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Would u be k with doing Headcanons for Mtmte rodimus, tailgate, and rung for a human s/o who begged for ages to be able to try energon so they could see what it tastes like, and when their bot finally lets them try it, they throw up a half an hour later and are sick for a week.

HAHAH y e s (lets play spot the crashboombanger reference)

Rodimus, Tailgate, Rung (MTMTE)

  • Before you drank it, Rodimus hadn’t really considered the dangers. Yeah, energon was… well, for a human, it was essentially as though you were drinking motor oil, and probably tasted much the same. Rodimus can’t say that he thought through the aftermath. He was pretty hopped up on engex the last time you pestered him for some, and his inhibitions were severely lowered at the time. So, he asked Swerve for his smallest glass, poured you a shot or two, and told you to have at it.

  • Little did Rodimus understand how different humans were when it came to how they reacted to consuming foreign “foods”… He saw you stumbling around the bar, and not in the happy-drunk kind of way. He rushed over, picking you up into his hands. You’d managed to, well… throw it back up over the edge of Rodimus’ hand as he ran out of the bar and made a beeline for the medbay.

  • He left you to Ratchet, explaining to him exactly what happened and how Rodimus took responsibility for the entire situation, even if it wasn’t really his fault. Though you weren’t in his care anymore, that didn’t stop him from spending every waking moment he possibly could at your side, telling you stories of what’s been happening on the ship lately. You don’t feel well at all, but you feel like you’ve seen a new side to Rodimus that you’ve never seen before. The careful, regretful, protective side. Oh, you got to know Ratchet pretty well, too.

  • Tailgate, being the “young,” not-so-knowledgeable-on-humankind bot that he is, offered you a sip of his drink without hesitation. He never really thought about the fact that humans do not consume motor oil to survive. After you started throwing up, however, Tailgate panicked and hopped on his jetboard with you in his arms, flying down the corridors at top speed to find Cyclonus and then Ratchet.

  • Tailgate passed you off to Cyclonus, who took you in his alt mode to get you to Ratchet much faster than Tailgate could, though it didn’t stop him from tagging behind on his board. When you finally got there and got some help from the medics, Tailgate wouldn’t stop apologizing for what he did to you, albeit accidentally. He said that he thought that if the Autobots could consume energon and engex in their holomatter forms, that humans couldn’t be that different, right? First Aid made it very clear that this was… not the case.

  • The minibot spends all of his time at your berthside. Sitting with his arms crossed under his helm to recharge right beside you, making cute little crafts with you and Ten to keep you happy and encourage you to get better, and telling you stories of what life was like before getting stuck in a hole for six million years. You could think of worse ways to spend a week, actually.

  • Rung never encouraged you to drink it, or even said that it was okay for you to drink it. In fact, he was the one who said “No, wait!” when you lifted the glass to your mouth. Regardless, you drank it down quickly, and threw it up quickly as well. Rung wasn’t much bigger than you, and he didn’t have an alt mode that could be useful to you at this point, so he becomes rather… panicky, for a person like him. Whirl takes immediate note of his friend’s distress and jumps in quickly to help you out. 

  • Rung tells Whirl to take you back to your shared room so you could sleep it off, and then take you down to the medbay if your condition worsened. It was quite a while before Rung joined you again, which made sense, considering your berthroom was considerably far from the bar.

  • He entered quietly and took a deep breath, standing by your side to place a hand gently on your forehead. “I’m very sorry, I hope you can forgive me,” he says solemnly, twining his fingers between yours. You started laughing, to his surprise (and then coughing, not to his surprise) and he sat beside you on the berth. You told him that it wasn’t his fault at all and that he had no reason to feel guilty. Moments later, Whirl showed up at your door and sat down beside you. The three of you chatted, Whirl was well-behaved, and you all had a pretty good time despite everything.

This is part two to Breathing which you can find here.

Imagine~ Kai getting into bed with you when he can’t sleep in the prison world.

The night was filled with cuddling and light snores and when you awoke you found yourself alone in your bed, missing the presence that once lay next to you.

