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a comic about me learning how to drive

Mystic Messengers characters as things my friends did or said while high

Yoosung: Brought a glass of water on their own and believed it was one of their biggest accomplishments ever

Zen: “You can’t just have a threesome because the 3rd person will be left out and thats not nice”

Jaehee:  “Does my voice sound funny [Marlen]? ahhhhhhhhhh”

Jumin: Asks for more cookies even though they haven’t even eaten the ones you gave them earlier 

Saeyoung: “[Marlen] could totally take on Satan and kick his ass! Praise the lord”

V: Is taking care of the group [Me] and making sure they’re not too loud

Saeran: Is quiet and doozing off but becomes paranoid once V [Me] is gone to bed. 

after a lot of deliberation, here are the members of the lorde and dan and phil net! all of the applicants were incredibly unique and interesting, and i wish i could include you all but that would truly be madness. thank you all for applying!!

anastasia, @phlst

ava, @curlydans

cecilia, @softrebrand

ella, @sufjanlester

francesca, @overcasthowell

india, @lumiinesance

ivy, @fondnp

juleanna, @danandphildogs

kenzie, @theoldlondonflat

maddie, @2009z

monique, @louvrephil

paige, @roseyboys

patricia, @edgypastels

phoebe, @fringez

ruby, @intertwned

zar, @liabilitylester

be mindful of the following triggers: throw up/throwing up, the words “skinny” and “fat”, calories, and weight, graphic self harm, suicide, snakes, spiders, eating disorders, sexual abuse, racism, and biphobia

thanks again for applying, and i’m excited for the future! ✨

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Hi um.... How do the faeformers look? I've been wondering for a while but didn't know if it was ok to ask.

I tend to picture most of them as very alien/monstrous looking, with a few that happen to look more like humans (though any of them can appear human if they wish).  So here we have Optimus, Elita and Starscream who are all faeformer court rulers (hence the crowns).  And over on the right are Tarn, Knock Out, Breakdown, and Arcee.  I might tweak some of these designs later on, but you get the general idea.

To all the new Jonerys fans out there

I expect that after this season we’re going to get an influx of new shippers who ship our lovely ship and I just wanted to make a quick post to tell all of them welcome :) We’re so glad you’re here! We’re always looking to have new members and we welcome whatever you bring to the table. You’re in great company-the Jonerys fandom houses some of the most creative people I’ve ever met, from artists to writers to gif makers to meta writers. There’s a wide variety, and we’re all happy to talk or to answer any questions you might have. Again, you’re in a great place and we’re so happy that you joined us! Enjoy the show (and the fact that our ship is *probably* finally going to become canon) !

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Hey about do you think about A little Mermaid au for Appleshipping with Rin as the princess and Yugo as the merman.... I thought you could use to cheer you up from the last one...

I love the idea……. so I did a quick AU scene thing for it…. Ahhh I’m so out of practice :’) but thanks for the inspiration! 

i’m so glad you guys are enjoying the comic like ???? 

it’s so flawed but you all have been so kind ❤

i would like to note somethin i should have made more clear: the last comic was from BAD END and it branched off partway through true end - Matt is not dead (yet) in true end and he also has legs

there are so many times when i’m like ‘ah yes i feel cute today’ and i take a selfie and it doesn’t look quite right so i take more and more and more and they all look so horrible and not like me and i just end up feeling so much worse about myself because ‘well i thought i looked cute but i guess i’m just as ugly as i always suspected’