they did not all happen at once btw

Sometimes, Sanha realises that he doesn’t feel homesick at all. Where he once sought his mothers gentle touch and his fathers strong comforting hugs, he instead found them in his leader and brother. During sleepless nights where he’d find himself choking back sobs and fiercely rubbing away tears, an arm is flung over his waist and he’s pulled close towards someone’s chest. This happens for many nights, Sanha being slowly lulled to sleep by the gentle fingers running through his hair, and Jinjin not falling asleep until he’s sure that Sanha is asleep and comforted.

Warning, this confession is pretty long

How come Dumbledore isn’t allowed to be nice to people without fandom assuming he has an ulterior motive for everything? Every time somebody says he only helped Remus because of such and such situation, everyone is so quick to believe it?! Hating Dumbledore because of some bad things he did in canon is one thing, hating on him because of non-facts that you assume happened is another thing entirely. Just because these adults he helped felt gratitude and wished to repay him doesn’t mean Dumbledore was expecting it all along. Dumbledore hate is mostly assumptions and that is why it irritates me. People assume he only helped Remus/Hagrid/others for his own benefit, they assume he had selfish motives, they assume he wanted Harry abused, they do nothing but assume about this man and they hate him because of their assumptions, not fact. They don’t even hate him because of the legit bad things he did, but because of what they think he did, and that is so frustrating. “He only helped Remus because….!” Prove it. “Well, he didn’t try to prove Hagrid’s innocence!” Okay, prove it. “Dumbledore totally KNEW Sirius was innocent!” Once again, I say...prove it. You can’t. You can’t prove any of this. They’re all just assumptions made by Dumbledore haters who think that their fave can’t do anything for a cause (that affects everybody btw) on their own because Dumbledore is the head of it and he happened to help them out in the past. How dare he ask an adult who is a member of his army to go on a mission because he’s literally the safest bet, he sucks! How dare he ask for or receive favors/assistance from anyone?! Because it’s totally abusive! I mean Dumbledore isn’t allowed to ask anybody to do anything without being accused of abuse and manipulation if they actually do it. You’re just assuming his motives, and other people believe you. With no proof. They have actual canon reasons to dislike Dumbledore without making crap up. Headcanon is not canon, and if you are hating on Dumbledore for what you THINK he did instead of what he actually did, you are not hating on him. You’re hating on an OC.

Descendants 2 reaction

Ok so I’m watching descendants right now for the second time and my emotions are rising like seriously 😭✨

I’m actually just writing this rant through the middle of the movie but here’s what I’m going to say..

- New ships are freakin rising through this movie
( Uma and Harry , Gil and Harry *FUCK YEA* , Lonnie and Jay*I really don’t like it tho jevie lover *)
- Why is Harry so … ugh sexy n shit ( the way he said UMA like lawd , and apparently Harry and Gil kissed idek how but BIHHHHH)
-Evie and her commands, Evie matured so much from the last movie. She’s being more confident in being a bad bitch ,slaying her looks and the books (Honestly idek what I’m saying but overall EVIE IS FUCKIN PERFECT )
-Jay with his sporty things, but I like how he allows Lonnie to be apart of the team,it’s nice seeing that GIRL POWER
- Ben oh Benny Boo dis nigga This boy cannot dance ,Even if he try’s it still bad especially in the Number Chillin ( Low key might learn the dance moves)
For some reason I thought Ben was trying to trick Uma with his cuteness and innocence like Nahh G’
Why did he sing in the middle of Mal and Uma’s Rap battle like boy if you don’t gtfoh 😭
- Now Gil oh Gil my baby,he is me. I am Gil we are the same, When he kept calling Uma Shrimpy I couldn’t stop laughing. Gil is honestly the cutest. I can’t annfkakcjksjd Don’t let me start on him doing the pony challenge thingy during the What’s My name Number 😩When he told Ben “Tell your mom that my mom said Hi” LMFAOOOOOO
- Jevie I know it wasn’t canon *starts to cry* there were a lot of scenes that showed their friendship slowly evolving.(That’s how I saw it , maybe) It was cute , I hope their will be gifs and one shots base on the scenes they had with each other.
- Mal and Evie is the true meaning of sisterhood and best friend goals. Space between is literally a recreation of a high school musical song that I can’t think of but is getting me so emotional. The way Kenny portrayed Mal and Evie’s sisterhood shows how strong it actually is and it’s great, I love how every number connects with the topic or scene of what’s happening it literally just flows all together I LOVE IT
- Mal oh Mal GIRL I LOVE YOU and I totally understand what’s the problem Mal is dealing with. Once your evil, the evil is still in you,its hard to change into something your not and Mal was realizing that which was okay. Mal’s attitude was A1 btw.
- It’s so hard seeing Ben and Mal fight it’s so sad, my seeing my kids fight it’s so ugh. however it’s something new to their relationship which is nice for us to see. * Millions of fanfics starts rolling in*
- And then this dumbass Ben made me think he was going to jump into the water looking like a beasts since Mal turned into the dragon and Uma turned into a octopus 💀
- the Final Number was absolutely spectacular ✨, the song made me once again sad 😭 *I’m a very emotional person* Let me not mention the water dance 😭 Step it up dance number pop in my head,once they started to splash all the water around with their feet.

