they don't really care about all the people around them

The things you probably won't notice about the signs
  • Aries: they put a lot of effort on their work and hate when people don't appreciate it.
  • Taurus: they get irritated when people don't listen to them or don't take them seriously.
  • Gemini: they get offended pretty easily and they can be pretty shy around strangers.
  • Cancer: has a trouble expressing their feelings, especially to people that doesn't understand their mood swings (they don't want people to misunderstand them)
  • Leo: they put people before themselves.
  • Virgo: they always tell you the truth, because they respect you
  • Libra: they are really insecure and sensitive towards people opinion .
  • Scorpio: once they stop caring about a certain thing they really don't give a shit about it. At all.
  • Sagittarius: it's true they are known as dynamic people but once they are passionate about a certain thing they will be unstoppable.
  • Capricorn: they are so hard on themselves almost most of the times and they need their space to set things right.
  • Aquarius: they feel left out most of the times, they hate it when people judge them or mistreat them.
  • Pisces: just because they are kind that doesn't mean that they can't conquer you. In fact they have the ability to crush you down with their words but they are peaceful people.
  • (check moon or sun)
  • MLM content in Mass Effect: Ugh, fine you homos here's two MLM dudes. No squadmates, only one counts towards the achievement. One is down in the basement so we don't piss off the straights by making him even marginally visible and the bi romance is heavily skewed towards F!Ryder anyway. Now get out of my Caucasian home.
  • MLM content in Dragon Age: Here's two MLM squadmates. One is entirely, exclusively gay. You can romance both of them, and their romances received just as much care and attention as the straight romances. And the gay squadmate's backstory entirely revolves around empowering him for his queerness and touches on LGBT issues in real life. Oh and if you don't romance either of them they hook up and never shut up about all of the hot, sweaty man sex they keep having, because fuck heteronormativity and fuck The Love That None Dare Speak. Oh and we've been doing this sort of thing since 2009. Anyway, what's good Montreal?

When people are talking about DA characters in modern AUs, they usually give them ordinary professions, and that’s cool, but give me modern AU where darkspawn are still around and Grey Wardens are some kind of special forces with all modern gear

also darkspawn can sense them anyway, so they don’t really care about camouflage

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I'm with you, I really think these are the last few months for 5H and well I'm happy cause lately I'm in love with the girls but not with 5H, does it make sense? They made us believe this is their best era but look at how detached they seem, like the actually don't care about it anymore and their team keep fucking them up with a bad move after another. So yeah I want 5H free to do their things and most of all with others people around them.

Yeah, I feel the same. The girls I love, but i’ve lost any sort of feeling for the group. If they stay together, they’re prolonging the inevitable. Why not get it over with so ALL 4 girls can explore their individual talent and success. I say this everyday, but it’s hard to top the Reflection Era. In my mind, that was the group’s peak for sure.

may advice for the signs
  • aries: yes, working hard is important, but everything you're doing is already more than good enough. remember to take care of yourself. you can do this, whatever it is.
  • taurus: you know that one person you can't stop thinking about? tell them. seriously, tell them. you'll regret it for the rest of your life if you don't.
  • gemini: stop putting the opinions of others above your own. it's not their happiness that matters, it's yours.
  • cancer: there are people in your life who deserve you, and there are people in your life who really don't. realise who is worth your time and who isn't.
  • leo: look at everyone around you. you treat them all like they're worth the world. but what about you?
  • virgo: it's not about what he wants, or what she wants, or what they want. it's about what you want. you can't live your life through other people. for once, follow your heart. anything could happen if you just take a chance.
  • libra: look at that person. look how bright they shine. you want to be like them, don't you? well, if that's what you want, try being yourself.
  • scorpio: yes, the world is harsh and dark and cruel. yes, it can make you or break you. but are you going to let the darkness get to you? are you going to let it break you? you decide.
  • sagittarius: there are things about you that people truly admire, things they find beautiful. it's about time you started appreciating those things as much as they do.
  • capricorn: no one sees it when you break down and cry. no one knows when everything inside you is hurting. please, let people in. you can't do this on your own.
  • aquarius: feelings are not weakness. caring is not weakness. don't be afraid of falling in love. don't be afraid of never letting go. it's a learning curve, not something to be scared of.
  • pisces: of course it's wonderful when you're important to people. of course it's amazing when someone looks at you like in the movies. but don't forget to look at yourself that way too.

