they didn't chat the whole time

Love potion
  • Hermione: Apparently Malfoy's trying to smuggle you a love potion.
  • Harry: *intrigued* Really?
  • Hermione: *snaps her fingers in front of his face* Hey! He's only interested in you because he thinks you’re gay.
  • Harry: But I am gay.
  • Hermione: *about to smack Harry* Wait, you are?
  • Harry: Wtf, Hermione. It's so bloody obvious!
  • Dean: It really is.
  • Seamus: Definitely.
  • Neville: Known it the whole time.
  • Ron: Really? I didn't.
  • Ginny: Come on, Ron!
  • Slughorn: Called it! Minerva, you owe me five galleons!
  • McGonagall: What? I was the one who told you Potter was gay!
  • Dumbledore: And I was the one who told you, Draco has the hots for him! To be fair, Severus was the one who discovered it.
  • Snape: Why, in Salazar's name, had I to be the one to walk in on Draco, trying to bewitch that disturbing voodoo doll of Potter?!

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I'm disappointed Peter, didn't become mayor, like Ian's pic hinted. I would have LOVED to see that. Like fine, he only has to bide his time until these stupid kids leave for college, then he'll find an alpha to kill. In the meantime, he can put on a good face and turn the charm on. What would be more fun than manipulating a whole town into giving him power? And Peter actually is good for BH. When stiles comes back to see his dad, Peter smiles "hello darling, just chatting w my fav sheriff"

Oh, you know that’s where Peter’s going to end up. In his suit, with his fancy cars, and that smirk. And everyone loves him. He’s probably the most corrupt mayor they’ve ever had in the history of Beacon Hills, but the town has never looked better! 

Bluberry drawn for an AT

The Adrien Diaries...

3 Apr 2017

Do you know those days, when you wake up feeling refreshed, and the sun is shining and everything just seems to go your way?

…me neither.

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Jack Kelly over there telling his friends to drink water and get a good night’s sleep and go to the doctor like he doesn’t forget to eat for days at a time and stay up all night painting and drink paint water more than normal water like lmao okay Dad, sure you’re the responsible one here.

  • minseok: idk what the tumblr exo-ls are talking about and suspecting me for no reason at all
  • kyungsoo: we should've admitted them into the mental asylum three years ago but sm didn't let us
Avengers Chatroom: Insomnia
  • Y/N has created a chatroom.
  • Y/N has invited Tony, Sam, Wanda, Nat, Vision, Clint, Bucky, Steve.
  • Y/N: Hi.
  • Y/N: Hello.
  • Y/N: who's awake
  • Y/N: I'm bored
  • Wanda: Y/N it's 3am
  • Y/N: ... I'm aware
  • Wanda: So go to sleep, everyone else is probably asleep as well.
  • Y/N: I can't :(
  • Wanda: I will make you a drink my mother used to make Pietro and I when we couldn't sleep. Brb.
  • Wanda has left the chat.
  • Odin has joined the chat.
  • Y/N: Wtf
  • Odin: Hello, Midgardian.
  • Y/N: I must be hallucinating
  • Odin: You are not.
  • Y/N: why ... How ...
  • Odin: Do you really think that Asgard wouldn't be able to have internet? It is the most technologically advanced realm. Talking to you from one realm to another is easy.
  • Y/N: damn that's some good WiFi you have there
  • Odin: It is.
  • Y/N: so like.. Can u add Thor
  • Odin: No? What? Loki? My son is dead. I must go - Asgard calls. King duty, yes, goodbye.
  • Y/N: WAIT
  • Odin: Yes?
  • Y/N: add Thor before u leave pls
  • Odin has left the chat.
  • Y/N: No chill, that one has.
  • Nat: Sleep, you must. NOW.
  • Y/N: I am waiting for Wanda.
  • Nat: Bed right after.
  • Y/N: Yes, mom. Night <3
  • Nat: Night.
  • Nat has left the chat.
  • Steve: how do I switch off notifications on my phone
  • Y/N: Suffer with me.
  • Steve: Fine.
  • Y/N: this is why you're my favorite :)
  • Tony: excUSE ME
  • Y/N: Aren't you supposed to be asleep
  • Tony: I never sleep. Working on a new suit.
  • Y/N: This whole time you were awake but didn't say anything.
  • Tony: Um, so Loki is alive and stuff.
  • Steve: We should discuss the whole Loki thing later on
  • Y/N: oh Wanda is here, night guys!
  • Y/N has left the chat.
  • Steve: I sacrificed my sleep for you. And you just leave. Y/N why.
  • Steve has left the chat.
  • Tony: alone, again :(
  • Tony has left the chat.
  • Odin has joined the chat.
  • Odin: Fools! They never suspected it is I, Loki!
  • Vision: Yes they did, if you'd read the chat you'd see they know it is you.
  • Odin: Who tf are u
  • Vision: I am Vision.
  • Odin: K.
  • Odin has left the chat.
  • Vision has left the chat.

✨Group Chat✨

✨This whole post is on some drugs✨

🦄But Jin is me in group chats, pop up at the most random times, say some dumb shit and you don’t see me again until 2 hours later lmfao🦄

  • [After Nick finds out Judy hung out with Jack]
  • Judy: Look, when it started I was just trying to be nice to him.
  • Judy: and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, we
  • Nick, while gasping: Oh my god..
  • Judy: wait, we only did it once,and we went to the worst stores I swear!
  • Nick: I can't believe you..
  • Judy: It didn't mean anything to me!
  • Nick, sarcastically: Yeah right, sure..
  • Judy: I was thinking about you the whole time, Nick!
  • Nick: That doesn't make me feel any better!!
  • Judy: Look, I'm sorry, I never meant for you to find out.
  • Nick: Okay Judy,I just have to know one thing..
  • Nick: Were his jokes funnier than mine?
  • Judy: ...
  • Nick, voice cracking: just really need to not be with you right now.
NT Moments - Just our usual relationship
  • ENTJ is taking a trip abroad with friends in a few days.
  • INTP: No ENTJ for a week *makes fake sniffing sounds* Sad.
  • ENTJ: What are you talking about? We didn't meet since last weekend even though I was around the whole time, and you're totally fine.
  • INTP: We didn't?
  • ENTJ: Yea.
  • INTP: Hmm...true. Ok bye then!

