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Avengers Assemble Steve rescues the love of his life, Tony, from an unspeakable fate – listening to Justin Hammer rant on. No doubt Tony will show his appreciation later on, in private, all night long.

Another amazing commission from @hellogarbagetime. Thank you so much for this wonderful wonderful art (especially Steve’s little grin)! It’s like you read my mind!


imagine spending a day in the desert with bangtan  ©  credit to the rightful gif owners

tiny-but-deadly replied to your post “imagine that… - shiro’s still gone and it has been months, the black…”

okay but does Blue still let Lance into her cockpit? Or does she reject him?

She… does neither. Blue doesn’t really accept him but she also doesn’t reject him. Allura tries her best to calm down Blue but the lion feels betrayed. She knows that it was the princess who ‘killed’ her ‘cub’ but she tries to cooperate with the princess and ‘Lance’ because she realizes the danger the Garla create to every life form..
During missions everyone feels Blue’s distress and pain. It’s so great that the other paladins feel it even though they don’t have a mental connection with her. Blue’s sisters try to console her but their ‘words’ barely help her.
However, it gets worse when everyone goes to bed. They hear a sound that resembles wailing and all of them know it’s Blue. For a moment it seems like Lance starts to return to his former self because to him the wailing reminds like the cries of a woman who lost a child however, he could still the echo of what Allura told him.
This keeps on going for months, until Coran finally suggest looking for a ‘soul doctor’, though the possibility of one being alive today was small. The paladins decided to take the risk and look for one.

UPDATE: Here’s the continuation for this x

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hey friend...i see some fe heroes over there my dude, idk if you want to write him but...i freaking love alfonse, i need some angst fluff if you know what i mean

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It was when you were gone for long periods of time that Alfonse worried. You weren’t really one to wander around or spend time alone, after all.

Without you by his side, it felt strange. It felt empty, lonely; that’s what scared him. Sure, you were allowed to do whatever you wanted. You were an independent human being, after all.

But it didn’t help that the feelings of anxiety that swallowed him constantly increased a thousand-fold when you weren’t beside him.

Just like this moment, when you were nowhere to be found. The crown prince frowned deeply, looking around the camp. You weren’t with Shareena, or Anna. None of the summoned heroes knew where you were, either. It was perplexing, and terrifying.

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He Tian x Mo Guanshan -Don’t ever leave me again-

For you, dear anon! <3 Thank you for waiting for me to finish this, it took a while but I stuffed my whole heart into this. Don’t worry, it’s not just angst, there is some major fluff at the end. *wedding bells tolling in the background* I hope you enjoy!



He Tian raised his fist, threatening and his eyes burning like black fire. Hate was oozing from every piece of his body, nothing else mattered besides the feeling of loss and regret. God, he was so fucking gone.

The other man stared right back at him, sinister as the night and a cruel smirk adorning his lips, wide and disgustingly wrong. Black strands of sweaty, bloody hair stuck to his prominent high cheek bones and forehead, throwing dark shadows over the top half of the face he loathed. He couldn’t stand it and rammed his hand into the mirror, breaking it into thousands of pieces, destroying his own accusing reflection, the last thing he wanted to see. A silent scream ripped his throat like one of the glass shards, his whole body felt heavy, so heavy. His knees gave in and he sacked against the wall, slowly sliding down at it, his cut hand leaving bloody prints on the white tiles. As if he’d give a fuck.


 His lips twitched from holding back a laugh. There was nothing. The bathroom door was still open, the house still empty and he was still not…

Slowly, he leaned his head back, staring at the ceiling.

Pathetic, his father would have said. His brother would have said. And worst of all, if he would have witnessed him in this godforsaken second, he would have been of the same opinion.

It was his fault and he deserved this, if he hadn’t just been that sure of himself. Not that sure of his strength. Not that sure that everything would stay within his control. Not that convinced of his options to work out as planned.

Guanshan, his one and only weakness.

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Barisi Episode Tag, 18x17

(Yes, I know Barba wasn’t in this episode. No, I didn’t let that stop me.)

(10.8K. Rafael POV. Fluffy and angst-free. Inspired by Sonny and Rafael wearing almost the exact same outfit, and then wearing literally the exact same outfit. Also inspired by my need to justify why Rafael was missing from Real Fake News, even though Liv needed him. Lastly, in this story I attempt to explain Rafael’s softened personality in S18. So this is the Barba version of Flan, I suppose. Oh and, this is sort of a prequel-tag to the finale. It’ll make sense when you read it.)

Please enjoy.




“Is he here yet?”

“No, Mr. Barba. Not yet. I’ll send him in, as soon as he arrives.”

Rafael sighs.

He’s pretty sure Carmen would sigh too, if she weren’t the consummate professional that she is. He’s asked her five times, already, and the meeting isn’t for another ten minutes.

He can’t help it.

Rafael can’t help feeling nervous.



It’s not his case.

He knows that.

It can’t be his case.

Rafael had to quietly recuse himself.


