they deserved that win so much

This breaks my heart! Do you know how much they want to give us fans a win on a music show! Do you know how much it hurts us fans that as much as we are trying to give them a win that they so badly deserve we still haven’t been able to!! I don’t understand what happened last night. It hurts me to see Wonho cry again. Everyone protects their faves and as a monbebe we want to do the same, we want to give them their first win. We want them to know how much we love them for their hard work. They work so hard for us fans and it feels as if everyone is still sleeping on monstax. MONSTA X
#몬스타엑스 #아름다워

Monsta X

I know y'all know they deserve to win. It makes me so sad that a group of guys with so much potential who actually make really good music can’t even credit for their hard work. Also @ ahgases im an IGOT7 too and ik y'all know damn well got7 would be happy for monsta x so please no more fan wars. Please everyone just support monsta x. THEY DESERVE IT. i’m not asking for them to snatch all the trophies. I’m asking that they’re able to get just one.

Monsta X not getting their first win this time around will actually be heartbreaking. After binge watching a whole bunch of Monsta X videos, I just realized just how much they love their fans. All seven of them love us soooooooo much! It might be because I’m in really deep, but I could actually feel the love they have for us. I’ve never had this feeling for any other group! They actually seem so genuine and down to earth, and just downright sweethearts. They’ve given us so much, and worked so hard. They’re always putting their fans first before anything, so the least we can do for them  is come together as a fandom to help them get their well deserving first win. So Monbebes,please don’t slack off or give up because you think we can’t make it. WE CAN MAKE IT. So many fans from other fandoms are also showing support for our boys and anticipating a win, so please work really really hard. We have more support than ever! Stream like you’ve never streamed before and vote like you’ve never voted before. I want to see all of the members crying with  tears of joy when they find out they’ve finally gotten their first win. I wanna see them all kiss the trophy, and huddle together with joy on the stage. I wanna see them thanking us Monbebes with tears of joy. I WANT TO SEE THEM WALKING AROUND WITH PROPER PHONES! I just want my boys to finally get the recognition they deserve, because I swear, my angels deserve the whole world. Please guys! We can do it! 

guys remember how when bts won for i need u they were so shocked and excited and just in a pool of emotions? remember how jimin cried after receiving the award in the elevator when they were going backstage? i really do believe that monsta x has a chance this time and they are so close to receiving that first award. i want to see them being in that same pool of emotions that bts were in when they won. they have been working so hard and i really do believe that this era is finally their time to shine. they’ve done amazingly in the performances thus far and to see how much they’ve improved since fighter era really amazes me. so please help us vote for them, they really do deserve this win


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.

NCT Dream and the 1st win

I’ve been in Kpop fandom for many years, and this isn’t the first time I witness my favourite group getting their first win, but this is the 1st time I cry, and I cry nonstop. Because the kids deserve it so much. Because Mark and Donghyuck who have been working nonstop since their debut, one is on their 4th and 5th promotion and one is having their 3rd and 4th promotion. And Renjun, omg he cried so much, he’s only 15 when he started to train in a foreign country. Chenle, he has everything in China, but still went to another country and started fresh. Jeno and Jisung gave up their school and childhood to focus on training, to archive their dream. And Jaemin who has problem with his back since trainee day, still didn’t give up, and debuted and danced on hoverboard with the brightest smile ever. Dream kids, every single one of them, gave up so many things to archive the dream. And at such a young age, they got their first achievement, but it wasn’t granted, it was their sacrifice and hard working. Congrats kids!

Please everyone vote for Monsta X

I’m literally begging you, I don’t care if you’re part of their fandom or not, they’re working really hard and monbebes are too and really we need all the help we can get after Youtube fucked us up….

Please, specially if your favs have already had their first win, this guys haven’t and they honestly deserve it so much… please just take one of your votes and give it to them? You don’t have to constantly stream or vote, even if it’s just one it helps a lot!!!

You can find out how to vote here  and here !!!!!!

Also stream their MV here! and here’s a tutorial on how to stream their album on melon!!

