they don't always find it funny


The stories about me. You want to know if they’re true, right? You know the funny thing about stories like that? Everyone always says they heard it from someone who was there. Then if you ask that person, they say they heard it from someone who was there, and so on. I bet if you went back 2,000 years, you’d find a bunch of centurions standing around talking about how Tertius lopped the heads off of some Carthaginian prisoners.

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Imagine Sam and Cas bonding over documentaries about dogs or bees or whatever. Sam finds cat videos and shows them to Cas who finds them funny. And whenever this happens, whenever Cas laughs because of something Sam did/said, Dean gets jealous because how DARE you get along with my boyfriend I mean my best friend so well I'm the one who's supposed to make him laugh. So he will watch the documentaries with them but always falls asleep which Sam and Cas don't mind bc then they can watch in peace.

I 100% accept this as canon, bless you! :’)

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I don't know why but I find so funny the way Echo always looks at Clarke. It's like she's holding a grudge since high school because her crush asked Clarke to be his date for the spring party and on top of all that, Clarke wore the same dress as her and looked better.

why is this literally so true 

okay but modern au veronica always sending heather mac links to those john cena things and at first she finds it funny but then it just gets annoying so one day she’s like “veronica i’m not who you think i am” and veronica is just so confused. and then heather leans over and whispers in her ear

“i’m john cena”


Stupid Concept

The Flash but with no superpowers. Just bicycles.

Zoom: I always win, Flash. I’M the fastest man on a bike! *pedals away furiously*

The entire plotline revolves around Zoom trying to steal Barry’s bike. Barry gets progressively more delusional and keeps thinking he can time travel and that there are people crossing over from parallel universes but the whole time he’s on a fucking bike


(He’d also totally watch mean girls)

Making fake snapchats is soooo fun 

As always, if you guys have any ideas for OP fake snapchats, you have my attention!

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don't u find it funny how sangwoo seems to always compare people with animals lmao

I never gave it much a thought because my Korean friends and I always compare eachother to animals lol. We call eachother squids haha. If you call someone a squid in Korea, you’re basically saying they’re ugly and it is commonly said amongst friends as a joke.

The Big Bad Wolf is a Hufflepuff:

1. Hardworking + dedicated

2. Always looking for food and generally good at finding it

3. “And I’ll huff and I’ll puff” what other proof do you need

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Haha no not actively. I am pretty opposed to shipping real people because I’ve personally seen it end friendships and it’s just awkward. Dan and Phil do a really good job of managing fandom shit, I’m always really impressed with how they handle things.

I adore their friendship tho, it’s the whole reason why their brand works so well. Whenever I have nothing new to watch I just put the gaming channel on in the background cause it makes me really happy :)

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The first time we ever interacted was when I was scared to post a fic because of what a couple of anons had been saying and you were there to tell me that I shouldn't be afraid. Ever since then it's been an absolute privilege to get to know you, and to be a part of your life. You're such a positive force in my life and I absolutely love it. You don't judge, you just accept people and are kind to everyone and it's wonderful to witness.

Steph, I honestly can’t even tell you how much I admire you. You’re so talented and so smart and so funny, but it’s even more than that. You’re just brave. That’s the best way I can describe it. You speak out when things are upsetting you and you’re always the first person there when someone else needs you. You somehow find a way to turn every negative experience into a reason to keep pushing forward, and that’s not a trait that many people have. I hope you know how special you are and how glad I am to know you.

The fact that someone like you thinks highly of me in any way means so much to me. Thank you for this and for everything you do.