Clanging echoed through the home and you realized Kai was most probably making breakfast like he did every morning before you woke up. You still didn’t know what brought him to your bed but you felt as if he didn’t want you to know so you didn’t ask.

After a while of simply thinking to yourself about the nights events, you pulled yourself from the bed, trudging downstairs like you did every morning. Except this morning it felt different, like something in the atmosphere had changed.

As you walked into the kitchen you saw a sluggish Kai, leaning over a pan of scrambled eggs. You coughed awkwardly in the door way, catching Kai’s attention.

He gave you a small smile before returning to his cooking; you were surprised he wasn’t speaking, considering usually he would never stop. So you decided to speak up first, in hopes it would break the awkward aroma in the air.

“Did you make enough for two?” you smiled, the silence that seemed never ending broken by your words.

He seemed surprised you were even talking to him, especially since he thought you would’ve found the night more strange than he did; even though he was the person responsible.

“Of course.” he smiled, placing the scrambled egg on a plate before putting more on another. You could tell he seemed tense and you weren’t sure if that was because of your presence or because of what had been on his mind the previous night.

The rest of the day was filled with silence and awkward pauses between the two of you. Even in your attempts to be normal with him he still seemed uncomfortable but you were unsure what to do about it.


It was a few weeks later and you and Kai had gradually returned to normal, or as normal so you could be. Kai still creeped into your bed every night and now it felt as if you couldn’t sleep without him by your side.

Until one day when it all went down hill.

Shouting echoed through the home as your voices boomed against the walls. You brought up his dark past whilst he brought up you dim future, trapped in a prison world for all eternity.

As the voices of the both of you became louder and the argument got more heated, you backed down. Even though you trusted Kai, you’d never seen him like this and in all honesty you didn’t trust him not to hurt you.

The argument was about something silly and you could barely even remember what you were shouting for. It must’ve been around 10pm when the home fell silent, you and Kai sulking in your own misery.

As you lay in your bed, your hair tied in a messy bun with red, puffy eyes. You hadn’t felt like this since you’d been sent here but even then Kai supported you, but now you were alone. Nobody to help you move forward.

After a while of brooding in your sorrow, you finally felt yourself begin to feel sleepy and you thought maybe you’d be able to survive one night alone.

But your mind started to wonder, what if you and Kai never sorted yourselves out? What if you had to spend an eternity alone and isolated?

Thoughts raced your mind and any form of sleepiness had completely diminished from your head. You lied in your bed, staring blankly at the ceiling, completely unable to sleep whilst you were lost in your thoughts.

Little did you know, that just a few rooms away Kai was having the same struggle. He missed the comfort of you being wrapped around by his arms and wondered how he could miss something so little, so much.

But unlike a few weeks ago, he didn’t have the courage to enter your room so he too lay there awake, missing your touch.

As it grew later you realized it was almost impossible to sleep and you had no idea what to do about it. Ever since you’d left Kai alone in the front room, you felt as if a piece of you was missing and all you needed to do was stand up and find it.

Only to find it looking for you as well.

You built up the courage to slip out of your bed sheets and leave the room, your heart pounding in anticipation.

Slowly, you tip toed to the wooden door which you assumed a sleeping Kai would be behind. You rested your hand on the handle for a few moments, debating whether or not this was what you needed right now.

Gently, you creaked the door open, it letting out a loud screech as you pushed it open. Slowly you closed the door behind you, not letting yourself look at Kai just yet.

Gradually you turned around only to be met with Kai staring straight back at you, clearly not able to sleep either.

You gave him a small, nervous smile, unsure of his feelings about you being in his room. He returned it, and as he did you could see the glints of pain in his eyes, clearly struggling with his emotions without your presence.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered, his eyes glassed over. You slowly made you way to the opposite side of the bed, pinching the duvet and lifting it up slowly.

He budged over slightly, his eyes still burning into you, waiting for you patiently. As soon as you slipped into the bed, you could feel his cool rings against your waist.

Every negative thought that had once surfaced your mind slowly slid away from your mind. All of Kai’s violent and inhumane thoughts were suppressed at the simple sight of you entering his room.