- There were some parts that I didn’t want to write bc if I wrote it would’ve been a longer rant and I done have time

BUT ANYWAYS Descendants was a perfect movie Kenny created I honestly am in love with this movie


So yeah this is my rant I hope you guys like the movie it was really good to see

Peace 🖖🏾

( there’s a lot of errors I’m too tired to read through so yea just ignore)

The Wallpaper Conspiracy post-scriptum ;)

I’ve just got a thought in reference to the Wallpaper Conspiracy - (crack)meta alert! :P

The destruction of 221b in TFP can be see as a metaphorical destruction of all things in Sherlock’s life as they were up to that moment. Right? Right! So the bomb went off, nothing can be the same. And yet, Sherlock rebuilds his home; and his life. If Molly is being compared to the wallpaper, (I love our corner of the fandom, btw!), then her place in Sherlock’s life has been destroyed as well, which we did see actually happen during the Phone Call Scene.

But 221b has its’ wallpaper added once more during the renovations. It’s similar, (almost?) identical. It hasn’t be replaced with something completely different, it’s kept the same. It’s vital to the renovations and the final effect to reassemble the iconic 221b.

And so is Molly (duh!). She cannot be replaced in Sherlock’s life, she’s vital, essential to it. The restoration of the wallpaper shows that Molly is once again present in Sherlock’s life (which was confirmed by that beautiful beaming smile at the end).

But the parallels go on! You see, was it easy for Sherlock to procure the same wallpaper? If not, did it mean he had to work to get Molly back into his life? And finally, is the new wallpaper identical (meaning Molly takes the same place she had before) or is it slightly alerted, improved (implying Molly’s role has also evolved)?.

I’ll leave that to your own pursues. ;) but the wallpaper conspiracy FTW! ;D

No Boys Allowed: School visits as a woman writer

I’ve been doing school visits as part of my tour for PRINCESS ACADEMY: The Forgotten Sisters. All have been terrific–great kids, great librarians. But something happened at one I want to talk about. I’m not going to name the school or location because I don’t think it’s a problem with just one school; it’s just one example of a much wider problem.

This was a small-ish school, and I spoke to the 3-8 grades. It wasn’t until I was partway into my presentation that I realized that the back rows of the older grades were all girls.

Later a teacher told me, “The administration only gave permission to the middle school girls to leave class for your assembly. I have a boy student who is a huge fan of SPIRIT ANIMALS. I got special permission for him to come, but he was too embarrassed.”

“Because the administration had already shown that they believed my presentation would only be for girls?”

“Yes,” she said.

I tried not to explode in front of the children.

Let’s be clear: I do not talk about “girl” stuff. I do not talk about body parts. I do not do a “Your Menstrual Cycle and You!” presentation. I talk about books and writing, reading, rejections and moving through them, how to come up with story ideas. But because I’m a woman, because some of my books have pictures of girls on the cover, because some of my books have “princess” in the title, I’m stamped as “for girls only.” However, the male writers who have boys on their covers speak to the entire school.

This has happened a few times before. I don’t believe it’s ever happened in an elementary school–just middle school or high school.

