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imagine spending a day in the desert with bangtan  ©  credit to the rightful gif owners


“Cause nobody feels you like I do
Nobody kills me like you do
Nothing I take can ever cut through
I’m in trouble. “

How to Change a Fuqboi (Namjoon)

Word Count: 2,967

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet

Rated M (language and suggestive content)

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How To Change A Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Bonding and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)



Have you REALLY not learned your lesson? After five volumes, FIVE, WHY are you STILL confused on this topic? What else can I SAY about it? FOR FUCK’S SAKE I’VE EVEN TAUGHT YOU HOW TO AVOID FUCKBOYS. And you seemed to be doing so well too…

Are you just here for the angst? FINE! Bet your bottom dollar, euro, yen, won, or whatever currency you use…I’ll give you angst.

You stare at the cart full of clothes that you know will eventually have to go back out on the sales floor, dismay, irritation, and hatred for your job pumping through your veins like blood itself. There’s supposed to be an item limit per dressing room, but does anyone ever enforce or adhere to it? Nope.

Of course not.

You let out a heavy sigh, resting your hand on the first hanger of many. The least you could do would be to start sorting- yeah, now sounds like a great time for a break.

“Minji,” you call out as soon as you see her, texting behind a display of graphic tees, “Can you do me a favor and cover my calls?”

“Ah babe, you know I love you and you know I would, but I was just about to go too… HEY! Let’s go on break together!” she weaves her way into the aisle to give you a hug.

“Yeah, sounds good,” you smile, running your fingers affectionately through her hair as she crushes you. Dumping the responsibility of your calls onto the woman in the men’s department, both you and Minji make your way to the break room, spending your meager fifteen minutes catching up and hastily scarfing down food.

Just as you manage to find the bottom of your cup-noodles and Minji’s tone indicates she’s nearing the end of her “this one douchebag almost ran me over” story, the door opens behind you.

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Y'all ready for this?

so there’s a fair near where I live that reminds me of Ninjago because there’s a big famous roller coaster and also it’s where I went on my first date

anyway I like the idea of Jay and Nya redoing their first date because it would be adorable and cause the first time didn’t go so well

featuring Jay in the outfit I wore to the fair the other day bc it was cute and I feel like Jay totally would have worn it

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Recommended song: Kiss the rain

The universe didn’t always exist as one entity. There were hundreds of them out there, some were peaceful and beautiful, some were wild. They were all different from each other. Some differences were just small details, the slightly difference in coordination, but some differences were bigger, it altered the entire universe, making it unique.

No matter how different one universe was from the other, there would always exist portals, disguising as normal every day things, tucked away in a far corner, forgotten. They were the windows that connected this universe from the next one. It was rumored that if one looked into these windows, they could see their other self, could communicate with them. There would always be a glass wall that separated one universe from the other to prevent both from collapsing. But perhaps, these portals brought two universes just a bit closer together.

There were also special people out there, people who could look beyond the ordinary look of a portal to see what it really was. To be able to realize the significance of a portal, to communicate with beings of other universes. They were the chosen ones.

Dipper Pines… was one of them.

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ts-owns-my-butt  asked:

Please!!! More Garcy edits! The ones you make are amazing and the fandom has such little new content.

Aww. Well, thank you. Aren’t you sweet?

I hope to continue making lots of Garcy things. Edits, gifsets, fics. I have a few art ideas I want to draw. Just gotta find the time. I have a new schedule at work I’m still trying to adjust to. But I do have every weekend off now. Whoooooo! So hopefully I can keep the content coming. Because if there is one thing I am not short on, it is ideas for this trash ship. lol.

There’s just so much… dang… potential for these two. Like literally? The only limit is your imagination. Because the possibility is there for anything and everything.

Anything. Eeeeeeeeeeverything. O__O

Fallen in Fear

Square Filled: Fear Kink
Ship: Dean x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings/Tags: Smut, Angst, Smidge of Violence
Word Count: 1009
Summary: Dean comforts the reader when they discover a dangerous kink of the hunting life
A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo and for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing as part of my 2K Kinky Celebration drabbles who requested a Dean x Reader and the prompt, “Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?”  Flashbacks in italics.

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The demon you were fighting got the upper hand, clutching you in a headlock so tight that you began to see stars. You were certain they were going to snap your neck so in an instant you closed your eyes accepting your fate. In that moment the hold on your head got slack. The demon was gone and you dropped to your knees, gasping for air.

Dean stepped in front of you, crouching down carefully as he studied your fragile state. You heard the echo of him calling your name in the back of your mind as your body reeled in the feeling that you could’ve been dead in that split second. It was terrifying, it was the only feeling in your body.

“Y/N!” Dean shouted as he shook you by your shoulders, bringing you back to reality.

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Betrayals In Babysitting- A BruceNat Fic

Title: Betrayals In Babysitting 

Summary: Some sort of AU in which Bruce and Nat are able to stay together after the events of AOU and everyone is happy and it’s all wonderful. Bruce and Nat babysit Clint and Laura’s brood resulting in pure, unabashed fluff. 