He grabbed the bed sheet, pulling it further up to protect the both of you. As soon as he did, he pulled you into his embrace and you could smell the sweetness of his scent radiating off of him.

And that was enough to push you into sleep.

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a/n: this wasn’t nearly as good as the last one but the last one was very descriptive and it’s difficult to build a story using that description xx hope you enjoyed anyway <3

  • Blake: You know Sun, I really hate you sometimes.
  • Sun: Huh? Why is that?
  • Blake: Because you replace words with animal names sometimes, just to annoy me!
  • Sun: Hey, it's not like I'm doing it on porpoise. My mind just fills in the blank with a different word!
  • Blake: See! You did it again!
  • Sun: So I did. But you ant tell me to stop, because I literally can't.
  • Blake: Gah!

i finished drawing my generic mima facing slightly to the left

i’ll post her tomorrow but here is the sprite she’s based off

anyway remember how standing up for the little guy and “when you can do the things i can but don’t blah blah blah” has been tony’s arc since im1 and steve is actually not the only one with the ~pure~ morals for being a super hero

Personal flashback

I remember in 7th grade we did an assignment where we listened to different songs and we had to write down what we thought were the meanings of the songs and how they relate to us. One of the songs was the greatest love of all by whitney Houston and its a great song but i just remember crying when I heard it in class that day (discretely of course) I guess the song just reminded me of hard times going on in that time period. So now when I hear that song I just want to go back and hug my 12 year old self and tell him it will all be ok


Karamel (Kara and Mon-El) is a problematic ship because:

• It’s lowkey incest. Kara and Mon-El are adoptive cousins. Have none of you ever question why Mon-El’s name is rather similar to Kal-El? Well, here’s what his name is actually an abbreviation of Monday and the ‘El’ came from Clark who did name him that as a passage that he is now of their kin. So if you wanna ship incest then go ahead. Don’t even put the ‘comics and the tv show are different’ excuse on me. DID I MENTIONED ADOPTIVE COUSINS???? THAT’S WHY THEY’RE LOWKEY INCEST. I NEVER SAID THEY WERE RELATED. And to clear it all up, Clark adopted Lar Gand into the family.
• It’s rushed and forced. They have just been together for two weeks and Mon-El already says ‘I love you’ to Kara that just seems hella rushed and forced at a certain level. They really need more development as a couple before one of them should truly blurt those words out.

Okay, before anyone asks or comes at me, the whole Karamel is abusive doesn’t seem to ring yet. I’m no Karamel shipper but I get that they’ve punched each other like maybe a few times, comics included. But during some of those times they weren’t exactly a thing yet, and the others were either one of them was provoked, defending themselves, or under mind control. Also let’s not forget that in some parts of Season 1 James kind of was dictating Kara on what to do so…yeah!

I just…I love how silly Andromeda is. You got it in the citadel DLC but even that felt different. It really did have the sense of a bunch of long time friends blowing off steam in a very dark time, where Andromeda is the ‘merry band of misfits’ run by a fucking 23 year old who by some miracle still save everyone. Idk it’s late I’m rambling I hope this makes sense to someone.

  • I would pay to watch a Naruto series just based on his parents, the Sannin, and the Hokages from them growing up and more answers to their backgrounds, like how Tsunade created 100 Seal, why the Uzumaki clan had to go into hiding and separate, Orochimaru's background, Kushina's abilities & background, and more answers to my questions. I'm not that interested in Boruto because I think, from my first impression of Boruto the Movie, it's going to be starting from ground zero again, like with Naruto and I don't think I can do that again. I have been so dedicated and in love with this series, just like the other Naruto fans, that's why I feel a little disappointed about Boruto. And I completely understand that everything comes to and end but I think the series could've ended, the way it did, but with a different follow up series. I will definitely watch it (and hopefully I'll love it) but my excitement that I once had for this series is just not same.

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You always have thoughtful commentary on issues surrounding racism and prejudice that I know we all (your followers) appreciate. Can you comment on how your perspective might or might not be different because of being Trini as opposed to an African American? Did you grow up experiencing less or a different kind of stigma or an experience of being the "other" even as you were aware of how the world is? Do you feel like you have a clearer view on issues of inclusion because you're not from the US?