I remember one middle school 2-3 years ago that I was going to visit while on tour. I heard in advance that they planned to pull the girls out of class for my assembly but not the boys. I’d dealt with that in the past and didn’t want to be a part of perpetuating the myth that women only have things of interest to say to girls while men’s voices are universally important.  I told the publicist that this was something I wasn’t comfortable with and to please ask them to invite the boys as well as girls. I thought it was taken care of. When I got there, the administration told me with shrugs that they’d heard I didn’t want a segregated audience but that’s just how it was going to be. Should I have refused? Embarrassed the bookstore, let down the girls who had been looking forward to my visit? I did the presentation. But I felt sick to my stomach. Later I asked what other authors had visited. They’d had a male writer. For his assembly, both boys and girls had been invited.

I think most people reading this will agree that leaving the boys behind is wrong. And yet–when giving books to boys, how often do we offer ones that have girls as protagonists? (Princesses even!) And if we do, do we qualify it: “Even though it’s about a girl, I think you’ll like it.” Even though. We’re telling them subtly, if not explicitly, that books about girls aren’t for them. Even if a boy would never, ever like any book about any girl (highly unlikely) if we don’t at least offer some, we’re reinforcing the ideology.

I heard it a hundred times with Hunger Games: “Boys, even though this is about a girl, you’ll like it!” Even though. I never heard a single time, “Girls, even though Harry Potter is about a boy, you’ll like it!”

The belief that boys won’t like books with female protagonists, that they will refuse to read them, the shaming that happens (from peers, parents, teachers, often right in front of me) when they do, the idea that girls should read about and understand boys but that boys don’t have to read about girls, that boys aren’t expected to understand and empathize with the female population of the world….this belief directly leads to rape culture. To a culture that tells boys and men, it doesn’t matter how the girl feels, what she wants. You don’t have to wonder. She is here to please you. She is here to do what you want. No one expects you to have to empathize with girls and women. As far as you need be concerned, they have no interior life.

At this recent school visit, near the end I left time for questions. Not one student had a question. In 12 years and 200-300 presentations, I’ve never had that happen. So I filled in the last 5 minutes reading them the first few chapters of The Princess in Black, showing them slides of the illustrations. BTW I’ve never met a boy who didn’t like this book.

After the presentation, I signed books for the students who had pre-ordered my books (all girls), but one 3rd grade boy hung around.

“Did you want to ask her a question?” a teacher asked.

“Yes,” he said nervously, “but not now. I’ll wait till everyone is gone.”

Once the other students were gone, three adults still remained. He was still clearly uncomfortable that we weren’t alone but his question was also clearly important to him. So he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Do you have a copy of the black princess book?”

It broke my heart that he felt he had to whisper the question.

He wanted to read the rest of the book so badly and yet was so afraid what others would think of him. If he read a “girl” book. A book about a princess. Even a monster-fighting superhero ninja princess. He wasn’t born ashamed. We made him ashamed. Ashamed to be interested in a book about a girl. About a princess–the most “girlie” of girls.

I wish I’d had a copy of The Princess in Black to give him right then. The bookstore told him they were going to donate a copy to his library. I hope he’s brave enough to check it out. I hope he keeps reading. I hope he changes his own story. I hope all of us can change this story. I’m really rooting for a happy ending.

may b

it was the mistral wind - or the chemo (not me) - the temp change - 90 to 40 in an hour - or - the wrong turn - (im NEVER gonna finish infinite jest btw) - the unpoets jealousy over a lifestyle she never wanted - and - psychotic outburst from a brother - the supreme indifference shown me -  never once have they listened to my music but on the other hand they prob wouldnt like it and they never listen to music anyway -by her family - still - there was the moon - (did i really lose ALL her money - no ) - and memory - flooding unconstrained - the loss ess from last year  my elbow hates the cold its like healing never happened - and worry bout my kitty (shez fine im told)  - no bunny could replace her  - did i mention constant prattlle bout ppl i dont know and doan wanna - there wuz the moon tho bigger and brighter than the city - and june snow - idk - i think it made the unpoet happy - over all 

anonymous asked:

Hi Jess! If S/C ever were to come out as a couple (sadly I don't think they ever will, or at least not as long as Outlander is going on), how do you think they will act once they are out? Will they be all cuddly/kissing on events and red carpets? Will they post selfies on their social media like they did before? I really wish they could come out but as I said, can't see it happen in a near future at least. Love your blog BTW😘

Ugh anon, that would be the DREAM but I don’t think so. I follow so many real life couples on IG and any time they post lovey dovey pictures together I’m always a little jealous that Sam and Cait will never do that. I kind of wish they were one of those attention seeking celeb couples who post their every move and thought on social media so we wouldn’t have to speculate so much 😬😂

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"cheek kisses that leave red lipstick stains" for Nalu or Gale pls? :3 love your writings btw.

