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Pssst *looks around suspiciously* *slides random message on your ask box* crack headcanon that maybe probably most likely Stiles, in the two hour waiting for Scott, made Titanic jokes at Derek, specially about the drowning scene

Did Stiles mention the mast Derek should’ve held on to?

Did he make references about drowning in love?

Did he tell Derek there was a lot of wet, hard wood available to save his life?

Did Stiles ask Derek “what goes down well with ice?” to which the answer was Titanic but also Stiles going down on him?

“Derek, what’s the difference between us and the Titanic? It’s not water you’re gonna be drowning in tonight”

“Derek, I’m not an artist and you’re not french but I wouldn’t mind painting you naked”

“Derek, let’s play a game! You’ll be Titanic and I’ll be the iceberg hitting on you”

“Derek, if you were the ocean I wouldn’t mind sinking in you”

“Hey, Derek. Derek! You don’t need to be drowning for me to come for you ;)”

ok for real im falling in love with rise against

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hey i hope you don't feel any pressure to put out content just because people love your fanart! i've seen other artists be stressed out about it to the point where they don't enjoy making art anymore, and i just wanted to make sure you don't feel like you have to make content even if you don't feel up to it sometimes! uh, i hope that doesn't come off as weird! don't forget to take care of yourself!

I’m actually kinda glad you brought this up.. Because lately I’ve been feeling the need to step out and take a breather. I mean- I’m totally okay! I don’t really feel pressured to make content. It’s just that I’m starting to feel like I need to veer away from fanart just for a moment so that I can focus on my OCs and my story! I haven’t been able to give them my full attention due to various reasons, and now I genuinely want to start dedicating time in developing them. So because of that I might be slow with fanart from here on out… Um… but yeah! No need to worry though; I’m a-okay! Thanks for your concern; I really do appreciate it!

I don’t know, just some days
I feel like you’ll leave
Without a word, without warning
And make me look naive.

Some days it feels like
You’re so far away from me-
And in fact you are, and I
Know there’s other guys you see.

So I wish you’d talk to me
Like we used to- all day
We’d never stop messaging
And always had things to say.

I know things are hard, but
Can you dismiss these thoughts I get?
That band boy- you disappearing
Are you getting drunk? Is he a threat?

I keep seeing him- all the time-
You liked this, you loved that
As I scroll up my Facebook feed
And I get jealous like a brat.

Maybe I’ve just had a bad day
And let this shit get to me
Today’s been rough, so I’ll
Just reset- I’ll
Try again


Hey everyone, 

Quick message. I’ve slowly been telling people but I wanted to make it “official” with a post. I’m never on Tumblr anymore. At all. Maybe for like 15 minutes every three days or so just to glance through some things. Life has been happening (mostly positive!) and I just haven’t needed to be on Tumblr like I used to.

This post is just me saying I’m not ignoring anyone. I’m just not on anymore. I’m not going away or quitting or deleting or anything. All of my posts are just like before and on a queue from 10 am to 10 pm. I’ll pop on here or there to keep the queue up to 300 the best I can and to check messages and what not. 

Thanks for all being so great ♥

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Lol ev*ks relationship in s4 is only them making out while malec are actually important main characters and their relationship is more than just kissing

Sorry it took so long!

I haven’t seen the fourth season of sk*m so far (and I’m not going to after the poll incident) but I am not surprised at all tbh bc now they’re not the main focus anymore.

Like I’ve said in the past malec will always be nr 1 for me I honestly can’t be bothered with acknowledging ev*k at this point, that actor’s disgusting comment to a commenter completely turned me off all his future work, hence me not watching s4.

Thank you for sending it in tho! I appreciate the update and further proof of what a great ship malec is :’)

                   regardless of receiving some really hurtful messages today, some of which are trying to hurry up my process of making icons - I have managed to upload some. I will be posting a mass batch but after this, I won’t be making icons for a little while. Right now, I don’t even want to be on my account anymore and that is allowing coward people to win but honestly - this is just too hard. I try to be SO welcoming towards everyone, I like to think that I’m nice and always willing to help but clearly I must be doing something wrong. Anyway, the mass post of belle icons along with Gaston will be posted in a moment. 

