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Another jeffmads drabble for @artlovewonderland <3

James stormed into Thomas’ office, shaking his head slightly. Thomas looked up, an uneasy look crossing across his face. James looked mad, and Thomas didn’t like it when we was angry.

“What have I done now?” He asked, and James glared.

“I’m sick of this!” He replied.

“You’re always sick…” Thomas mumbled.

“What was that, Tommy?”

“Nothing.” He laughed, shaking his head. “What did I do again?”

“It doesn’t matter, I guess. Just kiss me, asshole.” James replied. “And, if I have to pick up one more fucking sock from our bedroom floor and move it into the washing basket, I will gut you like a fish.”


You carry the world on your shoulders
If I could do it again I’d do it again on my own

Who would the top stars main in Overwatch
  • Asumi Rio - Hanzo
  • Senna Ayase - Pharah
  • Tamaki Ryo - Mercy
  • Manaki Reika - Zarya
  • Sagiri Seina - Soldier 76
  • Sakihi Miyu - Mei
  • Kurenai Yuzuru - McCree
  • Kisaki Airi - Tracer
  • Asaka Manato - D.Va
  • Misaki Rion - Reaper
  • Todoroki Yuu - Torbjorn

*disclaimer i have never played overwatch i just thought this would be funny


My best friend of ten years has been circulating this cheat sheet to our group of friends on how to handle me because I have a cheat sheet on how to handle all of them (I didn’t write it down or circulate it, so this is really over the top you ass!) Anyway, one of the poor, innocent, newbies in our group accidently forwarded it to me and I’m laughing because this is both ridiculous and true and now I have to kill my best friend.

1. Read up on Cancerians

2. Read up on Steve Rogers

3. Don’t tell her you’ve read either.

4. Always love Tony Stark

5. Don’t ever tell her she’s Steve Rogers

6. Know that she’s Steve Rogers and keep an eye out.

7. Don’t ask her if she’s happy. She’ll overthink it.

8. When she looks sad, offer food. Don’t offer dates, she will run.

9. The urge to hit will pass. Stay away when she has it though.

10. Telling her that Tony Stark is good will get you into the good books. 


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