they did not all happen at once btw

You know why Sterek is so important?

Because there’s one thing that happened between Stiles and Derek that never happened in any other ship on the show (expect for Berica, btw).

Derek was the person that not once doubt Stiles or left him hanging. When they met, Derek doubt Stiles’ habilities, and his capacity, yes. But he always believed in what Stiles said and not once he turned his back when Stiles needed him - something that both the Sheriff and Scott did, the two closest people to Stiles.

Stiles, one way or another, always knew there was something more going on with Derek. Even all the times he thought Derek was guilty - in all those times, there was a link between Derek and the villan, and that’s something Stiles realized - he figured out the story between Derek and Kate, after all. Stiles always paid attention to Derek, because he always knew Derek had more to offer than people gave him credit for.

And, the most important thing, they both know how to handle each other. Boyd’s death, Stiles - who never shuts up - was the one who offered Derek support. When Stiles couldn’t make it to his game and lied to his dad about it, Derek called him out on it, but he dropped it as soon as he realized what Stiles was sacrificing (something that Scott himself didn’t sacrifice on that first game). Stiles gave up the wolfsbane protection on the club when Derek told him to do it, even if that was the plan, and even if it was the one thing he was proud of. They saved each other’s life, besides everything and anything, even when they hated each other, even when they didn’t trust each other, even when they had nothing to gain - they just needed to hold on to the other.

You can tell me my ship is never going to happen, but you can’t show me one fucking ship on that show that has something as beautiful and important as this.

rinz07  asked:

"cheek kisses that leave red lipstick stains" for Nalu or Gale pls? :3 love your writings btw.

I did Nalu for this prompt already so i will do Gajeevy >B) I’ve seen quite a few Assassin AUs lately for those two so that’s the setting here, even if there’s no assassination happening. :D

Her chuckle resounded in his ear as she leaned closer, ghosting her lips from his earlobe to his cheekbone before pressing down a light kiss.

Gajeel huffed, but didn’t pull away.

He felt her roll off him, his eyes following as she sat up, wrapping the once pristine and smooth bedsheets around herself. They were all crumpled up now.

A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Levy caught his expression, turning away with a blush. But she, too, was smiling. Then she cleared her throat.

“Work is calling,” she hummed after a glance at her phone on the bedside table, then turned to him with a cheeky smile playing around her lips, “But it’s been a pleasure, as always.”

Gajeel crossed his arms behind his head. Don’t go, he wanted to say, but kept his lips shut and his face lax. She turned again, picking her bra up off the floor.

He resisted the urge to run his fingers along her delicate spine. So small, yet so dangerous…

She was up and dressed before he knew it, pulling up the zipper of her jacket. Walking towards the bed once more, she leaned down to press another kiss to his cheek. It lasted longer, and she lingered after reluctantly breaking the kiss.

He turned his head slightly, alingning his lips with hers but not moving to close the distance. His dark eyes burned into hers, desire and something more clear on his face.

Levy faltered. But then she pulled away, the tip of her tongue licking along her red lips.

“Until next time, Black Steel,” she murmured.

He didn’t move, even long after the door had fallen shut.

This woman was something else. He just couldn’t shake her, couldn’t get her out of his system. She clung to him like the tattoos on his skin. And he found himself more and more reluctant to let her walk away.

It was only later, when he made his way to the bathroom mirror, that he noticed the red stains on his cheeks. His grin turned dark as he rubbed at them, to no avail.

There was no escaping her, and Gajeel wouldn’t do anything to change that.

He’d gladly let all of her cling to him.