I don’t fit in. I don’t like myself at all. My anxiety and depression is getting the best of me. My insomnia is getting much worse. Why do you guys talk to me…? I suck as a person and I don’t matter in life. I don’t understand anymore. My mind is swirling in bad directions and I feel like I don’t help anyone at all. I just make things worse for that matter. Mutuals please message me thoughts or if you want to go anonymous then send me something in my ask box if you want?

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Why do you think that Liam has always gotten the worst reception from the fandom? I've been here for some time and it's something I've noticed, Liam does EVERYTHING he can for the fans to make them happy and please them and in turn he basically gets shat on. Not cool. Like his promo? It's as far as fan service goes pretty perfect! Why all the negative for Liam?

it’s because a lot of people have double standards for liam 

markiplier “no escape” sentence meme
  • "Sorry, little too energetic there."
  • "Well then. That's interesting."
  • "This might actually be something good."
  • "I remember this from that movie that Angelina Jolie was in. I forget the name of the movie, but you probably know what I'm talking about."
  • "Ah! Oh. Sorry. I didn't quite notice what you were at first."
  • "I like it! It's got some chutzpah, some originality to it!"
  • "Come on, you're gonna have to do better than that!"
  • "How're you doing? You're looking good. Nightmarish, but good."
  • "Good. Really show your emotions. Let it all out."
  • "Don't even bother! I'm far too brave! And handsome! And also strong!"
  • "Could you stop that? I know you're not actually doing anything, but can you stop just standing there menacingly?"
  • "I don't like anything about you. And normally I like things."
  • "I'm a nice guy, but you are trying my patience."
  • "Someone better not be hungry for the taste of human flesh."
  • "You are awfully persistent."
  • "Okay, I can't read your messages anymore, they don't make any sense."
  • "I'm friendly! Kind of. I'll probably punch you in the dick, though."
  • "It's not my fault. If you jump out at me, I'm going to punch you. Right in the dong."
  • "This isn't what you promised me! I thought I was going to be done after that."
  • "You don't wanna mess with me. I'm a man on the edge."
  • "Excuse me! A little privacy here, please?!"
  • "Please do not."
  • "That has a little bit of the flavor of human skin to it."

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Hii, I was wondering if I could please make a request? basically harry has been on tour for a few months and you call him up in the middle of night because you can't do it anymore and wanna break up? I hope this ok? thanks so much and if you don't wanna do it then don't worry about this message lol

[So, uh, I was really feeling the angst on this one.  You might not like the end… But thanks for the request, my lovely! Hope you like it anyway.(Requests are currently closed!)]

It’s not an easy decision.  You didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Okay, that’s it.” You’d agonized for days, even while on the phone with him last.

But you can’t take it anymore.  Can’t take any more nights, feeling his side of the bed empty and cold, the smell of his shampoo and cologne gone from the pillow case you already refused to wash.  Can’t take eating breakfast at the table by yourself, remembering the mornings he’d wake you up with a grin and a plate of eggs-in-a-basket, extra pulpy orange juice on the side.  Can’t take seeing his smiling face on the other side of a grainy webcam, world passing you both by in the windows of his tour bus.

His voice is thick with sleep when he answers the phone, “Babe?”

A quick glance at the glaring red lights of your alarm clock and a little math tells you it can’t be any later than four in the morning where he is and you cringe, but you can’t stop now.  ”H-Harry, there’s something… something I have to say.”

With a sleepy, mumbly sound of concern, you can hear him moving around, the scuff of sheets and limbs that speaks of the cramped bunk on the bus.  ”Yeah?  You alright?” he wonders, and you love how he’s not even concerned about the time, that you woke him at such an ungodly hour.  Just you.

Your heart’s in your throat now.  ”Harry, I… it’s-” Sucking in a quivering breath, you finally manage, “I’m breaking up with you, Harry.”