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MAPs will still be on writscrib, they just won't talk about it, making it easier for offenders to target children and harder for you to track them. Forcing them to be silent puts minors in danger, but you never really cared about that, did you? You don't care about research or scientific evidence or logical discussion or treating people like human beings. Your unprofessionalism is ridiculous and I can't wait for this to either flop or all the hateful freaks to start leaving MAPs alone.

Here’s a suggestion:

Stay here where the “hateful freaks” won’t be?

If we catch any MAPs sneaking around on the site (as in, they join and continue to create communities anyway), we’ll issue permanent bans and alert authorities if necessary. Accept that there is a website that isn’t catering to you.

I apologize that this is rude, but it’s been several days now. Accept a “no” with dignity and move on.

what the signs really need to hear
  • Aries: Only you know what secrets to tell or keep. It's your own life. Live it.
  • Taurus: Don't stress about school. You will get there. You will pass.
  • Gemini: Don't be scared to shine.
  • Cancer: People care about you. You're not a third wheel.
  • Leo: You're Amazing. All you really need are a couple of friends. They care about you. Let them in.
  • Virgo: Don't jump to conclusions. Everything will happen in dire time.
  • Libra: Don't blame everything on yourself.
  • Scorpio: Give your significant other time. They will come around and realize they appreciate you.
  • Sagittarius: Don't be afraid to speak your opinion.
  • Capricorn: Open up. Let others in. You're an amazing person if you're open.
  • Aquarius: With only a couple of friends you can defeat 50 enemies. Just learn trust.
  • Pisces: Think before you go and act on something.
What i think of the signs
  • Aries: your heart is practically tattooed on your sleeve. You put your all in everything which probably fucks you over on a daily basis. you need give yourself a break.
  • Taurus: you're always so honest and sometimes too honest and it's literally one big roller coaster to be around you and it's fun but i wish you opened up more
  • Gemini: you try too hard despite the fact that you have this "i don't care about anything" persona. you're not fooling anyone and it's tiring to be around you for too long.
  • Cancer: you're either too quiet when you need to be speaking up or you're too loud when you need to shut up. btw you have a great sense of humor
  • Leo: you do so many shitty things all the time, but your loyalty to people you care about is what makes them stick around. your strength is really admirable & it's ok to cry
  • Virgo: you are not a machine and you need to sit down and relax or something. you'd be the best person to hang around if you weren't so uptight. you are #1 at worrying and over thinking
  • Libra: your sense of humor is so under appreciated but that's because it's borderline harsh and offensive. I never know when you're being serious and you're lowkey intimidating (you will probably also take that as a compliment)
  • Scorpio: people tend to throw their problems at you a lot and i 100% understand why you are the way you are. This is me understanding & not calling you a dick because you are not a dick.
  • Sagittarius: you're the best person to talk to when it's rainy and dreary and you have the best vibes. you're all about making the most out of any situation but i always worry about how you're feeling i hope you're alright
  • Capricorn: you are a million times more than what you give yourself credit for. you're always giving without second thought but stop forgetting about yourself. stop putting yourself down w your self deprecating jokes
  • Aquarius: you have good intentions and a heart of gold and you're really weird but it's ridiculously endearing and everyone is most likely in love w you. some people dont deserve your kindness though
  • Pisces: you always give until you're emptied out and that's both the best and worst thing about you. you are the friend everyone goes to when they need a shoulder to cry on

