and when I touch it I can feel blood. I sigh starting to feel lightheaded. I collapse onto the floor but tell Lydia to keep going. I’m swept off of my feet and taken outside. I’m rested against a large wall with vines going up it. I notice the pack arriving and I sigh happily until a big fight breaks out between them and the oni. the nogitsune stares, enjoying the scene unfold a few feet away from me hidden behind an old car. Stiles gets past and runs inside to get to Lydia. Allison kills one of the oni with an arrow and I see what’s about to happen next. the oni start fading away but I jump up, I don’t know what came over me but I run ignoring the pain and jump in front of Allison when an oni goes to stab her. it pierces my side but I don’t feel it much. I collapse again and when the pack go to reach for me they can’t, a sort of force fields surrounds me, yet the nogitsune walks straight through and picks me up walking away. he’s mumbling profanities and kissing my forehead. I’m taken to the woods, where Scott, Isaac, Lydia, Allison, stiles and I came to watch the stars one night after killing the Darach. it must be a memory in stiles’ mind so the nogitsune knows where to take me. he rests me gently against a big rock; I can see the stars and all of beacon hills from here. It’s truly beautiful. he bends down straddling my outspread legs. he rests his forehead against mine whispering to me. 
“I’m so sorry, I know I cause pain, chaos and strife but your different, I guess it’s because of how strong stiles’ feelings for you are I love you too…thank you for keeping me alive, but I am needed at your school. I’m going to meet up with your pack so when you die you won’t be alone” I start crying and cup his face. 
he leans in asking for my permission, I clutch the back of his head confirming and he kisses me. I start to feel drowsy and pull away laying down. he wipes a tear away before sauntering away. 

I lay there feeling cold and exposed. my shoes and bracelet are gone, I don’t know where. my makeup is no doubt smudged and my dress is torn at the bottom in various places and most of the top is missing due to my injuries. I try to remove what’s left of my jacket although it’s freezing to put pressure on my wounds. I can feel loads of little cuts up and down my legs and arms, and bruised dotted everywhere to.

After lying there for about an hour I start to give up hope until I hear two people screaming my name. my mum and the sheriff! I try to call out to them but my voice is raspy and cracking. I shout my loudest and they find me eventually. The sheriff picks me up trying not to hurt me but everywhere hurts. I clutch his shirt crying. he pecks my forehead speeding to a run, my mother a few feet in front of him. we reach a clearing and I see the squad car. my mum get’s in the back and he lays me down along the seats resting my head on my mum’s lap. The sheriff quickly hops in the front seat and speeding off to the hospital I presume. My mum rings Scott to tell them they found me and where we are going, when she’s finished she looks down at me. I attempt to smile, but get dizzy. I start closing my eyes, she panics cupping my cheeks and telling me to keep my eyes open. I try to talk. 
“St-stiles, tell stiles” I can’t finish my sentence, but she nods laughing a little bit, the sheriff looks in his mirror curiously. my mum looks up at him giggling. 
“she wants stiles. she wants me to tell him she loves him, but she’s going to tell him yourself aren’t you baby?” she looks down at me just as my eye lids are drooping she starts screaming trying to get me to wake up. I open my eyes slightly but close them again. 
“I love you mum” I gasp out. 
The car comes to a sudden stop and I hear the sheriffs’ door opening, slamming shut then I feel the breeze of my door being opened. I’m engulfed in the sheriffs’ arms again and he starts running towards the hospital entrance. I open my eyes slightly looking up at the sheriff. before I can think about it the words pour from my lips. “I love you too dad” and I’m enveloped in darkness. 

Stiles POV*
I pace nervously waiting for my dad and Melissa to come through the door with y/n. my eyes dart up to the entrance when they open and I hear them shouting for an emergency. I tear up immediately, quickly wiping them away. I see y/n curled up in my dads, her hand clutching his, her head resting carelessly against him. I nearly smile until he starts screaming. 
“please, help she’s not breathing, quick!” I go to run towards them but scott holds me back; I thrash violently in his grip but slump against him when she’s taken away on a gurney and into emergency surgery. The waiting room is filled with sobs, from my slumped position on Scott, I can tell he’s crying but is also shocked about my freak out, he knew we were friends obviously but my feelings are clear now. Lydia is rested against Allison’s shoulder and there both crying. Kira looks shocked and Isaac is fidgeting with his fingers trying not to cry. 

