they don't imma be mad

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i have to agree with you re: florina. Yes she has a romantic support with Hector, but that always spoke to me as a sort of hero worship/idolizing. (Florina tends to dote on people who save her life, including Lyn and Hector both) The game is also a product of its time, so perhaps it was felt she "had" to have a het pairing. She's androphobic but with Hector she at least feels comfortable enough to be around. That said, she's pretty clearly far more comfortable around and with women.

that’s pretty much my thinking on this. i think there was a “have to” mentality with her support with hector being romantic, which rather than being a product of its time i think is a mentality fe has only more deeply ingrained as titles have gone on tbh… 

rebirth so far

wonder woman: my story keeps changing………… but i will find the answers. i demand the truth and i will NOT made a fool

green arrow: for all those people who don’t think they are seen; i see them. also this black canary woman….. i don’t know her, but i’d trust her with my life

superman: the clark from this world is dead and lex thinks he’s going to take on the superman mantle wearing MY family crest? i don’t think so. it’s REAL superman time

aquaman:  basically, as i do my job, people debate over what i mean to them. am i joke? am i a menace? idc either way i have a kingdom to protect and my chowder is getting cold

the flash: ever since wally returned nothing’s making sense. i’m missing time? my relationships? i need to figure what my visions are trying to tell me and who’s behind all of this

green lanterns: okay we can’t BOTH be the lantern of earth. there was like a billion of them already. also i really don’t wanna work with you but hal says it will be good so we’ll see how it goes

batman: so alfred, i adopted some more kids today……………

Those are the men that we are fighting. We must win this war at any cost.