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hey i kinda miss your old style. like without the metaphors. you had a good humor! you still do but i just don't see any of those anymore :/. will you make any more soon?

Something I’ve been thinking about.

Warning: Lots of text ahead. Putting it behind a “Keep reading” thing.

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things i don't want to see on my dash this era

active swiftie follow trains !!! :)))))) *made by urls i have not seen in 3 years

any type of post that starts with “IMPORTANT please reblog this and tag taylor!!!!one!!!11!!!!!” and shows up five times on my dash (you know the ones)

any post with fifty reblog comments that are variations of the same damn thing

any post that has fifty reblog comments of “@taylorswift YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS LOL”

reposted edits/gifs/graphics. make your own goddamn content you cowards

and while we’re at it don’t send me asks or messages asking me to reblog your posts when i don’t even know you either. (this is exactly why i took out “taylor follows” from my description in the first place)

ok for real im falling in love with rise against

yea ok i’m taking time away from tumblr. not sure how long or if i’ll ever really come back. i could come back in two weeks or two months or never. but if you want to stay connected to me here’s my

  • snapchat: dearme
  • instagram: briggeysmalls
  • pinterest: aryasstark

mutuals/friends/anyone really, never be afraid to stay in touch. over the next week or so i’ll check messages and stuff here somewhat regularly. like i said i might come back and i still have a few things in my queue

no one’s done anything to make this happen, i just need to start doing other things and clear my mind out

- bri xx

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I guess Lunami fans can't feel proud about Nami hugging Luffy's back in colour spread anymore after Luhan fans also get the same thing in new colour spread. Do you already see colour spread chapter 874? This time, it's LuHan!! The different is, LuHan feel more romantic than Lunami.

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ALLIE CAN U BELIEVE YOUR ICONIC HQ DRAWING IS !! FUCKING !! ICONIC !! JUST LIKE YOU AND YOUR PERSONALITY OKAY FFS IM ALREADY EMOTIONAL I'M GONNA START CRYING IF I TYPE OUT HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU.. CRAP. lajsdl i don't even make proper sentences anymore when i'm messaging you can u believe it's gonna be our 7 month anniversary soon? As always, keep a lookout my angel, you never know what i might spring onto you one fine day <3 I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU TAKE CARE -your Jiminnie

❤❤❤ GAAAAH my personality?????? man kpop fandom has been stressing me out lately so slowly assimilating back into animu has been such a good stress reliever i used to be so free, interpreting the characters, ships and AUs.. so thankyou for feeling the same nostalgia i do for my active haikyuu days jiminnie :’)

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what do you think of the situation of the supergirl cast? i haven't seen you post anything about it, i'm curious to know your opnion. I honestly don't think i'm gonna be able to watch them with the same eyes anymore

I think it was insensitive and unnecessary. Also, it’s kind of awful to do that at SDCC of all events, to make fun of a huge portion of your fanbase at an event which is dedicated to fans. The mockery is bothersome and the problem with it stands with the general idea that people liking two female characters romantically and being in love is seen as an object of ridicule. I felt really sad watching it, so yeah, I share a lot of your feelings.

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hello! I was raised as a Christian and I was disillusioned by my church and left the religion. I've been feeling a call back, but I don't where to start, what to read, or how to pray to God anymore. I didn't get a very good religious education. I just want to feel like Someone is listening when I talk to the stars, like I did as a kid. I feel like my heart is hardened by something, probably fear or doubt. Any advice?

Hey! Thanks so much for messaging!
It makes me so happy that you want to know God! It’s never too late for a new start and once you have really come to know the Lord, everything will make better sense :)
I suggest that you start reading Scripture. You can download the Bible App called YouVersion. There are many translations and reading plans for free on the app. Look for the plans for new believers.
Reading God’s Word is an adventure. There’s so much to discover, some parts may seem like exactly what you need to hear and others are confusing and frustrating, but don’t give up. God will mold you into someone more like Christ as you continue reading and gathering knowledge about who He is.
You can also start watching sermons of churches online and go to a local church as soon as you feel ready. Going there doesn’t have to be a commitment, just check it out and see what you can learn for now :)
You can message me if you have questions or wanna talk about God. Or you can ask Christians you know and tell them you’d like to know more about our God :)