CN: To do list: thank Papillon.

(Chat’d sent him a gift basket or something if he knew where Papillon live. IF HE KNEW.

Am I late for an anniversary post? Yes? Oh).

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so I've just come out of a match as Ana and whenever I healed our Roadhog they said thanks even if they didn't need it and I said thanks back and I just HAD to let you know that I love this beautiful and polite Roadie b/c I was imagining your hs Mako the whole time

it makes me so happy when tanks are nice to ana !!! i had a similar experience, i was ana and i saved a roadhog twice and they wrote in the chat something like “thank little lady” and i was like !!!!! in conclusion, please be nice to your tiny old lady (also it’s so sweet of you to think about hs au mako omg)

EXO CHATS EP. 3 (Midnight Snack//Hunhan)
  • (RoomateAU)
  • -KITCHEN 2am-
  • Sehun: *rubbing eyes* Luhan?
  • Luhan: Hm? Oh, Sehun-ah! *is chewing on ramyun* Why are you still up?
  • Sehun: I think I'm the one who should be asking you that
  • Luhan: I was hungry so I made myself some ramyun. Midnight snack ya feel?
  • Sehun: It's not even midnight.
  • Luhan: Whatever, whatever, there mustn't be time restriction for any type of food. As long as it's food, I've got plenty of time *continues eating*
  • Sehun: Smh. *shakes head* Hey, wait. Didn't you have two whole servings of samgyupsal yesterday? Why would you still be hungry?
  • Luhan: *rolls eyes* Do you even know me, Sehun?
  • Sehun: And yet you're still skinnier than a twig.
  • Luhan: I take care of my gorgeous body, of course.
  • Sehun: You've never been to a gym let alone stepped in one. Hell, I don't think you've ever even exercised!
  • Luhan: Haters gonna hate.
  • Sehun: Nobody says that anymore.
  • Luhan: My god, Oh Sehun. Last time I checked I was the older one, quit nagging my ass off and let me enjoy my bowl of ramyun in peace now will you?
  • Sehun: Fine, fine.
  • Luhan: *continues eating*
  • Sehun: *sits in silence across from Luhan*
  • Luhan: *mouth full of noodles* You know you can go back to bed right?
  • Sehun: That's disgusting Luhan. Swallow your food before speaking will you.
  • Luhan: And last time I checked, you're not my mother *rolls eyes but obliges*
  • Luhan: *repeats* You know you can go back to bed right?
  • Sehun: Yes.
  • Luhan: Go on ahead then.
  • Sehun: I'm good.
  • Luhan: What-
  • Sehun: I good right where I am *folds arms and leans back in chair*
  • Luhan: Okay?... *is suspicious* Suit yourself. *continues to eat happily and finally in peace* Mmm, so good~
  • Sehun: *watches Luhan and quietly giggles of himself*
  • Sehun: *huh...* Cute.
  • Luhan: What did you just-
  • Sehun: Fuck.

Travels With The Doctor Panel at Gallifrey One

The signs as "Shadowhunters" things
  • Aries: For the floor where it belongs/the uni fight
  • Taurus: Everyone being ten minutes late to their twitter chats
  • Gemini: When Dominic taped Kat to the railing
  • Cancer: Emeraude being Sizzy af at NYCC
  • Leo: Domberto nose boop
  • Virgo: Matt was right the whole time and the rest of the table didn't listen to him
  • Libra: That night Alberto had that random q&a????
  • Scorpio: Everyone being jealous of Sophie
  • Sagittarius: When we didn't get another werewolf game
  • Capricorn: Dominic getting Matthew the mat to land on like a nice gentleman
  • Aquarius: Asking for a friend
  • Pisces: Everyone losing their shit over Clary's cake color
NT Moments - Achievement
  • INTP: You know I had a girls' night out last night?
  • ENTJ: Yea.
  • INTP: I think I mastered acting convincingly empathetic.
  • ENTJ: How so?
  • INTP: This girl I just met- She was a friend of INFJ. She singled me out and started crying on me about this guy she has a crush on who's getting married.
  • ENTJ: Ugh. That's annoying.
  • INTP: Yea, but I actually tried to say things to make her feel better so she'd stop and I can leave. By the end of it, she kept thanking me and saying that she loves me.
  • ENTJ: Okay...?
  • INTP: But the whole time I was thinking 'I don't know you...I DON'T CAREEE!!!' But she didn't seem to detect this. I must have been convincing.
  • ENTJ: Congrats.
Elyza/Alicia/Chris - The Cut
  • Elyza: *rushes in Alicia's room with scissors and slams the door* I was here the whole time!
  • Alicia: What did you do?
  • Elyza: *pulls a small, dark ponytail from her pocket and smiles*
  • Alicia: *gasps* You didn't!
  • Chris: Elyza!!! Where are you?!?!
  • Elyza: I was here the whole time!

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Head canon that only the ladybug and chat noir miraculous are restrained by the whole "one time use of big power per transformation and then it wears off" thing. This is because those are the two strongest miraculous (essentially creation/luck and destruction/bad luck) and the miraculous creators didn't want the owners having too much power. The other stones have lesser powers they can use indefinitely/many times before the transformation wears off.

There is never too much power
(The lies I’m spouting should be ignored)