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Halloween Special!

First of all, I just want to apologize for only posting one text last night and not any tonight. Last night I had a bit of a mental breakdown and wasn’t really in the right mindset to write, and tonight I was with family friends until a half an hour ago! But anyways, I wanted to announce my idea for a possible Halloween special for you guys! 

I split Nct 127+Ten into groups of 5, one group being vampires, another group being werewolves (Halloween theme woo!) and I was thinking of writing a sort of intertwined scenario for each of them? I will first write one piece of writing containing all 10 of them, like describing their roles with each other, friendships, rivalries etc., and have the reader meet them all in it (in scenario form). Then I will write sort of an alternate ending for each member? Like each member will get it’s own scenario branched off of the main scenario with the single x reader sort of like a series. I know I’m starting a little late since it’s the 21st, but I’m hoping to just double up a few days, and maybe only do one text set a day until the whole Halloween series is done??? None of this is for sure yet, I just wanted to know you guys opinion on it! I think I really like it though and want to go through with it!

Do you like this idea, or would you rather I stick to writing my normal requests without a Halloween special? Feel free to answer by replying to this post or sending in my ask, I’m fine with both!

But for now, here’s the groups that I split the boys into! (also let me know how you feel about these groups if you want! like if there’s anyone you think would be better suited in the other category)

Vampires:                                                                               Werewolves:
Taeil                                                                                        Johnny
Taeyong                                                                                  Yuta
Doyoung                                                                                 Ten
Jaehyun                                                                                  Mark
Winwin                                                                                    Donghyuck

beneath your beautiful: charity/vanessa

Title: beneath your beautiful

Fandom: Emmerdale (I KNOW, right?)

Rating: NC-17 (if you squint a bit)

Synopsis: So I got sucked into Charity and Vanessa on Emmerdale because Charity is and always has been amazing, and @thegirl20 is an enabler.  I have no idea whether this is even remotely accurate but I just wanted to write something.  So here it is.  Thoughts.  Stuff.  


Half the time, Charity doesn’t really mean the things she says.  Some of the time, she even regrets them.  She sharpens her edges with cruelty and an attitude she’s perfected over years of disappointment.  Now it’s so finely honed, it’s almost involuntary.  It feels like self-harm, the way she keeps cutting herself on a blade of words but she can’t stop.  People expect it now - she slices through all their crap with a sting of truth.  She knows they probably hate her.

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Maybe it’s the Long Island talking but I just wanted to say…. thank you so much anyone who has read what I’ve written. Thank you for taking a glimpse into my head at the ideas and thoughts I’ve had. Thank you for taking the time to read and like and comment and reblog. Thank you to anyone who had ever used their precious time to make something for me based on something I’ve written - you don’t know how much it means to me.

Thank you for spending time reading anything I’ve written. You’re the reason why I still do what I do ;;

Just to prove how Not Sorry this fucking idiot is:

mybigfatcock: Would it make you happy if I just deleted again?

royalsadist: it’s not about what i want. but that is what you owe everybody.

 mybigfatcock: Fine….

royalsadist: you have to understand that your presence is upsetting to innocent people.

about a quarter of an hour later —

mybigfatcock: Idk man. I don’t know what to tell you. Just block me and let me be in my corner of people that want to write with me I guess.

royalsadist: you just said you’d delete

mybigfatcock: I was going to. I’ve changed my mind. Writing Euron yesterday was the happiest I have been in months. I can’t control how other people act toward me, or how they feel, but if they don’t feel safe, or are triggered by a name, maybe they shouldn’t be on the internet. I’m not going to go out of my way to bother anyone, or hurt anyone. Just leave me to my corner, and let me be happy.

mybigfatcock: I need this. I can’t continue my life in this sadness. I can’t. I need this outlet for writing, and to feel powerful writing Euron. Please respect that, and if you don’t, block me.

royalsadist: LMFAO don’t talk to me about respect. watch your mouth.

mybigfatcock: I’m done talking about it.

royalsadist: you think the rest of us aren’t going through any sadness? ‘maybe they shouldn’t be on the internet’ fuck right off mate, for people who face oppressive situations on a daily basis, the internet is their only haven. but you’re incapable of understanding that.

mybigfatcock: I don’t care anymore man. You’re talking to stone. Block and leave me alone.

okay unpopular opinion: i am not enjoying before the storm as much as i thought i would, it has a lot of flaws


Y'all on my fear about love triangle post: Why not hope for a poly Lance, Allura, and Matt relationship!

Me, looking at the whole Korra, Asami, and Mako love triangle:

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I'm at mbmbam rn and I'm crying this is like the first time I've gotten out of the house today also you're amazing this is for the sleepover thing but I'm just rambling

You’re at MBMBAM? Live? I’m so jealous I love the McElroys! Tell me all about it! Also thank you? That’s so nice I’m glad you like me!

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EMMA. How do you think Nikki and Neil deal with Max acting all scared and aggressive? (I'm referring to the Dad Daniel AU.)


neil would be concerned but he wouldn’t push max to say anything about it unless it gets,,,,, Really Bad

and honestly? nikki might just have fun with it y’know,,,, like max just finished hitting david’s hand away from him and she’s all like ”YEAH STICK IT TO THE MAN! >:3″ but she doesn’t kno w any be t ter,,