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Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews announce the Blackhawks’ first pick (29th) in the 2017 NHL Draft (x)

Joss nodded. “If it please His Grace—” 

“His Grace is hunting across the Blackwater,” Ned said, wondering how a man could live his whole life a few days ride from the Red Keep and still have no notion what his king looked like. Ned was clad in a white linen doublet with the direwolf of Stark on the breast; his black wool cloak was fastened at the collar by his silver hand of office. Black and white and grey, all the shades of truth. “I am Lord Eddard Stark, the King’s Hand. Tell me who you are and what you know of these raiders.”

This is so very Ned Stark. So very, very Ned Stark, who takes a very personal approach to ruling. Ned gets to know the people he rules:

Back at Winterfell, they had eaten in the Great Hall almost half the time. Her father used to say that a lord needed to eat with his men, if he hoped to keep them. “Know the men who follow you,” she heard him tell Robb once, “and let them know you. Don’t ask your men to die for a stranger.” At Winterfell, he always had an extra seat set at his own table, and every day a different man would be asked to join him. One night it would be Vayon Poole, and the talk would be coppers and bread stores and servants. The next time it would be Mikken, and her father would listen to him go on about armor and swords and how hot a forge should be and the best way to temper steel. Another day it might be Hullen with his endless horse talk, or Septon Chayle from the library, or Jory, or Ser Rodrik, or even Old Nan with her stories.

It’s so completely foreign to Ned, this distance that the King has, the insularity of being “high above them all” while ruling, the arrogance, the elitism, and tbh I think GRRM is critiquing this across ASOIAF, from Aerys’s rule (Arthur Dayne talking to the smallfolk in the Kingswood and getting down on their level and finding out what they needed) to the problems Daenerys faces ruling Meereen high in the pyramid. 

In ASOIAF, there’s a call to bring it back to the people, to make it more personal, to care more about people’s lives, and I love how the Iron Throne plays such an important role in this theme, I love it.


I want it fucking noted that I just spent my entire evening editing Kajii’s wiki page because I went to it to find something and saw that it was empty.

I made a wikia account specifically for the sole reason of editing this page. I added personality, background, plot and quotes complete with references to which chapters or episodes specific plot devices took place in, I made it as detailed as possible, and I pulled most of it out of my ass when I was writing the draft before I went back and fact-checked everything and I had nearly everything correct and I don’t know if I should be proud of myself or pity myself for it.

Anyways I want to be known as the #1 Kajii stan for doing this and I feel like I’ve made a great contribution to the fandom for this, and I’d say it’s been a very productive evening.

The thing I love most about this cast is how much they all care so much, and so passionately. About the characters, about the play itself, and about the audience. They love this thing that they’re a part of, and they’re constantly desperate to better it, and they really listen to our feedback and take it on board, and you can feel the love in their performances.

I spoke to Theo about how I felt proud of how far the cast has come over the last month, and said that probably sounded weird, but he said that actually no, we’re all on a journey together. The people who come back see the development over time, and we’re the only people who do apart from the cast and creatives, and he said he’s glad that we’re so invested in it, and that it means so much to us. And I think that seems to embody the spirit of this cast. Learning and growing and taking pride in and ownership of the play, and being glad that we’re still on board with them and that we still love it. But honestly, how could we not be on board with them when they produce performances like the one we saw today?


“Your vow, the promise of always and forever… forget it.
All the pain that went with it.
The vow that you have honored.
Let it go.”

First two weeks of June: The Boy gone on a work trip, culminating in trip to NYC for big concert
June 12-15: unexpected workshop in NYC
June 17: day in PA and a baseball game
June 18: went to the opera
June 22-25: The Boy at his brother’s bachelor party
June 30: day in PA
July 1: day at the beach
July 2-5: my parents visiting, July 4th celebrations
July 7-12: trip up to Maine to see family
July 14: traveling down to Baltimore
July 15: The Boy’s brother’s wedding
July 16: fly to Chicago for three-week workshop
July 17-21: workshop
July 22-23: The Boy visits Chicago for the weekend, HAMILTON!
July 24-28: workshop
July 29-30: weekend with @agarthanguide somewhere in IL/WI
July 31-August 4: workshop
August 5: The Boy comes to Chicago, celebrate his birthday
August 6: The Boy’s parents join us for Chicago Cubs game
August 7: drive allllllll the way back to the east coast
August: get a motorcycle license?
August: visit some more with family?
August 30: my birthday
August 31: fly to Netherlands for Sept 1 move-in date