FAHC versus Fakehaus: Boats Edition
  • FAHC: spend millions of dollar on a yacht of their own, name it, spend the day hanging out on it, drinking champagne and smoking cigars. All admittedly while carrying around the dead body of their boss
  • Fakehaus: set out to buy a boat, spends four minutes going after that boat, realize they don't have the funds, see a boat on the horizon and get immediately distracted, try to steal that boat, but half destroy it. find an actual literal ghost, try to steal money off the ghost, running away in a helicopter while the ghost literally flies after them, then try to re-kill the ghost with large explosives
  • Yuu: *is alone thinking*
  • Shinoa: what're you doing? Reading porn/looking at girls? *smirks*
  • Yuu: what? Of course not
  • Shinoa: hmm so what are you doing then?
  • Yuu: I'm thinking about Mika
  • Shinoa: ...
  • Yuu: ...
  • Shinoa: of course you are
The Signs as I Know Them
  • Aries: adventure is just around the corner. Does more in one hour than you do in a week. Loud. Perseverant af. Once they commit to something, they don't leave it. Hides their feelings behind anger. Always excited for something new. Small, brown hair, big asses. May act really tough but are of the best people I know, loyal until the end. Still, not the kind of person you'd like to fuck with.
  • Taurus: cliché but always has the BEST food. Really artsy. Lowkey sensitive af and craves love like no other. Loyal till the end. If they don't like you, you'll know it. More of an introvert. Gets angry easily but will try to calm it down, still when they get really angry, beware. Kindest heart ever. Big hands, dark hair.
  • Gemini: you all scare the crap out of me but in a good way. Definitely has two sides. Really social but also enjoys being alone. Knows a lot of fun facts and enjoys learning. Intolerant to stupidity. Kinda sucks when it comes to handling feelings. Intolerant to others in general, gets easily fed up. Charismatic. Tall and big in general (not necessarily fat).
  • Cancer: funny af, always laughing over everything. Emotional conversations with them are 10/10. Gets easily hurt but hides it. Wears a lot of color/unusual stuff. Smart. May attack others in fear of letting them in but really doesn't want to hurt anyone. Hard for them to actually dislike someone. Great kissers. Thin with pouted lips.
  • Leo: has a lot of presence, the kind of person who just changes the atmosphere in the room by setting foot in it. Egocentric af but actually insecure. Always trying to help others, no judgamental at all, respectful. Fashionable under their own standars, likes standing out whether it is in fashion, sports, intelligence or anything else. Short dark hair, medium/big breasts.
  • Virgo: always trying to help others but doesn't really understand how they are feeling sometimes, looks for a shortcut. Passionate kissers. Smart and funny. Even the "dirtiest" virgos I know are pure in some way. Really methodical and wants everything planned out or will go crazy. Dark hair, light skin, calming presence.
  • Libra: that would be me, so awesome, bye. Jk, actually really vain but extremely insecure especially about their looks and intelligence. Flirty but doesn't realize it, thinks they're being friendly. Extroverts, knows half of the world but only truly enjoys the company of some. May want to appear hard-shelled but will understand everything you need them to, kind to the core. Flirts with everyone but it is really hard for them to actually fall in love truly, and when they do, they fall hard. Dark curly hair, pretty eyes, slim.
  • Scorpio: quiet until they trust you. Funny af. Laughs at everything. Smart. Seems like a saint but lowkey has a sexual life 10 times more active than yours. Forgive but doesn't forget. It is hard to get their hate but once you get it, it stays. Silently judgamental. Pretty brown eyes, white skin, straight brown hair.
  • Sagittarius: INTENSE. Loves to party and really sociable. Judgamental. Has their ideas well established. You do NOT want to get them angry. Knows how to forgive. Life of the party. Will go the extra mile for you if they care about you. If they say they love you, they whole heartedly do. Passionate about some sport. Black hair, small but really expressive eyes, thin and tall.
  • Capricorn: feelings that come and go. Seems to feel things more intense and deeply than they do. Obsessed with achieving some goal. Has the best intentions always. Does not understand indirects. Seems really sure of themselves but is constantly looking for approval. Smart. Lowkey always down for sex. Tan skin, hair is always in place, small eyes, puckered lips.
  • Aquarius: tries to understand your feelings but simply can't. Obsessed with standing out and being different. Will always try to help you even if they don't know how, they'll do their very best. Dresses in an unusual but cool way. Funny af. Knows a lot of fun facts. Can be really judgamental because they find it hard to be empathetic. Knows a lot of people, many acquaintances. When they fall in love, they fall hard. Has a characteristic accesory like big headphones, big glasses, etc. Dark hair, big lips, have some really big feature (belly, hands, arms, height, etc.).
  • Pisces: being with them is calming af. Feels everything too deeply. Will always tell you they love you too and probably will. Forgives easily. You can talk to them about anything. Accepting. Really insecure and easily threatened. Beautiful eyes, thin, lips either too thin or too big, long hands.