I did Nalu for this prompt already so i will do Gajeevy >B) I’ve seen quite a few Assassin AUs lately for those two so that’s the setting here, even if there’s no assassination happening. :D

Her chuckle resounded in his ear as she leaned closer, ghosting her lips from his earlobe to his cheekbone before pressing down a light kiss.

Gajeel huffed, but didn’t pull away.

He felt her roll off him, his eyes following as she sat up, wrapping the once pristine and smooth bedsheets around herself. They were all crumpled up now.

A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Levy caught his expression, turning away with a blush. But she, too, was smiling. Then she cleared her throat.

“Work is calling,” she hummed after a glance at her phone on the bedside table, then turned to him with a cheeky smile playing around her lips, “But it’s been a pleasure, as always.”

Gajeel crossed his arms behind his head. Don’t go, he wanted to say, but kept his lips shut and his face lax. She turned again, picking her bra up off the floor.

He resisted the urge to run his fingers along her delicate spine. So small, yet so dangerous…

She was up and dressed before he knew it, pulling up the zipper of her jacket. Walking towards the bed once more, she leaned down to press another kiss to his cheek. It lasted longer, and she lingered after reluctantly breaking the kiss.

He turned his head slightly, alingning his lips with hers but not moving to close the distance. His dark eyes burned into hers, desire and something more clear on his face.

Levy faltered. But then she pulled away, the tip of her tongue licking along her red lips.

“Until next time, Black Steel,” she murmured.

He didn’t move, even long after the door had fallen shut.

This woman was something else. He just couldn’t shake her, couldn’t get her out of his system. She clung to him like the tattoos on his skin. And he found himself more and more reluctant to let her walk away.

It was only later, when he made his way to the bathroom mirror, that he noticed the red stains on his cheeks. His grin turned dark as he rubbed at them, to no avail.

There was no escaping her, and Gajeel wouldn’t do anything to change that.

He’d gladly let all of her cling to him.

Let Me Tell You About The Silmarillion (pt 3/12)

PREVIOUSLY:  So, two of the sons of Feanor took in and raised Elrond and Elros, came to love them.  That doesn’t seem like they’re horrible monsters, even if they killed some Elves, so why all the pain and heartbreak?

As mentioned in the Feanor part of the story, the biggest thing you don’t do as an Elf is to murder other Elves.  Between that and jealously obsessing over his possessions (the Silmarils), it invites a Doom upon them that’s just bad news and because of their Oath, they just can’t stop murdering and trying to stomp over everything in their way.  Most of the sons of Feanor never express any regret over this, they’re pretty RIDE OR DIE about getting their father’s shiny rocks back and of course they’re complicated Elves, everyone is, but we don’t get a lot of story about the nicer things they do, mostly it’s just “Hey, so gives back our rocks or we’ll murder you all.” and murder them all they did.

When the Feanorians first came over to Middle-Earth, you also kind of have to understand the strife between the different cultures/clans.  The Noldor have this really rich history, they’ve achieved these great things (created so many awesome things, they were amazing smiths), they’re the most organized and ambitious, so they think pretty highly of themselves.  (To be fair, the story of The Similarillion is told through Noldor POV, so it’s not like they WOULD mention other cultures’ achievements much.)  Not without reason, but.  And the other thing you have to know about the Elves of the Blessed Realm is that a) being there made you stronger, taller, more magical, etc., especially if you’d seen the light of the Two Trees of Valinor (you could literally see a light in their eyes if they’d beheld the Two Trees) and b) the Elves of Middle-Earth were seen as being more simple, more backwards because they never made it across the Sea to the Blessed Realm.