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I agree 100% with you on your post about Rachel. I would say that there is a serious double standard going on in the LiS fandom in general because it seems like it's okay to feel bad about Nathan because we are seeing him before Jefferson arrives and manipulates him, and we can see that he's suffering because of his father, but the fact that Rachel is struggling about her father's mistakes and what being her daughter means to her own identity is something they don't seem to care about

oh yeah. it also really bothers me to see people breaking out the same anti-chloe arguments we all heard in original lis discourse but turning them around on rachel now.

i saw another post talking about how ~Problematic~ it is that when chloe said they should run away eventually and rachel continued to insist they do it now. which smacks of the same kind of complaints that chloe was pushy, didn’t respect max’s boundaries, was manipulative/selfish etc

like… can we chill for a second and acknowledge that these characters are teenagers with a lot of their own baggage and maybe they’re not going to navigate every single social interaction with complete tact and respect. thoughtlessness is not malicious intent. christ.

it really is doubly frustrating when people are still so eager to excuse male characters for the far shittier things they’ve done, while demonizing the girls for the most basic human flaws and missteps imaginable.

What the signs really need to hear
  • Aries: Only you know what secrets to tell or keep. It's your own life. Live it.
  • Taurus: Don't stress about school. You will get there. You will pass
  • Gemini: Don't be scared to shine
  • Cancer: People care about you. You're not a third wheel.
  • Leo: you're amazing. All you really need are a couple of friends. They care about you. Let them in.
  • Virgo: Don't jump to conclusions. Everything will happen in due time.
  • Libra: Don't blame everything on yourself.
  • Scorpio: give your significant other time. They will come around and realize they appreciate you.
  • Sagittarius: don't be afraid to speak your opinion.
  • Capricorn: open up. Let others in. You're an amazing person if you're open.
  • Aquarius: With only a couple of friends you can defeat 50 enemies. Just learn trust.
  • Pisces: Think before you go and act on something.

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Why stop at fat people tho? Why not go up to smokers and scream about cancer to them?? Why not go up to anorexic people and scream about dying to them?? If you really cared you would tell people to stop having so many kids too because science tells us our exponentially growing population size is really what's going to do us all in. Your problem is you don't care ENOUGH.

Why not scream at smokers?

Because smokers don’t have a “cancer is beautiful xoxo #emphysemaacceptance” attitude. 

They don’t go around patting each other on the back about reaching 30 cigarettes a day and then tell each other how fabulous that is and that “it’s impossible to stop smoking anyway, I have a condition’.

Anorexics, smokers, etc. all have legitimate health problems- AND THEY RECOGNISE THAT. They do not have a gaggle of moronic fucks like yourself parading around trying to strip them of their power to change by spouting mantras like “I have a condition” or “smoking is beautiful” or “anorexia doesn’t cause any illnesses”.

Fat people do. The second I see a smoker walking around telling other people not to try quitting is the second I will leap over to them and hold them down while I educate them. Because that’s what you’re doing. You’re telling sick people to stay sick and to die, just so that *you* can feel good about yourself in the short term.

You are fucking sick.

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Skies of Arcadia is your favorite JRPG? Care to share why? When people I like/respect are really into something I don't know anything about, I enjoy letting them sell me on it. My knowledge of the JRPG canon is pretty limited, so it's not surprising that a lot of classics slip me by.

Oh man, I am more than happy to talk about Skies of Arcadia. That game is something really special. Buckle up @discovergames and everyone else who doesn’t know about this fantastic game because I could go on all day.

So Skies of Arcadia is a game about being an air pirate, flying around in your airship and finding treasures and stuff, and building your pirate reputation. Yeah, sure, there’s an evil empire to fight and stuff, but that’s all part and parcel to this type of story. Just being a sky pirate is really what makes the game stand out, as you ride the clouds between floating land masses.

Your main character Vyse is a Blue Rogue, the Robin Hoods of the skyways, as part of a pirate crew, until eventually he gets his own ship and his own crew, and even builds his own pirate base. All the side quests are related to various privateer activities from the classic swashbuckling tales, but adapted to airships and the three-dimensional movement this gives you since you can rise up and down through the skies, and eventually further upgrades extend your ship’s range even further.

There’s a log book to fill out that has discoveries you can find - everything from the discovery that the world is round to long-lost civilizations to legendary monsters that you can take back to the Explorer’s Guild and sell information about for cash - assuming you beat the competition to the discovery, of course, because there’s a rival adventurer who’s trying to find all these things too.

There’s buried treasure to find, wanted criminals to hunt, dungeons to explore, crew to recruit, a base to build, ships to fight.

The game has a separate battle mode for ship combat, where Vyse and each of your officers can make various actions like evasive maneuvers, fire the cannons, and so forth, where you have to space out your total allotment of actions through the entire crew because you can’t just have everyone stand there and attack all the time - you only get so many action points per round and you need to avoid taking heavy fire of your own. It’s not an overwhelming tactical system or anything but it’s got enough variety from the standard combat to make those fights stand out, and upgrading your ships - and getting new ships - through the game has a satisfaction that most side quests don’t give me. Getting to see your crew growing when you walk through the decks of your ship or returning to your base to see the latest construction efforts made things feel a lot more satisfying than just getting some random rare item or whatever does. Later on you can even use some ship special moves like having your entire crew do an all-out attack for massive damage, complete with a separate little animation for each crew member you have.

There are of course regular battles too, where Vyse and his officers leave the ship to head into your traditional dungeons or get into hand-to-hand combat on the deck of the ships. It’s a pretty straightforward turn-based affair, but even back when I first played it it immediately stood out how much more alive the fights felt, simply because you can watch them fight. Even when it’s not their turn, characters on both sides with do attacks to each other, and the characters will dodge out of the way, so it looks like the fight is still going and your turns are just the attacks that happen to hit rather than the action completely freezing every time it’s your turn like in most turn-based games. Not to mention, characters actually physically run across the battlefield to attack. There’s no grid for movement like in a tactical RPG - If you tell Vyse to attack a monster on the other side of the deck, on his turn he just runs over there, and he will stay until you tell him to attack someone else that requires him to move again. The net effect just makes the combat feel alive, at least to me.

Vyse also has a title that you can see once he becomes a captain, telling you of the reputation he has in the world. For the most part it’s cosmetic and doesn’t mean much, but some characters treat you differently and some side quests open up based on how famous Vyse is in the world, including a bit of an impact on the endgame sequences. I admit this won’t appeal to everyone, but between the reputation improvements you get for completing tasks and the feeling of being the first to discover something in the world - which isn’t diminished since you can be beaten to them as previously mentioned - made this one of the only games I’ve ever strived for 100% completion on. I wanted to be a legendary pirate of the skies, not because the game gave me mechanical rewards, but because this all made me feel accomplished. Despite the advancement of open-world games today, where you have this giant wide-open sandbox to explore, Skies of Arcadia is hands-down the most satisfying exploration of any game I remember playing. It really made me feel like an actual explorer of this bizarre world in the clouds.

There’s even a sidequest once you get famous enough with some imposters trying to mooch off your reputation.

That’s not to say the game is flawless, of course - what game is? There’s too much combat in the original release, with random encounters tuned way too high. The magic system also feels pretty useless compared to the characters’ personal special abilities, which is disappointing. The actual main plot is servicable but not nearly as engaging as getting to just fly around and being a sky pirate for the side quests.

But it’s absolutely, whole-heartedly a recommendation from me, especially if you play the re-release. It came out on the Dreamcast originally, and it’s still a fantastic game, but the re-release on the Gamecube dramatically improved the problems and added even more content, including a whole new sidequest chain involving a bounty hunter after Vyse and crew.

