they don't get any bigger

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I think more people are just upset that some smaller artists don't get any recognition for their art while other bigger blogs get notes for the hell of it regardless of what they post

yeah maybe i got followers for constantly tearing up my ass making other content besides art like ???? do people not realize that i break my back over this blog everyday so when i get notes on my art its just collateral to how much i work on other content. people get notes because they actually work for it

As mentioned previously, one Sona vs Garen. An inevitability.

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First yes I'm 17 with a baby brother and no siblings in between and second omg my baby brother is turning 1 tomorrow and I don't want him getting any bigger, he's already gotten so big over the past year 😭😭😭

awwwwww! i hope he has the best birthday ! make sure to take lots of pictures so you can relive memories when he gets older <3

An updated picture of my Nagisa collection since today’s his birthday and I got quiiite a bit of stuff since the last two times~

I currently have two more on their way (not including the three new figures that have just been announced and I’m eagerly waiting for), so I’ll post another update as soon as they join the rest c: