they don't coddle each other

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Why do you ship steve and tony. Its my favorite. But I'd love to know why you ship it too?

i think there’s a couple of reasons i love the stevetony ship so much. firstly, there’s the multiverse. you want a deep and complex relationship with years of history and many up and downs? here’s the 616. you want something quick and easy to get into? there’s the mcu. then there’s cute and fluffy universes (MA:A) and dark and gritty universes (ults). plus a college au (AvAc), a western au (1872) and an adventure au (noir). so whatever type of story you’re after, you can find a steve and tony version of it. which is pretty neat!

the other reason i’m so into this ship is about how i view relationships. for me a partner should be someone who challenges you and pushes you, who holds you to a high standard and expects a lot from you. i know that not everyone agrees, but i would absolutely not want a relationship of unconditional love. i want people to call me on my shit! i like the idea that a partner is not someone who always agrees with you or who is just like you - it’s rather someone who complements you, who has a different set of skills and strengths from you and is someone who you can learn from, and them from you. a partner should help you see new things and be your best self, not reinforce what you already think.

that’s what i like about steve and tony. they’re not always nice to each other - in fact, they argue and bicker a fair bit and have had big dramatic fallouts a number of times. but they have respect for the way that the other one approaches life and the way that they solve problems. they have different approaches and they don’t always agree on what the right thing to do is, but when they’re at their best they try to understand each other and learn from the other’s perspective.