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- ̗̀ ramsey headcanon #2  ̖́-

ramsey struggles with the idea of social media. she loves that she can connect with those friends she has who live in other cities, but worries that it takes her out of the present moment. nevertheless she uses facebook, twitter, and instagram. her feeds are pictured above. she posts whatever she likes, her feed containing a lot of purple, green, and blue. not on purpose, but can’t a girl with aesthetic live?


I go back drawing dorks. 

p.s. not in a great condition to draw long posts sorry.

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>xiumin:</b> *loses Luhan in a crowd*<p/><b>xiumin:</b> I hope this works<p/><b>xiumin:</b> KIM MINSEOK SUCKS<p/><b>luhan:</b> THE FUCK DID YO- *gets shoved aside by a mob of teenage boys, male models, and male cops*<p/><b>dudes:</b> I'm not gay but... THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!<p/><b>xiumin:</b> worked too well<p/></p><p/></p>

The song Stressed Out by twenty øne piløts is the realest shit I’ve ever heard guys

and just a final post on the tag for the night, because amidst all this i’ve realized that my own two cents haven’t actually been pitched in. plus i feel like the strongly worded asks i’ve published may have misrepresented my own personal views, so here goes.

first i’d like to start by apologizing if anything that has been said by me or others has caused distress or triggered a depressive episode for anyone involved. while i want to take the blame completely for this tag situation, we all know it wouldn’t have come about if the events that have been revealed to us didn’t happen in the first place. as you understand, we’re all fucking frustrated. one, by the toxic situation that is currently circling the lnc. two, the repercussions of said toxicity on a person who largely did not deserve it. three, the effects this toxicity has caused on the audience’s involvement and enjoyment of the late night streams. and four, the amount of time that this situation has gone unaddressed by the lnc (well, by some at least. thank you jund.) so, yeah, you can probably see how this has been coming for a looong time. and it exploded, but it’s not all the audience’s fault.

now, i don’t want to assume anything about how serious the issue is, but i haven’t been left any choice but to do just that because i haven’t been offered a second opinion.

cheyenne’s attitude. some call it dry humor, others call it bullying. the person this has effected the most was driven to suicidal ideation by her jokes. it’s no longer a choice for cheyenne to defend herself. there’s no way in the situation presented that she could be in the right, and there’s no way that anyone with even half a brain could sympathize with her. what i want is either for her to stop acting the way she has been for over a year and apologize sincerely for all the problems that she’s caused, or to leave, if she can find no way to amend her persona. and i’m sure that the entire time being in the center of lnc drama has tired her out mentally, so for her own safety it might even be the best option.

cry’s apathy towards every single situation that has popped up all this time. i don’t think i can even articulate how disappointed i am in cry’s behavior. i don’t know how he can stand back and watch as his girlfriend rips his friends and fans to shreds without batting an eyelash. i can’t fathom it, really. i think this comment i made in coyote’s video says what i feel best.

the only solution i can think about is just addressing it. i’m sick of no response, man.

i don’t have anything to sum this long post up. maybe i’m fuckin tired of this please just fix it? i hate not enjoying streams because i feel uncomfortable by someone’s behavior. please don’t just brush this off anymore.

i didn’t realize on the first day of class that i would sit down and see you sitting right next to me. i felt a bolt of discomfort because you don’t exist. you haunted me for months and i couldn’t let myself hear your voice. you knew me in a way that wasn’t me. i wasn’t myself with you because i could not be, purely because you couldn’t handle the real me. and when the guy behind you asked about her, i sat and listened to the bullshit that poured from your lying tongue. my chest grew hot and my hands were shaking, if they only knew who you were and what you did and will always do to girls. girls that will make the same mistake i did. i feel bad for them, but i hope they find the courage that i found. i hope they realize they are worth more than anything you say. i hope instead of losing themselves to a ghost; they find a part of themselves they didn’t know they had. a part that is unstoppable and brave.
—  contegnoso ( haunted )

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On the early elves in the Anderfels, clan Taralind, Aule Apheliot Taralind and her son, Spiridon Apheliot Lavellan

Total crock of shit barebones flawed elf clan ahead, but I’ll fix it and add to it as I build up lore.

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