normal POV* 
All at once I get a rush of emotions and memories of what occurred several hours ago, but I also get a rush of pain. I sit up opening my eyes and gasping. I look around and my eyes zoom in on one cute brown eyed, dimple faced shocked boy. 
“Stiles” I whisper, but everyone can hear the pain in my voice. He jumps out of his chair quickly pushing gently on my shoulders. 
“lay back down, you’ll pull your stitches out” he chuckles, his eyes filling with tears. Isaac disappears and I assume he’s gone to tell my mum I’m awake. 
“h-how? the nogitsune…” I stutter out. 
“he’s gone!” Scott replies coming to my side to peck my forehead. I hear two squeals beside me and turn my head; I can tell my whole face brightens because they laugh. Lydia hugs me first then Allison. I look in the corner and see Kira sitting there, staring at the floor looking extremely awkward. I cough and her gaze lifts to mine. I smile invitingly and open my arms for a hug; she smiles brightly back and comes to give me a hug. Isaac comes back in with my mum and the sheriff, my mum runs to me hugging me, followed by Isaac and then the sheriff who pecks my forehead. I smile up at him. 
“thank you for breaking your own speeding law to get me here” I laugh making everyone laugh too. he grabs my hand squeezing it. 
“you called me dad” I blush squeezing it back. he goes to leave winking at stiles before leaving the room, I blush furiously. My mum leaves too. 
“you know you guys don’t have to stay here, I’m fine. go get some sleep, it’s still dark out.” I sigh. Isaac and Kira come to my side giving me hugs and saying they will leave then if I insist. the other four stay put resting in chairs; I roll my eyes but lift my arms up to yawn. I don’t notice my t shirt rising. Lydia gasps. I look down seeing my exposed stomach. 

Along with my two wounds, one on my left stomach area, the other along my rib are the possessive bruises Stiles left on my body. I blush trying to pull my shirt down but Scott stops me staring at them. 

“I know you didn’t get them during the fight or anything, who did that?” he growls. I nervously lock eyes with Stiles and he jumps up. 
“anyone want any water?” he stutters. Scott realises and jumps up pushing stiles against a wall. 
“you had sex with my little sister?” he growls angrily. 
“I’m like 10 minutes younger?! and it wasn’t like that, I love him, he’s your best friend look at what you’re doing right now” I hiss at him, swinging my legs over the side of bed and shuffling towards them. Scotts’ eyes are glowing red, and his claws are out. he steps back and I get in between them. suddenly he is pushed backwards and hits the opposite wall. Scott, Lydia and Allison all gasp. I look to my right looking in the mirror and my eyes are glowing purple. 
“we’ll get onto that later, but right now we need to deal with this, I’m in love with Stiles” I state confidently. Stiles grabs my hand intertwining them. Scott sees this and his wolfiness goes away, his eyes soften. 
“and you love her too don’t you?” he says to Stiles. I look up at him awaiting his answer, his height towering over me. 
“since we were four” stiles nods. this confuses the other three but makes me giggle. 
“fine, I guess if anyone would date my sister I’m ecstatic it’s you” they bro hug and everyone leaves, Lydia mumbling about how Stiles had game and a wink from Allison, except stiles. I wrap my arms around his neck while his wrap around my waist careful not to snag my stitches. 
“will you be mine?” stiles whispers. I press my lips to his momentarily. 
“I already am” but I get a sudden rush of pain through the wound on my rib. I lift my shirt pulling away they bandage. there all bloody but clear is Stiles’ name carved into my skin, it will definitely leave a scar. I blush looking up at him both shocked. he softly runs his fingers over it. 
“guess you’ll just have to stick with me forever then” he chuckles and lifts me bridal styles taking me to bed laying us both down and cuddling until we fall asleep. 

Scotts’ POV*
I go back into y/n room quietly. 
“y/n mum said you can leave when you’re ready-” I say but stop when I see y/n and Stiles asleep in her bed, his arm is strong around her, but gentle enough not to hurt her. He head is rested in his neck and they are holding hands. I know he’ll be good for her. 

crystal snow (draft)
crystal snow (draft)

❄️  yeah umm… I watched an english cover of crystal snow and it bothered me the lyrics didn’t fit as well as I’d like, so I made my own version? keep your eye out for a full version with hopefully better sound quality (and where I dont mess up). i spent at least three hours on the words so ill be hyping and reblogging a shitton when i do get it up. for now, enjoy! ❄️

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can i ask how much is too much titty cause i kind of want breast reduction but it scares me and i dont even know if my tittys are to big lmao

for me, too much tity was a 34D6 (so a 34G or H depending on the manufacturer). My neck, shoulders, and back hurt a lot. I was at a point where even wearing a proper fitting bra didn’t help. Swimsuits were $$$$. Nearly 1 year post-op I’m now 34D-DD and way more comfortable.

Every individual is different, so too much for one person could be ok on another person. If you think it’s too much, it very well could be.