A soft, choked noise escapes him, fuzzy over the line.  ”What?  Love, what’s happened?”

“I just- It’s too much, Harry.  I thought I was… I thought I could handle it, but I can’t.  I just - I’m so sorry, Harry, I can’t do this anymore.”

His end is dead silent while you sit there, shaking, fingers and toes gone chilly, so long that you have to check your phone to make sure the call is still connected.  When you put the phone back to your ear, you catch the last half of your name, a plea.  ”Please, you’re not… I know it’s hard.  I miss you so much, too, baby, but - “ 

Your eyes begin to burn.  ”Stop…”

“But, sweetheart-”

“No, I - Harry, I’m sorry,  But I-” Your voice finally cracks and you feel the first warm rush of tears on your cheeks.  "I have to do this.“

His own voice is watery when he all but whimpers, “But I love you.”

With a little sob, you whisper, “I’m sorry.” And before he can say another word, you hang up.

And when the phone lights up with his name and that picture your best friend took - Harry’s arms tight around your shoulders, his face in your hair while you laugh at something stupid he’d said - you shut the phone off altogether and bury your sobbing face in your pillow.

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you don't like rin anymore :(?

I am curious why there MUST be one ship OR another, and no other way? It’s just not the first message implying either I \don’t like Rin anymore\ or \don’t like rinharu anymore. Why can’t we have both? 

I still love Rin. More than that, he’s still my favourite. And I still love Rinharu..doesn’t really stop me from liking makoharu and sousuke with rin though haha XD

seriously, multishipping just makes everything better and avoids all the unnecessary ship battles.

This is how you break a boy's heart:
  • 1 Give him your full attention: Send him fast replies. Answer his calls. Say yes whenever he asks you out. Listen to him intently.
  • 2 Show him you care: Remind him to eat his meals on time. Tell him to bring an umbrella all the time, so he won't get wet when it rains. Take care of him when he is sick, feed him, bathe him. Be there for him when everyone else seems to be leaving him.
  • 3 Tell him you love him: That you can't keep it in anymore. That you can't stand a day without him. That this world has become a wonderful place to live in because he exists. Because you met him. Because you are helplessly falling for him everyday.
  • 4 Make him love you back: Make him feel like you are the one. That you are the right person for him. Show him that you're the missing piece to his incomplete life. That you will always be there to catch him when he falls.
  • 5 When he's buried in too deep, distance yourself: Keep the messages brief and concise. Don't answer some of his calls. Don't see him when he wants you to. Make yourself unreachable.
  • 6 Walk away from him: Ask him to meet you in your favorite getaway place. Then when he arrives, hug him. Hug him like you don't want to let go. Then kiss him softly. When he starts to deepen the kiss, pull away. Look at him and tell him that you're leaving. Leave him with goodbye as your last word. Then walk. Walk away fast. He'd call your name, but don't look back. Just keep on walking and when you sense that he's following you, run. Run as fast as your legs can take you. Don't. Look. Back. He'd stop, he'd realize that he'd lost you to something he didn't even understand. He'd fall to his knees and cry out your name one last time. And from that moment on, he'd know that a piece of him is gone, gone forever. He'd sob in his hands as he feel his world falling apart. And that's when he'd feel his heart break.

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wow look a nice thing almost happened in this fandom! cool project was about the music for two whole seconds!! until it was made about larry! and don't say it wasn't while the project is written about using h+l's names and yall are freaking out over some radio dj being a larrie! like stop this is why we can't have nice things yall think louis can be happy about this anymore now that it's directly associated with larry? real good job everyone. love, a fellow larrie who knows when to tone it down

