they don't have to face human problems

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Hello Simon :) Since reading your posts is helping me calm my nerves I have a question; how to handle the sudden agitation/anxiety after being shouted at by a guy. I mean, I don't know how to explain this but ever since I was a kid I always found myself hyperventilating when my dad shouted at me. We argued just now and I'm trying my best not to tear up by making a poker face, but I know it won't last.

Go somewhere private and vent instantaneous aggression. Punch something. Shout into a pillow. Then sit down and do something mathematical in nature. The human brain cannot hold both math and emotion. So do a complex math problem. Then eat something like chocolate, or something very fatty.

All of these will reset your neurochemistry more quickly than just sitting in your room shivering.

What you’re experiencing is called Fight or Flight, and is a survival response. the shaking occurs as the body floods with adrenalin, which is toxic. It also causes a biological response to regulate temperature and also to use up the chemicals that precursor running away or fighting. So what you’re experiencing is entirely normal, completely within normal bounds. It isn’t odd, or strange, or in any way harmful to you. I can understand that it is unsettling. All I can say is that the more confrontations you have, you’ll adjust.

And for reference, your father shouldn’t be shouting at you. Shouting won’t solve a problem. If you message me with details, I can perhaps assist you with a better reply that might help diffuse the next shouting spell.

Gods and Nightmares
  • I find the concept of Gods having nightmares very interesting. I mean they've been around forever they have to have seen some gruesome things. In TOA especially we see that Apollo is rather scared and feels guilty about events n his past so here's what I think the gods would kind of have lasting effects from.
  • Zeus: Most likely the first Titan war when he was still young. Also Beryl considering he really did love her and probably feeling like he failed. That and nightmares about losing his power to other people.
  • Poseidon: Definitely having nightmares about something happening to Percy, Tyson, Sally or even Paul. He seems to really care about all of them being happy.
  • Hades: I feel like he'd have nightmares about the death of Nico and Bianca's mother. That would be really traumatizing to him because he really did love her. He would also have nightmares about Hazel and her mother and their deaths and most inept feel very guilty about it.
  • Ares: Failing in battle. To me his nightmares would consist of all the wars he's participated in and the horrific consequences of what could happen if the correct side didn't win.
  • Aphrodite: Her's is more involving modern society. The fear of meaningless relationships and 'I love you'a' basically becoming worthless.
  • Athena: Failure would be a big aspect of her nightmares as she hates foaming and the consequences of it. She would also most likely be guilty over the burden she placed on Annabeth and what happened in Tartarus.
  • Hestia: Having nightmares about broken homes and all the families that are falling apart. She'd have nightmares about all the kids she can't protect or help.
  • Hera: Nighmtares about broken marriages and marriage no longer being a symbol of unity. Also I feel like Hera would have issues with abandonment seeing as how Zeus pretty much ignores her.
  • Hephaestus: His machines freaking out and causing mass harm or problems. Rejection as well considering he was rejected at birth. Also the fear of losing his children due to Beckendorf's death and Leo's (temporary) death.
  • Hermes: Luke. He would have nightmares about facing his son and failing as a father as well as the oracle incident with Luke's mom.
  • Demeter: Fading like Pan because humans don't take care of the earth and deplete resources like crazy.
  • Dionysus: The death of his son and really the death of all the demigods he's seen goes up. As much as he tries not to care he really does.
  • Apollo: The death of his kids in the first Titan war. The death of his lovers. Basically feeling like he can't actually protect anyone. Also the fear of losing his sister.
  • Artemis: Nightmares of Zoë's death as she would most likely feel responsible. The fear of not being able to protect Apollo (as much as she pretends not to like him she does) The deaths of her other huntresses.
  • Tell me what you guys think.

just saying, if you ever have a problem with someone, don’t hide behind an anon and send them hate. block them, unfollow them, tell them to their face but don’t hide behind an anon. whether you think so or not, your hate can hurt someone, especially if you’re quite spiteful to someone. we’re human and you should never send hate to anyone. that’s low. we’re all adults on this website and we should all act like it. 

