they did ballet!

  • Yuri: Well, I did go to a ballet camp. For two weeks. I got kicked out.
  • Yuuri: Kicked out?
  • Yuri: Yeah. It’s a long story. Suffice it to say I don’t like liars who steal nail polish and then pass out when you slap them a little bit on the back of the head.

I don’t mean to start a fight guys. But some ugly A*MY saying how amazing Jimin is and the rest were backup dancers..?

Momo did not dedicate her life to dancing and left her country to be called a backup dancer.

Mina did not come to Korea, did not train in ballet for so many years to be called a backup dancer.

Hakyeon did not work his ass off and did not win Grand Prize at Korean Youth Dance festival for his amazing choreography to be called a backup dancer.

I acknowledge Jimin as a great dancer, I am not going to.. degrade your faves just to show how much “better” mine is.

I’m not even annoyed or anything because I already gave up on those kids that call themselves their fans. But I wanted to get it off my chest.

tsukishima kei
  • tsukki once lost his glasses for an entire three days
  • when asked where they went he said he was “being a teenager” and “going through a phase” and told his parents not to bother him
  • everyone wondered why he was so angry those three days
  • he was actually just squinting really hard because he literally could not see
  • akiteru does not let him live this down, ever

I didn’t really have much of a youth, you know, except for those first seven years riding my horse back in Kent. Those are the happiest memories of my life—riding bareback on those 3,000 acres and being able to jump over streams and go through the forests.

It was a magical experience. I could let my imagination fly, my sense of poetry fly. It was like a make-believe world, but it was a real world. Then I had to go to school, and it was drudgery. I did enjoy ballet class because it was a form of self-expression. I think that is why I became a child actress. The choice was given to me. I could make-believe. I could express myself outside what was going on in the world. - Elizabeth Taylor

thestomping-ground  asked:

Since its now canon on the PTR that Widowmaker did ballet, it's safe to assume that she and Reaper practice together when not on missions. Plus they force Sombra to practice with them. Your thoughts?

Amélie clearly had to be Gabe’s competitive ballroom dance partner back in the Overwatch days because Jack dances like this.

Remember when Jimin told Suga he loved him by sticking the words all over his body? Cause I do.

슈가 사랑해요
Suga, I love you