It also has the distinction of being one of the only games I’ve purchased multiple times to give out to my friends back when it came out, along with owning a copy of both the Dreamcast and Gamecube versions myself to this day, because this is the game that convinced me that RPGs were truly my favorite genre.

I’m going to stop here but only for the sake of everyone’s sanity because I could go on so much more.

do we really have to have the conversation about misogyny not being the only axis of gendered oppression under patriarchy, again, forever, 2kinfinity of wilfully dense rhetoric

blokes don’t care what kind of not-bloke you are because they gain power by the subjugation of all non-blokes there is no benefit to them as a class in the existence of non-binary people of any stripe, this isn’t “misdirected misogyny” or some other mealy-mouthed faux-compromise that still alienates us from our own existences they have a vested interest in our eradication, specifically.

like this is. this is genuinely not difficult. i’m honestly struggling to put it in any simpler terms if anyone has a diagram or maybe a graph feel free to add it, maybe pretty colours will help?

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Rey and Finn not really caring, but Poe just going around like "They are so young? How have I fallen for such precious children? THEY ARE BABIES (very BRAVE and COURAGEOUS and AMAZING babies but babies nonetheless!!)" and being completely thrown by the age gap is my jam. (although, sad thought--maybe the reason R&F don't care is because both of them were older than their years, from the lives they'd lived. So mentally they all feel about the same "age"?)

Rey is like “lol wait what in the Resistance it’s WEIRD to date people who are thirteen years older than you? wtf, that’s nothing, I knew people who got snatched up by people like a couple CENTURIES older than them–” 

“Okay but we’re the same species, probably, so PERCENTAGE-wise it’s different,” Poe attempts, already pretty much resigned to losing this battle because lbr he is only fighting it so hard anyway. 

“Okay, people FORTY years older than them, Force you’re weird, Dameron.” 

“… I don’t like Jakku.” 

“That’s what I’ve been SAYING!!” Finn is like, waving his arms dramatically for emphasis. Poe has to resist the urge to yell at him about the whole “who cares if you’re dating us, so what, sometimes commanding officers just keep their favs, everyone knows THAT” thing again. NEITHER OF THEIR HORRIBLE CHILDHOODS HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON HERE. 