Teaser“Really?” He demands of her, clearly torn between amusement and exasperation. She nods proudly, looking pleased with herself as he despairs, his smile running the effect of that somewhat. “You can’t dress him in a ‘little traitor’ onesie.” He tells her reasonably.

Read here: or AO3 

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Twitch [a Kit Walker imagine]

Request: So my friend has only seen the first season of Ahs and I’m Making her marathon the second with me and I remembered just how much of a sweet heart kit is, so can I request the new girl not doing so well and kit helping her out? Maybe some angst/fluff?

a/n: kit walker is a sweetheart that deserves more love…i feel this bc i twitch…..

WARNING: Anxiety (?)

Let’s get one thing straight; you are not insane. So, what are you doing here; in Briarcliff Manor? Balling your hands up in the ugly blue dress, you carefully step into the common room, eyes shooting in every direction. The guard pushes you, making you stumble upon your feet.

Rubbing your hands together, you bring them to your chest, as if they can protect you. To say you’re terrified is an understatement. Feeling the other patients eyes on you makes tears well up. Why are they staring? Your breathing becomes heavy as the cheerful song replays itself.

All you can do is stand in the room; you can’t remember anything. The electric shock therapy helped destroy your mind. “Hey, you alright there, miss?” A tall man asks in a thick Boston accent; your head snaps up to look at him through bloodshot eyes. He reminds you of James Dean, soft brown tousled hair and a sharp jawline; except for those stunning brown orbs.  

Your entire body continues shaking; Y/C/E eyes darting around the room. “I-I don’t kno-I’m scare-I-I don’t know.” You gulp. Shaking your head, your tangled hair swaying. Steamy hot tears cascade down your cheeks. Why can’t you just stop twitching?

The man steps forward, hand outstretched. “Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay.” He tries to calm your nerves; eyes filled with worry locked on yours. “My name’s Kit, Kit Walker.” He introduces, pronouncing Walker like ‘Walka’. His hand rest on your shoulder, seizing the shaking going on with your upper body. “You were in shock therapy?” You nod and he leads you to the torn up couch. “You remember your name, sweetheart?” He questions, sitting you down.

Wrapping your arms around yourself, you shake your head. That’s what really is terrifying you; not being able to remember anything. “I-I don’t - I don’t know…” You stutter, repeating it over again. Waterfalls start dripping from your chin.

Kit puts an arm over your shoulder; his ratty jean shirt crinkling. He knows how you feel, he’s been in that position before. The least he can do is try and help soothe you; somebody ought to in this place. “It’s okay; you’re alright. I’m sure it’ll come back to you soon enough. Then you can tell me.” He coos in your ear, chapped lips in a tight frown.

Your hands tremble, reaching for his rough ones; which he kindly moves.  "T-thank you, M-Mr. Walker…“ You mumble, gazing into his eyes. They are mesmerizing; you feel yourself getting lost in them. The stupid French song becomes static noise that you tune out.

Dimples poke the sides of his face, leaving indents in both his cheeks. The tuft of wavy brown hair bouncing slightly. "Call me Kit, sweetheart.” He grins, pushing the hair out of your wide eyes. Hopefully you’ll remember your name soon. Although…the way he calls you sweetheart…

steve watches bucky plunge down, the silhouette disappearing into the thick of the blizzard. this wasnt what he wanted. his best friend’s yell echoes throughout the mountains like a final call for help. all steve could do was watch as he went further away.

“just go! get out of here!”

steve watches as the glaciers came into view and he thinks of bucky, the way his body plummeted down and into the ice. this is all he hoped for. he speaks with peggy, their final conversation disguising his flood of relief. all steve does is watch as he came closer.

“no. not without you." 


Sam was sitting on a park bench idly watching as a manplayed fetch with his golden retriever. It had been days since their last case, days since they needed to haul ass somewhere to kill something. He knew his brother was probably back at the bunker sleeping or using his alone time to his advantage. All Sam wanted was a nice peaceful afternoon with fresh air and birds chirping. It reminded him of a time before the demons and angels.

“Hello, Sam.”

The hunter didn’t even flinch, almost too conditioned to the gravel voice that would pop in from time to time unexpected. “How’s it going, Cas?”

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Someone told me quality over quantity. Someone else told me that I just write domestic fluff and who cares about that? Well, I care about that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing fluff that always has happy endings or writing about “boring” days in a family. There are authors who write angst in this fandom or smut and they do it SO WELL. I know they are leagues above me when you compare our stories side by side. But I am a fast writer and I always write what makes me happy. I write what I want to read. And to me, my real life has enough sad shit in it and I just want to be able to escape that for a while. So I write about family and their home and their life in that home and in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you do have such a huge problem with that, if you hate what I write, if you think I’m one of the most overrated writers in the Bethyl fandom, there’s something very simple that you can do. You can stop reading.