they don't match up

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i understand. you found paradise in tumblr. you had some good posts, you made a good blog, the blacklist protected you and the tags were plentiful. you didn’t need a friend like me. but now you come to me and you say “outofcontextarthur, they’re not monkeys, muffy was a hippo”. but you don’t ask with respect. you don’t offer friendship. you don’t even think to call me godfather. instead, you come into my blog on the day my daughter is to be married and y


northern downpour - panic! at the disco

My Fire Emblem Heroes Team! ★★★★★
I put Roy as my leader because I’m an asshole to people in Arena


“I’m surprised that a human being is capable of understanding how I feel. It’s a shame. There’s a geoweapon incubating in your planet that will destroy everything shortly. But you don’t deserve that, do you?”


video game meme: [2/5] soundtracks  → Horizon: Zero Dawn (Joris de Man) 


marvin at the psychiatrist, a three-part mini opera

don’t despise what you feel,
love the friend, not the heel.

I want a sterek au where Stiles and Derek are professional soccer/football players. Soccer players have a tendency to kiss one another on the field. 

So Stiles and Derek are professional players who start out on opposite teams, but end up a couple one day after getting a little intimate on the soccer field.

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There are many accusations made that Stiles bit Derek, but whenever asked, Derek just smiles and says, “That wasn’t a bite.”

Eventually, Derek’s twitter and instagram fill up with photos of himself and Stiles together, one of which is a photo that Boyd took of them cuddling in bed and captioned ‘Sleeping with the enemy :o’

The next photo he posts is a photo of Stiles with a new jersey after he was given a contract by Derek’s team. Derek can’t help but caption it: ‘If you can’t beat them, convert them’.

This doesn’t stop Stiles and Derek from getting intimate on the field, it just makes their fans squeal because - as the team always says - they’re the ‘power couple’ that literally define ‘relationship goals’.

Stiles and Derek get really cute: they get matching tattoos of the other’s jersey numbers (Derek gets Stiles’ 24 and Stiles gets Derek’s 1) on their ring fingers, they share videos of domestic life, funny videos of training where Stiles sits on Derek’s back while he does push ups, and photos of plane travels when Stiles falls asleep on Derek’s shoulder.

And when Stiles gets kicked in the head by an opposition’s cleats, he gets a bad concussion and is benched for a few weeks. Derek sits with him as he gets patched up and - while filming him - asks if he has anything to say. Stiles says, “You owe me a million kisses to make this better.”
And even though he’s benched, Stiles comes to every game to cheer on his team and his husband, and they still end up kissing every match.