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

Thanks so much (re: thoughtful commentary)! 😳

As far as my perspective being different…

I mean, growing up as a black man in what is considered (technically) a “third world country”, you can’t help but be aware of how “other” you truly are. (Btw - like most island natives - I absolutely hate the term “Third World” 🙄)

You know all about America and Pop culture because of TV, music, movies etc., that you’re bombarded with your whole life that most mainstream Americans are woefully unaware of.

You can name landmarks in the US just from seeing them so much on TV, but most Americans have no clue how to pinpoint my country on a map.

So to call me “other” would be an understatement, I guess.

And there’s another layer of “other” that you begin to grasp once you reach a certain level of maturity in adulthood in my position.

Like I’m essentially a black man in my mind. Because that is what I’m clearly defined as here.

But, the moment I set foot in America among African-Americans, they’d say to me (and yes this has happened IRL) “Oh, you’re not black, you’re Caribbean”. Which basically translates to “even though we may both have brown skin and similar African features, I’m still considered American and and thus above you on the totem pole”.

So i’m additionally other that way…

And then conversely, our history of blackness has a slightly different path here in Trinidad (and all the Caribbean islands really).

Like, even though there’s still an unspoken sort of segregation here in some ways… POC are by far the majority here and white folks (or what we term “white people”) are literally a tiny fraction of our population.

So as a black man, I’ve never really feared a white policeman gunning me down unarmed for racist reasons. Or had to deal with a white racist calling me the n-word r to my face in my country. Or even had to deal with systematic racism by a ruling white majority in my daily life…

That’s not to say we don’t have our racial tensions, mind you. East Indian and black people (being the two biggest ethnic groups) clash in various ways, but generally not in such systematic, violent and oppressive ways as in the States.

And so for those reasons there’s sort of a disconnect between my personal pride in my blackness as an Afro-Caribbean man, and the reality of what it is to be an African-American in modern day America.

Our entertainers, for instance, are mostly black and East Indian.

A homegrown caucasian singing star is literally an anomaly here. I can literally name all the great white music stars here on one hand (Calypso queen Denise Plummer, Calypso legend The Mighty Trini… some locals would say the Diefenthaller brothers who make up the core of popular Soca act Kes The Band are “white boys” but I’m sure they’d vehemently disagree and prefer to be referred to as “red men” lol).

On the political front, I rejoiced with American POC when Barack Obama made history as the First Black POTUS… 

Originally posted by doona-baes

But, at the same time, I’m still removed from the depth of that because I grew up in a country where almost all the heads of our government (Prime Ministers, Presidents, etc) have been POC, and a great majority of them were Afro-Trinidadians tbh. Even Indo-Trinidadians (the other large ethnic group here, alongside black people) have only really been a major force in ruling politics here for about two decades now.

Our first Prime Minister once we became a free nation was a black man (Dr. Eric Williams). We’ve had several other black Prime Ministers (ANR Robinson, George ChambersPatrick Manning and our current leader, Dr. Keith Rowley), and even two East Indian PMs in more recent times (Basdeo Panday and Kamla Persad-Bissessar). The same goes for most of our present and former cabinet members, commissioners of police, brigadier generals of our army, commanders of our coast guard, etc, etc.

Originally posted by trinibreeze

Even on the subject of gender, again there is a divide.

The idea of electing a woman as President was mind boggling and historic to y’all in 2016, but in Trinidad our previous Prime Minister (before the current one) was a woman, and a WOC at that (of East Indian descent to be precise).

Then, there’s the fact that our political structure is more what you guys would call “Socialist” in nature… Our tax money pays for free health care, public schools, garbage collection, public transport (buses, ferry boats to go between Trinidad and our sister island Tobago), etc. 

Our health care alone would probably be considered lunacy to the average capitalist-minded American, since our official government website states: “Healthcare is provided free of charge to everyone in Trinidad and Tobago, including non-nationals.”

So, given being raised with free universal healthcare, you can probably understand how, for instance, America’s recent political warring over Obamacare vs TrumpCare and so on is quite literally mind-boggling for people in my country.

