they don't blur at the same time

in the spirit of being completely unproductive, a list of my top five favorite times victor says yuuri’s name:

5. huh? yuuri?

victor nikiforov: assigns eros to the guy he’s had a crush on since december, watches him nail it, and then starts critiquing his form before he even comes off the ice. i say this with all the fondness in the world: why are you like this.

(i love it because it means victor takes yuuri seriously as a skater with potential, and yuuri knows this, too; but still, yuuri cannot handle victor nikiforov being so – victor nikiforov at him, straight off the high of the program. in all fairness: could anyone, really.)

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For me the kiss is a bit indifferent. It is really good to see that in Norway it is natural that 2 guys kiss on kiss cam. (In my country it would create a lot of not so happy buzz and maybe even a scandal.) But they always emphesize that it is a role and they are not the same person as Isak and Even and this kind of thing kinda blurrs the line or maybe that was their point to show how ridiculous when fans want them make out all the time. Don't know if I'm making sense tho.

I thought it was really cool that they did it. It shows that they’re comfortable with each other on and off set and that they don’t care about how anyone including fans would react. They could easily have laughed it off and refused too watch though it being any deal at all. I kinda get your point about blurring the line, but it’s not their responsibility to assure delusional fans that they aren’t a couple in real life. Had they refused those same fans would have used that as proof that they’re a couple as well, just hiding it. They obviously had fun and neither did it out of pressure so I’m just happy they’re such good friends and that they can play the roles they do and do stuff like that here in Norway because I know that wouldn’t be possible in many other countries :)

A few anons asked me how I usually draw, so here have my process with the last thing I kinda put effort on doing~

I’m not good at explaining but I’ll try, also I use Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop, read more for the process explication.

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Not Falling Apart (Aiden)

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Prompt: Y/N was Aiden’s girlfriend, she was completely in love with him, when he started to back up, he didn’t call her “pet” names, he went out every night, and she started to lose him. (Based on “Not Falling Apart” by Maroon 5).

Warnings: Cursing, crying, depression.

Words: 1554

A/N: Sorry for my shitty writing, is just that English is not my first language so please tell me if you find a grammar mistake

Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name

Third Person POV

Y/N looked out the window, silent tears streaming down her pale face. While the memories of that night played like a bad movie inside her head. She replayed all the good times, but suddenly the good times turned into bad ones, and then into the worst of them all. She couldn’t believe it just yet, she just couldn’t, it was so hard to process that he wasn’t her’s anymore, that she’ll probably never get him back.

“Aiden” she kept whispering, her arms wrapped around her knees, silent sobs escaping her mouth.

What could she say about him, other than she was utterly and completely in love with him. He was the stars to her dark night, the light of her sun, he was everything for her, and at some point she was everything to him too. The slight difference is that he started to drift apart for her, he stopped loving her, and that broke her heart, it broke her into pieces. After that she couldn’t even live, she couldn’t breathe…

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LA Kings: turn down for fucking what

All Stories Are The Same

Bellarke post-2x16. Or, the poets are often wrong, but not always.

Nothing happens the same way twice.

The poets got it wrong.

This time Orpheus doesn’t descend into the underworld to rescue his soul mate. No, her boot-clad feet are standing firmly above on the moss-covered ground when he slips into the darkness under the mountain. This Eurydice doesn’t need rescuing, not with her sharp tongue and even sharper mind. She had recognized the nest of mountain vipers for what they were before they could sink their teeth into her and draw blood, drain her dry, kill her. This Eurydice managed to get out all on her own, but at the cost of leaving her people behind.

So she asks Orpheus to go get them for her. And he does, because they are his people too and knows neither of them would survive that loss.

Though Orpheus may not being rescuing Eurydice, she is still in his thoughts when he descends. He thinks of her standing in the sunlight up above while navigating the subterranean labyrinth where despair drips heavily from the stone walls right along with the dank water. He thinks of her breathing in sharp cold air as his hands close around the guard’s neck, squeezing tightly until the face goes slack. He thinks of the way firelight danced over her scars that night after they reunited when he is sliding through the tunnel, flames licking at his back. He thinks of all the things she is doing up on the ground, because it reminds him that the rest of his people should be up there too, even if it puts the weight of more deaths on his back.

The poets got it wrong.