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Emmerdale Angst Post

This s/l keeps finding newer ways to offend me. It’s like Robert’s bisexuality will never truly be accepted. 

He was shamed and abused by his father for being attracted to men. If Aaron and Robert don’t deal with Aaron’s biphobia, he is going to be made to feel uncomfortable about the part of him that is attracted to women.

Robert is allowed to be attracted to both genders, and he shouldn’t ever have to feel ashamed of either part of himself.

bellarke fic recs (part 2)

 for some reason my old fic rec list is circling again, so I thought i would add some of my new favs to the fire. yanno, as one does.

things we shouldn’t do - 78k, in progress. celebs/actors au!!!  very good use of adding social media. it’s hard to do but done v well. the angst is real, and so is the enemies to lovers trope. it’s written beautifully and seamlessly argh

sent and delivered - 12k. a wonderful social media au!! bell is clarke’s lyft driver and it’s wonderful. just saying.

scrambling to eggs-plain - 2k. v cute oneshot!! if you’re in the mood for some angst free bellarke I highly recommend this.

it’s just chemicals that make me cling to you - 28k. soulmate au!!! people stop aging after 18 until they meet their soulmate. so angsty. so gr8.

what makes a sailor - 2k. artist! clarke. bell is a tour guide. the whole this is very poetic and wonderful.

come on, reach out (touch me) - 5k. bell is a ghost and clarke is very drawn to him it’s weird but honestly so good ok give it a shot

though i am death, you are life - 3k. the hades and persephone au. need i say more?

givers prove unkind- rockband au! bell writes an album about clarke. also gr8.

will probably add more later??? idk. enjoy!!

importance | newt scamander

prompt: You say you like angst? Well so do I! If you haven’t written one, can you write about Newt and the reader having a lover’s quarrel but then making up and stuff? If you have written one, can you tell me the title? Thx

theme: angst and sad newt because I live for that :-)

warnings: arguing?

author note: pls send help, idk what I’ve done.

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You breathed in slowly. Trying your best to keep yourself cool and collected as you stitched up yet another injury on Newt’s arm. This had become quite the habit for you–truly. He would apparate into your kitchen or living room or bed room, the first place in your apartment he could think of, and more than likely fall out just after laying eyes on you.

And he knew exactly what you were thinking. He always did. He breathed in swiftly and glanced over at you, his features were taut with each stitch but he continued to watch you. The words coming out swiftly, having been repeated to much that it was mostly just a rehearsal for the next time.

“I know what you’re thinking and they aren’t dangerous.” His voice was small, knowing your argument already. Eyes suddenly flickering away and to anything else in the room.

Your eyes snapped up at man, jaw clenching tightly, “I never said they were Newt. The only thing I’ve ever said was maybe you shouldn’t go after the bigger ones. At least by yourself.”

He glanced over at you tentatively. Trying to read your expression but he already knew how this was going to go. You were worried about him and you probably always would be. Having seen the scars and having to stitch up everything new you had all the right to be.

“You know I can’t do that.” He fumbles out between a thick breath as you start to finish up on of the many cuts too deep to leave alone.

It’s moments like these where you realize just how stubborn her actually it. His absolutely disregard for himself was outstandingly stupid and he was almost too prideful to even consider working with someone. However, you knew it wasn’t exactly pride as well.

“I could help you.” Your voice was becoming harsher with each word, “maybe you wouldn’t get so banged up each time you go out, hmm?”/p>

He looked at you again, “no, I’d hate for you to get hurt–”

“Hurt like you?”

Something about the way you said that causes him to pull away from your touch. Neither of you are exactly sure what it is that makes him do it but you curl up your fingers and he starts to curl up into himself.

Yes. Exactly like that.” His voice was rougher than he intended for it to be. You were already upset with him and he knew this would make it worse–practically the makings of a fight and he really didn’t want to fight about this. Not again.

You left the bathroom to put your things away seeing as he wasn’t going to let you continue working on him. Both of you were on edge. He was constantly getting hurt now and the Ministry was putting more and more pressure on him to hurry up and finish his book. Especially after the incident in New York. This was causing quite the little riff in your relationship.

“I just want you to be safe, it’s important to me.” You called over your shoulder as you walked to your room to put the small box back under your bed.

“I’m completely safe all the time thank you very much.” He answered you and the neighbors could probably hear you through the thin walls. That meaning you would get a tongue-lashing the next morning for being so loud.

You but down on your tongue to try and keep yourself calm–which wasn’t working out to well if you were being honest with yourself.

“Oh yeah,” you said sarcastically as you walked back toward the bathroom, “showing up at my apartment, covered in blood, and on the verge of passing out is definitely safe.

Whenever you walked back in he had his head leaning against the counter. Exhausted to say the very least. His entire body shook from the pain and you knew you couldn’t continue with your fight, at least not at that moment in time.

You sighed deeply and slid a soothing hand up and down his back, “we can talk about this in the morning, but you really need to eat and rest.”

He closed his eyes and stands, your arm wrapped around his waist and helping him through the apartment. You can feel each muscle tense up and let go as you make your way towards the kitchen to get him something to eat.

