they deserved so much better

“celebrating birthdays together with a family must feel really warm…. mom shouldn’t be home at this time yet… going back to face an empty home again.”

jian yi so badly wants a family of his own. a REAL family - this poor boy has never been appreciated by anyone of his blood. they’ve clearly never even celebrated a BIRTHDAY with him. growing up, he was always cared for by a nanny… his mother was/is never home. zhan is really the only one who cares about him.

this poor baby deserves so much better.

don’t worry, boo. zhan will be your family, just you wait. ♡

Let’s talk about Maggie Sawyer :

Maggie Sawyer the smart, tough, just beautiful, so beautiful detective who loves guns, scotch, tiramisu which she could eat for every meal because its her happy food, and bonsai trees which might be random but Alex finds it adorable.

Maggie Sawyer who listened to Alex with so much care and empathy during her coming out and made sure Alex knew how she deserves to have a real, full, happy life.

Maggie Sawyer who lied about her own coming out story so Alex wouldn’t be scared and so she could have a better story to tell.

Maggie Sawyer who’s been called hard headed, insensitive, obsessed with work, borderline sociopathic by her ex and despite all of it, is still letting herself love and be loved.

Maggie Sawyer who deserves so much better.

Maggie Sawyer was outed to her parents at 14 and kicked out of her own house as a result. She was probably confused, lost, alone, without any supporter in the world but her aunt. Her own parents who she thought would always have her back gave up on her because of the gender of the person she would fall in love with. Maggie Sawyer had a really traumatic childhood and still managed to grow up to be strong and loving.

Maggie Sawyer doesn’t hate valentines day because it’s a manufactured holidays for patsies but because she associated it with her absolute traumatic experience which is completely valid. She  only had a negative reaction to Alex‘s surprise because she’s still in pain about her past.

And Maggie Sawyer shouldn’t have to suppress this trauma for Alex, Maggie shouldn’t have to hear her girlfriend’s sister telling her to change how she feels about this day for Alex. Maggie shouldn’t have to apologize to Alex for being in pain.

Like Alex said « this is a relationship » so Alex should have been the one supporting her girlfriend with her trauma and thanking her for letting her believe her coming out went well giving her the strength to come out to her own family.

The world tried to take down Maggie Sawyer but Maggie Sawyer grew up to be stronger, more loving and caring.

Maggie Sawyer deserves better. Maggie Sawyer deserves a respectful, caring, loving relationship more than anyone.

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Do u have any coming out tips ?

-Make sure you come out when you want to… not when someone else says you should!
-Less people care than you think, so don’t get yourself all flustered (I got myself v flustered and it doesn’t help)
-Personally I started by telling my best friend then slowly moving to more friends and then family
-it’s mushy and cheesy…..but someone will always love you for who you are so if you are afraid of someone not accepting you then FAK EM! They don’t deserve you anyway 🤸🏻‍♂️
-YOU’LL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER AFTER YOU COME OUT. It’ll be weird at first but with some time you’ll love life ten times more!

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So, I'm genderqueer... And a while ago my mom told me that she is uncomfortable with using my preferred pronouns. And just yesterday she yelled "You're my daughter I'll call you whatever the hell I what including an it"... What should I do?? I already moved out and I live with a very supportive Aunt. ( P.s; I already cut all my hair off because of feeling invalid and not looking male enough to my preference. )

I’m so sorry your mom yelled that at you. You deserve so much better than to have to listen to that kind of transphobic bullshit.

My mom shouted something similar to me about a month or two after I came out to her, so I know it’s… fucking painful.

You could try to talk to her about it, let her know how incredibly hurtful it is when she says stuff like that. Tell her that you understand that it might take a while for her to adapt to you being genderqueer, to use your right pronouns etc., but that you still need to know that she is making a serious effort to change the way she talk about you and thinks about you.

There’s sadly no guarantee that she will listen to you and show you enough basic respect to comply to that request, but it could still be worth a try.

If she doesn’t react well to your request, and you are self-supporting, you could try to distance yourself from her. You could let her know that you don’t want to be around her if she is going to continue misgender you. How much you can distance yourself from her depends a lot of what your relationship is currently like, how close you live to each other, etc. though, so you probably know more regarding what can be done there than I do.

If any of my followers have any other advice or suggestions, please feel free to add to this post.

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You're so good??? MAN YOU DESERVE THE WORLD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! You make everything always better<3


*and kiss*

BoB Week - Day 2: Ship

I love these two so much, they are sweet summer children who deserved so much better. I need more of this ship in my life tbh, it fuels my existence. Also, I would totally have drawn another companion picture to this one of them kissing, but unfortunately that goes beyond my measly drawing ability.

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Will we unsatisfied with the breakup because it shows Reagan served no purpose or because the way it ends has some sort of impact on Ness we'd rather not have? Thanks

It shows Reagan served almost no purpose. She spent so much time on the show, she really deserved better.

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Seeing maggie's backstory, her 'you deserve a full happy life' line to Alex makes so much sense now. Catch me sobbing about maggie sawyer :(. Also wtf @kara to maggie about valentine's Day. I honestly don't want karolsen to happen, because I think james deserves so much better?

Season 2 is trying so hard to make me resent Kara. S2 kara is driving me up the wall.

I’m so mad LOOK AT HER. God she deserved so much better?

Like honestly fuck SE and fuck their writers.

I was one of their biggest fans. I bought into the whole series, into the mythology, the concept. I believed in them. I wanted them to do great things. But every single time I trusted in them to tell a coherent story I was let down.

Like. A coherent story. Not even a good one! I would have been happy with a narrative that at least explained itself within the game as opposed to fifteen side novels and three Ultimanias.

And don’t get me fucking started on Toriyama’s constant creepy comments about her.

God, she was such a wonderful character. She deserved so much better than she got.

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Thankyou ca3!!! :DD 

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Tsubaki and Kuro //I’m kinda on the fence about Sakumahi though

general opinions: He deserved?? so much better?? THE POOR KID J U S T L E T H I M B E H A P P Y also on a side note really interesting character design, although im still salty we didn’t get piercings in the final design >.>