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seriously your art makes feel extremely uncomfortable and emotionally negative. please change your style and even do something as simple as tagging them

Like I said, I’m not easily gonna change my artstyle just because you don’t like it, that’s what the unfollow button is for. 

Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
  • Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
  • The Antlers
  • Burst Apart

every night my teeth are falling out | the antlers

one bad night i’ll hold the glass
until the glass can hold me down
and one bad night i’ll spill and spill
until my feet begin to drown

this is going to be an odd pair of socks.


sebastian posts a fucking heartfelt apology for cancelling a con appearance and ppl still manage to be shitty abt it, amazing

y'all are too fucking spoiled he doesn’t owe you shit

PSA from Sparky

Hey guys, I’m sorry to bring some serious stuff onto your dash, but seems like some people didn’t like our response on this post here and I felt like saying something. We’ve received a ton of asks since this blog’s creation, okay. Hundreds. Easily over a thousand at this point.  And the amount of shipping hate that ends up in the inbox is insane.

Frankly, we’re tired of it. The negativity wears down on you, on us, and this fandom is getting more and more negative and hostile. Everybody can have their opinions; they can like what they want, hate what they want, whatever. But it’s just plain bad when you start attacking others for their opinions. You’re not going to change anything.

There are many ships that I don’t like but I have not once shamed others for liking them, because it doesn’t affect me. I don’t care. I ignore it. There are ways to block seeing things if I need to, it’s pretty easy, but I mostly just ignore things. 

Learn to accept that people have opinions different than you and being hostile toward them isn’t going to change anything. This definitely goes for ships and a ship can be completely wrong to you, I GET IT, but then stay away from it. This is all fanon, not canon, so why should it matter. Let people’s imaginations go crazy, whatever makes them happy, why ruin their day/life.

What’s important for this blog here is we’ve never liked answering asks that attacked the opinions of others because it makes people feel like shit. Some asks make us feel like shit. Yeah you’re free to talk about your opinions and to have them, but if they’re hateful, they’re not going to be shown on this blog. I’m sorry, but talk about them with other people. I don’t want to spread more negativity, I’m already reaching a bit of a limit.

- Mod Sparky