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The Harvey Specter way. (Mike’s way)

Abnormally Social Week

So wow okay I’ve been out and about with friends/work just about every day this week which is like, totally fun, but is also why I haven’t had much of a chance to draw lately! That being said, by this time next week I’ll be opening up *gasp* COMMISSIONS, since all my friends will be leaving to go back home and I can continue drawing alone in the dark like our sexy lord Jesus intended. So get your PayPals ready, cause I’m about to whore myself out!!

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“au: you’re chosen as the human component to test the capabilities of Jungkook, a new A.I., but you grow close to to him during your talks.”

Made with Vine

My spirit floats along the waves–
while my brain runs along the track
keeping busy, keeping me up at night–
while my heart hammers new snapshots
from my latest dreams on the maze
I’ve spent years building–while my ribs
grow new flowers and vines and words.
My brain argues with my heart, and
my heart is ashamed of my brain
and my spirit clings to my body
the way my hope clings to my dreams
(or is it the other way around?)
and I don’t know where to put
my hands, because they want to find
you, but my brain is cautioning me
and my heart is yanking me towards
you, and my spirit is trembling at the
thought of having you or losing you.
And I thought these words would
actually help me, but patience
isn’t something I’ll find in
between these lines, I’ll only
find chaos and I’ll only feel
unsettled. But I’ll only need your
reassurance to calm the mess
inside my soul.

We packed at least 15 boxes of books. This is why I am not permitted (by myself mostly) to buy physical books anymore. There are boxes of books in storage too. But this is an accumulation that started over 40 years ago. I don’t have every book I had when I was a kid, but I have the beautiful Grimm’s Snow White with the watercolors, and my copy of Eloise, and the Madeleine books, and all the A.A. Milne books. I had a book of nonsense poems that I loved so much for their utter absurdity, like:

There were three ghostesses
Sitting on postesses
Eating buttered toastesses
And greasing their fistesses
Right up to their wristesses.
Weren’t they beastesses
To make such feastesses!

I don’t know what happened to my Anne books, or any of my LMM books, but they were all old paperbacks. I downloaded the digital versions from Gutenberg back when we started this project. And @kyrieanne​ gave me a beautiful hardback re-issue of AoGG last year. It was too pretty to put in a bookcase so I put it on our mantle with the rocks I picked up the beach where LMM walked. And now the tiny Anne @ladyofthelog brought me from Orlando hangs out with them.

Thanks to those who messaged me, I’m okay. I’ve just had a really rough day. My Mom/Stepdad are pushing this shitty job onto my husband. It’s 7 days a week in a 100+ degree factory with no insurance for 6 months. Which as you know, is fucking impossible for someone with all my health problems and medications that I’d need. Not to mention I may need surgery on my wrist soon. They don’t seem to understand that he can’t just up and leave his current job without secure employment and insurance already lined up. Which in turn makes me feel like I’m holding him back and like I’m a burden. 

I’m flaring and my wrist/arm/shoulder hurt from me slipping and falling last night. So yeah, just a rough damn day. I plan on eating, watching Star Trek: Next Gen with Mike and going to bed early. 

Butterfly Boy / A University AU

Complete - Yes

Number of Chapters - 51

Word Count - 298035

Pippa Payne + Harry Styles

”I can’t be friends with you, Harry. The second it was even slightly working you fucked it up because you wanted a fight-”

”I didn’t want a fight, that guys a prick!” He sneered.

”I DON’T CARE, HARRY! I can’t fucking stand you, and you might feel badly about what happened tonight but I know you can’t stand me either. So lets just forget it, okay?”

He bit his tongue and ran a hand through his hair, gripping his eyes shut tightly and heaving out a shattered breath, clearly as exhausted as I was.

All he could do was nod.

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I am in so much pain and the nausea Is low key back and I feel like I could dissolve into a puddle and I’m having weird tingling numb sensations in my hands and feet again and I threw up this morning totally out of the blue and I’m trying real hard not to freak out. And the fatigue is overwhelming. Someone pls give me a hug

theonetheonlyanak replied to your post “There could be spells to help with Scanlan being mute, but most of his…”

According to the Player’s Handbook, it’s the specific combination, pitch, and resonance of the sounds in the verbal component that give the spell its power, rather than the words used. So you could conceivably recite the entire bee movie script as your verbal component and it would still work as long as you said it in the right way.

in that case, I would imagine you could do much the same thing through singing/humming/some other paralingustic form of communication and voice

  • me :*spreads lies*
  • me :*has never cared about religion before*
  • me :*only wants to convert because it's 'trendy'*
  • me :*only knows 2%*
  • me :*is young and immature*
  • me :*twists words*
  • me :*is a 'popular' fic writer who's 'followers' actually interact and care about her*
  • me :*is not mature enough*
  • me :*has done a lot more harmful things that have nothing to do with faith*