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I would just like to say I love your blog so much that I said yes to notify me when you post (I'm not creepy I promise). When I don't feel like shy anon anymore, we can go have fun in Vietnam hehe. P.s. I give you permission to post a Yuzu gif too

Yikes, now you’re making me self-conscious about the borderline spamming behavior I’ve been engaging in for the entirety of this week :)) Really, don’t be shy though, I probably won’t be back in Vietnam for a while but anytime you want to talk just drop me a message. According to some people I’ve been talking to on Tumblr I’m pretty okay to talk with, though in private chats I usually turn out to be way more sarcastic, way way saltier and bitchier than they expect :))

Now since I have your permission, here’s a random gif of chibi Yuzu making silly faces, guest starring Nanami sensei with her usual mix of exasperation and fondness for her 17-year-old student:

2017 BTS FESTA Songs Means If We Link It to Army

I think what BTS try to say to Army is since they become so popular right now because they gain so much attention and fans from all over the place. They become busy and have tight schedules which make them don’t have time to communicate with Army even though they posted tweets and doing VLive at their busy schedules. Not like the old times when they actively using social media to talk to us. This section would be explain We Don’t Talk Anymore.

If I connect it with the 4 O’CLOCK V is trying to reach moon(Army), but he can’t really reach us because the lyrics that said “The dawn passes
and when that moon falls asleep”  it showed the differences of time as you know they have gain immense global Army. When it’s time BTS to awake and do activities half or maybe more than half of us still sleeping. I think that’s what keeps them making VLive in the night. Also RM’s lyrics “I collect myself that’s shattered beneath the moonlight, I call you moonchild” it means Army lifting BTS up; we support and cheering for them. Army made amazing projects throughout the days we continue to show how much we love them and they’ve been watching us. As the previous lyrics showed “The sun suffocates me and the world strips me naked” it means the people around them is still judging them or even haters try to bring them down. 

Now, it’s time for So Far Away the song itself not talking about Army, but Suga’s passion on his own career to pursue his dream. But if we link the cover of the song we can see a little background above the moon there are so many lights and if we zoom in we can see Army bombs. In other words, Army is their universe. *I find this is so cute and emo at the same time* I think Suga want to tell us with this song is to achieve our dreams even though your surroundings are not support you to pursue your dream and you become so hard on yourself. You have to fight what you love because that’s what keeps you alive.

So, in conclusion because BTS get more and more popular, they can’t communicate to us like they used to do before since they got tight schedules. They want to thank us and try to communicate through social media like Twitter, Weibo and VLive. Without Army they are nothing; all support and loves we’ve been giving make them how far they become now. 

This is only my thoughts, if you guys want the songs analysis. You can reply or message me so I can post it. Strong power, thank you !!

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I'm in love with yoongi... I seriously can't do it anymore, I feel so desperately in love with him. He makes me happy, I love seeing his face, his smile. I don't want to sound like everyone else does, but I honestly feel so much pain and love and I can't

aw come here 

yoongi makes lots of people happy and i lov him too


So, someone reblogs one of my fics (without even reading it) in a condescending tone belittling my work, I make a post politely asking people not to do that and be kind to each other (that is now erased because no one really gave a fuck), and I received these three message before I deleted said post.
Like… wow. Okay, I guess. Yeah, you are entitled to an opinion and you can think that I’m a bad writer, that’s ok. I don’t have to be your cup of tea. But maybe you should admit that you did hear of me since you are on my blog, reading my weird shit after all.

Please don’t be shocked if I decide to change to a new blog, move to another platform or even delete this whole thing out of existence and start fresh.

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i don't know if anyone else feels this way but i feel like louis doesnt really see freddie anymore? idk i know we don't always see everything but he doesn't talk about him really anymore and he doesn't post pictures and he's never in la....

Okay, my reply to this will be pretty elaborate, because this message just doesn’t make any sense.

1. I feel like Louis doesn’t really see Freddie anymore

Just because we don’t get pictures of Louis being with Freddie doesn’t mean Louis doesn’t see Freddie. We all thought the boys haven’t met up since the hiatus started except for the times we got pictures, and yet they told us they’ve hung out several times. It’s also not necessary as a father to take your kid outside every time the kid is with you. I’m sure Louis’ house and garden is big enough for Freddie to have an amazing time without Louis having to take them out and increasing the chances of paps disturbing them.