HEY! Question for you, anon! When Nick accidentally called that fan Louis last night, I had a bunch of tomlinshaw shippers on my dash making it about tomlinshaw…did you also send them this message? Did you also tell them that they’ve ruined a nice thing because they made something about their ship? Y’know, since they had the nerve to enjoy something? Oh shoot, guess Louis can’t be happy about this anymore since some fans took to their tumblrs and made it about tomlinshaw. What a shame. Please, tell me how in god’s name this is “associated directly with larry” now? Cam went above and beyond last night. He was amazing and he was having a shit ton of fun with it; everyone was having fun with it (except you, apparently, yikes!). So how does people freaking out over Cam “being a larrie” have anything to even do with this project?? Oh wait! It doesn’t. Do you even see what you’re typing? Do you see how little sense you’re making? When Nick played No Control on fucking BBC RADIO 1 and they conveyed to thousands, TENS OF THOUSANDS, of listeners that this was a DIY project taken on by fans who felt FOUR deserved more attention and wanted people to know what One Direction really sounds like, wanted to highlight how Louis carries this song and absolutely kills it, did anyone say anything about larry? Hm, nope. Not a peep! Funny, that. It’s almost like this project is all about the music! Huh!

Honestly, get the fuck out of my inbox and off my blog with this attitude. An amazing thing is happening in this fandom and it’s going to continue, despite people like you making it into something it’s not. Love, a fellow larrie who knows how to have fun and also get the job done.

No one, I mean no one, is busy 24/7. So if someone talks to you, they will make an effort to do so. Everyone always has that spare moment in the day to check their phone and see if they had received any calls or text messages, so there is NO excuse why someone wouldn't be able to spare some time returning your call or reply to your messages. If you don't hear from them, then perhaps that person doesn't want to talk to you. Not because that person is "too busy" to talk to you, but because that person doesn't care enough to make time for you. If you've been waiting around to hear back from someone, but you see that person liking pictures in Instagram or commenting back on a status, then that should tell you you shouldn't be waiting around anymore.

 By Tony 'Teddie' Nguyen

I don't know how to feel

I still like Naruto, despite the message being pretty bad(seriously SS is so disturbing) but I still got a lot of enjoyment out of the series. So I don’t know how to feel. Like I still do like it, but I am still annoyed by the ending. So I’m confused. I don’t like people making fun of it, but I don’t really like thinking  about it either(it still kinda hurts). I just don’t know what to think anymore

I’m not diving back in to Undertale quite yet, I just want to say something to anyone who might have not yet played the game but wants to.

It’s not like the community is shy about bandying about the existence of two “playthrough styles” in Pacifist and No Mercy. But please do not make your first playthrough a No Mercy one. This has nothing to do with the save-file tainting or anything else particularly spoilery.

The No Mercy route is clearly aimed at people who have already beaten the game. I don’t know if it changes if you play through it without having already beaten the game but I’m not inclined to go through it and find out. But there are things in the No Mercy route that actually alter the context you’ll experience in other runs that you can’t really undo, because Undertale’s metacommentary is literally part of the central storyline to the game.

So just trust me on this one. The game has a unique combat mechanic in being able to talk to enemies until you don’t want to fight anymore. Explore that mechanic, see where it takes you. Play through using that mechanic. Don’t fight people. This game isn’t actually an RPG, despite pretending to be one, so don’t make the mistake of playing it like one.

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I honestly love how positive your vibes are, like not only are you an amazingly talented artist you're also just a lovely and pure person ❤️

AA thankyou!! i just want to make my blog a safe and approachable space for everyone so i’m very grateful that you feel this way! <3

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Hello. I'm really sad about the new Fitzsimmons development. I feel like I'd be able to deal with it if only I had faith it'd all work out in the end. I think I've stopped believing in happy endings. It's like it's gone out of style which is even more disheartening. The writers think it's cool not to have them or they are too cynical or the series is cut short. I've lost the spark and it's bringing me down. I keep picturing them ending like Mark/Lexi or worse. don't know what to do - sad anon

Hello. It is sad anon again. I’m sorry about the earlier message. It wasn’t very positive was it? I shouldn’t have sent that you’re way. Anyway, I’ve decided if I don’t believe stories get happy endings anymore I’ll just have to make my own. I don’t know how but I’ll try. Thanks for having such positive posts and sorry again.