My Advice for the Signs
  • *Based on people I know*
  • Aries: calm down. Your life doesn't have to be an adventure everyday for me to want to listen to you. You can tell me about how all you did was watch Netflix and eat, I will love to hear it. I know not everyday is an adventure. You do not have to make it so to make yourself worthy of our time. A lot of people love you for more important things than that.
  • Taurus: it's admirable that you think the best about everyone, but not everyone will treat you with flower petals. People will try to shove you around. Do not let them. Drop that tough image and let yourself feel because if you keep swallowing all the hurt you're really getting, one day you'll blow up. It's okay to feel things. It's okay to admit that you expect the best. But be careful, you are wonderful.
  • Gemini: your own company is enough. You don't need to be with someone else to be complete. You are incredibly smart and fun to be around, and do not deserve to be with someone who doesn't make you look at yourself as what you are. Try to stop running away from your own company. Look at yourself. You are a work of art.
  • Cancer: you do not have to have everything figured out just yet. You can still be unhappy sometimes. You can still lose your patience. You can still fail. You are human. Let yourself feel and fall and rise and then fall again. Nobody is out to get you. We love you, kind soul.
  • Leo: you don't have to keep telling us you are amazing for us to think that you are. You glow when you step in the room. You are a lion. Not everyone will like you and that does not mean you shine any less. You take my breath away. Learn to let go, just because one person left or stopped loving you doesn't mean everybody else will too. Realize you are precious and treat yourself as so.
  • Virgo: you don't have to be what everyone wants you to be. You are smart and an amazing company even if you're not reminded of it everyday. I know you wish you were. Tell yourself. You are a sweet soul and so giving, but not everybody knows how to give back. You can fail. Remember that. You are human. Allow yourself to change and to understand life gets out of control. Leave your comfort zone. It's scary, I know. You won't regret it.
  • Libra: you don't have to be better than everyone to be good. You can not be the prettiest, or the smartest. That someone else has what you envy does not mean you don't have it yourself. You do not have to have it all figured out just yet. Let yourself be. Not everyone is out to get you. People understand that you fail, and if they don't, fuck them. You are not less valuable because of it. The only opinion that matters, is yours. Give it the worth it deserves.
  • Scorpio: we love you for what you are. You do not have to be what everybody thinks you are all the time. You are funny. Don't be afraid to also show us you are smart, and loyal, and honestly, amazing. Few people see what is behind that mask you choose to use. And you know what is? Beauty. A beautiful soul. Don't be afraid to show us. We won't hurt you. We will love you.
  • Sagittarius: everyone adores you, but when someone doesn't, it's not the end of the world. Someone not realizing how fun and fascinating you are, does not make you any less of it. You are a beautiful sunset and some people fall asleep before they can see you. You do not have to prove anyone how amazing you truly are. We know you are. Drop that wall and go out there. Drop the act of having an awesome, problemless life and show us that you don't have it. Nobody truly does. It's okay to live.
  • Capricorn: we don't give af about your money, or where you live. We care about YOU. Tell me about your feelings. Tell me about what you did today. What you want to do with that money. Talk to me about your ambitions. You have so much drive. Stop bragging about it and start putting it into use, let that light shine on your eyes like it was always meant to. You don't have to impress us, only yourself.
  • Aquarius: you do care, and it's okay. It's wonderful to care and to feel and to have a heart, it does not make you any weaker. You can CRY. You can stop judging others because it does not make you any better. Take a look at yourself and try to improve because there is so much light within you, you're the only one not letting it shine. Let it glow. You are a kick ass motherfucker and feeling things does not make you any less of that. You can stand out without trying to make others shine any less, you have a light of your own.
  • Pisces: it's okay to be weird. Your mind buzzes with ideas and you are so funny and loyal, you do not have to keep everything you do or say under control at all times to be accepted. You are hilarious and creative and you bring peace to the people around you, you do not have to live up to peoples expectations for them to love you. Be you. You are pure beauty.
The Parents of Overwatch
  • Soldier 76: Of course he's at the top of the list he's The Dad. Mega dad. Ultra dad. So dad it hurts.
  • McCree: Unwilling dad. Why are there so many anklebiters running around oh my god. Will claim he's too mature to hang out with the "youngins" and then two seconds later will be playing Dance Dance Revolution with D.Va.
  • Reinhardt: The Ultimate Grandpa(TM). The coolest out of all of them.
  • Tjorborn: That grumpy grandpa who's always complaining but really does care about everyone a lot.
  • Mercy: The Mom(TM), but also very much Wine Mom. There's just too many people in this fucking house. Heroes never die my ass they're gonna start dying if they don't start pickin up their shit.
  • Hanzo: Unwilling dad 2.0. Does not intend to be fatherly, often is anyway. However will join prank wars at the drop of a hat. Claims he's only playing Dance Dance Revolution to kick McCree's ass.
  • Reaper: Tries to be a dad, fails. Really just that creepy uncle no one likes.
  • Pharah: Unwilling mom. How can any of you function without sleep and proper meals for the love of god.
  • Widowmaker: Vodka Aunt

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For real? Are we really jumping from the sexuality band wagon to the transgender one? Because now everyone isn't going to be their actual gender. Don't people know there are ACTUAL transgenderd marvel characters (xavin)? Can't we just take out any and all things related to sex? Why does the world evolve around gender and sex? i couldn't give two shizzles.

I’m happy you feel that about sex and gender. Frankly, I also don’t care one way or the other. But I take those feelings and don’t post them to blogs because I actually don’t care and scroll past things really well. It’s a talent.

Regardless, when you look at the list of trans and genderfluid characters Marvel has, there are four. Tong, Xavin who is labelled as genderfluid, Jessica Drake and Loki. And while that may be a whopping number of progressive characters to you, people might crave more than that.