Summer workload
- planning semester of research in the Netherlands (apartment, archives, contacts)
- downloading about ~90,000 document images for my personal research uses, one by one
- homework assignments for the July workshop
- application to a German winter school due June 30
- revise creative essay based on an orals paper and submit to magazine
- historical & narrative timeline for the first volume of a comic project @agarthanguide and I are working on
- about ~70k of fic I want to finish
- starting draft of a novel
- 2 script ideas
- eat
- sleep
- actually take advantage of the weather and go to our pool once in a fucking blue moon
edit: oh yeah wedding planning

This… is why I haven’t been around much. But if you poke me, I’ll poke back. *G*


Check out the dance practice version of Remember!

(This setting is so beautiful, and it really suits the feel of the song/dance 😊)

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somebody @ mcclain-and-kogane screenshotted and reposted one of your klance posts??

!!! Thank you so much for telling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I checked out their blog and while I am not too happy about it, you can still see my url on it: 

so getting into a potential argument over this simply isn’t worth it for me. I mean, I would absolutely appreciate it if people wouldn’t repost my things, and I definitely thank you for telling me and encourage everyone to keep doing this, but in this specific case I’ll just leave it. I repeat: for me and in this specific case. I really just spent 5 minutes on the post and it was more intended to be a joke than a serious contribution to the fandom, so it’s whatever.

As a general rule though: Don’t Do This. It’s not cool. Why do it when you are literally in front of the post and are able to just click reblog? Your followers will see it anyway and in this case the screenshots almost ruin the proof because the pics I used were slightly pixelated from the beginning :P Other people might have spent minutes or hours on their posts though, so just. Don’t take the credit away from them like this. Because that’s what you do - while the url is still on it, people can’t click it anymore. And especially don’t do this with art. Other people, like artists for example, might already be struggling with gaining an audience for their posts, so it’s not fair to them. And especially don’t crop out the signature or url, don’t even get me started on why that is wrong, that takes any and all credit away from the creator!

Alright, that’s all :D Sorry for the mini rant at the end here. And thank you again, anon, it really means a lot to me that you told me about it <3 I’d mean even more to me if you and anyone else that sees reposts (url cropped out or not) kept notifying the original creators! It’s really reassuring to see that there are people out there that care for giving them the credit they deserve^^

[PS: don’t send the reposter any hate. don’t. do. it. just don’t. thank you <3]

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Do you think you could post a tutorial on how to install and use photoshop psds?

sure!! there r 2 ways to do it

download the action u wnt! im using mine lmfao

open the folder if there is 1 and click on the action and hit the lil “play button” on the bottom!!

the other way is also simple lol 

“load actions” and yea ur set!!!

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"Sorry for the lack of updates!" - honestly at this point you don't even have to apologise, now we pretty much know it comes with the deal when following you :))

// Is that supposed to be passive aggressive? Bc it’s coming off that way to me. Honestly if you don’t like the lack of updates, then please unfollow me. I’m FUB free, so I don’t mind.

I work full time, my commute is 3 hours per day, I have a dog, I have a life, I travel often, there’s no such thing as ‘summer break’ for me anymore, and I have to find time to run this askblog. My only free time is on weekends and I use those to catch up on sleep and catch up with friends. So obviously it’s a struggle finding time to catch up with everything. :v

I run this blog as a hobby, not a job, I’m working on getting more BTS merch out too, so obviously I can’t do 50000 things at the same time otherwise this blog would be more updated but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do everything otherwise I would be more active. I try to do things for you guys, my giveaway is a token of appreciation for my followers but if you guys wanna be passive aggressive about it, please put yourself in my shoes. If that doesn’t work, please unfollow me because clearly I’m not providing enough actual content to keep you guys appeased. 👍🏻

If your ask wasn’t intended to be read with that tone, then ignore this lol I’m just in a pretty bad mood bc too much shit has gone down in the past month so I don’t need negativity right now.