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Hello!! I just wanted to say that I've been following you for a pretty long time now (I think over a year and a half) and your art has grown and improved so much and it's very inspiring! I was wondering how you draw bodies so they don't just look like noodles with decent heads (because that is all my art is right now, noodles with human heads)

2014 vs 2016

hello!! i think this is a problem many of us face actually, and it’s really about expanding your mind to me? we have to just really detach ourselves from our drawings to look at it from a third party’s perspective. 

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One of my goals in life is to have the guts to ask you to draw my awkward face but I’m such a potato looking human being and I’m so not worth it😂😂 Anyways I’m here to tell you how much flipping love your art seriously! I hope you never ever stop!❤️❤️

That’s so sweet, is that seriously a life goal? I promise you I’d have no problem at all drawing you! When you feel comfortable enough to ask, please go ahead. :) And thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I’ll keep doing my best.

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Hey I checked your F.A.Q. and I know you kind of answered this but I want to ask, I am not new to drawing but I haven't progressed in years. I draw almost every day but I don't get any closer to gaining any more skill. I can make a really good face, kind of, but I get to the shoulders and fall apart. I have gotten really good at coloring pieces but I can't draw them well. And don't even get me started about my tablet skills...horrid. So any advice?

I really don’t know what activates the progress bar :/ For me it was probably drawing new things? Like, yes, I had tons of problems drawing human bodies past the head as well, I was trying and failing, and then going back to just heads, for years. In the end you fail so many times that somehow it starts coming together? Like, I had problems with drawing hands, so one day I just sat down, got a lot of references (and I mean A Lot) and kept drawing until I finally got the feeling on how hands actually work. Maybe not in one day, but it happened. This post is huge, putting it under read more.

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  • Apparently, in the season finale of supernatural, there is a scene between Dean and Castiel in the Impala. I am guessing that this is the final scene between them before Dean becomes "the bomb" and sacrifices himself as we heard in the preview.
  • How Cas and Deans conversation in the Impala should be:
  • Dean: Cas...I'm really glad you're okay. I almost thought I lost you for good when you said yes to Lucifer but here you are all fine and dandy.
  • Cas: You don't have to do this Dean. I'm sure we could find another way.
  • Dean: I'm sure we could. But by the time we would find another solution, the world would already be gone. This is all my fault in the first place. It's time I face my problems head on and stop prolonging the inevitable.
  • Cas: So killing yourself is going to solve everyone's problems? Are you really that naive to think something like that?
  • Dean: What's one human life compared to that of billions?
  • Cas: It's a human life that Sam cares about. That I care about. I almost lost you once. Don't make me lose you again.
  • Dean: Cas...I'm sorry.
  • Cas: You don't mean that. I may have been hiding deep inside my vessel while Lucifer was there, but I was still listening. I know that you say things you don't mean all the time, so don't you dare say that kind of things to me Dean Winchester. You owe me more than that.
  • Dean: Fine! You want me to say how I really feel in all of this? I don't want the world to end because I feel like I didn't get to experience it to the fullest. I don't want to feel any type of attraction towards Amara, but somehow I do. I don't want anyone to be killed because I couldn't be the one to save them. I don't want to die but I'm doing it because I don't want the people I love to have that fate. Not Sam. Not you.
  • Cas: You love me?
  • Dean: Well...I..uh.
  • Dean gets all flustered and Cas leans in to kiss Dean. Not a sloppy make-out kiss that lasts for ages or anything of that matter. Just a small kiss that lasts for a few seconds before they pull away, smiling like idiots. But knowing the no homo scale in supernatural, the scene would probably go like this
  • Dean: Cas..I'm glad to have you back man.
  • Cas: Dean..
  • Dean: Look. I already made my decision a long time ago and you're not going to convince me to change my mind. Just do me a favor and make sure Sam doesn't do anything stupid when I'm gone.
  • Cas: Dean I..
  • Dean: Just promise me, okay?
  • Cas: I promise.
  • Dean pats his shoulder or his back as a farewell and gets out of the car. Cas probably looks really sad.

