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My feelings on Gotham 3x20

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okay but honestly who decided that ed should grab oswald's hair?? he could have just pointed the gun at os (you know, exactly how he does with literally everyone else), but nope, he grabbed oswald's hair. like. ed. sweetie. that's a little gay.

He runs the gun across his neck… Ed loves a neck… I’m not saying it’s a little gay but it’s a little gay…

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hey, I just started to read your to see blue skies fic, and it's rlly good, rlly sad tho ahh. I was just wondering, what does avre look like? I know you drew ai'rita, so I was just wondering if u drew avre.

Like a really cool bat-spider

The only true space parents♥

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Oh thank god, I'm not the only one so done with Vicchan being the big baddie that hurts Yuuri and has to make it up somehow. There's so few where Yuuri actually fucks up, I've seen like... 2. It's such a rare occurrence, it's like Yuuri isn't even a multifaceted human being. Thanks dude, I appreciate the reassurance before I venture into 250k+ words of something I might have hated afterwards, lmao. BLESS.

***** TO ME. My feelings about fanworks. Others opinions and interpretations are cool, I just don’t find many that are to my taste. I apologize if I came on too rude in that second ask where I said thanks. ;-;

sameeee, and to me it doesn’t even make sense bc canon vitya is the sweetest thing ever?? like where are people even getting that idea from?? he’d never hurt yuuri on purpose D: accidentally yes, probably, bc he does have the habit of sometimes speaking before thinking it through (ie “should i just kiss you or something”) but never anything serious.

it’s really refreshing to see fics where yuuri is the one who fucks up, bc he’s really not some ~fragile~ poor little thing who can’t do wrong. just like vitya, although he might not mean to, he can and he does say the wrong things even in canon (ie “let’s end this” is a Thing that happened) so if you have some good fics to rec i’m all ears ♥

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Spider-Man Homecoming makes me extremely sad because I think Tom will be an excellent Peter and I'm excited to see him and Zendaya on screen together (as well as just Zendaya omg I love her sm) but I feel like the movie we're going to get is "iron man homecoming" and that makes me sad

I feel you but what you gotta do is just focus entirely on the Tom and Zendaya of it all, ignore the rest

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do you support htp? i see you sometimes interact with those people

do i, defender of Bucky Barnes, whom does not want anyone to even look at my boy wrong, nay, not even so much as breathe negative energy in his direction, who has posted countless times about how Bucky doesn’t deserve a single bad thing to happen ever in his life - do i support him being abused and shipped with people who abuse him????? absolutely fucking not

i also interact with people that are going to vote conservative on June 8th, but I’m certainly not going to. you don’t have to agree with everything someone else likes to interact with them as human beings.

I just wanted to thank @potatocatmani @the-space-between-the-stars @myfriedtofu @qintus @hao-aceakura and @universeofshinytears for the birthday wishes they decided to send me! I didn’t want to spam anyone’s dash with my birthday wishes, so i decided to do this instead. To all of the anons that decided to send me wishes as well, you are very much appreciated!