they do and its good no u cant have any

  Things are rarely as they seem and you mustn’t become too comfortable with a given scenario or season of life, lest you take it for granted. It’s all about that old saying that you don’t really know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Owl City is about capturing the ups and downs and enjoying them to the fullest.

this may be asking a lot but recently my dog ate something… and hes doing nothing but throwing up all yesterday and today. he can’t keep a thing down - not even water. and hes in a lot of pain. he cries and throws his body against our walls bc his stomach hurts so badly (i assume). we cant give him any pain pills bc he’ll just throw them up. anyway, we dont have any money to take him to a vet. i dont know how to ask this but if we could have some prayers (if anyone prays) or just good thoughts or whatever it is that u do… send some our way or to him… that he gets better or we come into money or something bc its very worrisome.

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I'm feeling so many emotions right now I don't know what to do, I want to change the world, I want to burn it to the ground, I want to make the most of my life but I also just want it to end. I feel powerful and powerless at the same time but overall I just feel anger like nothing I've ever known.

!!! like u have a lot of ideas or thoughts tht u just cant put into words/action or dont know how????

if its something like that, try keeping a journal (or rlly keep a journal anyway bc its a good way to let out anger) and bullet point any idea or thought that comes to mind even if u think its a silly one u can always scribble things out or rip out pages if u arent happy w/ it or get angry

i usually doodle in mine if i cant put into words what im feeling or thinking? then if it was something negative ill come back to it and either rip it out/burn the page

also im always here to listen if u need someone to talk to 

Addiction and mental illnesses are things that a lot of band members have to go thru. And it sucks and i would like to support them thru that, but just because theyre having a hard time doesnt mean i need to like them. No, its not acceptable to hate someone solely based off of their addiction/mental illnesses, but “bandom” needs to stop twisting every opinion into something more than it actually is. The amount of people who hate a band member for their addictions/mental illnesses is little to none, so maybe u should stop looking at everyone as a Perfect Cinnamon Roll that cant do any Wrong and start realizing the #facts. Yes this is a vague @yall who say pete wentz is a good guy just bc hes half black and mentally ill

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thank you for responding. i desperately want to sit down and talk to him but i just get so angry when i think about it i just cry and i cant do anything. ive been angry alot lately because of this, maybe ill muster up the courage one day but thank you for responding i dont have anyone to talk to

 i’ll always be here, for any reason at all, anon :3c

 perhaps a third party person would be good? explain to them how you feel, and then they can explain to your dad? its hard putting on a brave face when you feel like crying. but it’s ok to cry too! it’s a completely natural response to stress lmao i cry all the time myself

 anger is ok too. i can’t say i experience it myself but uhm uhm do ur best i guess? ye

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hey so ive been wanting to get into anime for a bit and my friend said for me to watch AOT and i watched like 5or 6 episodes but its just not my thing. (i dont like all the deaths) so do u have any good suggestions of ones that dont have any (or at least not a lot) of death. (like no horror animes)

if youre looking for action and minimal death, id suggest Fairy Tail (my absolute favorite anime), Gurren Lagann, Gatchaman Crowds, A Certain Magical Index, or Sailor Moon. Be warned though, Fairy Tail and Sailor Moon have a LOT of episodes. if youre looking for slice of life i cant really be of much help because i usually dont watch that. if youre looking for comedy i would suggest Baka and Test, Kill la Kill (warning, its fanservice heavy and gory but i dont remember really any deaths), Love Live, or A Certain Scientific Railgun. im sorry if none of these are what youre looking for, i usually dont get people asking for reccomendations

was slapped and told that I’m not responsible.
I am responsible, how can i talk kung palo ka ng palo sa bibig ko
how can i talk if im too scared of you
not because im not looking doesn’t mean i don’t listen
you always makes me feel that I’m not good enough
i don’t stud at home, cause its better for me to rest than to stress again myself jut like wat im doing at school
i am studying at school, i am active in everything
i cant be someone who u wanted me to be na mapayat
i cant be someone who u wanted me to have a long beautiful hair
i know everything that ur doing was for me and dad and kuya
but come on, lets get serious about something
have you ever answered any of our questions without shouting??
u tod me na pinapaiya kita madalas, how come? i only said “ma mali date mo”
how much was that compared on how you correct my mistake, shane’s, kenneth’s, kuya justine’s, dad’s and kuya’s???
ur always angry and mad everyday, kada sumisigaw ka natataranta kame w/c causes us to do someting wrong again
when someone of us made wrong nadadamay ang iba
when you told me to clean myself earlier after the talk
i was thinking while having my bath about myself.
am i not good enough for you?
are my medals and trophies and certificates aren’t good enough for you?
how ‘bout my scholarship? aren’t they good enough for you?
how can i answer your every question when u keep on shouting and not toning your voice down?
i actually imagined myself hanging thinking “maybe that’ll be better kase wala na kayong iintindihin, no tuition problems, no headache” kumbaga isang bagsakan na lang ng gastos sa burol ko. But then may pangarap ako sa buhay hindi tulad ng sinabi niyong wala.

I promise to make myself proud one day. I’ll be working for my good and yours. hihiwalay ako para wala ng magpapasakit ng ulo niyo every second every minute every hour and every day. Yun lang.

P.S It’s not a suicide note