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♡ How many people do you like? Are there any people in particular that pop up?, ⚌ Who inspires you?

[[i like a lot of people actually as long as they haven’t done anything to make me really mad i like most people, to name a few (even though i’ve never interacted with most of them)? you, @kida-ilith, @ask-fishman-petti @definitelynotsnakepeople @ask-offduty-borsalino and @askcorazon. as for people who inspire me? @unlucky-marine is partially the one who inspired me to make an ask blog in the first place along with @ask-trafalgar and @ask-zoro-1996 and @ask-franky39 arereally nice to have around, they keep me motivated. i would probably put everyone i fallow on here but this is already really long so i’ll stop there. thanks for sending me so many asks just before i go. i will work on art for the last one while i’m away :3]]

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who hurt you? *rolls up sleeves*

It was just one of those “white kpop stans are so annoying and don’t belong here because bla bla bla” …
It makes me so furious! I don’t care about the color of people’s skin. Seriously … it’s just so wrong. People are so much more than the color of their skin. It horrifies me that someone can think elsewise ☹️


the discourse about that fucking dad game is so bad

you can like things while acknowledging what’s fucked up about it, you all should know that considering a lot of you are “su critical” but still like the show. su and it’s crew practically spoon feeds us shitty things to criticize but many of you still like the show anyway don’t you? i follow a handful of people who enjoy yandere simulator as well but are very critical about the game and the dev. so why the fuck is this different?

do you know any media that 1.) represents not only gbp+ men but 2.) also trans gbp+ men, 3.) that has a bunch of actual lgbt+ people working on it, plus 4.) has nothing shitty? well you can’t because that last bit is near or completely impossible to come across. what you do is you understand what’s bad about it and don’t excuse it.

if somebody’s trying to defend the bad parts then tell them off, but that’s not what i’m seeing anywhere at all. what i’m seeing is people giving people shit for enjoying it at all in the first place.

all i’m seeing people who enjoy the game say is “there’s shitty things but unless you can show us ideologically pure representation of trans mlm (and some people have included "and it’s popular” because they don’t wanna be the only person making and consuming content of it) then you need to let us have the few things we get.“

mlm and especially trans men and especially trans mlm just like any other lgbt+ group just gets breadcrumbs of representation, positive representation of which is even fewer and farther between and any representation that has no shitty things about it or the source media is near to completely impossible to find. things like this stupid game are fucky but we don’t have a lot of options.

god i haven’t even watched or played this but some of you are so horrible, why is it so hard to let mlm enjoy the breadcrumbs of representation we get???? by all means point out problems with things and don’t let people get away with defending them (and i mean actually defending them. enjoying something


it’s problems, is not


those problems.), but unless you can actually give us flawless gbtp+ male rep, no bad people on staff, no bigoted stuff attached, rep that we can enjoy guilt free, then don’t act like this is some not progressive in any way thing that we’re not allowed to enjoy and especially don’t act like we’re blindly defending the problems solely by virtue of enjoying the thing.

{and an extra thing, don’t assume that somebody defends the problems just because they don’t openly criticize it. the shit might freak them out too much to talk about, or maybe it takes too much spoons to openly talk about why it’s bad. you don’t know.}

with all that being said i don’t mean to sound like a dick or anything but i notice some of the people giving people shit just for enjoying this dad game follow me, and with that i’m genuinely surprised that nobody’s given me shit for liking grand theft auto. critically of course, it just takes a lot of spoons to talk about so i refrain from talking about it openly unless i REALLY have the energy to (i’ve been wanting to talk about how fucky their writing is of most female characters. but i’m not totally sure if i should because it’s a lot to talk about and i’m also not very familiar with any of the games outside of the hd universe. i know a little bit about san andreas, but otherwise i only know IV/EfLC/V well enough.).

and gta is a lot worse than this dad game so uh??? (and if i start getting shit for it now then lmao where were you all literally an entire year ago when i started getting into gta 5?)


a blessed fancam.


