they didn't turn on the fountain so nothing in me changed

Without a Doubt, You're the One I Dream About

Title: Without a Doubt, You’re the One I Dream About
Warnings: None
Pairings: Louis/Harry, Zayn/Liam
Words: +13000
Summary: Louis is rich and famous. Harry works at his daughters daycare center. Zayn and Liam are madly in love. Niall is Louis’ friend with transportation benefits. Maybe, somehow, everything will work out okay. Someday.
A/N: this was going to be short but no. No that never works out for me. In the middle of writing this my computer decided to be a dipshit and malfunction, so I had go finish it on my phone. That’s why at one part the indents aren’t as indented. I know, arrest me. Well enjoy. Sorry if it sucks. Might do a sequel if ya want because I feel like it doesn’t wrap up enough. I apologize for any spelling errors or what not, I tried to fix what I could but quite frankly I’m tired. I’ll fix it more later. Enjoy xx

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