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“Welcome to Skyloft!”

A photoset of the wip of my hacked ACNL town featuring the character I made to represent my boyfriend!
It’s super barren right now, but it’s getting there!!

Elements of this town are inspired by @pasteliapeaches , @mischacrossing , and several of the dream towns Micha has visited!!
Both of these dudes are super cool, you should check them out!!

Also, I think the saddest part of Senketsu’s death is this line right here: “Don’t cry, Ryuko…”

Because Ryuko and Senketsu? They have this whole recurring thing about “not crying.”

There’s how Ryuko is the most upset about how she made Senketsu cry when she lost control and turned the both of them into a horrible monster (episode 13)…

There’s how the “bitter tears” Ryuko mentioned in her heart-to-heart with Senketsu make a return later on, when she swears that she’ll never make him cry again (episode 17)…

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And there’s how Ryuko’s promise to hold back her rage is a promise she tries so hard to be true to, controlling her anger so well when she meets up with Nui again that even the animation tells you that her actions here are special (episode 18).

Then, right after Ryuko runs away upon learning the truth of her origins (episode 20), Senketsu mentions the “bitter tears” himself (at least in the original Japanese script). Senketsu realizes how awful it is to see a loved one so upset that they’re crying, and he dedicates himself to helping Ryuko and easing her pain. He doesn’t want to see Ryuko cry, either.

But what makes Senketsu’s dying line of “don’t cry” so sad isn’t just that it hurts Senketsu to see Ryuko in tears—it’s also what Ryuko’s crying represents here.

Because Ryuko isn’t crying in the end due to some horrible battle injury. She isn’t crying because she feels like a monster, or like her whole life was a lie. 

She’s crying because she loves Senketsu. 

She’s crying because the thought of a life without him hurts her.

And this is sad, because Senketsu’s whole story is so much about self-love and appreciation. He spends the show being referred to as a monster, as nothing more than an object, as a parasite, a weapon—heck, there are even points when Ryuko dismisses his humanity. 

But through being Ryuko’s partner, Senketsu grows to care about himself. He comes to think of himself as someone who has meaning, and this is so significant that it is a crucial reason why he’s able to reach Senketsu-Kisaragi with Ryuko and save the planet. As Senketsu puts it himself, he’s not just clothing—he’s a person too, with a will all his own. He matters. 

But the thing about being someone who matters… well. It means that when you get hurt, you also hurt the people who care about you. It means that when you know you’re not going to make it and she knows it too, she cries.

So when Senketsu’s shocked when Ryuko refers to him as a “friend” for the first time…

And still shocked when she says it again…

And again…

And when he can’t stop staring after Ryuko says stuff like this…

Or when she puts her life on the line for his sake…

Over and over again…

Well, finally, after the battle’s won, as he’s falling apart, Senketsu really, truly gets it. 

He’s loved. He’s cared for.

And that means his death isn’t nothing, no matter how much he would want it to be, and no matter how much he doesn’t want to hurt Ryuko.

And he can only manage to say, “Don’t cry…”

i also compiled a christpunchers(and a bit of general fahc) reference sheet(minus the one in the upper left corner. i just thought it would be cool for Jack’s character to have this tattoo)

Thought, i would share it, in case anyone needs references for the gang(cuz i know i need all the time)


i don’t normally post things like this here but these gdrawings i made while trying to explain jojo’s overall plot to to a friend during a skype call crack me tf up every time i see them on my screen

Evening Mint Tea

Pairing: Amami/Saihara (AmaSai)
Characters: Rantarou Amami, Shuuichi Saihara, Kaede Akamatsu, Kokichi Ouma (mentioned), Miu Iruma (mentioned)
Words: 2,476
AO3 Link: here

Description: “A mint-haired fox whose entire personality is a syrupy disguise… His type are ones that never dare to take the risk with owlish guys.”

A/N: Very loosely based on this prompt. Almost 100% headcanon-based, self-indulgent stuff! I kept a lot of things vague on purpose, since I feel that it works best that way considering the limited info we know about NDRV3. At the time of writing this, I know <5% about the characters’ canon personalities, so if anyone’s reading this in the future for some reason, please keep that in mind. This probably won’t be IC at all when the game actually releases, but it was fun for me to muse about and write up.

With all that said… I hope you enjoy the fic under the cut! Likes/reblogs are extremely appreciated if you do~ ☆

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