they do kinda just keep getting shinier

anonymous asked:

This might just be me being an anxious snake mom, but my hognose stays on his cool side almost constantly. His hotspot is 93, his cool side stays between 76 and 78, with the ambient saying around 80. Is that too high? Plus his skin will wrinkle a bit when he bends his body so I was worried he might be getting dehydrated from being kept so warm. Sorry if this is overracting!

Hi there! 

Your ambient and cool side sound like they’re right on target, though it sounds like your hot spot might be a little warm for your buddy and he might want things a smidge cooler. If you can, I’d drop it down to between 88 and 90. It’s only a 3-5 degree difference but the lower temps might be more comfortable for him and encourage him to use more of his enclosure. 
Remember that hogs in the wild will experience cooler nights and variation in their daytime temps, while in captivity we keep them at the same temperatures constantly. In addition, there are no predators to avoid so they don’t have the same time constraints on things like basking, feeding, and hunting. Hogs are crepuscular so it’s very likely that he’s using his hot spot more at “dawn” and “dusk” and sleeping in his cooler areas during the main part of the day.

The wrinkly skin when he’s bending is actually pretty normal for a hognose. They’re kinda crinkly and have tough, keeled scales in contrast to smoother, shinier snakes like corns and ball pythons. He might be getting ready for a shed, too. My hogs always look extra-crunchy while they’re preparing for ecdysis. As long as you have a humid hide that he can chill in and you keep his water dish clean and full he should be fine.

You mentioned in your second ask that he’s eating regularly, so I think the behavior you’re seeing is mostly just due to your snake’s natural circadian rhythms.

You’re doing great, so please trust yourself and keep up the good husbandry!