Originally posted by ivanv

I could go on and on but, I’m assuming you get the gist.

I would say that we Trinis feel like outsiders to many aspects of the American way of life, but at the same time, thanks to social media, TV, movies, music, pop culture on there whole, we can’t help but be plugged in to your way of life.

Originally posted by dirt-road-driveway

And then there’s the fact that major happenings in America literally affect our economy, and national security just by way of the US being such a super power.

In conclusion, I don’t think it gives me a clearer view of racism and the issue off inclusion in Hollywood, but I do think it perhaps gives me a uniquely nuanced view, if that makes any sense.

And perhaps seeing myself represented all my life in the anchors and reporters on TV news, the musicians and local actors I looked up to, as well as the local political leaders, sports stars and historic figures who were almost all POC here… Maybe that foundation helps drive my desire to see POC like myself more often and better represented in TV, films, etc?

Originally posted by giphygiff

It’s a tough topic to broach briefly on here and I hope I did a decent job in shedding some light.

Thanks again for the very smart question! Another winning ask here, @notyourlonewolf!

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  • Person: Are you watching that episode of Riverdale again? Haven't you seen it like many times already?
  • Me: Yeah, so what?
  • Person: Why do you even do this?
  • Me: What if I missed something important? A reaction, a glance... Everything is important.
  • Person: oh...
  • Me: *watches Bughead kiss scene from episode 6 again, squealing*
  • Person: Did you see anything different?
  • Me: Not this time... Maybe if I watch it again, I'm sure my OTP will surprise me.
  • Person: .... You have problems.
  • Me: I know.

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I was talking to a critic on Twitter who went on a rant about why BvS was bad and why he hates folks pulling the "If you don't get it you're stupid" card. And I was trying to explain to him all the ways I felt the film did a great job in showing the differences between Batman and Superman as well as how the film relied more on visuals as opposed to dialogue to make its points. He kept saying I was reaching and said I put more thought into the movie than Snyder did. Can't win with these folks

You really fucking can’t. The thing is that people who make all these basic mistakes aren’t stupid. They just aren’t paying attention. I have been able to figure out very easily so much of the stuff They complain about being a mystery like why Bruce was going after Clark so if I can do it, no one else has any excuse. Then of course there’s just blatant fucking ignorance like those people who say Lex didn’t give a motive.

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I think this ship is sweet but unlikely. I love Wendy and Dipper’s relationship. I honestly was really happy when they established they’d be just friends in Into the Bunker. Because it was very realistic. Sometimes you’ll have crushes that won’t be returned. Life is going to be full of heartbreaks. And I think Dipper and Wendy’s relationship was a great example and handled the situation with grace. Dipper even still loves her in Weirdmageddon pt 2. That world knew what would make him happy would be Wendy returning his affections. And he was able to see through it and did what was right. It’s not even about the age difference. Wendy’s only less than 3 years older than Dipper. I’ve dated a guy that was 10 years older than me before (of course, we were both over 21 but still) I think they’re sweet together, but I think they’re sweeter together as friends. You can’t make someone love you. You just have to strive to be someone worth loving.

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if you were in charge of a country, and could implement any rules/ethics, what would they be?

It depends, am I a dictator, a president with two co-equal branches to contend with, am I a prime minister who has to build a governing coalition?

What I’d do as a head of state is the same, but how I did it would differ depending on the nature of the state and how much power I wield. 

My primary goal would be to address Global Warming and ecosystem decline, above all else; second to that would be economic and tax reform I would totally move towards a socialist economy, then I’d be on to reparations for Blacks, honoring the treaty commitment to Native Americas and giving them their just reparations, I’d dismantle the offensive capabilities of the US military and move them to a strictly defensive stance and cut the military budget by at least 80%, I’d raise the upper income tax rate to 100% impose a basic income for all citizens, I’d set a maximum wage and a max allowed monetary holdings, I’d deconstruct nukes, nationalize all carbon base resources and all companies oil, coal, and natural gas corporations, then dismantle them, then on to prison reform freeing all non-violent drug offenders, fully fun all needed mental health, education, and transitional programs for inmates, I’d audit and then shut down the Federal Reserve and force the Congress to once again produce the currency, I’d close all foreign military bases and halt all international small and large arms sales.