Or, they could’ve come into Marvel through the MCU where there’s definitely Loki. As, pretty much only male Loki. So, the knowledge that he’s a bit genderfluid may not actually be something that someone knows. So they may then decide to headcanon that other characters that they relate to are trans instead because, they can.

Then they take those thoughts, send them here where we post them and you get upset enough to send us some angry message about how you don’t care about people’s sexuality and gender so much that the amount of posts about it enrage you and you want everyone to stop.

See, you use the phrase “I don’t care” but I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • In order to make sure that as many people as possible will be able to enjoy the LIVES, we ask everyone who's attending to pay attention to the following.
  • Click here for details ▷ http: //
  • Ruki: please spread the word, I'm counting on you! I want this to get through to more people!
  • Reita: once again, I want this to reach all of you.
  • Reita: I don't want you to misunderstand so let me say this cause I really want you all to keep going wild and even wilder. I want you to like LIVE HOUSES even more. I wanna keep playing at both small venues and LIVE HOUSES. I wanna create an environment where it's easier for you to go crazy. I'd rather die than play a LIVE that's weak and tepid! this is how I feel.
  • Reita: so typical of us, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow it'll be raining but...
  • let's have fun together. this has already become something like sports for me (lol) I'm really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  • Ruki: it's kinda too late for this and I know that most of you understand it but there is also some people who don't know so. we're just gonna say it once again, ok?!
  • the staff will announce the precautions for the LIVE before the start of the show so please make sure to listen to that as well and let's rage our heads off ! !
  • Ruki: one more thing, I had a question concerning those of you who are wearing glasses: there seem to be some who had their glasses broken and got injured so if you can, use contacts!
  • to those of you who don't have any, I want you to be careful cause crowded places can get really dangerous.
  • Ruki: well, it troubles me when you don't just naturally understand these basic things. I'm gonna tell you in detail all about going wild at a LIVE, diving, moshing, reverse diving or headbanging on the day of the show so don't you worry, you rowdies! I'm not trying to stop you from going wild! !
  • Ruki: the reminder about the glasses was difficult to understand, sorry about that. of course there are people among you who have no contacts and have difficulties when they're not wearing their glasses. when those people are around you, I want you to be careful not to break their glasses and also to make sure that the people around them don't hurt them.
  • Ruki: I wrote all sorts of things but what I'm trying to say is that each and everyone of you should show a concern to each other and enjoy the LIVE with all your hearts, with manners and without getting hurt, that's all. that's really all I want.
  • Ruki: we don't want this stage that we've worked so hard on to become someone's sad memory. we wanna make sure that everyone goes home saying that the LIVE has become the best memory for you all. I hope you all feel the same way and act accordingly.
  • Ruki: I'm not gonna write any more than this. we're gonna do our best to make it the best LIVE so let's all have the best 2 days at Shinkiba.
  • Ruki: can we do that?
  • Ruki: alright, now that we've done this 👍 I'll see you tomorrow, ok?
  • good night ( ˘ω˘ )

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Like I don't mean to be that guy but can't we just be happy for BTS? I'm a huge EXO fan, insanely in love with them since the day I saw them. I'm so super happy they won Album of the year that's such an amazing award and honor. But I'm not upset or bitter about the fact that BTS won. I'm not all that into them but from what I know those boys work just as hard and I don't want to discredit the work they do. Plus if it was the other way around I wouldn't want people to talk about EXO like that.

Not to be that guy either, but I really couldn’t care less if bts won that daesang. What I do care about is that exo didn’t win that daesang. Objectively speaking, this was really exo’s year. They became triple million sellers, sold out tours, had SEVERAL comebacks, several cfs, debuted subunits/solo,,,, I’m not discrediting bts’ hard work, cause i know that every group works hard. But honestly, this was really EXO’s year out of all the groups attending there.