2. He doesn’t talk about him really anymore

Freddie was with him during Christmas break, but just because they didn’t get papped, means Louis is lying or what?

He’s even considering writing a song about his boy.

Talking about his first poop disaster

He literally lights up when Freddie is mentioned

He has more time to spend with little Freddie.

3. He doesn’t post pictures

Like Louis has ever shared a lot about his private life on social media? Just because he doesn’t bombard us with pictures of him and Freddie doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Freddie. He also knows a certain part of the fandom would just make fun of Freddie or anything else that’s equally disgusting, so I’m totally fine when he shares an occasional post of him and Freddie, it makes it all the more special and I feel honoured that he’s even willing to share any pictures at all.

4. He’s never in LA

Pretty sure before the Back To You promo started, Louis was in LA most of the time. Freddie is on holiday in Hawaii now anyway, so no use for Louis to be in LA when his son isn’t there.

Anyway, team Lad and Dad !!!!!


Tried this video the other day. It was relatively straight forward and slightly challenging at times but not too hard. I kept thinking she’s kinda a poor man’s Jane Fonda though.. I liked her message at the end, about focusing on health & feeling good. Rather than getting thin. 

markiplier “no escape” sentence meme
  • "Sorry, little too energetic there."
  • "Well then. That's interesting."
  • "This might actually be something good."
  • "I remember this from that movie that Angelina Jolie was in. I forget the name of the movie, but you probably know what I'm talking about."
  • "Ah! Oh. Sorry. I didn't quite notice what you were at first."
  • "I like it! It's got some chutzpah, some originality to it!"
  • "Come on, you're gonna have to do better than that!"
  • "How're you doing? You're looking good. Nightmarish, but good."
  • "Good. Really show your emotions. Let it all out."
  • "Don't even bother! I'm far too brave! And handsome! And also strong!"
  • "Could you stop that? I know you're not actually doing anything, but can you stop just standing there menacingly?"
  • "I don't like anything about you. And normally I like things."
  • "I'm a nice guy, but you are trying my patience."
  • "Someone better not be hungry for the taste of human flesh."
  • "You are awfully persistent."
  • "Okay, I can't read your messages anymore, they don't make any sense."
  • "I'm friendly! Kind of. I'll probably punch you in the dick, though."
  • "It's not my fault. If you jump out at me, I'm going to punch you. Right in the dong."
  • "This isn't what you promised me! I thought I was going to be done after that."
  • "You don't wanna mess with me. I'm a man on the edge."
  • "Excuse me! A little privacy here, please?!"
  • "Please do not."
  • "That has a little bit of the flavor of human skin to it."

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Hii, I was wondering if I could please make a request? basically harry has been on tour for a few months and you call him up in the middle of night because you can't do it anymore and wanna break up? I hope this ok? thanks so much and if you don't wanna do it then don't worry about this message lol

[So, uh, I was really feeling the angst on this one.  You might not like the end… But thanks for the request, my lovely! Hope you like it anyway.(Requests are currently closed!)]

It’s not an easy decision.  You didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Okay, that’s it.” You’d agonized for days, even while on the phone with him last.

But you can’t take it anymore.  Can’t take any more nights, feeling his side of the bed empty and cold, the smell of his shampoo and cologne gone from the pillow case you already refused to wash.  Can’t take eating breakfast at the table by yourself, remembering the mornings he’d wake you up with a grin and a plate of eggs-in-a-basket, extra pulpy orange juice on the side.  Can’t take seeing his smiling face on the other side of a grainy webcam, world passing you both by in the windows of his tour bus.

His voice is thick with sleep when he answers the phone, “Babe?”

A quick glance at the glaring red lights of your alarm clock and a little math tells you it can’t be any later than four in the morning where he is and you cringe, but you can’t stop now.  ”H-Harry, there’s something… something I have to say.”

With a sleepy, mumbly sound of concern, you can hear him moving around, the scuff of sheets and limbs that speaks of the cramped bunk on the bus.  ”Yeah?  You alright?” he wonders, and you love how he’s not even concerned about the time, that you woke him at such an ungodly hour.  Just you.