I could write a book on the policies I’d impose with full validation and support for those policies….hell, I might just do that cuz it’s hard to fully answer your question in this format.  

The White Capitalist System isn’t content to do shit the wrong way, it seems committed to doing shit in the worse possible way; so people don’t really think that a society can truly be humane, ecological, and just.  

But I think humanity is instinctively just when all obstacles to being just are removed or reduced. I’d use any state or official power to free people up to be humane, instead of indoctrinating them to be Human Resources. 

I’d do all the shit I been advocating on my blog since I set it up.  I’d use the power of the State to address the crimes of the State then I’d dismantle the State. 

So, if I ever became a head of state I’d implement Revolution from the top down instead of organizing and advocating for Revolution from the bottom up like I’m currently doing. 

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what's it like to switch between identities? is it like waking up?

It can be different for different systems (people with DID) but for us it’s kinda like someone grabbing my hand and pulling me into the body out of our inner world. That’s when it’s an agreed switch. If I need to get out there real quick for one reason or another I go to the viewing room in our inner world close my eyes and yank the person back then do a running start into the body. It’s all very visual for us I suppose. I know other system have a door or and elevator to get them to the front. ~Scarlet

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I'm not trying to be rude when I say this. I saw your ask abt how that person wanted seasons or pets but the sims team did say that they were going in the different direction in ts4. Idk I just think people need to remember that??? It would make a lot of people less angry about not getting what they wanted (not saying that person was angry just some people are) idk I had to rant sorry if this came off rude!!! I didn't mean it that way at all!!


You’re right but when i saw that Bowling Night was the new stuff pack i was a little dissapointed because i think seasons are important, it’s not about different directions, i mean seasons are the best way to make this game realistic and alive.

I know that the team said it but it would be so nice to have them because i feel (it’s just my personal opinion) that we need them in some way.

Do we really need bowling, i mean, it’ll make our game 100% incredibly better? i don’t think so, even if there are some interesting decor items.

I feel like i need something that makes my jaw drop lol

You’re not rude at all, i appreciated your opinion because we can’t have all the same opinions. Have a beautiful day!

okay so i’ve had this idea for an original story and it’s not 100% perfect but momentarily i thought it be cute for a viktuuri fic

it’s a fantasy AU where there’s a race where it’s composed of these almost glistening skinned, almost disgustingly human that’s population is almost deceased, to the point most people believe they were made up because no one could ever find them again and haven’t see one in years. but they were rumored to be the equivalent of sirens, beautiful and alluring, drawing people in who are weak at heart to them, only to forgo a spell where you freeze and are kept as a treasure for their homes. despite their disappearance, it did not stop people hunting them down, kings from different regions offering a huge reward if one were to find one

people and creatures seemed to vanish around them so it became an ongoing fight where armies came to their village, to vanquish them all so that no other soul disappears by their wicked magic. it managed to scare them away and from then on, they were never found

and here we open the story with protagonist yuuri, just a boy trying to get by and not interested in the constant hunt for this mysterious race, more interested in exploring further lands to complete maps, maybe make an alliance with another village. but mostly he just wants to see it all

well among one of those adventures, yuuri comes across to an isolated figure in front of pond at night where he was ready to set camp. this individual is almost brighter than the moon and yuuri forces himself to take a closer look. and what he sees is someone so breathtakingly beautiful, a foot set on a frozen pond now, sliding forward and dancing gracefully on ice like it was the easiest thing ever.

and there’s the beginning of how yuuri accidentally finds a creature that people in his village so desperately try to hunt

okay but i really dont have an actual explanation for the vanishing of people yet. i thought that maybe they were cursed to never love and would be punished by killing off the person they fell in love with. or not even a curse, it’s something that is not allowed by law and if found in a relationship with an outsider, the punishment is to kill ur source of the affection by ur own hand so like i said, it’s some piece of shit story i constructed in my head for more than a year