Oh darling, I am so sorry for the pain you’re going through. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t heartbroken too. But here’s the thing: the story is far from over. Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons are still very much alive, and the love they have for each other literally knows no bounds. 

Do they have things to work through? Absolutely. Honestly, there are unresolved issues going all the way back to F.Z.Z.T. that they haven’t explicitly addressed - onscreen anyway. But they’re alive. And they’re together. I really can’t stress that enough. They’re both alive and together. I’m not sure if you were in the fandom during season one, but there was genuine speculation that Fitz was going to die in the finale. What’s worse? The showrunners actually played into that speculation. It was one of the most stress-inducing episodes I’ve ever watched - even more than Purpose in the Machine. Like when Jemma said, “He’s alive,” I cried literal tears from relief. Even though we knew there was still something wrong and there was a whole new set of problems. But that’s not the point. The point is that Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge have poured so much into FitzSimmons, receiving such positive feedback from the audience, that the writers have had no choice but to increase their importance to the overall story. I mean, how cool is that?! 

Is there still a possibility that everything could end horribly? Well, I won’t lie. It’s a Whedon show. So yeah. But for some reason, I don’t think it will. Not anytime soon, at least. There’s just so much potential development for these two, so many conversations to have and emotions to sort through, that I know for a fact this is not the end. 

Do I wish the writers would stop torturing FitzSimmons and just let them have a peaceful moment for once? You bet. But I see this trial as an opportunity. An opportunity for FitzSimmons to further explore their individual feelings okay yeah I’m mostly talking about Jemma because let’s be real we’ve seen a lot of Fitz’s side. An opportunity for Iain and Elizabeth to shine even more. An opportunity for Fitz and Jemma to come together in new ways, ways that might not have been possible if they’d gotten together immediately.

Some of the best ships take forever to finally take off. For goodness’ sake, before FitzSimmons my OTP was Mulder & Scully, and they didn’t even kiss for SEVEN YEARS!!! No, this is only the beginning, my friend. I know this might sound weird, especially right now, but we’re incredibly lucky to be shipping such an awesome ship: two people that love each other so much they’d risk everything for the other, whether it be giving them space to heal or literally traveling through space to save them. If When they finally do get together, it will be a glorious day. And the best part? It will feel 100% completely earned. No doubts about if one feels more strongly than the other. No hesitations. Just FitzSimmons - like it always has been, just with a new set of doors open to them. (And okay, more kissing too.)

I still have hope for FitzSimmons. In fact, I’m hardly worried at all. Perhaps that makes me naïve, but I’d like to think it’s because I have no need to worry. They’ll get through it together. And so will we.

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Do you guys ever feel embarrassed that EMH has come to such a screeching halt? It feels like you had really big plans in the beginning, but it just kind of slowly fizzled out to the point where I'm never sure if we'll actually get another video. And worse, I don't even really care anymore. Which makes me almost angry because I invested so much time and thought into this series. I realize that sometimes life gets in the way, but at this point even that excuse seems thin. What happened?

First of all the disrespect of this message is overwhelming so I will try to keep the response as respectful as possible.

Speaking for myself I have never felt embarrassed that we have been releasing videos slowly. This is something we do for free in our spare time. I am proud of everything we’ve done so far. Life moves on though and we are no longer highschool/college kids so we can’t devote as much time as we’d like to it anymore.

As for you saying our “excuse” is wearing thin; I don’t think we owe excuses to any one unless we have a magical investor who gave us a time line I don’t know about. It was never meant as an excuse we were just making people aware that we are slowing down.

If you must know our lives have changed dramatically in the past two years. We all have salary jobs, bills to pay, some are living on their own and others pursuing advanced degrees.

I understand frustration of wanting to see a story finished but we are actual people with actual lives and we will release as often as possible. I feel like people forget that we are just normal people. We don’t exist solely in EMH to create EMH videos.

Again speaking for myself I’ve never done this to appease viewers. I’m creating what I like when I can to keep it fun and when it’s done I can feel proud. The fact that people enjoy it is a bonus.