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Avengers Assemble Steve rescues the love of his life, Tony, from an unspeakable fate – listening to Justin Hammer rant on. No doubt Tony will show his appreciation later on, in private, all night long.

Another amazing commission from @hellogarbagetime. Thank you so much for this wonderful wonderful art (especially Steve’s little grin)! It’s like you read my mind!


I try to hide it but I’m only lying to myself.

happy super belated kastle christmas to @kastleplease! your secret santa gift went missing in action but not to worry, i’ve stepped in and made something just for you. hope your holidays were amazing and that your new year is going just as well! 


imagine spending a day in the desert with bangtan  ©  credit to the rightful gif owners

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okay but does Blue still let Lance into her cockpit? Or does she reject him?

She… does neither. Blue doesn’t really accept him but she also doesn’t reject him. Allura tries her best to calm down Blue but the lion feels betrayed. She knows that it was the princess who ‘killed’ her ‘cub’ but she tries to cooperate with the princess and ‘Lance’ because she realizes the danger the Garla create to every life form..
During missions everyone feels Blue’s distress and pain. It’s so great that the other paladins feel it even though they don’t have a mental connection with her. Blue’s sisters try to console her but their ‘words’ barely help her.
However, it gets worse when everyone goes to bed. They hear a sound that resembles wailing and all of them know it’s Blue. For a moment it seems like Lance starts to return to his former self because to him the wailing reminds like the cries of a woman who lost a child however, he could still the echo of what Allura told him.
This keeps on going for months, until Coran finally suggest looking for a ‘soul doctor’, though the possibility of one being alive today was small. The paladins decided to take the risk and look for one.

UPDATE: Here’s the continuation for this x

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Hey, Fran! Have u ever consider headcanon abt Baku and Kiri met before they entered Yuuei? I mean, just think about it: Baku is a huge bully while Kiri stand up for them who get bullied. Like?? What if they got into fight?? How would they react when they meet again in Yuuei?? WHAT IF KIRI HATED HIM BEFORE

Aw anon, I’m so not gonna give you the answer you hoped you’d get to this haha I’ve talked briefly about something on these lines on my main blog not too long ago, but in general the way I feel about this is, there’s no way Kirishima could ever hate Bakugou. I’m positive their relationship would have been a friendship whatever moment in time they were to meet, tbh!

And this is in part about how Kirishima just doesn’t seem to know how to hate, like, anything so why would he hate Bakugou of all people, but it’s also about how I don’t feel like Bakugou changed all that much between middle school and the first day of high school? Kirishima didn’t meet a perfect version of Bakugou, he met a Bakugou that lauched himself at Deku and had to be restrained by Aizawa, a Bakugou that blew up half a building to beat Deku, a Bakugou that was more yelling and explosions than anything else - and Kirishima looked at him and saw him anyway, you know? He looked at Bakugou fighting against Deku and thought “he looks desperate”. He looked at Bakugou and didn’t stop at his yelling and violence, not even in the very beginning. This would have happened before their UA days too, in my opinion - Kirishima and Bakugou, they have personalities made to fit together. You don’t need to chip anything away for them to like each other, they see worth in each other, they understand each other. When they first became friends Bakugou wasn’t any less shouty and angry and Kirishima wasn’t any less righteous and earnest than how they were back in middle school, all in all!

Well, what you were talking about was a one-time meeting anyway, right? Considering Bakugou’s always been cocky and shouty but has never engaged in uncalled-for fights, and how all his bully-like behaviours have always been restricted only to interacting with Deku, I doubt he would have actually fought Kirishima. At best he could have told him to mind his own business before angrily stomping away, tbh. A meeting like that would have hardly left an impression on either of them, let’s be real haha

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Number 11, Sugakookie

11. “You’re a monster.”

It had been a while since Yoongi and Jungkook had shared a room together while travelling. So when they learned they’d be sharing this time, they were happy.

The thing is, Yoongi had almost forgotten Jungkook’s little tendency to workout no matter where he was. The last time Yoongi had roomed with Jungkook, the younger had brought his own weights with him and worked out right there, in their room. Yoongi had only shook his head at the other and continued his business.

But since then, the staff had found out about it and forbid him from bringing his weights, if only to spare whoever had been handling his luggage. It had hardly registered to Yoongi since then.

But now, watching Jungkook lift a chair (a chair!) steadily, his white tshirt clinging to his soaked skin, leaving little to the imagination, he couldn’t help but wonder how to deal with this.

It was when Jungkook had put down the chair, only to herd Yoongi off the sofa and actually attempt to use that, that Yoongi had to put his foot down.

“Jungkook, you’re gonna hurt yourself.”


“Jungkook. You’ll hurt yourself. Workout if you want, but at least use something else that’s not so dangerous?”


“As long as it’s not dangerous.” 

Jungkook hummed to himself, staring at Yoongi intently in a way that had Yoongi shuffling, before he grinned. Yoongi looked back, warily.

“Come here for a second, hyung?”