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


allusions to alec being gay in season 1

+ the moment alec came out 

that’s not a proper confession, Baku

Houses During Pride Month
  • I am a shit who never posts and I'm only posting now because I signed up for a summer class at my new school that starts on Tuesday and I have 40 pages of homework problems. Yes.
  • Gryffindor: They are into everything happening, they're showing up at every fricking event. Would totally punch a punk in the face for making a homophobic comment. Just like a giant party. Pride colors all the way.
  • Ravenclaw: Has made so many signs. Why so many signs? You don't know. They don't know either. Signs everywhere. And stickers, but mostly signs.
  • Slythein: Wearing the most obnoxiously overdone clothing possible just to piss people off. If not, literally doesn't talk about it at all until someone makes a comment to their face that's homophobic and they just smile and stare into their eyes while they reveal their sexual/gender preferences.
  • Hufflepuff: Is hosting all the best house parties, has stickers all over their car. Might do something really cute like make pride cupcakes or wear a custom shirt.
the signs as friends
  • Aries: They are supportive and takes all steps necessary to help their friends reach their dreams. They make friends easily and show incredible loyalty. But, they can get angry over small things.
  • Taurus: When they say they are your best friend, they mean it and their friendships usually last a long time. They are full of funny and entertaining stories. They are very steady and genuine in friendships.
  • Gemini: They are good and sympathetic listeners. They have a good sense of humor and bond well with people with different mindsets as they value diversity. You should be able to connect with them in an intellectual level.
  • Cancer: They are very helpful and supportive and take interest in solving other people's problems. However, they are quite selective in choosing their friends, but they are quite loyal friends.
  • Leo: They try to have close friends than many, as they have a sensitive ego. They look out for you and are good listeners. They will go out even if they don't really want to.
  • Virgo: They are trustworthy friends and become an active helper in times of problems. They are very honest and try to give the best advice. They also sometimes need their own space in friendships.
  • Libra: They like to hang out and go to parties and events, but they do like their personal time. They try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and cares a lot about what their friends think about them.
  • Scorpio: They are loyal and passionate about the way they feel about others. They also like to help in any way possible, doesn't matter how hard it is. However, they do find it hard to make loyal friends.
  • Sagittarius: They are open-minded and are up for any adventure. They are highly considerate, cooperative and charming. They are also very emotionally connected, but never shows it openly.
  • Capricorn: They behave more like a parent than a friend, but their intention is always to help their friends. They value quality time and will do special things for you. However, once their trust is broken, it can't be fixed.
  • Aquarius: They express their love through actions and will try to help in any way possible. They should be able to connect in an intellectual level, for them to be good friends.
  • Pisces: They are sympathetic listeners and careful analyzers. They are true friends at the time of need and try to solve intricate problems. They also love spending time with their friends.

miap*pkin: I think it is unrealistic for that many LBGTQ+ people to be in the same place in a story.

Thanks for the heads-up. Once you decide how many LBGTQ+ people are realistically allowed to be in the same place at the same time, please let me know. Is it more than three? Less than six? Is the situation affected by major celestial events or the presence of Ian McKellen? If you could also let me know how many straight people can be in the same place at the same time — oh, an infinite amount? Most of them should be straight? Ideally all of them, you know, like in most books?

I’ll make a note.


I may surprise you, pixie boots. 

Okay So

First RWBY overtakes Red Vs. Blue as RT’s signature show

Then RWBY gains a fanbase so big there’s a fan made game, fan made animation and even a fan made visual novel/

Then RWBY gets a massive fanbase in Japan.

Then RWBY gets to be the first American made anime (Yeah, I know anima means “Japanese animation” but Monty called it an anime so suck it) to get a JAPANESE DUB.

Then RWBY gets a manga in Japan which gets a major release.

Then RWBY actually AIRS on Japanese Tv.

And now RWBY is not only in a crossover fighting game but the people making the game are so confident in the show they actually made it one of the focuses of the ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER (sharing the spotlight along with legends like Blazblue and Persona.)

… Monty, you really didn’t know what you started.