So when the Noldor arrive in Middle-Earth, they expect to be lords of all they survey, because the first host of the Noldor that arrived were following Feanor and he WAS High King of the Noldor.  But, oh, hey, there are already some Elves living there (a group of Telerin Elves who never made it across the Sea, but got right up to the edge of it, which were called the Sindar, I ADMIT MY NARRATIVE BIAS IN FAVOR OF THE SINDARIN ELVES RIGHT HERE) and they were kind of “….” about all these new Elves coming over to supposedly help with the fight against Morgoth.

Now, whether it’s fair or not to blame the Noldor for Morgoth being in Middle-Earth (it was related to their actions, but honestly the blame really lies on Morgoth) there was some resentment of, “Why the fuck did you chase him out of your land and into ours?  Jesus, stop dumping your problems on us.”  This was combined with “Oh, you’re here to help us?  That’s great!” and then the Noldor conveniently forgetting to mention, no, they’re actually here for the Silmarils.

So, there’s tension there, because the Sindar have already established their kingdom with their king of Elwe, now going by the name Elu Thingol, because they made their own language instead of the Noldorin language.  Thingol mostly sort of tolerates them and says, okay, this is where my kingdom is, you guys can have these other lands over there.  It’s important to know the cultures of the Elves here because it’s about to play an even bigger role–the Teleri Elves, you remember them back from Feanor’s part of the story?  The ones that they murdered for their boats and then set the boats on fire?  Yeah, those. The Teleri Elves were one of the three original groups that awoke in Middle-Earth and were invited to the Blessed Realm, but they splintered a lot along the way.  Some stopped before crossing a huge river, some stopped before crossing huge mountains, and then there’s the Sindar.  A group of Teleri Elves that stopped at the edge of the Sea because Thingol got lost in the forest and met the most beautiful lady he’d ever seen and they decided to wait for him. Then they just kind of realized they liked it here and so they established their kingdom.

However, Thingol’s brother (Olwe) decided to keep on to the Blessed Realm and became the king of them instead.  So, those Teleri Elves that Feanor murdered?  Were Thingol’s brother’s subjects/originally Thingol’s subjects. That’s some personal shit there.

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hey guys I need help. enstars has been crashing since morning, yesterday was fine, but now the game won’t even load when I open it, it crashes like seven seconds after I open the app. this makes no sense to me since now my phone has more space open bc I uninstalled bandori yesterday. I tried to restart my phone, cleaned enstars data, uninstalled and installed again, and did all this more than once. the game still crashing. I’m really desperate because this never happened like this before and I’m almost getting shinobu on piratefes revival and it’s my last revival period. anyone know what can I do? btw I use android and all the other apps work perfectly fine


“Ramona, come closer.”

Just because you’re the girl who drives a boy to battle doesn’t mean you can’t kick some butt yourself, a fact Ramona Flowers proves perfectly. Ramona is not a token love interest. She’s not a manic pixie dream girl. She’s not a damsel in distress, at least, not in the traditional sense. Ramona Flowers is a hurricane with boobs (and emotional issues).

Like all characters in the Scott Pilgrim series, Ramona is a flawed individual. Unlike Knives, however, Ramona has the privilege of being a main character, so her flaws are numerous and well explored. Without going into details (and spoilers), Ramona plays at being aloof, sharp-tongued, and somewhat short-tempered, but in reality is insecure, somewhat emotionally unstable, and - much like Scott and a certain ninja Faunus in RWBY - would much rather run from her biggest problems than face them. Unlike Scott, however, she doesn’t get a shadowy duplicate she must accept. Instead, she gets the Glow and her Subspace Suitcase. One of those things is really cool and useful. The other is an incurable disease that is also the root of almost all of her major flaws. Almost.

What I really appreciate about Ramona is just how integral to the story she is as a character. Everything in these books really happens because of her. Scott first met her because she used his subconscious as a highway (long story). The League of Evil exes formed because of her. Scott is fighting to earn the right to date her in peace. Gideon comes to Canada looking for her. And at the end of the day? Scott can’t win on his own. It’s Ramona who helps him finish off the League once and for all. There literally would not be any Scott Pilgrim series without Ramona Victoria Flowers.

667vs  asked:

Basically all you have to do is search "Jews history Libya" and you'll see that everything was a-OK up until Italian occupation. That's not rhetoric, that's not revisionism, that's exactly what happened. Of course there was tension in the country prior to Italian rule but on a wide scale, Europeans introduced antisemitism.

First, it’s news to me that we are now talking exclusively about Libya. Secondly, the Italians took Libya from the Ottomans, who actually did have a pretty solid record toward Jews in their territories. If you go back further, you see that Jewish communities in Libya are thriving around the 1100s, then decline due to persecution and emigration. It goes up once the Ottomans take charge.

As soon an Arab nationalist government takes over, it’s all over but the shouting and the riots and the confiscated property and the murders. That’s exactly what happened. ‘Did not kill us because occupied by other people who said no,” is not really a recommendation.

The history of Jews in Muslim nations is various. It included some long and shining periods of tolerance, prosperity and mutual respect, although never complete equality of Jews under the law or in society. The same is true for Europe, BTW. It also contains an ongoing thread of violence, legal persecution, expulsions and forced conversions. As is also true in Europe.

But you’ve got to be a complete turniphead to think that after a few thousand years of no anti-Semitism and mutual prosperity and love, all it would take is one fucking Zionist state being established to create a cataclysm of hate and ethnic cleansing that ends with in excess of 800,000 people being forced out of nations they had lived in for, in some cases, thousands of years. That’s not how it happened.

Now if you want to talk about the Ottomans, I’m with you. They were pretty damn nice to their Jews. They had other horrible problems, but they were pretty damn nice to their Jews. 

I love Jewish history in the Muslim world, and I like to dwell on the good parts. But blaming the way Jews have been and are treated in MENA on Europeans and Zionists is just creating justifications for nationalist racism and violence.

You know why Sterek is so important?

Because there’s one thing that happened between Stiles and Derek that never happened in any other ship on the show (expect for Berica, btw).

Derek was the person that not once doubt Stiles or left him hanging. When they met, Derek doubt Stiles’ habilities, and his capacity, yes. But he always believed in what Stiles said and not once he turned his back when Stiles needed him - something that both the Sheriff and Scott did, the two closest people to Stiles.

Stiles, one way or another, always knew there was something more going on with Derek. Even all the times he thought Derek was guilty - in all those times, there was a link between Derek and the villan, and that’s something Stiles realized - he figured out the story between Derek and Kate, after all. Stiles always paid attention to Derek, because he always knew Derek had more to offer than people gave him credit for.

And, the most important thing, they both know how to handle each other. Boyd’s death, Stiles - who never shuts up - was the one who offered Derek support. When Stiles couldn’t make it to his game and lied to his dad about it, Derek called him out on it, but he dropped it as soon as he realized what Stiles was sacrificing (something that Scott himself didn’t sacrifice on that first game). Stiles gave up the wolfsbane protection on the club when Derek told him to do it, even if that was the plan, and even if it was the one thing he was proud of. They saved each other’s life, besides everything and anything, even when they hated each other, even when they didn’t trust each other, even when they had nothing to gain - they just needed to hold on to the other.

You can tell me my ship is never going to happen, but you can’t show me one fucking ship on that show that has something as beautiful and important as this.

ale-bane  asked:

I'm really confused at what felicity said "I told you after we talked it would be over" was she angry because I didn't really get what she meant. I would of thought she would of put up more of an agreement and would of been slightly happy she had just kissed Oliver. What do you think about that line?

I think Felicity doesn’t want a maybe from Oliver (which he used a lot in that episode, btw, if you go back and watch again).  She knew, based on what Oliver did and said to other people in the aftermath of the explosion, that he was going to shut down anything happening between them.  As long as they didn’t have that talk (the Olicity version of Oliver’s talk with Diggle, basically), she could pretend that they were still trying to be together.  Once Oliver had that conversation with her, that conversation of this can’t work, I can’t be with you, I can’t be with anyone, all that I can have is the city, whatever “could be” between them was “over” because it was spoken. It was out there.

Yes, Oliver kissed her.  Yes, he said he loved her.  But he wasn’t doing or saying it because it was, “I want you and I want to be with you and I want us to do this."  He was saying the opposite.  He loves her but he feels he has to let her go.  This can’t be.  We can’t happen.  He was softening it with "maybe,” but the message was clear.

Felicity wanted him to just rip the bandage off.  Tell me you don’t love me.  Tell me this will never be.  Because then she could mourn it, let it go, and move on.