Yoongi looked at him suspiciously and Jungkook just smiled back, hand coming out as if to beckon him forward. He sighed and dramatically dragged his feet over to Jungkook, crossing his arms as if to say “what”. 

Jungkook simply giggled and turned around, squatting a bit, and saying “Get on, hyung! You’re my new workout buddy!”

Yoongi simply shook his head, trying hard to not smile as he sighed loudly and got on.

“Really, you brat. You’re a monster,” he said, clinging to the other’s shoulders.

“Hold on tight!” was all he got before Jungkook began his squats. Yoongi simply smiled and pressed his face to the other’s head.

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He Tian x Mo Guanshan -Don’t ever leave me again-

For you, dear anon! <3 Thank you for waiting for me to finish this, it took a while but I stuffed my whole heart into this. Don’t worry, it’s not just angst, there is some major fluff at the end. *wedding bells tolling in the background* I hope you enjoy!



He Tian raised his fist, threatening and his eyes burning like black fire. Hate was oozing from every piece of his body, nothing else mattered besides the feeling of loss and regret. God, he was so fucking gone.

The other man stared right back at him, sinister as the night and a cruel smirk adorning his lips, wide and disgustingly wrong. Black strands of sweaty, bloody hair stuck to his prominent high cheek bones and forehead, throwing dark shadows over the top half of the face he loathed. He couldn’t stand it and rammed his hand into the mirror, breaking it into thousands of pieces, destroying his own accusing reflection, the last thing he wanted to see. A silent scream ripped his throat like one of the glass shards, his whole body felt heavy, so heavy. His knees gave in and he sacked against the wall, slowly sliding down at it, his cut hand leaving bloody prints on the white tiles. As if he’d give a fuck.


 His lips twitched from holding back a laugh. There was nothing. The bathroom door was still open, the house still empty and he was still not…

Slowly, he leaned his head back, staring at the ceiling.

Pathetic, his father would have said. His brother would have said. And worst of all, if he would have witnessed him in this godforsaken second, he would have been of the same opinion.

It was his fault and he deserved this, if he hadn’t just been that sure of himself. Not that sure of his strength. Not that sure that everything would stay within his control. Not that convinced of his options to work out as planned.

Guanshan, his one and only weakness.

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5 and 6 hit me in the feels

5: I’m going to take care of you okay?

6: You can’t die, please don’t die

Your vision is extremely blurry as you try to open your eyes, bright lights are all you see and you have to squint to adjust to them. You try to sit up but immediately regret it as pain shoots up your spine at the sudden movement. You clench your fists, waiting for the pain to subside but you feel something in your left hand. Looking down slowly you see there’s a hand in yours, Shawn’s hand.  He startles awake when he feels you squeeze his hand and his eyes widen when he sees you’re awake. “You’re up, oh my god you’re up,” he leans forward in his chair to be closer to you and you give him a weak smile. 

“What happened?” you don’t remember how you got here, you just remember you were on your way home from work, talking to Shawn through your car speakers. “A truck hit you pretty hard while you were driving and you’ve been out for a couple days now,” his thumb is rubbing back and forth on the back of your hand and it’s relaxing, distracting you from the aches you’re starting to feel now that you’re awake. “But you’ll be fine. I’m going to take care of you okay?” his eyes are concerned as they stare into yours and you nod softly, your throat too dry to say much. 

“I’ll get you some water,” he’s already getting up, wanting to get back to you as soon as possible. Once the door closes you shut your eyes again, your body is body tired and the lights are starting to give you a headache. You don’t get to doze off though, Shawn returning and rushing to your bedside. “No, please wake up, you can’t die please don’t die,” his words are rushed and if you had the energy to laugh you would. Instead you just open your eyes, slowly taking the plastic cup from him and taking a long sip as he watches you. “I’m not dying Shawn, I’m just tired. You’re such a drama queen,” you say as he sits back down, eyeing you cautiously still. “I just don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” he admits quietly, probably more to himself and you reach your hand out, inviting him to hold it. When he does, you give it another squeeze, “You won’t, I promise.” 

Steve listened to every single one of Tony’s rambles about science facts and how Carl Sagan was amazing and smiled even though he couldn’t understand a damn thing. 

Tony teaching Steve the wonders of the 21st Century and how to use DVD’s, or how to record programs.

Steve giving Tony a cup of coffee “because tea is for the weak ones” Steve, or so the genius said. 

Both of them stargazing and Tony would be amazed by how much Steve knew about the stars and the constellations. 

Steve would always get Tony daisies on their anniversary and they would act all gross around each other. Or this is what Bucky and Clint said, anyway.

Steve patching Tony up after a battle, his hands gentle and careful, and yet, his eyes were as cold as stones. 

Steve is filled with the awareness of the ephemerality of life. Of Tony’s life.

Tony wouldn’t let that stop him though. And Steve never said that loving Tony Stark was an easy task.

They would both watch old movies together, the hands laced, Steve’s lips against Tony’s temple and Scarlett O’Hara smiling on the television.

Steve would listen to Tony’s heart beating, giving out slowly, piece by piece, until one day, it stopped.