Your heart’s in your throat now.  ”Harry, I… it’s-” Sucking in a quivering breath, you finally manage, “I’m breaking up with you, Harry.”

A soft, choked noise escapes him, fuzzy over the line.  ”What?  Love, what’s happened?”

“I just- It’s too much, Harry.  I thought I was… I thought I could handle it, but I can’t.  I just - I’m so sorry, Harry, I can’t do this anymore.”

His end is dead silent while you sit there, shaking, fingers and toes gone chilly, so long that you have to check your phone to make sure the call is still connected.  When you put the phone back to your ear, you catch the last half of your name, a plea.  ”Please, you’re not… I know it’s hard.  I miss you so much, too, baby, but - “ 

Your eyes begin to burn.  ”Stop…”

“But, sweetheart-”

“No, I - Harry, I’m sorry,  But I-” Your voice finally cracks and you feel the first warm rush of tears on your cheeks.  "I have to do this.“

His own voice is watery when he all but whimpers, “But I love you.”

With a little sob, you whisper, “I’m sorry.” And before he can say another word, you hang up.

And when the phone lights up with his name and that picture your best friend took - Harry’s arms tight around your shoulders, his face in your hair while you laugh at something stupid he’d said - you shut the phone off altogether and bury your sobbing face in your pillow.

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you don't like rin anymore :(?

I am curious why there MUST be one ship OR another, and no other way? It’s just not the first message implying either I \don’t like Rin anymore\ or \don’t like rinharu anymore. Why can’t we have both? 

I still love Rin. More than that, he’s still my favourite. And I still love Rinharu..doesn’t really stop me from liking makoharu and sousuke with rin though haha XD

seriously, multishipping just makes everything better and avoids all the unnecessary ship battles.

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Hello love. Whats the most recent positive news your have about larry? Like not known to the public kind. I'm just feeling down and I don't really know anymore so I thought I'd come to you because your blog makes me happy. Hope you have an amazing day Xx

Hi, cutie :)

Unfortunately the last time I’ve heard someone discuss Harry and Louis extra fandom was absolutely disgusting. I remember telling my friends here, but I’ve never thought of making it known because it disturbed me a lot. I have many many messages asking me about my most recent news and sad enough that happens to be very unpleasant. The people were unpleasant, not the topic, of course.

I was in a sport environment and there were both journalists (like, from very well known outlets) and teams’ employees. Bad news, there are still many gross and uneducated people making assumptions about other people’s lives, engaging in discussions that should stay very private; good news, apparently there’s not a single soul in England who isn’t aware Harry and Louis are in a relationship and the baby story is fake. Even disgusting people know.

This is how you break a boy's heart:
  • 1 Give him your full attention: Send him fast replies. Answer his calls. Say yes whenever he asks you out. Listen to him intently.
  • 2 Show him you care: Remind him to eat his meals on time. Tell him to bring an umbrella all the time, so he won't get wet when it rains. Take care of him when he is sick, feed him, bathe him. Be there for him when everyone else seems to be leaving him.
  • 3 Tell him you love him: That you can't keep it in anymore. That you can't stand a day without him. That this world has become a wonderful place to live in because he exists. Because you met him. Because you are helplessly falling for him everyday.
  • 4 Make him love you back: Make him feel like you are the one. That you are the right person for him. Show him that you're the missing piece to his incomplete life. That you will always be there to catch him when he falls.
  • 5 When he's buried in too deep, distance yourself: Keep the messages brief and concise. Don't answer some of his calls. Don't see him when he wants you to. Make yourself unreachable.
  • 6 Walk away from him: Ask him to meet you in your favorite getaway place. Then when he arrives, hug him. Hug him like you don't want to let go. Then kiss him softly. When he starts to deepen the kiss, pull away. Look at him and tell him that you're leaving. Leave him with goodbye as your last word. Then walk. Walk away fast. He'd call your name, but don't look back. Just keep on walking and when you sense that he's following you, run. Run as fast as your legs can take you. Don't. Look. Back. He'd stop, he'd realize that he'd lost you to something he didn't even understand. He'd fall to his knees and cry out your name one last time. And from that moment on, he'd know that a piece of him is gone, gone forever. He'd sob in his hands as he feel his world falling apart. And that's when he'd feel his heart break.