Please it only takes a few minutes and can really make a difference ^^

When I was at Stuttgart, I was told than one day I’ll have a beautiful love story with a club. When I signed for Real Madrid, I thought I reached the top of the world. Then, all of a sudden, something went wrong. The Madrid fan whistled me even when I played well, they didn’t respect the work I did. I played well, seriously, but someone higher up wanted me gone. When Juve contacted me I accepted immediately even though there were other clubs interested in me according to my agent. Juve showed me what it’s like to be a footballer. Thanks to Allegri I returned to my levels in many simple ways, and the public, unlike those in Madrid, are educated and I appreciate this. Today, when I speak with my German friends and they ask me about the peak of my career, I show them the Juve shirt. This is the team I chose as my love story, the best team I know, the team that wins with class… That is Juventus.
—  Sami Khedira

not to be sappy but this day was so wonderful and even though some people were being nasty during this whole voting it has been fun and i missed us freaking out i love you all so much and im so proud of this show!! isak and even’s story was beautiful and they deserved this win and tarjei and henrik are really two of the most amazing young actors out there and just wow!! cant wait to experience another season with you all!!!!

*jongin finishes his speech*

*BBH wants someone else to speak as well*

Everyone looks at Jongdae

Jongdae: I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

Re: the Oscar

Okay, no one is saying Lin doesn’t deserve an Oscar. He got nominated, that is a big deal. So many songs in the past year did not get nominated, and though it sounds like cliched crap, it truly is an honour to be nominated. He is talented, he works hard, we all know that. And I love Lin so much, he’s my role model. I wanted him to win the Oscar, too guys.

But Pasek, Paul and Hurwitz also worked hard. They dedicated hours to these songs, and the academy just decided they liked this song more. Life is like that sometimes. Lin will get an Oscar, he will PEGOT, it will just take time. It’s not like the guy is quitting the business tomorrow or anything. 

But recognizing other’s talents and successes does not detract from Lin’s own. Don’t tear other artists down because the one you wanted to win might not have. It’s destructive and exhausting and it’s frustrating. 

So fun story, I’ve loved Leonardo DiCaprio my whole life and the day after the Oscars I was rushed into an emergency appendectomy and wow

I woke up hours after the surgery groggily and thirsty. I asked the Nurse how it went and she giggled and was like, “I’m so glad you’re awake Ms. DiCaprio.” And I was like lmao wtf that’s not my name

Turns out I woke up towards the end of my surgery, while they were still performing the operation, and started quietly weeping and whispering about how my husband Leo won an Oscar last night and I was so proud of him and he deserved it and um wow. The nurse said they shushed me and lulled me back to sleep but I was crying about Leonardo winning his Oscar for a good 5 minutes before I was out again

This honestly says so much about me as a person why am I like this

I really want suga from bts to go solo. He’s such a talented writer/composer and I feel like being in a group is holding him back. The fans bangtan attracts don’t appreciate him enough as an artist and only see him as this cute little rapper when he’s so much more than that. I want him to sell tons of albums and perform on music shows and win awards by himself. He deserves all the awards.

PSA to Monbebe

One of my favorite things about Monbebes is that as a fandom we have always been kind and respectful and wanted nothing more than to support the boys who bring us so much happiness. The comments I have seen bashing Melon and Pristin and others since the ‘Beautiful’ MV dropped are making me sad. The other group has done nothing wrong and we can’t change the rules of the streaming sites. All we can do is continue to support Monsta X by streaming and sharing and voting. Let’s not get so full of ourselves and blind in our pursuit of their first win that we become an ugly fandom. Monsta X are the 7 sweetest, most deserving group I know and we should strive to be a fandom that mirrors them and is worthy of them.

Yoo Kihyun cried today as well as everybody else but Kihyun’s tears just struck a nerve in me because he hasn’t cried like this since Monsta X was officially created during No.Mercy so excuse me if I’m becoming a lil emo because these tears mean SO SO MUCH and here’s why:

- Momma Yoo is the one who always comfort the kids and telling them not to cry at award shows
- He’s the one who usually starts the “don’t cry” chant whenever Minhyuk, Wonho, or Jooheon are about to tear up because he knows Monbebe will worry
- He didn’t cry when they didn’t get any rookie award they expected to win and totally deserved to win
- Not during Monsurprise where Wonho was legit bawling and everyone was probably at their lowest point
- Not at their comeback showcase where Jooheon literally broke down in fear of disappointing Monbebe after such a long absence, he even reminded Jooheon that grandmother Yongguk as well as their families are watching so they shouldn’t make them sad

And now he’s crying with that gorgeously exposed forehead (im sorry this means a lot to me) because he thinks he didn’t do enough to deserve everyone’s love and support.

And that goes for the entirety of Monsta X who always think they need to do more and get more recognition to repay us Monbebe even though to Monbebe their hardwork and existence alone is enough.

And this saddens me because they don’t need to do anything more but if it’s gonna raise their confidence and make them happy then you know what let’s give it to them. It’s about time our babies get the recognition they deserved–it’s overdued.

Stop sleeping on Monsta X.

Let’s get them their first win.