House of Cards | one


genre: angst, fluff

word count: 12.3k 

preview, one, two

I looked at the teacher yet again, still not being able to completely focus on his words. Not because I didn’t want to or because I thought that his class was boring. I loved his class, it was actually my favorite. I couldn’t understand what he was saying because the people out front, the popular kids, were being too loud for whatever reason.

I rolled my eyes at them and tried my best to block them out. I had done the same thing many times before so it shouldn’t be a problem to do it once more. But when I finally managed to do it I wished that I had stayed oblivious for the rest of the class.

“Yoona, you’re paired with Jungkook”

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Neighbors of the Night (Elijah Mikaelson x Reader) / Part 7

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Summary: Everyone knows about the Mikaelson’s superior vampirism. However, Esther created a secondary group of Original vampires at the same time to function as soulmates for each of her children. The pairs, when together, would have insurmountable power. Thus, when Esther aims to rid her children of their vampire ways, she targets the soulmates as well. When you find yourself the target of Esther’s wrath, you look for the Mikaelsons and stumble upon an unknown soulmate.

Word Count: 1030


        He saw you, motionless, on the ground. Distantly, he heard his mother giving some useless sentiment about his tendencies; all he could think of was you, though. One thing his mother said reached his ears, though. She had noticed his distraught expression and frowned, “Quit brooding, my son. She’ll be back soon enough. In a way.”

        He never had a chance to question what she meant since Klaus and Rebekah abruptly ran in and, while Klaus dealt with Esther, Rebekah ran over after seeing Elijah chained up and you on the ground. He silently nodded to the doll keeping him from ripping the chains from the wall and she nodded back and took out a lighter, setting it on fire. As soon as it was destroyed, he pulled away from the wall and wrapped your limp body in his arms. Rebekah hesitantly asked the question she probably shouldn’t have, “What happened…?”

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Mairon waiting for Melkor to return from …somewhere.

Barisi Episode Tag, 18x17

(Yes, I know Barba wasn’t in this episode. No, I didn’t let that stop me.)

(10.8K. Rafael POV. Fluffy and angst-free. Inspired by Sonny and Rafael wearing almost the exact same outfit, and then wearing literally the exact same outfit. Also inspired by my need to justify why Rafael was missing from Real Fake News, even though Liv needed him. Lastly, in this story I attempt to explain Rafael’s softened personality in S18. So this is the Barba version of Flan, I suppose. Oh and, this is sort of a prequel-tag to the finale. It’ll make sense when you read it.)

Please enjoy.




“Is he here yet?”

“No, Mr. Barba. Not yet. I’ll send him in, as soon as he arrives.”

Rafael sighs.

He’s pretty sure Carmen would sigh too, if she weren’t the consummate professional that she is. He’s asked her five times, already, and the meeting isn’t for another ten minutes.

He can’t help it.

Rafael can’t help feeling nervous.



It’s not his case.

He knows that.

It can’t be his case.

Rafael had to quietly recuse himself.


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My friendo @catsplosionxd made an AU for Pulling the Wires called Worst Case Scenario where everything that could go wrong in PTW, does go wrong. Izuku basically goes full villain because of AFO using a brainwashing quirk. Shouto isn’t there to help him, he enjoys being a villain bc that’s the only thing he can do, and it’s like 99.9% angst. So if you thought PTW was angsty, well, this is worse ; v ; 

Let’s Take a Chance  - a Reverse Emoji Ficlet 

for @jhoomwrites

I picked these emojis out of the three sets you offered:

💐😠🐝✨ : bouquet, angry face, bee, sparkles/stars
I’m not entirely sure my usage of the emoji’s worked in all cases, or counts quite? I bolded every use though.

Word Limit - 2k. I managed it, right on the dot and it was SO HARD to do! 

Supernatural, Dean/Cas/Benny, Flower Shop AU, mild angst, flowers

Dean and Cas met Benny when Cas got a job as a florist – in Benny’s shop: Bee’s Boutique. Cas had utterly fallen in love with the name alone, taking it as a sign that this was where he was meant to be.

The man was certainly not what either Cas or Dean had been expecting and it threw them for a loop. Still, he had the best flower shop in town. It was obvious Benny loved his job, and Cas had been really looking forward to working there and learning from the best. He’ d been miserable as an accountant, so finally finding something that made the sparkle return to his eyes and add a spring to his step was something Dean wasn’t going to get in the way of.

Even if he was suspicious of Benny’s attentions towards his boyfriend almost from the start.

At first it was fine. Dean dropped Cas off every morning and stopped in at lunch time with coffee from their favorite shop. On Cas’s break, he excitedly told Dean about all the things he’d been learning. The best way to take care of each flower or plant, which plant feeds were the best for them, how to properly set up a bouquet, even the meanings behind each flower and each plant, the nuances told in colors and petals.

It made Dean so happy to see Cas so passionate again. The job his family had pushed him into had drained him, right down to the core. Only his love for Dean had kept Cas sane.

But with each passing day, each passing month, Dean became more and more jealous.

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