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hello! long time reader first time asked: why does everyone know varys is a eunuch? if they're so mistrusted why would he let everyone know? or does everyone know because he's got the round face that other eunuchs have? but then why don't the unsullied have round fat faces? sorry for the mess of an ask lol

Not a problem with the ask, perfectly understandable. :) Varys is known to be a eunuch because he lets everyone know he’s a eunuch. (Who aren’t mistrusted btw – I mean, they’re used to guard harems and such – but they are often despised for not being “real men”, for, well, the obvious reason.) Also Varys fits the qualities of a human male castrated before puberty – tall with a large frame, heavier in weight, round face, hairless chin and cheeks, higher voice. He also appears to be completely uninterested in sex, and is effeminate.

As for the Unsullied, some do get fat:

“In Astapor you can buy Unsullied.”
“The slaves in the spiked bronze hats?“ Dany had seen Unsullied guards in the Free Cities, posted at the gates of magisters, archons, and dynasts. “Why should I want Unsullied? They don’t even ride horses, and most of them are fat.”
“The Unsullied you may have seen in Pentos and Myr were household guards. That’s soft service, and eunuchs tend to plumpness in any case. Food is the only vice allowed them.”

–ASOS, Daenerys I

But the Unsullied of Astapor perform hard physical exercise every day, so their “vice” doesn’t have a chance to turn into fat. Though according to Kraznys mo Nakloz, because of their castration they’ll never reach the “brute strength” of a Westerosi knight (like the difference between a steer and a bull), but they make up for it with their training and discipline.

Anyway, back to Varys. You know, there is a theory that he isn’t really a eunuch after all – because he is also an expert actor and makeup artist, who can slip from one role to another in the blink of an eye. Some think he’s just shaving and using makeup to appear hairless. And furthermore, in Kevan’s epilogue in ADWD, Varys’s voice “seemed deeper”, which some see as a major clue.

On the other hand, what would be the point of pretending to be a eunuch? You don’t have to be one to be underestimated by the manly men of the court – just look at Petyr Baelish. And Varys’s history – the story he relates about being castrated by a sorcerer who burned his genitals as an offering to some demon, how he had to prostitute himself with “what parts of [his] body still remained to [him]” to survive, how he still has nightmares of what was done to him and the voice that answered the sorcerer – seems to be one of the most true things Varys has ever told about himself. What point would there be for Varys to tell Tyrion all of this, to make up such a story just to explain why he opposes Stannis and Melisandre? He could have given some political reason, unrelated to his castration. Furthermore, Illyrio’s later additions to Varys’s story, telling Tyrion how Varys was despised in Pentos when the street people there learned he was a eunuch, only confirms this history.

(Also, there was a scene in GoT where someone feels Varys’s covered crotch and doesn’t find any male genitals, which is fairly strong evidence; although we should always remember that the show is not the books, and GRRM could do some future reveal.)

As for Varys’s acting skills, yes, he probably is using makeup in some way (like he uses fake stubble to appear to be the gaoler Rugen), and his court voice is probably higher than his real voice. And his “girlish titters” are also certainly fake. But the effeminacy – the powders and perfumes and the tittering, etc – that’s where the underestimation comes in. Let the court think him a fey, weak nothing, let them forget such eunuchs as the Unsullied exist. No, I’m not saying he’s secretly strong and muscled, or a martial artist, or anything like that – the fact that all of Varys’s disguises are stout (whether disguised as gaoler, begging brother, or woman) tells us he really is fat, it’s not padding – but basically Varys is taking the way people underestimate him because he’s a eunuch, and making sure that they continue to overlook him, thinking him loyal only to the crown and never suspecting his other motives.

IMO the real question is why Varys shaves his head. Because hairlessness of the scalp is not an effect of castration, and both Unsullied and (in the real world) castrati have hair. (They don’t suffer from male pattern baldness, either.) It might be because he’s an an actor, and as we see in TWOW’s Mercy, actors often shave their heads to make wigs fit more easily. Or, it might be to hide an unusual hair color, as Aegon V Targaryen did when he was disguised as the squire Egg. And there is power in a king’s blood, and it may be that the sorcerer bought young Varys from his acting troupe because he knew of his true origins… Well, I suppose we’ll just have to see.