I think she was angry because (and I’m sure we’ll get her POV in future episodes) she thinks he’s wrong.  She thinks they could be together.  She thinks Oliver can have both the Arrow life and the Oliver Queen life. I think she was sad.  I think she was hurt.  It’s like having everything you want dangled in front of you and yanked away just as you reach for it.  That hurts.

Until Oliver realizes whatever he needs to in order to accept that he can be both Arrow and have Felicity in his life, they will remain over.  Angsty, tension filled, gorgeously heartbreaking to watch every single luscious minute of it “over.”

What You Need to Understand About Regina:

I want to start by saying that this post is coming about because I am tired of so many people misunderstanding and hating on Regina (the final straw impetus was some of the reactions to this post: ). And I was hoping that I might give a little more understanding to those who demonize her without ever really giving a thought about who she really is.

Ultimately, Regina is a foil to Snow White. As a child, Regina had a pure heart and was kind, loving and giving; as a child, Snow was entitled and believed that she was better than others and that because of that she did not need to treat them with kindness. Cora manipulated and imprisoned Regina in an effort to turn her to her will; Queen Eva taught Snow how to be a good person and a good ruler both through lessons & by example. When Regina lost the love of her life, Daniel, (at her mother’s hand) she attempted to run away and pursue freedom and attempt to pick up the pieces of her life but was prevent from doing so by Cora; when Snow lost her mother she was supported by Johanna and her people and given the space to grieve; when she lost her father she was forced to run away and in doing so she gained freedom and love (from Charming, the dwarves, Red, Ariel, etc.). As an adult, Regina was isolated and manipulated by Cora & Rumple to believe that the only option for her life was to be angry and seek revenge and to attempt to control her own life via magic; as an adult, Snow was surrounded by love and by people (Charming & the dwarves) who went above and beyond to support all of Snow’s pursuits & to save her from herself when anger and revenge got the better of her. After the curse broke Regina was isolated and ended up falling for Cora’s manipulation once again as Cora was the only person who showed her any kindness; after the curse broke Snow was showered with love and support and gained back her entire family plus Henry. Regina allowed Cora to kill Johanna; Snow tricked Regina into killing her own mother.

All of that is to say that Regina was ultimately the most pure of heart but that her life circumstances were dire enough that it caused her heart to darken whereas Snow’s heart was average but her life circumstances were uplifting enough that it caused her heart to lighten (though ultimately she was unable to prevent herself from committing what is, in my opinion, the worst crime in the show).

I would also like to add, as a side note to Regina’s character, that there is nothing canon to suggest that she ever abused Henry. For the first 10 years of his life there is nothing to suggest she was anything but a loving, somewhat excessively organized, mother. Once Emma showed up, she did make a few questionable choices, including lying to Henry about the true nature of the fairy tale book (which, btw, Regina didn’t know Henry had until the first episode of season 1 and therefore could not have been lying to him), but she atoned for all of them of her own accord, and did so almost immediately after they happened.

I got a new laptop from work (FTW!) so of course I have to test out the webcam! I tried making a gif but got really overwhelmed by the flashing and then realized I had nothing fun to do . God, my hair is a MESS.

This is mostly a heeeeey to say that I’m alive but being very boring. I took all of last week off from running (and exercise. And healthy eating…).

I went to the gym for an easy day yesterday and ran a mile on the treadmill but had some ankle and foot pain so I stopped again. I’m going to try the running thing again tomorrow morning but I’m really not rushing things at this point because I want to make sure all systems are go before I head into training again. 

Training…yeah, I have thoughts. And dreams and aspirations but I’m still working on them. I had to resist the urge to sign up for three more marathons last week. You guys will be the first to know once I have an actual plan for where my running life will lead in 2015 (btw, it’s NOVEMBER already? When did September happen?). It definitely will include adding some real speed but I’m not sure over what distances and when and how. For now, I’m just letting myself go for a bit.

Although, I’m trying something new tonight: I’m taking a lap swim class for the next 6 weeks! Since I’m mostly self taught (thanks youtube!) and I don’t do “real” workouts in the pool, I thought this could be helpful for future training. No, I’m not becoming a triathlete. You people are truly masochists. I just want some guidance. I’ll share any tips I glean from the experience since I know some other people here were interested in swim workouts.

Okay, that’s all I got. Told you, life is boring right now. But I’m okay with it.