…how many times do you think Dan shapeshifted into Danny to psychologically mess with Valerie? she doesn’t seem fazed by Danny until Sam and Tucker show up. 

“You can’t fool me this time, Phantom!”

“It’s not possible… This is a trick!!”

can you imagine Valerie’s reaction to seeing Danny Fenton again? …or what could have happened afterwards?

i feel it coming.

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i feel it coming.

members: namjoon, oc - reader

genre: fluff

warnings: implied smut, language, alcohol


stargirl all i knowa lonely nightdie for yousecretsnothing without yousix feet under

The bright sunlight peeking in from the slightly opened curtains woke you up. You rubbed your eyes and sat, stretching and yawning as though you’d been asleep for months. It wasn’t until you reached down to remove the blanket from your lower body that you realized you weren’t in your own bed. You glanced around and knew for a fact that you weren’t in your small, lavender smelling bedroom either. You shot out of the strange bed as though it was on fire, noticing that the opposite side was empty but looked as though someone had previously been there. Your head began to ache and you closed your eyes, rubbing your temple while trying to recall what had gone down the previous night. When you heard the deep humming from outside the room your mind seemed to click and remember what exactly occurred during your slightly drunk rampage the night before.

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Here’s your warning: I suck at angst. To be absolutely honest, I forgot angst was a thing, I’m incredibly weak to it and especially b a d at writing it. But you requested, so I’ll deliver. Here’s your Shouto angst sweetheart.

He didn’t see the villain who stood by, waiting to make an appropriate move. His attention was stolen by the other three villains he had his hands full with, but you weren’t so preoccupied.

You ran in from your own fight to help, but upon seeing Todoroki stand with the three villains trapped in a glacier, your worries were put aside. Your lips form his name when you see it, glinting in the dim streetlights, the metal of a gun pointed at the back of your boyfriends’ head. Instead of telling him to move, you run forward faster than you’ve ever moved before. You think you do end up yelling something at him, but all surrounding sounds take a backseat to the one sound which you didn’t want to hear.

There’s a moment of total silence and you think you’re crying because your vision has blurred. You see Todoroki fall but it’s weird; you’re watching him fall towards you.

You pushed him aside and replaced him; you took the bullet instead; you fell down with a bullet lodged inside you, just under your rib cage. Todoroki’s first instinct was to help you but he knew he had to find the villain first. He couldn’t risk them firing another shot.

With his breath held and hands trembling, he looks around for the shooter just in time to watch them hide around the corner of a building. His ice crawls along the floor and he crouches down when he hears the tell-tale sign of the villain getting trapped. He’s quick to turn his attention back to you, eyes going immediately to the wound which spills blood like a fountain.

“[Y/N],” he calls tentatively, a warm hand settles on your cheek as the other hovers over the wound, unsure if he should apply pressure. The bullet didn’t go all the way through, that much he knows. “Hey, just keep your eyes open and it’ll be okay, keep breathing,” he knows he’s a panicked mess but he’s trying.

Over the emotions of panic and fear, he can feel guilt clawing its way to the top. He should’ve seen them, he should’ve been more careful, how could he let you get hurt like this?

Todoroki is shaking, you can feel it despite not being able to feel much else. You manage a weak smile and he’s not smiling back. You can see the way his eyes are shining, how his lip is pulled between his teeth, his brow is scrunched and somehow he’s still pretty when he’s worried and scared. You try to tell him, try to make light of the situation, but when you open your mouth blood spills out instead and you see his panic turn into horror.

Oh, you know that’s not a good sign.

“Shit,” he hisses and puts his hand over the wound, only lightly pressing, deciding it’s better than just sitting by and waiting for help. He doesn’t want to risk damage to your spinal cord either. He doesn’t realise he’s bitten through his lip until he can taste the blood on his tongue, but his own injuries are the least of his worries.

You want to tell him you’re okay but you can feel yourself slipping. You can’t feel anything on the surface of your skin but you can feel and hear your heart in your ears, and it’s slower than you’ve ever heard it before.

I didn’t think dying would be so scary, you think that if you weren’t losing blood your heart would be pumping it wildly to match the shock and fear you felt. You can see it in the way Todoroki’s breathing has quickened that he’s feeling the same, if not even more than you.

But now it’s hard to see at all. You feel tired, even more tired than the time you stayed up until 10 AM to binge a new TV show. You can’t fight the heavy feeling in your eyelids anymore. Todoroki noticed. He’s speaking, and what was once the sound of his voice from underwater is now white noise.

You drown once more in the grey and turquoise irises that, before this moment, looked at you with all the adoration and love in the world. And you hope, futilely, that you were able to convey those feelings back to him in this moment.

“Please don’t leave, I love you.” 

You don’t even get to see his lips move at his last words.

Sits down and stares at the wall.
It’s just a show and everything will be fine.
But I swear to all that is holy if either Missy or Bill get permafridged for that holier than thou self-important idiot in a box, things WILL get thrown.