they dont fit in the car

some things to note about this image

  • for once dimple makes an appearence without the god damn stupid fucking security guard thank fucking god 
    • please look at his tiny hands thats fucking adorable….
  • teru, just in general, i dont feel like i need to point out anything really specific here heres just a general gesture toward. teru. its teru
  • there is no fucking way reigens legs are fitting inside that small space im sorry but u can fucking convince me my suspension of disbelief just can go that far 
  • is mob…..standing up
  • also please notice how hes holding his arms……..whats he doing……..
  • tome mezato and tsubomi…..good fucking content………
  • i cant fucking comprehend musashi right now thats the thing thats fucking me up the most about this image is he in the car??? is he standing up perfectly straight like sideways in the car???? theres wind effects on everybody else but not on musashi hes just unaffected by everything in this image???????? HE LOOKS SO OUT OF PLACE MY BRAIN CANT FUCKING COMPREHEND IT

ok but why does bighit have to make their otp so tragic like

sugakookie starts out soft and sweet and cute Just One Day “your voice when you say my name” “yoongi-ah” “i wanna be locked in you and swim in you”

and then it becomes hyyh angsty break up and sugakookie fighting each other and it shows how they used to be so happy hugging and being all sorts of mushy but then some shit goes down suga sets his room on fire and jungkook dies in a car crash

and then it’s wings era where jungkook is super dead and crying and calls out “hyung” and saves suga’s life from beyond the grave by whistling /their/ song (and I say “their” because suga played it on the piano) and drawing suga away from the piano before the car crashed

why we gotta go these places bighit why you gotta play but at the same time like th anks

i’m going back to the basics with aang. rewarding eye contact and calmness and choosing to be near me. pre macking the hell out of our walks. i’m hoping this will help with some of the issues we’ve been having.

also ordered aang some things that i’m really excited for! mostly a soft sided crate that i’m hoping will work when we go visit my aunt and uncle in a couple weeks. bad news is i’ll only have five-ish days to acclimate him to it. i’m not sure how often i’ll have to use it the two days we’ll be there, but seeing as his plastic crate absolutely will not fit in my car we dont really have much of a choice.

still haven’t heard back from the breeder :/

Today really wasn’t the best, healthiest day of my life. It involved like 7 hours in a car, a bacon egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast, Olive Garden for lunch, but salmon for dinner. I didn’t really get to walk or exercise much, though I probably could have fit something in since my legs are kind of sore from yesterday and then not moving today.

BUT!!! I went to Old Navy and Ulta, and my wonderful mother-in-law bought me a bubble mask and a GOLD MASK. YOU GUYS. It was only like $8 at ulta so it’s not like its the sheaves of gold leaf like the super expensive masks, but like, GUYS A GOLD MASK! Can you tell I’m excited? I’m about to go put it on, will post a picture of my face covered in gold wearing my cheap plastic shower cap to keep my hair away since I can’t find my headband.

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Invade my privacy: purple

purple: 10 facts about my room

well im not at home right now, so i going to give you 10 facts about the room im in right now, because the world wants to know

  1. victoria: there isnt enough outlets
  2. there are a lot of booths but you cant sit in them bc theyre always taken 
  3. the food sucks, and they dont bring the sushi out early enough
  4. the plastic chairs are kind of comfortable??
    1.  victoria: my ass isnt sore, so thats a good thing
  5. the tables are too small 
    1. victoria: were having trouble fitting two laptops on a four person table
  6.  the tvs kinda work but are very static-y
  7. people are very loud 
  8. the color scheme is red, black, grey, and beige 
    1. victoria: basically the dull colors of my life
  9. theres not a lot of windows 
  10. victoria: its just depressing in here. sitting in the back seat of my car wouldve been better

fanon greg generally is so much more stereotypical Good Guy than show greg……fanon greg is like “i’m a normal guy. i go to the pub. im fit. sherlock is kind of annoying.” canon greg is like *throws feet on desk and eats donut* ITS GREG TIME *yells at sherlock and calls him a baby* *yells at his own car and kicks it*

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this is completely offtopic but i see we have the exact same mbti type n i wanna ask u if u also feel like the "u r a tough dude n u like to repair cars n stuff" part doesn't fit u at all? bcs i feel like everyone but me is so in sync w their type??

yeah i dont think the “toughdude who wants to repair cars and stuff” part matches me. like yeah i can feel tough sometimes like come at me but also dont hurt me because i will cry. also im absolutely horrible at hands on things so i dont even know where fixing cars comes from?!?! i cant even use a hot glue gun without burning myself?!?! 

the trailer be like

  • Moriarty dead/not dead/maybelline dead
  • John in a hOSPITAL -> MISSING MONTHS?!!?!?!? THE SHIT
  • molly screaming??? at sherlock??? that it’s not a game????? something must’ve already happened at this point im scared she never loses her temper
  • HIS LIPS TREMBLE STILL FLASHBACKS APPEAR (although the fic is not about something so dark but the title fits)
  • terrifying laughter
  • Wiggins???
  • was that a 0.005 sec glimpse of Lestrade or
  • Sherlock fighting
  • mARY
  • kitchen in 221b destroyed ????
  • explosions
  • why do they keep writing “they” “everything they know” etc etc what THEY
  • you reptile???
  • again missing months??? John staring at sherlock’s chair missing him much?? lets pray its not something worse
  • terrifying shot like from a psych ward with 50 nurse ratcheds and scared son i do nOT LIKE THIS ANYMORE
  • this honestly looks like house md season 6/james bond mashup
I Can’t Hate You, You’re Too Cute

Word Count: 2.5k

Genre: fluffy, like a marshmallow.

Warnings: none

Summary: Phil caught Dan keying his car, and well, he wasn’t happy. 

A/N: I found this “meet ugly” thing floating around and I decided to do this one–“You’re the bastard who keeps parking right in front of my house so I retaliated by keying your car and you caught me AU” also I dont know what cars are, what are cars? I just chose the first small car I could think off. Anyways this story is a little fast paced and crazy but I hope you enjoy~

Ao3 link: (x )

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