This time Eurydice is the one who goes down to the underworld to rescue her soul mate, but she doesn’t intend to go alone, because they defied expectations, defied the fates and made the alliance, even at the expense of one of their own. So Orpheus is expecting her to have an army at her back when he sees her again.

She is alone, though, when he opens the door and looks at her over his sister’s shoulder. Eurydice is alone, staring at him with apologetic, desperate, lost eyes, and he doesn’t know why.

She should have an army at her back, because he and their people deserve nothing less. She should have an army at her back, because vipers are tricky creatures, ready to strike the moment you look away, and that requires backup. She should have an army at her back, because that was the deal that was made.

But the deal got broken, and they are both paying the price (sometimes the poets get it a little bit right) as they pull the lever together.

The poets got it wrong.

This time Eurydice and Orpheus both make it out of the underworld, and they do it side by side. They walk in even steps, his a little slower than usual, hers a little faster, keeping pace with each other as they trek through the forest that is now as familiar to them as the scars on their skin. Always they are next to each other, even as the hours drag on and the sun arcs across the cloudless sky. For them there is no ahead and behind, no leading and being led. They are soul mates, partners, equals. They save each other, over and over and over again, always and forever together, and this time is no different.

Or at least that is what this Orpheus thinks as he waits outside the gate for Eurydice, smiling at the sight of their people finally being home.

Except sometimes the poets are right.

This time Orpheus still looks back. He looks back for her, to celebrate their victory, their survival, but the Eurydice he knows is not there. Instead, there is a ghost of a girl staring at him, her skin sickly pale and anguish in her glassy, dead eyes. Broken, whispered words tumble from her lips and are so fragile that they almost get lost on the wind. The edges of her begin to blur, disintegrate, because he can’t see straight, not when she is speaking like this, of leaving. He pleads with her, but her lips just press a cold, chilling kiss to his cheek and then she is gone.

The poets got it right this time.

This time Orpheus still looks back.

This time Eurydice still disappears.

The poets got it right.

Nothing happens the same way twice, but all stories are the same.

Haha...I'm the same as Satoshi-kun.
Killing them was the only way I could be saved...
.....Ahahaha!! Do you see now?!
When you are truly suffering, friends are powerless!
I've understood that since a long time ago!!
That's why I did everything by myself!
Aren't I amazing?! Hahaha! Don't make that face--praise me!
Ahahahahahahahaha! Hey, didn't I tell you to praise me?!
Ahahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha!! Ahahah....Ah-ahah--


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Every time I hear the song "Happy", by Pharrell Williams I fail to hear it as the cute, upbeat song it is, and rather think of how it was written by the same man who wrote in his portion of "Blurred Lines", something along the lines of "I got something big enough to tear your ass in two". So... If you wanna change, that's cool, but do it for real and don't act like the last hit you were included in never even happened. Own up and apologize for how gross that was, and then maybe I'll be *happy*.

I don't think anyone can ever really explain what it's like to overcome or manage to control something like anxiety or self harm, any kind of disorder for that matter. When you're in that place, you are a different person, you were a different person and after's sort of a blur, but at the same time it's not. It's an addiction that spirals out of control, you can't remember it beginning or it ending...yet you can remember the nights you spent silently screaming at 3am, and how ever so lonely you felt. It's an odd experience that I honestly hope nobody has to go through. I guess, you put up that much of an act at the time, I guess that's why it's like a's indescribable. Yet it's something people go through...a non-explanatory rollercoaster that I can't quite illiterate...

I’ve found the latest SDCC interviews to be pretty interesting because Ming has been talking about how she thinks Melinda is kinda torn/trying to decide between her personal happiness and SHIELD. 

For one thing, I think it’s going to be really awesome to see Ming play Melinda struggling with that because she’s usually so confident. But also I’m kinda excited because maybe the resolution of this can/will be….both? 

Maybe there’s a chance both choices are intertwined? Maybe she’ll find out that she doesn’t have to choose, because SHIELD and her personal happiness share a name: Phil Coulson? Maybe they’ll take the time to repair their friendship and discover their partnership is only stronger than ever? Maybe she’ll realize she can take care of her team and the rest of the world with her best friend by her side and be happier than she has been in a long time? Maybe they’ll find out what those blurred boundaries between them mean and discover that it’s wonderful? Maybe they’ll take the plunge and she’ll find out that personal happiness and SHIELD don’t have to be separate entities? 

Maybe SHIELD and her personal happiness are (what Melinda has stated twice now) “the same thing?”