they don't get any bigger

anonymous asked:

omg plz teach me how to stand up to people like you (like to that anon?) all I do is apologize when something like that happens to me 😫

anon, never apologize unless you’ve offended someone’s identity (not feelings bc it’s a weak term, some ppl complain about everything)

honestly it comes down to self confidence but just know who you are and don’t give any attention to ppl who oppose that (unless “that” is genuinely problematic, of course).  you do you, you be you, and you don’t let anyone change you, ok?

also i just don’t care tbh, that might be the trick

An updated picture of my Nagisa collection since today’s his birthday and I got quiiite a bit of stuff since the last two times~

I currently have two more on their way (not including the three new figures that have just been announced and I’m eagerly waiting for), so I’ll post another update as soon as they join the rest c: